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I follow Q, Q+, Qanon .... If it is just a Conspiracy Theory, then Trump may lose in 2020 .... Still, ... Let see ...time is the answer ... ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

I have bad feeling, experienced, and lived with the easy to become evil criminals as well as dirty mind of the idealists, socialists, communists, VC, globalists, dogmatists, fantasy mind artists, mind driven journalists .. as in history and in my real life ... who Tolstoy referred to as "the stupidity of the intellect"... Buddha said "the illusion of the mind" ... as we can remember when we are young, high school boys/girls ..... the ideology / beautiful never-come-true dreams always lead to arrogance, intolerance of the difference, emotion, easy anger, violence, tyrant, atheist, commit to fallacy of appeal to ignorance, and "Going by the End justify the Mean"...

Mr. President Trump like General Patton about secret plans, and the art of deception by Sun Tzu (The Art of War) ... (At age 13, Trump was enrolled in the New York Military Academy, one of the oldest military schools in the United States) ... why Q, Q+, Qanon disclose most plans ??? They prepare American and the world for a very very big event, as an earthquake, big holy storm ... that make no surprise, no doubt about the evil hidden /superior level criminals .... the shaking economic, environment ... the changing upside down society for the better lives ... (every century has a big war/big murders ... idealists vs. realists) ... When it happens the protest / opposition on the massive imprison may be dismissed significantly by Q info ... reducing riots ... save million lives ???
Q, Q+, Qanon do not need you to believe and follow them forever ... They just want people be aware ... Their disclosing will comfort / calm you when the Conspiracy Theory become the real ....

“Progress is the mode of man. . . . The general life of the human race is called Progress .... . . . When the condition of affairs was not ripe, when the insurrection was not decidedly accepted, when the mass disavowed the movement, it was all over for the combatants . . . . *** A people cannot by surprised into more rapid progress that it wants. . . . Woe to him who attempts to force its hand. A people cannot pushed around. Then it abandons the insurrection to its own devices . . . The insurgents become pariahs .... " Victor Hugo
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#QAnon, the scarily popular pro-Trump conspiracy theory, explained
Updated Aug 2, 2018, 12:31pm EDT
" ... The Russia investigation is a sham. It’s actually a cover story for special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump working together to expose thousands of pedophiles hidden in plain sight — including Hillary Clinton (and Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama), who will soon be under arrest. (Or perhaps already have been and are on their way to Guantanamo Bay.) ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

The GOP lost the Alabama special election for Jeff Sessions’s Senate seat on purpose — a plan devised years ago to reveal the use of fraudulent voting machines and, ultimately, take down none other than George Soros. Or the Rothschilds. Or the Illuminati.

And there’s no White House chaos at all; in fact, despite legal scandals and special counsel investigations and bile-laden tweets, everything, absolutely everything, is going just as Donald Trump intended it.

Welcome to QAnon, sometimes referred to as “the Storm.” It’s a conspiracy theory that’s swept social media and is starting to break into the mainstream, with Trump rally attendees in Florida on July 31 holding signs and wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “We are Q” and the conspiracy theory’s main catchphrase, “Where we go one, we go all...."
Q - The Plan To Save The World (Subtitles)
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Source: Court Records -
Source: Unsealed Indictments -
63,228 SEALED | 5,916 UNSEALED | 88,069 NON-SEALED @8:38 PM 11/24/2018


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QAnon links US Attorney with thousands of sealed indictments decimating the Deep State
Source: Court Records -!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ
Source: Twitter User - Shannon
Source: Twitter User - KathyMicale

Stealth Moves Behind The Scenes, Investigations, Control Moves To Senate - Episode 1736b

X22Report ** Published on Dec 9, 2018

"...he told this to a married couple from Virginia that the infamous internet conspiracy prognosticator known as Q Anon has been dead accurate about so many things adding... when you find out who he is... you're not going to believe it

" it doesn't matter if they say oh that's fake news it's it's not real it's still going into their subconscious that they heard something about it that there's something wrong with the Clinton Foundation because many people that are sleeping I've only heard good things and to hear that there's problems with it even with taxes and Bill Clinton komen commingling the fund that means something else on a higher level is wrong and what Q is saying is that now we need to get people used to the idea that something wrong something underhanded was happening in the Clinton Foundation

"...because when the hammer Falls it's it will be a lot easier so it doesn't matter if they're just discussing it saying that oh there's nothing wrong that really doesn't matter as long as people are discussing it and bringing it up that's the whole point so everyone is aware that something's going on even if they don't believe it at this point ... ...≺≺less ...

Did You Catch What Trump Did At The Rally, The People Now Know - Episode 1897b

X22Report ** Published on Jun 19, 2019

" as we watch the deep state actors they are pushing an agenda that is going nowhere they are sticking to the Russian collusion obstruction story and they're continually pushing the idea that Muller holds the answers and they need to impeach Trump this is a complete dead end for them but like we said before they're panicking they can't deviate from the Russian story if they deviate from the Russian story and they say there's no Russian hacking there is no Russian anything everything else falls apart and this is why they've been pushing the idea that Muller holds the key Muller must testify mother mother mother but this is a complete dead end and Trump was at a rally in Orlando yesterday and he basically came out and told the people exactly what is happening and he gave very important information on what they have and will be getting into that in just a moment but talking about Muller and the Russian story we have Adam Schiff out there and representative Jim Himes and they're both out there saying that Muller to testify well how doesn't matter how he will testify even if we have to subpoena him and they've been saying this for a very long time ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....Nadler is out there saying this and they keep saying time is running out well if time is running out then go ahead and just subpoena Muller why don't you just do this well I believe they won't do this and if they do it would be a shock to everyone if they actually get Butler in to testify and if they do have them testify they're gonna try to do it behind closed doors or they're going to try to do it without the Republicans and they're gonna try to use their staff lawyers to ask Muller the right questions think about why they really don't want to have Muller up there and why this is a propaganda stunt if they do have Muller testify they need to do it in public and not behind closed doors if they do it in private there goes their argument of transparency and being open with the public they have been arguing about this that we need the full report we need all the evidence we have to be open with the public has to be completely transparent

" if they go into the backroom and have this discussion with Muller well there goes that whole entire story that they were pushing if Muller testifies in front of Congress well there's a problem there they got Jordan meadows gates Collins they'll be asking the tough questions and this will not go along with their narrative if they decide to have their staff lawyers questioned Muller and that's it and of course this is going to be designed to ask very specific questions and none of the questions that anyone else would ask

" will be seen as a setup and it will not look favorably on the Dems and it will not work this is why I do believe that Muller most likely will not testify at all in front of Congress in front of the public now they might try to do behind closed doors but for the reasons that we just mentioned this is going to be a major major problem and if time is running out just subpoena him already do it let's see what he really has to say

"....and let's ask the real questions hmm I think they're a little nervous and afraid to ask the real questions now we understand that Roger stone he is going after the crown strike reports and again we know the FBI they really didn't say any of this and I don't believe CrowdStrike I don't believe they have them I don't believe he's going to get the unredacted reports from CrowdStrike at all I think they're gonna try to push this off to make sure that he doesn't get anything because they don't have anything

"....and this is going to be a major major problem for the deep state why because this was the whole basis of Russia hacking the DNC in the DCCC and this is going to be a major problem and this will expose Clinton Obama and the rest there move on Roger stone was a really stupid move on their part because discovery allows stone to go after all this information and now they're going to be in trouble of course they made this move thinking that Muller was going to issue the report showing Russian collusion obstruction and they wouldn't have to worry about that

"....but guess what now they're worrying how do we know they're worrying well we're getting word that Obama is panicking how do we know this well there was a Newsweek article that came out and it says Barack Obama is very concerned about country will get involved in 2020 campaign and this is coming before coming from a former adviser so a senior advisor to Obama has said that the president is deeply concerned about the direction of the US and that the two-term president plans to be involved yeah

"....because he's worried he's panicking that if Trump stays in office and continues he will have full power over the deep state and everything that they've done which means he will push out the D class the OIG and the rest now it's not him specifically it's going to be bar because bar is in charge and actually this was a very very smart move on Trump's part because Trump is not declassifying it bar is declassifying it

"....and guess what it won't show that Trump is doing it for political reasons bar is handling the investigation so it's separate and apart from Trump now of course they're gonna try to say oh he's pushing this for political reasons but when bar comes out with the facts the truth and it shows that these people did treasonous illegal criminal things while their whole entire story completely falls apart

"....and Trump by the way he's been telling the story about what has happened through his tweet now I went through some of his tweets here and I can't read all of them because we be here for days but I took out some of the important ones and this is going back to July 25th 2017 and I do believe he's been doing this since he came into his presidency to tell the story of what really has been happening here and allowing the mainstream media to pick it up and argue about it but the information is still getting out there

".... so his tweet on July 25th 2017 said Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump campaign quietly working to boost Clinton so where is the investigation AG this is August 19 2018 no collusion and no obstruction except by crooked Hillary and the Democrats all of the resignations and corruption yet have they conflicted Bob Mullah refuses to even look in that direction what about the Brennan the Comey McCabe struck lies to Congress or crooked z' emails

"....this is January 12 2019 lyin James Comey Andrew McKay Peter s and his lever agent Lisa page and more all disgrace and were fired and caught the act these are just some of the losers that tried to do a number on your president part of the witch-hunt remember the insurance policy this is it

"....March 21st 2019 John Solomon as Russia collusion fades Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges March 28th 2019 congressman Adam Schiff who spent two years in only an unlawfully lying and leaking should be forced to resign from Congress may 17 2014 nothing like this has ever happened in American politics a really bad situation treason means long jail sentences and this was treason

"....May 30th 2019 Russia Russia Russia that's all you heard at the beginning of this witch-hunt hoax and now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected it was a crime that didn't exist so now the Dems and their partner the fake news media say he fought back against this phony crime that didn't exist this horrendous false accusation and he shouldn't fight back he should just sit back and take it could this be obstruction no Muller didn't find obstruction either presidential harassment

"....June 9th 2019 for two years all the Democrats talked about was the mother report because they knew that it was loaded up with 13 angry Democrat Trump haters later increased to 18 but despite the bias when the report came out the findings were no collusion and the facts that led to a led to no obstruction the Dems were devastated after all this time and money spent 40 million dollars the Muller report was a disaster for them but they want a redo or a do-over they are even bringing in at CNN sleazebag attorney John Dean sorry no do-overs go back to work

"....June 11 2009 lers Trump Fashion Show is a bust headline New York Post the greatest witch hunt of all time continues all crimes wore by the other side but the committee refuses to even take a look deleting 33 emails is the real obstruction and much more

"....June 1829 teen Wow the State Department said it has identified 30 security incidents involving current or former employees and their handling of crooked Hillary Clinton's emails this is really a big deal never admitted before highly classified material while the Dems investigate this

"....and as you can see just from these couple of tweets here he is creating the story naming all the players so everyone knows what has been going on and believe there's many many many more tweets than this but this is just a little subset of everything that he's been talking about

"....and we know that the deep state they need to get Trump out of the picture as soon as possible but it's not going to work all their tactics everything that they've been trying it's been failing because they don't have anything I mean look what happened here Nadler subpoena and former White House comms director hope Hicks and she is being questioned behind closed doors

" she came to the Capitol and she is going to testify or she did testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee and Trump's lawyer said listen we're invoking executive privilege and she will not answer any of the questions now Nadler went down all the questions and she didn't answer any of them and he's saying that this is absurd the question is what is executive privilege

"....executive privilege has been asserted frequently by presidents even though it's not written into the Constitution the National Constitution Center points to this definition by George Mason University professor mark Rozelle executive privilege is the right of the President and high-level executive branch officers to withhold information from Congress the courts and ultimately the public

"....Roselle wrote that the privilege can be asserted for two reasons for national security needs and for protecting the privacy of White House deliberations when it is in the public's best interest to do so now what's very interesting is that they have always used executive privilege in the past with Obama Clinton and the rest now that it's being used on them their own tactics they don't like it

"....and there is no reason to call ho pics in what are they looking for there's no crime there's no obstruction there's no collusion they're just calling people in just to call people in and disappear people there's nothing there they're trying to create something why because they didn't get what they wanted from Muller

" Trump tweeted out the following the Dems are very unhappy with the mother report so after almost three years they want to redo or do over this is extreme presidential harassment they gave crooked Hillary's people complete immunity yet now they bring back hope Hicks why aren't the Dems looking at the 33,000 emails that Hillary and her lawyer deleted an acid-washed after getting a subpoena from Congress that is real obstruction that the Dems want no part up because their hearings are rigged and a disgrace to our country

" think about Trump's last tweet that we just read about the 33,000 emails and how they were acid-washed now during the rally Trump said the same thing now dirty truth captured this but he said something else that was very very interesting take a listen to what he said

"....I keep mentioning you know there was a lot of corruptions on the other side but you know the simplest thing they get a subpoena from the United States Congress and they decide that they're not going to give it so Lindsey Graham they delete and they acid-wash which is very expensive nobody does it acid-wash those emails never to be seen again but we may find them somewhere deep in the State Department

"....but can you imagine if I got a Sepideh think of this if I got a subpoena for emails if I deleted one email like a love note to Milania it's the electric chair for Trump 33,000 emails but let's see what happens we now have a great Attorney General let's see what happens

"....did you catch what he said he said 33,000 emails deleted an acid-wash but we may find them deep in the State Department we've got a good Attorney General now we'll have to see what happens he's letting the people know they have it all it has already been found and they have every single email they have everything that the deep state was trying to hide

"....he just let the people know that don't worry we have it all remember timing is everything now George papadopolis he tweeted out that all agencies are cooperating with bar except the FBI the question we need to ask is why but first let's read George papadopolis tweet congressman Devin Nunez all agencies are cooperating with information about Joseph Mifsud except the FBI fascinating that the FBI would not want to dislocate to Congress and bar all of Mifsud connections to the Russians the guy at the epicenter of the witch-hunt

"....well we need to take a step back here first of all remember we discussed this before ray is not giving the information to Devin unas or anyone else because Adam Schiff he's the chairman he would just leak all of it out secondly if there are investigations going on which we know there are there would be grand juries because they have to present this to the grand juries they're giving the evidence to the grand juries and all this is being done in private because if there is no case well they just take this and no one knows that it really happened

"....but if there is a case then they're going to use all this information so the first question we have to ask ourselves is what is a grand jury in the United States a grand jury consists of 16 to 23 people grand juries convened for a period of one month up to one year the grand jury proceedings are held in private the suspected criminal actor is usually not present at the proceedings because why they're getting all the information they're reviewing it to see if they actually have a case against the individual the individual doesn't know that this is going on

