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I follow Q, Q+, Qanon .... If it is just a Conspiracy Theory, then Trump may lose in 2020 .... Still, ... Let see ...time is the answer ... ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

I have bad feeling, experienced, and lived with the easy to become evil criminals as well as dirty mind of the idealists, socialists, communists, VC, globalists, dogmatists, fantasy mind artists, mind driven journalists .. as in history and in my real life ... who Tolstoy referred to as "the stupidity of the intellect"... Buddha said "the illusion of the mind" ... as we can remember when we are young, high school boys/girls ..... the ideology / beautiful never-come-true dreams always lead to arrogance, intolerance of the difference, emotion, easy anger, violence, tyrant, atheist, commit to fallacy of appeal to ignorance, and "Going by the End justify the Mean"...

Mr. President Trump like General Patton about secret plans, and the art of deception by Sun Tzu (The Art of War) ... (At age 13, Trump was enrolled in the New York Military Academy, one of the oldest military schools in the United States) ... why Q, Q+, Qanon disclose most plans ??? They prepare American and the world for a very very big event, as an earthquake, big holy storm ... that make no surprise, no doubt about the evil hidden /superior level criminals .... the shaking economic, environment ... the changing upside down society for the better lives ... (every century has a big war/big murders ... idealists vs. realists) ... When it happens the protest / opposition on the massive imprison may be dismissed significantly by Q info ... reducing riots ... save million lives ???
Q, Q+, Qanon do not need you to believe and follow them forever ... They just want people be aware ... Their disclosing will comfort / calm you when the Conspiracy Theory become the real ....

“Progress is the mode of man. . . . The general life of the human race is called Progress .... . . . When the condition of affairs was not ripe, when the insurrection was not decidedly accepted, when the mass disavowed the movement, it was all over for the combatants . . . . *** A people cannot by surprised into more rapid progress that it wants. . . . Woe to him who attempts to force its hand. A people cannot pushed around. Then it abandons the insurrection to its own devices . . . The insurgents become pariahs .... " Victor Hugo
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#QAnon, the scarily popular pro-Trump conspiracy theory, explained
Updated Aug 2, 2018, 12:31pm EDT
" ... The Russia investigation is a sham. It’s actually a cover story for special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump working together to expose thousands of pedophiles hidden in plain sight — including Hillary Clinton (and Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama), who will soon be under arrest. (Or perhaps already have been and are on their way to Guantanamo Bay.) ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

The GOP lost the Alabama special election for Jeff Sessions’s Senate seat on purpose — a plan devised years ago to reveal the use of fraudulent voting machines and, ultimately, take down none other than George Soros. Or the Rothschilds. Or the Illuminati.

And there’s no White House chaos at all; in fact, despite legal scandals and special counsel investigations and bile-laden tweets, everything, absolutely everything, is going just as Donald Trump intended it.

Welcome to QAnon, sometimes referred to as “the Storm.” It’s a conspiracy theory that’s swept social media and is starting to break into the mainstream, with Trump rally attendees in Florida on July 31 holding signs and wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “We are Q” and the conspiracy theory’s main catchphrase, “Where we go one, we go all...."

WHITE RABBIT NEWS ** Published on Nov 4, 2018

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Source: Court Records -
Source: Unsealed Indictments -
63,228 SEALED | 5,916 UNSEALED | 88,069 NON-SEALED @8:38 PM 11/24/2018


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QAnon links US Attorney with thousands of sealed indictments decimating the Deep State
Source: Court Records -!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ
Source: Twitter User - Shannon
Source: Twitter User - KathyMicale

Stealth Moves Behind The Scenes, Investigations, Control Moves To Senate - Episode 1736b

X22Report ** Published on Dec 9, 2018

"...he told this to a married couple from Virginia that the infamous internet conspiracy prognosticator known as Q Anon has been dead accurate about so many things adding... when you find out who he is... you're not going to believe it

" it doesn't matter if they say oh that's fake news it's it's not real it's still going into their subconscious that they heard something about it that there's something wrong with the Clinton Foundation because many people that are sleeping I've only heard good things and to hear that there's problems with it even with taxes and Bill Clinton komen commingling the fund that means something else on a higher level is wrong and what Q is saying is that now we need to get people used to the idea that something wrong something underhanded was happening in the Clinton Foundation

"...because when the hammer Falls it's it will be a lot easier so it doesn't matter if they're just discussing it saying that oh there's nothing wrong that really doesn't matter as long as people are discussing it and bringing it up that's the whole point so everyone is aware that something's going on even if they don't believe it at this point ... ...≺≺less ...

Something Big Is About To Happen, Time Marker Set, Barr Puts [DS] On Notice - Episode 1874b

X22Report ** Published on May 22, 2019
".....the deep state they are trying everything to get Trump they are redoing the Muller investigation they're looking for obstruction they are looking for anything that's out there that they can use to stop the d-class to stop the OIG report to stop everything and turn everything in their favor remember they're not controlling the narrative right now Trump of the Patriots they are in control they're in the offensive position the deep state they're in a defensive position the only thing they have right now is the mainstream media which continually backs them up because once they come out with a bogus statement that's completely fake phony and false it's backed by nothing the mainstream media can plaster it all over the place ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".....and they think this is going to work but it's not we're gonna be discussing that in a little bit but first I wanted to start off with what North Korea is saying about Joe Biden now North Korea's state media outlet hammered Biden and he they're saying that he's a fool he has a low IQ they're making fun of him and what they're saying here is not going to help Biden at all remember Trump he worked out a peace deal which is still ongoing with North Korea Biden did nothing and now North Korea is making fun of Biden

".....I mean it's not helping him at all now let's move on to Muller and his investigation because when Muller was investigating the Russian collusion they said they found something very interesting but only when in the direction of Trump pulse Perry tweeted out the following Muller uncovered evidence that the Kremlin tied officials tried to develop contacts with both the Trump campaign and the Clinton campaign during the 2016 election yet Muller only investigated and documented the efforts to reach out to the Trump campaign not the Clinton campaign and of course because their main mission was to remove Trump just because another country tries to reach out doesn't mean you're colluding with them and they continually tried to say that Russia was reaching out Russia was trying to get in touch but they were also doing it to Clinton also and other candidates

" the question now is why was the Muller investigation needed if witnesses are asked to testify again on May 17 2017 Robert mullet was appointed a special counsel to investigate alleged coordination efforts between the Russian government and Trump's 2016 campaign on March 22nd 2019 he delivered his report the final report to attorney General William bar over the course of the probe Muller brought a hundred and ninety nine charges against 34 people and three companies including six of trumps former advisers and associates how much did the Muller investigation cost well it cost around thirty four thirty five million dollars and it took twenty two months

" despite Muller's extensive investigation and its conclusions Democrats in Congress are pursuing multiple investigations on the same subjects previously investigated by the Special Counsel mark meadows tweeted out the following a question every American should ask what on earth was the point of a taxpayer-funded Special Counsel if we're going to demand every witness testify again after the case is already closed so what they're doing is they're redoing the entire Muller investigation why because they didn't get the obstruction piece they're searching for the obstruction piece they thought they were going to receive this

".....they thought this was going to be laid out so they could use it to impeach Trump it didn't work their plan didn't work and now they're upset and angry that the block that they had is gone so they're redoing the entire thing this is why they want all his notes and everything from the investigation because they want to comb through it and redo the investigation and include the obstruction in their investigation and Trump decided to bring John Brennan out into the spotlight he tweeted the filing because he was basically replying to John Brennan's tweet a while ago John Brennan on the Malheur probe I don't know if I receive bad information but I think I suspected that there was more than there actually was Trump says Wow he admits he was wrong Congress to go back to work on drug prices etc

" then John Brennan decided to respond to Trump he said I subsequently learned from the Muller report that there was a lot more evidence of collusion obstruction of justice than was indicated in the misleading and highly politicized bar memo your obvious fear of congressional action is warranted and your dishonesty is appalling George papadopolis decided to respond to John Brennan's tweet that he just tweeted out for Trump John George papadopolis said Oh John all the weaponized assets you sent my way Joseph Mifsud Alexander Downer Stefan halper are all being outed from London and can ybarra

".....those governments are now actively cooperating with the Trump administration and have flipped on you your role will be exposed and it will be and remember it's not the actual crime it's gonna be the cover-up of the crime that gets them which will lead back to the crime and you can see this is what has been happening everything that they tried to cover up that's what's coming out into the open look at former Australian diplomat Alexander Downer he is out there and he's defending the tip he gave to the FBI regarding

".....George papadopolis downer said that as a warrior the Western alliance he provided the FBI with a memo he wrote after May 10th 2016 meeting in which he says Papadopoulos mentioned that Russia might release information about Hillary Clinton close to the election so he's countering george papadapolis argument that he never said this so he produced this memo which he wrote two months ago and now he's producing it now why did he wait so long well Devon unas he wants the same information warrior he tweeted out warrior for the Western alliance why does he wait two months to bring us a this important information which it is not really that important because we know it's a cover-up memo

".....they're trying to cover their tracks and it's going to get them now Pelosi she pulled something out of a hat today and she is pushing the propaganda narrative that there is a cover-up now think about this for a second there is a cover-up what do we been saying all along the cover-up is going to get you think mirror they're covering up everything that they did so Nancy Pelosi said all the investigations that have to do with Trump's tax returns Deutsche Bank and other things are being ruled in their favor

" I believe that the information on Trump's tax returns to what Japan to many other things will turn up absolutely nothing will be a nothing burger the Patriots have already prepared for this scenario they made sure that Trump was completely clean they knew that they were going to have to turn in tax returns they knew that people were gonna look into his financial dealings they knew that they were going to look into his foundations so they went through it already and they made sure that everything was absolutely clean and then

".....they decided to withhold the tax returns and I believe they did this on purpose because they're preparing to expose the deep state for what they really are think about it Trump has trapped the Dems before he trapped them on the Mullah report it turned him nothing he used the same strategy for immigration he's exposed what they really wanted and he exposed how they didn't want to stop illegals from entering this country how they didn't care if criminals came in human trafficking drugs and everything else he's doing the same exact thing

" before Pelosi came out with this cover-up Trump tweeted out the following everybody including me thought that when the 40 million dollar mullah report was released with no collusion no obstruction of a crime caused by others that was the end but no the Democrats want to keep it going in an effort to help them in 2020 bad for the country so once Pelosi came out with this announcement Trump decided to have a televised meeting in the Rose Garden and he responded to Pelosi 'he's cover-up statement

".....I'll let him explain it take a listen on a witch-hunt or a hoax the whole thing with Russia was a hoax as it relates to the Trump administration that happened to our country it hurt us in so many ways despite that we're setting records with the economy with jobs were the most employment numbers that we've had in the history of our country in some cases fifty-one years but generally in the history of our country companies are moving back in things are going well and I said let's have the meeting on infrastructure we'll get that done easily that's one of the easy ones and instead of walking in happily into a meeting I walk in to look at people that had just said that I was doing a cover up I don't do cover-ups you people know that probably better than anybody

".....and I was just looking at a list of some of the things that we just did more than 2500 subpoenas qualified for and I let everybody talk I let the White House Counsel speak for 30 hours 30 hours I have 19 special counsel lawyers 40 FBI agents I said open it all up let them have whatever they want nearly 500 search warrants think of that a search warrant did you ever see a search warrant before neither did I this was over 500 search warrants and of the 19 people that were heading up this investigation or whatever you want to call it with Bob Butler

"..... they were contributors to the Democrat Party most of them into Hillary Clinton they hated President Trump they hated him with a passion they went to her big party after the election that turned out to be awake not a party was awake and they were very angry these are the people that after two years and 40 million or 35 million dollars it'll end up being a lot more than that by the time all the bills are paid this is what happened no collusion no obstruction no nothing now as you can see this was completely planned

"..... they wanted this to be in the news cycle they wanted Trump to basically not go along with the infrastructure meeting they wanted to be they wanted him to be off his game they did this on purpose and now people are thinking there's a cover-up again think mirror the cover-up is on their side but they're using all of what they have done and trying to project it onto Trump but it's not going to work now very interestingly out of nowhere a confidential IRS draft memo that was leaked to The Washington Post and published Tuesday says president Trump must turn over his tax documents to Congress unless he invokes executive privilege

" a copy of the 10 page memo which was obtained by The Washington Post says the disclosure of tax returns to the committee is mandatory requiring the Secretary to disclose returns and return information requested by the tax writing chairs the memo was reportedly penned by a lawyer in the office of chief counsel's several months ago and did not represent the agency's official position steve minuchin said that the Treasury is looking into who penned and leaked the confidential draft IRS memo that found Trump must provide his tax returns to Congress unless executive privilege is asserted

".....well the mystery memo is stamped draft does not reference Trump and it wasn't even signed but as expected the Democrats are using this to go after Trump's tax returns this is being done on purpose they needed something out of the IRS so someone created this memo it's not official and now they're just gonna go with it it's not signed it's draft someone in there that's aligned with the deep State decided to create this and now minuchin is tracking this down take a listen to what he said while he was testifying about drums tax returns and the memo

