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*** January 2019 ***

What is Enlightenment? & the Great Spiritual Awakening 2019

Edge of Wonder ** Premiered Jan 4, 2019

"....On today's edition of Edge of Wonder, we discuss the First Great Awakening known as the Enlightenment and the many belief systems and spiritual Giants that contributed to it Like, Aristotle, Buddha Shakyamuni and yes, even Jesus. ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"...We pose question such as: where was Jesus before he re-emerged at age 30 and why did some think that he and St. Issa were the same person? We also discuss the processes of enlightenment and historical accounts that might just blow your socks off, as we reveal the true stories behind it all. Get ready to be ‘enlightened’ now,

".....Here’s your Zen friends Ben and Rob on Edge of Wonder! Welcome to Edge of Wonder. In our last few episodes have been pretty dark so we want to balance it out with some light specifically, the topic of enlightenment. See what I did there? Light … Enlightenment I think they get it Rob. So we’ve done some Qanon videos, there’s a lot of talk about the Great Awakening movement and how people are finally waking up to the truth. Some of you may have wondered, how do those Edge of Wonder guys learn about this stuff? How can they discern what’s the truth from a lie? Or how can I learn to do it for myself?

"....Well, to put it plainly, first, it begins with having a core set of values that we can use as a lens to examine each piece of information that we find. Then, doing a ton of research, extracting the truth from it, corroborating where possible, and finally, seeing how it fits in the bigger picture. And also using your heart too, when you’re looking at these things. That helps too. In this episode, we’ll dive into the topic of enlightenment, its meaning and history, why the deep state, cabal, or the evil in this world, doesn’t want you to be enlightened, and how you can learn to enlighten through your own beliefs.

"....So we’ve already done episodes related to QAnon, connected to QAnon is this ‘Great Awakening’ movement. Unfortunately, the movement even had a growing subreddit, which was banned earlier this year in September for being a “ Crazy Right Wing Conspiracy theory” then Reddit put up it’s Saturnian symbolism peace sign and we all kinda peed a little. But we digress. Right …

"....what this movement is all about is really enlightening to the truth. The thing is, Q is dropping “bread crumbs” and is encouraging everyone to do our own research and by this method we our are really waking up from the lies we’ve been told by mainstream media on our own. But you might be thinking. Well Ben and Rob, the term Enlightenment predates the Enlightenment period by an absurd amount of time. Don’t worry y’alls. We’re spiritual beings. We’ll be getting into all of them and hopefully by the end, you can see for yourselves which jives with your way of thinking.

"....Yes, but don’t take this as some kind of approval or denial of any form of thinking. Rather, let’s explore and see what we find together. In the past, the Great Awakening referred to a more spiritual movement a religious revival that impacted Britain and the English colonies in America during the 1730s and 1740s. This movement came and went rapidly at a time when secularism and rationalism was on the rise, and theism had hit a low point.

"....You might be thinking ‘rationalism’ that sounds great. Who doesn’t want to be rational? Well rationalism literally pushed the idea that reason and knowledge are different than understandings that come about from spiritual development. So what you’re telling me is I can’t be rational if I have beliefs? Yeah … no. Rationalism lead to …wait for it … communism.

".....But that’s a different episode people. And oh my, we’ll be getting into that soon. So during this time Christian ministers traveled around the colonies to preach the gospel and encourage folks that they should have a direct and personal connection to God. The ministers also had people attend service in their home parish, furthering their message to make faith and spirituality more approachable and less of a formalized institution.

"....The takeaway to glean from the Great Awakening movement now and from the one in the past, is that there has been a genuine desire and many sincere attempts by groups of people to discover the truth not only in world events, but also in life. So on the other side of the Atlantic, the Enlightenment took off in the 18th century. Many philosophers emerged such as Voltaire, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Adam Smith, Immanuel Kant, Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson.

"....It was a period of uncovering and questioning what was experienced through the five senses and what we experienced intangibly—ethics and the soul. There were two Enlightenments some viewed Enlightenment philosophy in opposition with religion encouraging people to think for themselves instead of acting on faith. This is largely the enlightenment that took place in Europe.

"....While others saw it as being able to think for themselves through a critical lens of ethics, which is more of the ideas towards enlightenment in the US. The Enlightenment was a big turning point for mankind; people challenged one other and debated the biggest issues whether the meaning of life is to develop spiritually or materialistically.

"....There was this German philosopher named Immanuel Kant, who studied epistemology, the theory of knowledge, aesthetics, and ethics. We won’t dive into all of his views but Kant had some arguments around the purpose of life and enlightenment that were compelling to many at that time and can still be applied to this day.

"....Kant argued that purpose of life is to strive for virtue or summum bonum, which is latin for the highest or the supreme good Summum Bonum is a concept that dates back to the Roman Philosopher, Cicero and even further back to the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. Many philosophers believed that summum bonum meant living according to divine law and understand deeply what it means to be divine.

"....Kant also breaks down enlightenment in his essay titled ‘What is Enlightenment’ that Enlightenment is the decisiveness and courage to use one’s own mind without someone else’s guidance. Well wait a minute . This is something we all need right now. Take a step back and read some Kant, people. It’ll do y’all good.

"....We touched on Aristotle and his central idea of summum bonum, the highest good before. Kant said that it was virtue. What does Aristotle have to say about the highest good? Aristotle reasoned that eudaimonia is “the highest good for human beings” so what’s eudaimonia? Did you just say Edamame?. Eudaimonia translates to happiness or well-being, but it literally means to “have a good guardian spirit”. It’s the moral philosophy of practicing virtues in daily activities and using your wisdom that you’ve enlightened to, to resolve conflicts.

"....Maybe in some cases eating edamames and bring you that? I hope so, I’m gonna go have a bag right after this episode. Diving deeper, what did he mean by good or goodness? Well, according to Aristotle, “Goodness is something common,universal, and one.” We interpret it as goodness being an objective trait, so that means, you can evaluate how good your thoughts or actions are.

".....Given what Kant and Aristotle say the purpose of life is, on a deeper level, to enlighten is to deliberately, independently, and courageously live a life of virtue, which leads us to Buddha Shakyamuni. That’s not too far off compared to how Buddha defined enlightenment 2,500 years ago. Before we go into how the Buddha Shakyamuni came to enlightenment, we have to give you some context. Who was Shakyamuni and how did he come into spirituality?

"....So before Buddha was well… Buddha, he was Siddhartha Gautama, a prince born around 567 B.C into a royal family in Lumbini, which is in modern day Nepal. Before Siddhartha’s birth, it was prophesied that he would become a great king or spiritual leader. His father wanted Siddhartha to become a king and a warrior but didn’t want him to be this spiritual leader, so he surrounded his son with luxuries, women, and combat training. However, none of this seem to phase his son. Also his father also kicked out anyone who was old or sick from their land. So when Siddhartha finally ventured out from the palace doors at age 29, he came across an old man. He turned to his charioteer, Chandaka who told him old age happens to all. Completely shocked he then encounters a sick man with oozing sores. Chandaka again tells him that everyone is subject to pain and illness.

"....His father wanted to shield him from any kind of death but then, Siddhartha mistakens a funeral procession for a parade and curiously wanders closer. Chandaka explains that “death is the fate of all beings” On his final trip out of the palace, he meets an ascetic. Chandaka tells him that this ascetic has achieved tranquility by letting go of his earthly desires. Upon meeting the ascetic man, he vows to pursue an ascetic life on his own.

"....So let’s fast forward now, Buddha has been enlightening for many years what did Buddha enlighten to? He enlightened to concepts of reincarnation, karma, and dukkha. Reincarnation is the cycle of birth, old age, sickness, and death. Karma is the law of moral cause and effect. Finally, Dukkha is the suffering that can be mitigated by removing attachments such as jealousy, anger, sensuality or desire to experience pleasure, and so on.

".... His enlightenment is defined as the process of identifying dukkha or suffering and removing the root causes our attachments, and thus one can break free of this karmic wheel and end the cycle of reincarnation. Sounds simple—but definitely not an easy thing to do. Nope nope nope.

"....For those not familiar with Falun Dafa or Falun Gong, it is a spiritual practice that came out in 1992 as a free practice in China by Mr. Li Hongzhi who founded it. Falun Gong was a method that was practiced for thousands of years in private but was brought to the public in 1992. Within a few short years it caught on very quickly and at the beginning the Chinese government were even promoting it within China because people were feeling happier and healthier and it was saving the country money on healthcare costs.

"....So what exactly is Falun Gong? It is a meditation and spiritual practice that is an advanced self-cultivation practice of the Buddha School system. It's based on the universal principles of Truthfulness compassion-and endurance, in which one would assimilate their character to these qualities by using them to judge every action, thought, and intention that we have. By doing so we would then elevate our mind and body while at the same time strive to remove our attachments such as our desires, anger, jealousy, and so on with the goal to obtain spiritual perfection, enlightenment, or even divinity.

"....Many of the theistic philosophers from the West enlightened to similar life purposes as their Eastern counterparts living according to divine laws or spiritual truths and also believed in the one true God or Creator. Enlightenment seems to be a generally positive thing for society and something that everyone should be striving for. So who could be against enlightenment?

"....Sadly, in 1999 the Chinese regime did a survey and found that there were over 100 million people practicing this in China. So China being a communist state, totally freaked out and this Falun Gong practice has been heavily persecuted in China since 1999 affecting over a 100 million people And let’s not forget their families. So Falun Gong supports a belief in a divine Creator with its universal principles of Truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. Many people want to understand why it is being persecuted but really the Chinese government is a communist regime that got to be where it is today through violence, lies, corruption, and it's atheistic views.

"....They view it as a direct threat to themselves if you can understand that. I mean doesn’t make any sense anyway. Well it does just because Falun Gong promotes traditional culture and actually shows that culture to people. And we can kind of relate this going back to the whole deep state, cabal stuff right. It’s like they’re doing all these satanic stuff So everything that we’re doing on the other side as a ..they see it as a threat. It’s kind of the same concept I guess.

"... OK we know there is going to be a lot of controversy around this topic, but we are just the messengers here. So without going too deep into this some people and even some Christians believe that Jesus also found enlightenment and obtained the way. Before everyone freaks out, there is some evidence to support during his missing years that he traveled to India and was given the name Issa, meaning “The Best Sons of Men,” and returned to spread his universal law truths of salvation.

"....This was all found in 1894 by Nicolas Notovitch, a Russian doctor who traveled to Himis, India, and ended up breaking his leg and went to a nearby monastery for help. Inside he found ancient records of the life of Jesus Christ. He found a Tibetan translation of the these scriptures and found over 200 verses in which these documents came to be known as The life of St. Issa. He was accused by many of faking these documents, and one of his biggest skeptics traveled to India just to expose this as a fraud, but instead it actually convinced him and proved the authenticity of the Issa Legend.

".....Many of the verses in the scriptures do sound very similar to the words of Jesus when compared to the bible such as "Worship not the idols. Do not consider yourself first. Do not humiliate your neighbor. Help the poor. Sustain the feeble. Do evil to no one. Do not covet that which you do not possess and which is possessed by others."