"....this is why bill Barr couldn't unread act the grand jury information it's held private because if there's nothing there and they can't make a case then nothing's done and this information is not put out to the public let me continue the grand jury acts as an investigative body acting independently of either prosecuting attorney or judge criminal prosecutors present the case to the grand jury the prosecutors attempt to establish probable cause to believe that a criminal offense has been committed the grand jury may request the court compel further evidence including witness testimony and subpoenas of documents

"....the grand jury is generally free to pursue its investigations unhindered by external influence or supervision the grand jury assesses whether there is adequate basis for bringing a criminal charge against the subject the grand jury is kind of a buffer or referee between the government and the people so if the FBI is investigating these crimes for the grand jury and they're presenting this evidence can the FBI then take this and give it to Congress no

"....because they're already doing it with the grand jury and this is one of the reasons why I do believe the FBI is not handing over certain information Plus Adam Schiff would just leak it now very interestingly mark Meadows was out there and he tweeted out what we're all thinking and he said the following

"....lets declassify the documents to find out once and for all what everyone knew and when they knew it about FISA targeting and the collusion hoax Comey clapper McCabe Muller President Obama everyone give Americans the truth

".... now with more Meadows tweeting this out this tells me that they're getting very very close to releasing this information remember what they're doing right now with all the tweets and everything that's coming out is getting everyone on the same page everyone's curious what are you talking about what do you mean there was spying what do you mean that these people are involved you have actual information and people are starting to do their own research people are starting to ask questions because again something doesn't make sense

"....and remember they have things waiting in the wings like Ted Cruz he was spied on and I believe there were others so when they try to make the case that oh we were spying on Trump or surveilling Trump because of the Russian collusion and the Russian hacking they're gonna bring in the other people and they're gonna say well why were you spying on this judge why were you spying on Ted Cruz why were you spying on this individual everyone's dealing with the Russians it doesn't make sense and it will fall apart

" down at the border the deep state the Dems they're very worried about what is happening we know the wall is being built Mexico is cooperating with the us to stop migrants from coming in to this country illegally now Trump put out the word that he's getting ready to go after those in this country that are illegal and to stop all of this because we know that the deep state wants the in immiscible migrants coming into this country

" stop what is happening right now and to call attention to all this and create a crisis or an event to make people say oh this is unbelievable this shouldn't be allowed we have aoc out there with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez saying that down at the border there are concentration camps she tweeted out the following this administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants where they are being brutalized and dehumanizing conditions and dying this is not hyperbole it is the conclusion of expert analysis now ever since she came out with this tweet she's been digging her hole deeper and deeper there are many individuals that lived through the concentration camps that are coming out now and there are many other individuals coming out saying no these are not concentration camps

"....actually Dan Crenshaw came out with something very very interesting in his tweet clearly I need to explain that in concentration camps people are unjustly sought out and confined this isn't what is happening at the border migrants are illegally crossing our border most are asylum seekers the spending trial so your expert definition doesn't apply and he continued your comment revealed total disregard for our sovereignty and a deep ignorance that belittles the horrors of the Holocaust if you're worried about conditions at the border why don't you do something about it and support at representative mike rogers bill securing billions in humanitarian aid

"....and you can see that people are hitting hard at AOC now the reason why all of this is coming out is they're trying to stop what Trump is doing right now think about what he's done with Mexico now they're policing their side of the border and stopping people the wall is going up he's going after those individuals within the United States the flow of inadmissible is coming into this country is slowing rapidly what does the deep state need they need these individuals to rig the election the popular vote

"....and they're not going to get it and this is going to be a problem now we need to go back to post 30 49 and in this post it says if these fight to protect safeguard and promote all in immiscible immigrants as rightful US citizens who should be afforded all benefits and rights accordingly why then would they fight to block them from being counted as part of the US Census what would the data show hmm what would the data show it would show that we have a lot more illegal in here then we know about

"....and this brings me back to this new testimony that contradicts everything they're saying about the census question that it is racist so Democrats contend that the Trump administration proposed addition of citizenship question on the 2020 census is political and even asserted it is a right-wing conspiracy whoever newly released witness testimony from the House Oversight and Reform Committee contradicts those assertions

"....committee ranking member Jim Jordan shared the minority's view that the Democrats were using the question to yet again obstruct the administration's agenda the minority views highlight new witness Tenace testimony that directly reboots democrat conspiracy theories about the origins and purpose of the citizenship question democrats stated that thomas ha feller was behind a racial gerrymandering campaign and that the alleged right-wing conspiracy james booth meyer a former senior counsel at the do see who worked on the citizen citizenship question directly with the US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross testified that HA feller had a zero role in allege right-wing racial gerrymandering campaign use Meyer didn't even know who ha feller was and had never discussed the citizenship question with the White House

" is the exchange with booth Meyer mister oath Meyer do you know who Thomas ha feller is answer I am familiar with the name but I do not know this individual no question did you ever speak or communicate with him during the transition or any other time answer I did not question have you ever read anything or seen anything written by him answer no to my knowledge no I have never seen anything written by him question have you ever discussed him with anyone answer I does discuss him with counsel in preparation for this interview however I had no other discussions I was present for the deposition of Mark Newman where I also would have heard the name mentioned question are you familiar with his 2015 study or report answer I am NOT

"....other witnesses offered similar answers Jean Hamilton is senior administration official working on immigration issues at the Department of Justice also had no idea who ha feller was in the interview similarly Kris Kobach former Kansas secretary of state said I don't agree with the assumption that when you count when you count accurately the number of citizens that that necessarily helps one party or another and it doesn't you're getting a read on how many people are citizens and how many people aren't

".... there's nothing racist about it let me go to post 30 71 DS prep to steal twenty20 elections attack Fox News to control opposition narrative six companies control ninety percent of the mainstream media vote to allow inadmissible immigrants right to vote in elections push talking points re-vote ur age should be decrease from 18 to 16 no wall open borders all welcomed more D votes deny proper counting US Census avoid public knowledge real illegal population to avoid voter fraud percent risk to elections

"....and then q gave us this is just a small list of things requiring ID but not considered racist purchasing alcohol purchasing cigarettes opening a bank account applied for food stamps apply for welfare Medicaid Social Security job mortgage unemployment drive a car rent a car by car etc etc etc again the only reason they're doing all of this is to stop what Trump and the Patriots are doing because they will then lose the popular vote this is what they use to win an election

"....and I do believe that voter ID is coming I do believe DHS has been collecting a huge amount of data and they're gonna be pushing this very very soon now very interestingly the jurors in the child trafficking and corruption trial of Nexium cult leader Keith Rainier they're set to begin deliberations at the Brooklyn federal court today actually and we're gonna see how this all plays out but very interestingly about all of this is that this is coming from minor stream media they tweeted out the following

"....nexium sex cult was operating 11 daycares worldwide in Albany New York City LA London Madrid Guatemala City Mexico City three other Mexican cities and Miami so this was very very big unbelievable now we've been talking about big tech censorship for a while now I mean everyone has been noticing it and it looks like Republican senator Josh Holley has introduced a bill aimed at stopping censorship on social media platforms based on political ideologies

".... it's called the ending support for internet censorship acts it seeks to remove protection granted by section 230 of the Communications Decency Act if platforms are not acting neutral in regards to political views currently platforms cannot be held responsible for user posted content as they are not considered publishers as these companies become more political and take on editorial stance many have called for these protections to be stripped

" senator Holly's bill would require platforms to follow the First Amendment when it comes to free and legal speech if they want to keep their liability waiver with section 230 tech companies get a sweetheart deal let no other industry enjoys complete exemption from traditional publisher liability in exchange for providing a forum free of political censorship unfortunately an unsurprisingly big tech has failed to hold up its end of the bargain how they explain the bill would only be aimed at platforms with 30 million monthly users or more than 500 million in global annual revenue so small message boards and overly specific forms were not be affected

"....Facebook Google Twitter and YouTube they would be affected and he went on to say there's a growing list of evidence that shows big tech companies making editorial decisions to censor viewpoints they do they disagree with even worse the entire process is shrouded in secrecy because these companies refuse to make their cause public this legislation simply states that if the tech giant's want to keep their government granted immunity they must bring transparency and accountability to their editorial process and prove that they don't discriminate now if if his legislation is successful tech Giants will have to submit an audit every two years to prove to the Federal Trade Commission that they're acting neutrally

"....and of course Google Facebook lobbyists they're all out there saying this is not right this should not happen and they're saying that the bill forces platforms to make an impossible choice either hosts reprehensible but First Amendment protected speech or lose legal protections that allow them to moderate illegal content like human trafficking and violent extremism well first of all these are already against the law anything that calls for violence and tells people to go out and push violence that's against the law

"....anything that has to do with human trafficking drugs or anything like that it's against the law I mean that we already have laws on the books I mean if you go into a theater and you yell fire in the middle of a movie theater and there's no fire people are gonna run out and you're gonna cause harm it's against the law but if there is a fire in the theater and you yell fire you're allowed to do that because there is a fire

"....we already have laws on the books that already represent freedom of speech so their argument doesn't make sense now very interestingly with Afghanistan it seems like we're getting closer and closer to a deal and the Taliban is announcing that the US and the Taliban have agreed that US is going to remove troops from Afghanistan

" of course the u.s. spokesperson says yes we have the basic framework but we haven't ironed out all the details but I do believe that this is heading in the say in the right direction and I do believe the troops will be removed from Afghanistan they'll also be removed from Syria and remember Trump is fighting those individuals still that want war in these areas and he's trying to end all of these endless wars

" Trump said something very very interesting in regards to Iran he was asked about his position with Iran as he left the White House for his campaign rally in Florida yesterday and he says we're looking at Iran we have a lot of things going on with Iran were very prepared for Iran and we'll see what happens now that's very interesting that were prepared for Iran were prepared for them to make a deal and he always says we'll see what happens he already knows what's going to happen because behind the scenes behind all of this that's going on the deal is already being done

"....and remember all those players like Obama Kerry the European leaders they all have skin in the game I believe they profited from all of this and I'm sure there are other things that we know of that have been going on and that's why they're out there trying to keep this all together but it looks like it's falling apart and it looks like the people of Iran they're going to be fighting back against those deep state operatives inside of Iran and we know that the black site it has been dismantled in Iran

" the reporters also has trumped about these thousand the the additional thousand troops that are going to the Middle East and once again this doesn't mean there's going to be an evasion first of all a thousand troops it's not enough to foreign invasion I believe these troops are going out there because we have a lot of deep state operatives around the entire Middle East area and these troops are being used to capture these individuals and to bring them in

"....remember what is been going on in the Middle East in Libya Lebanon Syria the whole area I believe they're using these troops to control these different black sites and what has been going on in the Middle East remember Trump's mission here is to and all of this and that is exactly what we are seeing the plan is working you can see everything is building up and the deep state they have nothing at this point and we're gonna hear more and more of this information come out they're gonna continually drip feed until eventually boom the d-class comes out and this is when the fireworks really start ...≺≺ less

Resignations, Peace, Patriots Know It All, Planned Years Ago - Episode 1896b

X22Report ** Published on Jun 18, 2019

".... now we need to remember that the Patriot plan for draining the swamp has been planned out years before Trump even came into office and this plan accounted for everything that might happen and it gave them the ability to work around certain individuals and to use certain individuals for a specific task ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....and this is exactly what we see happening today think about all the people that have come and gone within the Trump administration these individuals were there for a purpose and a lot of times the Trump administration brought these people on because they needed these individuals to carry out a certain task and once that task was completed they didn't need these individuals and yes there were certain individuals which the deep State put into place to try to mess him up but guess what those people are no longer around

".... the Patriots right now they are in total control of every situation sometimes it might not seem that way sometimes you might be scratching your head but there's a reason for it there's a reason why they're going off in a certain direction because they need to and it's on purpose now we're going to be getting to all of this of why I'm talking about this right now and why there are certain people in certain positions and the Trump administration the Patriots they're using these people for a specific task

"....but first let's start off with what is happening with mana for now this is very interesting remember mana fort he was being sent off to Rikers Island and this is a prison in New York and it seems that there was a Department of Justice letter and it seems that bill bar Attorney General William bar top deputy Jeffrey Rosen sent a letter to New York state prosecutors saying main justice was monitoring the plan transfer of mr. mana fort

"....and following that letter the decision to transfer mana for to Rikers Island was reversed it seems that US Attorney General Bill Barr is attempting to restore some resemblance of Justice to a thoroughly corrupt enterprise and it seems like they knew exactly what the deep state operatives were trying to do and it seems like they reversed all of that now that's very interesting

" representative Doug Collins he is outlet out there and he unloaded on the congressional Democrats and he went off and said listen this is ridiculous you will not accept robert Muller's no collusion this week saying the entire two-year investigation was based on nothing but false premises he said they said leave it alone don't touch it that's all we're hearing because they believe that Moeller report was actually going to give them the ammunition to give this president that they've hated for so long

"....I think when you go back and you look the American people ought to say why this happened how do we get here and I think the president was pointing that out and yes they're building the narrative of listen there's no collusion there's no obstruct how did this all come about who started it who's responsible and they're trying to make people think logically well if there was no collusion no obstruction why worry why were we even looking at it who started it

"....and this is what we see Collins Meadows Jordan all doing right now they're on the same page and Trump is continually tweeting this out now Collins continued and he said now you see Comey and you see Baker you see mccabe and you see these folks going out trying to rehabilitate themselves I've said this before Jim Comey's not out on the TV circuit right now because he thinks he's right I think he's trying to rehabilitate himself because he knows when we look at what actually happened there's going to be some problems here

"....he's absolutely right he's trying to project out there to cover himself it's not going to work now we know that Roger stone through discovery he introduced two different court documents to go after crown strike to go after these individuals that took him in and pressed charges against him well now Roger stone is taking this step a little bit further to date we thought that the FBI's whole case for how the Russian hacked the DNC the DCCC was supported by the crown strike report and clearly it is but the deep state and the FBI the Muller gang they kind of messed up

".... they messed up because they reported that they inspected other servers and laptops to build their case now when we read the paragraph in the Miller report it states this in March 2016 the GRU began hacking the email accounts of Clinton campaign volunteers and employees including campaign chairman John Podesta in April 2016 the GRU hacked into the computer networks of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee the GRU stole hundreds of thousands of documents from the compromised email accounts and networks around the time that the DNC announced in mid-june 2016 the Russian government's role in hacking its network the GRU began disseminating stolen materials through the fiction fictitious online personas DC leaks and lucifer 2.0 the GRU later released additional materials through the organization WikiLeaks

" Muller states as a fact that Russia hacked multiple employees and volunteers of the Democratic Party if this did occur then Muller the his team and the FBI must have investigated these PCs laptops and servers to identify that Russia had indeed hacked them so where's the support

"....we know Donna Brazil's computer was examined by the FBI and we know that Alexandra chalupas computer and smartphone were examined by the FBI Donna Brazile admitted in her book and political reported that chalupa had her computer investigated deeper you go the entire Russian hacking hoax falls apart

