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I follow Q, Q+, Qanon .... If it is just a Conspiracy Theory, then Trump may lose in 2020 .... Still, ... Let see ...time is the answer ... ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

I have bad feeling, experienced, and lived with the easy to become evil criminals as well as dirty mind of the idealists, socialists, communists, VC, globalists, dogmatists, fantasy mind artists, mind driven journalists .. as in history and in my real life ... who Tolstoy referred to as "the stupidity of the intellect"... Buddha said "the illusion of the mind" ... as we can remember when we are young, high school boys/girls ..... the ideology / beautiful never-come-true dreams always lead to arrogance, intolerance of the difference, emotion, easy anger, violence, tyrant, atheist, commit to fallacy of appeal to ignorance, and "Going by the End justify the Mean"...

Mr. President Trump like General Patton about secret plans, and the art of deception by Sun Tzu (The Art of War) ... (At age 13, Trump was enrolled in the New York Military Academy, one of the oldest military schools in the United States) ... why Q, Q+, Qanon disclose most plans ??? They prepare American and the world for a very very big event, as an earthquake, big holy storm ... that make no surprise, no doubt about the evil hidden /superior level criminals .... the shaking economic, environment ... the changing upside down society for the better lives ... (every century has a big war/big murders ... idealists vs. realists) ... When it happens the protest / opposition on the massive imprison may be dismissed significantly by Q info ... reducing riots ... save million lives ???
Q, Q+, Qanon do not need you to believe and follow them forever ... They just want people be aware ... Their disclosing will comfort / calm you when the Conspiracy Theory become the real ....

“Progress is the mode of man. . . . The general life of the human race is called Progress .... . . . When the condition of affairs was not ripe, when the insurrection was not decidedly accepted, when the mass disavowed the movement, it was all over for the combatants . . . . *** A people cannot by surprised into more rapid progress that it wants. . . . Woe to him who attempts to force its hand. A people cannot pushed around. Then it abandons the insurrection to its own devices . . . The insurgents become pariahs .... " Victor Hugo
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#QAnon, the scarily popular pro-Trump conspiracy theory, explained
Updated Aug 2, 2018, 12:31pm EDT
" ... The Russia investigation is a sham. It’s actually a cover story for special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump working together to expose thousands of pedophiles hidden in plain sight — including Hillary Clinton (and Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama), who will soon be under arrest. (Or perhaps already have been and are on their way to Guantanamo Bay.) ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

The GOP lost the Alabama special election for Jeff Sessions’s Senate seat on purpose — a plan devised years ago to reveal the use of fraudulent voting machines and, ultimately, take down none other than George Soros. Or the Rothschilds. Or the Illuminati.

And there’s no White House chaos at all; in fact, despite legal scandals and special counsel investigations and bile-laden tweets, everything, absolutely everything, is going just as Donald Trump intended it.

Welcome to QAnon, sometimes referred to as “the Storm.” It’s a conspiracy theory that’s swept social media and is starting to break into the mainstream, with Trump rally attendees in Florida on July 31 holding signs and wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “We are Q” and the conspiracy theory’s main catchphrase, “Where we go one, we go all...."

WHITE RABBIT NEWS ** Published on Nov 4, 2018

YouTube Q ...
Source: Court Records -
Source: Unsealed Indictments -
63,228 SEALED | 5,916 UNSEALED | 88,069 NON-SEALED @8:38 PM 11/24/2018


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QAnon links US Attorney with thousands of sealed indictments decimating the Deep State
Source: Court Records -!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ
Source: Twitter User - Shannon
Source: Twitter User - KathyMicale

Stealth Moves Behind The Scenes, Investigations, Control Moves To Senate - Episode 1736b

X22Report ** Published on Dec 9, 2018

"...he told this to a married couple from Virginia that the infamous internet conspiracy prognosticator known as Q Anon has been dead accurate about so many things adding... when you find out who he is... you're not going to believe it

" it doesn't matter if they say oh that's fake news it's it's not real it's still going into their subconscious that they heard something about it that there's something wrong with the Clinton Foundation because many people that are sleeping I've only heard good things and to hear that there's problems with it even with taxes and Bill Clinton komen commingling the fund that means something else on a higher level is wrong and what Q is saying is that now we need to get people used to the idea that something wrong something underhanded was happening in the Clinton Foundation

"...because when the hammer Falls it's it will be a lot easier so it doesn't matter if they're just discussing it saying that oh there's nothing wrong that really doesn't matter as long as people are discussing it and bringing it up that's the whole point so everyone is aware that something's going on even if they don't believe it at this point ... ...≺≺less ...

*** March 2019 ***

[4.24] NXIVM / Opioid Arrests / Pakistan Against Vaccines / Navy's UFO Reporting Guidelines

Destroying the Illusion ** Published on Apr 24, 2019
"....we're gonna start off with that cue non-hit piece that came out of the mainstream media and this came from the SPLC the Southern Poverty Law Center of all places they ran an article saying queued on conspiracy increasingly popular with anti-government extremists so they're trying to paint queuing on as being a violent movement people who follow it as being crazy and violent themselves and what they're doing is using all the examples of The provocateur incidences and by that I mean all of these fake set up incidences like the guy driving his truck onto the Hoover Dam ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....the arson of a dude trying to like comic ping pong on fire I mean all of these setups that the mainstream media can then run in their psychological operation pieces you know it's it's complete fabrication not just that but the SPLC is trying to quote travis view calling him a queue and on researcher and co-host of AQ non-anonymous podcast no he's not a queueing on researcher he's a troll he's a total shill that hangs out on twitter and on the internet and tries to lie and discredit his way into fame he's being paraded around the mainstream media as being some sort of queueing on expert he's absolutely not and in fact the SPLC I mean if anybody's the extremists it's them

".... lately they've been in battled with a bunch of turmoil their head had to step down they've been called racist and just all sorts of stuff I mean the SPLC is failing they're failing so much to the reason in my head they probably this article is for a kickback trying to get some funding from somebody to write these sorts of lies or maybe they're trying to appease their corporate masters whatever the case the SPLC absolute garbage in fact they were I believe one of the first media organizations to try to discredit Q well over a year ago this is January 2018 I remember this article coming out they called it a conspiracy meta theory quote the storm

"....they went into this long long tirade just a bunch of nonsense misinformation trying to discredit Q and pizza gay etc etc they even linked the interview that I did with Liz croakin in January of last year so the SPLC I hate them they suck they're garbage as you can see let's move on into talking about nexium so court papers new stuff coming out about nexium almost every day now and court papers detail a creepy sex den creepy sex den allegedly used by the nexium leader keith Renier and essentially what this is detailing is that keith Renier would basically go to a bunch of people's homes he would go to allison max home nancy Salsman the nexium co-founders home

"....he would use all of his sex slaves at nexium members homes I mean it's totally six shit and one of these quote sex dens even included a bed elevated over a hot tub this is like not just creepy this is new level of creepy and a bed over a hot tub now in any other instance I might think that was pretty cool bent over a hot tub but it comes to nexium absolutely not that's the creepiest thing in the world and it's so disgusting alright and this isn't the last that we're gonna hear about nexium like I mentioned it's almost every day now we're getting new details come out about it

"....the other day it was nexium linked to New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand's father the day after that it was wow this nexium money might have got donated to hillary clinton's campaign now we're getting info about creepy sex dens I mean this isn't over the reason it's not over is because nexium tentacles spread out to so many large important figures that that's one of the ways that they're being taken down the tangled threads that hull if these sick cabal folk weaves so I'm more than happy to see nexium get out it and I'm also more than happy to see more sexual abuse allegations come to the surface this one involving the Boy Scouts unfortunately the freakin Boy Scouts

"....thank God I was never a Boy Scout after seeing this article but look at this headline and look at this number more than 12,000 Boy Scout members were victims of sexual abuse and expert claims and they were victims see about twelve thousand two hundred victims according to the court testimony of over 7800 individuals seventy eight hundred perpetrators abusing children over twelve thousand of them and the Boy Scouts I mean this is just it's awful and like Q has told us those who were taught to trust most are the sickos so really when it comes to whether it's these organizations like the Boy Scouts or teachers at your school or sports organizations whatever it is

" know please guys if you're a parent do the due diligence of parenting get involved in your kids life vet these people go meet the teachers go to their games meet the coaches the volunteers you know do what parents should do protect their children don't be a lazy parent these days because that's what's helping this spread is lazy parenting okay so there's that and happy to see more this nastiness come to light it will continue now let's move on into talking Big Pharma

" I saw this coming out of the USA Today just USA Today is an absolute garbage newspaper they wrote why Big Pharma distrust is fueling the anti-vaxxer movement in playing a role in the measles outbreak now think about this article it went into zero actual reasons as to why people distrust Big Pharma why do people actually distrust Big Pharma let's list them well a lot of things to list but number one how about all the mysterious guests of the holistic doctors that have gone on the past few years what about that how about all the falsified studies about nearly everything vaccines this drug that drug let's see how about all the lies and misinformation that we get from Big Pharma

"....and our education system and our media corporations about health I mean so many reasons we can go down the list but here's a few reasons I've seen in the news over the past few days that definitely helps me distrust Big Pharma even more if I need it anymore right here report showing two hundred and forty people sickened in Utah fluoride overfeed with the investigation continuing now look at this vomiting headaches people getting sick all sorts of symptoms reported by 239 people after a quote accidental dump they called it an accidental dump of undiluted hydrofluoric acid big old name for basically fluoride salts

"....they're undiluted fluoride acid from a malfunctioning pump into the city's drinking water system affecting thousands of household schools and businesses now keep in mind these are just two hundred and forty people that reported their symptoms and then their symptoms weren't categorized by the doctor so it ended up pointing to the fluoride contamination could have been hundreds more people that had symptoms that they just brushed off and didn't report to their doctor or to the authorities so this is just 200 people 240 people that reported them and this is fluoride fluoride we're told it's safe we're told we need it for our teeth and bones and whatever reason they freaking concoct up

"....but we don't fluoride it's not safe at all in fact it's poison even if it's diluted still toxic and you still don't need it there is no such thing as a fluoride deficiency guys and in fact fluoride ruins your thyroid calcifies our pineal gland destroys your brain and it actually causes your bones and teeth to molt in Pitt not get stronger easy test you can do with fluoride check out toothpaste he's the easy thing to do check out toothpaste go to your Colgate or crest or arm and hammer or whatever shitty toothpaste that has fluoride in it look at the label it says call the poison control center of swallowed go to your natural toothpaste without fluoride check out the label