"...Also there is one where “Issa taught that men should not strive to behold the Eternal Spirit with one's own eyes but to feel it with the heart, and to become a pure and worthy soul.” Now of course we are not saying Jesus was Issa, we would suggest that you look into this on your own, there is a lot of information about this including a few documentaries. But you know, the wise men did came from the Orientate, or the East, and I have heard a few ministers talk about how it is possible these were monks that brought Jesus back with them once he was at a certain age and these are the missing years in the bible.

"...But again you guys should look into it on your own, we are just the messengers here. Either way we do know that Jesus was a real divine being who came here to save people and by following his teaching one can also enlighten on this path. Also I’ll just add in something here that we don’t know the histories, None of us, none of us even those of us who are really involved in the spiritual practice don’t really know the histories And if the divine Creator arranged it that way, so what Jesus was Jesus right, that’s great But anyway, we’re not saying anything one way or another, And we hope you guys know that.

"...Anti-Enlightenment, well this doesn’t sound very good. Now if there are such people who are against Enlightenment, why are they trying to prevent you from obtaining it? For those of you who are following us, I am sure you already guessed it, the Deep State, Cabal, the evil elements in our world.

"....For those of you who are new to our channel, in our past videos, we’ve covered the Deep State, who they are, what their agenda is, and how they’ve infiltrated every part of our lives. The Deep State are the secret government composed of elitist, globalists, and the Illumidokey ( YT censorship here). Their goal is of course to create this new world order, order through chaos, or total control over the populace, and their final act of Eugenics, wiping out more than 60% of the human race, 60% is a conservative number. so the others can live a so called better life.

"....Definitely check out our series on the Deep State if you haven’t already, although I am sure many of you watching this are saying “we already did”, but go watch it again. So going back to enlightenment, Roger Richards had this great quote during our interview with him and Corey Goode where he talks about his journey to bringing disclosure to the people. Many of us talk about this idea of we make contracts before we come here,

"...We make agreements before we come here [to Earth] about what we’re supposed to do. Many of us are in a space of trying to wake up to why we’re here. It’s my belief that everybody that comes onto Earth are subject to the same rules of Earth, which is you’re not allowed to remember why you’re here. That’s a big part of it. The journey that you’re set on is to find through your own intuition, through your higher self. Our mission here is to do everything possible to raise consciousness on this planet.

"...What he said is super powerful, and whether you’re spiritual or not, this can apply to you. All of us can enlighten to what our journey is and then act on it. Whatever our spiritual or religious beliefs are. We’re bringing up the topic of enlightenment now because it’s more relevant than ever. We’re inundated with information, both real and fake.

"...We want to empower you, our viewers, to figure it out on your own, as many of you watching already are. Then, encourage others to think critically for themselves by showing them what you’ve found and discuss it. We believe that we are all here for a purpose each and everyone one of us chose to be here just many of us have forgotten why we came. So through spirituality, divine faith, or whatever your religious beliefs are, we will find our true purpose.

"....We recently gotten to 200k subscribers and we wouldn’t have been able to do this if y’alls haven’t shared our videos that you’ve found with your friends and discussed the truth of these issues. We really can’t thank you enough! That’s for sure. But really we can’t thank the Divine Light that is guiding us and leading us to spread this message far and wide.

"....We keep saying that we’re just the messengers and we believe that this either the path we choose before we came or what was asked of us to do. Everything always works out when you put god, the light, or the divine Creator’s will first. In either case one of the best things you can do for another person be it your family, friend, or acquaintance is spread the truth to them and encourage them to do the same for others with whole lot of kindness.

"....Yeah, if you genuinely want what’s best for them and share it in a compassionate way, they’ll start to see the truth as well and feel that you really do care for their overall well being. Let’s take a step back here, speaking of all of enlightenment and stuff, we would also highly recommend to all of you to go see this amazing show Called Shen Yun that has been traveling around the world. Rob and I have seen it the past few years and honestly it is one of the best shows probably. It’s crazy, incredible. It’s so good, it’s very inspirational, moving, and makes you feel really hopeful about the future. The core of my being was shaken when I went to see this, You just leave feeling very like wow, I just feel different, clean, something amazing.

"...Anyway, it shows 5,000 years of Chinese history through music, dance and even martial arts. Also has elements of spirituality and even divine aspects all throughout. And you’ll definitely feel that. Anyway we’ll put the link in the description below, And that’s pretty much all we have for you today. What do you you guys think about all this enlightenment and what does it mean to you? Have you enlightened to something recently? Please leave a comment below and always remember to comment like and subscribe for more hopefully amazing videos. We hope you all liked this episode on enlightenment, And as always, we will see you out. On the edge Of maybe enlightenment, hopefully, geez. Cut to the real video. Blahblahblah, I like this do that, anytime there’s a quote. Alright wait wait wait too much. Well to put it, excuse me, alright. ...≺≺ less

*** December 2018 ***

Flynn Signals Dark To Light, [DS][CB] PANIC - Episode 1749b

X22Report ** Published on Dec 24, 2018

" the central bank and the deep state they are in a deep panic right now they don't know what to do and there are many individuals out there and they are tweeting out like crazy because they know the end is near now James Comey once again was out there tweeting and he's trying to show that this government shutdown is affecting FBI families and he tweeted out the following ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"..... FBI families will spend Christmas without a paycheck this president promised Mexico would pay for the wall but innocent people are now being for the price for another lie our thoughts are with the hard-working public servants and their families so Comey is out there saying that the FBI is going to spend Christmas without a paycheck they will not be able to buy gifts and they're not getting paid before Christmas

"....well that's kind of false because if you go to and you look at the federal pay schedule you notice that the federal employees they got paid on December 19th that is before the government shutdown when is their next paycheck well that is due on the 28th so right now they did get paid for Christmas so Comey lied to the American people now again we haven't hit the 28th yet so we don't know what is going to happen at that point

".....right now the government is shut down and today is the 24th but they did get paid on the 19th so if you lied about this what else did he lie about well we know Annan's know what he lied about now during James Comey testimony before the House Judiciary and Oversight Government Reform committees last week Comey was asked by representative Elijah e cummings for suggestions and how the nation should get back on track after the storm it is currently weathering a clear reference to Trump's presidency and the reference that the storm is coming and here Comey responded

"..... by launching into a mini speech about the resilience of America while insisting there is no deep State and urging people to speak out

"....well there is a deep state and you're part of it call me and you're doing whatever you possibly can to try to take everyone and make them look over here instead of over here and you can see that he is very worried about what is coming and again he does not answer questions about leaking and things like that he says I don't want to talk about that

"....let's not talk about that he only wants to preach to everyone and if you look at what he's saying most of it is lies so the government is still shut down Trump is holding out and waiting waiting for the Senate to do something what a Shumer going to do now remember Trump has a back-up plan

".....he knows On January 3rd the Senate is sworn in and he can have the vote at that time but he wants and I believe he wants Schumer and the rest to fold and he wants them to vote before that period of time but he does have backup plans he has the Senate he has the military and he's ready to build this wall

"....but I think his whole push right now is to have the deep state actually fold he tweeted out the following the most important way to stop gangs drugs human trafficking and massive crime is at our southern border we need border security and as everyone knows you can't have border security without a wall

".....the drones and technology are just bells and whistles safety for America and he continually is out there showing everyone that these people want a border security they talked about border security talked about walls they talked about immigration laws and they never did anything he's showing everyone that they are liars they just talk about what you want to hear but they never actually actually do anything

" what's very interesting there are two GoFundMe pages one for a border wall and one for a ladder now hear me out on this the first one is we the people will fund the wall it is closing now in on around 16 million in just six days some two hundred fifty nine thousand 936 have donated almost sixteen million dollars and the goal is one billion now the individual that created the page is Brian coalfish a triple amputee Air Force veteran and he says it's time that we uphold our laws and we get this wall built

" there is another GoFundMe page because when they heard the walls being built they decided oh yeah we're gonna counter this so Charlotte climber a transgender Army veteran and human rights activist from Texas launched a page titled ladders to get over the wall now in four days they raised a hundred and forty two thousand so let's compare these to the American people in six days sent in 16 million dollars for the wall in four days for ladders to have illegals climb over the wall a hundred and forty two thousand in four days

".....what do you think the people want well quite obvious the people want a wall they understand that we need border security now over the year of 2018 we know there were a lot of fake news stories in Daily Caller put this together I'll read some of the stories here if you want to see the rest of it the link is on the x22 report or just go to Daily Caller and you can see the rest so here's a list of 2018 worst examples of fake news


"....The Washington Post blames Border Patrol for death of seven year-old migrant well the Washington Post published a story in December focusing on a seven-year-old migrant child from Guatemala who died in Border Patrol custody despite Washington post misleading headlines suggesting that border patrol was to blame for the girl's death the full timeline of events and statements from the girl's father praising border agents revealed a completely different story where he was out there saying no they did everything they possibly could and they were traveling many many miles dehydration lack of food and many other things and the personnel from DHS from border security they all tried to help trying to help the girl and they just couldn't keep her alive so the headline was completely misleading

"'s another one CNN and the hill spread retracted sexual assault claim against Cavanaugh now CNN on the hill both reported on sexual assault claim against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in late September without ever mentioning that the claim had been quickly retracted Jeffrey Catalan apologized for making a mistake in leveling the false claim against Cavanaugh but CNN in the hills initial reports on the claim failed to note the retraction the hill later retracted a tweet bolstering the claim and scene and updated its misleading report

"'s another one CNN spreading false t't istic son shooting we went over this one many times where CNN was out there and they were talking about the school shootings and they said there were 22 school shootings in 2018 but a lot of them had nothing to do with schools whatsoever they had to do with outside the school system someone's guns just went off and things like that

"'s another story NBC said on information that contradicted Cavanaugh allegations NBC story is not incorrect its choice to sit on evidence that contradicted a serious sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh earned them a spot on this list celebrity porn lawyer Michael Event a vanetti claimed he knew a second woman who could back up gang rape allegations made against Cavanaugh by his client Julie sweat Nick that second woman actually contradicted the allegations and a phone interview with NBC News uh September 30th mysteriously NBC chose not to publish this information until weeks later and after Kavanagh had already been confirmed to the Supreme Court

"....he was another story Jim Acosta said illegal wouldn't climb the border fence and we know that to complete to be completely fake phony and false we also have Chris Cuomo who shared a false story about an ar-15 purchase saying this 20 year old student was able to purchase an ar-15 but they filled out part of the paperwork they never went through the whole process it never went through the check never received the weapon so this individual didn't purchase anything never received the weapon

".....and the list goes on and on and on we have the one from Time Magazine's family separation covering featuring a crying Honduran child now this child was never separated from their mother the trial was crying because it was 11 o'clock at night they were hungry they travel very long distances and they were never separated from each other

"....another fake story let's move on to Syria because we see that the deep state they are panicking remember their mission was to capture all these Middle Eastern countries have regime change keep the government's continually using the dollar for oil purchases

"....and they wanted to control the entire Middle East this was the deal that was made back in 1971 and this is why the United States I should say the deep state and they're paid mercenary armies were in these countries and yes there were also u.s. soldiers because they needed the US soldiers to back all of this