"....and the more innocent Roger stone gets so now Roger stone he's going to ask for what she's doing all the supportive investigative notes everything that they have everything they inspected and guess what they're gonna have nothing remember it's all based on a lie and they have to continually lie to keep their entire narrative together because once any information comes out that they didn't inspect any of these laptops that they didn't look at the server which we know they didn't the whole thing falls apart

"....and this is why they're continually lying to cover up their lives and it will never end until you produce documentation or lack of documentation and that's when everything starts to fall apart now it seems that we have something very interesting that has come out about the Clinton email scandal the State Department in a letter to the chairman of the very powerful fine committee senator grassley confirmed hillary clinton's classified material violations

"....the State Department stated that it has assessed culpability to fifteen unnamed individuals some of whom were culpable in multiple security incidents related to Hillary Clinton's use of a private server and her mishandling of classified information and within the letter it says consistent with long-standing policy the department does not release the names of current or former employees participating in the security incident program however in the spirit of cooperation the department can share with you certain information about the status of ongoing review to this point the department has assessed culpability to 15 individuals some of whom were culpable in multiple security incidences

"....des has issued 23 violations in seven infraction incidents under 12 F a.m. 5:50 this number will likely change as the review progress progresses Assistant Secretary of Bureau of legislative affairs Mary Elizabeth Taylor wrote now individuals still employed by the State Department will be referred to the Bureau of Human Resources and some may receive disciplinary action that's it

"....just disciplinary action for doing something completely illegal that's very interesting let me continue in the letter it says consistent with the referral policy for individuals who were still employed with the department at the time of adjudication the department referred all valid security violations were multiple infractions to the Bureau of Human Resources in reviewing any violation of agency policy including policies regarding the appropriate handling of classified or sensitive information the department may consider a broad range of disciplinary or other administrative actions these may include depending upon the circumstances counseling reprimand suspension and/or separation

"....for example the department's discipline policies for employees are laid out in the Foreign Affairs manual 3f am 4140 340 500 and applied to violations of statutes regulations of department of policy as stated in the Foreign Affairs manual or handbook

".... now the State Department said it considers any violation of security policies to be a serious matter so think about what is happening here they're breaking all of this down and there are 15 individuals that are culpable

"....Paul Sperry tweeted out the following breaking State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security has cited 15 current and former officials for infractions or violations for mishandling classified information pertaining to Hillary Clinton's emails including ones recovered from the Weiner Abbadon laptop the internal review is ongoing

"....then we have Trump who chimed in with his tweet Wow the State Department said it has identified 30 security incidents involving current or former employees and their handling of crooked Hillary Clinton's emails this is really big never admitted before highly classified material while the Dems investigate this

" remember this is being put out there a little bit at a time like we've said before to get everyone on the same page as you keep hearing this and as the mainstream media tries to counter this people are still hearing it they're saying something is going on here and many people with their gut they realize well am I being lied to am I being told the truth and people start to question it and once you start to question it and you start to do research you start to realize hmm something isn't right here

"....and that's what the Patriots are doing right now they're trying to get as many people on the same page before we move forward with this so it's not that big of a shock to the majority of the people now Judicial Watch they've been going down the rabbit hole with the Clinton email scandal when tom Fitton has discovered quite a bit his latest discovery is as follows

" Judicial Watch they released the deposition transcript of Justin Cooper a former aide to President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation employee who registered the domain name of the unsecure Clinton email dot-com server that Hillary Clinton used while serving as Secretary of State Cooper admits that he spoke with Cheryl Mills Clinton's former chief of staff one week prior to his deposition and let her know that the deposition has been scheduled cooper also said that he worked with Huma Abedin Clinton's deputy chief of staff to create the private email system but can't recall if Clinton had any input in its creation or if he wiped the original server

".... Cooper was recently deposed as part of the discovery granted to Judicial Watch by US District Court Judge Royce Lamberth in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's unsecured non-government email system when Cooper was asked who approached him about creating the Clinton email comm account Cooper answered it would have been a discussion with Huma Abedin Cooper also testified that Abaddon was his primary contact regarding the choice of the domain name that was registered I believe in January of 2009

".... Cooper's testimony is at odds with a 2016 judicial watch deposition of Abaddon in which she testified that she became aware of the server through reading in some news article about a year a year and a half ago when it was it was being publicly discussed so right there we have two different stories we have Cooper who's saying that Huma Abedin new evidence saying I had no knowledge of it so somebody is lying we caught them in a lie

"....this is very interesting let me continue here when Cooper was asked to testify how many email accounts he created were set up for Clinton he answered to the best of my recollection two or three Cooper also said that he had Pagliano set up email accounts for Abaddon and Chelsea Clinton Pagliano was a Clinton State Department IT official official who repeatedly invoked the Fifth Amendment right to not to answer questions in a 2016 judicial watch deposition

"....when Cooper was asked if Clinton or anyone associated with them is is paying his legal bills for the step position or any other matters related to secretary Clinton's use of email he answered in relation to today's legal expenses it's unclear to me if I'll be reimbursed for these four legal fees from the Clintons our previous legal fees about a year after the conclusion of the congressional testimony through my lawyers was negotiated for settlement for the Clintons to make payment

"....he identified controversial Clinton Foundation officials and advisor to President Clinton Doug ban as the individual in a redacted FBI 302 report who had conversations with Coomer and a banana bout the Apple server and who thought adding Hillary Clinton to the server was a bad idea and just to let everyone know Justin Cooper who was a former aide to Bill Clinton he had no security clearance but he was able to set this whole thing up very interesting

"....Paul Sperry tweeted out the following I was actually dumbfounded when I found out that Cheryl Mills had been given immunity by the Comey FBI because I had myself found that Cheryl Mills had committed perjury and lied under oath US District Court Judge Royce C Lamberth so look at that she lied and she got immunity other people lied and they were put into jail or getting ready to be put into jail very interesting

" Judicial Watch they have received more evidence of this anti-trump conspiracy with the Daily Caller News foundation they released 16 pages of documents revealing senior state Obama officials Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and special coordinator for Libya Jonathon winner coordinated with incoming House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer 'he's national security adviser daniels Silverberg to work on russia dossier information provided by christopher steele

" it seems at this point that these individuals have been working on this and they all knew what this all was about and Judicial Watch Tom Fenton they are continually looking at this and what we're finding out is that Obama knew at all

"....he was completely informed you know what Brendan was doing he knew a Comey was doing he pretty much knew all of it and don't forget there are many many people involved in this and all these people are trying to figure a way out of this because again it's the cover-up that's going to get them

" I want to go back to Trump's memorandum on providing an order of succession within the Central Intelligence Agency you might be asking why do we need to go back to that because George papadopolis tweeted out something very very interesting today he said America do not forget that the current CIA director Gina Haspel was running the CIA desk in London in 2016 while Alexander Downer Australia Joseph Mifsud Italy Stephen Halper CIA as retur CIA and the u.s. embassy were spying on me and trying to sabotage Trump

" the question is as follows why was Gina Haspel may director of the CIA remember in the beginning where we discussed how Trump uses individuals for a specific reason puts people in positions for a specific reason to help the plan and I do believe he put Gina Haspel in this position to help the plan think about Flynn in the position that he was in he knows where the bodies are buried Gina Haspel was in London she knows where the bodies are buried now do I think she's going to be the director for ever no

"....I think Trump has her there for a specific reason and I do believe this is why the memorandum was put out there because I think eventually what's going to happen is they're gonna get what they need from her and then they're going to let her go and this this the person that is below her is going to be the Acting Director and I believe this is why Trump put this out there to prepare err for what is coming

"....and I believe Gina Haspel just like everyone else they're there for a specific reason and I believe they're getting all the information they need now let's head on down to the border we know there's a border crisis and we know that Trump made an announcement where he told El Salvador Guatemala Honduras and the rest listen do something or we're going to suspend aid

"....and it seems that if this is going to happen now and Trump right now is saying listen you are not helping the situation since you're not helping the situation additional aid will not be coming your way and the announcement was made at the Secretary's instruction we continue to implement the president's direction regarding foreign assistance for El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras we completed a review and previously awarded grants and contracts will continue with current funding State Department assistance and support of priorities of the departments of justice and homeland security priorities to help the northern triangle governments take action that will protect the US border and counter transnational organized crime will also continue

"....we will not provide new funds for programs in those countries until we are satisfied the northern triangle governments are taking concrete actions to reduce the number of illegal immigrants coming to the US border so it looks like right now Trump is following through on his promise what else is he doing

"....well Trump is shaking up the nation's green card process by warning legal immigrants and citizens not to recklessly sponsor foreigners who cannot pay their way in the United States the warning reflects the White House's emphasis on curbing the award of green cards in citizenship to unskilled and poor migrants who will burden Americans by consuming more government aid and welfare than they produce in taxes

" under prior presidents including obama george w bush migrants in the united states have been allowed to freely apply for green cards via the adjustment of status process this AOS process is a continuous unrecognized Anna Steves green cards to roughly 550 thousand people each year including many illegals and people who overstay their illegal visas illegals also use the AOS process to get temporary work permits in 2018 for example two hundred and fifty seven thousand three hundred seventy six work permits were handed out to a variety of people who applied for a OS

" of the few curbs on the AOS amnesty is a requirement that applicants find a sponsor who will repay the taxpayers for any Aid and Welfare consumed by the AOS applicant this curb however is unused because officials really require the sponsors to repay taxpayers when the would-be immigrants do not earn enough wages to stay off welfare but officials will now enforce the sponsorship rule says the new head of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services on June 14th he issued a warning statement that explained all of this

" this is another push and what else is Trump doing well he tweeted out the following next week ice will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the united states they will be removed as fast as they come in Mexico using their strong immigration laws is doing a very good job of stomping people long before they get to our southern border wada mala is getting ready to sign a safe third agreement the only ones who wouldn't do anything are the Democrats in Congress they must vote to get rid of the loopholes and fix asylum if so border crisis will end quickly

".... think about what Trump is doing right now he's stopping the deep state by pushing their agenda what is their agenda well we're approaching the 2020 elections and we know that they move a lot of drugs we know that they push human trafficking and they need these individuals in the country to get the popular vote Trump by putting all of this forward by following the law by removing certain individuals and having them stopped at the border what is he doing he's stopping this

".... remember a lot of the states right now they're saying listen the popular vote is going to determine the electoral vote so whoever wins the popular vote you get the electoral vote what they're trying to do is they're trying to shape the next elections Trump right now is countering that and I believe he's going to be taking this a step further I believe they're building up to voter IDs and I believe that might be coming because if he introduces this it is game over now James O'Keefe of Project Veritas he put out a report on Pinterest and that was completely removed from YouTube and it was pretty much scrubbed from the Internet not from his site but it seems that they don't want anyone looking at this

"....well it looks like James O'Keefe he's coming out with something newer he tweeted out the following another big tech insider has agreed to go on camera this week stay tuned the tech companies can't fight us all Vick Tech won't want you to see our next one he continued more tech insiders are coming forward we are just getting started and I can't wait for you to meet our next hero we can't rely on YouTube moving forward so you can get our videos here when they are released and he gave a link of where they are and you can see they're continually pushing out this information to let everyone know that the tech companies the big tech companies they're manipulating what everyone is seeing

"....and they're doing this on purpose and we know that the government is looking into big tech and they're looking at antitrust violations now they're looking at YouTube looking at Google they looking at Twitter looking at Facebook and we know that a lot of these tech companies they want to be a public platform which means they're not liable for what anyone says on their platform but they also want to be a published where they can control what people say

" you can't be both you have to be one or the other are you a public utility a platform where you're not liable for what people say or are you a publisher and they're trying to play the middle ground they can't do that and this is why the government is looking into this because just like the person standing on the open box in a public square giving a speech that's what people do now on social media and either there are a platform or they're a publisher like New York Times is a publisher everyone can't speak through the New York Times

"....but they are liable for the things that they write and people can sue them consume the whole company if somebody says something on YouTube they're not liable the person is that's the difference and it looks like the government is going after them and it looks like eventually what's going to happen they're going to be determined that they are a public utility which means what they've been doing cannot happen any longer

"....just like the phone company the phone company's not going to terminate your conversation if they don't like what you're saying there are public utility the public has the ability to use it even other private companies it's a public utility now what's very interesting is that Facebook they have yet to answer to law US lawmakers questions about their new cryptocurrency now what's very interesting Facebook decides to censorship a lot of people but that wasn't enough they're creating their own cryptocurrency because guess what if you can control the currency you can control the people

" it looks like they're trying to create this cart this cryptocurrency which by the way they already have and the Senate Banking Committee wrote an open letter to Facebook at the beginning of many asking the social media giant a number of questions about Libra that's their cryptocurrency and the question primarily centered around user privacy and data protection and Facebook hasn't answered at all nothing and we'll have to see how this all plays out

" out in Iran we have Rohini we have Pompeo both of them are saying we don't want war war is not in the books right now and we know it's not everything that we're seeing is the exact same strategy as North Korea Iran right now is breaking the agreement Iran right now gave Europe an ultimatum Europe not following through I believe behind closed doors a deal has already been struck we know that the deep state they don't want this to happen we know that they created events like the tankers to try to push Trump into doing something it's not going to work

"....and remember there's other people that we're also trying to push something and this is very interesting because the acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan supposedly authorized sending another thousand troops to the least now I believe that he was on a different mission than Trump I believe his mission was to get something started by bringing in more troops and ratcheting the situation up but I don't think that's going to happen now

"....why well Trump just tweeted out the following Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan who is done a wonderful job has decided not to go forward with his confirmation process so that he can devote more time to his family I thank Pat for his outstanding service and will be naming Secretary of the army mark Esper to be the new acting Secretary of Defense I know mark and I have no doubt he will do a fantastic job

".... I believe that this individual is either forced out because he was not going along with what the plan really was he had a completely different agenda or maybe he saw that oh wait I better get out now because this is not going the way we all thought it was going to go and I'm gay right now and we know that there's going to be no war we know that there's going to be peace

"....remember this has been planned a very long time ago and they knew what the deep state was going to do they're intercepting their comms they understand what is happening and they're using it against them the Patriots now are in control and with every step they're taking more and more control under the each state is losing control and I think what is happening here before the OIG the D class and all this comes out I think the Patriots wanted to make sure that they were completely in control in all areas

"....remember we reported on the intelligence site that was dismantled and I ran in many other areas well it looks like these black sites they were dismantled now let's say the D class the OIG came out and all these black sites were still operational the deep state still had control well they would have the ability to create events and I think the Patriots they wanted to make sure that they locked it all down before all this came out because think about what is happening right now North Korea freed Iran is about to be freed Syria they stopped the war in Syria