"....there's no call the Poison Control Center warning on it at all huh Wow how easy of a test you can do right now to show that fluoride is still poisonous even if it's diluted and in fact we don't need it so there's one reason why distrust Big Pharma fluoride next reason ooh how about the opioid crisis in fact this is some good news that came out just yesterday drug distributor and former execs face first criminal charges in opioid crisis and this is great because it's a major pharmaceutical distribution company it's two of its former executives a CEO of it and former chief compliance officer being charged and they filled more than 1.5 million orders between 2012 and 2016

"....and they failed to report thousands and thousands of suspicious orders so basically there are legal drug dealers there are legal drug dealers with horribly toxic and addictive drugs and when we're talking about opioids I mean we're also talking about a black-market drug running where does a lot of that opioid come from Afghanistan huh so we're talking about black market money getting cut off which is great deep states pocketbooks are hurting there might be why they're pushing vaccines so hard right now but also the war on those legal drug dealers the big pharma representatives

" this is very good news that we're seeing another reason why I don't trust Big Pharma the opioid crisis and then how about getting into vaccines there's like a million reasons not to trust big pharma there and how about this out of Pakistan so very bad news but a little bit of good news with this story hundreds of Pakistani children hospitalized with nausea and following their polio vaccines horrible horrible stuff those polio vaccines really any vaccine is toxic harmful and not good well hundreds of children were hospitalized because their polio vaccines over in Pakistan and this caused a huge uproar in the local community

"'s a video here I'll link it down below and a hospital was set on fire after parents panicked over all their children getting sick with these vaccines and this local media here is trying of course hush-hush the issue doctors say their children are not sick just panicked but that's total horseshit anybody with two neurons in their brain can connect the dots and see that well if a child starts developing autism or something neurological right after a vaccine Wow within like 24-48 hours or maybe they get extremely sick and start getting rashes all over the body and get some sort of reaction yeah it's the freaking vaccine and hundreds of people in bat in Pakistan we're so pissed off that they lit a hospital on fire

"....huh at least they're doing something about it looks like these people in Pakistan are connecting the dots better than a bunch of people here in America do a lot of people in America can't even see these connections but people in Pakistan can huh what does that say so I mean I hope nobody was hurt I don't like to see people get hurt or violence happen but hey if people won't stop harming and killing children with vaccines because they're too stupid they won't wake up well maybe those people need to be driven out of the town you know maybe and now still on vaccines the world's first malaria vaccine to go to hundreds of thousands of Africa children

" god these poor third world countries poor third world countries are just getting absolutely ruined by the deep state in their sick vaccine agenda programs not just vaccines but genetically engineered foods and so many other things poor third world countries getting wrecked by the deep state and the world's first malaria vaccine huh yeah well number one it's being promoted by the world how organization so it's no wonder that recently the World Health Organization listed vaccine hesitancy as being one of the top ten threats to health huh it's because they want to bring forth their vaccine programs and their agenda to the public so no wonder and then also it makes me think if this is the reason why lately MMS I've been talking about MMS in my videos I've even had one video taken down and a strike given to me on this YouTube channel for talking about MMS makes me wonder if this is why MMS is getting a new wave of attacks by big pharma

"....and the mainstream media is because MMS has been shown to be a very cheap very effective way to reverse get rid of heal malaria you know again very cheap very effective and not Big Pharma patented it so it's probably why there's such an attack on MMS lately is because a big pharma doesn't want the competition and they're trying to roll out this malaria vaccine to hundreds of thousands of people that's like millions of vaccines it's probably a multi-dose one and they're doing it look 360,000 children a year in three countries

" yes it will be millions of children with millions of shots yeah that's a lot of money it's a lot of money for the whe oh and these pharmaceutical companies right so no wonder they're attacking MMS alright we've gone through Big Pharma fluoride vaccines gone through nexium q all that stuff now I want to finish up with talking about UFOs yes partial disclosures limited hangouts fake false disclosures about UFOs so first let's touch on that political article Politico late last night putting out this bombshell the US Navy is drafting new guidelines for reporting on UFOs the service says it has also quote provided a series of briefings by senior naval intelligence officials as well as aviators who reported hazards to aviation safety 0.1

".... this is actually good news drafting new guidelines for reporting UFOs redoing that fantastic news it's gonna start waking people up getting them to question things especially the service members within the military you know so I see that as being very good but what I want to warn you about here is like I've been saying the partial disclosure so what the deep state media in Politico then does here is they report on the US Navy doing this and redoing their guidelines blah blah blah but then they insert the partial disclosure that being the to the Stars program the revelations that came out by the New York Times in late 2017 blah blah blah this is John Podesta as I call it the secret plan in one of the WikiLeaks emails John Podesta was talking about this

"....and he forwarded an email to Hillary Clinton's then communications director mentioning that this is their secret plan this whole to the Stars UFO disclosure New York Times a tip Pentagon UFO research office blah blah blah it's John Podesta secret plan it's their half-assed limited hanging out partial disclosure so be wary you know it's almost as if every single mainstream media article we're getting these days inserts that to the stars nonsense right and that is not proper full disclosure you know I'm all for Ford folda Schlow j''r I want 100% of the truth to come out about UFO secret space programs

"....the cover-up going on for decades the technologies how much money they're funneling into these black ops programs I mean you can go deep I could talk about this write about it do hundreds of videos on this stuff and I'll we'll be doing more videos on this because all the push we're seeing a fake disclosure but I'm all for full disclosure I'm not for that fake disclosure so I'm gonna call it out any chance I get I do think the Navy is actually trying to push for more of a full disclosure if anything over the last few years the Navy seems to be pushing more for that but then we have the CIA over here with their Air Force lackeys

"....and their rogue Intel lackeys pushing for that fake limited hangout disclosure so be very careful you guys very careful of the con texts what they are telling you and what they're not telling you in these articles and then one more article that I saw come out recently in the mainstream media mentioning UFOs is this one right here out of The New Yorker so it's The New Yorker keep that in mind you know always look at who's giving you this information so you can be forewarned about what their angle their narrative might be so if it's the New Yorker it's already gonna be some deep state corporate propaganda they entitled this article what's new about conspiracy theories

"....huh okay let's check it out well a large part of this article is trying to discredit pizza gay it starts off with that so they're trying to discredit pizza gay they're trying to discredit Q quickly goes from pizza gate into Q so it's awful it's already an awful propaganda whitewash piece but what I find really interesting about this is that as you continue reading through it actually eventually gets into UFOs the author starts talking about UFOs and what's incredible here let me find it is boom so they go from pizza gate into UFO is talking about the mutual UFO network all right and then look who they talk about Cory good talk about Cory good who is at the MUFON conference last year outside Las Vegas

"....I was actually at that conference and they tried to start discrediting throwing a bunch of shade on Cory then they insert Richard Dolan Richard Dolan who's a MUFON member and MUFON actually has connections to the partial disclosure you know to the Stars limited hangout here it's very interesting so Wow MUFON what's your angle why is this author inserting Richard Dolan and then saying Richard Dolan is worried about plants trying to undermine the whole UF ology enterprise history Richard Dolan observes is replete with provocateurs and disinformation coming from US government channels huh you know you can think what you want about Corey his testimony is his testimony it's very in-depth

"....and that's his deal but at least he talks about pizza gate being real he's not afraid to talk about Q you know and that makes me think that that could be one of the reason why he's so attacked especially attacked by these plants is because he is actually talking about things that are threatening to the deep state instead of being another one of those fluff UFO researchers fluff UFO journalists out there like so many of the other ones in the you'll follow gee realm if Richard Dolan is so concerned with plants and limited hangouts why does he work with so many of them Richard Dolan literally aids and abets people on the internet works with disinformation assets who try to discredit pizza gate who try to discredit cue and on

"....I mean is the pot calling the kettle black here just look at that finger-pointing look at that projection in plain sight yes there's plenty of disinfo assets in the UF ology community and in the conspiracy community in general and usually you can find them projecting and pointing the finger when the finger should really be pointed right at them I definitely question Richard Dolan's intentions here and it's incredible to me that this New Yorker piece features him and there's so many other people in the UFO AG community that I would love to question about certain things

"....and why are they aiding and abetting these disinformation assets huh it's incredible let me tell you I've been saying this the people I trust most in the UF ology community are those who talk about the realities of pizza gate and the realities of cue and on because it all connects right and you have a lot of these shells disinformation assets probably government or rogue Intel control and they're out there claiming to be this UF ologists or claiming to be this extremely credible author or research or whatever the case and then here they are discrediting and undermining other very real phenomena

" know the only people I've seen in the u F ology realm that talk about the realities of pizza gating queue are people like Corey people like David Wilcock james gilliland is one of them dr. Michael Saleh Laura Eisenhower these people right and they tend to be the most attacked people other UFO researchers will even attack them just look at all the shit that's been thrown I mean my way David's way dr. Michaels Allah's way it's incredible it's as if Wow a lot of these UFO researchers are the disinformation plants themselves huh I got a lot of questions got a lot of questions a lot of that will be saved for videos and research

"....I do in the future a lot of stuff to be exposed a lot of these false idols a lot of false idols people have out there beware of them folks beware of those false idols be careful who you follow be careful who you follow in the cube community and the conspiracy community and the ufology be careful who you follow period okay and that's all I have for you guys here with this one thank you so much for watching thank you so much for all of your support just want to remind you I do a lot of exclusive stuff on patreon like live chats I'll be doing one later this week giveaways and things like that so you can support me there on patreon but again I do not put any research behind that paywall I just like to have fun and talk to people and do giveaways on patreon all of my research is open source be here on YouTube on my blog on Twitter and Facebook etc so there you go if you want to support patreon thank you so much you guys for watching follow along notifying subscribing liking this video I'll have a lot more coming out very soon thank you so much done [Music] you [Music] ...≺≺ less