" Trump as we know is withdrawing the troops from Syria we're gonna see with drawls from other countries and he decided to tweet out the following I just had a long and productive call with President Erdogan of Turkey we discussed the Islamic state our mutual involvement in Syria and the slow and highly coordinated pullout of US troops from the area after many years they are coming home we also discuss heavily expanded trade and Trump continued with his tweets

"....President Erdogan of Turkey has very strongly informed me that he will eradicate whatever is left of the Islamic state in Syria and he is a man who can do it plus Turkey is right next door our troops are coming home

" I do believe that Derwin Putin Trump they are all working together and right now Russia and Syria they have full control of Syria Berta one is worried about the Kurds and eventually what's going to happen Russia Syria will tell Turkey it's time to leave

"....we have everything under control and Iran will have nothing to worry about at that time so after all this and you know after brennan tweeted out and all the other deep state operatives they tweeted out we have Susan Rice she decided to chime in about Brett McGurk she said the following the fact that you say you don't know Brett McGurk speaks volumes about your commitment to fighting the Islamic state at real Donald Trump why don't you know the man who has done more than any civilian to degrade the Islamic state I can assure you Barack Obama knows him well

" remember Trump tweeted out that he doesn't know anything about McGurk and remember McGurk was an Obama Obama appointee Susan Rice she has no idea what she's talking about or she's panicking I'm gonna go with panicking because Trump tweeted out the following

"....for all of your sympathizers out there a Brett McGurk remember he was the Obama appointee who was responsible for loading up airplanes with 1.8 billion dollars in cash and spending and sending it to her rant as part of the horrific Iran nuclear deal now terminated approved by little bob Corker so McGuirk he's the one who helped send the cash over there

" the question is is Susan Rice right where he's out in Syria destroying the Islamic state doing good for the people or is Trump right let's take a look

" if we go back in time we had the Wall Street Journal out there and the Wall Street Journal broke the story of the cash ransom for American prisoners in 2016 they wrote the Obama administration has refused to disclose how it paid any of the 1.7 billion despite congressional queries outside of saying that it in paid in dollars lawmakers have expressed concern that the cash would be used by Iran to fun regional allies

"....the US delegation was led by Special State Department envoy Brett McGurk and included representatives from the Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation according to US and European officials the Iranian team was largely staffed by members of its domestic spy service according to US officials Revolutionary Guard commanders boasted at the time that the Americans had succumbed to Iranian pressure taking this much money back was in return for the release of the American spies said general mohammad reza nog d commander of the guards besieged militia of state media

".....if we look at the New York Times they reported the following during the same time period six of the nine Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee wrote mr. Obama last week that mr. McGurk lacks the leadership and management experience to run the largest American Embassy in the world and suggested that the emails documented unprofessional conduct poor judgment that would tarnish his credibility the public opposition by Republicans led to private defections among Democrats including Senator Barbara Boxer of California

".....according to Democrats so it looks like McGuirk was not working in the best interest of the people so Susan Rice guess what Trump is right and Trump continued with his tweets about all these different senators talking about how we don't appreciate our allies and things like that he said the following

" those few senators who think I don't like or appreciate being allied with other countries they are wrong I do what I don't like however is that is when many of these same countries take advantage of their friendship with the United States both in military production and trade we are substantially subsidizing the militaries of many very rich countries all over the world while at the same time these countries take total advantage of the US and our taxpayers on trade general mattis did not see this as a problem I do and it is being fixed

" we need to remember that the deep state has caused carnage destruction of many of these countries in the Middle East if you look at them before the deep state invaded these countries - what they are now they are just piles of rubble Russia is helping Syria rebuild we see the BRIC nations with China they're helping other countries rebuild and Trump tweeted out the following

"....Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the necessary money needed to help rebuild Syria who was behind the Islamic state supporting them funding them it was Saudi Arabia it was Israel it was part of the intelligence operation it was the deep state it was their paid mercenary army let me continue he said instead of the United States see isn't it nice when immensely wealthy countries help rebuild their neighbors rather than a great country the u.s. that is five thousand miles away thanks to Saudi Arabia Trump

" you can see he's shutting up all these different players who are out there saying oh there's gonna be another war if we leave Syria no actually there'd be less of a war if we leave Syria actually they'd be no wars if we left all these countries the deep state-created ET all these laws out of lies to the american people

"....and they're afraid that they're going to be exposed which they are we see that general flynn he just sent a signal to all an ins if you look at his Twitter page he changed his header what did he change it to he changed it to dark to light which signals everyone that everything is about to change the darkness is fading away the light is coming

"....these individuals they understand they know that time is ticking down they're sticking around to try to cover up what they have done but it will not work how do we know this Q has been telling us this for a very long time we know everything we have everything of course they're gonna try to spin it like they've been trying to do as they tweet out but it will not work because when you have video when you have signed documents when you have all the research that has gone into these indictments and all the investigations that have been done to find out all the different connections and put all the pieces together these individuals will have nowhere to hide

".....these individuals will not be able to say anything because every time they do the proof will be shown the truth will shine so bright that it will drive out the darkness dark to light and those people who are celebrating Christmas or any other holiday have a happy holiday have a happy Christmas spend some time with your family and relax ...≺≺ less

First Move For The Economic Structure Change Has Been Initiated - Episode 1748a

X22Report ** Published on Dec 23, 2018

"....over the many months we've been watching Trunk criticize the Fed and of course the mainstream media is out there and they're saying oh my god a president is criticizing the Fed this shouldn't be allowed and Trump continually came out and said listen the feds raising rates this shouldn't be at this time we have debt coming due soon raising the interest rates will not help the economy I've made the economy great look at GDP numbers look at the unemployment look at the stock market everything is great and every time the Fed comes in and raises rates the stock market Falls and we see things happening in the economy housing starts to slow ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"...and Trump is continually out there criticizing the Fed and he's doing this on purpose he's making everyone aware of what the Fed is remember a lot of people that are out there they have no clue what the Federal Reserve is they believe that it's part of the government they believe it's another branch they have no idea that it is private it's a corporation and they're acting not in the best interest of the people but they're acting in the best interest of themselves and many people I would say the majority of the country I think is a very small percentage realizes that this is a Rothschild banking system and they've been doing this for thousands of years

"....Trump as we know has Andrew Jackson hanging on his wall we know that he's going to be pushing to get rid of the federal one way or another and how do you do this how do you start pushing the idea that the Fed is responsible for everything well he's already started that that's number one he's contradicted the Fed and we I really haven't seen presidents do this we've seen Reagan we've seen Kennedy we've seen what happened to them we know the Andrew Jackson campaign to get rid of the central bank and there was an attempt on his life but he will be making this push it's almost the same approach that he's using and I'm not just saying he the Patriots are using to get rid of the deep state every day they drop more breadcrumbs they let information out so people start to scratch their heads

".....and they say well what's up with the Clinton Foundation what's up with these people are they lying and they're trying to make people in their subconscious continually hear this that there are problems this is what Trump is doing right now with the Fed and now he's taking a step further and we could see from the mainstream media how crazy they are getting from what has just happened

"....Trump the Patriots they just initiated the phase to restructure the Fed look at these headlines from the mainstream media Trump asking advisers if you can legally fire Fed chief Trump reportedly wants to fire the Fed chair a move that could wreak havoc on the financial markets Trump could face uphill battle in trying to fire Fed Powell and these different mainstream organizations and there's many many more if you just go on to Yahoo Google Bing any of the search engines and you search for Trump firing the Fed you'll find many many articles

" the question is why is the mainstream media so nervous now why are they putting out all of these articles well they're worried about Trump coming in and changing what the Fed looks like remember there was an article out there saying that central banks are very worried about their independence the mainstream media the deep state the central banks they're all one in the same they work hand in hand and if you attack the Fed you're attacking their system

"....right now Mick Mulvaney who's the acting chief of staff he's out there saying that Trump realizes that he doesn't have the ability to fire Powell and he's saying that listen I don't really think he's going to do it and there's nothing to worry about now of course we know this not to be true how do we know this well if we look at the Federal Reserve Act there's something in there

" Section 10 that will allow the President to remove the Fed chair now once again it doesn't mean he's going to or he's not going to it really doesn't matter the message has been put out there and the mainstream media is trying to figure out a way to project into the future of why he can't do this if you read the Federal Reserve Act and this is in Section ten number two members ineligible to serve member banks term of office chairman and vice-chairman there's a part in here which is very interesting let me read the part here so you can understand what I'm saying so

".... the Federal Reserve Board in office on the date of enactment of the Banking Act of 1935 the president shall fix the term of the successor to much to such member at not to exceed 14 years as designated by the president at the time of nomination but in such manner as to provide for the expiration of the term of not more one member in any two-year period and thereafter each member shall hold office for a term for 14 years from the expiration of the term of his predecessor unless sooner removed for cause by the President

"....Trump knows he does have the ability to get rid of Powell all he has to do is show cause and he says and I mean the Federal Reserve Act says unless sooner removed for cause by the president it doesn't say by Congress it doesn't say by anyone else it's by the president now they're pushing this out there because they know eventually they're going to restructure the Federal Reserve

" remember the Act doesn't define the word cause but Congress clearly thought the US president should be able to remove board members before their term expire under certain conditions this is a legislative time bomb and has been lurking in the Federal Reserve Act for a very long time how do we know that Trump most likely is going to use this well we know because of post 1194 and all the previous posts but let's look at post 1194 this was April 19th 2018 and on put up Federal Reserve ending Q says structure and then we fast forward to post 26:19 which is December 12 2018 when q had this question-and-answer period for an ins and annan said do we have the gold and q said yes gold shall destroy Fed

".... so we know there's a structure change coming and we know that gold is going to destroy the Fed we know that this cause section in the Federal Reserve Act has been there since it was created and it was there for a purpose to eventually end the Fed now remember Trump just doesn't want to end the Fed he wants to continually drop he wants to continually drop these breadcrumbs so the people start to learn about the Fed what is the Fed why is the Fed not part of the government why is the Fed raising rates why is the Fed in existence who owns the Fed who do they report to these are all the questions he wants everyone asking themselves

"....and this is why he continually out there contradicting the Fed over and over and over again and this is why we see the latest phase of the plan think about Clinton when Q continually says to us okay why is the Clinton Foundation in the news why are you hearing this now it's the same thing it's the same plan that has bets being used for the Fed because he's trying to wake up as many people as they as he can as the Patriots can so they start learning about the Fed

"....a lot of people have no clue about the Fed now if we go back in time to one of trumps tweets and this is July 30th 2013 and this is very interesting Trump tweeted out the following the golden rule of negotiating he who has the gold makes the rules now think about that for a second he who has the gold now queue has told us gold is going to bring down the Fed

"....remember what Rothschilds famous quote is permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws now Rothschild said money their currency system their paper dollars Trump is saying whoever controls the gold why because gold is real money checks and balances and you can see the difference there and you can see that Trump has said this many many years ago we're on a path where the Fed will be taking down this is why once again Trump has Andrew Jackson hanging in his own in his office

"....this is part of the ultimate plan we're going to get there as you can see everything's starting to move forward with the Fed q is posting about the Fed Trump is continually coming out against the Fed because it the timing is right that's why this is happening because they have control in the White House they have control in the Middle East they have control in all these different areas they have the indictments they're getting ready to proceed forward and once you have the control it makes the plan a lot easier so get prepared and ready for what is coming ...≺≺ less

Agenda’s Exposed, Senate Was The Key, 2019 Changes Everything - Episode 1748b

X22Report ** Published on Dec 23, 2018

".... the title of the episode is agendas exposed Senate was the key 2019 changes everything let's get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news now the deep state they are getting hit from all sides and they are just reeling from mattis resigning we see the government is shut down right now Schumer is standing strong saying that you'll never get the funding for the wall and we can see that they don't know what to do ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....remember there's a plan in place here and they're trying to account for all different circumstances and we're gonna be going into that in just a moment but first I wanted to start off with mattis and madness was pushed out as the commander of Central Command in 2013 by Obama due to his aggressive position against Iran Trump tweeted out the following

".... when President Obama ingloriously fired Jim mattis I gave him a second chance some thought I shouldn't I thought I should interesting relationship but I also gave all the resources that he never really had allies are very important but not when they take advantage of the u.s.