".....I believe the day before yesterday they called us up and we confirmed that we that I and the Commissioner were not aware of that letter and had not seen it but you have since that time reviewed that memo actually I haven't reviewed it I looked at it literally on the way up here someone handed me the printed copy of it so I would not describe that as I've reviewed it did somebody make you aware that the memo states that the law does not require that the Ways and Means Committee Finance chair or JCT chief of staff include a reason or purpose for the request again I haven't again let me just say the legal advice that we've relied upon

".....and again I understand there's three branches of government and when it comes to constitutional issues there could be different interpretations and that's why there's a third branch of government to in charge I'm sorry claiming my time you you are aware you are at least aware that the conclusion of that memo directly contradicts the conclusion that you're relying upon no I actually don't believe that's the case that memo I understand is addressing a different issue and is not addressing the issue that we in the Department of Justice looked at but is again let me just say this is not a letter that came to our attention earlier time who at the IRS would have made the decision not to run this memo up the chain

".....I have no idea are you going to find that out we're trying to find out who wrote the memo where it came from when it was and why it wasn't distributed yes have you had any conversations with the president at any time during your prior to your confirmation or today or to today about your desire or willingness to to provide the president's tax returns to Congress I've had no conversations ever with the President or anyone in the White House about delivering the president's tax returns to Congress

" the deep state they are trying everything to get Trump and they're creating things out of thin air we've seen this before it was called the Russian collusion hoax all of this is designed to go after Trump and to get him out of office they need a mat of office because why what's coming the D class now very interestingly fired Secretary of State Rex Tilson he slipped into the Washington DC to meet privately with the House Foreign Affairs Committee leaders yesterday Tillison by the way was fired in March of 2018

".....he reportedly spoke to House committee leaders about Russia and Tillerson arrived under a shroud of secrecy with almost no media warning and he used the back entrance to get into the building now during the six hour hearing Tillerson told the committee about how the administration actively avoided confronting Russia on their election interference in the name of establishing a rapport with Russian President Vladimir Putin well first of all we know that Russia didn't do anything with the elections we know this was under Obama's watch

".....Obama didn't do anything and the whole Russian collusion story is fake phony and false how can you prove something that never really happened you can't so why is this all happening why are they going in all different directions scrambling as fast as they possibly can because John Solomon was out there and he's reporting that the first batch of documents to be declassified will be in the next seven to eight days and it will surround bucket five bucket five what is bucket five intelligence documents that were presented to the gang of eight in 2016 that pertain to the FISA applications used against us person quarter-page including an exculpatory intelligence documents that may not have been presented to the FISA Court presumably this would include mail and the FBI transcripts from wiretaps of George papadopolis so take a listen to John Solomon he explains what's going to happen here how big a problem is all of this conflict pretty much between every member of the deep state involved well first the president's going to add to the the problems of the deep state when he D classifies these first documents in the next several days I think the most important thing that is changing settlements so we have similar sources I'm getting yes absolutely I've confirmed that sometime in the next seven to eight days the president will Declassified the first of many documents

".....this first one we were used to call bucket five the Excalibur II statements that the FBI possessed about its targets before it went to the FISA Court now this is why the deep state is scrambling like they are this is why all this information is coming out and the propaganda is being pushed out there now these are some of the agencies who would be involved in the deep declassification process all versions of the Carter page FISA application of Department of Justice do s FBI odni all of the Bruce or 302s filled out by the FBI FBI and OD and I all of the Bruce Ward's emails FBI Department of Justice CIA odni all relevant documents pertaining to the support material within the FISA applications

"..... this would be the FBI Department of Justice NS t do s CIA DNI NSA OD and I all intelligence documents that were presented to the gang of eight in 2016 that pertained to the FISA application used against us person Carter page including all exculpatory intelligence documents that may have not been presented to the FISA Court and these Department will be CIA FBI Department of Justice OD and I do s and NSA so all these departments are going to get hit and we know this is going to come out seven eight days from now so if we start to look at the timeline and we look at Trump's travel plans we see that this is very interesting where did this all originate the UK right

" if we look at Saturday May 25th he's traveling Sunday May 26 he's in Japan he's in Japan until Tuesday May 28th then from May 29th all the way up to June 1st don't know he doesn't look like we don't know where he is Sunday he's gonna be which is June 2nd he's gonna be traveling Monday June 3rd he's going to be in the UK so it looks like anywhere from the 3rd to the 5th because he's gonna be in the UK June 3rd 4th and 5th we might see the D class come out during this period of time because diplomatically speaking it would say a great deal about the overall opinion of the administration toward the UK

".....if President Trump declassified documents prior to the British state visit considering UK involvement might very well be outlined within them and this is when it might come out now attorney general bill Barr he was saying that he felt the rules were being changed to hurt Trump and he said that his handling of the Miller report and it's aftermath is rooted in the desire to defend the power of the executive branch rather than personal support for Trump he said I felt the rules were being changed to hurt Trump

".....I thought it was damaging for the presidency over the long haul at every grave juncture the presidency has done what is supposed to do which is to provide leadership and direction if you destroy the presidency and making an errand boy for Congress were going to be a much weaker and more divided nation now bill bore he has signaled that his interest in examining the origins of the investigation into the Trump campaign extends beyond whether the FBI operated by the book bar also wants to understand the role that the larger intelligence communities or I see may have played in all of this he's putting them all on notice he's looking into all of it

".....and Matt Gaetz he tweeted out the following big things are coming and guess what big things are about to hit the time marker has been set something big is about to happen and we're going to see a ramp up of the deep state the mainstream media they're going to try to clog the news cycle they're gonna try to time this exactly right and we'll have to see how this plays out now everyone is saying that Trump is not building the wall not building the wall Sarah Sanders came out and she said

" we've built a lot more than two miles the real number of miles built is closer to 115 she added that the administration is hoping for 500 miles to be built by 2020 election now Trump tweeted out the following much of the wall being built at the southern border is complete demolition and rebuilding of old and worthless barriers with brand-new wall and footings problem is they haters say that it is not a new wall but rather a renovation wrong and we must build we're most needed also tremendous work is being done on pure renovation fixing existing walls that are in bad condition and ineffective and bringing them to a very high standard and yes if there's just a chain-link fence or metal bars that are blocking the border but really don't block anything those have to be ripped down and a real wall has to be built and walls that are falling apart they need to be renovated

".....but they're also building additional walls and we know that there are many crews out there that are building this but first they need to have the structure of whatever they had before which was really nothing they need to put the walls there so yes a new wall is being built now the deep state they are trying everything they possibly can to push their agenda I mean they're even going back to their old playbook Syria in the New York Times they're saying that Assad is using chemical weapons against his people again first of all it was never proven that he was using chemical weapons

".....actually it was proven that the paid mercenaries the terrorists Islamic state al Qaeda al sham al nusra which were controlled by the intelligence organizations they were the ones who were gassing the people of Syria not Assad and there were a lot of false flags in there to blame it on Assad again why would Assad attack his own people because if he was attacking them they wouldn't be coming back they wouldn't elect him but they did all they have done over the many many years was show photos of people that were gassed but they never showed the connection to Assad because they couldn't that's where it fell apart and they're trying to use this once again to try to start something in Syria

"..... it's going to be a big fail everything that they're trying to do and it looks like they're going back in time to try to bring everything up once again is going to fail the D class is going to come out and they're gonna be in defensive mode for many other things and they won't have time for anything else but of course the mainstream media most likely they won't report this the mainstream media will try to spin it and the Patriots what they'll do is they'll continually release documents facts the truth sign documents they'll even show that they ordered the spying before there were there was the steal dossier before they got the warrants and they're gonna slowly push all this out there and guess what happens they will not be able to defend against any of it because they're the ones who signed off

".....they're the ones who covered everything up they're the ones who ordered this and this is going to go all the way up to the Obama administration and before you know it they're going to implicate the mainstream media they're gonna implicate the Obama administration they're gonna implicate Clinton they're gonna implicate Brennan and everyone is going to be involved in this and there is no escape nothing can stop this nothing .... ...≺≺ less

We Are Now In The Build Up Phase, The Trap Has Been Set - Episode 1873b

X22Report** Published on May 21, 2019
"...we are continually hearing that the D class is coming we are in the build-up phase and they're doing this on purpose and we're gonna be talking about that in just a moment now the deep state they are continually pushing their investigations against Trump and they're looking at everything they're trying to find something and they just can't find anything but who's looking at those who are investigating Trump who are looking at the investigators not many people I mean look at Biden he's running for president and now we have stories of Ukraine and China that he had business dealings in these countries and there were prosecutors looking at his business dealings and it seems like they were pressured to back off we also see Nadler son working for a law firm in New York that is investigating Trump conflict-of-interest nobody says a word ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....we now have Elijah Cummings so what is Elijah Cummings up to well a charity run by his wife received millions from special interest groups and corporations that had business before her husband's committee and could have been used illegally according to an IRS complaint filed by an ethics watch dog group Cummings is chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform his wife Maya rocky Moore 48 is the chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party and briefly ran in the state's gubernatorial race last year rocky more runs two entities a nonprofit group called the Center for global policy solutions and a for-profit consulting firm called global policy solutions LLC whose operations appeared to have overlapped according to the IRS complaint filed by watchdog group

"....the national legal and policy center on Monday the complaint states that the arrangement may have been used to derive illegal private benefit global policy solutions received more than 6.2 million in grants between 2013 and 2016 according to tax records several of the nonprofit group financial backers which include Google JP Morgan and Prudential have business interests before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Cummings has served as Democratic chairman of the committee since January and previously served as ranking member the largest contributed to the nonprofit was Robert Wood Johnson Foundation which is the charitable arm of the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson a company that is regulated by Cummings committee

"....the foundation which gave a total of 5.5 million to Rocky Morris consulting firm and 5.2 million to her nonprofit see supporting her groups in 2017 Tom Anderson director of the national legal and policy centers government integrity project which has been investigating the non profit arrangement said the potential for corruption is off the charts he said rocky Moore declined to let his organization view her nonprofits most recent public financial records as required by the IRS when a powerful chairman of a committee of the House of Representatives has a wife that is bringing in money from entities with interest before his committee and she is not providing the transparency mandated by the IRS

"....there's a serious problem he said the potential for corruption in this situation is simply off the charts and can't be understated we hope that Cummings worked with his wife to end the stonewalling and provide the public with what legally mandated all charities provide now again those people who scream the loudest have the most to lose and we're seeing it from Amash we're seeing it from Cummings we're seeing it from Nadler Schiff all the way down the line and if you notice these individuals they are panicking and this is why they're going after Trump with everything they possibly can now last week judiciary committee representative Jerrold Nadler issued a subpoena from again to come in and testify

"....well McGann didn't show up and now Nadler is saying listen we are going to hold him in contempt well the Department of Justice issued a memorandum to Trump's legal counsel stating that Congress may not constitutionally compel the president's senior advisors to testify about their official duties the Department of Justice eight-page memorandum written by Assistant Attorney General Steve Angle clearly argues the separation of powers and states that Congress could not lawfully exercised any inherent contempt Authority against mr. McGann for asserting immunity the constitutional separation of powers and states that Congress could not lawfully exercised any inherent contempt authority against mr. McGann for asserting immunity the constitutional separation of powers bars Congress from exercising its inherent contempt power in the face of a presidential assertion of execute executive privilege

"....and the question is can Congress compel McGann to testify about matters described in the Malheur report no because the immunity of the president's immediate advisors from compelled congressional testimony on matters related to their official responsibilities has long been recognized and arises from the fundamental workings of the separation of powers those principles apply to the former White House Counsel accordingly Magan is not legally required to appear and testify about matters related to his official duties as counsel to the president

" this OLC opinion is based on nearly 50 years of bipartisan precedent administration's from both parties have regularly reaffirmed the opinion of then assistant attorney general William Rehnquist in the 1971 Rehnquist memoranda scribing the legal basis for protection from force testimony since the 70s the OLC has consistently advised that the President and close advisers are protected from being forced to testify before Congress so if you go back in time in 2014 Obama directed assistant to the president director of the office of political strategy outreach David Simas not to appear in response to a congressional subpoena in 2007 Bush directed former counsel to the president Harriet Miers not to appear in response to a congressional subpoena

".... in 99 Clinton directed counsel to the president beth nolan not to appear in response to a congressional subpoena bottom line the president's and media divisors are an extension of the president congress may know more summon the president to a congressional committee room then the president make command members of the congress to appear at the White House so everything that natalie is saying is propaganda it's called making it seem like he has leverage and having the mainstream media push this out there and of course what they do is they spin everything they don't look at the law they don't look at what past presidents have done they like to spin the whole entire thing

" a representative Doug Collins he tweeted out the following even more ridiculous than refusing to read hashtag Mellie report is Nadler claim that @potus asserted privilege over Magan testimony that's false he liked Obama simply cited OLC saying advisers can't be compelled to if I if 44 didn't show disdain for the law then 45 isn't now Collins continued what better way to ensure we don't hear from again this week then by subpoenaing a witness who's categorically immune from testifying thankfully McGann's testimony is in volume 2 of the Malheur report 99.9% of which is available to the chairman should he ever choose to read it and we know that he doesn't want to read it because there's nothing in there that he wants they thought they were getting a different report one with obstruction in it