".... I mean pretty soon there'll be no US troops in there whatsoever Ukraine they couldn't get that off the ground the war is in Libya Lebanon and the rest all coming to an end we have Venezuela we have Cuba and I believe before they released a d-class before they release the OIG they wanted to make sure they were in total control of all areas and I think we are almost there and at the same time where they were gaining control they were bringing the American people up to speed getting everyone used to the idea that crimes were committed on the other side and that there's evidence

"....and slowly drip-feeding the public all this information and that's what we've been seeing remember the plan was planned out years ago and they knew that they only had one shot at this and if there was a distraction if there was an event it wouldn't go as it was planned so they needed to make sure that they were in complete and utter control of everything not within government only but everywhere and they needed people in certain positions they needed certain information and it looks like we are almost there the Patriots are controlling pretty much everything now what does what does the deep state have left the mainstream media to push prop again if you notice the mainstream media stories they always turn out to be fake phony and false why because they don't have the inside track anymore the deep state is not the ruling power anymore the Patriots are enjoy the show ...≺≺ less

Blacksite Dismantled, New Deal Coming, Boom - Episode 1895b

X22Report ** Published on Jun 17, 2019

".... we know from Q that a lot of these countries like North Korea Venezuela Cuba Iran they have black sites within each of these countries where the black sites they're made up of CIA intelligence operatives where they control the leaders of these countries and they push him to do certain things and we know with North Korea Trump was able to remove the black site in North Korea and you can see Kim jong-un he is free from the intelligence apparatus ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... I think the same things happening in Venezuela in Cuba and Iran but something very interesting happened today and the mainstream media is really not reporting on it which makes it very very interesting and it might be that the black site in Iran well that was removed we'll be talking about that in just a minute but first let's start off with why the deep state is panicking their entire and Pietschmann narrative well it just went down the drain there is no case

".... Trump tweeted out the following almost 70 percent a new polls say don't impeach so ridiculous to even be talking about the subject when all of the crimes were committed by the other side they can't win the election fairly and we can see by the recent poll numbers the mainstream media they are using the same exact playbook that they use back in 2016 they're showing that all the other candidates they're in the lead and Trump is trailing behind but yet when Trump goes to every single city it's a packed house and people are standing on line to see him when these other candidates go to each of these cities there's nothing like it whatsoever

".... and we saw this with Clinton if we go back in time and guess what happened Trump won but the deep state the mainstream media they're still trying to do what they've always done but guess what people are catching on people know what's going on and we also know that Obama has been shadowing Trump and visiting leaders every time Trump visits a leader or goes ahead and visit the leader before Trump gets there

".... now again this is a violation of the Logan Act but we see what Obama is doing he's running a shadow government and he's trying to keep all their deals in place but it's not going to work now what's very interesting is that earlier this month Italian Prime Minister Conte asked for the resignations of four top intelligence officials after his call with President Trump Obama is secretly on his way to meet with Renzi in Italy

".... George papadopolis tweeted out two weeks after I exposed Italy's role in spy gate Obama is heading to Italy today to meet with the former italian prime minister who weaponized his Intel assets against us keep focused America the real headlines are now coming out he continued I guarantee you Matteo salvini from Italy is not in DC to talk about immigration with vice president pence tomorrow Spygate is the Hot Topic its impact is reverberating throughout the world

".... now Obama was just vacationing in France hopped over to Italy and you can see that he's trying to talk to the deep state operatives in all these countries but we know that this is not going to work and I think the Italians have a lot of information that may be of interest to AG bar and his investigation into the deep state numerous individuals in Italy are suspected of having knowledge of an attempt by former President Obama to utilize the Italian Intel network to set up Trump leading to his removal from office

".... and it is highly probable that former President Obama and his deep state FBI worked with foreign countries like Italy to assist in the removal of Trump from office now Obama and his accomplices are trying hard to cover it all up now is this the reason why he's out there to try to cover up what has been done I think it's too late there's no way in the beginning he was out there trying to push their agenda now it seems like Obama is out there trying to cover up everything that they've done

".... and like we've always said the cover-up always gets you and that is what is happening right now now Trump he's not letting up he's continuing with his tax on the deep state he brings up Christopher Steele who is a foreign agent very interesting after he went out of his way to say listen I would accept Intel from a foreign agent on my opponent and of course the mainstream media politicians they all went crazy that's an outrage we had the chairman of the FEC come out and say hey this is the law you can't do this

".... and this was part of the plan the plan was to inform the American people of what Obama Clinton Brennan clapper and the rest have done to bring the people up to speed to get them on the same page trumped without the following when will the fake news media start asking Democrats if they are okay with hiring of Christopher Steele a foreign agent paid for by crooked Hillary and the DNC to dig up dirt and write a phony dossier against a presidential candidate of the opposing party if Republicans ever did that to Democrats there'd be an all hell to pay it would be a scandal like no other

".... and if you notice he's continually pushing pushing pushing this out there he wants the deep state to respond and of course who responded Clinton Hillary Clinton tweeted out the following on the one hand the president makes non-stop outlandish claims in his recent at ABC interview about my campaign and Russia on the other hand Paul Manafort Michael Cohen Roger stone Michael Flynn Rick Gates George papadopolis and the entire Mulla report well all then did not collude with Russia most of these individuals were charged with lying

".... so what does this have to do with anything and if we're talking about Roger stone that brings up a very interesting point discovery is a wonderful wonderful thing what is Roger stone doing right now well think about what happened they went in they arrested him they raided his house they had CNN waiting there because it was leaked and they made a full production of this and they dragged him out of his house in handcuffs and paraded him around on TV

".... well they made their move back then now Roger stone is making his move the entire Russian narrative it's falling apart what did Roger stone do he filed two documents with the courts the first document was a 15 page reply from stone to the government's opposition to a motion to suppress in the first document stone filed his reply to the government's opposition to his motion of suppress all evidence has fruit of illegal search warrants and evidentiary hearings

".... he stated the following the specific challenge to the truthfulness of all the warrants is the unproven claim that the Russian state transferred the DNC and DCCC and other campaign officials data to WikiLeaks or said a different way WikiLeaks received the data from the Russian state the government shenana should not have represented this as a fact of the various district judges and magistrates in order to obtain the search warrants stone continued the government has never had to prove its case this series of misrepresentation is foundational the government does not dispute in its opposition the office cannot rule out that stolen documents were transferred to WikiLeaks through intermediaries who visited during the summer of 2016

".... now this is devastating to the deep state and the Muller gang even though the government claims that the Russians sent emails to WikiLeaks the government agrees it cannot prove it and yet the government use this as the basis for obtaining all warrants related to the Muller investigation and all actions related to the fake Russian collusion force stone continues because the Russian state did not transfer the data to WikiLeaks all other allegations including communications with the saundra WikiLeaks are irrelevant and immaterial to investigation about Russian interference with the 2016 election

".... now Roger stone didn't stop there this is where it gets really really good he filed another reply with the court this five-page document relates to the courts opposition to a motion to compel now in this document stone compels the government to obtain and provide to stone the unredacted portions of the CrowdStrike report that the FBI and the Muller gang used to create the russia investigation and the Muller investigation this is going to be devastating to the deep state because it was never proven it was never investigated they just took the word of CrowdStrike and this is going to be their downfall because we already know the Russians didn't do it

".... they already know the Russians didn't do it and we already know that WikiLeaks did not talk to Russia we know it was an inside job and Roger stone now is moving fast forward with the discovery process we want all the information listen you arrested me you brought me out you paraded me around now it's my move boom now down at the border we see that the feds they have arrested human smugglers with 22 migrants on the Texas border River the Del Rio sector Border Patrol agents apprehended him human smuggler attempting to bring 22 migrants across the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass Texas and they were down there and these individuals they were on a boat and they were trying to get to the United States

".... and what do they find well a group of about 2,200 family units including small children and human smuggler who operated the raft an official said the smuggler has an extensive history of immigration violation and was deported in April of 2008 and he's being charged with violation of 8 USC 13 24 alien smuggling and we can see that the Border Patrol agents they are doing their job and the wall is being built remember all of this is being done for a purpose and the deep state they're trying to stop this because they know if a wall is built and the Border Patrol agents actually do their job all these individuals will no longer have access and getting into this country

".... the drugs the human trafficking these individuals brought to different sanctuary cities which that is now ending all of it comes to an end now out in a ram we see something very interesting Iran is saying that time is short for Europe to save the international nuclear deal with Tehran Iran president Hassan rouhani said this today

".... so they're saying listen Europe you better do something because if you don't the whole entire thing goes down the tubes now we also know that as Iran is producing a lot more uranium than they're supposed to actually Trump tweeted out the following Iran to defy uranium stockpile limits now this is very interesting that's all he said which means the Iranians are no longer sticking to the deal and they're saying listen we're gonna just keep violating the deal because the deal is no longer good

".... now what's very interesting is that we had this event where Pompeo Bolton and Trump they were all out there saying yes the Iranians have done this now we know that they were using this as a cover story and we know that there were certain deep state operatives that were trying to create a war and try to get something started but we know that trump is not going to fall for this

".... and what we're seeing is that there was something else at play with these tankers now the Japanese government they've been requesting that the United States provide concrete evidence to back its assertion that Iran is to blame for the attacks on two tankers near the Strait of Hormuz remember the individuals on the tanker say it was a flying object now I believe on paio Trump Bolton they all went out there and they kept the story going and it was for a specific reason

".... first of all they wanted to keep the mainstream media very very busy thinking that Trump is going to war that we're going to invade Iran and he did this with North Korea the reason he is doing this is because he's working on a backroom deal with Iran which I believe is already done now we're getting word that Iran has dismantled a cia-run large US cyber espionage Network in Iran now this is very interesting

".... so there was an entire intelligence black site in Iran a network of CIA officers and they were dismantled it looks like the black site was removed from Iran and what does that mean it means that Iran is now to free is free to operate without the intelligence operatives telling them and forcing them to do something they don't want to do and why do you think Obama carry the Obama administration why do you think they were all out there speaking with the Iranian officials it was for a specific reason first of all was a look violation of Logan Act but secondly why would they be so concerned if it just had to do with a nuclear deal the only reason you would go to speak to someone is if you have skin in the game if there's evidence there and you're trying to hide something because otherwise you just wouldn't care unless it affected you

".... that's why these individuals were out there and I want to go back to post 1450 for this is June 11th 2018 EU sanctions Iran leaders of the EU only care about protecting the flow of money not the safety and security of their people world Iran deal orchestrated for the sole purpose of lifting sanctions blockade to allow access of foreign businesses for individual and company wide enrichment scam nothing to do with nukes it was a cover story hüseyin pallets of cash Hussein secret authority to convert to US dollars more coming no mainstream media coverage got popcorn fast forward to June 27 2018 post 1604 we stand with the good people of Iran who are currently battling they're installed regime for freedom true rule the people have the power rise up and demand they be removed at some point military generals will act with the will of the people simply because their soldiers are those same people and have no choice we stand with you we are monitoring the situation closely stay safe god bless

".... then we move to post 1943 this is August 28th 2018 watch Iran something incredible is about to happen Hassan rouhani in brackets bold these are kill brackets the good people of Iran have the power fight for your freedom and I believe that's exactly what they're doing right now and you can see the Patriots they are in control and I do believe we're gonna be hearing news about all of this coming up very very soon and the mainstream media is really not reporting on this whatsoever now something very interesting Trump came out and he was telling ABC News George Stephanopoulos that Iraq did not knock down the World Trade Center he says it was other people and I think I know who the other people were and you might also now I'm just gonna stop right there because that is very interesting why would he say that unless truth is headed our way and again if we go back to Q's post truth and transparency is the only way forward ...≺≺ less

[DS] Panicking, Moving To Event Phase, Patriots Ready To Counter - Episode 1894b

X22Report ** Published on Jun 16, 2019

"....the deep state they are really panicking right now because they're completely out of ammunition the impeachment process is not going the way they thought it was going to go everything that they've been trying to do to get rid of Trump is not working and Trump slowly is gaining more and more power the Patriots are gaining more and more power over the deep state the Patriots are come in complete control and we know for a very long time the deep state the only thing they have left is an event and it looks like they're moving into this phase and we can see this by a recent article that came out from the New York Times which we'll be discussing in just a moment ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....but first I wanted to start with Trump and he was out there and he delivered remarks on expanding health coverage options for employers and workers through health reimbursement arrangements h ras now under the rule employers will be able to provide their workers with tax preferred funds to pay for the cost of health insurance coverage that workers purchase in the individual market the rule will particularly benefit small businesses that face cost and offering a traditional group health plan and businesses that do not currently offer coverage now Trump said the following two years ago in October 2017 Trump signed an executive order to increase healthcare choice and competition all across our nation since that time he said my administration has worked tirelessly to expand options and drive down the cost of health care for the American people

"....we also have launched a new initiative to bring down the price of prescription drugs we're a holding big farmer accountable and I must say Big Pharma has also been working with us to try and get prices down we've asked Congress to support a new research initiative to find a breakthrough cure for childhood cancers and we've begun a public health campaign to eradicate AIDS in America once and for all and that's really taking place like nobody would believe we're looking at a ten year plan and at the end of ten years we're going to be in a very good shape who would have thought that this was possible even just a short time ago

"....and we're now working with Congress to pass legislation that ends surprise medical billing were promoting price transparency to force competition didn't drive down costs and we're going to have another big announcement in two weeks unrelated but something that's going to have a profound effect on the things that were talking about and have been talking about over the last two year two and a half years it's going to be something really incredible and will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions HRAs will now receive the same tax treatment that other employer-provided health plans have always enjoyed there was a lot of restrictions and it was impossible until now this is something that it's time has come it's popular it's really really been a success

"....and I think it's going to be for many people this will be the way of the future the previous administration imposed crushing fines and other penalties on HRAs to prevent employees from selecting the plan of their choice it was impossible we are eliminating all those restrictions and thanks to the changes we're making an estimated 11 million Americans will now choose their own plans with the help of the HRAs this is just the first step remember Trump is pushing to get Obamacare completely eradicated the penalty is gone now

"....and I think what's going to happen we're gonna be moving into something completely different remember all of this the health benefits the trade plan getting rid of the swamp all of this is the reset remember the politicians before this they were not doing this in the best interest of the American people they were doing this in the best interest for themselves the lobbyists corporations and many others

"....they had a completely different plan and now everything is being reversed and guess what the deep state doesn't like this they're panicking now the Dems the deep state players they are trying to push impeachment and it seems that it's not going very well for them remember there's no crime the Malheur report says there's no obstruction there's no collusion and they need this to support the impeachment process but the impeachment support is dwindling

"....and Trump tweeted out the following yesterday was the radical left Democrats big impeachment day they worked so hard to make it's something really big and special but one problem almost nobody showed up the medium it's low turnout for anti Trump rallies all around the country people are saying enough Democrat voters want to hear the politicians talking about issues this is a huge distraction and will only help Trump get elected greatest president since Ronald Reagan said a counter protester Lehigh Valley live