".....if anybody but your favorite President Donald J Trump announced that after decimating Isis in Syria we were going to bring our troops back home happy and healthy that person would be the most popular hero in America with me hit hard instead by the fake news media crazy now think about this for a second

"....every person that Trump has in his administration that he's working with he has there for a specific reason for specific skillsets that he needs for a short period of time mattis was one of them and we'll discuss that in one of his one of Q's posts in just a minute

".....but let's continue with McGurk okay McGurk says no plan in place no thought of consequences I'm resigning well this is the US envoy to the Isis war and he decided that he's going to resign now not really surprised about this move because what happens is all these individuals start to leave their post because they see things are changing and Trump actually tweeted out

".... Brett McGurk who I do not know was appointed by Obama in 2015 was supposed to leave in February but he just resigned prior to leaving grandstander the fake news is making such a big deal about a nothing event he was gonna leave anyhow

"....but we need to go back to post 26:37 and this was December 20th and it says Rogers departure Intel sessions departure law Kelley departure warfare military mattis departure war for military notice a pattern

"....well let's start with the first one here at Rogers departure until agency safe with General Paul Nakasone Rogers left the Intel agency is safe with this new individuals sessions departure law sessions he was there for a specific purpose clean up corruption clean up leaking now it's safely in the hands of Whitaker Kelley

".....departure warfare military Kelley remove leakers and traitors so far we don't have a replacement for Kelley has not been named yet mattis departure warfare military mattis his mission was to win the war against the deep state army that would be the Islamic state Trump gave him everything that he needed remember prior Trump Obama took away the ability for the military to pick the targets Obama his administration the deep state they were choosing the targets and they were allowing the Islamic state to expand their territory

"....mattis was given everything that he needed the ability to pick and choose the targets to get rid of the Islamic state he did what Trump wanted him to do now we're moving into another phase and Manas he's not the person for the job he doesn't have the skill set to do the next phase of this job that's why mattis is no longer there

"......and as soon as Trump said listen we're pulling out of Syria mattis knew that his time has come and I think eventually Trump would have said listen I need to get rid of you right now I need to replace you and I think that would have happened now Q drop some more breadcrumbs here let's go into post 26:41 this was on December 22nd gave us a Twitter link to fill GOP and this says hey Senator Schumer please address these views not only held by you publicly but all the past presidents including Obama we were sent here to serve our citizens not our ambitions build the wall so let's take a listen to to the video that was included with this tweet take a listen real reform means stronger border security and we can build on the progress my administration has already made putting more boots on the southern border than at any time in our history and reducing illegal crossings to their lowest levels in 40 years

"....real reform means establishing a responsible pathway to earned citizenship a path that includes passing a background check paying taxes and a meaningful penalty learning English and going to the back of the line behind the folks trying to come here legally all Americans not only in the state's most heavily affected but in everyplace in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country they job well stay home might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants

".....the public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers that's why our administration that's moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before by cracking down on illegal hiring by borrowing welfare benefits to illegal aliens in the budget I will present to you we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes

" is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop it just saying no to everything may be good short-term politics but it's not leadership we were sent here to serve our citizens not on victim as you can see they were all talking about border security stopping the illegal inflow of illegal aliens and all this other stuff but

"....let's continue with the post here how can the Left refute this what happens when you can no longer trust those elected to represent you fake fake fake truth and facts matter an ins can play this game all day long Q is showing how these people just tell us what we want to hear they never wanted to have border security a wall nothing they're all liars they say what they think is popular at the time Q right here and Annan's they're exposing their lies

".....because look now they're saying something completely different then Q posted 26:42 on December 22nd showed a YouTube video of Schumer and Obama talking about the same exact thing but we already heard Obama speak so just take a listen to the part where Schumer is explaining how he's not going to give him the Trump and then listen to him years back take a listen McConnell wanted me to negotiate the wall with President Trump I said to him two things first it's not a negotiation no wall and second I said only you can persuade him that he shouldn't do the wall because it'll cause a government shutdown illegal immigration is wrong and a primary goal of comprehensive immigration reform must be to dramatically curtail future illegal immigration second operational control of our borders through significant additional increases in infrastructure technology and border personnel must be achieved within a year of enactment as you can see these people are liars

"......I mean one minute they're saying one thing the next minute they're saying the other thing which is it remember it's about their agenda it's not about the people's agenda

"....let's continue with Q's post fake fake fake the more you know research for yourself and we need to go back to 2011 to Obama when he tweeted out the following I strongly believe that we should take on once and for all the issue of a legal immigration well when were they gonna do this I mean you listen to their speeches they sound great but guess what it's just words if there's no action behind it it's meaningless they're just telling the people what they want to hear and they're never following through

" Q continue showing more lies the deep state needs the open borders why do they need the open borders why don't they want to go ahead and put up the wall and bring down more border security well one they need the illegals they need them for the popular vote

".....remember they're 16 year plan get rid of the electoral college and they would have the popular vote and it's much easier to control the popular vote than the electoral college to blend the country so people have no identity just like Europe if you notice they were doing it in Europe and they were doing it here in the United States because what they were what were they trying to do one-world government no identity everyone was the same three CIA drug flow

"....remember the CIA they handle the drugs when they came out and they said there's a war on drugs it was not a war on those people bringing drugs back and forth it was about stamping out the comp addition of the CIA so they would be the only drug runners human trafficking they don't want this stop this is part of their business this is what they do they allow terrorists in the country to keep the people in a state of fear

"....they don't want that stopped so we have to remember the 16 year plan this is about creating their one world government and breaking down the structure of the Constitution remember what the 16 year plan the part of the plan of Clinton was to revise the Constitution remove the electoral college and control the people

"....but guess what they can't do it their plan has been interrupted now right now we know the government is shut down Trump tweeted out I will not be going to Florida because of the shutdown staying in the White House now he was supposed to go to Mara Largo he was supposed to have 16 days off and he was going to enjoy the holiday right now this isn't happening

"....Schumer is out there and he's saying listen we're not giving in we're not building the wall this is not a negotiation so Schumer will keep the government shut down because he doesn't want to negotiate anything so an estimated 25% of the federal government is shut down because the US Senate would not pass or even vote on a house-passed continuing resolution that would fund that part of the government and that included money to fund a wall along the us-mexico border

"....we need to go back to post 26 26 where Q says if the Senate was the primary target majority control 53 47 active when all that would be January 3rd that's when it would become active think about what is happening right now the House voted for the security of the border it passed it was the spending bill it passed it is now the Senate the government is shut down the Senate will not vote remember the 53 to 47 that control of the Senate happens on January 3rd

" you think the plan was to have it passed in the house have it moved to the Senate and they knew the Senate would never budge on it because guess what the Patriots don't have control of the Senate the control the Senate comes January 3rd will the government stay shut down until the new Senate is sworn in then will a new Senate vote on that bill do you think it will pass

".....maybe pretty sure and guess what Trump would then have the 5.7 billion funding for part of the wall for border security and he would have kept his promise this is why the Senate was the primary target not the only reason the first reason they knew this was going to happen and believe me going forward we're gonna see many other things happen where the Senate is going to be used and that's why they needed control of the Senate

".... now a couple postback you put up a picture of the chicago trump hotel with the elevator with gingerbread and an an on actually visited the elevator and this was a queue drop 25 91 to 25 92 and the original video of the elevator showed you know different letters on the fireplace and Q started to say you know find another clue you know Santa held in a hammer it was signed by QA and some of the letters on the stockings were QT well in this picture right here you can see the annan that is in the elevator shows the letters Q TAS K Q Trump

" the annan is saying that that you can go in there you can touch everything you can remove the stockings so many people might have moved it around or have done something to it but they do believe that the other letter that we saw in the video I think is a B and some other letters and what they're saying is the whole thing spells out ask cure Trump just ask and again we can see that Q is continually pushing Q proofs trying to get the mainstream mainstream media to ask trying to get someone to ask so this way the conspiracy would be completely removed they wouldn't be able to use the word conspiracy they couldn't have Q with conspiracy together

"....but if you notice no one will actually ask the president at all you would think out of all the stories that have come up one person would say trump hey let me ask you a question is Q real but they know Q is real that's why they will never ask and you can see right now the deep state agenda it is good is exposed we see why the Senate is so important and moving into 2019 we're going to see everything change

"....because on January 3rd they are sworn in and we're gonna see many things happen during this time remember the indictments remember the placeholders remember Whitaker is now in charge of Muller ray already visited all the FBI offices preparing them for what is coming remember timing is everything

"....remember all the individuals that were in the Trump administration or in the FBI or in the Department of Justice many of them resigned they were removed all of this was being done to drain the swamp what you're actually watching right now is the swamp being drained and prepared for trials and when you look back and you look back in time when all this is said and done everyone is going to see exactly what if you know Comey lied Muller was protecting the deep state and they're gonna see all of this and people gonna write about this

"..... and they're gonna say wow we didn't even see this happening but all of us have been watching this and following this we know it's happening we see it we see it every single day with another person resigning or another person getting fired we're positions are being moved around specifically for the plan

"....everything had to be done this way and this is why Q continually says trust the plan because remember the deep state is deep deep deep deeply embedded in government and around the world and what they've done in the last two years is absolutely amazing to get most of these people out of these positions and preparing for tribunals preparing for arrests preparing the country that's the stage we're at right now

".....Trump the Patriots they are preparing the country for what is coming by dropping bread crumbs out there by bringing up the Clinton Foundation by bringing up the fed they have to get the public used to the idea that there are problems in all these areas and continually bring up more and more of this information so people say well wait a minute why do we keep hearing about this are there problems is somewhere out these emails with her email server what was going on in the Clinton Foundation

"....the Federal Reserve is not part of the government it's a private corporation and they we're not allowed to see their books and what they're doing for the people all of this is being done on purpose to prepare America and once America is prepared the plan will move forward and we'll see arrests being made we'll see the economic structure being changed it's all about to happen ...≺≺ less

12.23 Q Update / Wall / Hemp / Vaccines / Space Force / Quantum Research / Pentagon Audit

Destroying the Illusion ** Published on Dec 23, 2018
Key words: pulling out of Syria, 16 year plan,hypocrisy in regards to the wall, partial government shutdown,Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell,vaccine science,Ebola threatens megacities,ambrosia medical Jesse Karmazin, PRP s platelet-rich plasma,quantum initiative Act ,the black projects, 20,000 kilometers transported,new space force,Big Pharma