Last Resort Activated, No Blockade = Game Over, Tick Tock - Episode 1849b

X22Report ** Published on Apr 23, 2019
"....the deep state they are completely trapped at this point I mean it's truly game over their blockade is completely gone and right now they're confused they don't agree on certain issues and they don't agree on the path forward and this is going to be a problem for them but it doesn't mean that there aren't certain elements within the deep state where they're still pushing a last resort I do believe the last resort has been activated and we'll be talking about that in just a moment but first judicial watch they announced that bill priest am assistant director of the FBI counterintelligence division admitted in writing and under oath that the FBI found Hillary Clinton's emails in the Obama White House's specifically the executive office of the president the FBI has also admitted that almost 49,000 of Hillary Clinton's emails were reviewed as a result of a search warrant for emails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" thanks to judicial watch in January a federal court ordered discovery of Hillary Clinton's emails and Gazi scandal judge Royce Lamberth ordered top obama and hillary officials such as susan rice ben rhodes and other state and FBI officials to answer judicial watch's questions under oath now this is from judicial watch priest AB was asked by judicial watch to identify representatives of hillary clinton her former staff and government agencies from which email repositories were obtained pre stamp responded with the following non exhaustive list Bryan Pagliano Cheryl Mills executive office of the president emphasis added Heather Samuelson Jacob Sullivan Justin Cooper the United States Department of State United States Secret Service Williams and Connolly

"....LLP pre-snap also testifies that four thousand forty eight thousand nine hundred and eighty two emails were reviewed as a result of a warrant for Clinton email account information from the laptop of Anthony Weiner who had been married to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin now pre-snap he helped oversee the Clinton email investigation and made sure she was exonerated then migrated over to the 2016 counter-intel investigation into Trump's campaign tom Fitton tweeted out the following this is astonishing confirmation made under oath by the FBI shows that the obama FBI had to go to President Obama's White House Office to find emails that Hillary Clinton tried to destroy or hide from the American public he continued no wonder Hillary Clinton has thus far skated Barack Obama is implicated in her email scheme

" we're getting a lot more information now and we're seeing a lot more things happen when the blockade is gone the entire investigation led by Muller was based on the dossier and it was used to block everything that we are seeing today and we know that the dossier was fake and we know that it was used to start the investigation - it was used to get the FISA warrants it was used for all of this and if we go back and rewind here to the start of all this it turns out that all of it is completely fake tom Fitton twigs tweets out even Muller says dossier used to obtain spy warrants against a trail

"....Donald Trump campaign was unverified and unverified as all caps the dossier falsehood is central to the crinimal criminal conspiracy targeting Donald Trump now the mainstream media for two years they've been trying to convince the American people that there was Russian collusion then they moved to obstruction because people on Muller's team informed them that Muller couldn't find the Russian collusion because it never existed

" they tried to create an obstruction case within Muller's investigation and that failed and Trump tweeted out the following I wonder if the New York Times will apologize to me a second time as they did after the 2016 election but this one will have to be far bigger and better apology on this one they will have to get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness they are truly the enemy of the people now think about it the mainstream media for two years especially the New York Times has been telling everyone that Trump committed collusion that he was a criminal

"....and they continually pushed this narrative all the way up to the Muller report and they did block you know blockbuster articles on how Trump was going down and it turns out it's all fake phony and false now Judicial Watch they are going after representative Adam Schiff and representative Jackie Speier because they both disclosed classified in from and this is in violation of house ethic rules now this is what Judicial Watch wrote on March 21st 2017 the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee representative Adam Schiff spoke to an audience at the Brookings Institution in which he commented on an intelligence community intercept of a December 29 2016 conversation between Russian ambassador Sergey kis lyac and retired US Army General Michael Flynn who had been selected by then President Elect Donald Trump to serve as a national security adviser

"....both the fact of the conversation and the conversations contents were leaked to the news media and reported widely in his Brookings Institution's speech representative shift stated and then you have leaks that expose malfeasance or illegalities now I put that kind of leak I put the Flynn leak in that category and what was most disturbing to me frankly about that was here you had a situation where the president is informed that his national security adviser has lied to the vice president and probably others other about a conversation with Russians over sanctions imposed over hacking in the election to help the president likewise on April 30 2017 quotes from representative Jackie Speier as commenting publicly on both the contents of kis lyac Flynn conversations

"....and Flynn's subsequent unmasking as a u.s. person incidentally intercepted by the intelligence community now if in fact it was unmasked and if it was general Flynn you have to understand the context in which it was unmasked we do know that ambassador kis lyac and gentlemen were freelancing sanctions relief at the end of December when he had no portfolio in which to make any kind of negotiations with Ambassador kis lyac emphasis added like representative Schiff representative Speier did not disclose how she knew about the conversation between ambassador kis Lee act and general Flynn or about general Flynn's unmasking

"....but the statement attributed to her also appears to confirm the contents of leaked classified information so judicial watch concludes by asking the office of congressional ethics conduct and preliminary investigation into whether Schiff and Speer disclose classified information to the public in violation of house ethics rules and Tom Fenton continued and said while the ethics committee examines representative Nunez innocuous statements on Obama's surveillance on the Trump team it ought to expand its investigation to include the other members of the Intelligence Committee who seemed to have fragrantly violated the rules

" Judicial Watch going after Clinton Judicial Watch going after Schiff and this is continuing now think about what's happening right now we have huber we have Horowitz we have the D class we have all the evidence that tom Fitton has gathered you don't think the government is going to be using all of this evidence to go after these individuals absolutely now down on the border we understand that Trump is building the wall he's stopping the illegals from coming into this country and he is making the deep State the Dems completely sweated out and we need to understand something very very important about this whole illegal immigrant thing that's going on at the border when Trump threatened to release these illegal immigrants into America's sanctuary cities

"....last week the media and the Dems went bonkers they didn't know what to do and they were out there saying no you can't do this it's against the law so the scheme may not pass legal muster it was pure genius as a political ploy the mere mention of this possibility caused many individuals to come out and say you can't do the share was out there and she tweeted out that this is completely impossible how are we gonna let more people in when we can't even take care of our own people and of course Trump came out and tweeted said this is the first time I'm agreeing with Sher Democrats believed if he couldn't build the wall his base would turn on him making 20:20 a much easier proposition for the blue team

"....but that doesn't fully explain the Democrats outright refusal to even acknowledge the primary cause of his country's current border security problems remember they don't even want to do anything about it their motives are far more sinister than just despising Trump and everything that they're trying to do is backfiring now thanks to the 14th amendment which dictates the mechanics of how the president is elected as well as the Supreme Court's ruling in even well verse Abbott Democrats are using illegal immigration to alter the balance of power in the electoral college from rural republican-leaning States to those that are predominantly blue and in some cases purple

"....a quick glance at the twenty metro areas with the largest numbers of illegal aliens confirms this and if we look at post 2764 going back to February 17th 2019 there was a map which was a gift that overlaid the connections between illegals and the democratic states in 2016 election and when you do the overlay with this gift it fits absolutely perfectly perfectly now if we take this map and we go to Pew Research with the twenty metro areas with the largest number of illegal aliens it confirms everything that Q has been saying so illegal immigrants were aren't allowed to directly vote for the commander-in-chief but they can do it illegally by pretending they're someone else or nobody checking

"....and this is what the Democrats have used before but if there's voter IDs this makes it a little bit difficult but we also have another problem in vast numbers they can draw they can dramatically alter the electoral college to favor the Democrats for at least a decade because a state's electoral votes are based on the number of people residing within that state not the number of citizens present when the census is taken think about that for a second before the Democrats the deep state they were using these illegals to increase the popular vote and this is why we saw Clinton come out with three million more votes because at the time there were three million illegals led into this country

".... actually we don't even know how many are actually in this country there's most likely a lot more now since they can't use the popular vote because everyone will be checking now and of course we know that Trump and the Patriots they are checking all this all they have to do is change the structure of each state and push the population over to their side so they would then and have the popular vote which they could do illegally and they would control the electoral college why do you think they've been pushing the idea to get rid of the electoral college because Trump is blocking the illegals from coming into this country

"....they were going to try to use this to alter the election results now Judicial Watch once again they have teamed up with the allied Educational Foundation and they teamed up on February 11 2019 urging it to overturn the ruling of the United States District Court of the Southern District of New York blocking the Secretary of Commerce from adding a question about citizenship to the 2020 census the brief argues that including a citizenship question would help Judicial Watch and the government make sure only eligible citizens are on the voting rolls adding a citizenship question to the census would generate a massive amount of new data concerning the numbers of citizens and not as's non-citizens in US states and counties to quibble about potential limitations in the data that would be collected is to miss the point

" cannot be the case that we are somehow better off with less information the mountain of new data generated by the sentence question census questions will assist private litigants and the Department of Justice in their efforts to enforce the National Voter Registration Act indeed this data will overcome limitations identified by a federal court concerning the current data of citizenship now think about this for a second if we go back to Q's post thirty thirty forty nine this was back in march 13th of 2019 q says if DS fight to protect safeguard and promote all illegal immigrants as rightful US citizens who should be afforded all benefits and rights accordingly why then would they fight to block them from being counted as part of the US Census what would the data show

" would show there's a lot more people in this country that are here illegally all that matters is power welcome to the D Party Kahn if we move to post 3071 March 14 2019 six companies control ninety percent of the mainstream media vote to allow illegal immigrants right to vote in elections push talking points are Evo Terr age should decreased from 18 to 16 no wall open borders all welcomed equals more D votes deny proper counting US Census avoid public knowledge real illegal population to avoid voter fraud percentage risk to elections welcome to the D Party now the US Supreme Court they are looking at this and they are saying you know something we're siding with Trump right now

" the key justices seemed inclined to let the Trump administration add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census the Constitution requires that the government survey all persons living in the United States each decade until 1950 the census regularly asked about citizenship however it was discontinued out of fears that it would harm participation which is absolutely ridiculous because we ask these questions when these individuals go for aid food stamps driver's license and everything else why would this deter someone from participating it wouldn't they use this to keep their power

" Trump he s issued a memorandum and he is cracking down on illegal aliens overstaying their visas and this is what the memorandum says non-immigrant visas overstay rates are unacceptably high for nationals of certain countries aliens must abide by the terms and conditions of their visas for our immigration system to function as intended individuals who abuse the visa program process and decline to abide by the terms and conditions of the visas including their visas departure dates undermine the integrity of our immigration system and harm the national interests