"....this way they can use that to impeach Trump they don't have it now they're scrambling they're panicking they don't know what to do so they're throwing everything they possibly have at trump but it's not going to work now Doug Collins he just points out how Jerry Nadler wants the theater but doesn't want the truth specifically highlighting how the Democrats in Congress conspicuously don't want to present robert muller for testimony Jerry Nadler has not demanded testimony from presumed author of the Special Counsel report Robert Moeller it is likely the Judiciary Committee's lack of interest surrounds the fact that they know Muller was a figurehead with no substantive control over the small group led by Andrew Weissman

"....the Special Counsel probe with sunlight upon Muller would be a risk 10 Adler and Collins is right this is theater this is the show going back to what Q has always been saying has always been saying enjoy this show now representative Doug Collins I mean he's all over the place today man he released transcripts from several Department of Justice officials including Loretta Lynch Andrew McCabe and James rebecky and he released them just like he released all the others now people are starting to read these and people are coming out with certain information that they're finding in these transcripts and one of them is about Loretta Lynch

" former attorney general Loretta Lynch told the House Oversight and Judiciary Committee's that she never instructed former FBI director James Comey to call the probe into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server a matter instead of an investigation she said I did not she said to the committee last December when asked if she had insisted Comey refer to the investigation as a matter she said I have never instructed a witness as to what to say specifically never have never will in the meeting that I had with Comey we were discussing how best to keep Congress informed of progress and discussed requesting resources for the department overall we were going to testify separately in a June 2017 interview under oath with up with the House Intelligence Committee Comey said otherwise the Attorney General had directed me not to call it an investigation but instead to call it a matter which confused me and concerned me

" we have Lynch saying one thing we have Comey saying another well it looks like somebody is lying and someone is trying to cover something up here very interesting now M three thoughts tweeted out the following this is at a.m. to madness Lynch is screwed this is page 52 now madam Attorney General do you believe the FBI no Department justice ever investigated the Trump campaign for political purposes miss Lynch I know that they did not mr. Nadler does President Obama or anyone in his administration ever make a demand or request that the FBI or Department of Justice infiltrate or surveil the Trump campaign for political purposes miss Lynch never now this is gonna come back to bite her because when it's shown that the opposite happened it's gonna show that she lied

" it looks like she might be screwed now the Patriots are definitely on the offensive and they're going back through everything that they investigated that's out in the open where they can discuss it on the mainstream media in other places and they're putting the FBI Department of Justice the intelligence organizations to the test Devon newness is out there and he outlines his request to the intelligence agencies to prove Joseph Mifsud is a Russian intelligence operative he said hell it's not too difficult to predict where the Mifsud story ends up it's likely to come out that Mifsud was working for a British intelligence interest or off the books and friendly with dossier author Christopher Steele Orbis etc

" he said FBI CIA all of you prove it and guess what nobody said a word now em3 thoughts at m2 man is tweeted out the following newness we've sent eight criminal referrals to the Department of Justice likely we're going to have more maybe later this week I'm pretty sure once you track down the information we put together it would be impossible for people not to be prosecuted many people take a listen to what noonas says that we know of publicly the two US attorneys who are looking into the origins one of them specifically at the direction of the Attorney General and also the inspector general at the Justice Department are you confident that as those investigations play out two of them of the three we hear we may get within weeks will give us answers about the origin either clear the FBI or raise some questions about what happened

" I am confident in our investigation that we have done so we've sent eight criminal referrals to the Department of Justice likely we're going to have more maybe later this week I do I'm impressed with the new attorney general I don't know the US Attorney in Connecticut but everyone says that he's going to do a good job but you know I can't really answer that question until we meet with him we talked about our concerns but I'm pretty sure once you tracked down the basically information that we have put together in a nice package it would be impossible not for four people not to be prosecuted well a lot of people a lot of people are talking you know as you can see the Patriots they are on the offensive and they are driving the car down the deep state their passengers they gotta go wherever the Patriots drive them to

"....and you can see they are attacking them one after another they're building this up and it take this a step further Paulo Sperry tweeted out the following judicial watch monday sued the Justice Department to obtain all of Special Counsel Mueller's contracting records during his 22 month investigation including any payments to steal Orbis fusion GPS or its subcontractors Department of Justice had refused to provide the data under the Freedom of Information request Act so now Judicial Watch wants all this information he's been asking for it but tom Fitton hasn't received it now they're suing and guess what he's going to get this information so now with representative doug collins releasing these new transcripts investigative reporter Sarah Carter pointed to Tricia Anderson's testimony

"....according to Carter Andersen was an FBI lawyer who worked in the area of national security who worked directly with James Baker and Lisa Paige she talks about Bruce or in the 302s she talks about the fact that she basically signed off on the first FISA warrant on Carter page further Carter said she believes exculpatory evidence regarding information on Carter page and George papadopolis were withheld from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by the FBI officials which we know they were Andersen evaded repeated questioning as to whether there was enough evidence to obtain a FISA on trump Carter said the transcripts along with other evidence obtained by Congress and the soon-to-be-released Department of Justice Inspector General report will reveal that senior FBI and Department of Justice officials involved in the Trump campaign investigation with Russia curtailed the rule of law

"....we're going back to the beginning on how this all started how did you get the warrants did you give the courts all the information or did you hold things back did you obtain the warrants illegally were you spying before you even had warrants and we're using the dossier to cover up the spine that you were doing yes this is the big picture and this is what's going to bring them down it's the cover-up it's not the crime and they've been spending a lot of time covering up what they did now president Trump's attorney appealed of federal judge's order upholding a subpoena for the for Trump's financial records the lawyer said in a court filing that they were asking the DC Circuit Court of Appeals to review all aspects of District Judge amit metas order in favor of the subpoena issued by the House Oversight and Reform Committee to the president's accounting firm Mehta in Abama appointee have rejected the president's legal argument opposing the subpoena finding that the House Democrats had facially valid legislative purposes in requests in the documents

"....and that it is not for court to question whether the committee's actions are truly motivated by political considerations Trump's attorneys had argued that the subpoena was part of a fishing expedition by congressional Democrats in search of damaging information ahead of the twenty20 elections Mehta had also rejected the president's request for stay on the order writing that he will only allow a seven-day waiting period previously agreed to by both parties to be in effect before mizar's had to hand over the records the president said that his lawyers would appeal what he called a crazy ruling now remember do I think that Trump has problems with his tax returns no I think he's just holding them back because guess what there is no law there's no reason to give it to him and he's pushing and pushing and pushing saying I don't want to give this I don't want to give this because they're under audit

"....if the Dems actually get them I think he's going to use this to his advantage because the IRS went through it could fall and complete audit think about it gave it the green light and now the Democrats have it and what is it going to show just like everything else there's nothing there and he trapped them he trapped them because they spent all this time trying to get it and they ended up with nothing they spend two years waiting for the Muller report to use the obstruction piece to impeach Trump and they got nothing each time there's a trap that is set up now the deep state they're pulling out all the stops they're making threats they're calling for impeachment they won't get impeachment cuz they need 2/3 of the Senate

".... we know that Q has told us that the Senate was the key and this is never gonna happen remember they were going to use the obstruction part of the Muller report they don't have it they are panicking the Patriots are on offense the Patriots are watching the deeps eight players as they continually push ridiculous threats which means absolutely nothing it looks great in the press for those people who are still sleeping because they're threatening this they're threatening that be used in propaganda what are they afraid of well they're afraid of everything that they have done they're afraid that bar is gonna follow the rule of law they're afraid of everything that they have right now and they don't want to lose it that's what they're afraid of that they'll be found out that's why they're fighting so hard

"....but there's good news the confirmation from the full Senate came despite from objections from California's Democratic senators for the second time in as many weeks the Republican majority in the US Senate has confirmed a Californian based nominee to sit on the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit over the objections of the state's two Democratic senators the Senate voted 53 to 46 was pretty close and it looks like Daniel Collins is the approved nominee we also have Kenneth Lee who was approved to the Ninth Circuit

" things are changing now the build-up is continuing first we had Meadows saying the D class is right around the corner now we have gates he tweeted out a following I believe we are just days away from receiving the most compelling evidence in the biggest political scandal ever seen in American history this is the build-up phase they were continually building this up building this up and letting the deep states sweat it out and you can see they're throwing everything against the wall hoping something sticks but nothing is sticking it's completely falling apart even down in Florida where they're saying that Russia hacked two counties during the election

"....well this turns out to be fake also Paul Sperry tweeted out breaking the two Florida counties where mainstream media claimed Russian intelligence hacked into election systems were predominantly GOP not dem counties no voter tabulation system hacked was simple email spearfishing and only voter registration rolls breached no data were altered there so that whole story down the tubes now down at the border Trump is continually tweeting out about Mexico

"....that they're not doing enough to stop the illegals he said the following I'm very disappointed that Mexico is doing virtually nothing to stop illegal immigrants from coming to our southern border where everyone knows that because of the Democrats our immigration laws are totally flawed and broken Mexico's attitude is that people from other countries including Mexico should have the right to flow into the US and that the US taxpayers should be responsible for the tremendous costs associated with this illegal migration Mexico is wrong and I will soon be giving a response and if people once again want to come into this country you need to follow the procedures and the only reason they're jumping over the border is because they're drug dealers human traffickers they're not really seeking asylum they were told to come up here because if you're on the up-and-up you would go through the port of entry

"....remember we don't want criminals we don't want drug traffickers we don't want human traffickers we want good people in this country why would we take other countries criminals or drug dealers or gang members it makes no sense and this is why those people have to come over the border in that way now Trump he is announcing that they're gonna have a great health plan and he's going to announce this in the coming next four weeks or so and they're hoping that they can win back the house keep the Senate and they'll be able to pass this health care plan do I think it can pass now most likely not hopefully it's a good health plan where the cost is much much lauder lower the benefits are much much higher compared to obamacare where we had penalties if we didn't take it and the cost of each plan continually went up and up and up

"....and people just couldn't afford it anymore now many many reports ago we talked about how the government was making less and it seems like this is definitely true now remember facebook came online as life log the CIA project went offline and queues been telling us that Facebook is really life log now it seems that Facebook well they have a list and this list is called the hate agents list where they keep names of many many people it's on a spreadsheet and it seems that there are many people on this list like Candace Owens she was suspended for seven days we also have a Lebanese American conservative author and we lived in critic Brigitte Gabriel she is also on their internal list now the list which is an Excel spreadsheet features mostly right-wing figures and some left wingers along with examples of signals that suggest the individuals might be hate agents

"....the signals are divided into level one signals that occurred in the past year level to two years and level three three years signals include hate speech support support for designated hate entity and we're designated hateful ideology calls for violence the promotion of ethnos states so violent from supporters and possession of hate paraphernalia now once again Candace Owen she's on the list but she doesn't fall into any of this the spreadsheets also includes a recommendations field next to each individual's name in this field Facebook employees can advise whether the individual should be categorized as hate agent or not

"....and if they should be removed from the platform so they're keeping a list and they're marking down who they believe spews hate and they either suspend them or they just get rid of them completely now do I think Facebook is the only place that does us no of course not the other shows from media giants do this why do you think the White House right now is asking people to turn in the evidence that they were suspended or they removed from social media platforms and they want the screenshots of why they were removed and why do they need these lists they need them to silence these people and the social media Giants do it in many different ways

"....YouTube and Google well they alter their algorithms they alter their trending and they hide people in a certain way so nobody can see them while they allow the mainstream media and others to come up in trending even though they might have 10 or 20,000 views they say they are trending but the people with 200 800 or million they're not trending I mean it doesn't even make sense but we see what they've been doing they've been trying to keep the people silent it doesn't work go back in history they've tried this many many times remember book-burning when the Germans during the Nazi regime they were burning books during the Soviet Union burning books you can't silence the people

" can try but you will always lose because once the people get a hint of what is going on and they start to realize who the true enemy is it's game over and this is what we're seeing right now actually Makran is out there and he is panicking what happened in Italy what happened in Australia what's gonna happen in Germany welp we're gonna see it happen in France he's out there and he's saying that there is a threat he is warning of an existential risk to the EU Makran has warned of this existential risk to the European Union ahead of upcoming elections for the European Parliament when asked to name the biggest enemy of Europe Makran responded by saying that it is those who don't believe in its future the Nationalists who want to divide it are its main enemies and I see it for the first time that there's a secret agreement between the Nationalists and foreign interests whose objective is destroy Europe

"'s not to destroy Europe it's to get a rid of those people who are not elected to get rid of the elite who alter the elections in their favor now why is he so worried because who's running against him lepen they just came out with some preliminary poll numbers and they're running neck-and-neck right now and lepen her party holds a narrow lead over macron look what happened in Australia he's nervous and afraid that this is going to happen and most likely it will we see Madeira right now in a Venezuela he's proposed early elections for the National Assembly and he wants the opposition involved in this