"...hello out there everybody Merry Christmas Eve Eve its December 23rd happy holidays if you choose that maybe you don't choose to celebrate anything you know this God that God pagan gods no gods it doesn't matter to me what you label yourself or don't label yourself as all that matters to me is whether you're being a good human or not making sure you are not attacking others disempowering others putting them down for their own particular beliefs or maybe putting them down because they don't believe what you believe ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" know I see some people out there that are offended these days if you do say Merry Christmas I see some people that are offended if you don't say Merry Christmas who cares right as long as you are being a good human that's just me though anyway for today's update we got a little bit of new cue and then a bunch of articles that I want to go through

" moving on into the new cue of the day we've got three posts over the last couple days to go through and the first one here queue is basically discussing how Isis was formed with help from our own government so cue linking this tweet right here from Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton is up in arms about us pulling out of Syria which is really weird right Trump making the decision to pull a bunch of troops out of Syria and now we have a bunch of liberals and progressives who have normally always been anti-war right but now they're all up in arms over Trump pulling troops out of Syria complete hypocrisy right there

"....and Q is discussing some of that hypocrisy in this post with questions such as did Isis form under Hussein Barack Obama's watch most definitely did Obama take care of business or allow them to expand allowed them to expand how long did it take POTUS to eradicate and destroy Isis very quick Trump got rid of Isis and what just under two years because of course when you're not aiding and abetting the terrorists that you claim to be fighting now that we don't have a political puppet president in office like we've had for decades pass

"'s pretty easy to get rid of those terrorists right the American people are waking up to the truth the truth that our military was being gutted by previous presidents Q linking this investors dot-com article here that's discussing how Obama was leading basically a military purge he was getting rid of hundreds of military officers during his time in office and President Obama fired a bunch of these military officers for all the most ridiculous reasons from leaving blast doors open on nukes to inappropriate relationships to inappropriate behavior just all sorts of lame reasons

"....our military was being gutted Q goes on to say why did Obama attempt to destroy our military weaken it what was the sixteen year plan to destroy America that 16 year plan was basically eight years under Bush than eight years old under Obama 16 years to gut America so then when Hillary Clinton got into office which was the plan the deep state plan in 2016 then we could essentially have World War three and America would be ruined because our military would be extremely weakened by them

".....but luckily we avoided that with President Trump why did Hussein install traitors at the highest level of our government traders in the DOJ the FBI the CIA think national security traders all over the three-letter agencies in my eyes this wasn't just a 16 year plan to destroy America I feel like the been a plan for decades to destroy America not just that but destroy our whole world

"....why did Obama bring people into the White House who hate America and what we stand for what years did Clinton serve as Secretary of State the Obama years what years did Isis expand the Obama years that Clinton was Secretary of State Wow the way these dots connect with it all amazing facts not fiction blind sheep follow but we are blind no more

"....and the next couple of Q posts refer to hypocrisy in regards to the wall so this tweet right here that Q linked brings us to this post on Twitter showing a video of Clinton and Obama being complete hypocrites they're talking about wanting border security they're talking about wanting a wall and then Q also linking us to a YouTube video right here and that YouTube video is showing Obama and Schumer literally voting in 2006 for what was called the secure Fence Act and they were wanting security they were wanting a wall but of course

"....over the past couple years 2016 and fifth and seventeen here Schumer and Obama and so many other people they don't want a wall because they don't want actual freedom they don't want the people to progress to get healthy to get secure to get free they just want their own BS power money control etc so it's all hypocrisy it's all politics

".....and when it comes to that border wall our government is basically in shutdown right now over it so Trump holding the line on wall funding shutdown to go past Christmas Donald Trump tweeting yesterday Senate is adjourned until December 27th and this is a partial government shutdown it's not a full government shutdown I see a lot of fear porn being pumped out like always in the deep state corporate propaganda media as I call it

".....but it's only a partial government shutdown and this is nothing to worry about something like this actually happens quite frequently so it's nothing to be concerned about this partial shutdown is now going to after Christmas but it's for that border wall funding five billion dollars for that wall and it goes to note right here the reason why this border security is being so pushed for is because of really actually deep dark deep state operations human trafficking drug trafficking bringing ms-13 which is basically deep state hired hitmen over the border

".....these the real reasons why we need border security and we have so many political puppets out there right now both Democrats and some Republicans even voting against this border security at the border wall they are just being paid off political puppets trying to advocate against the border security and the wall but screw them we need it don't let them get you wrong

" moving on into talking about the Federal Reserve so Trump reportedly considering firing Fed chair Powell but the Treasury Secretary denies that so some reports coming out of the mainstream media over the past couple days are claiming that Donald Trump wants to fire the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell but there's a little bit of political backtracking sort of going on with that

"....the Treasury secretary Stephen minuchin I think is how you say his last name tweeted yesterday that he spoke with President Trump and Trump said

" the Treasury Secretary claimed I totally disagree with Fed policy I think increasing the interest rates and shrinking of the Fed portfolio is ridiculous but I never suggested in firing chairman Jay Powell nor do I believe I have the right to do so so like I mentioned could be some political backtracking

".....we don't even know if Donald Trump even suggested firing the Fed chairman these were just reports in the mainstream media but I will personally say here I am all for that faired Fed Chairman being fired I think it's ridiculous that the interest rates were raised yet again fourth time now under Trump's presidency do you know how many times under Obama the Fed rates raised zero zero times in eight years

".....we've our for in two years you know why because they want a spike Trump they want to basically destroy America the Federal Reserve is ridiculous it's not even a public institution it's its own private agency so I think we shouldn't just stop at firing the Fed Chairman I think let's just burn down the whole Federal Reserve sounds like a good idea to me

"....and the Fed now moving on to talking about that farm bill so trendy hemp compound as bloomberg reports here CBD is set for a big boost from that farm bill that was passed that was signed by Donald Trump so now industrial hemp and its derivatives which includes CBD cannabidiol are off of the federal Controlled Substances Act so this is a huge step forward for so many different things industrial hemp you can do so many things with it you can make textiles you can make clothes you can make plastic products that are biodegradable they don't sit there for thousands of years like petroleum-based plastics you can make concrete with it you can make paint with it

"....oh my gosh this is actually a fantastic thing and not just that but CBD the health benefits the product CBD is gonna be able to have a much larger market now so I expect CBD products to just explode very good news here so it just blows my mind that some people are still out there thinking that Donald Trump is this bigoted racist awful human being who's destroying America look at what we have we have criminal justice reform we have hemp reform we've got the space force trying to be created I mean my gosh so many great things happening under this president blows my mind that some people are still against him

".....I don't know man don't know about it all right now we're gonna talk about Ruth Ginsburg so Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the hospital again remember a couple months ago she was in the hospital because it was claimed that she fell broke a rib now she's in it again for cancer surgery so Ruth Bader Ginsburg I mean I don't think she's gonna be on the Supreme Court much longer that's really all I have to say about that

" moving on into some vaccine news so this coming out of the Guardian The Guardian saying that right-wing populists are writing the wave of mistrust of vaccine science so The Guardian you know sort of an international deep state news agency they're saying that anti-vaxxers are on the rise in countries such as Italy Poland France in this article they're even saying that anti-vaxxers are on the rise in the US as well because of populist right-wing politicians

".....and what they're trying to do is just mash a bunch of BS propaganda in together with this they're scaring people it's a bunch of fear porn here as most vaccine propaganda is just fear porn saying that oh my gosh all these diseases are on the rise and you're probably gonna get sick if you listen to these anti-vaxxers these right-wing anti-vaxxers

"'s just nonsense more fear porn out there about vaccines same thing here in regards to Ebola as Reuters reports on as Ebola threatens megacities vaccine stockpile needs grow so this is an evidence again of that fear porn fear-based vaccine reporting propaganda here but number two problem reaction solution very good evidence of how that works problem reaction solution also called the Hegelian dialectic that's how the deep state operates and that they create the problem in this case creating the disease Ebola bio warfare agent so they create the disease they get a reaction out of the public that they already know is going to happen the public goes

"......oh my gosh we need vaccines we need you to protect us from these diseases little does the public know that these diseases were created by the deep state so problem reaction and then the solution here is the vaccines that the people are clamoring for right so problem reaction solution in effect right here but I'm not buying it reject the poison and reject the fear-based propaganda

" moving on to talking about little more topics on health this is being reported in local CBS outlet in Philadelphia controversial treatment trance fuses patients with young blood from teenagers to reverse the aging process so this is that disgusting company this has actually been reported on in the mainstream media quite a few times this year there was a round of articles that came out back in September about this but basically it is about that company called ambrosia ambrosia medical that's headed by dr. Jesse Karmazin and they are offering their patients $8,000 transfusions for young patients bloods basically it's like teenagers Bloods to get some health benefits from

".....because they claim that young people's blood has what's called PRP s platelet-rich plasma in it and you can get a bunch of health benefits by injecting yourself with young people's Bloods that just sounds disgusting and also goes to note here you can get PRPs you can get this platelet-rich plasma in your body from your own blood right you don't need young people other people's blood for it you just can use your own

"....there's many other ways you can get PRPs into your body to help yourself out to get health benefits from so this is just gross and I think they're trying to normalize the idea into the public of using number one young people's blood cough adrenochrome cough cough disgusting and number two normalize the use of just this nastiness

" another thing I'm completely rejecting and now last topic that I want to discuss here with you guys is space so number one first that quantum initiative Act so this was passed by the Senate signed into law by Trump this week Trump signs legislation to boost quantum research with 1.2 billion dollars that quantum initiative Act authorizes over a billion dollars over five years to boost investment in quantum information science

" this is very newse the idea of these you know alternative advanced sciences making out into the public domain the current administration boosting research for it very good news and I also found this in mainstream media mainstream science reporting satellite study proves global quantum communication will be possible this was a study done out of Italy and it's very light version of what's actually possible

" know I'm sure in the black projects and the secret space programs they've had this sort of science for decades and decades and much more advanced stuff than it but basically what this is doing being reported on in the mainstream which is good you know it's pushing the envelope it's getting people's the mass consciousness open to it

"....they're saying that they transported a single photon over the distance of 20,000 kilometers so okay single photon it's not much but we're improving you know soon it'll be communications it'll be full like text messages and phone calls and then heck a craft right I mean when you actually look into these black projects and how it operates a lot of these craft freakin tr3 bees they're basically quantum transporters they go point-to-point right again a lot of science

"....behind all of this science we're not often taught but this idea of quantum transportation not just with data but a craft or a human itself as the information transporting it from point to point mm-hmm it's coming guys it's coming and

" let's talk about one last thing here in the space force so Trump's new space force to reside under the Department of the Air Force so this looks to be a sort of compromise here there is news coming out that there's a proposal going around to put the space force under the Air Force but this proposal has not been publicized yet this is just being reported on and claimed to be seen by defense news here so we'll see what actually happens with the space force

"....and very last article here let's talk about that Pentagon audit so the Washington a meaner mainstream outlet we're finally seeing a mainstream media source report on that audit and they're saying here the Pentagon failed and audit it never expected or tried to pass so again finally mainstream media catching up reporting on this audit and I'm happy to see in the Washington Examiner here they are reporting