" think about this he is pushing his agenda to block all the exits for the deep state the wall is going up illegals are being stopped from entering this country they're not being allowed to be sent to the certain areas to push the electoral college in a certain direction or to have these individuals vote in a popular vote the central bank is not getting these illegals either he's blocking all of this and it's being done on purpose post 2855 they will stop at nothing to regain power time to adopt voter ID law and he's right they will not stop because right now we see that the dams they're pushing to throw Trump off the 2020 ballot in 18 states

"....think about what that will do Republican state senator Dale righter noted that there have been two Supreme Court rulings that would make a measure such as this unconstitutional he cited Anderson verse cell a breeze in 1983 and Williams versus Rhodes in 1968 where SCOTUS ruled that it is illegal and unconstitutional for states to alter national ballot qualifications as the Democrats are trying to accomplish with their arbitrary power grab this is quite frankly with all due respect to the sponsor an embarrassing waste of the it's time writer said yes that's what they're trying to do but it's completely illegal but they don't care why because they are desperate

" as you can see the D Party is desperate they're trying everything to make sure they have power to win any way they possibly became even if it's illegal which they're doing what are they doing they're bringing any legals blocked have them vote illegally blocked having the illegals change the electoral college votes blocked they're trying to bring down the voting age from 18 to 16 not gonna happen the Senate was the key

"....Bernie Sanders wants prisoners to vote not gonna happen they're trying to push Trump out of many states as possible it's completely illegal think about all the things they're trying to do they are so desperate right now and it just doesn't stop with the illegals and voting they know that Trump and the Patriots have everything they have everything about Clinton email uranium one who spied on who that's coming from the D class the OIG report and many many other sealed indictments that are going to be unsealed

" the DNC head they pledged the committee won't used hacked emails or stolen data for political gain ahead of the 2020 presidential election and press the RNC to do the same think about what they're doing right now they know what Trump and the Patriots hold they have all that information we know the Russians didn't hack the DNC we know that Assange worked with Seth rich they got the information the Patriots have the source Assange is going to spill all this information out

"....and the DNC they're nervous they're saying yeah don't use that and we won't use what we have they don't have anything they know the Patriots have everything and they know if that is put out there the d-class the OIG report everything with uranium one it's game over for them this is how desperate they have gotten now Kamala Harris she's out there with sois well they're both campaigning for a gun control and she says upon being elected which will never happen I will give United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws

"....and if they fail to do it then I will take executive action well first of all you know what they're trying to do yes they're starting off with semi-automatic weapons but you know that's going to then move into shotguns and everything else they always start for the big guns and then they come down and get rid of everything else afterwards and they're still pushing the same agenda they haven't changed they still believe they have a chance but they're all going down

"....we see out in North Korea Kim jong-eun they're making the final stages and preparations to meet with Putin and Russia they are preparing to accept and host kim jeong-hoon they haven't given any dates yet but we see dmitry peskov has confirmed that the two are going to meet we see out in Libya half dar has announced their second phase of the Tripoli offensive and it looks like it's just a matter of days before the UN coalition government that they put together

"....and the people that even vote for they are going to be coming to an end and the people then are going to control their country think about what is happening right now everything is falling apart for the deep state what Trump is doing right now in the Middle East and everywhere else he is reversing Obama's foreign policy he's making it impossible for his successor to go back to where we were everyone believes that he doesn't know what he's doing no he's doing all of this on purpose

"....he's making sure the deep state can no longer do what they've been doing in the past and he's shutting it all down let's go back to post 2494 Q says nothing can stop what is coming nothing this election was not about fixing the economy trade borders military protecting our children etc also another corrupt politician or insider can simply undo it band-aid brackets bold this was not simply another four-year election but a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaimed control over our government

" they are setting it up to make sure that there's no insider no deep state operative nobody can go ahead and become elected and reverse everything that the Patriots are doing that's why this plan is very complex where we're not just going after arrests and saying yeah look we did it no there's many moving parts to this and it has to be done correctly and you can see it is being done now I know Q talks about the last resort and we know that there was a shooting in New Zealand on a mosque then we had in Sri Lanka a bombing at a church and we know that these are false flags

"....and what's very interesting is we had the first attack in New Zealand now this had many different agendas associated with it and those gun control nuts went along and said listen we need to do the same thing that New Zealand is doing and but there's something else that was brewing underneath the surface to all of this because first there was attack on a mosque then there was an attack on a church on Christians we know that Clinton Obama and many others said they were Easter worshippers that was code to say okay it's on

"....and what I mean by this is it looks like trying to start some type of an event with Muslims and Christians because the Islamic state they came out and they took responsibility for bombing the church in Sri Lanka now we need to ask the following questions who created the Islamic state the clowns who supported the Islamic state the clowns yes and Obama and all those individuals who wants revenge because what happened Trump came in Russia came in and got rid of the Islamic state in Syria and removed everything they had in place

"....the clowns they want revenge who wants a war to distract from for what is coming Clinton Obama clowns Brennan and the rest of the gang look what they are planning to do the mosque gets hit the Islamic state retaliates against a Christian if this continues what happens next and the question we have to ask is this the last resort is this what they're trying to push and if they start spreading this to different countries and continually push this agenda what would be the outcome it would be countries going to war between Muslims and Christians think back in history haven't we seen this before

"....again what are they trying to do they're trying to divide the people queue has been telling about this telling us about this for a very long time and it looks like this might be the last resort or there might be something else coming but it looks like they sure are trying to push this agenda now Bill Clinton tweeted out something very interesting he said the great biologist Leo Wilson says ants termites bees and people are them successful species because they're the best co-operators now he went on to say that this hashtag Earth Day let's renew our commitment to working together as we explore new ways to protect our planet for future generations now think about ants bees there is a queen bee that they report to they work to support the one Queen so in other words do as you are programmed and paid to do do not question authority

"....and many of the islands believe that this is a code out there telling those individuals do what you're supposed to do do not question it and it looks like we might see something else headed our way now Hillary Clinton was out there she was discussing the roadmap to impeachment and says Trump should have been indicted by mullahs probe and she said something very interesting Hillary Clinton said this and think mirror why I'm saying this actions that undermine the integrity of our government that placed the personal or political interest of a president over the interests of the nation didn't Obama Clinton and the rest do this

"....she's talking about herself she also said it was not worth pursuing the Trump impeachment with the do-nothing Senate so what she really means is that they do not have controlled the Senate and the Senate needs a 2/3 vote and it's not going to happen the impeachment is not going to happen remember the Senate was the key and she's talking about herself they know what's coming they understand that if this continues it is game over they have nothing left except the last resort they have nothing left they can use and this is why we see these distractions because

"....I do believe they're building up for a major distraction because once the D class comes once the OIG report comes once the sealed indictments become unsealed they're exposed everyone will know what they did and they can't hide the only thing left for them to do is to have an event to distract from what is coming and I believe cueing the Patriots they already planned for this they already know what they're trying to do and a lot of times Q and the Patriots they let it play out and they force them in certain directions to trap them and I believe this is the strategy that they're going to use because what better way is there than to push your enemy in the direction you want them to go oh I want them to use ammunition I will give a date it will be the wrong date and they'll use that ammunition up oh I want them to create this event so something else will happen and Q has been doing this quite often and I believe this has all been planned for and the deep state they have nothing else to do except to have their last event and I believe this is what they're going to try to push to try to distract from what is coming ...≺≺ less

Why #Qanon is Making the Deep State 💩 their Pants - Jordan Sather [Part 2]

Edge of Wonder ** 1:06 PM 4/23/2019
"...the edge of wonder presents cosmic waves 2019 [Applause] featuring special guests Jordan Seder so let's talk about some really quite a while and then you posted this whole thing Fox 12 days 13 days I think it was about two weeks and then yak you made a drop just this morning as we were all going to meet up for our adventures today and yeah and it was literally one link in one word it was a link to a Fox News article talking about Attorney General bar stating under oath that President Trump got spied on both yesterday boom so that means you know FISA d-class coming down the pipe and not just that but Q the only word that he said was panic ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"...they said was panic and hilarious because it caused an absolute panic not only was the mainstream media oh my god Attorney General bar he's a conspiracy theorist now okay anybody that doesn't say what you want you call him crazy and then not just that but the anti Q folk all the anti Q shields half of them were completely silent didn't say a word half of them were just shouting from the rooftops it's fake it's a hoax it's alarm so it was it was pretty hilarious to see literal panic from everywhere today just because of that and because of the Russia investigation ending

"...I just read an article a few days ago talking about Mueller leaving the DOJ probably within a few days so we're talking Russian investigation done Attorney General Bar is gonna release that full Mueller report and it's gonna be another nothing burger that's gonna just blow the rush of BS out of the water and then we're getting set up to have Inspector General report and a FISA declassification coming down the pipe to show yes all these X three-letter agency guys Brennan clapper Obama all these people lied trees and trees and trees and treason and that's why that's exactly why Donald Trump last few weeks more and more he's saying that word treason

" notice he's tweeting it he's saying it at rallies and interviews letting that word fly out there because it's coming down the pipe that these guys are gonna get a some indictments unsealed real soon well I mean well that I mean to me that would be why they're trying to make up this whole this is all this conspiracy theory because they know what they did the CIA is just absolutely in shock right now they're scared that's why they're activating all their assets to come after people like Gus that's why they're trying to find any angle they can against Trump whether it's Trump release your taxes

"...yeah I want Nancy Pelosi's taxes releasing no I don't I don't care about the billionaire who made his wealth thirty years ago in ways that we know I care about the politicians that get what two hundred thousand dollars a year for their jobs that somehow have net worths of one hundred and fifty million dollars yeah why is they lookin into that nobody know that that's exactly so it's a hundred percent projection on every angle whether it's Russia whether it's tax returns

"'s just how it meets how this makes your media operates and if you study history and you study the Nazi propaganda techniques hand in hand with what's going on right now fun fact Operation Paperclip a lot of those Nazi scientists and intelligence agents and propaganda engineers came here after World War two so that's why our mainstream media looks the exact same thing as Nazi propaganda techniques did what's interesting though is that how long has it been since you came out it's been just over 17 months actually 17

