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*** January 2019 ***

Who Has the KEY to the Door of Doors? Q Decode - SURV

Amazing Polly ** Published on Jan 7, 2019

" I want to add a piece to the deep state puzzle and this piece has to do with data security hacking encryption and how these power players seem to always evade prosecution some good things to watch maybe before you watch this or after it's Traci beans latest video where she talks about a hacker that came forward I think his name is Montgomery and how this ropes in clapper and Brennan breaking federal law and spying on millions of Americans and collecting their data their bank account numbers their passwords for all their devices etc not to mention federal agencies and perhaps foreign clients as well who knows it relates to this story floating around that Hillary Clinton may in fact herself have encryption keys to over 2,000 big organizations banks in the United States departments and possibly private individuals that she allegedly got through her association with a company called enTrust ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....that's mostly what I'm going to be looking at today this is my addition to this puzzle by the way if you want to learn more about this Hillary having access to these encryption keys I will link in the description box to American intelligence media where they have a ton of information about this and I will also link to Traci beans video down there too my piece of the puzzle my piece of the puzzle I I'm gonna start as I often do with a cue post this is from yesterday this is a long one and not all of this is totally relevant but I'll just read it maybe I'll skip some parts when will the public discover that Ted Cruz was also illegally surveilled pre POTUS our nomination CIA giggles surveillance members of Congress CIA illegal surveillance members of the press CIA illegal surveillance Senate Intel committee

"....and then cue links to some articles and he says who ordered this surveillance what justification was provided to authorized surveillance of elected officials surveillance falls under scope of FISA warrant or internal to department or outsource to five eyes the five eyes are Australia New Zealand England Canada the US and the UK sorry if I repeated myself there and they have this cooperation on intelligence services reality check friend or foe we all spy on each other should we be spying on ourselves should we beat asking others to spy on ourselves in order to avoid US law what five I established and designed by the Intel committee as a back-channel surveillance apparatus to avoid domestic laws triggers and congressional senate oversight what key logs exist to monitor five eyes Intel collection what ability to former government officials have re ability to access sea level 5 I offshore data how did Hillary Rodham Clinton gain access to highest classified sa piece which are special access programs

"....and just a note here special access programs are operations or projects that are running that are higher than top-secret level you're supposed to go in a skiff and I think even beat Aidid on your way in before you can even glimpse at the paperwork of a special access program just to clear that out because I didn't know that when I first heard that term so how did HRC gain access to highest classified special access programs closed system access and able to transfer to remote or home server the question above should scare every single American a lot of that has to do with surveillance and in the Tracey beans video she talks about how they were just hacking they were skipping any protocol for surveillance they were just hacking in using well they used an actual hacker in this case but Hillary Clinton may not have had to use a hacker if she had access to the encryption keys

" see what I'm saying so it was like the doors were blown open on a whole bunch of well for some in some ways on anything you wanted access to and trust and Trust is the company that American intelligence media points to as being the culprit here and being the one that is how Hillary Clinton got her access and they talk about it here the can convoluted structure managed by the federal common policy group has ceded to companies like entrust Inc

"....the ability to sublicense their authority to third parties who in turn manage the entire other networks in a Gordian knot of relationships clearly designed to fool the public to hide their devilish criminality all roads lead back to Hillary and the Rose law firm the reason they say that it leads back to Hillary and the rose law firm is because of Jerry C Jones who directed and entrust and Hillary and Jerry worked together at Rose law firm that's all confirmed

"....see here Jerry C Jones misses his bio says he was a director of entrust he was a partner with the rose law firm he's also he was an executive vice president of axiom Corp but now he is ethics and legal officer at live ramp Holdings Inc so at some point he left and Trust went to axiom and now he's at this live ramp holdings the current CEO of entrust is Todd Wilkinson this gets interesting soon so bear with me this is an article it was it's it was just about the fact that entrust was suddenly hiring a whole bunch of people it actually has an office in Canada Ontario which is just outside of the nation's capital Ottawa Ontario

" this this article in February 2016 gives a bit of an overview of the company so entrust was spun out of Nortel in the mid-1990s because its efforts emphasis on software security didn't quite fit with the larger firms core business telecommunications hardware you know Nortel was formerly northern telecom is huge in communications for a long time my grandfather in fact was a telephone pioneer God rest his soul by pop I love you he died last year random sorry sorry in 2009 and Trust was acquired for a hundred and twenty four million by Tom a Bravo a California equity group