"....the entire narrative to get Trump out of office is based on the Russian collusion story the mainstream media in leaps eight they cannot deviate from this story they need to continue the lie what happens if they deviate what happens if they say okay there is no Russian collusion all of their stories fall apart let's look at the DNC Russian hacking story the Department of Justice previously admitted the DNC would not let the FBI investigators review the DNC server instead the DNC provided the FBI with the analysis of a technical review done through a cyber security contract with CrowdStrike the narrative around the DNC hack claim was always very sketchy

"....many people believe the DNC email dated was downloaded onto a flash drive and leaked bill Binney well with others he was part of the NSA they went ahead and they looked at the times of the download and said it would be impossible to download it across the ocean instead these times mimic that download onto a flash drive and a lot of individuals have done the same exact test

" when looking at this court filing that came out the story begins to fall apart discovery is a wonderful wonderful thing where did this court filing come from well remember they were going after Roger stone well lawyers representing the Rogers Dome requested the full crown strike report on the DNC hack when the Department of Justice responded to the stone motion they made a rather significant admission not only did the FBI not review the DNC server the FBI Department of Justice never even saw the CrowdStrike report

".... this is from the court filing copies of these reports were subsequently produced voluntarily to the government by counsel for the DNC and the DC CC at the time of the voluntary production counsel for the DNC told the government that the redacted material concerned steps taken to remediate the attack and to harden the DNC in the DCCC systems against future attack the FBI and Department of Justice were only allowed to see a draft report prepared by crown strike and that report was redacted

"....down below there's a little footnote it says all other reports produced to the defendant our mark draft counsel for the DNC and the DCCC inform the government that they are the latest version of the report produced meeting there are no unredacted and final versions this means the FBI and the Department of Justice and all the downstream claims by the intelligence apparatus including the December 2016 joint analysis report and January 2017 intelligence community assessment all the way to Weissman and the Muller report and the continued claims therein were based on the official intelligence agencies of the US government and the US Department of Justice taking the word of a hired contractor for the Democratic Party despite their inability to examine the server and or actual actually see an unredacted technical forensic report from the investigating contractor

"....the entire apparatus of the US government just took their word for it and used it as their official position which led to subsequent government claiming court of absolute certainty that Russia hacked the DNC think about that for a few minutes the full intelligence apparatus of the United States government is relying on a report they were never allowed to see or confirm

"....a paid contractor said this is what happened and the FBI the Department of Justice they just went okay we believe you there was no investigation this is just unbelievable this is why they can't deviate from the Russian collusion story once they do that it falls apart but guess what because of discovery its falling apart already and this information is getting out to the public

" let's take this a step further another internet sleuth and techie by the name of Yakov Applebaum posted an incredible report earlier this year with information basically proving that the DNC was not hacked by the Russians apple bombs first argument is this according to the Washington Post using CrowdStrike Department of Justice in their other usual hush-hush government sources in the know the attack was perpetrated by a Russian unit led by lieutenant captain nicolay kozak who allegedly crafted a malware called X agent and used it to get into the network and install keystroke loggers on several pcs this allowed them to see what the employees were typing and take screenshots of the employees computer this is pretty detailed information but if this was the case then how did the Department of Justice learn all of these details and use them in the indictments without the FBI ever forensic ly evaluating the dnc hrc computers

"....and since when does the Department of Justice an organization that only speaks the language of indictments use hearsay and third parties like the British national Matt Tate a former geus GCHQ collector and concierge in collusion CrowdStrike or any other evidence lacking chain of custody certification as a primary source for prosecution

"....a second point by ALP Imam is this that three of the Russian GRU officers on the Department of Justice wanted list were allegedly working concurrently on multiple non related projects like interfering with the 2016 United States election while at the same time they were also allegedly hacking anti-doping agencies so the same group was doing both and this is kind of impossible

" the same guys were working on both projects which is all but impossible to really do we really know if these individuals are even Russian no we don't Applebaum argues the fact that the three had multiple concurrent high impact and high visibility project assignments is on because this is not how typical offensive cyber intelligence teams operate these units tend to be compartmentalized they are assigned to a specific mission and the task force stays together for the entire duration of the project well that brings us to Julian Assange

"....we know that WikiLeaks has stated numerous times that Russia did not provide them with the emails they leaked in 2016 and Julian Assange has stated that week leaks had nothing to do with Russia Muller never interviewed WikiLeaks in an effort to determine how they received the Clinton emails of course the mother team could not risk WikiLeaks saying the emails were not received from Russia which could destroy the Russian hacked the DNC fairytale

"....but don't worry Assange will clear all of this up when he has brought back to the u.s. let's go back to post 33 41 and Annan asked a question to q q what can you tell us about Assange q responded under protection the threat is real key to DNC source hack 187 hmm very interesting so we can see how the plan is all coming together they're going to use Julian Assange to show that he was not dealing with Russia whatsoever and he did not receive the emails via Russia

"....boom now very interestingly Trump signed a memorandum on providing in order of succession within the Central Intelligence Agency and it reads by the authority vested in me as president by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America including the federal vacancies Reform Act of 1998 as amended 5 USC 3 3 4 5 and is hereby ordered that section 1 order of succession subject to the provision of section 2 of this memorandum and the limitation set forth in the Act the following officers of the essential intelligence agency and the order listed shall act as and perform the functions and duties of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency during any period in which the DC ia has died the director of the CIA resigned or otherwise become unable to perform the functions and duties of the office of the director of the CIA a deputy director CIA then chief operating officer of the CIA and it goes down the list

"....the question is are they ready are they getting ready to shake things up in the CIA remember what the plan is for the CIA we need to go all the way back to post 129 this is November 2017 and it reads closing act and in brackets and capitalized is c.i.a closing act dismantled impossible to clean operations with an arrow no such agencies and n s a are all in brackets so the goal is to dismantle the CIA but it looks like the beginning process is to shake things up and maybe Haspel is going to be removed we don't know

"....but Trump is setting everything in motion remember the plan is to drain the swamp and just because Trump put someone in a position doesn't mean that person's going to stay doesn't mean this is the person right for this position he needed that person in that position to carry out certain missions and when the person is no longer needed guess what bye-bye I mean we see pölten we see Pompeo and we see McMasters and many others that were in positions or still in positions that eventually were gonna be saying goodbye to them

" very interestingly this is coming out of Frank Report they broke the news on the government's move to seize various nexium related assets now this is very interesting because we know that nexium they were the beginning stages of exposing a sex cult to the people of the United States and I want to go back to post 1368 this was May 2018 and it reads aliceandmac nexium in brackets and bolt caps arrested date when does a bird sing Schneiderman resigns date coincidence eyes wide open who will be next watch New York City watch California

"....then we fast-forward to post 3156 and here q says and this is a March 2019 ray Chandler equals aliceandmac times 100 now the Patriots have all this planned out already the Patriots needed to show the American People that sex cult human trafficking does exist the reason they exposed I do believe nexium is to get the American people on the same page and to show them that well-known individuals are part of the sex cults influential people are running these

"....the mainstream media deep State for a very long time have been telling us that these people are the people we should trust they are upstanding citizens of the United States and they kept pushing these people out that yes these people are the people you should trust I believe Trump the Patriots they expose this right in the beginning to get the people used to the idea that influential people can be part of a sex cult and what's coming next is something much much larger because once people understand that different movie stars and wealthy individuals are part of this you can understand and wrap your brain around that there are other politicians that might have been presidents or vice presidents or many others that might be part of this

"....and there could be a very large group of these individuals within Congress that is part of this and I believe this is just the beginning stages and this is wike you said ray Chandler equals aliceandmac times 100 because it's much much larger and just like everything else Trump and the Patriots they're getting the people used to the idea hearing it and getting them on the same page

" we know the Obama administration was sending the admissable migrants to different sanctuary cities now we see certain states are not liking what Trump is doing because he's like you know what let's send these individuals to all these cities some cities are saying hey this is just too much this is ridiculous they're even saying we're gonna sue you for sending too many of these migrants to our cities and of course this was done on purpose but in Florida the governor just signed a bill banning sanctuary cities in the state of Florida

"....Trump tweeted out the following Florida Governor Ron de Santos just signed bill banning sanctuary cities in state and forcing all law enforcement agencies to cooperate with the federal immigration authorities bill prohibits local government from enacting sanctuary policies that protect undocumented immigrants more and more states want to do this but their governors and leaders don't have the courage to do so the politics will soon mandate however because people from California and all over the land are demanding that sanctuary cities be gone no illegals drugs or trafficking

"....and I do believe that this was planned out from the beginning just like everything else and we can see there are certain states now that are saying no more and I believe other states are going to latch on to this now let's head out to Venezuela because we are starting to see that Guido and the Venezuelan government they are looking to have additional peace talks now guido confirmed he sent a team of diplomats to sweden to negotiate with other world powers towards a solution to the country's ongoing political and humanitarian crisis now the talks which took place in Swedish capital of Stockholm were attended by representatives of Russia the Vatican Cuba the European Union the United States was invited but declined to attend

" none of these state actors participating recognized Guido as their nations president but Guido is talking to them and I do believe they're trying to iron out a deal here now very interestingly with Iran they've just announced further moves to scale back compliance with an international nuclear pact that the United States abandoned last year and they're saying listen we're not going to adhere to this part of the agreement now they've already done this and it looks like slowly but surely they're backing out of the in greet the agreement

"....and like I said before behind the scenes I you believe there's already an agreement made the deep state the black site within Iran they don't want this to happen and this is why they're pushing these events to try to stop this but guess what it's not going to work and like we said the deep state they're running out of options and we always knew they were going to try to push the event of all events now the times they published a news report about the United States efforts to penetrate Russia's power grid now the time citing current and former government officials noted that the actions are a warning to Moscow on how the Trump administration is using new authorities to unleash cyber tools in an aggressive manner the official said that the u.s. was deploying computer code within Russia's grid and other targets

"....the moves are reportedly a part of a broader initiative to combat Russia's hacking in the 2018 midterm election now we know that this is not true we know the deep state in New York Times the mainstream media they're pushing these stories to push their next event

" Trump tweeted out the following do you believe that they failing New York Times just did a story stating that United States is substantially increasing cyber attacks on Russia this is a virtual act of treason by a once-great paper so desperate for a story any story even if bad for our country also not true anything goes with our corrupt news media today they will do or say whatever it takes with not even the slightest thought of consequence these are true cowards and without doubt the enemy of the people

"....he continued the corrupt news media is totally out of control they have given up and don't even care anymore mainstream media has zero credibility total losers now the question is why is this story coming out now they are building the narrative of an upcoming cyber attack war think about what they're setting up the u.s. is planting malware in Russia's Peregrine's if this is true and it's used on Russia what would Russia do Russia would retaliate and hit our power grid

" I know Putin he doesn't react like this but the deep state they're trying to push this and they're trying to say Russia is going to retaliate once this does occur now who's really going to retaliate no it's going to be the deep state they're the ones who are going to make it seem like Russia is retired retaliating against the United States remember they had this plan this is their event of all events and they've been planning this for a very long time of course they were going to use this in a different way but it's the same plan

" let's break this down a little bit the deep state goes ahead and with their malware brings down the power grid in Russia someplace in Russia City or multiple cities Russia is out there saying whoa what just happened and Russia says oh we found the malware it's hooked to the CIA or the intelligence of the United States Russia well we know how Putin reacts he's not gonna just go ahead and attack the United States that's not how he works he understands this would mean World War 3

" since Putin is not going to attack the United States of course he's gonna phone Trump and they're going to speak to each other and they're gonna find out that yeah this wasn't us we're don't don't respond to this the deep state then is going to say well wait a minute we need a response let's go ahead and use maybe an EMP or some type of cyber attack on a power grid on the financial system and say it was Russia I mean this is what they do look at the DNC server hack look at the Clinton emails who are they blaming Russia remember it's Russia Russia Russia

"....and remember if they do this and they blame Russia if we go to the Atlantic and there are many other mainstream media let's that reported this the headline is Pentagon cyberattacks are acts of war the US military may respond to attacks with conventional military force we know that this hasn't been planned but the Patriots they're all ready for this they saw this coming

"....let's go back to post 2615 here in an and ask the question q should we be preparing for some kind of shutdown q responded no reports of power grid attacks six month prep should be disregarded while attacks do occur we are safeguarded by black-eye now an Annan looked at this and black eye looks like it's part of the Defense Department's laser system to stop any type of ballistic missile coming into our atmosphere and they're able to stop it and this could be an EMP weapon

"....and I do believe they have countermeasures for those who are trying to cyberattack or plant malware because once again the Patriots they are in control of the entire system so the Patriots already plan for this but we can see the deep state they're planning the next event but the Patriots they already have counter moves in place Patriots are in control and the deep state there's no way out of this for them even with them trying to plan these events

"....the Patriots are going to drain the swamp and we can see it's just a matter of time what's coming next all of it and the deep state will be going down listen everyone ...≺≺ less

Boom, Did You Catch What Happened, There Are No Coincidences - Episode 1893b

X22Report ** Published on Jun 15, 2019

" the patriots and their plan to bring down the deep state to drain the swamp it is working perfectly and i realized something when i was passing by a television which was broadcasting CNN and I was realizing exactly what the Patriots actually did and it just hit me out of the blue and it's unbelievable how their entire plan which they've been planning for a very long time how it is all completely planned out perfectly to get certain results and there are no coincidences and yes we talked about how Trump was out there and he was pushing the plan to get the politicians the mainstream media to talk about how getting information from a foreign government is absolutely illegal but he went not just him but the Patriots went one step further and it was brilliant on their part and then we're gonna be talking about that in just a minute ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....but first I wanted to talk about how the deep state how they're trying to create chaos and make it seem like the administration Trump's administration well they're doing illegal things and they're continually doing this and this is with Kellyanne Conway where we had the US Office of Special Counsel said in a report that Kellyanne Conway has repeatedly violated the Hatch Act and recommended her removal from federal service so what is the Hatch Act what does it do well it bars federal employees from engaging in political activity now Trump already he came out and said I'm not gonna fire her I think she's a terrific person she's a tremendous spokesperson he said it looks to me like they're trying to take away her right of free speech

" in May of 2019 during a media interview when asked about the hatchet Kellyanne Conway said if you're trying to silence me through the Hatch Act it's not going to work let me know when the jail sentence starts now what's very interesting we know that FB former FBI director Andrew McCabe he violated the Hatch Act without fear of reprisal and we're gonna be talking about others who also violated the Hatch Act and nothing really happened to them so who is bringing these charges that's the question who is pushing this Henry Turner and the question is who is Henry Turner Henry Turner is a deep state fixer who was good friends with late Senator John McCain and a staunch anti Trump neoconservative lawmaker Koerner called Kellyanne Conway's behavior unprecedented despite the numerous Hatch Act violations against other members of previous presidential administrations including the Obama administration whose officials Julian Castro and Kathleen Sebelius both escaped firing for their Hatch Act controversies