"... if Q is just a lark how come no one has been able to pinpoint some dude behind a computer you would think if somebody was duping millions of people and acting like they were a part of the government which is a felony the NSA and the CIA with how incredible their intelligence gathering capabilities are why wouldn't they find this dude in a basement how is he still posting I'm surprised they haven't faked that yet though yeah well they probably try they're probably set up a lot of guys you know oh yeah how do % know I think there was something wrong no you're not Q

" just set all of that up I'm Q plus yeah we all wish we were q + yeah we do I totally wish it that would be the hardest job in the world though not gonna lie it is the hardest job and I don't want to lose like half of my network just take that job none of us even have time Thanks you're smart also but you're not like super normal super duper genius yeah Q smart I'm not Q smart I don't have the entire military but I do fighting stuff house maybe no offense here's the thing if Trump was such a crazy deranged violent cult conspiracy theory and if this many people are following it and it's dangerous to Donald Trump's Mogga campaign why wouldn't he disavow it or abandon anyone from wearing t-shirts at his rallies exactly

"...yeah darn good question it's like they don't want to ask him and they don't want to admit that they don't want to ask him but he's he's been very I feel like all of them have been very open about it like if you believe Q is kind of connected to President Trump I mean they post oh my god wide open about it yeah why hasn't anyone asks President Trump about you I mean they they're making it as obvious as they can I mean Air Force Ones callsign Q zero what is zero on a phone die LeapPad plus Q plus basically which is president Trump's kind of moniker

" know his his code name but yeah Q plus is Trump so there's that you know we've got honk for Q motorcade beep-beep we've got how many Q's as he made it his rallies and shirts and signs as he pointed to and vice president tweeted a photograph of him meeting with the soldier the soldiers in Florida dude had a cue patch I mean it's just it goes saunas and I think he was a yeah it was a policeman in afterwards Q had this thing that just say

"...cuz he got fired he got demoted and then Q basically said hey man if you want to join the FBI or something your name is gonna get tracked yeah Secret Service Secret Service so yeah there you go it's pretty interesting hope you do it Patton yeah yeah all of us were pretty worried about them after that just because the mainstream media and that's that's how they do it you don't think that's a great example of how these freaking rabid hyenas in the mainstream and the alternative media they get activated that's how they do it you know I was supposed to go to in December of last year about four five months ago I was supposed to go to DC for this political conference forget the name of it but they were holding a cute on panel

"... I was supposed to go Dustin Nemo's was supposed to go there's a couple other people as well and once the mainstream media caught wind that this political panel it was fairly large was there in DC was gonna hold a queue and on panel they started attacking and getting activated to right there hit pieces and it cost so much heat on this conference panel that the guy running it had to forfeit his panel she's you know he held the conference still but he had to cut his cue and on panel because all the all the trolls and all the attacks in eastern media

" that's how they do it they will sway public opinion against you and that's very strong well gets at that it's at those moments that we all need to hold our ground mm-hmm you know like and support each other exactly you know that's why doing this stuff is fantastic you know you guys have a channel of 350,000 and I'm at a hundred and ninety thousand so we have so much power you know your videos getting 100,000 200,000 views that's like half of CNN primetime

"...yeah release holy crap you know I know we have there their viewer counts dropping they're only getting like a few hundred thousand primetime I think like five six hundred maybe that's a good estimate yeah and some of these radio shows that have been on for a while are all tanking now yeah and even a lot of the ones that people used to love like anymore it's just people are realizing wow this is actually kind of a gatekeeper kind of a smoke screen and it's been like 20 years and what have you really done dude like that much

" they're moving on into something that feels a lot more true that has the evidence behind it that's exposing stuff so much deeper which happens to be this magic ladder the alphabet called Q no let's get back to the main question of this interview why does Q and on scare the poop out of the deep stage no q and on scares the absolute poop out of the deep state because the deep state does not want an awake and aware population and that's what Q inevitably leads to because when you question people when you inquire them when you're cryptic they have to think for themselves you know person that's told the facts told the truth told what to do they're not gonna learn it quite as good as somebody who figures out how to do the thinking for themselves

"... of course our education system these days tell us people what to think on how to think q is on doing that Q is showing us how to think again ask questions ask the needed questions you know and get us to do that on our own develop our own discernment skills and deep state doesn't want that that leads to people learning about their misdeeds them getting exposed you know in on wave shape or form no matter what you know not just about Q this isn't about Q this is about Q teaching people to think for themselves and then these people can figure out any sort of SIOP any sort of BS it gets thrown away you know

"...and the deep stake does not want and awake and aware pop you there's especially hungry for the truth people figuring out why there's so much out there I don't know now I'm hungry for the truth and I'm gonna search for it and I think this is the most clever thing that she has done it's like puts out these it's Kylie what's up the answer and then we come up with the questions well it's so it's so spiritually deep when you really think about it too because I think of it this way kind of like a parent having a child when you have a child you don't want to tie their shoes for them forever you can't you literally can't tie their shoes for them forever they have to go out and do their own thing and they grow up you need this child to learn how to tie their shoes on their own and then begin functioning as a human being

"...we need to begin functioning as free thinkers and we haven't been and Q is essentially you know being that parent archetype showing us how to tie our mental discernment shoes and figure it out for ourselves yeah it's a better analogy would be like here's the pieces of the puzzle but you have to put it together exactly so there you go yeah better analogy uh-huh come on don't you get good at puzzles I can tie my shoes though learning and symbolically you know we can expand this out if we're gonna look at the et issue a lot of people ask I'm sure you guys as well as me why haven't they shown up why don't they just land on the White House lawn cetera et cetera same thing it's the spiritual principle of us being a self functioning

" know independent human organism civilization here they can't just show up and give us the answers they have to they can hint they can suggest they can leave a couple crop circles with some sacred geometry or some messages or maybe they can come to you in a dream or show up in the sky really quick and and fades out but that's about as far as they can go at this present moment because of free will because they want us to figure out how to do the puzzle exactly how to tie your shoes all right so it's it's pretty incredible the spiritual lessons that there are in UTS U or q issue and what are the caves you know what's really interesting is when we when we first started edge wonder we were producing a bunch of videos right when we had to dig in

"...and start to expose the mainstream media lies it naturally became very clear to us that the main problem with people is that they're listening to a talking head and believing everything that it's saying and not thinking for themselves so now believe that yeah yeah I mean it's everything you just said but naturally we it became part of our mission to somehow figure out how to help people think for themselves again and like in every episode it's almost like yeah I almost feel like that's what even if we're even if it's a random subject it still always comes back to hey this is what we found did we catch everything like you guys look into this for yourselves don't just trust us because this has been the problem with mainstream news

"...this has been the problem I mean think about it like some some journalists and some it's the the entire field has gotten so messed up from ego and all of these different things they don't even feel like they can make a mistake and if they do make a mistake it has to get swept under the rug almost they can't be open and aboveboard about it journalism isn't meant to necessarily be perfect it's meant to do your best to get the truth out and if someone has a better version of that truth then you publish that the best journalists admit their mistakes exactly just seep the evidence it doesn't matter who has the evidence if they have the evidence great I'm on a report on their stuff in Lincoln be honest and ethical about it

"...but boom there you go you know you're not having the ego about it or brushing the nice diction or whatever the case along and that's one of the things I respected about your presentation earlier today that you gave is you actually showed some of your past tweets and stuff that were a little bit off and you were like this is where how is that at that time and I'm like that's three years ago different Jordan three years ago and you have to admit your mistakes and where you were wrong and not have the ego construct to say oh that's still me now that's not you know that's a difference that doesn't exist anymore

" can there's no wrong and saying that I used to be wrong but now my mind's changed because now we know what I think I believe now it's all that matters and that can always change in the future to me you know depending on what evidence that brings in but yeah and it's funny that you mentioned what you want to do with your channel is to help people think for themselves because when we were you know out on our adventures earlier today I had this woman asked me what what sets your soul on fire and I hadn't had a deep question like that asked to me in a while that's good you know what really does get me excited and passionate and make my heart beat faster and I was thinking about it and when I see people talk or write or wherever the case and they are thinking for themselves and they're going through that discernment process and I'm literally seeing the light ball go on in their head and the dots start to connect and they're figuring out how to do the puzzle for themselves

"...that's what makes me excited I'm like yes you're figuring out you're seeing it for yourself I don't have to do it anymore you know let's work for me I don't have to exactly and it's but they then with those discernment skills are then gonna go teach other people and then it's just gonna thread out she's gonna grapevine out in awareness so that's really yeah you know that's why we're both here I'm sure you guys are just sick of people being so ignorant and I'm sick of people being ignorant and that's not derogatory it's just the state of the world we're living an ignorant world the state has arranged for people totally this is exactly they want to keep everybody in the bubble because they want to control the bubble and trying to pop that bubble here and you know

"...and I think this goes with queueing on as a whole especially why we trust queueing on in the very beginning this is what I think a lot of people don't understand it's not that we just blindly right than Q its because Q is an owner trust totally it's not like you can't make a mistake this is what people don't get sure Q's made a mistake you see this little sparrow spelling errors they make and not just that but maybe they plan something and that fell through whatever the case they're human I get that I'm not gonna fault them for maybe some sort of aspect of the plan fault hurt or they made a mistake but like you said they earn the trust they showed that yes this q nun operation is connected to trump to the administration

"...yes they showed that they want transparency they're open about topics all across the board trafficking political corruption pay-to-play secret space programs big pharma vaccines cancer cures aids toxic chemicals so it's you know they absolutely earned the trust and that's why i you know we can have some leniency and seeing the operation and have some actual logic behind it instead of getting so triggered and sensationalized this didn't go the way I wanted it it's a lark yeah it's taking so long it's a hoax why haven't the rest happen already it's fake yeah well shows like because when you put things when you are putting the puzzle together and then once you start seeing it play out you just feel good okay

"... I I'm putting this together I kind of figured it parted it out and you see you see the picture forming that's when it hits you this is real it's one of those like 50 piece puzzles right I hope okay I can't take those yeah it's been awesome hanging out with you at the event and like we don't get to spend that much time together you know we've been talking about this all week being on opposite coasts kind of sighs man it's just it'd be really cool if a bunch more of us we're all in the same area or could interact more but it's almost like we kind of wait and crave these conferences so that we can get together and then the problem is everyone's so busy during the conferences that we really don't have much time okay come together and