".....on the 2016 DoD Inspector General report that mentioned six point five trillion dollars worth of the year-end miss adjustments right so this is great news a little bit of information getting into that mass consciousness that public's fear about a lot of money essentially missing from the DoD budget right and this Pentagon audit that was completed a little over a month ago November 15th it's finally getting into that public domain

" that's good to see but I really hope that space force comes to fruition as its own independent branch of the military and I really hope that we learn a whole lot more about where that missing money from the Pentagon went because of course where did it go secret space programs black projects that have amazing quantum sciences mind-blowing Sciences that are far beyond what we're told in mainstream education systems

".....and these black projects these sacred space programs they've been in development for decades and decades with trillions of dollars and with that advanced research that I was just mentioning so this is where we're headed with disclosure guys big picture stuff we are seeing where trillions of dollars went we want the real sciences the real technologies released to the public

"....we need the disclosure of what's going on with Big Pharma right real health research real health information what's Big Pharma actually done in their secret program secret experiments for decades and decades not just that but government corruption right with terror terrorist arming and government spying and with the CIA's actually been doing with drug trafficking and human trafficking and point being here disclosure is everything it's coming the more we keep educating ourselves and reporting on it the quicker it's gonna come be patient everybody I think we're in store for a fantastic 2019 ...≺≺ less

Why the Deep State Despises the American Constitution Exclusive Interview with Dr. Michael Salla

Edge of Wonder ** Premiered Dec 21, 2018

"....On today’s Edge of Wonder, we review the importance of the many sealed indictments in possession of team Mueller, we discuss what many believed the true motives regarding the migrant caravan and what to gain for those behind it, we’ll show you what Trump is up to that may garner him a spot on the list of all time most influential president, all this and more on part 2 of our series with Dr. Michael Salla, only on the Edge of Wonder. ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....welcome to Edge of Wonder, this is Rob and Ben here, again for part two with our very special guests Dr.Michael Salla, again Dr. Salla, thank you so much for joining us, thank you for having me, looking forward to the interview, alright thanks, so if you guys were probably as blown away as we were during the last episode, we're about to get into a lot more information here, so get ready for it, so recently we had a video with John DeSouza at disclosure fest, and he was talking everything that's been happening with the border stuff with all these immigrants coming over these caravans, and they're coming in these massive really expensive vans,

".... I mean there's all kinds of evidence to support this too, how they're being paid, even Q called out directly George Soros, and so John DeSouza was talking about all of this stuff, we wanted to kind of hear your take on this too, what do you think is happening, why is this relevant, I mean in our previous episode, we talked a lot about the the fires and this is like happening the same time that the fires are happening in California, so we just want to hear your take on it, and what do you think is really going on in this whole situation,

"......well what we've been seeing with these caravans is that quite clearly, these are not just spontaneous events involving refugees from these troubled areas in South and Central America, who seeking sanctuary, this is not something that is unorganized, there has been an entity behind it that has been deliberately contriving this to manufacture a crisis in the United States, and of course now we've had a number of these caravans, and up until the midterm elections,

"....I think that the real purpose of the caravans was to kind of create a wave of sympathy, to kind of generate a public backlash against Trump for not being more sympathetic for the plight of these refugees, and to kind of manufacture a crisis which would make Trump look bad, and come like basically get the Democratic voter out there, and basically trying to get as many Democrats, you have both the House and the Senate turned over, and and

" I think that the caravan, this was one of the major goals, and as far as achieving a majority in the house, they were successful in that regard, so and this is part of the reason why I think the caravans were funded groups, like the Soros foundation was behind the funding of the caravan, and I think one of the big reasons for all this happened was because having the house switch over to the Democrats would one thing put an end to the Republican committees investigation of the different ways in which the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton were like doing all these things that were very questionable as well as the espionage conducted against the Trump campaign to put an end to all of those investigations, and to instead bring up new investigations, which would basically hamstring the Trump administration throughout the the rest of his tenure, whether it was just up until 2020 or beyond, so that was one of the main goals in climate,

" the question is whether that's going to be successful, given what we know of these sealed indictments, as they’re unsealed and many people prosecuted, and much information is brought forward, now is the fact that people that were behind the kind of creation of these caravans of migrants are actually going to be brought up to charges of subverting the United States during the time of war, which means that they will be brought up in military trials.

"....So soros and all of the people that manufactured these caravans to try undermine the Trump administration, to try and bent the outcome of the midterm election, but these people will actually be tried in military courts in Guantanamo and held in Guantanamo, because of their involvement, so this is how it will backfire on the people involved and these caravans,

" it's going to be shown these were not just spontaneous event arising out of a misery of people in Central America, and I'm sure that many of them there are truly oppressed by these drug cultures and gangs down there and really need sanctuary and needed help, and favor and all of that, but of course that has to be done the way that is legal rather than having someone like George Soros manufacture caravans to beat him up to the US to influence an election to undermine an administration,

" the big mistake for the Soros and all the people involved in this was they did it during the time of war, because the United States technically is still on the kind of the 9/11 responses that the house and the Senate agreed to in joint resolution, so the justification for the use of military force responding to 911 that's in place,

".....and so these are war crimes that can be tried in military trials, and that's what we're going to be seeing in the months ahead, and I think this is where we're going to have a lot of information come forward, well if this actually or I should say more of effect when this actually comes out, people are gonna be very very very shocked,

".....I mean there might be some people watching this right now, they're like oh I still don't believe this is gonna happen, when we actually do see this come out, people are just going to be, so many things are going to go through people's minds, one of them being like oh this is Trump being a fascist and trying to take over everything, some people will actually see the truth of what's going on, what would you say to those people, like when this actually happens,

"....well the genius of all of the things that have been happening behind the scenes in the Trump administration with Huber being appointed to kind of conduct grand jury investigations and having the investigatory power of the Inspector General of the US behind him and 470 attorneys they have to investigate all of these, there’s going to be a massive amount of documentation, this is not politically contrived and the interesting thing is that a lot of the people that are going to be implicated, and not just Democrats, Republicans have been implicated as well,

"..... this is why Q has been posting all of the people that have been leaving the Congress over the last year, and has identified a majority of those leaving were Republicans not Democrats, and the reason for that is that these people would kind of give them a tap on the shoulder, heads up, you’re being named in this grand jury investigation, and you can go out quietly and that'll be best for you, or you can go out with all this kind of goes public, and so they chose to go out quietly, and so that's what's gonna confront the US public,

"..... because when all this comes out, it's all been done through the judicial process, and this is why Jeff Sessions truly will be remembered that as a great attorney general, because he set up several roles with John Huber with the investigations, and so what we are about to see now is really this kind of now moving into a higher gear that Trump had to remove sessions because he had to bring about an attorney general now attorney general Whitaker who would basically take charge of the Mueller investigation and rein in Mueller

".....because what Mueller's job really was to basically indict people and basically to investigate people and in investigating people, all of the documentation that was associated with that person, would be held up under the Mueller investigation, so then it couldn’t be given to Congress as part of their investigations, so by reigning Mueller in to just be the kind of focused investigation into these alleged collusion with Russia,

".....basically what Whittaker has done is to ensure that Mueller doesn't impede the unsealing of the indictments by basically saying that now you can’t unseal these documents , because this is part of my investigation into this particular event that I'm looking into, so Whitaker had to come in to basically circumscribe the Mueller investigation to just the core mandate of the Russia collusion, and not go into this kind of extended fishing expedition that Mueller was doing and you expand the authority given to him, so this is all kind of conducted under penal law,

" no one even the most ardent Trump skeptic and debunker, and I'm sure you as I have gotten a lot of people saying to us How can you give Trump the time of the day, he's a buffoon and all of those kind of pejorative term, but the thing is, his administration has behind the scenes set up something that will undermine and take out the deep state, will revolutionize the political system in the United States, and lay the foundations for the disclosure of one of these suppressed technologies and health modalities that have been kept from the public for decades now,

".....and I think the end of the day, people are going to look at Trump, the Trump administration as really having done something heroic, the Trump will be remembered as someone as great as Lincoln, Lincoln preserved America through the Civil War, Trump preserved America through this shallow Civil War that the deep state had orchestrated,

"....well Dr. Salla, you said that better than we ever could have, so thank you very much, and then like so some people watching this will be like, okay what are you guys talking about but there's so many things that Trump has done that the media hasn't covered, I mean he stopped World War three with North Korea, and he stopped the nuclear attack, he's completely stopped ISIS, you don't hear about these things at all, and the media is just a propaganda machine, mainstream media right and aside from a small few that are actually doing their their job.

"....I have one follow-up question, because a lot of people are asking this question a lot, and also I wanted to say that it really didn't have to go this way, like I think the military from what I've heard and the Intel we've got is that the military was actually going to do a coup on this whole thing because it had gotten so crazy right,

".... but they ended up going to Trump and asking him to do this because they really wanted to do everything by the books, and I mean it's a testament to this administration that they are going by the books, because at the end of the day any rational intelligent person is going to be able to go in there and look at these things and say hey this is backed up, they are using grand juries, they are doing all of this by the books, and these things did happen,

" I think things will change, think people will come around, the question I want to ask you Dr. Salla is about Soros, so a lot of people are bringing Soros up, he's constantly like the infamous man the deep state in a lot of ways, there's even a white house petition, there so there's even the white house petition that is trying to get the white house to label him as a terrorist, so what do you think is going to happen to him, how do you see this timeline going with him, because he's such a high-level guy, I'll be nice in the deep state, what do you think, tell us a little bit about that.