".... but this article went a little bit further it's at Wetmore that's the guy they're interviewing for this is referring to data card group the Minneapolis security card company that acquired entrust two years ago data card is a private firm controlled by the multi billionaire quant family which owns a stake in a wide variety of firms including car maker BMW buying and Trust was transformative event for data card the Minneapolis company also developed security products but specializes in technology that produces physical documents most of the credit Bank and loyalty cards in circulation worldwide are created with data card equipment and trust concentrates on the software side of things secure online identities transactions and communications and look at what this Wetmore guy who's a manager at the Kannada office of entrust listen to what he says this is interesting

"....I've never been part of a group with a long-term view like this he said a company with a 25 year horizon I don't know if you've ever if you've been following along with my videos but I've been talking a lot about mobile payments MasterCard digital IDs something called conditional cash transfers which means that a person in that has one of these cards can get cash put onto it securely all around the world and there's allegations well it's practically a guarantee that organizations foundations Soros among other people MasterCard among others are giving refugees cash on these conditional cash transfer cards

".... so it's very it's all coming together for me it's all coming together in trust was running it was making secure online software data card was making the cards they got married in whatever year that was 2013 did it say no 2014 2014 the refugee crisis started in earnest in 2015 right anyway that's a bit of a red herring for it's a bit of a side note let's continue because what I want to focus on going forward here is this multi-billionaire Quandt family

" see American intelligence media pins this on Jerry Jones and Hillary Clinton from the Rose law firm and don't get me wrong those are huge deals if they really are still involved the fact of the matter is I can't find any evidence that directly links Hillary to this I don't know if she has these encryption keys or not I would like to and perhaps it's out there and perhaps aim even and I missed it so I'm not alleging that they're not telling the truth I'm just saying to me the deeper layer is the more interesting layer who are these quanta let's have a look ready step grandchildren of infamous Nazi propaganda boss Joseph Goebbels are hidden billionaires Harald Quandt the only remaining child from the first marriage of gurbles his wife

"....and his half-brother Harald would inherit the industrial empire built by their father these people they were operating capitalist businesses within the fascist regime of Germany under the nose and with the cooperation and assistance of the Nazis and the SS and the Gestapo they used it's estimated 50,000 slave laborers brought in from all over Europe in their battery factory their munitions factory their potash operation that's who the quants are I could go through their family history it's pretty interesting but instead I'll link you to the documentary that was recently well not that recently but it was recently translated into English so English audiences can enjoy it too

"....I think you will enjoy it it's an hour and something long it's eye-opening Harald Quandt at the end of World War two ran away just like all those Nazi spies ran away and then got taken in by the US military and then they became the CIA the BND part of mi6 and possibly even part of Mossad who knows they the industrialist quant ran away too and he hid in a place that ended up being under British occupation his partners or his managers of the business ended up hiding in a place that was under American occupation the British chose not to pursue quant even though in the documentary they show that the British knew he was working with the Nazis that he used slave labor that he was just as guilty as flick and teason and croup and all those guys that got tried at Nuremberg quant escaped

"....the British covered up for him they had the information but they did not turn it over to the Nuremberg prosecutors after that after that failure of justice a state prosecutor and I can't remember where he was I guess he must've been in Germany somewhere he also tried to try quant for being a Nazi collaborator he tried three times but even his boss in the state that he was working deferred to quants lawyers interestingly the boss his last name was Sachs s a CH s kind of like Goldman Sachs maybe I don't know I tried to dig for a connection I couldn't find one

"....but why were the British protecting this guy the reason he got away with it and subsequently wrote to the paper claiming he was a victim this quant guy sounds like today doesn't it he was a victim of unlawful prosecution and a smear job in the press because Britain lost the files sounds a lot like today sounds a lot like the missing emails of today so it's astounding to me that we in tracing back the story of how Hillary is getting away with all her crimes using illegal surveillance and her ability to break into any computer system and wipe files off the server find out when witnesses have dates to testify and then what it just so happens they turn up dead the day before we find that even before this technology existed

"....we have someone in the chain of this encryption software the quants who evaded the same sort of justice in the same sort of way back at the end of World War two quant was guilty he used connections his higher up connections to make files disappear and then his family carried on with their millions their billions they were opened BMW they get billions of a year from that they make other investments through this trust one of the investments they made is to buy entrust which then allows them to break into all the computers they would ever want to break in to enrich themselves blackmail people and prevent justice from ever touching them

"....and the circle closes or maybe it's a loop that just keeps rolling the wheel of injustice just one more thing that may or may not be anything I know there's a lot of speculation in this video but I want to show you something in trust I was looking at their Board of Directors to see if I could see and their CEOs and their management team to see if I could see any familiar names and there was only one that popped up and it was Katie Brennan because brennan john brennan perhaps you know he could have gotten his daughter a job there if this in fact is a way that he's been hacking into people over the years um I couldn't find anything to prove a connection and what I'm about to show you is just pure almost silliness mm-hmm