"....the Office of Special Counsel even confirmed that Sibelius violated the Hatch Act by pushing for Obama's 2012 presidential campaign at North Carolina event but guess what she continued and she was never fired so Henry Koerner is now coming under scrutiny from his past Emme conservative treehouse reported on Coronas role as a fixer in 2018 yesterday it was revealed that Henry Koerner as a former mccain senior staff official was part of a bipartisan DC team who constructed the IRS weaponization program to target the Tea Party that's bad enough however a little more digging you're not going to believe this the same guy who was attacked to the prior investigations is now in charge of all DC corruption and whistleblowing cases including the current FBI and Department of Justice corruption

"....henry Koerner is special counsel in charge of all whistleblowing witnesses in cases of government corruption henry Koerner controls the events as the lead official the special counsel in charge of the office of special counsel and he is in the position to manipulate control any investigative outcome starting to put the pieces together here and we're starting to paint this picture of what they're trying to do here who controls what and it always comes back to the same players of the deep state

"....and they're tried to create chaos to show that trumps administration they're doing things illegally but once again it's going to fail now very interestingly with Julian Assange we know the UK officials they signed off having the extradition move forward and we understand that the court would be looking at this which they already did and it looks like they have set the full hearing sometime after February 24th of 2020 now this actually fits into the plan of the Patriots because I do believe when all this information comes out they're going to need Julian Assange back here in this country and I do believe it's going to be in the year of 2020

"....and I think this is when they're going to extradite him back to the United States because they're going to be other things happening before we get to the investigations with the emails and things like that so I do believe the Patriots have planned this perfectly now Elijah Cummings he is being investigated right now with his wife and we know that he is working with Nadler and Schiff and others to try to bring down Trump this has been their main mission from the beginning we know that they're panicking right now

"....and we know that there's no impeachment case whatsoever but what's very interesting about Elijah coming he was once a big defender of executive privilege of course that is until President Trump was elected Cummings who voted on Wednesday to have Attorney General William Bar and comma secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of Congress is a complete 180 from what he previously did with the use of executive privilege during the Obama administration this is what Cummings said on Wednesday

"....for months the Trump administration has claimed that the decision to add the citizenship question was made at the department level rather than the White House but now the president is asserting executive privilege over all of these documents this begs the question what is being hidden well for Cummings it appears that what is being hidden only matters selectively he didn't seem to mind when the Obama administration used its executive authority to not turn over documents in the Fast and Furious operation that to the death of a u.s. Border Patrol agent when it comes to the Republic investigation into what actually happened in the Obama administration's bodge Fast and Furious operation Cummings was adamant that executive privilege was necessary to protect documents and administration officials

"....cummings praised holder in 2012 when he battled congress and turned over a minimal 7,000 documents to the republican committee during its fast and furious investigation now the Department of Justice under bar turned over 17,000 plus documents and guess what he's doing the complete opposite of what he did under the obama administration or is he actually doing the same thing think about it he was hiding the criminal aspects of fast and furious and he's hiding the criminal aspects of the censorship question about what they've done with spying

" he's really in a sense trying to cover up crimes but it's a little different because he had his own team players where he was able to support them and say executive privilege was fantastic and now on the other end he doesn't have his team players and he's saying executive privilege is bad but he's still doing the same thing he's covering up crimes

" very interestingly we know that the deep State the Dems they've been trying to get Trump's tax returns and I remember there is no law that says that Trump has to hand over his tax returns and I do believe that Trump has set them up once again and he's holding the tax returns off to the side right now and doing the opposite of what they want because remember every other president since Nixon I do believe they handed over their tax returns remember Trump he's not following the deep state protocol he's doing the opposite of what the deep state wants and I do believe he's holding this his tax returns back even though there's nothing wrong with them he just doesn't want to cooperate with what they've done in the past to say listen we're not following your rules anymore even though there are no laws that say I have to hand over my tax returns

"....and we know that last month Treasury secretary Steve minuchin he rejected a subpoena from the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal he was asking for Trump's personal and business tax returns for six years so now the Justice Department released a 33 page legal opinion backing Treasury secretary Steve manoosh ins refusal to release the last six years of trumps tax returns the administration as well as Trump's lawyers maintain that Congress does not have a right to review Trump's financial information angle echoed arguments made by Trump's lawyers that the request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose and that Congress does not have the right to compel members of the executive branch to hand over confidential information

" what law were they using well they were citing a case that was passed in the 20s in response to corruption scandal this was the Teapot Dome scandal and this was this involved a cabinet official and we need to remember something very important there wasn't a corruption scandal that they proved there are no crimes there there's nothing with Trump so this case that they're citing doesn't hold up because they can't find anything on Trump the Mulder report came out and said no collusion no obstruction and what did the Dems find out nothing

"....they can't use this case because there's no crimes this is why it failed now what's very interesting with Michael Flynn we know that he got a new attorney and Trump has already said this is a great attorney for Flynn but the question is why why is this a great attorney and why are the other attorneys along with this Sidney Powell why is this team really great from Michael Flynn first of all his new attorney has requested an extra 60 days to review all the paperwork because they just got the information and they would like to review all this and it looks like she is getting the 60 days

"....but general Flynn hired several more attorneys besides Sidney Powell the team consists of new members Jesse banal Philip John Harvey and W William hoods along with Sidney Powell to represent him in the ongoing case these attorneys have entered notices of appearance in the edv a case against Flynn's former business partner where Flynn is expected to testify now this is the important part this is not a coincidence this is part of the plan w William Hodes is the author of law and lawyering a nationally recognized treatise on legal ethics that is updated annually he was a member of the Advisory Council to the American Bar Association ethics 2000 Commission

" Muller and Weisman are in trouble they're going to be ripped apart by this individual he's going to be looking into their practice of how they came about investigating all of this and guess what this individual is gonna say well he's gonna cite that they used on ethical practices wait for it boom he's going to rip their entire case and what they have done completely apart

" the mainstream media and the politicians they're playing right into Trump's hands they took the bait they're doing exactly what the Patriots wanted but Trump and the Patriots had the mainstream media and the politicians to something very interesting to prepare the American people so they understand is coming now very interestingly Federal Elections Commission Chair Ellen Weintraub said that it is illegal to accept foreign interference during elections she said let me make something 100% clear to the American public and anyone running for public office it is illegal for any person to solicit accept or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with the u.s. election

" do you think she would have a problem with Clinton Obama paying a foreign country to create fake information and then use it on a president I believe she's gonna have a huge problem with this now think about what the Patriots have done and I said this right in the beginning when I started this report that when I was listening to CNN and I was passing by a television they were going on and on and on saying that Trump is flip-flopping now about would he accept foreign information and they're saying that the White House is in trouble

"....and then I started to realize exactly what they did and it was brilliant remember the deep glass everything that's coming out is going to show that Obama Clinton the gang they paid a foreign government to create a dossier to be used against a president-elect and a president right what did the Patriots just do

"....first number one they had all the Dems come out and say this is unbelievable were outraged by what Trump said yeah that's great now he has that on record the mainstream media unbelievable that he would say this outraged that he would accept foreign information but they took this one step further to get the American people prepared and ready for what is coming remember just because the mainstream media is out there saying they're outraged doesn't mean the people understand what is happening the mainstream media took the bait and they brought on Ellen Weintraub who explained to the American people what the law was he told the American people the law explaining why it is illegal and these mainstream media pundits were out there pushing this as hard as they possibly can

"....the Patriots tricked the mainstream media into broadcasting the law to the American people getting them ready for what is coming now they have the politicians the mainstream media and the chairman of the FEC telling them why this is wrong so when the Patriots d-class and they show that the administration of Obama Clinton Brennan the rest paid a foreign government to create fake information and to use it to cover up their spine boom oh man the people now understand what they did here and why it's completely illegal

"....and the mainstream media and the politicians they just backed themselves into a corner because they're outraged by this are they going to be outraged when the truth comes out this is going to be very interesting this was brilliant mark meadows tweeted out the following this week Trump was able to do something no one else could get the left to care about foreign Intel in our elections you think Democrats paying for Oppo research from Russians when funneling it to the Department of Justice to open investigation would have done the trick guess not

" remember it's not just about releasing this information the American public needs to be on a certain page they have to understand the story and why it's illegal and why this stuff is coming out this is what the Patriots have been doing this has been plan to the smallest detail leaving nothing unturned to make sure the people of this country and around the world are on the same page we're all on the same page now we're all outraged if this would happen I mean this was a huge power play unbelievable

" 23 House Republicans requested declassification of documents directly from Trump as soon as possible despite the executive office directive to AG bill Barr the Republican group seemingly did not trust the Department of Justice and FBI institutional interest now there are 23 Republican senators there's Flores Halpern Norman there's many of them gates and they all sign this letter and this is to push the agenda forward now very interestingly Paul Sperry tweeted out the following

"....breaking House GOP leadership has soured on Comey replacement ray they are now convinced Ray's not part of the FBI cleanup and not cooperating with Ag bar and is in fact part of the cover-up hashtag Spygate scandal after burying documents and refusing to make people available for interview so the question is why isn't ray cooperating why isn't he giving these documents over to the house why isn't he giving it to Congress is he real it really part of the deep state is he trying to cover up everything

"....well let's go back a little bit in timing there's gonna be out of order and these are cues post this is pose 26:32 this is December 2018 why would the FBI director take the time to visit all 56 FBI field offices around the entire United States q said completed this week this was back then logical thinking now we're gonna move to post 13 18 who must approve the firing dismissal of Department of Justice officials this is one session was the Attorney General so it would be sessions who is the FBI director who must approve the firing dismissal of FBI agents ray if sessions in ray rdc swamp deep state why are they cleaning their respective houses use logic

" 1122 Q says and this is back in April 2018 trust sessions trust ray trusts Kansas trust Horowitz trusts Huber so if Ray hands over these documents to Congress let's say to Devin Nunez do you believe these would be kept confidential well yes I do believe that Devin Eunice would keep them completely confidential well who wouldn't well Adam Schiff wouldn't who's the chair of the house until Adam Schiff Devan newness would have to give or Adam Schiff would receive the same information what do you think Adam Schiff would do with it he would leak it to the mainstream media

"....this is why most likely ray is not handing anything over now if Devin Nunez was the chair I don't think there'd be a problem but they know that Adam Schiff because Trump has tweeted out many many times a little leaker Adam Schiff Q has been telling us about Adam Schiff he has a leaking problem Don jr. even tweeted about about this they don't want to hand this information over because they know it's going to be leaked out because they're not in full control in this area and this is why they're holding it back

" down at the border we know that Trump has been working out a deal with the Mexican President to stop the migrants from coming into the United States and we know that Mexico they have different deep state factions just like the United States and now we're starting to hear from them Mexican economy minister Graciela marquez she is threatening retaliation against Trump's tariffs and we need to remember that in each country there is a deep state and they will fight a and Trump

"....they work together but we know that if they decide to retaliate against the United States this is not going to end well with Mexico if they go down this route what will happen Trump will implement the 20% tariffs on Mexico remember Mexico will then have corporations leave just like they're leaving China he has the upper hand and these individuals are trying to stop Trump in any way possible it's not going to work

"....remember the letter that he was holding up essentially said the following keep your word or in 45 days things will get ugly and 40 days from then the 20% rate tariffs will begin choose wisely and I do believe the president knows this the deep state doesn't care because they're gonna push their agenda even if they destroy the people the country they don't care and we'll have to see how this plays out but I do believe the Mexican president is going to do the right thing

" we know there's been a lot of censorship a lot of channels a lot of account Twitter accounts Facebook accounts they've been taking down and for no reason because the only reason that the deep state actually has is to silence individuals this is their last effort to try to keep their narrative and I noticed the mainstream media they're continually coming out with articles saying why big tech is good for the country keeping the these big companies together is a good thing

"....and there might be unattended consequences if they're broken up this is coming out of CNBC where the article says Google CEO says regulating tech would have unintended consequences and this is coming from Google CEO sundar says he's worried about the unintended consequences of tech regulation well are there really unattended consequences yes for a CIA intelligence run corporation the COTS the under tenant consequences are on their apparatus

"....but for the everyday person it's actually gonna make things better for them remember going way back ma belle this is when the phone company had a monopoly on everything and if you remember those people who are old enough remember that the phones really didn't change that much the technology really didn't change that much and prices were said everything was set and they controlled pretty much everything when the company was broken up into AT&T Verizon and the rest I mean there were different names back then there was like North Bell South Bell West Bell and all those other names they they created at the time then they broke off and changed their names once again what what happened we had better technology competitive pricing pricing actually went down the phone's completely changed they got better and better they look completely different from the old Bell style phones and it made it better for people

"....just look at the mobile industry remember when you had to pay for the first twenty you got twenty minutes free first and then you had to pay for every minute after that and back then there was no texting or anything like that and then when texting came into play you had to pay for every character well competition made it so that you didn't have to pay for every character anymore now most likely what many of the plans it's free texting free data and free calls there's no limit this is what competition does and the prices continually come down and down and down

"....well if we break up these large companies these big tech companies what do you think is gonna happen well first of all it's gonna break up the intelligence apparatus what will they lose they won't be able to censor channels the big tech companies they won't be able to control the narrative other companies might say yeah we're fine with this free speech and maybe that company would be more popular than another one that was broken off and this would benefit the people

".... let's go back to post 1841 cue says the following fake news consolidation propaganda arm of the D Party define antitrust the Sherman Act outlaws every contract combination or conspiracy in restraint of trade and any monopolization attempted monopolization or conspiracy or combination to monopolize then q gave us a link to the FTC gov the FTC's competition mission is to enforce the rules of the competitive marketplace the antitrust laws these laws promote vigorous competition and protect consumers from anti-competitive mergers and business practices reconcile then Keynes Q says Plus Google Plus Facebook + Twitter change we can believe in

"....let's go to post 2171 actions of Twitter Facebook Google YouTube read it etc aggression projection suppression fascism censorship narrative dogma bombs away q qs told us that this was coming and here we are today now it looks like the Pentagon the Department of Defense released a video showing an Iranian Navy ship removing an unexploded mine from a Japanese boat

".... now what's very interesting about this it's all black and white and fuzzy and blurry you can't really make it out and you really don't know what's going on we've seen this before from the deep state and again we have to remember what the mission is here the mission is to keep the mainstream media the deep state very busy thinking that okay we've got this we're gonna be going to war okay let's see if he takes the bait

"....and Trump has Pompeo and Bolton in these positions for a very specific reason but what's very interesting is that the crew the ship they're reporting a completely different story they're saying that we saw a flying object headed towards our ship this was not a time bomb this was a flying object that hit our ship most likely maybe a missile but the mainstream media right now they're going along with this video going along like they always do with the information that comes out of the government and they're not investigating any of this they're saying yes it's a Wren now Trump and team they want this to happen