"......Well he's definitely a big fish, he's a major fish in the deep state, and I think there's no doubt that he has been behind a number of domestic and international movements that have been detrimental to the US national interest during and after the elections, the 2016 election 2017 before the inauguration,

".....Soros was actually funding groups whose job was to basically create a climate of political violence and intention that could basically provide the pretext for Obama stopping the inauguration of Trump going forward, so there was a deliberate attempt to subvert the US Constitution in preventing a lawfully elected president from coming into power, now that's subversion,

"..... and so and the US military under the power it has been given to by the Trump administration who can actually have its special forces detain source when any indictment that has been issued against him is unsealed, so I bet that as soon as they're ready to unseal those indictments, you're gonna have spent US Special Forces going to or whatever location Soros is on planet or off planet,

"..... I mean we've got even consider that off planet, and they will detain Soros and bring him in for military trials in the US because the thing is he's a big fish, and the thing is once the other people in the deep state see that the Trump administration can bring in or rein in someone like Soros then they know the game is up,

" the thing is George Bush just died or is that was recently announced as to when he died, we're not quite sure, but George Bush was a major player within the deep state, and I mean his death maybe it was accidental or maybe it was something that kind of paves the way for the sealed indictments to move forward because a lot of people are going to be named, and his name is high amongst the list of those that have been very detrimental to US national security,

" yeah I think everyone is going to be spellbound by these sealed indictments, until we're gonna see people named, so to give the the home audience just a little insight into this, one sealed indictment can carry about 92 or 93 names connected to it, I've heard is that correct, well a grand jury looks into any issue that is brought to it by the prosecutor, the prosecutor can ask for an indictment, and in that indictment they can have the number of names brought in,

" if for example, I mean any indictment has to be specific, to whatever particular set of issues you're looking at now in that indictment they can name multiple individuals, so we have like up to 60,000 sealed indictments that can name multiple individuals, so we can have an enormous number of people that will identify, but of course there can be a lot of overlapping indictments as well,

".....I think someone like George Soros, he’s 30,000 of those, it's kind of interesting going back to George Soros, and actually this whole immigration issue as well, I know recently Epoch Times had an article on their front page actually that talked about some of the people that were there, some of these immigrants that were there were actually forced to protest, and I think like some people got hurt because of the fact that they were forced, it's like in this article, the woman was saying that she didn't actually want to go that they were pushing her to go,

".....and then also I don't know if they reported on this, but also we heard like the tear gas used was, there’s just like smoke, it wasn't actually tear gas to create an effect so when people take photos it's like, and it's very easy like you just see somebody crying, and you could just take photos, and it's like oh my gosh they're crying, but it really is like maybe this kid was just crying because whatever he dropped, he was just unhappy, so it's very easy to manipulate things,

".....anyway I just kind of wanted to bring that point up to kind of relate the George Soro’s I guess, but other than that ,you also talked about the Constitution and we've really been looking into this really closely and earlier you were talking about how Trump could be looked at like Lincoln, and again I'm sure people would kind of laugh at that, but a lot of people don't really, because we're not taught this in schools, what truly is the Constitution, why it's so important, and what it really means, and why the Patriots are so focused on the Constitution, and why the deep state wants to rip the Constitution apart,

"....and I don't think people quite understand why the Constitution is so important to the American people and to America overall, and I just want to hear what your understanding is on this, right well the Constitution really is a major impediment to the deep state’s plan for globalization, what the deep state wanted to do was basically manufacture crises around the planet, post-play events Wars mass migrations of people poverty starvation economic environmental terrorism, and all these kinds of things to implement a new world order

".....What the deep state and the groups behind them, the major forces behind the deep state didn't want is to have major powers like the United States maintained by and their sovereignty and be impediments to this kind of one world state that would basically be under the offices of the United Nations or a reformed United Nations,

"....and so this is why there will be a whole number of efforts underway to basically weaken the United States So that way you would have a one-world order coming to power, you had all of these catastrophic weather events hurricanes, you've had a disincentive nuclear war with North Korea, you've been having things like wildfires, I mean all of these things designed to weaken United States in some way, create a catastrophe, a set of events that would lead to the undermining of the Constitution,

".....and doing away with freedom of speech, doing away with the right to bear arms, that all of these things that are constitutionally protected were impediments to the deep state in terms of in having the US sovereignty undermine, so that's why all of these different events have been manufactured to various degree kind of like chip away at the US Constitution, the ultimate goal of course that the US at some point would have to surrender its sovereignty to a supranational body like the United Nations

"....but under Trump that's not going to happen, and even worse under Trump, you're gonna have someone who's going to make deals with China, deals with Russia Brazil the major countries to basically have a kind of multipolar system coming to power around the planet, So rather than having a concentration of political power with the sovereignty of all the major nations are subsumed under supranational entity, you will instead have a supranational entity really just implementing the will of the major powers, kind of like the way the United Nations Security Council is structured at the moment,

" basically what the deep state would like to do is to have that system that we see in the Security Council become the foundation for a new global order, when your sovereignty is guaranteed, as those other major nations and yet collectively all of these major nations speak for the whole planet rather than authority being assumed under I say the United Nations secretary-general like we had in the European Union where now you have authority basically being delegated increasingly to the UN Commissioner which is Jean-Claude Juncker. ...≺≺ less

What happens AFTER the ARRESTS?

Truthification Chronicles ** Published on Dec 21, 2018

"...I came across this discussion I thought it was kind of interesting and I thought I'd bring it to you and you can toss in your comments down below this was opposed by Q where he gave us this video that he has given us many many many many times the speech that will get Donald Trump elected then he says this is not another four-year election listen very carefully power returned to the people long term solutions panic Q ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" in response to that a lot of the anons went to watch the video again and then they looked at it we're trying to find all the gems in it that are in there it takes time to process it all and to see what parts are most important to Q which is going to affect all of us and here he highlighted this is not another four-year election and so if you listen to the first part of the speech you'll get a feel for that our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you the American people

" did you catch that Trump was not running as president to continue our established government he was running to replace the government the failed government now this doesn't mean that he's going to become a dictator please don't take that as what he's saying it's not at all it is taking the government and putting it back in the hands of We the People

"....the problem we have is that it has grown in such ways that the government we have now is no longer in the hands of we the people and something has to be done if that's what we're going to be it has to change and not just a little bit it's going to have to change radically

" remember we're talking a lot of people in our government are going to be arrested this is going to be huge this is not something that is just another four years of a president this is going to be transformative and this is something that I think maybe a lot of anons even don't wrap their brains around because they haven't really considered the massive amount of change this is about to bring

" I've thought about it sometimes and it kind of gives me a chill but I also know that we can't keep going the way we are our government is so corrupt and we're just finding out a little bit of it wait until it all starts to come out and we see just what they all have been participating in if I recall correctly Q said 70% of our government could be arrested

"....70 percent that's a lot when they announced all this they thought it through and they started thinking about okay so what does happen after all of these arrests that we're anticipating because we have to have the corruption stopped so this anon says in a response to Q's post

"....I see so the plan will ultimately build a new form of government I suspected as much and advocated for a revision institutions years ago kind of gives me the willies even if I was not the source of the ideas still kind of unreal to see so much be put in place as I'd seen it for those just catching up Q keeps posting this video for several reasons but the one he highlights relates to something I said earlier this morning in regard to Q as a mantel superhero Trump says it in the very beginning our movement is about replacing this corrupt system with one controlled by you the American people

"....this is hinted at in Q's constitutional crisis idea pic somewhat related and connected with the notable regarding DDG 78 from AB read off the current notables list I don't know what he means there and the picture up here is kind of hard to see but it's like a book turned sideways and it's about the USS Porter I don't know the significance of that I'm not aware over the story of the USS Porter but anyway so he goes on I don't know what DDG 78 means all I could think was doctor go and I don't think that's it

".... the constitutional crisis unfolding is like nothing else humanity has ever seen the freedom of the press from government intervention has now reached a point of being capable of interfering in the concept of a free and fair election when algorithms can be tailored to try and flood you with information to construct a reality for you

"..... there is a serious constitutional problem not to mention an existential threat to society itself we are going to uncover the limits of our current law and the vulnerabilities that have been exploited the only way I can see after d-class to truly move forward is nothing short of a constitutional convention Q and T may have a very solid plan for how to go about this so as not to induce panic but simply nothing can be the same

"'s not just another four-year election dare I even suggest that the national government will be deconstructed and the federal government relation between states will be facilitated by the military until such a time as a new national framework can be built and put in place it's simply that bad up there not a military coup per se

"....but an everyone has been convicted of some manner of high crime and misdemeanor resigned or been executed for treason and don't really have a due process for what happens next but the military is a national power capable of mediating the discussion of what we do next it might not be that dramatic but once society at large has the proof of much of what has been going on right in front of them

" they are being herded by Facebook Google etc not just a revelation of the technologies but transcripts of their chats among each other and how these people spoke of the common man there's simply no way this all remains the same a complete restructuring of the government of who the military reports to and under what contexts rogue spec war and out-of-control foreign policy

" people are represented at national levels of government if we even have anything remotely similar to what we understand is the national government compound this with the Marines tweet about learning in notables and I don't know what that one is either and how mattis talks about the importance of reading the works of history

"....the enemy we face is nothing new the Lilliputians of Gulliver's Travels were echoes of what Cicero railed against millenia prior and one could argue the prophets of the Bible even before he and so much more we have stood on the works of those prior learn new lessons and added to the design or refined it into new materials to keep it as the state of the art

" this is what he had to say and the anons responded this one said Mark Levin has been stumping for state constitutional convention for years even wrote a book about 11 amendments that need to be implemented this one talks about thoughtful post and on but I have to disagree the Great Awakening cannot depend upon a new set of laws even constitutional ones

".... it depends upon just what it says and awakening of the human spirit which will usher in a worldwide order where good prevails over evil the exact opposite of what we've had till now then only simple laws will be needed guided by common sense and justice this one says there is no constitutional crisis Patriots in control of executive the Senate and now the Supreme Court were passed needing the Congress full control

".....investigations are running their course now comes the paint so he's not buying this term limits one six-year term in the Senate three two-year terms in the House you cannot serve in the House and then move to the Senate must take a three-year break in between and return to your state must take your staff with you cannot become a lobbyist some good ideas

".....the problem is not to little government intervention in the Free Press but secret government control and near monopoly of the press with this social justice warrior Marxist working on eliminating freedom of speech completely via bogus hate speech laws a constitutional convention might help or make things worse depending what direction

".....things take in the Fed the CIA and income tax and most regulations while adding just some new to control corporate monopolies and that would be great you must also work in the private sector for ten years after you are out of school before you can run for office no dual citizenship only 20% of the House of Representatives can be lawyers

".....we want people from all walks of life to serve some interesting ideas I think you would have a little bit of a problem because how are people supposed to make a living if they work in Congress for six years and then they'd have to take three years off what are they gonna get a job working at McDonald's I mean it would be hard to get a job for only three years

"....and then if you want to go back to the Senate again another six years it's just really hard to make a living doing that and I think it would be very difficult to get people who would want to serve under those conditions

"....but I do think term limits are important so I think there's got to be some kind of balance that we can have this anon responded that was the post that this anon was responding to and he was talking about this and on just listened to POTUS speech again and noticed something I have never heard in the opening sentence our movement is about replacing a failed political establishment with a new government controlled by you the American people

"....a new government whoa what new government what does that mean mr. president well that's what they're talking about after these abuses come to light there is no way that the government can remain the same there is simply too much that must be parsed through the government processes were in before the internet representation and other such things were used as a necessity that the Internet has potentially eliminated

" won't be a complete abandonment of the Constitution but the world has changed a lot since then and we have a lot more experience as a global power to rival the East India Company in Britain so there are lessons that need to be distilled into new processes

"....I argue at least further at the very least the current establishment is so monstrous and out of control that the only real way to fix it in any event is to more or less shut down the national government and reconvene the federal government the many states under the military as a mediator

"....I think people really do not understand how insane things have gotten at the national level even most anons consider the principle of the rule of law is that you know the laws of your society before you do anything if you are accused of committing a crime you know before you ever get into the courtroom whether or not you are guilty of breaking the law

" many cases are built today on judicial precedent unless you are aware of case law you have no idea whether or not you've broken a law before you get into court this type of legislation from the bench is all over at the national level

"....we are at the point where judges are ruling on cases they should not have the authority to review in the first place lower national courts setting precedent for sweeping rulings to be found in circuit courts it's absurd it's not how things are supposed to work

" those are a couple of thoughts that the anons had about what will happen after all the arrests you know I don't know what's going to happen I do know that the Q team said long-term solutions so they have thought it out it's not like this is something that they have just said well we're going to take care of all these arrests and we don't care what happens afterwards no