" right now we can see that everything the mainstream media has been talking about where were invading Venezuela were invading Iran we're going to war this is all fake we're not going to war what is happening here is Trump is taking everything the deep state has done taking everything that they tried to do and he's turning it around he's removing those agents within each of these countries allowing the country to be free just like North Korea I think about it kim jungeun he travels everywhere are we going to war with North Korea absolutely not are we going to war with Venezuela absolutely not with Iran

" the plan is to put pressure on the deeps a.m. remove these deep state black sites from these countries so the countries can operate completely free without pressure from the deep state and once this is all done guess what all the troops everywhere can come home remember Trump is battling the military-industrial complex battling the neocons battling the deep state battling the central bank and who is driving now who is in control Trump and the Patriots they're calling the shots yes the deep state the neocons they might try something the central bank might try something but the Patriots they know how to deal with them they know how to counter their moves and in the end the Patriots are in control ...≺≺ less

Declass Right Around The Corner, Patriots Control The Timetable - Episode 1872b

X22Report** Published on May 20, 2019
"....we are getting word that the de clases coming out and it's right around the corner do we know the exact day and time no we really don't and this is being done on purpose the Patriots don't want to tell the deep state the exact day and time because they want them to use ammunition but we do see from all the indicators and from all the information coming out that they're preparing for this how do we know this more and more information every single day comes out and we see trey Gowdy mark meadows Jodi and many others out there talking about different documentation talking about how we should be seeing this and why wasn't this presented to the FISA Court they're doing this on purpose because they're preparing the American people aren't to be talking about that in just a minute ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....but what's very interesting is that the mainstream media the deep state since the Russian collusion hoax then went down the tubes they're going after Trump and they're going after his financial dealings because what else do they have they don't have much and Trump responded to a New York Times story about Deutsche Bank staff flagging suspicious activity in Trump's and Kushner's accounts Trump again blasted the New York Times for daring to suggest that Trump only bank with Deutsche Bank in Capital One because other banks didn't want to work with him Trump tweeted out the following the fail in New York Times it will pass away when I leave office in six years and others of the fake news media keep writing phony stories about how I didn't use many banks because they didn't want to do business with me wrong it is because I didn't need money very old fashioned but true when you don't need or want money you don't need or want banks banks have always been available to me they want to make money fake media only says this to disparage and always uses unnamed sources because their sources don't exist the mainstream media has never been as corrupt and deranged as it is today fake news is actually the biggest story of all and is the enemy the true enemy of the people

".... that's why they refused to cover the real Russia hoax but the American people are wise to what is going on now the big story is that Trump made a lot of money and buys everything for cash he doesn't need banks but where did he get all the cash could it be Russia no I built a great business and I don't need banks but if I did they'd be there and Deutsche Bank was very good and highly professional to deal with and if for any reason I didn't like them I would have gone elsewhere there was also plenty of money around the banks to choose from they'd be very happy to take my money fake news now some of these tweets seem a little disjointed because it seemed like Trump it had some problems tweeting out

"....and he did post another tweet that says two tweets missing from last batch probably a Twitter error no time for a redo only the Dems get reduce so we see right there and then the fake mainstream media they're trying everything they possibly can to attack Trump and we need to remember that these attacks are coming from all different angles because they know what is coming and they're trying to use as much of their ammunition as possible by keeping in the news making people think that there's something wrong with Trump that he did something illegal because really it's about them when whenever you hear these politicians were the central bank with the mainstream media talk like this they're really talking about themselves and everything that they have done wrong always think the opposite when you start to hear these type of things

" we're getting information that the British spy chiefs they were briefed on the Steele dossier before Trump knew of his existence the UK was in on it so British spy Chiefs were briefed on Christopher Steele's junk Trump Rasha dossier before Trump knew of its existence the head of mi5 mi6 plus one of Teresa's Mays most trusted security advisers all knew of the Russian Lynx claims before Trump Trump knew the UK was in on it how did he know well look at his tweet from April 24 2019 former CIA analyst Larry Johnson accuses United Kingdom intelligence of helping Obama ministration spy on the 2016 Trump presidential campaign at Oh a & n Wow

" is now just a question of time before the truth comes out and when it does it will be a beauty now since this tweet the Russia fairy tale is completely falling apart Muller and his team they're conflicted biased and corrupt and angry Democrat investigators and attorneys have found nothing related to their target and now all these indictments they're completely unraveling Russia meddling into the 2016 US election it's all falling apart but the meddling by the UK is becoming more and more apparent everything is leading back to their very interesting now Eric Holder he is panicking

" do we know this because he's screaming very very loudly and we know from cue those who scream the loudest have the most to lose Eric Holder lashed out at bill bar this weekend Holder accused or a protecting Trump and asserting that the Attorney General started his probe of the intel FBI for political reasons he is not fit to lead the Department of Justice Holder said Holder tweeted out the following AG bar has deliberately misrepresented the Mullah report he has started examinations of the conduct of the Intel FBI personnel without a predicate for political reasons he is protecting the president he does not stand up for good people he leads he is not fit to lead Department of Justice

" remember when these people speak they're really talking about themselves remember it's always the opposite think mirror so Eric Holder he is panicking because he knows Barr is following the rule of law and he's going to investigate everything remember they never thought she was going to lose they didn't hide anything everything's out in the open Sol Weisenberger the former deputy independent counsel under Ken Starr he destroyed Eric Holder for attacking Attorney General William Barr Weisenberger called out holders corrupt behavior in office from his service in the Obama presidency including the fast and furious gun running to Mexican cartels scandal to his tenure as Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration and his sheepherding of the pardon for fugitive mark rich whose ex-wife Denise was a major Clinton donor Denise rich has given more than 1 million to Clinton's political party including more than 100,000 to Senate campaign of the president's wife Hillary Clinton and 450,000 to the Clinton Library Foundation during Clinton's time in office

".... Weisenberger tweeted out the fallen you swore falsely under oath in fast and furious and dared not name a special counsel failed to name a special counsel in the IRS targeting scandal failed to prosecute key players in the mortgage meltdown aided and abetted the mark rich pardon you sir were unfit to lead the Department of Justice and as you can see Eric Holder is panicking everything that he's saying is about he was never fit to be the Attorney General now Trump is calling out that there should be an investigation of Joe Biden and his son he's saying we need to investigate the Biden family over their financial ties to the Chinese government

" again there is many people in government that have been dealing with the Chinese selling them secrets which is treason and doing other types of business now let's take Justin Amash for instance now he was out there and he's saying that all of a sudden we need to impeach Trump ever since Trump started to deal with China and Trump was trying to get a better trade deal with China all of a sudden Justin came out and said we need to impeach Trump now Amash acts like his support of impeachment is rooted in constitutional grounds there may be a financial motive to his opposition to Trump it has been revealed that Amash has significant business interests in China that may be harmed by Trump's america-first trade policy

" a mashes financial disclosure forms of the year 2015 he was shown as receiving up to 1 million in annual income due to his ownership stake in Michigan industrial tools MIT now MIT is the parent company of tech ton tools a mashes family business that benefits directly from Chinese manufacturers an article from M live in 2010 exposed Amash as being the co-owner of dynamic source international DSi a Chinese company that was once an MIT supplier Amash is family have been outspoken advocates of the globalist trade status quo for many years well we're starting to get a clearer picture of why he wants Trump out of the way it comes back to money with their dealings with the Chinese this is just going to get worse for many of these individuals like we've always said how do these people get into government and be come very very wealthy

"'s called corruption and these individuals are starting to worry now now trey gowdy he was being interviewed by maria bartiromo and he has seen transcripts of halper turk operation and those transcripts exonerate Papadopoulos take a listen to what trey Gowdy says yeah I mean if the bureau was gonna send an informant and the informants gonna be wired and if the bureau is monitoring telephone calls there's gonna be a transcript of that and some of us have been fortunate enough to know whether or not those transcripts exist but they haven't been made public and I think one in particular is going it has the potential to actually persuade people very little on this Russia probe

"....I'm afraid is going to persuade people who hate Trump or who love Trump but there is some information in these transcripts that I think has the potential to be a game-changer if it's ever made public you say that's exculpatory evidence and when people see that they're gonna say wait why wasn't this presented to the court earlier yeah you know Johnny Radcliffe is rightfully exercised over the obligations that the government has to tell the whole truth to a court when you are seeking permission to spy or do surveillance on an American and part of that includes the responsibility of providing exculpatory information or information that tends to show the person did not do something wrong if you have exculpatory information and you don't share it with the court that ain't good I've seen it Johnny's seen it I'd love for your viewers to see and it seems like the American people should see these documents

"....and we know from cue we know from Trump that when they D class I believe everything is going to be out in the open it's going to be completely transparent now George papadopolis he lays this all out in a tweet I guarantee you as declassification and the new investigation ramped up into Department of Justice Intel agency corruption all the bizarre assets who are running into me from 2015 20:17 will try and discredit me we already see a coordinated media strategy by the higher-ups only a matter of time now Trump is out there and he's continually asking the question why isn't anyone looking into the real crimes

"....but we know there are investigations happening in the background what he's doing is he is exposing their cover-up continually looking at the hoax and not looking at the real crimes he tweeted out the following why are the Democrats not looking looking into all the crimes committed by crooked Hillary and the phony Russia investigation they would get back their credibility Jerry Nadler Schiff would have a whole new future open to them perhaps they could even run for president so basically what he's doing is he's saying listen these individuals are on one path only they're trying to investigate a hoax when there's a real crime over here and they're not even looking at it and it seems like he's saying listen you have this chance are you going to take it if not you're gonna be going down with the ship and it looks like they're not gonna take this chance

"....they're not gonna be looking into the real crimes at all they're gonna be looking the other way mark Meadows he is telling us that the world is getting ready for the D class he says it's right around the corner now remember they're not giving dates they want deep state to use their ammunition take the loop take a listen to mark Meadows and let it go out there do you think the delay is almost over I think the delays over I think the president is serious I've spoken to him recently and I think declassification is right around the corner and hopefully the American people will be able to judge themselves call me and Brennan already turning on each other

"....actually James Baker is should cover his own tracks this thing is changing quickly congressman thanks so much so everything that we've been hearing everything that's been going on is in preparation for the D class for the OIG for the Comey memo and everything will be put out when it is the exact right time when is part of the plan again we don't know the inner inner workings of the plan we don't know the time schedule the page it's they have a timetable we just don't know it but we know it's coming that's what

"....we need let's go back to post 28 16 it's missus February 19th 2019 the declassification of all requested documents plus more will occur this is not a game do not let personal emotional desires do it now now what is taking so long now take over logical thinking and strategy should always be applied game theory we all want to see equal justice under the law new threats investigations by the SD NY a yes MW in an effort to delay prevent release insurance extensions will fail transparency is the only way forward to find the following treason sedition subversion conspiracy to commit do you understand and fully appreciate the gravity of the situation do you understand and fully appreciate what POTUS endures each and every single day

"....he loves this country he loves you we must stand together in this fight there is evil in this world there is darkness in this world there are those in power who wish to control enslave you to keep you sedated to keep you unaware to keep you blind this will be on our timetable and we will deliver transparency and prosecution there is simply no other way except one and you can see we're headed in that direction post 33 28 d-class pre or post IG report comeon brackets bold pre or post IG report C comes before D they're getting ready they're getting prepared

"....and it will be coming don't worry about the time just know that it's going to hit they're preparing the country now down at the border there been reports that Trump is dumping illegals all over the country they cited Florida and other places Trump tweeted out that this is completely false this is what is tweet said false reporting yesterday there are no plans to send migrants to northern or coastal border facilities including Florida not by airplanes or any other means our country is full will not and cannot take you in so again the mainstream media is out there saying that Trump is putting all these illegals all over the country and it is fake phony and false now out in Iraq

"....we see that the deep state most likely is trying to use another event to start a war a rocket was fired into a racks capital of Baghdad on Sunday and it landed less than a mile from the US Embassy there and we can see that they are trying to push their agenda now Trump came out and he tweeted that if Iran wants to fight that will be the official end of Iran never threatened the United States again now does this mean we're going to war no he's talking to the deep state he's not talking to the people of Iran he's talking to those individuals who are trying to start a war so what did they do here they fired a rocket at the u.s. embassy

" the rocket came from the east which is home to several iran-backed Shiite militants and of course they fired in from that direction to make sure that everyone knows where it came from now let's think logically Iran has not started a war in over 200 years yes they've been in wars but they haven't started a war why would they start a war with the US it is a no-win situation we know that China and Russia they have Iran's back but if Iran attacks and started the war do you think Russia and China would come to the aid of Iran maybe not because Russia and China they really don't want to be involved in a war

" who wants the war not Iran not the people it's the deep state who has been out to Iran who made deals with Iran Obama John Kerry Dianne Feinstein has been speaking to the government of Iran why because they know the walls are closing in around them they need an event and sneaky rod tweeted out exactly what is happening that's exactly what I would say so I'm just gonna read you sneaky rods tweets number one do we all remember how Trump handled Kim jong-eun told him if he ever us there will be fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen

"....Trump is now doing the same thing to Iran which tell me which tells me he's already won the timing is far too convenient number two Trump is building his 20/20 resume and simultaneously about to command the media narrative for the coming weeks month if he negotiates peace with Iran Trump will use the positive media optics to gain the public approval and going into the D class he'll maximize public support number three he did the same exact thing with the Korean summit he used the accomplishment to boost his public perception and then drop the IG report on the FBI Hillary called me five weeks later this is how Trump uses his political ammunition to amplify acceptance of these reports

"....number four the fact that Trump is calling out Iran on Twitter means white hats already have control and they feel it's now time to reveal this to the public the negotiations with Iran are already done white hats kept hidden to space out the use of their political ammunition number five instead of Trump revealing it to the world all at once he spaced it out so the media had to talk about it for more time and give him more positive optics once you adopt the sunsuit teachings the plan is visible white hats in control now Trump tweeted out the following the fake news put out typically false statement without any knowledge that the United States was trying to set up a negotiation with Iran this is false report Iran will call us if and when they are ever ready in the meantime

"....there he continues to collapse very sad for the Iranian people yeah think about what Trump is saying Iran is going to be calling very very soon now he started to ramp this up and if we go back to sneak Iran and what sneaky rod was saying it seems like Trump is very confident that Iran is going to call why does he know this because the deal has already been made behind the scenes he's letting this all play out and it seems like he has everything under control the Patriots have everything under control and no there's not going to be a war listen to Trump as he was being interviewed about the military complex because he's letting everyone know that he understands that there are certain individuals within government that just want war and they never want war to end and he is dealing with them

"....take a listen to Trump I can solve things economically that's the way I won so you can reassure people you're not looking for some kind of conflict in Iran well I'm the one that talks about these wars that are 19 years and people are just there and don't kid yourself you do have a military industrial complex they do like war you know in Syria with the caliphate so I wipe out a hundred percent of the Caliphate that doesn't mean you're not going to have these crazy people going around blowing up stores and blowing up things these are seriously ill people

"....I don't want to say oh they're wiped you know Isis but I wiped out a hundred percent of the Caliphate I say I want to bring our troops back home the place went crazy they want to keep that you have people here in what you want if they never want to leave I say you know what I'll do I'll leave a couple of hundred soldiers behind but if it was up to them they'd bring thousands of soldiers in someday people will explain it well this is if you do have you do have a group and they call it the military-industrial complex they never want to leave they always want to fight no I don't want to fight and

" you can see Trump he wants peace he's a negotiator he doesn't want war he wants to end war but they're people in government who want war and this is what he's fighting against but remember as time goes on the Patriots the white hats are controlling more and more of the government controlling what is going on and once the swamp is drained guess what Trump will have complete control once he has complete control and people start going to prison there are trials and the swamp is completely drained he will then have the force to go after the central bank he will have the power and what I mean by this he won't have the deep state the neocons the corruption within government to try to block him at every turn and think about what's great waiting in the wings all these bills all he needs is a crisis the plan is coming together the Patriots they have the timetable everything has been planned out from the beginning just enjoy the show listen everyone ...≺≺ less

Operation Hammer Exposed, Closing Act Coming Soon - Episode 1871b

X22Report ** Published on May 19, 2019
"...since the Muller report has come out what have we been witnessing every day there's more and more information coming out which is going up against the deep state this is being done on purpose this is being done so the American people start to question everything and as they bring out more and more information and they bring out facts with the actual text messages with the actual documentation the mainstream media is finding it more and more difficult to spin what is coming and we can actually see the deep state we could see their panicking it's not just oh why aren't they scared how come we don't see them running they are panicking where do we see this well we see it when they give speeches when they tweet out ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....we see it in the words that they are typing or saying I mean let's take a look at Comey for instance Dawson field broke down the forest picks that Comey tweeted out so here's the tweet when the Muller report found out collusion Comey tweeted out a picture of him of him having questions about the woods clearly meaning the woods procedures so what what is the would procedures presentation of any such unverified material to the federal intelligence surveillance act court to justify a wiretap would appear to violate crucial procedural rules called woods procedures designed to protect US citizens

" Comey at that point was showing us woods when the report was released he replied with answers showing a picture of Hemlock seedlings fruit of a poisonous tree and Comey he's panicking you can see it in his tweets let's read the first tweet here the AG should stop slamming his own Department if there are bad facts show us or search for them professionally and then tell us what you found an AG must act like the leader of the Department of Justice in organization based on truth Donald Trump has enough spokespeople

" Don jr. responded to James Comey you sound scared and given your role you probably should now Comey tweeted out the word treason in his tweet he knows when the documents are revealed it will be game over but remember if you're looking for these people to admit to what they did they will not they will say Trump or the AG made these documents up they really didn't show anything it is investigating it is not spying because we had warrants they're gonna use every excuse in the book the same thing with the mainstream media they're going to spin this any way they possibly can this is what Comey tweeted out the president claiming the FBI's investigation was treason reminds me that a rush what a Russian once said I lie told often enough becomes the truth that shouldn't happen in America who will stand up so Comey is now trying to convince the American people that this is just propaganda it's not true Trump is just repeating this over and over until you believe him

"....well think mirror isn't this what the deep state the mainstream media does every time the deep state a central bank the mainstream media talk about issues it's always the opposite Comey is panicking right now he's looking for help think about his last sentence in this tweet who will stand up Comey no one's gonna stand up for you because you broke the law now the question is is Comey talking to Ray right now because Carter page responded to James commis tweet director raised three predecessors gave the FISA Court and the American people hundreds of pages of Russian DNC lies

"....but I still believe he'll stand up now in the coming days so I believe that Comey is hoping that Ray is going to stand up for the FBI people who committed treason or is ray now like Carter page said is Ray going to tell the truth well we'll have to wait and see Carter page continue with his tweet let's see if the FBI sends info on the Oklahoma terror threats to judge Heaton now very interestingly we see that buried in the Muller report we see there are emails in a footnote and this is very interesting because the final report reveals that Trump asked former FBI director James Comey and former Director of National Intelligence James clapper to publicly refute the infamous steel dossier after the discredited charges were firstly to the news media

" the emails reveal that clapper refused Trump's request Trump's request to comeon clapper Wharton to media leaks about the dossier the first leak was a CNN January 10 2017 report exposing classified briefings to Trump and Obama about the dossier those briefings were presented by Comey clapper CIA director John Brennan and NSA director Admiral Reich Rogers following the CNN report the full dossier document was published hours later by BuzzFeed now clapper wrote an email to coaming and this was January 11 2017

"....he said Trump asked if I could put out a statement he would prefer of course that I say the documents are bogus which of course I can't do call me wrote back the clapper he called me at 5:00 yesterday and we had a very similar conversation it was not clear why clapper would not at least put out a public statement calling into question the steel charges related to the alleged collusion or discredited claims about aap tape involving Trump none of which had been verified by the FBI the FBI at that time possessed information calling Steele's claims and the origins of the dossier into question yet Comey did not inform Trump at the time that the FBI chief personally cited the dossier as evidence in three successful FISA applications signed by Comey himself to obtain warrants to spy on Trump campaign advisor Carter page the first was signed in October 26 2016 the second and the third were renewal applications

"....since the FISA warrant must be renewed every 90 days there is also no evidence that Comey told Trump at any time that fusion was paid for the dossier work by Trump's main political opponents Hillary Clinton the DNC via her law firm so right there in the Muller report there is definite evidence that says that they knew that this entire document was fake and they didn't say anything to Trump I mean this is all gonna fall back on Comey which is going to lead to Brennan and clapper and it's going to lead to Obama I mean it's going to lead to everyone and the reason why this information is continually being pushed out there is to get the entire country on same page and having the country ask questions well why do we have this document here how come they didn't inform Trump why was this hidden if they knew it wasn't you know verified why did they use it

" Hillary Clinton she is projecting right now she's talking about prison and torture and this is what she tweeted out as I said in my keynote celebrating the essential work of Heartland helps we have to affirm that torture physical and psychological is wrong and will not be tolerated whether it happens in prison in Syria or in a cage in our southern border now we know there's no torture in the southern border we know that these individuals are being sent back to Mexico everything that the mainstream media is saying is really not true but it seems like Hillary she is out there and she's projecting about prison and about what might happen to her in prison

"....very interesting these people are worried they are panicking now we see that Justin Amash is out there and he's pushing the call for impeachment now we need to remember what Q said those who scream the loudest have the most to lose let's go back to post 25 76 those with the most to lose are the loudest those who knowingly broke the law in a coordinated effort treason are the most vocal crimes against humanity now Justin Amash tweeted out the following here are my principal conclusions Attorney General Barr was deliberately misrepresented Muller's report

"....number two President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct number three partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances number four a few members of Congress have read the report and he continued where he said I offer these conclusions only after having read Muller's read after report carefully and completely having read or watched pertinent statements and testimony and having discussed this matter with my staff who thoroughly reviewed materials and provided me with further analysis well Trump came out he responded to Amash 'as comments on impeachment he said never a fan of Justin Amash a total lightweight who opposes me and some of our great Republican ideas and policies just for the sake of getting his name out there through controversy

"....if he actually read the biased mullah report composed by a teen angry Dems who hated Trump he would see that it was nevertheless strong on no collusion and ultimately no obstruction anyway how do you obstruct when there is no crime and in fact the crimes were committed by the other side justin is a loser who sadly plays right into our opponents hands now tom Fitton decided to take on Justin Amash as points and tom Fitton said the following for the first one where Justin said Attorney General bar has deliberately in misrepresented Muller's report Tom Fenton said smear

"....number two President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct tom Fitton said for point two no collusion no obstruction no impeachment point three from justin amash partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances tom Fitton answered point three with statism is the problem point four for justin amash few members of congress have read the report tom Fitton said 40.4 much of the Malheur dossier is gossip and legal Hagel gig piggle so it isn't worth reading tom Fitton decided to add point five a trail donald trump is a crime victim of Spygate

"....and we need to go back to the beginning because how was this whole thing started using false information actually it was started with obama and his administration spying on people without warrants and then they created something fake to cover that fact up so really should there even be a Muller report no and that's what Trump bar and the rest are trying to say you need to go back to the beginning because everything after that is completely fake phony and false now a new court filing shows that Trump campaign officials considered reaching out to WikiLeaks only after the website published emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign

"....chairman John Podesta not before so according to the filings former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn told investigators that it was only after the email dump on October 7 2016 that Trump campaign officials discussed reaching out to WikiLeaks Democrats have accused the Trump campaign of working with Russia and WikiLeaks to release the Podesta emails on the same day as a release of the Hollywood access video that was embarrassing to then candidate Donald Trump Flynn's remarks however counter the narrative guess what's happening everything that the Dems the deeps tape the intelligence agencies put together it is falling apart right now because the Couture according to the filings Flynn recalled conversations with senior campaign officials after the release of the Podesta emails

"....during which the prospect the prospect of reaching out to WikiLeaks was discussed now Aaron Matei noted the following and he tweeted out this information newly unsealed Muller memo says Trump team according to Flynn discussed the prospect of reaching out to WikiLeaks only after the release of the Podesta emails in October 2016 perhaps they also discussed using a time machine to go back a few months to get advanced knowledge and when you look down in the report it says for example the defendant recalled conversations with senior campaign officials after the release of the Podesta emails so their whole entire story is now falling apart

"....and if you notice Trump the Patriots they are continually pushing out this information on purpose and it's continually happening because they're countering everything the intelligence services everything the mainstream media everything that Schiff and Brennan and the rest have been saying and this is being done on purpose it's setting them up remember these are documents now they're going to be showing documents which they signed and they're going to show when the spying started now Q has been telling us that all the blocks are going on the Department of Justice CIA FBI and it seems Barr has confirmed this the blocks are now gone

"....take a listen to what Bill Barr says this was handled at a very senior level of these departments it wasn't handled in the ordinary way that investigations or counterintelligence activities are conducted it was sort of an ad-hoc small group and most of these people are no longer with the FBI or the CIA or the other agencies involved and as you can see Barr is saying that it is all gone so let's go back to post 2714 back then this was February 14 2019 there was a meme that was put up and it showed all the individuals that were fired or they have resigned and there are a lot of people here but if you notice they all have something in common that is the Clinton connection

" the Clinton connection that block is gone now if you notice they really haven't publicized those individuals in the CIA and we need to go back to post 29 37 for that q says why was it important to first clean house within the FBI and Department of Josas public information and then Q says why was it important to first clean house within other ABC agencies non-public information so they made the FBI and Department of Justice public because that's going to be standing out in the front there so everyone can see it and they've been cleaning out the back end but really haven't been publicizing it yet and we need to go all the way back to post 129 to understand why this was not publicized back then November 9 2017 q posted closing act and put kill brackets around c.i.a and under it it says dismantled and it looks like q is saying that they're going to dismantle the CIA they're cleaning it out and eventually what they're going to do is dismantle it