"....Joe M tweets out the following the deep state are of no nationality cells operating from black sites are behind these hostile acts but Trump's admin is forced to publicly assign blame to the hijacked host nation in this case Iran this is to push us into war except now we are awake and will not be baited and that's exactly what is happening right now he's doing the same thing that happened in Syria and North Korea let the deep state let the mainstream push their agenda in the meantime he's working behind the scenes to implement a peace deal with Iran

"....remember there's black sites deep State in each one of these countries now I want to leave you with post 1746 this was back July 28th 2018 because we're getting very very close and down to the wire when everything is about to come out we understand the Trump of the Patriots they've been preparing the American public and the world for what is coming they're getting people on the same page this is what this post says no matter what happens the media will not push the truth mainstream media implicated in highest level treason event in u.s. modern day history witnessing highest level treason event unfold in u.s. worldwide modern day history have you ever witnessed so many Congress Senate seats vacate in a short period of time have you ever witnessed the Department of Justice FBI what is known fire release vacate events in a short period of time

"....have you ever witnessed the vacating party all positions challenge fight push for the removal of the the entering duly-elected POTUS have you ever witnessed a former US president travel the world ahead behind of the current attempting to undo threatened high cover up previous current illegal corrupt evil events have you ever witnessed forty to fifty thousand sealed in diamonds not all federal criminal have you ever witness so many petal child exposed people going down have you ever witnessed a similar like group rise up mimics and Germany can't say the word with similar like logo push etc

"....have you ever witnessed political foundations hundreds of millions of dollars from specific terrorists sponsor orgs etc only to immediately cease once out of power all during the same period of time nothing is happening not fast enough do you not understand comprehend what we are currently dealing with people are dying we are under threat of kill every second of the day those who you trust the most are the most evil this is not a game humanity is at stake

"....and remember a couple posts back q told us that those people that are going to awaken from their sleep remember they're going to be angry but I think the Patriots what they're doing right now is they're trying to bring everyone up to speed so they're not as angry yes there are going to be many many people that are going to be angry people are going to question everything but once the population the world is brought out of their deep sleep people are going to understand what has happened here they're going to understand the laws why it was illegal why it was treasonous and this is what the Patriots have been preparing everyone for it's coming and we're getting very very close and we all need to be prepared for this to help others to explain what is happening ...≺≺ less

China's Strategy Against Trump and America: Trade War, Huawei, 5G—Gen. Robert Spalding

American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times ** Premiered Jun 3, 2019

*** the us-china trade war what's behind the Chinese Communist Party or CCP strategy with Lu ha walking out on negotiations at the last minute what's the real relationship between Chinese telecom giant the far way and the ccp's quests for global 5g dominance and how much is this all a much much bigger issue than just trade this is American thought leaders and I'm Eunhyuk teller today we sit down with General Robert Spaulding who is a brigadier general in the US Air Force chief China strategist for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and the senior strategic planner for the White House at the National Security Council ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

***.now he's a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute well general Spaulding wonderful to have you on American thought-leaders great to be here thank you so let's talk about the topic that's on everyone's mind right now the us-china trade war I think you can bring some really and a very interesting perspective on this as you were you know at one point essentially the China guy for the entire US military as I understand it so why are we in this trade war what's going oh you know I think trade war people tend to focus on the first word of that which is trade and it's really not about trade it's really about what kind of world do we want to live in

***.when you look at everything the full scope of everything that China does it mixes in its own brand of expansive influence into its economics and so it's not only the goods that we receive here it's the it's the principles too so well tell tell me a little bit more about that what what are the but what's at stake well what's at stake is our freedoms or the principles that our country was founded upon the principles that our international order was founded upon are slowly being eroded by this hyper connectedness of globalization and the internet and China really understood how powerful openness was in terms of both economic development and growth but also spreading its illiberal norms outward

***.we were so hubris t'k as Americans to believe and we failed to recognize that you know over the years over the long history of China they've been invaded and conquered many times and they have a unique ability to absorb that those invaders and then slowly change them into Chinese and so in a sense we thought we'd turn them into Americans and really in reality what's happening in these we're becoming more and more not Chinese but certainly with the Chinese Communist Party which is a Marxist Leninist organization that's really a hybrid from what the Soviet Union was and actually what Nazi Germany was in terms of ideology and economics mixed in a way that is almost imperceptible with the way they distributed out

***.when you when you think of that in a globalized internet powered world which you know if you think of our founding fathers we never had an Internet we didn't have globalization they weren't things that they actually concern themselves with all they although they were worried about foreign influence China has essentially operationalized those concepts for spreading we're really suppressing any challenges to its rule in China and in the way it does as by spreading oppression and suppression of freedoms religion speech those things this is absolutely fascinating so what do you make of the Chinese negotiators stepping away at the last moment at presumably Xi Jinping's the hessed recently

***.so lyoha educated in the West understands global economics to some extent they've been able to hijack openness for their own means and essentially Trump administration said and with light hyzer negotiating said no more that that has to stop and if you think about this strategically from the Chinese perspective they really only have one option here and that is to further reform and open up and so lyoha I believe recognize that you know China need to access the capital needs access to technology needs access to innovation the only place you can get that is in the West and therefore they had negotiated essentially an agree which would allow for some opening and reforms well that got back to the leadership and they most likely met about whether or not they wanted to go along that path

***.and much like June 4th 1989 they decided that they were going to go another way the challenge and now is how do you play that with an administration that is absolutely determined to get an agreement that actually can be enforced in in my opinion the way you play that is to push the regime out that you're that you're that's your foe and so I believe they're they're betting on they can put enough harm into the US economy that the 2020 elections go to somebody else fascinating

***.so you know we've been talking with some other folks that have been on the show actually how you know on one hand you know if there's all this talk about Russia influencing the election in 2016 which is certainly did to some extent but now we see China kind of in plain sight trying to influence the election by targeting specific regions where President Trump is a vulnerable regions industries you look at the Foxconn Factory in Wisconsin you look at the national gas agreement in West Virginia each one of these are means for putting hooks into local politics in those regions or States and then by then turning and saying well the president is making it very hard for us to continue these investments

***.many of which they've never actually had any intention of ever e-ever falling through with then they can say it's the president's fault that your economy is turning south it's a president's fault that all these billions of dollars of promised investment aren't materializing never mind the fact that they usually never materialized and you can go look at many examples where China has agreed to have investments of billions of dollars that actually never happen so I've been reading about the newest threat which is halting you know rare-earth export which is necessary return necessary for all sorts of key technologies we have what do you make of this well

***.I think it's um it's it would be a terrible mistake on the part of the Chinese and this is this is the problem the Communist Party can't help itself it finds itself it believes itself to be under attack in reality what's happening is for the first time the American government is defending the American people and defending American companies in the international space Chinese can't have that they feel that it it's by their right that they should have access to America's economy almost too as America's in an innovation and that how dare we you know defend that how dare the American government defend that and so it instead of seeing it like it is which is our really built our willingness or want to protect our own sovereignty they see it as we're trying to essentially control the Chinese Communist Party or prevent China from growing anymore which is absolutely incorrect nevertheless they their narrative to themselves is the United States is attacking us and therefore we must defend

***.now the way that I would defend if I were them is by opening up and reforming but they can't do that because they that means that they lose some control therefore they're going to squeeze haider if you think about it it's almost like you put jello in your hand and you slowly start to squeeze what happens to the jello it comes out from between your fingers what's happening is their tendency is one is to squeeze more and more and as they squeeze more and more they actually lose control and so I think they're their natural tendency is going to want to be to squeeze and that looks like let's let's prevent rare earths from going to the United States

***.all that's going to do is going to force the United States to look at the alternative means to errors it's not gonna help China's economy in any way it's gonna actually destroy the market for errors in China I see so you know speaking of these you know economic connections two that have been for over the last several decades with China into the global system as you're saying you know very deliberately how does that play out visa V Wall Street we're saying we're hearing talk of you know the trade were moving to Wall Street

***.my perspective is it's already it's been on Wall Street a while maybe we just didn't know it well what do you think about this well so there's billions of dollar US dollars in real estate in China there are continuing flow of billions of dollars now into China's a share so their into their stock market the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock market those are through American deposit receipts in Hong Kong and so you have billions of US dollars flowing into China at the same time that we're getting into this economic decoupling and so and from a macro perspective you'd say well that doesn't make a lot of sense why would those billions of dollars be flowing in there

***. well because Wall Street is essentially selling the stocks and bonds for China into Western capital markets why because they make a fee on that so that sounds like it makes it a lot more difficult for the administration to achieve its goal of getting a fair deal

***.well of course if you think about it if if American retirement funds so if your retirement my retirement are invested in China then there's going to be a repercussion to your retire to your pension fund and so you know I think in in some respects to the Chinese Communist Party and Wall Street are like this because it ties us closer together makes it more difficult for us to you know enforce the rules of the road

***.so what's the play here for the administration then if this is I'm not clear how big this is it sounds like it's so many dollars hundreds of billions of dollars right well the play is enforcer rules the rules say transparency is required for reproduce iary responsibility for shareholders that the FCC faz B the Financial Accounting Standards boards PCAOB the auditing board all of them are required to actually look at the system and the companies that are in the system to make sure that they're actually portraying to the markets factual information

***.of course now you have China's law which says well we can't actually share that information with you so think about it if you couldn't actually audit Intel if you couldn't actually verify that their financial statements that there are ten KS and their ten Q's were accurate how do you know what you're investing in essentially that's what you have for the entire Chinese stock market and bond bond sales yet we are selling those into into the capital markets

***.and that's one of the ways that essentially China harnesses globalization they actually need dollars u.s. dollars to grow their economy they can't just grow it organically why because they need food they need energy they need resources to actually manufacture to build infrastructure they have to buy those in the international market using US dollars because that's the that's the the the settlement currency that those goods require

***. how do they get dollars well they have been getting dollars by exporting their goods to the US and in other countries well that's slowly coming to a halt as most of these corporations move their manufacturing outside of China because of the tariffs what's the other way you can get dollars you can get dollars by selling financial instruments on capital markets financial instruments that have no inherent value

***.it used to be that your fuer an investor you could go and look at 10ks and 10-qs and say okay if you look at all the cash on hand if you look at all the assets of this company my worst case on this valuation is X and so I'm willing to invest knowing I have some kind of downside protection if you recently we had two companies in China that all of a sudden lost six billion dollars in other words they were reporting to the market that they had six billion dollars of cash on hand

***.and then all of a sudden they did a restatement said we don't know where that cash went now imagine in the fan American company just said we just went and checked our cat our bank account and that's six billion dollars we were reporting to the market it's not there and then you say okay well what happened to the money nobody knows well can we get to the bottom of it no that's that's China's national security data you can't have it

***.robbed so you're saying that basically Wall Street just takes on faith the value of these companies that that's just sounds utterly insane foreign for American deposit receipt that's a 30 page glossy that goes out to to buyers right that's so that's what Wall Street is sending to the buyers is a 30 page glossy guess who it's produced by it's produced by Communist Party members in Hong Kong and in in in China

***.it's it just sounds unreal doesn't it well of course but I mean if you have you seen the China hustle with where they were doing the reverse mergers into basically companies that had no assets right and then walking away with the money and leaving the investors you know with nothing that happened it's there in in in the West there's a sucker born every day and and and we're suckers for what you know Wall Street tells us is a great deal

***.so you know let's say that this transparent I mean their transparency is actually being demanded or at least more transparency in this deal that that's being worked out you know just does suddenly all these companies that we thought were valuable or Americans thought were valuable are actually not nearly as valuable in some case not valuable at all how does that play out economically for us

***.well remember how Al Capone was eventually brought to brought to you yeah it was because somebody found his books okay and not only found his books but found the accountant that actually ran the book so he could travel translate the code of books right the problem with Chinese companies is you don't know what the books are

***.even if you have the books you can't you can't trust that they're actually real it's the it's the entire nature of the way business is done in China currently what China does is essentially ensure that within its own borders you can do pretty much anything you want as long as you don't challenge the Chinese Communist Party and so that that results in the very laissez-faire capitalist really economy inside of China the competition is cutthroat but it also means you can get away with just about anything and as long as you're not creating a problem for the Communist Party

***.that means that any rule of law or any any fiduciary responsibility or any you know semblance of what we would consider to be you know a billet II to do a fact-based assessment on an investment is it's completely not available in China and one under the current regime will never be available that is what's sold into the US on the pretense that well it's just the other economies been growing at you know double-digit rates for many years and now it's at six point five percent that you know if your your money is gonna be safe over there

***.and oh by the way because it's a totalitarian regime that there's an implicit guarantee by the Chinese government that that will protect your investment except banks are failing companies are failing they're failing they're failing to pay on their bonds what was Venezuela before it was what it currently is today it was it had assets that were owned by foreign companies doing well then what did they do they seized all the assets

***.right so remember I said the the the fist is tightening as that fist gets tighter and tighter I think one of the things that you can expect is that assets of Western companies are going to be the next to go so if you're right and the CCP is going after you know basically making sure that President Trump doesn't get elected get a more friendly administration something like that what what can what can the administration do now to basically fend off Chinese interference yeah

***.well I think what they could do is is something that they haven't done yet is explain the tie between China's economic behavior and its need to shape the world and its own own image now the State Department is doing a good job talking for for once in a long time about human rights about freedoms about universal freedoms and particularly calling China to account for the the we Gerson chin John for example and other religious atrocities that they're committing

***.but they haven't tied that yet to the global system that China is creating on the economic side so finance trade investment immigration the internet media politics are all interwoven into the kind of world that China wants to see no China deeply fears the principles that we live under in this in this in this country it deeply fears the United States Constitution

***.because that document was created to prevent any one organ within our country from gaining absolute power that idea is a knife in the heart of the Chinese Communist Party if it was ever established within the the minds and hearts of the Chinese people and so in order to protect itself it must suppress those freedoms not just in its own country but abroad because the Constitution is much more powerful than a person or a military it's an idea

***.it's an idea that has shown time and time again that people generally want to be free Rob let's shift gears a little bit now you know you are certainly one of the experts in this country on 5g that's another you know buzzword that you hear a lot something very important to the future of the world China and notably Huawei as the you know large chinese company has been building into this dramatically you know essentially ahead of the us you some time ago you wrote this controversial memo on this issue which you know raised a lot of eyebrows caused a lot of problems tell me a little bit about the importance of 5g yeah and what it what it is how it works and its significance in this relationship in the trade war

***. so first of all i never recommended nationalizing a network the the study i did was a technical study was about physics it was about science it was about engineering was about how do we leapfrog china who's actually taken quite a lead because we've been asleep at the wheel in 5g and and create the kind of technological revolution in the united states that will drive the next evolution of technology technological growth