".....they've already planned for this as well this is all part of the planning that they're doing so I just wanted to bring this to you and let you see what's going on some of the chatter it is something to think about I know we've been so focused on yes we want all these arrests but we all need to be thinking too about how that's going to affect our current federal government once this corruption is exposed

".....and people see just how vast it is remember 70 percent that's a lot when people see the magnitude of it I think there's going to have to be some kind of change and whether it's a constitutional convention I don't know but there's gonna have to be something happen to readjust our current Constitution to close a lot of loopholes that we have and to restructure things so this never happens again

"....there are just too many ways they got around the Constitution so we're going to have to plug up those holes so we don't have a deep state come back in again because it does no good if you get rid of them all only to allow them back in they'll take advantage of the same loopholes they did before

"....that's how they got so entrenched so we've got to make sure that those loopholes are closed and they cannot use those things to take over the government again this is going to require some major changes I think sometimes we get so focused on all the arrests that we forget about what's gonna happen after the arrests

" maybe a little bit of thought in that direction I don't want anybody being scared about it our military is very good at planning things and they're gonna be there to help smooth these things out there will be some good honest politicians left and those are the ones who will be able to step forward and help us rebuild and restructure our entire government

" that it works better more efficiently and more to the times we're in because like the one anan said we are in a time where the Internet has brought a lot of changes some of the things they incorporated into our government when they were setting it up they did out of Mis city because you couldn't all be there all the time

"... but now we have planes and people can fly easily back to their home state or come back to DC and they can be on the internet they can use these tools to get information out to the people so I think we're going to have to see a lot of changes after the arrests happened we're definitely going to have to have some changes in our media and how that's structured

"....because if we don't change it again how are we going to stop them from doing exactly the same thing again we can't unless we make some changes to make sure that doesn't happen anymore that they cannot come back because this global elite their whole thing is power and they're not going to give it up very easily

".... and even with everything that the Q team is doing and Trump it's not going to clear them out a hundred percent so be aware of that they will come back and as a bible-believing Christian I think they're going to come back and they will take over the world because there won't be a trump to stop them at that point

"......but I do believe that's what's going to happen and I think I'm one of those that believes that's going to be the seven-year tribulation when they take over and they rule the entire world that's my personal belief and whether you believe that or not that's totally up to you I'm not gonna fight people on it let's just wait and see what happens but I wanted to present this to you and get you to thinking a little bit about not just the arrests

".....because I know we're all so focused on that but there's gonna be a lot that happens after the arrest I also want you to think about your friends or relatives who are liberals or who may have been only watching like the mainstream media CNN MSNBC NBC CBS ABC all of those they read in the New York Times maybe or Washington Post or Huffington Post or Mother Jones and that's where they get their news so if that's where they're getting their news

".....I want you to consider what it's going to be like for them because their world is about to be turned upside down I don't normally watch much of MSNBC or CNN because it's just so painful to do but I try to do it once in a while so I can see where their narrative is going and it amazes me every time the story they're telling people is so contrary to the truth

".....if you've got some liberal friends ask them if they know who Peter struck and Lisa page are because a lot of them have never even heard of them and those who have dismiss their texts so ask them have you read the text yeah and more of them are coming out

".....because those were just the tip of the iceberg so there's a lot more but their concept of reality is just about ready to be shattered and we need to have compassion for them because many of them genuinely believe what they've been told they have good hearts but they have been misled

" we need to be there for them when all of this happens so that we can help support them and help ease them into the transition most of us had a period of time that we went through when we woke up and sometimes that was a brutal awakening and sometimes it was a little easier but usually there's this time period after you start to wake up going wow I I don't even know what to believe anymore I don't know what's reality

".....and I think a lot of them are going to go through that because look at how look at how much trouble many of them had getting over the idea of that Hilary lost they couldn't hardly handle that concept so I want you to be compassionate when this happens because they are going to be devastated and it's going to be hard for them to accept the truth

".....but if you're there for them comfort them and encourage them and help them understand what's really going on and what the real truth is because this is all about the American people we the people and we the people can't turn our backs on half of our population just because they've been misled

".....we need to make sure to embrace them and to support them and help them understand what's happened because they're not gonna know so please take time think through that and maybe think a little bit about what its gonna be like once these trials begin I mean something's going to have to be done about the government so be interesting to hear what you have to say down below in the comments what do you think's going to happen

" you have any solutions do you have any ideas like the anons who were saying there to have term limits and this and that you know what would be your solution to fix the problems we have with our current corrupted government how can we stop it from becoming corrupted again what are we going to have to enact to keep that from happening so that's what I've got for you ...≺≺ less

Stores Are Stockpiling Goods To Prepare For The Transition - Episode 1747a

X22Report ** Published on Dec 21, 2018

".... we understand that the plan is to transition into a new economic structure now we know that Q has already told us this when Q first came online Q made some posts about the Fed showed us around the world that the Rothschilds they control all these banks and they control the central bank and the Federal Reserve is immune to US laws and then later on Q came out and told us that there's going to be an economic structure change that gold was going to bring down the Fed and we can see that the plan is moving forward ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".....Trump the Patriots they are using what the central bank's normally do they're using their strategy and then you have to think how would they prepare a nation where most of the people are sleeping where most of the people don't understand what's going on where something's going to happen and people are going to lose maybe part of their savings maybe all their savings I mean going through this transition you can't protect the entire population 100 it's completely impossible

" what do you do to prepare for all of this how do you prepare the country for a transition can you just come out and say hey listen the economy that were in right now is completely fake phony false it's an illusion the central banks they created it it's their economy it will never work and we're gonna get rid of it

".....but as we get rid of it a lot of people are gonna get hurt supplies on the shelves they're gonna disappear credits gonna freeze up and we're gonna have major major problems well that wouldn't work you would have complete panic people would just be out there going what are you talking about I'm gonna lose everything and people would run to the banks and try to take their funds out and they would you know take all the cash they possibly can and we know that banks don't have the cash and we know that the Federal Reserve note that we all have in our wallet that eventually is going to be worthless

" how do you prepare a country for something like this well there are different ways you can do it one of the ways most likely that they're doing it is everything is happening behind the scenes

".....when we look at tariffs people look at it like oh look the trade look what's happening here you know we're putting penalties on other countries and things like that and we know that tariffs are being used to even the playing field between different countries with the u.s. because over many many years the deep state the central bank they've ruined our trade and of course trade needs to change over going to transition so tariffs will be used for that

".....what if tariffs are being used for something else what if tariffs are being used to scare retailers into stocking up supplies thinking they're doing this because they don't want to pay higher cost the line think about this for a second you can force retailers into packing their warehouses and we'll be getting into that in just a minute

"......but before we do I want to talk about the economy right now now everything is falling apart and it's going to accelerate things are going to change dramatically in 2019 think about what Trump is doing out in the Middle East this is based on a petro dollar system as he pulls the troops out of the Middle East things are just gonna start to change

"......because once the people take control of their country just like Assad now has control over his country they're not going to be using the dollar in their reserves most likely they will not be selling oil using the Federal Reserve note the US dollar so this was set up back in the 70s by the deeps a by the central banks and it's being dismantled right now

" when all the troops start to come home countries they are going to run their system the way they want it to be run and I'm talking about the countries in the Middle East you're going to see things change very very quickly Trump the Patriots know this they know that everything is going to accelerate the people's economy and I'm not talking about their statistical numbers I'm talking about the real economy things are gonna start to fall apart very very rapidly most likely in 2019 as the Fed continually raised rates

".....and we can see it already if we look at income spending savings they have plunged to the lowest since 2013 and we've been tracking this we're in the beginning phase when you come on to this Fiat system you know you see inflation you see high interest rates because you're coming off a standard of gold and you're moving towards hey let's just create currency willy-nilly it makes no difference in that devalue is the dollar interest rates are raised inflation

".....and everyone thinks that things are getting better because you need more dollars to pay for the same exact thing at the end of the system which we're in right now everything changes they've already created all the currency they've put us into debt they put us into global debt like we've never seen before

".....wages are not going to be moving up the debt level is too high for the people to sustain it's too high for the government to sustain it's too high for the world to sustain and this is where everything starts to break down and that's exactly what we're seeing we're going to see retail and everything else start to decline even quicker than it is right now we are going to get a little bump up because of what is happening with the FICO scores people are gonna use a lot of credit during this holiday season but after this we're gonna see things decline very very rapidly

".....we're looking at durable goods and we can see and this is washers dryers and bigger ticket items we see that they are declining and they thought and they expected they were going to be you know moving up but they aren't they've dropped and this is going to be a problem moving forward we also see GDP is being revised remember these numbers GDP when you look at unemployment all they do is manipulate the numbers to make you think that things are ok here and Trump is doing this on purpose to make the mainstream media to make the deep state the central bank to make them not point the finger at Trump

".....that's the whole point of this while they work in the background now retailers they're very nervous about higher tariffs in 2019 so companies around the country are stockpiling goods their warehouses are stuffed to capacity

"..... now do you think the American people are just gonna go out and buy all that stuff no like I said in the beginning how do you prepare a nation and how do you make all these retailers stuff their warehouses to the brim with goods food supplies anything that you would need well you scare them with tariffs

"......and dozens of companies include retailers vendors customer broker supply chain experts they're all doing it they are binge buying right now like there's no tomorrow and the Christmas season this holiday season is almost over so why are they doing this they're doing it to get prepared they might not know they're doing this but I believe this is a plan that was put into place and they were hoping by saying lik look things are gonna be a lot more expensive go out and purchase it

" think about this for a second we've been saying this for a very long time when inflation hits and that means all the reserve dollars come back to the United States that means there's a lot of dollars floating around in the economy which means that the prices of items it's going to go up actually what it really means is that it takes more dollars to buy the same exact thing

" that loaf of bread that might not be three four or five dollars it might be fifteen eighteen twenty five dollars the retailer's the customs brokers the supply chain experts and all these individuals that's what they're worried about with tariffs that things are going to increase in price

" they're buying them now to make sure they have them now now of course we know that Trump is working out a deal with China and he says they're very very close and most likely we're going to see a deal now remember the Trump doctrine is economic security is national security the plan is both economic and national

" do you assure there's economic security you give the power of creating currency back to the people it's that simple how do you do that you get rid of the central bank it's that simple but you can you just just can't say hey let's get rid of the central bank you can it's very easy to do so any president can do it but the way to make sure that the central bank doesn't set up shop once again they might do it

" know many many years down the line you need to show the people what they've been up to you need to show the people that they're responsible for bringing down the economy you need to show the people everything and this will then spark anger people will be upset and this is how you get rid of the central bank altogether

"'s not just about passing legislation it's not just about paying them off it's about making sure the American people understand what the central bank is remember everything that has to do with the central bank and what it really is was completely written out of the textbooks back in 1913 prior to that people were taught what the central bank was and how we didn't want one and over time you know what happens is these powerful people come in and they try to maneuver back into power again

".....this is going to happen once again many many years down the line there will they'll never ever stop and they will corrupt some politician but for right now the only way to get rid of a central bank is to get the population on the same page to push the government officials to push legislation to push transparency and then show everyone what they really been doing how criminal they really are treasonous to the United States how they don't care about the population this is the only way you can have economic security and national security so get prepared that transition is coming ...≺≺ less