"...yeah that's cool we'll do we'll do one of my channel likes one of these days that wasn't completely spur-of-the-moment thing that wasn't actually me that was like rollin or something and the story about that is I don't know if you guys were completely aware but we had gotten a flat tire well one of our members got a flat tire and while we were waiting for triple-a to come to fix the flat tire we're like well donkey balls over there cameraman Dan is like just wait just wait we didn't even know we were gonna go live he's just setting it up on the boat standing there with a mic and then in a cameraman is like okay let's do it I'm like okay I'm gonna take over your guys show hi donkey balls HQ yeah and also just for the record all of the names of those products were real they were really you've got the best car

"...yeah also for the record they're not actual donkey balls it's candy yeah it is candy luckily yeah because I can try the chocolate ones ooh yeah we had the sugar one and you you go try those donkey balls games anyway why don't we wrap this up thank you so much for being with us and sharing everything that you know about Q we haven't done a Q episode in a really long time and who better to do it with and then you you're on this like your beat it's the thing that you do and we really appreciate everything you do the community absolutely thank you guys so much for having me on your platform yeah that's great man thanks alright and now we're gonna do this an epic edge of wonder style this is jordyn safer on the edge of wonder and we see you out on the edge good one Jordan like we hadn't thought of that anyway thank you so much for being here I'm not yeah ...≺≺ less

The World's Greatest Troll: the Humor of Donald Trump

This Information ** Published on Oct 25, 2016

Donald Trump Sings Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Maestro Ziikos ** Published on Nov 1, 2017

[4.22] Sri Lanka / Vaccine Fake News / CIA Remote Viewing / False UFO Disclosure

Destroying the Illusion ** Published on Apr 22, 2019
"....what's up guys Jordan here on Monday April 22nd good to be back and good to be feeling better I think I'm mostly caught up on everything I've been wanting to talk about on this channel doing those live streams the past couple of days and as for this video I want to touch on the Sri Lanka bombings that happened yesterday some fake news going around about vaccines will touch on geoengineering and then space technology and UFOs as well still quite a bit to catch up on in that regard but a few things before we get into all of that number one I want to tell you about some interviews that I've done that have been recently released on some YouTube channels so the first one is on third phase of the Moon i sat down with these guys a couple of weeks ago on the Big Island of Hawaii and we had an awesome conversation talked about solar flares and the pole shift so if you want to watch that interview ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... let's get into the Sri Lanka bombing so yesterday on Easter of all days in Christian churches hotels various businesses around sri lanka multiple places bombs went off nearly 300 people died in just terrible terrible terrorist attacks that happened over there and after these incidences sri lanka shut down access to facebook and other social media websites the government literally the denying public access to very important communication services so this is a very reminiscent of what happened in New Zealand after the Christchurch shooting New Zealand denied access to HN and social media sites there as well

" this seems to be standard operating procedure by governments after these false flags or these terrorist attacks is to just shut down public communication systems and especially social media so this looks to be to prevent people from sharing truthful information about what could actually be going on so this is why it's very important to arm yourself with something like a VPN something that can help you bypass these censorship restrictions so there's that and then also I mean shoot just two days ago the day before the Sri Lanka bombing

"....I was warning in my video about the deep state trying to incite religious war and then this happened yesterday I mean the deep state procedure their modus operandi you know how they go about their agenda it's like clockwork doesn't take a genius or a rocket scientist to point out guess this kind of stuff they are absolutely trying to incite a religious war they use the deep state patsy being isis to bomb christian churches on easter i mean completely trying to pit millions and billions of people against each other don't fall for it guys i'm seeing so many people out there fall for it just like i've been saying there's wonderful people out there who call themselves Muslims there's wonderful people out there who call themselves Christians there's also very evil people out there who just happened to box themselves in and label themselves as Muslims

"....and then there's people with evil in their hearts who call themselves Christians as well I don't care what you label yourself as I don't care what belief system you decide to go with I don't care if you don't label yourself at all or don't have really any belief system right as long as you're a good human who's not harming anybody else or harm their property that's okay by me we are one humanity here with many different cultures many different you know groups and affiliations and whatnot but we're one human race here on this planet and it really it's a war from the elite the deep state the powers that be against all of humanity as Q's continuously said it's not about race it's not about religion it's not about any of that it's about humanity's freedom and us freeing ourselves from the control of the powers that be all right so don't fall for that religious race-baiting

"....a religious war that the deep state is desperate to divide and conquer us with to distract us with all right now let's move on and talk about vaccines so there's just some really really terrible think news being spread around by NBC in particular and what they did is that they used a stock photograph you can see right here I tweeted about it this morning they use a stock photo for their vaccine propaganda this here on the bottom is a screenshot from a report they did this morning about measles of course the measles outbreak and bunch of vaccine propaganda they were putting out about that but you can see here here's a kid looks like he has really it looks like chickenpox doesn't even look like measles

"....and then above it this is the stock photo here's the stock photo all they did was try to put some disease pimples on this kid and then they color graded it a little bit it's the exact same photograph horrible stuff and as if a nurse would be holding a kid that had measles with their bare hand I'm een just terrible terrible propaganda narrative spinning with this and this shows you fake news is truly the enemy of the people horrible for NBC to do this here's the link to the website I want to show you guys I mentioned this in a video maybe a week or two ago I think I forgot to link this down below but again they'll be a link for this down below to check this out

"....this is the National notifiable infectious diseases weekly this is actually a weekly table for measles cases reported to the CDC around the country you can see it has indigenous and then imported so measles cases that originated in the country or that came into the country it's got cumulative 2018 totals and nineteen totals but take a look at this wasn't there supposed to be a measles outbreak in Washington State earlier this year well it's not reported on the CDC's website did that actually happen and how about the supposed 555 cases that the NBC was reporting on with their fake stock photo

" 555 cases huh really well around the country right now it only says there's about 160 imported plus 193 excuse me 160 indigenous with 193 imported in New York isn't there supposed to be hundreds and hundreds of measles cases well there's only 126 in New York City 137 in the Middle Atlantic itself what about these outbreaks why is the CDC gov stats way different from what the media is reporting I think some of these outbreaks might be manufactured and a lot of this news we're hearing in the media is complete fake and hysteria bunch of fear they're trying to drive home into people so they run out and get their vaccines especially their MMR vaccine a Merc Merc is the sole manufacturer of the MMR vaccine

" in America does Merck won some money is Merck the one paying off a lot of these public officials and doctors to claim there's an outbreak of measles going on I got a lot of questions I've got a lot of questions alright let's move on into talk in geoengineering so of course with the climate change propaganda that always gets pushed out there what they're doing with that is trying to subtly slide in some information about geoengineering saying oh man geoengineering is one of the only things that we can do to combat this man-made climate change horrible stuff what they're trying to do is norm lies the geoengineering that's already taking place over our heads

"....I just saw yesterday big ol lines it's not water vapor when it doesn't dissipate it's not water vapor big ol lines of stratospheric aerosol sprays over our heads and you know if you've noticed if you're observant you've seen these things over our heads for years it's been there for years so it's not like this hasn't been going on but of course what the deep state needs to do right now is normalize that Dimity people are waking up looking up and going with the heck are those things so the deep state needs to normalize this stuff and that's what they're doing here in these articles like this coming out from the Business Insider a couple of days ago saying oh man we need to we need to do this geoengineering we needed to do it to protect the Earth's and to stave off climate change

" it's all this nonsense they're putting out there just to get people to accept it and want it you know I think it's good for us that we need it when it's really not vaccine fake news geoengineering fake news what else do we need to go through how about this The Huffington Post running an article on Satanism Satan is having a moment they say a new documentary is chronicling the rise of the Satanic temple they're calling it a modern pseudo religion Wow and this is a whole article basically trying to tell us that Satanism really isn't all that bad

"'s all about compassion and free speech the story of the Satanic temple is one of free speech it's horrible I mean what's sort of again normalization is going on here literally got this photograph of a dude throwing up the horns next to Baphomet here huh yeah talk about normalization talk about trying to get people to accept accept some really weird stuff and I mean the majority of the people that get caught up with this Satanic temple quote pseudo religion really have no idea that they're falling for this nonsense and they have no idea what Baphomet really represents in the elite circles and how all these sick powers-that-be truly believe in Satan Baphomet pray to these sorts of gods try to invoke a bunch of black magic through them sick stuff really sick stuff

" you know all these folks here that they featured where is it this photograph here and all these people that are part of this satanic temple they have no idea what really goes on at the upper echelons of that particular quote religion and then Huffington Post of course trying to normalize the nasty stuff here I'll pass next Elon Musk talking about his neural ink his neural link that he says is going to connect human brains to computers and ela must tweeted that it's going to be coming very soon so neural link right is Elon Musk's venture that like it says here he's trying to connect the human brain to computers so man will quote merge with artificial intelligence we can basically be able to work the computers with our brains or something in that effect which I would be all for sounds great

"....I would love to be able to control a computer with my thoughts but here's the thing about ela Musk's neural link it requires an implant to do that he wants to implant something in people's heads like a little chip or RFID chip whatever the case implant it into a person's skull and then that's how the individual is going to be able to control the computer is through that little chip between the skull and the flesh implanted right there at your temple again I'll pass on that that's I am sure there's technologies out there that can utilize an individual's brain waves without an invasive procedure I'm all for that but if they need to put any sort of chip in me

".... I don't care where the chip is my wrist my head I'm not for that no chips no chips and in fact you don't really need chips the power of consciousness the power of our DNA our innate human abilities of mine's doesn't require any sort of chip embedded into us you can remote view you can have all sorts of ESP abilities extrasensory abilities and don't need any sort of chip embedded into you how about this article from Zero Hedge that came out yesterday telepathic Russian troops trained for psychic warfare and that's something the US has studied for decades so Zero Hedge was reporting how the Russian military was putting out in their official magazine from the Russian Ministry of Defense that their training psychic Special Forces pretty incredible stuff that the Russian military is admitting to

"....and then Zero Hedge is reporting on the fact that intelligence agencies in America here like the NSA and the CIA have actually been doing this for decades even all the way back since the 60s and 70s they've been training soldiers to remote view remote view move inanimate objects with mental powers Wow incredible incredible stuff very long research expose here a lot of official documentation as well from the CIA Declassified documents showing this this is very real stuff and these three-letter agencies take it very seriously the reason being is because your consciousness again you can activate your own powers powers that we all have and you can all train yourself with and you don't need any sort of chip embedded in your head to do so right