***.that's what the study was about and there were some key outcomes and that one of which you have to recognize that the network itself is made for machines it's not made for people you won't see much difference in terms of how you interact with the internet but you will see a difference in terms of machines interacting with machines and their machines interacting with people you know the 4G network allows for 10,000 connections per square mile the 5g network allows for 3 million

***.now we're not going to all of a sudden grow you know you know three million people above the 10,000 in the square mile in the United States we have plenty of connectivity for us to talk to each other all those connections are for the machines some of those machines are big enough to run you over like a self-driving car so they actually bring danger

***.so if you look at the cameras today that are connected to 4G we know that they're easily hackable and used in botnets for DDoS attacks now imagine that honest on the scale of you know three million devices within one square mile bus right now that many of which could could do harm to us that that is a big problem

***.but that's not the only problem the United states-led in 4G Europe led and 2g let'em 3G United states-led and forward that meant the technology the applications the the services the business models that were built on top of 4G came from the United States if you think about the mobile market it was a combination of 4G networks in the smartphone that allowed for you know things like uber and airbnb and all these different you know exponential companies that are changing the way the world works in in ways that add value to things

***.but more importantly if you look at the technology underlying that system it was built for the most part with Western values now why what does that mean the iPhone the iPhones encrypted it's meant to be a private you know privacy protecting device and of course when they added iCloud you created a lot of problems because as soon as you move your data to the cloud now you have somebody has an opportunity to get after it but at least on the iPhone itself is built to be hardware software integrated encrypted so that your data was secure right

***.that's because it was built by Apple an American company the values privacy okay so China figured that if the US could lead to 4G it should lead in five Gina you know actually we started to think about this in 2009 2008 before five G even was the thing and the reason was they saw that the West had put their values into technology foundation of mobile computing and they said well we want to control the standards in the technology foundation that drives the five-year-old why well our companies come from a nation that values privacy their companies come from a nation that absolutely does not value privacy

***.and so if you think about the alternative to the iPhone which is say the huawei mate 10 right right the Chinese law says you know we need to have access to two that we needed back doors we need back doors and hardware and we need back doors and software that's by Chinese law and so if you look at the the the systems that are essentially in conflict today there's two systems that really fundamentally bring this to mind and one is the general data protection regulation in Europe and the Chinese cyber security law

***.now what is it what is the what is similar about those two laws Europe is actually proud that they have an extraterritorial imprint on GD GD P R in other words it doesn't just apply to European companies it applies to American companies applies to any any company anywhere if you're operating in Europe then you have to abide by Gd P R right right well China also has the cybersecurity law it also has extraterritoriality in other words anywhere that China's interests are and especially if you have an academic economics or financial relationship with China which its global champions do then its it has to have its ability to get into the to essentially its full access for this

***.so the problem with the world at its advancing so much in our connectivity through our digital lives is advancing so much that our ability to create laws in the West has has gone past our ability to actually enforce them in a digital space in other words GD P R is a law that's unenforceable in a digital sense because if you look at it the the what the behavior that they were trying to stop is still going on

***.Google still doing what it's doing Facebook is still doing what it's doing it's because it can't be enforced China is building their enforcement mechanism in the technology and so that means that they can enforce it they can enforce it on the network they can enforce it at the device level they can force it through their undersea cable system they essentially are taking control of the underlying technological structure because they recognize that just writing a law is not sufficient in a digital world

***.you actually need to the ability to divert data to decrypt data to monitor what's going on and then if you need to you need to be able to suppress speech you need to be able to influence populations you need to be able to influence individuals what more powerful way to do that then with a hyper-connected 5g system that allows you to have access to devices that allows you to your companies to be dominant in e-commerce that allows your companies to be dominant in surveillance and reconnaissance like DJI

***.and in the and and what's the the video company oh gosh the cyber camera company that has artificial intelligence facial recognition that's basically was sold in you know many of our military bases and another so it it is really looking at where the world is going and saying we need to we need to build it at the technology layer not at the you know paper layer that we're used to in a physical world because just doing it the paper layers insufficient actually control to the fidelity you want to

***.so you know this I often said to people that you know some of the biggest successes and quotes the Chinese Communist Party have had isn't its propaganda efforts and the United Front work and so forth you know convincing people that it's you know big and important and powerful and economically bigger and this way you're describing here I found very chilling because you know in this sort of system could the CCP just basically you know cut off certain in data flows you know at the drop of a hat whether it's information whether it's you know the control over a driverless car is it is it that simple and we're doing it controls 5g

***.so if you look at what happened in Germany for example for example the far-right party in Germany was able to harness Facebook to do advertising - you know essentially getting far more votes than than they'd ever got in the history since the fall to Nazi regime and so the the way that you harness big data social media artificial intelligence and you can do this all through a 5g Network and especially if you own the the infrastructure and the devices

***.now you have enormous opportunity to both have a fine level of detail you know your your digital persona gives incredible insight to who you are as a person what your interests are what your motivations are and in that using that information with a with a purpose in mind you know Amazon sales are going up Facebook connections are going up but in China they're able to influence you in ways that actually leads to an outcome that's good for the state

***.so it's basically this you know insanely in-depth research that Facebook would have or Google has on on any one of us as if we're using the Internet but basically weaponized by a totalitarian regime for its use right if you think about it GDP are is is almost a swan song of you know liberal democracies because you know what's going after the thanks Facebook Amazon Netflix Google right the ability to to actually prevent them from taking your data what's coming up behind the fangs the bats the Baidu's Alibaba is the 10 cents

***.now you can actually find Google and get a payment that's that's possible because they're in a country that abides by for the laws the rules right exactly right you can't find the bats and get a payment because they live in a country they are they exist in a country that doesn't follow rule by law a rule of law they follow rule by law

***.if you seen any of the lawsuits that have gone against Chinese companies in the United States they never collect their either settlement out of out of court or the the the the plaintiff actually runs out of money try and assume because they actually have access to state coffers so good luck for Europe ever getting any of the bats to abide by GDP are and more worrisome is if China has their 5g network then it doesn't matter what GDP are says because they're gonna have the back doors to do whatever they want with that data

***.fascinating so you know the Trump administration recently banned Huawei biggest telecom company in the world what's the relationship between Huawei and the Communist Party of China well it's the same relationship than any other company has that's from China and that as a Chinese Communist Party has total control over the country which means they have total control of the company

***. so you don't believe the leaders saying hey they can't tell me dude yeah Ren Jung hey guys I mean I actually find it laughable when the head of Interpol can basically be sequestered without anybody knowing Interpol has no idea the entire international community community is completely oblivious to what happened to the head of Interpol guess what he got anti corrupted do you think Ren Zhang Fei can't be anti corrupted or anybody in in in China can't be essentially sequestered in a in a non-judicial way of course that's their system

***.the sovereign in China is not the Chinese the government the People's Republic of China government is not the sovereign the sovereign is the Chinese Communist Party it's a challenge for countries to actually do business diplomatic business with China because the decisions are actually made by the Communist Party they are not made by the the government the government executes the decisions of the Chinese Communist Party and so when when the State Department goes over to meet with their counterparts in in China they're not actually meeting with the sovereign think about that

***.the sovereign here in the United States would be represented by the State Department right but in China that's not the case it's actually represented by the Communist Party and the Communist Party has its own constitution and that Constitution says the most important thing for the Communist Party is maintaining control of the Communist Party

***.so tois way is ahead in five G right now you know substantially arguably and so so what does America do what is you know Europe do what's your what's your yeah well you have to go back to what I said about the the network being four machines and and then realize that everything every decision we've made in technology to this point has been for resiliency connectivity and speed everything

***.and then afterwards when people started hacking into things we saw it oh we I need to add some security on top of that well if you're if you're found after you're at your foundational design decision you say I'm going to compromise security so they can have speed resiliency and connectivity now you've got a problem in that any security you apply thereafter is this a past job and it's going to ultimately fail

***.and so what my study said was in addition to hey we need to how can we jump ahead of China and 5g we need to go back reverse every one of those decisions since 5g is going to be such a proliferated technology in other words you're gonna have connectivity just about everywhere if it's deployed correctly we don't have to worry about all these design decisions we made in the past about resiliency speed and kind of cavity that's already built into the network

***.okay let's go back and then the underlying compute network power an interface technology all of those design decisions let's go back and let's just design them from the ground up to be secure now fortunately all of this work is done in American companies and universities and in research labs all it takes is for somebody to come together and put them together in a way that essentially fundamentally redesigns the internet

***. the internet was designed to be very mapable to be very open to be easily deciphered that is not good if you want to actually have to secure your data in other words we would never allow Chinese tanks to be rolling down for 35 on an afternoon in DC we just wouldn't allow it to happen so why do we allow the PLA desync essentially roam our networks without license because we have no way to stop them because we didn't design the network to prevent them from doing so

***.if you think about how exam lethen when he was thinking about the country and you know we need an army we need a Navy he wasn't he was understood he didn't even think about space he was thinking about air seal and you know we added space later we completely created this digital environment is totally man-made but we've never thought about how in a in a in a societal sense in a governance sense how do we actually control that in a way that presents the same kind of values that the American people have come to grow and love over 240 years

***.you have to actually design that in the technology you can't go and add a amendment to the Constitution and say well we want an Internet that actually doesn't behave like the Wild West and allows all adversaries to come in and influence this or take our intellectual property you can't do that you actually have to design it in the technology and so that requires leadership by the government right now we are essentially abdicating that leadership to the private sector the private sector just wants to build the premium the cheapest Network so it can make profits on all the connectivity

***.and so our system currently doesn't incentivize a completely secure internet for the American people because we haven't yet essentially adapted or come to the realization that if we don't then all these precious freedoms that we that we've grown to know and love and cherish will just be taken from us not because you know somebody's going to come in and invade with an army because we're gonna sit there slowly going to be eroded because our ability to understand what's going on is really gonna be masked from us because your phone knows more about you than you could even imagine

***.now where does that data go that data goes essentially to the highest bidder think about this the Second Amendment the Second Amendment provides American citizens with the right to resist the government if it ever becomes oppressive now if you live in a world where you don't know that you're being oppressed or you don't know who's oppressing you what good is a gun fascinating rob

***.tell me that people say that the China or the car Chinese Communist Party is very efficient and in a way it is because they can actually harness all these different resources all the companies the military the universities everything works hand in hand to support a company like Huawei to achieve this kind of global dominance and you know quick push how can we do something like that in the US where you know obviously we don't want to nationalize as you mentioned how'd it has that done

***.oh this is this is a great question and this is probably the key point and the key point is what China figured out what the totalitarian regime figured out what dumb Xiao ping figured out was that you have to align the private profit motive with your national interest in other words if you're doing well the country's doing well how do you do that you structure the incentive system so you are hyper enabled to do the things that make yourself wealthy as long as you don't challenge the Communist Party

***.and so it's just about structuring the system around that and so they've done that the financial assess and incentives the the the market pool from China are the two of the biggest levers that they haven't and because of our connectivity to that system as I already discussed in the financial area in the trade area in the investment area in the immigration area and the Internet area in the media area they can also incentivize our own companies to be to their private profit motive to be towards their national interests

***.and so the answer really is if you are so hyper connected to a country that doesn't understand rule of law doesn't understand private property doesn't understand individual liberty and doesn't understand sovereignty of the American people and the American nation then you have to decouple that's the only way that you can actually protect yourself if you embrace China you will lose

***.so what possibility then is there and having a trade agreement what does this trade agreement going to look like well before China made we're not gonna have a trade agreement now it's not coming it's not forthcoming okay and it's not going to be forthcoming China is waiting on the 2020 elections that's what the Communist Party has decided

***.when before that decision was made I expected we'd have a watered down agreement that the president would basically assign a sign and then wait for the elections in 2020 and then turn around and say okay we're gonna we're gonna renegotiate this that's not gonna happen either so I don't think we're gonna have an agreement I think it's all riding on the 2020 elections who gets elected now I don't care who gets elected but what I want to have happen is that I want the American people to be protected I want them to be protected in a way that preserves their freedoms and whatever candidate does get elected better understand that the most significant threat to our future prosperity and freedom is a Chinese Communist Party powerful place to end up Rob Spalding such a pleasure thank you you [Music] you ...≺≺ less

Sen. Van Hollen Says He Supports Trump's Approach to Huawei

Bloomberg Politics ** Published on Jun 14, 2019

*** give us your sense of why this is so critically important as we say this is starting to bite now not just in China BEC Unites States but give us a sense of why this is so important for our national security well David let me be clear I disagree with much of the Trump administration's trade and tariff policy I thought it was a big mistake to slap on so-called section 232 sanctions national security sanctions tariffs on Canada and our allies but when it comes to the Trump administration's approach to Huawei specifically putting them on the entities lists and saying that US suppliers should not be strengthening Huawei I support that decision because I do think this is a critical national security issue ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

***.. in all my conversations with the intelligence community they've made clear that if Huawei is allowed to dominate the 5g infrastructure of the future around the world that will compromise our national security interests and those of our allies and so I think this is an appropriate measure the administration's take in and I hope they will stick with it what I worry about is the administration trading off important national security issues for things like you know more soybean sales to China that does worry me because we need to be very clear national security is about protecting our country and that of our allies

***.. and we shouldn't be trading that off for something else so senator let's stay on the national security issue that I know is so important to all of us and you have been very outspoken about it how far does it go how far beyond Huawei tis ago because we now have some suggestion for example we should look twice at buying buses buying transportation vehicles think that from China because in this day and age they have microchips embedded in them they have very electronics and we had Rick Scott this the Republican senator from Florida on yesterday he said actually it's dangerous for US companies to do business in China at all

***..this is what he said I don't think that a mayor any American should buy one Chinese product we should not do any business with China we should not buy anything from China we have to understand they are our Jinna me so senator where is the line between huawei one company on the one hand and all companies on the other where is that line drawn properly yeah look I respectfully disagree with Senator Scott there's a difference big difference between Huawei and a chinese toy manufacturer and so the line needs to be drawn where it's the assessment of the intelligence community with input from experts around the country and around the world that it would put the United States and our allies at risk if we were to essentially do business and help support a particular Chinese technology in this case 5g which is of course the one of the communication technologies of the future

***..and to the extent that China dominates the globe and is allowed to set the standards and write the rules for that now the risk is that because Huawei ultimately like any company in China can be commandeered by the government of China what you're ultimately dealing with is the Chinese government now I know why Wei likes to say it's a it's an independent company and it's not currently a state-owned entity but we all know the reality that at any moment the government of China can take over Huawei and essentially dictate the terms - Wow way and they would likely do that in a way that undermines our national security interests so again I wouldn't I I'm certainly not saying don't do any trade with with China I'm talking about a very specific example here in the in the realm of 5g ...≺≺ less