"....and you can see that US Attorney Huber is continually sending out the message to the intelligence organizations letting them know we are coming after you and they're doing this very very slowly where their unsealing sealed indictments and going after these individuals US Attorney Huber tweeted out this sentence together with the read the recent guilty plea of Ron Hansen in Utah deliver the stern message that our former intelligence officers have no business partnering with the Chinese or any other adversarial intelligence service so right there as they continually do this they're letting the message out there and they're letting all these people know were coming after you this is treason what you've been doing all this time

" Jody is letting everyone know that Obama knew James Comey was going to blackmail the incoming president of the United States he said remember that briefing of president elect Trump occurred on January 6 and the day before in January 5th there was a meeting in the White House with President Obama Vice President Biden James Comey Sally Yates and Susan Rice and what were they discussing the counterintelligence investigation against the incoming president of the United States Barack Obama knew that James Comey was going to blackmail the incoming president of the United States now we need to remember that the crime that's not really what you get caught and I said this before it is the cover-up

"....and the cover-up is what's going to get you and we can see that Obama he had something called Operation hammer in place where he was spying on everybody now what's very interesting is that Maxine Waters she slipped up back in 2013 when she was being interviewed by journalist Ronald Martin this is what she said I think some people are missing something here the President Obama has put in place in organization that contains a kind of database that no one has ever seen before in that's going to be very very powerful and whoever and that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it's never been done before so Obama he created this system where he spied on everyone and it was called Operation hammer and I'm wondering if when Q says the hammer is going to drop is this the hammer on Obama I believe

" so the hammer is the Stasi like secret surveillance system created by the CIA NSA FBI the hammer under the Obama administration negated every American's constitutional rights to privacy turning the United States into a police state where the federal government was weaponized by the Obama administration against its political enemies so we know that Obama was doing this all along and we understand that this was completely illegal and Jody lays this out for us he talks about operation hammer and why these individuals are going to be in trouble take a listen the problem for Brennan and clapper and Comey and Baker and all of them now is is that the FISA Court has already communicated with the Justice Department about its findings

"....and their findings are that for more than 40 years before the election of Donald Trump there was an illegal spying operation going on by FBI contractors four of them to steal personal information electronic information about Americans and to use it against the Republican Party there are going to be indictments there's going to be grand juries John Brennan isn't going to need one lawyer he's going to need five Joe Rudy just mentioned that your personal knowledge and experience with the FISA Court is is legendary we know that why does this matter to the average American sitting at home with bowl of popcorn and a soft drink why does it matter to them what happens in this entire investigation because it's about the rule of law and privacy the Obama administration for more than for years before the 2016 election allowed for contractors working for the FBI to illegally surveil American citizens with illegally the FISA Court has already found that by the way now as you can see these individuals

"....they were spying on everyone illegally now george papadapolis lays it all out there in a tweet he said remember this when the Pfizer's are Declassified showing that one illicitly issued on me I have never even met a Russian official in my life let alone on the campaign transition all the operatives were working with CIA FBI mi6 people are going to go jail for conspiracy now remember queue is not going to give us an exact date when the Coma reports gonna come out when the d-class is gonna come out q and the Patriots they're using game theory they're using disinformation

"....and they're allowing the deep state to use as much ammunition as they possibly can remember to create these events they have to pull resources and they have to script it they have to make sure they can use it make sure that nobody can find out of any of this but if you notice the latest events they're getting sloppier people are picking up on things more so than ever before and people are now presenting and I believe this is why they don't want the New Zealand video out there because there are so many anomalies within it and remember going back to post 3165 the deep state thought the Moller report conclusion was coming out Friday

"....and they had the event the Friday before ammunition spent and I believe the Patriots want the deep state to use more ammunition this way they're able to control what is happening now something else happened that's very interesting and we know that Q posts on HM and we know the mainstream media they write a lot of articles about Q I mean if Q is a LARP like the mainstream media saying why are they spending so much time discrediting Q and trying to make the followers sound absolutely crazy now vice correspondent Lani Levine and L R Eve have an accused of breaking into a bedroom in the Philippines home of 8chan owner Jim Watkins with a camera crew the accusation was made by the verified HN Twitter account which said that the reporters and their crew entered walked in the bedroom before being ordered out of the property

"....the tweet said that Watkins has notified the authorities now both Levine and revé they've now set their Twitter accounts to private but very interesting Leon L Reeves Twitter account on the top of it it shows pizza which is very interesting but they are both private and you can't really see anything on their accounts anymore which is very interesting them itself but you have to remember what they're trying to do here they're trying to say that H ham is where people get radicalized where racism hides and we're crazy people go and they're trying to make the case to show and maybe even document why this is and they were trying to use footage from this individuals bedroom

"....and I believe they were going to try to make this maybe short documentary or put out a YouTube video or an HBO special showing how 8chan followers and the owner of HN how they're all just absolutely crazy they were gonna try to spin this in a certain way and remember HN they're saying that listen we're putting this out there because we did not give them permission to use any of this footage and this is just a heads-up to everyone that they might try to do this while they might be shut down right now because they're hiding but we'll have to wait and see and again if Q is a LARP why would they go to all these measures to try to break in film something if it's just a conspiracy theory

"....again the deep state is panicking they're worrying they don't know what to do they don't know where to turn the informations coming out they don't know when and they're getting worried they don't know when to use their ammunition and they're hoping they don't use it at the wrong time because if they do guess what the Patriots have it all open to them where they can push the information now of course they'll try to whip something up but it won't be the event they needed to cover this up for a couple of days and this is why they're panicking because the truth the facts the documentation the cover-up that's what's going to bring them all down remember they never thought she would lose so they didn't hide anything it was all out in the open and now they are worrying why do you think they were worrying when Trump came into office because everything was right there Trump his administration they all had access to it they have everything they know all ...≺≺ less

The Call Is Loud And Clear, Those Who Committed Treason, Go Directly To Jail - Episode 1870b

X22Report ** Published on May 17, 2019
".... it looks like we're coming to the end of the road here Trump now is calling out as loudly as he possibly can that anyone that has committed treason they will be going to jail and if you notice he's continually doing this and he's actually naming names now when he's giving speeches and he's continually doing this and ramping this up there's a reason for this because something big is about to drop in the next couple of days now yesterday we talked about censorship and how the White House is allowing people to post and take screenshots of why they were censored so they're recording and keeping a log a database of everyone that was censored on all different platforms why do you think they're doing this because they're gonna be putting together an entire database of everyone that was censored and what do you think it's going to turn up we all know but what's very interesting is that Candace Owens she took a screenshot and posted that she was suspended from Facebook for seven days ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... she tweeted out the phone dear a trail Donald Trump my at Facebook page has been suspended for seven days for posting that white supremacy is not a threat to black America as much as father absence and a liberal policies that incentivize it are I am censured for posting the poverty rates in fatherless homes now this is what she posted this post goes against our community standards it looks like something you posted doesn't follow our community standards Candace Owens black America must wake up to the great liberal hoax white supremacy is not a threat liberal supremacy is poverty rate among blacks twenty-two percent poverty rate among whites eleven percent poverty rate among married blacks seven percent do not let liberal supremacists convince you that white people are the problem

".... at the same time that their policy encouraged 77 percent father absence rate in black households now she's laying the facts out here and she wants to know where is the part where I made this up because I'm giving factual statistical numbers and of course Facebook has an answer they just suspended her now President Trump he releases 2018 financial disclosure statements and this is from Trump and First Lady Melania Trump which they both read released this but we know that they're gonna say this is no way enough we need more now of course he's still rejecting to releasing his tax returns he still says they are under audit but once again there is no law that says he has to do any of this

".... and I believe that's why he isn't doing it he's setting a new precedence because there is no law he's not required to do it and just because someone is asking you to do it doesn't mean you have to and he's showing the world and the American people that look I don't have to do this if I don't want to yes they can try to subpoena yes they can do this but they have no basis in asking for it there is no law now very interestingly this is coming out of the gateway pun an end a hat tip to deem Annie and her internets loose it looks like the Russians still dossier that the FBI used to spy on the Trump campaign it seems that it might have been doctored there is irrefutable evidence uncovered shows the original documents provided to the FBI were doctored

".... now the dossier itself was multiple pages long in various sections one section in general indicates the document was edited at the bottom of the page the page numbers are written in sequential order and we have page six we have page nine however pages seven and eight there are no page numbers so why would you write the page numbers down but not put seven and eight which means somebody swapped these pages out because no one would write the page numbers on all the pages and leave pages blank and coincidentally the one piece of information that appears on page seven is the obviously discredited comment that there is a Russian consulate in Miami well of course they need to take that out and it looks like someone might have altered this to cover this up remember it's not the crime that gets you it's the cover-up and they're trying to cover up everything

".... well it looks like Bill Barr is out there and he is saying and this is a preview of his interview where he saying listen I'm looking at this stuff and it is completely inadequate so Barr said I've been trying to get answers to the questions and I found that a lot of the answers have been inadequate and some of the explanations have gotten don't hang together and in a sense I have more questions today than when I first started hammer said what doesn't hang together bar said some of the explanations of what occurred hammer said why does that matter bar said people have to find out what the government was doing during the period

".... if you're worried about foreign influence for the very same reason we should be worried about whether government officials abused their power and put their thumb on the scale so he's telling everyone right here and then that there's something wrong now because of everything that has been going on it looks like Bill Barre is considering changing the Justice Department protocols because of their surveillance of the US citizens in the investigation of the 2016 election so Barr has confirmed that he was reviewing the Department of Justice rules that surrounded the investigation and while offering no specifics on what changes could be on the way for the agency he's saying that we're going to change the way we do business

".... he went on to say government power was used to spy on American citizens I can't imagine any world where we wouldn't take a look and make sure that was done properly just like we need to ensure that foreign actors don't influence the outcome of our elections we need to ensure that the government doesn't use its powers to put a thumb on the scale the same day Barr is talking about the rules Trump tweeted out the following my campaign for president was conclusively spied on nothing like this has ever happened in American politics a really bad situation treason means long jail sentences and this was treason by the way treason is in all capital letters

".... so Trump is already out there and he is saying listen those individuals and he's letting the American people know and remember there he's doing this on purpose they're letting this information out a little bit at a time he wants the deeps say the mainstream media to use all their ammunition to try to spin why all this happened because spying wasn't spying it was investigation they he wants them all to do this why because he wants to trap them he wants to a expose them for peddling fake information for not investigating what really happened because if you listen to all the individuals there saying this is on the up-and-up we got the warrants we got this but they're not telling the American people that they got the warrants under false pretenses that they were spying beforehand

".... then they brought the dossier dossier in to cover up the spying where they didn't have warrants they left that part out and he's allowing these people to trap themselves now something very interesting is that judge Sullivan he is ordered the documents released on Flynn's case now things are going to get really interesting in the Michael Flynn sentencing review judge Sullivan is asking them Department of Justice to bribe the transcript of the twelve twenty nine twenty sixteen call between Mike Flynn and ambassador kis lyac and it says the transcripts of any other audio recordings of mr. Flynn including but not limited to audio recordings of mr. Flynn's conversation with the Russian officials

".... why is this important because it appears Judge Sullivan suspects the transcript of the phone call will match statements from Flynn to the FBI ergo Flynn did not lie to the FBI now this is coming out of the conservative tree house on Sunday January 15 2017 vice president-elect Mike Pence appears on Face the Nation John Dickerson said but there's a distinction between that feeling about the press and legitimate inquiry as you say that the Senate Intelligence Committee is doing just to button up one question did any adviser or anybody in the Trump campaign have any contact with the Russians who were trying to meddle in the election Mike Pence of course not

".... and I think to suggest that is to give credence to some of these bizarre rumors that have swirled around the candidacy the incoming administration was under a false narrative siege created by the media at the time early January 2017 any contact with Russians was evidence of meddling election collusion with the Russians vice president-elect Mike Pence poorly answered the question from Dickerson from a very defensive position the toxic media environment and Mike Pence speaking poorly during a face nation interview now became a much bigger issue once Mike Pence made the statement that Flynn had no contact with anyone from Russia any contradictory statement from Flynn would make pence appear compromised

".... Michael Flynn is now contrast against Pence's Falls point without clarification as national security adviser Flynn was interviewed by the FBI on January 24th nine days after pence made his comments the day before the Flynn interview January 23rd 2017 the day before Flynn interview Lisa page says I can feel my heart beating harder I'm so stressed out about all the ways this has the potential to go fully off the rails weird struck replied I know I just talked with John we're getting together as soon as I get in to finish that write-up for Annie McCabe this morning struck agrees with Paige about being stressed that this could go off the rails so what are they so nervous about let's continue

".... so it's the day before they interview Flynn why would Paige and struck be stressed about this potentially going off the rails the answer is simple they knew the content of the phone call between Mike Flynn and Sergei his lyac because they were listening in and they were about to exploit the pen statement to CBS in essence they were admitting to monitoring Flynn that's why they were so nervous they were planning and plotting with Andrew McCabe about how they were going to exploit the phone tap and the difference in public statements by Vice President Mike Pence there's a good possibility Flynn was honest but his honesty contradicted what pen said on TV