" I'll pass on Ln Musk's neural link and if you want to read a little bit more about these remote viewing programs linking that article down below and then last thing let's touch on UFOs and space technologies so Newsweek put out this a few days ago the most credible UFO sightings and encounters in modern history according to research huh all right well in getting into this article few things arise what they do number one here is insert their gatekeeper their quote scientific coalition for you apology and this scientific coalition for you f ology was started in 2017 it's filled with a bunch of PhDs bunch of University and corporate guys a dude from NASA so am I gonna trust what comes from the scientific coalition for you f ology

"....I'm not sounds like a total gatekeeper and not just that but I love what Newsweek entitled this article the most credible UFO sightings and encounters in modern history according to research according to whose research the CIA's research is that going to be the most credible UFO sightings and encounters in modern history yeah no really what they do and in each of these UFO encounters they go through Roswell they go through a few others again whitewash the Washington DC flyover I mean they leave out so much information in so much context about pretty much every single one of these sightings and then get this the very last sightings they offer and what they call the most credible sightings are these ones right here

"....the ones that came from the to the Stars Academy you know those New York Times disclosures case publicized by the New York Times back in December 2017 yeah talk about CIA whitewash like they literally inserted the sightings that the CIA wants you to go towards because the to the Stars Academy in the New York Times publications here I mean this is the limited hangout disclosure being brought forth by the deep state it's got John Podesta as Hillary Clinton's Rockefeller fingerprints all over it and all sort of deep state fingerprints over it

" I just I laughed I laughed so hard when I found out that the most credible sightings are these two the ones that were brought out by to the stars Podesta's front is just nonsense so there's that horrible article next one let's go to the metro so metro dot uk' here reporting on a navy secretly designed futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO and the incredible thing is this is you'll patent so the Navy has been granted a patent for an advanced aircraft which resembles a UFO and it kind of does here's the patent here you can see it's called craft using an inertial mass reduction device current assignee Secretary of the Navy and the eventyr here the inventors name is Salvatore cease our pace

"....I guess now this is what their craft looks like it's actually more of a triangular shape than a flying saucer but Wow the fact that this patent got approved is pretty incredible and I searched the inventors name Salvatore Cesare he actually has three different patents he filed all within the last few years and they were all granted to him one's a high-frequency gravitational wave generator one is that craft another one is a piezoelectricity induced room-temperature superconductor so multiple patents granted to this guy granted I searched his name a little bit more I couldn't find really anything on Google about him

" I'm wondering what the angle of these patents are because of course our military Air Force Navy three-letter agencies in concert with you know name your favorite defense contractor here but they've had crafts like this for decades so this is nothing new so the fact that the Navy is applying for this patent now whether they're using a guy with a fake name or you know some sort of Patsy proxy individual to apply for this patent with the Navy is rolling this out so is this you know some sort of partial disclosure that the deep state is trying to do some sort of limited hangout or is the Navy's simply try to get this information out into the public domain for more of a full disclosure reason don't necessarily know the motive or the intention quite yet but at least in this Metro article they talk a little bit about this patent and then they quickly go into again the to the Stars initiative a tip secret UFO program New York Times publicized limited hangout disclosure and that's all I have for you guys in this one my voice is going out a little bit so I'm gonna stop it right here thank you so much for watching I appreciate all of you guys I'll be back with many more videos much more content this week stay tuned done [Music] you [Music] ...≺≺ less

How Q is Kicking the Deep State in the Caballs - Jordan Sather [Part 1]

Edge of Wonder ** Premiered 10:30 AM 4/20/2019
"....the edge of wonder presents cosmic waves 2019 [Applause] featuring special guests Jordan Seder hey everyone we have a very special episode today with Jordan Caesar who is pretty much one of the main your main focus is cue destroying the illusion yeah my main focus is definitely cue and I like to fancy myself as secret space program aficionado and I really like to focus on Big Pharma too so pretty much those three things Jordan man thanks so much for being here and word on the street is you're certified badass I am a certified badass we got certified by the badass certification agency yeah yeah those guys haven't come over to us yet cuz it costs a pretty penny ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....yeah they've been contacting me not been but you know I'm sure that you get a really cool scroll at the end hanging on your walls I'm just kidding well actually there's a bunch of stuff we want to talk to you about in all seriousness I mean q recently leaked to you yeah in one of his posts which is which is amazing yeah well historically there's been a few times my name's showed up and a handful of drops somewhere you know you can find my name whether you look into the tweet or the reddit post or whatever but a month ago on March 10th was the very first time they actually linked directly to my Twitter

" it's directly to my work all the other times were indirect so yeah that's cool big deal big deal what was your reaction when that happened did like soda shoot out of your nose or something my head explode no so it's funny you know when qlink stuff like tweets and whatnot people will go onto the tweets and say q sent Niq you sent me Q sent me right well sometimes people will do that with Q didn't link something

" you'll see people I guess they're just being funny or snarky or whatever but they're saying Q sent me on tweets and you might see that and sometimes I think oh you blink something and I check keeps plus they didn't actually link it people are just saying Q sent me for no reason well I got onto my Twitter this day and I was just scrolling through my notifications and I started seeing a bunch of Q sent me and I'm like is this real are they just giving me

" I logged on to q map pub and boom there was queue linked a tweet of mine so Wow it was definitely an honor absolutely honor to be a testament to the great work you've been doing exposing all of this stuff and trying to get people aware of what's actually happening criminal activity happening in the government people are gonna look back on this I think and they will look really differently at the people that have been trying to expose this yeah it's it's truly incredible and hats off to those guys whoever they are that are participating in that Kuban operation whether it's that core group that knows the full scope or whoever's running operations for him

".... you know we wouldn't be doing this at high of a level as we are if it wasn't for them cuz they're helping to shine the light on the corruption but also a lot of the journalists out there and the independent media people that are doing the great work so it's fantastic that they're doing that but also yes it is exposing a lot of that corruption that's going on right now and that corruption is across the board whether we're talking about extremely deep dark stuff like that human trafficking and the drug trafficking and the pedo blackmail that they do or the spying on thee what was president elect and then president Trump

" it's incredible that we're seeing this all come to light a lot of people hundreds of thousands millions of people are looking into all of this stuff and starting to think for themselves a lot better it's it's wonderful well you know one of the things that we noticed even on our own channel is that after the Russia collusion report came out and obviously there's nothing to that report which anyone yeah um we got a lot of comments coming through saying hey you know I've never looked in the queue before now I'm really interested people would answer the comment for it like you know go to so it showed me that through this this was almost like a in a sense

"....this is almost like a bomb that kind of went off because I think everybody everybody who is against Trump it was a hundred percent sure that this was gonna come out and there was gonna be evidence where Trump colluded with Russia Nelson I mean there was democratic delusion confusion all over Twitter and stuff when that went down because I think a lot of people you know we don't like to get into parties because that is actually a distraction from what's really going on but a lot of people and who were Democrats were actually waiting for this report to come out just to throw Trump under the bus and when things didn't go the way that they did now they're like well let's let's put Mueller's you know reputation into question and all of that stuff which is right

" know I mean is that really a option we should be doing things I mean before that he was your glory boy and you were like we're just like wait doesn't even matter to them it doesn't even matter what the facts say we're gonna throw whoever under the bus that gets in the way of our agenda or the narrative that we think up in our heads and yeah I mean they're still beating the dead rush a horse after all this time when memo after memo after letter after statement after investigation after testimony after yeah no collusion none yeah if anything the collusion was on the other side of the aisle with uranium one

" well be ready morning the Clintons and did you see Hannity that night he was hot when he was like turning did you see this so okay so one of the nights right right after the Mueller report comes out everyone was like yeah everybody go go on it we did a live show I probably I think I did see party basically railed on this for a long time any and it was what was really cool about it as he turned the tables on all of these people calling us conspiracy theorists and he's like you guys are the conspiracy theorists right

"....yeah you're the crazy yeah he's like a now you're the evidence list crazy seriously because from day one this is what even even people it doesn't have to you don't even have to follow Q&R it's just Trump supporters are unknown there was nothing there totally so it's just so fascinating that you know this whole time all of these media are trying to shut down Q and on and all the like our you know us talking about these things and then all of a sudden it's just like yeah well but real quick as a just a refresher for people that may be coming into this and don't know a lot about Q

"....tell us who cute or what Q is and then if you could you were you would mentioned in your presentation earlier about the amount of intelligence officers that actually know the whole picture and three of them being non-military cool so essentially we'll start with what Q is sure the way I look at Q is that I see it as being information dissemination program utilizing 4chan and HN aoi-chan primarily as a sort of back-channel to go around the mainstream media to get information and intelligence to the public so they have to do that because our mainstream media is so co-opted right co-opted

"'s so corrupted they're not gonna be able to get the truth out again it's that and we have a basically a shadow civil war going on in this country right now you know massive civil war behind the scenes that we're not seeing on the surface we're only seeing bits and pieces of it and if you don't have that particular perspective or understanding that there's a shadow civil war going on the bits and pieces you see you're not even gonna know what's going on you're not gonna have any idea what those bits and pieces are but because we have q because we have essentially a wayshower

" know they're utilizing cue operation to help us understand we can see these bits and pieces and go oh you know we phrase that together and begin to form the puzzle of the shadow civil war whose the good guys who's actually the bad guys the fact that there's no rush of collusion the that while some people out there might not like Trump he is putting his life on the line his family's life on the line he's doing something fantastic for this country to try to rid the deep state out of it and a lot of these people that are propped it as being good people in the mainstream media aren't good people

"....and I think that's the biggest disappointment these heroes that they kind of these idols and it could be Hollywood celebrities actors could be musicians could be politicians all across the board there's all these people that are talk talk talk but then behind the scenes they are some sick people well and I mean what we're finding is some of these people have been trained to be the types of orators that they are to specifically create a front and deceive the public and deceive the public completely yeah now getting into your question of who is behind cue

" know if we're gonna look at cues drops for understanding of who's behind it and one of the very early on ones they said the people who know the full scope of the operation is basically less than 10 so less than 10 people know the full scope of the OP and three of them are non-military now we can speculate all day as to who these people are but the end of the day we're not gonna know now but just because 10 people only 10 people know the full scope of the operation that doesn't mean that there might not be hundreds or even thousands of people working operations that are assisting that core group in some way

" know maybe you got some guys running surveillance over here recon or human Intel signals into whatever the case the thing about the military is that it's compartmentalized it's so compartmentalized so we not even know they're right create getting Intel for Q exactly any kind of thing they get dialed in with hoarders and don't ask questions just do it they do it get it done and little do they know it's actually assisting this core group of the Q operation so that's a very important thing to note but again less than 10 know the full scope of Q and at the end of the day you know I really at this moment in time I want to know who's behind queue because that's gonna put them in danger

" I think it's safer for us to not even poke or pry into that question when it's safe for them to reveal maybe they will maybe it could be something they never even reveal and we could never know who is behind queue I don't doubt that very soon Trump will get asked that question though I don't doubt that that would be a part of the plan to validate it to the masses number one that's gonna shut up all the mainstream media that have run hundreds if not a thousand plus articles now trying to defame discredit and attack Q and Q researchers so I don't doubt that you know Trump is going to validate it to the masses who knows what he's kind of say though maybe he's maybe he'll admit he's a part of it maybe not

" know we can speculate as to how that's going to play out but it's gonna be a very good day it's gonna be a very good day when that validation occurs we're gonna have a very strong urge to say I told you so but you know if we're gonna be mature about it it's probably better if we don't say I told you so if we just kind of console them and work to move on yeah granted I mean there are some people that we want to say I told you so too but those are just all the a-holes yeah I actually think this is a big distraction for a lot of us who I think a lot of people in the community that's following Q really wants to stick it to the bad guys you know but I don't think everyone always realizes how complicated something like that would be like completely disclosing all of this stuff or disclosing all of the criminal activity at once

"....or going out and arresting all those people all at once could create chaos absolute chaos in a manner that I mean think about it right all these people who have been brainwashed into thinking something wildly different all of a sudden are put in a state of realizing they were actually let me no offense to anyone but and we have to feel for them like yes it's it's I mean which Alice hasn't been there really totally we've all been there on top of that then I mean then you have people who are working against queue maybe they are being leveraged or blackmailed or something yeah when I see some political figures come on camera

"....I'm not gonna mention any names but Nancy Pelosi it's almost like it's almost like she's not yeah like I almost feel like something else's she has no mind of her own almost it's like she just and this is no offense to anyone it's just I almost just feel like there's something controlling something like I'm just some sort of unseen negative influence just like plugged in the back of her head that's feeding her the thoughts it's just strange cuz like there's no rash you know when you when

"....I'm listening to you talk I actually hear the line of thinking the rational thought behind it and where you're going and when I hear her talking it's just not present and it's like I'm trying to figure it out almost you know it shows you the level of desperation of these people that they don't even know what lying narratives to come up with you know we see it in the media every day it changes every day yeah one day it's racism the next day it's you know taxes the next day it's Russians the next day it's oh my god this is false flag right I mean they don't even know what to do

" they probably make it up on the way to the podium yeah what am I gonna lie about now well oh and then they stumble their words and they repeat the same rhetoric over and over so the desperation is truly high not just in the political figures like you're talking about but you just mentioned their assets or their chills or their journalists they control on the Internet you know it they're getting activated absolutely big-time and the reason being is because so many people are waking up to not just cube it all across the board you know the vaccine topic my gosh no cute cue says that Trump is the first one attacked by the media cues number two and I would probably put anti-vaxxers up there is a high number three

"....we get ridiculous outbreaks claimed to be happening every day and in New York there you guys are getting the freaking unvaccinated ban orders two of them one in Rockland County luckily that one got overturned but now one in Brooklyn don't go near Brooklyn deep state mapping project guy exactly so by the time this video is produced on our site Dylan will have released his new oh it's health wet yeah Oh Big Pharma it's a good web and and back to the desperation being so high that's why you know so many these shells are getting absolutely activated

"....I'm taking a brunt of a lot of it I get a lot of shilla CH from the Q community a lot of these anti Q crazies UFO community is I know you guys get a lot of the same ridiculous people attacking you that I get attacking me and then the anti-vaxxer stuff so it's all across the board it's you know a lot of conservatives like to claim they were they are the most censored people but it's not again like you mentioned earlier it's not that dichotomy it's not left-wing right-wing it's truth it doesn't matter what your political beliefs are is if it's damaging to the deep state itself it's going to be attacked by the assets on the internet the trolls the paid agents and they're going to censor it princess for the crack crap out of it

"....yeah I think I mean that's a really good point this is not like we're supporting truth yeah exactly that's very good point we're supporting transparency and he's bringing the level of transparency we haven't seen in this government it's JFK if not ever ever I mean really with JFK probably the closest to right in traction yeah but with trumpets like he's just straight on full-on and cute look at Q oh my god how many topics is Q touched on big farm a secret space programs child trafficking sacrifice like all the crap it's incredible it's like you know a lot of people are kind of waiting we want to disclose your president that's gonna stand on the podium

"....and tell us that aliens are real well dude and have disclosure from a president you have q on September 19 2018 saying that ETS exists consider the vastness of space programs exist outside the public domain and also just to clear something up is like I think this isn't just about Metis people there's a whole lot more yeah big Norma I mean we've been away in a way with the UFO community it's like these UFO conferences compartmentalize yeah they like to keep in their little UFO box that's what I mean it's why they're so easy to manipulate and they're so easy to make ignorant because they don't know what's going on with their trafficking aspect of it or that there's enough hay out there that we know UFOs visited the planet

"....let's move on and talk about some crazy crap that needs to happen now we need to talk about the freaking people who are covering up the fact that UFOs landed on exactly and the people who are bringing out there we could say SIOP disclosures you know they're limited hangout half truth not even half truth it's like point one percent truth disclosures so there's a lot behind all of that so let's just talk about kind of backtracking here again Q linking there there's some shake up in the community when when Q reference e related to Washington Post about the interview

"....I want to kind of give you a chance to kind of talk about that what you think you know some of the criticism was that some yeah you should do it because it was Washington Post and some people thought she was talking about you and other people were like oh no no he's not talking about Jordan you know it's just that these big media are gonna go after people who have more of an influence but you know what was your take on on that post yeah and I appreciate you guys off on your platform and asked me that question for me to talk about I don't think I've talked about it too much really period since it happened but yeah

" the Washington Post contacted me in was an early mid-february to do an interview with them to talk about queue and you know of course it's The Washington Post a lot of people out there like Joel what would you do don't you know about the Washington Post of course I know the Washington Post of course I know they were funded by the CIA originally and all this stuff and they're like the main propaganda piece against so many different topics but I should talk briefly about that okay so so really quickly here for you viewers in 2013 Amazon's Jeff Bezos as Amazon was given six hundred million dollars by the CIA for a cloud contract cloud computing a few months later Amazon went and bought the Washington Post

"....oh that's convenient oh ho ho you know why I call it the Central Intelligence Agency because they centralize all the intelligence for themselves they don't let us have in here so yeah the Washington Post is like probably the main pillar of propaganda for the deep state that's why they're always attacking anti-vaxxers cute rom everything and that's why John Podesta went to hide columns for The Washington Post after he got outed in WikiLeaks but so they contacted me and you know I was like I'll do it and the reason I did it there's multiple reasons I did it one of them is because these media organizations

"....if they want to write a hit piece on Q they're gonna write a hit piece on Q you know they don't need me they don't need anybody else they can do what they want why not go in and give them a tough time in doing so why not try to at least give some sort of truth you know whether it's just to the journalist I mean interviewing that's maybe I'm gonna plant a seed in her subconscious it's gonna grow a little bit and she's gonna start questioning you know I can't discount them just because they work for The Washington Post we're all humans you know and not just that but uh even if they do try to run an attack piece on me and ridicule me and whatnot which they did you know not surprised

"....I was expecting it at least that's going to give a name and a face that any sort of skeptical person if they're not completely buying the Washington Post as BS they can go oh maybe I'll look up this guy and see just really knows nothing yeah you know even if one person is woken up by that interview great they can really kill me all the name all they want that's no problem you know it's a success of my book so I got a lot of hate for that you know people thinking I'm selling out while the blog and sell out they paid me don't want you to do it a lot of people hate why are you talking to the enemy well look at Trump Trump talks to the media all the time

"....he goes on CBS and does interviews with him etcetera etcetera and look at what he does he tells it straight up to their face calls him out when they're saying something wrong and there you go so I just thought you know all around it would be a good idea to do it and turns out that they had a pretty pathetic piece I intervene with them for probably 30 or 40 minutes they used probably tens whole seconds probably two lines of what I had to say and they actually had to bring in a couple no to they were ridiculous people yeah flat earthers was on Comedy Central anywhere wah-pah they brought in there like makeups nice pretty

".... I don't know professor from Georgetown or something I was ridiculous but they had a difficult time doing it I mean they couldn't they couldn't twist my words they had to bring in their own people to twist tweeting you know use their words and tell them what to say so it ended up being a success there was an anon on each hand that put the question out there to Q is safe there talking to wopo a good thing Q ended up we're supplying to that tweet that had my last name in it and said better question is who funds whop oh wise wopo leading the charge everything we just mentioned in regards to them being connected to the CIA

"....and then a months after that is when they link to my tweet so because they link to my tweet that was kind of like a at least to me a confirmation confirmation to like okay that maybe they liked my what I did on WAP oh that was kind of like a thumbs-up from them you know because it was a unanswered question in my head I'm just like maybe they liked it maybe they didn't you know yeah but now I'm linking my tweet I think I think that was kind of a nod and the fact that they linked my tweet during a huge barrage of Sheila CH right huge barrage of just cuz it's been like that for weeks and weeks you know a lot of these

"....these people who haven't even been online really for months and months are like poking their head out of the sand again and starting to just spread a bunch of hate and attacks so it was good the way they linked my to kind of like a head nod for me doing the wop O's thing but that's why I did the wopo thing and I don't even feel bad about it so that's awesome yes all right guys we're gonna wrap this part of the two-part episode with Jordan Sater up and until next time we'll see you out on the edge let me take this over what's up guys this is the edge of wonder serious face guys ...≺≺ less