".... and Flynn likely tried to dance through a needle without being overly critical of pence remember the alternative Flynn is brutally honest the media now runs with a narrative about Mike Pence as a national liar so within this case against Mike Flynn prosecutor Brandon van crack later filed a cover letter attempting to explain the reason for the Flynn interview On January 24 2017 and a delay in the official filing of the interview notes the FD 302s on February 15 2017 and another edit on May 31st 2017 to explain the FBI delay Vondrak claimed the 302 report in Evert Lee had a header saying draft document deliberative material what the special counsel appeared to be obfuscating was a process of deliberation within the investigative unit headed by the FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe

".... surrounding the specific wording of the 302 report on the Flynn interview likely how best to were the FBI notes for maximum damage in late 2018 prosecutor Brandon van Gregg was attempting to hide the length of the small group deliberations within the within the FBI in hindsight it seems he did not want the court to know Andrew McCabe was involved in shaping how the Flynn 302 was written the interview took place on January 24 2017 the 302 was drafted on the 24th and then later edited shaped and ultimately approved by McCabe On February 14th and then entered into the official record on the 15th of February

".... Flynn was under investigation from the outset in mid-2016 the fraudulent FBI counterintelligence operation established by the CIA director John Brennan had Flynn as one of the early targets when Brennan handed the originating electronic communication EC to the FBI director James Comey on around July 31st 2016 the investigation of general Flynn never stopped throughout 2016 and led to the second investigative issue of his phone call with Russian ambassador kis lyac October 20 20 2017 request from Weissman and Muller aligns with the time frame where special counsel team lawyers Brandi Alvin grack and Zainab and Ahmad were prosecuting Michael Flynn and coring him into a guilty plea

".... so they trapped Flynn they changed the 3o choose and now the judge is saying we want everything we want the audio recordings we want the original 302 and guess what the original 302 is not included anywhere where is the original 302 this is there's rumblings right now that they destroyed it but is anything really destroyed most likely not now Trump tweeted out the following it now seems the general Flynn was under investigation long before was common knowledge it would have been impossible for me to know this but if that was the case and with me being one of the two people who become present why was I not told so that I could make a change

".... so remember now the Patriots only offensive now they're asking questions if you knew all this information why didn't you tell me they're trapping them in their entire lie Trump continued with his tweets new Fox poll 58% of people say that the FBI broke the law in investigating Trump he continued will Jerry Nadler ever look into the fact that crooked Hillary deleted an acid-washed 33 thousand emails after getting a most powerful demand notice for them from Congress my campaign for president was conclusively spied on nothing like this ever happened in American politics a really bad situation treason means long jail sentences and this was treason drain the swamp make America great again

".... he's laying it all out there he wants the mainstream media to pick up his tweets to counter everything that he's saying and to expose the fake news and he's done this with the border with the immigration he's done this with Russian collusion and now he's doing it for the next phase he wants those individuals Comey Brennan clapper Eric Holder Clinton Obama and it goes on and on and on he wants all these people out there truant trying to defend themselves using their ammunition and spinning it the way they feel it went down because they have the documentation the Patriots have the documentation

".... they can spin it any way they want but what's going to happen is as they keep speaking they're gonna turn out to be liars and then the mainstream media is gonna have two choices either to go back and say well why did you say this here's the documentation now is this gonna happen right away no but eventually it will because the mainstream media is gonna get up get caught up in all of this they're gonna stay with their story with these people when things start to fall apart the Main Street video eventually will start turning on these people because they'll will have no choice because they'll be losing the credibility and those individuals who stuck by these people well they're gonna be brought up on charges

".... and we already see that everything is getting prepared for what is to come and that is the IG report that is the D class that is everything now out of BNL news it says breaking news the White House has launched an active investigation into reports of collusion in 2016 between Ukraine and the DNC boom breaking the Horowitz IG report is now in staff review and is being briefed to principals another boom it is all coming down now in regards to California Trump threatened to cancel the 1 billion dollars for the high-speed rail because he called out the governor Newsom saying where is the Train why are there delays why do you need more money what is going on here well it looks like he has falled through on his threat he canceled the 929 billion grant that was meant to have funded a high-speed rail in California and government Newsom is saying yeah we're not gonna build this train

".... here it is taking way too long costing too much money and if you remember back in February of 2019 Trump tweeted out that he wants California to return the money to the federal government you think that's gonna happen most likely not now Trump unveiled his major legal immigration reform proposal and the proposal doesn't change the number of people who obtain permanent residency on an annual basis the measure instead focuses on the kind of migrants that will be eligible for permanent resident status by shifting away from the random Visa Lottery and limiting the kinds of relations eligible for legal migration through family ties

".... Trump proposed to replace the visa lottery system with a merit-based approach that is already being used in countries such as Canada New Zealand the new points-based system would rank candidates based on age level of education and technical skills the system would award points for migrants who are qualified for high wage jobs have job offers in the United States who have plans to create jobs in the country future immigrants also will have to demonstrate financial self-sufficiency knowledge of the English language and pass a civics exam Trump said the following our proposal fulfills our sacred duty to those living here today while ensuring America remains a welcoming country to immigrants joining us tomorrow

".... we want immigrants coming in now the United States always wanted immigrants coming in the country was created this way but we want those who are going to benefit the country and this is called a vetting process and going through this vetting process this new process that he's proposing we're gonna get the cream of the crop what will happen to the country if we get the cream of the crop the country will explode and I don't mean like boom I mean it's going to explode in industry manufacturing and everything else and under the current legal immigration 12% of immigrants receive permanent residency status based on skills and merit

".... the new proposal aims to increase the skill and merit ratio to between 57 and 60% so this is very very good for the country now Trump has given a warning to illegal immigrants that are in this country he tweeted out the following the Democrats now realize that there is a national emergency at the border and that if we work together it can be immediately fixed we need Democrat votes and all will be well Border Patrol is apprehending record numbers of people at the southern border the bad hombres of which there are many are being detained and will be sent home those which we release under the ridiculous Catron release loophole are being registered and will be removed later

".... all people that are illegally coming into the United States now will be removed from our country at a later date as we build up our removal forces as the laws are changed please do not make yourselves too comfortable you'll be leaving soon so he's already saying those people were here illegally guess what you're going to be leaving very very soon the other thing that Trump is doing he is notifying 500,000 plus employers they have workers with bogus social security numbers they do not match the names

".... so where do you think these people got the social security cards you think it's the illegal aliens where they got on the black-market social security cards use them to go to work and now they're being caught I mean this move is reminiscent of a Ronald Reagan who in 1986 signed into law the immigration reform and Control Act that put the onus on employers by making the act of knowingly hired undocumented people a criminal offense since March the Social Security Administration has mailed out no matched letters to more than 570 thousand employers telling them that listen there's a problem in your company these Social Security numbers do not match these names do something about it now up in Norway we talked about how there's peace talks going on depending on what Venezuelan government said yes we have representatives up there

".... the opposition has representatives up there and it looks like one Guido has confirmed this he has sent delegates to Norway to join an attempt by Oslo to mediate the visit Venezuelan crisis so it looks like there are peace talks happening right now to shut this whole thing down in Venezuela and iron everything out remember most of the people under one guató whore with them they're either in jail right now or hiding in embassies the entire movement completely fell apart and they're completely exposed right now we see out in Iran two more warships

".... they travel to the Persian Gulf the USS McFaul and the USS Gonzales they're both there their Navy destroyers and again Trump is using this to put pressure on Iran and Bolton and Pompeyo are out there because they are war hawks and they are believable that they will do something and they are pushing their agenda Trump wants them to do this now are we going to war no we are not going to war Bolton and Pompeyo are out there to make everyone think we're going to war I know the deep state the mainstream media they're out there war is on the horizon ships are heading out there well again what is Trump doing he's exposing the mainstream media exposing the icons the deep States

".... think about what he did with North Korea wasn't the mainstream media out there telling us every day that we're going to war and there was peace we see the Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif he's out there and he is begging Russia and China to help by keeping the nuclear deal they want them to talk to Europe and say listen we need everyone together here they're becoming desperate why are they becoming desperate because they know they're caught they know that there's a problem how Dianne Feinstein it seems that she's making calls to the Iranian government I mean everyone is gay involved here gee what are they so afraid of and again they shouldn't be calling anyone in any other government to tell them what to do now Rohini is saying listen if Europe doesn't do what we want the entire nuclear deal will collapse and Trump tweeted out the following with all the fake news and made-up news out there Iran can have no idea what is actually going on

".... and he's absolutely right the mainstream media the deeps day and everyone calling Iran nobody knows what's going on and I do believe that eventually what's going to happen is that Iran is gonna say you know something this is not going to work out for us the deep state is no longer in power Trump is in power he's turning the screws he's in line with Zhi Jing ping and Russia it's time to say okay let's talk about a new deal and I do believe a phone call will be coming very very soon now something very interesting with Hillary Clinton she tweeted out the following in 2019 every day is endangered-species day we have to act now to prevent the loss of 1 million species over the next few decades losses that would have a profound effect on human beings now do you really think all of a sudden she took the time out to say that in 2019 every day is Endangered Species day no

".... what she's really saying right now is that they're in trouble this is like a coded message to everyone we are in trouble in 2019 we're endangered and our way of life the way we created it it's going to be coming to an end and every day it gets worse and worse in the year 2019 think about this for a second now remember we've been talking about how the deep state they're going to have another event and if you look at the other part of the tweet it says we have to act now to prevent the loss of a 1 million species over the next few decades losses that would have a profound effect on human beings I wonder what that really means and seems like maybe they're pointing to another event ...≺≺ less

WW Resignations, [DS] Scrambling, Wait For It, Boom - Episode 1869b

X22Report ** Published on May 16, 2019
"...the deep state they are scrambling they're panicking like we've never seen before and they're all starting to point fingers at each other they're turning on each other this is what panic looks like this is what it looks like when the deep state has no more ammunition well they might have one more event or two but all the blocks and firewalls they set up they've all been ripped down and there's nothing they can do so what do they do well they turn on each other they point fingers oh those are the people responsible oh those are the people responsible and this is what's happening right now now before we get into all of that it seems that the White House they are now asking people to share their stories of social media censorship so we have reports that social media platforms they are censoring conservatives ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....the White House established an online tip forum for Americans to report bias to trump now the tool asks users what platforms they had been penalised on the categories include Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube and many others and once they user selects the social media platform they are asked for screen Chun and links of the content they deemed offensive a text field is provided where users can describe the enforcement actions taken against them so if you go to the White House Twitter feed or you can go to the x-22 report you will see the link where if you have a Twitter account if you have a Facebook account an Instagram account a YouTube account

" can add your censorship to this and I think this is the beginning stages for Trump to get a handle on how you know what and how and why the social media platforms are censoring people and what groups they are censoring and it seems like they are pushing this very very hard because I think this is going to lead to other things and Q has talked about this where they might regulate the social media platforms or may might make a case of why they need to be controlled we'll have to see how this all turns out because again many people are complaining that they're being censored I know Jon Rappoport his wordpress blog was taken down

".... I believe his Twitter account was taken down and he's been doing this for a very long time and he is being censored now what's very interesting is that the deep state they are pushing their censorship across the world I mean this is their their whole entire agenda from the very beginning and they do it very very slowly so no one really catches on we started out with political correctness and then it moved into the hate speech and then it moved into you know oh let's ban certain extremists on YouTube or extremists on Facebook let's ban hate speech on these platforms we need to control this so what's happening here since the New Zealand shooting in the mosque the Christchurch shootings we have the New Zealand Prime Minister we have McCrone out there campaigning to all countries to join them on censoring be shooters video

" people have looked at this video and there are many many anomalies with this video and I do believe this is what they want this taken down because it will prove that a lot of this stuff was CGI in the video so right now they have a United Kingdom Canada Japan Australia Italy India Germany and Spain all on board they also have Google Amazon Facebook Twitter and YouTube they're participating as well the United States says listen we can't ban things we have something called the First Amendment and we just can't take things down so we can't sign up with this yes we don't like terrorism yes we don't like these horrible things

"....but we can't ban a certain video because of the Constitution this is what the elite the deep state hate from the beginning and this is why they've been trying to get rid of it over time because how do you control the people you get rid of their weapons and then you get rid of their rights well you can't get rid of their rights but they'll make the case of how and why they're going to get rid of your rights and you can see now they're going across the world saying we're going to set this platform of what will be banned what won't be banned this is getting scary right now but the Trump administration is not going along with this actually the Trump administration is doing the opposite trying to restore freedom of speech for the people while the rest of the world made up the elites

"....they're trying to do the opposite now we see a lot of individuals entering the race I think there's about 23 Democratic presidential contenders de Blasio is the latest now of course why are all these people getting involved in the presidential race well they believe they're safe and it looks like Eric Trump and de Blasio had a little Twitter feud and Eric Trump was responding to de Blasio and Eric Trump said the following spare me first you have never created a job in your life second our great city has gone to under your leadership crime is up the men and women of the NYPD detest you homelessness is rampant our streets are dirty and people are leave are leaving our city in record numbers and the question is why did he decide to enter the presidential race

".... well let's go back to post 22:19 from cue this is back September 19th 2018 watch those announcing 2020 presidential running you cannot attack a political opponent none or protected none are safe what it Q mean by that well Q is telling everyone that if you try to attack the person who resident running for president they're going to say it's a political attack to get rid of someone who's trying to go up against Trump and they believe they're safe now that you cannot attack me even if you find criminal information about me it they will use it to say you only brought that out to attack me to try to get rid of me and it's a political attack but it's not going to work nobody is safe nobody's protected and Q already warned us of this Nadler is out there and he is scrambling

"....he's lashing out at trump after the White House Counsel tells the House Judiciary Committee to pounce and we are not giving you anything you can't do a Muller redo what is the deep state doing right now they're scrambling for anything they can they can get their hands on to try to make a case because they weren't expecting mother to come up with nothing now they're trying to figure out how to how to keep this going but it's going to fail the deep state is using everything they have to get ahead of what is coming and they're throwing everything out there hoping that something sticks em to Manas or m3 thuds tweeted out the following first take a listen to Brennan

"....will they find in one two three examinations reviews investigations of the origins of the Russian investigation I don't know they may try to be dissecting the language that was in the FISA application as you point out what was the concern what was going on I think they're just trying to you know demonstrate that there was you know problems with what the Obama administration did as far as as it pursued this investigation but as you point out it went through a rigorous due process within the Department of Justice the FBI it was approved by the FISA Court it went through all of those steps and now if they look at back at in 2020 are they going to find that there was something that should have been said differently whatever they might well I think that's what they're trying to do is to uncover something that they will misrepresent as being part of this deep state effort to try to undermine Donald Trump's election

" Brennan he is trying to get ahead of what is coming because as Jodie has explained and many others all roads lead back to Brennan well out of this tweet m3 thought said the following how to attempt failed to cover your own ass number one open with a casual joke number two leave and out by unhandled Lee blaming the Obama White House FBI Department of Justice FISA Court number three claim that any findings from investigations will be misrepresented number four discredit words like deep state number five don't forget to breathe he's panicking lower the sound and just look at his actions in the way he's sitting and how he's twitching he's nervous and afraid why because he knows that everything is going to lead back to him so now we have a dispute that has erupted over whether former FBI director James Comey or John Brennan promoted the unverified still dossier as the Obama era intelligence community targeted the Trump campaign

" email chain exists which indicates that Comey told Bureau subordinates that Brennan insisted on the inclusion in the intelligence community assessment ICA on Russian interference also interesting is that the dossier was referred to as a crown material in the emails well is that a reference to the stet Steele is a former British spy most likely now Brennan and clapper they're saying they're the ones who opposed James commis recommendation that the Steele dossier be included in the intelligence report now this is getting very interesting because now they're pointing fingers at each other and they're blaming Comey

" trey gowdy came out and said that Comey has a better argument than brennan based on what I've seen Senator Rand Paul back in March said the following breaking a high-level source tells me it was Brennan who insisted that the unverified and fake Steele dossier be included in the intelligence report Brennan should be asked to testify under oath in Congress ASAP so again everything is pointing back to Brennan now representative Jim Jordan tweeted out the following both stories can't be true at Comey told FBI in late 2016 that Brennan insisted on including the dossier in the intelligence community assessment but CIA claims Comey made the recommendation and Brennan and clapper objected mark meadows tweeted out amazing James Comey said that in 2016 John Brennan insisted on including the dossier in their icy assessment but Brennan says no no Comey wanted to use the dossier

"....they know the truth is coming and now they're all throwing each other under the bus now Baker is now ratting out James Comey saying top officials in the FBI were quite worried call me would appear to be blackmailing Trump so Baker is turned on Comey Brennan is turned on Comey clapper has turn on Comey and we need to go back to post 2787 what did q tell us and this is back February 18 2019 attempt to isolate FBI and Department of Justice what's happening right now they're isolating the FBI and Department of Justice hew said do you believe the FBI Department of Justice acted alone if Hillary Clinton directed a fight and financed the dossier in order to obtain the bulk so-called evidence in order to generate circular news articles

"....think Yahoo and obtain Fiske sign-off is it reasonable to think that members of the Intel apparatus State Department White House foreign allies etc also involved the biggest scandal in our known history a new word for treason will need to be invented why does Hussein continue to proudly state his administration was scandal-free to find projection cue everything that cue said back in February is happening right now now Judicial Watch they just released an email revealing that Nellie or wife a former associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce or informed him that she was deleting emails sent from Bruce or Department of Justice email account from Nellie or this was April 20th 2016 subject analyst Russian organized crime thanks I'm deleting these emails now

"....remember just because you delete something it is not deleted you don't think they have all of this of course they do they have everything they know all just like with the Gmail drafts just like with everything that Clinton decided to wipe out with bit bleach they have all the information we are now getting word that the Obama administration has abused the FISA Court now according to Jody and there is tremendous breaking news the FISA Court has been looking into abuses of the FISA system and has communicated with the Justice Department about its findings their chief judge has already determined that more than four years before the election of Trump there was an illegal spying operation yes spying and yes illegal going on by four FBI contractors to break the law to steal personal electronic information about American citizens and to use it against the Republican Party

" according to the report Obama's FBI and Department of Justice performed performed searches on Americans that were against their Fourth Amendment rights this went on for years one paragraph in the report states that 85% of the section 704 705 be FISA searches made during this time were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal in addition the report cites that at the same time that Obama Department of Justice and FBI were illegally searching Americans against their rights and unbeknownst to them Obama's FBI was providing this information to outside contractors who had no business or legal cause or claim to the information

" congressional leaders are calling for the prosecution of FBI and Department of Justice officials involved in the criminal actions the criminal acts by Obama's administration involved in the FISA crimes which could qualify for sentences of up to 10 years in prison the entire FISA Court in late 2016 was stacked with Obama appointees the entire court March of 2017 was Obama appointees one of these appointees was also involved in general Flynn's criminal case we know this because he recused himself from the Flynn case Obama's FISA Court appointee and US District Judge Rudolph Contreras recused himself from the former national security adviser Michael Flynn's criminal case

" is unknown why he recused himself but he did and back then it seems like the FISA Court was in line and most likely knew what Obama was doing now Gohmert is now questioning the FISA Court mm3 thoughts tweeted out the following so take a listen to what Gohmert says just start having hearings on the FISA courts and I would love to get this same back and have a good discussion on the abuses of the FISA Court I'm about to come to conclusion we need to just get get done get rid of them altogether they have become so abusive and the fact that no FISA Court has reacted violently to having a fraud committed on the court raises the issue and perhaps if we had a FISA judge or more who were part of this scam to take down a duly elected president so this is a very important time everybody's questions will be part of the record and you need to know that someday after all of this has continued to come out and we get all of the truth what side of history you want were you continuing to flail at a candidate you didn't want elected

".... or are you going to help restore a Department of Justice and I a court system that used to be the envy of the world because we're sure not right now I yield back and Gohmert he's right why isn't the FISA Court out there saying oh my god we were giving fake information we're very angry about this why haven't they reacted hmm let's go back to post 29:59 this was March 4th 2019 Hussein gave the order to start the spying campaign it was logged officially two times one time domestic one times foreign Fiske judge White House meeting White House visitor logs are important Hussein library class doc move that's classification of documents in the Obama library attempt to shelter protect who has authority to obtain the president the more you know I do believe that Obama and the judges sitting in the FISA Court just like the judges in the Ninth Circuit Court they're all working with him

".... this is why they haven't said a word but this is all about the change because Trump is getting more and more individuals appointed to the Ninth Circuit the Fourth Circuit and we just had the vote for Jeffrey Rosen to be the Deputy Attorney General which has taken the rut which is taking rod Rosen Singh's position and he won the vote 52 to 45 not voting was Alexander Gillibrand and Harris and there are no further votes this week and what we're seeing here is that at every step of the way Trump is maneuvering his pieces and removing the Obama judges bringing in his individuals changing the Supreme Court changing the Department of Justice changing the FBI removing the blocks

"....and guess what the deep state is panicking they're scrambling and we're starting to see certain leaders around the world and they're not running and they are resigning we have Angela Merkel not running Teresa may says she's not running she might be resigning way before that we have george papadapolis tweeting out the following the Italian prime minister has suddenly requested resignations from six deputy directors of Italian intelligence agency D is a is AI and AI se this was all after I outed Mifsud in Rome and the president called the Italian Prime Minister Italy has flipped and are giving up Brennan it's all falling apart and the deep state they are pushed back against the wall there in the corner and now the rats are eating each other they are pointing the finger hoping that if we isolate the FBI they won't come after us

"'s not how it works Trump the Patriots they're going after everyone that is treasonous remember this is not about a four-year election this is not about oh let's get reelected this is about draining the swamp getting rid of all these individuals and not just the high-level individuals but everyone else below that who is also corrupt we need to drain the swamp completely once the swamp is drained once all the blocks are gone Trump and the administration can then focus on the source of all of this and this is the central bank system and that's what is behind the curtain that is the wizard where no one really knows this they think these are the people that we have a problem with no we need to go behind the curtain and get to the source and that is the central bank

"....why do you think the founding fathers didn't want a central bank in this country why do you think Andrew Jackson by the way Andrew Jackson is hanging on the wall of President Trump why do you think he campaigned on getting rid of the central bank why do you think the central bank continued tries to get back into this country and they've been here since 1913 because they want to control countries that is the source of all this now it looks like the Department of Homeland Security has officially suspended all air traffic passenger and cargo now a lot of the planes weren't flying down to Venezuela anyhow but I believe this was done to put a stop to what the deep state was doing pushing weapons into Venezuela

" we need to realize that one Guido his entire administration his advisers opposition leaders they're all either arrested or being held by the government or hiding or seeking asylum in the embassies of Spanish Italy Brazil and Argentina that they're done Guido is out there alone Maduro is not going to arrest him Maduro doesn't want to provoke anything you think this was all planned think about it it's all falling apart in Venezuela now let's talk about these 50 countries that we in the u.s. keep hearing about which is supposedly backing Guido well guess what most of these countries are now backing off most of these countries are saying okay we're not back in Guido anymore we don't want an invasion in Venezuela

"....I think we need to work this out and we're starting to see a lot of the countries in Europe we're starting to see a lot of countries like Mexico Uruguay and the others they're all saying we're open to dialogue or open to negotiations now something very interesting is that Venezuela is in Norway the Venezuela government is in Norway and they're speaking to the Democratic opponents yes there are talks between the Bolivian government and the Democratic sectors of the opposition they're having peace talks where they're going to iron this out hmm seems like this was all planned so all flights all cargo shipments no longer going into Venezuela they just blocked the deep state off the neocons off everyone that was behind Guido

".... they're running they're arrested the entire movement has just died no war nothing let's see what happens next now out in Iran we're starting to see Bolton Pompeyo they are pushing and this is on purpose we see the deep state continually is pushing their false flag events Saudi Arabia is blaming Iran for ordering an attack earlier this week on to our Amoco pipeline booster stations and they were saying that Iran came in they used drones and they attacked Saudi Arabia now why would a ran do this and start a war this makes no sense whatsoever just like the bombing of the ships think about what is happening there is an emergency in Iraq and all personnel is being removed you think this is one way to get a lot of these individuals out of Iraq by making it look like it's not really that suspicious

"....hmm could be because we know that Iraq they already decided to purchase the Russian s400 missile system what does that mean there'll be no more invasions of Iraq the deep state they've just been cut off Trump he wants a phone call from Iran he's a negotiator he doesn't want war all of this is not about war the mainstream media wants war the deep state wants war the intelligence agencies they want war Trump wants to negotiate he wants peace this is why he tweeted out the following the fake news Washington Post and even more fake news New York Times are writing stories that there is in fighting with respect to my strong policy in the Middle East there is no infighting whatsoever different opinions are expressed and I make a decisive and final decision it is very simple process all sides views and policies are covered I'm sure that Iran will want to talk soon what he's doing here is he's putting pressure on Iran

"....he already called out John Kerry said that he was in violation of the Logan Act he brought warships over to Iran to put pressure on not Iran not the people but the black sites the deep state within this country the deep state their mission in there is to try to start a war it's going to fail now in North Korea we need to remember that there were explosions in North Korea where it seemed and many of you people reporting that the black sites were taken out in North Korea remember when Kim jong-un was able to leave the country without fear of being killed I think Trump and others are doing the same thing in Iran they're hunting down the deep state getting rid of these black sites

".... they're in all of these countries and I believe in the next couple of months we're gonna see the entire Iran war drum completely disappear and I do believe that Iran eventually is going to be talking to trump we're already starting to see that they're getting rid of some of their commitments under the nuclear deal and they've given Europe a time frame and think about what's happening in Europe Merkel is not gonna run again may might resign and now in France lepen is going up against Makran I see big changes coming and I do believe Europe is gonna back out of the Iranian deal and we're gonna see the Iranians call Trump the swamp is being drained the entire world is going through a change the globalists are being removed the deep state is being removed the neocons are being removed and this is going to accelerate and we're going to see a lot more of these individuals resign or say they're not running for the next election or they'll be beat in the election when they when it's time for them to run everything is changing wait for it the big boom is coming ...≺≺ less