"....I'm going to show you a picture of John Brennan and his wife and then next to a picture of this Katie Brennan here it is and you tell me if you think they could be related that's John that's his wife Catherine though it's not common for is it for women to name their daughters after themselves anyway I don't know and you can see that oh no she's not at INTRUST she's at Thoma Bravo which was one of the companies that bought interest earlier before it got sold to its current owners the quants I'm kind of low energy today so I'm gonna stop talking now I hope you found it a little bit interesting you could give it a thumbs up if you did you could add any pertinent details or other comments down below and subscribe if you are not a subscriber I'd love to have you I'll see you over on Twitter if you'd like to follow me there at 9 9 freemind I'll leave that information and more in the description box until next time peace out ...≺≺ less

The World Just Woke Up, Coincidence, Part Of The Plan - Episode 1761a

X22Report ** Published on Jan 9, 2019

"... let's get into the economic collapse financial news now we knew the entire plan rests on the fact that certain people are going to be arrested there are many indictments everything's being put into place and then there's the central bank and there's not much talk about the central bank in the Fed and all of it the rothschild we now had a couple posts with Q pointing this out and what's very interesting is that in France with the yellow vests where this awakening is happening and it's spreading around the country something else is about to happen and this has nothing to do with fuel tax or anything like that and we'll be talking about that a little bit later in this report ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....but first I want to go to the brexit here with Theresa May and it looks like there are problems here now she is trying to get this deal passed remember this is a central bank deal this is nothing that the people want and she's having problems now we know she's called for a vote will they vote on this and say this is the plan most likely not and they're trying to block me any way they possibly can now what has happened here there was a grieve amendment which was opposed by mais government this amendment would have effectively prevent me from running out the clock to pregs a day which was believed to be her primary tactic for coercing MPs to supporting her deal and it looks like they're trying to stop her at every turn and will they be able to do this who knows but we could see right now the people they're trying to tell her and she doesn't care because she's already made to deal with the central bank

".....and the central bank is saying there are no other deals they only care about themselves they don't care about what the people want and this is completely evident when you look at France and you look at many of the other countries and we'll have to see as we tick down to that day the 15th of January we'll have to see how this all plays out and we'll have to see if she's able to get this past which at this point I don't believe they will unless they blackmail certain individuals to get this through because right now from the voting we can see that they're always I mean this last amendment it was 308 votes in favor and 297 against so they already have the votes to stop her I don't even think she's gonna have the votes to get this through

" here in the United States we understand that people are living on credit and we need to remember how the central bank system actually works here when the central bank system began in the 70s when I'm talking about going off the gold stair I'm not talking about 1913 when we officially went off the gold standard and they started to create currency like crazy back then people were still able to use cash to purchase things but as the value of that paper currency that central bank note continually declines the central bankers have to rely on what's called credit because they know their paper debt notes they don't hold value anymore and you need more and more of these debt notes to purchase things this is why over a very long period of time

"....and if we go prior to 1970 you can see how people back then there were no such thing as credit cards people if they wanted something they just used cash yes and certain you know times they would need credit but most of the people they would use cash they would use coins because they had value once the central bankers took hold of the system the currency lost value very very quickly and they heard to turn to something called credit and all of a sudden in the 70s moving into the 80s he saw credit open up it wasn't like it was you know like this was a miracle this is something they had planned for they needed it because as the value of the dollar declines credit becomes more and more available because they have to offset what is happening in the economy

"..... think about it today right now to purchase anything and I'm talking about the big-ticket items I'm already starting to see the smaller type of items they're saying you can finance it now which is just completely unbelievable but you need to take a loan out to purchase a home a car furniture a washer/dryer because what's happening with most people is that as the value of the dollar declines loses its value it takes more of those dollars to pay for the same item and the only way people can afford it is to use credit

"....salaries have not been keeping up with the declining dollar I'm talking the value of the dollar so as it continually loses its value your wages are pretty much staying the same or declining and maybe some instances moving up a little bit to try to keep up with inflation but that's not enough it's not enough so people have to resort to credit and what are we seeing right now we are seeing right now that there has been a surge in consumer credit more and more people need to use credit to get by every single day

"....and the Fed has reported that November the surge of consumer credit continued rising by 22-point billion above the seventeen point five billion expected now when we look at this the surge in borrowing right now in November brought the total up to three point nine seven nine trillion this is an all-time new high and when you look at automobiles you look at student loans you see the same exact thing people to go to college they have to take out loans to purchase a car you have to take out loans in the past many people were able to purchase their cars with cash today it's completely impossible even if you were buying an inexpensive car

"'s very difficult for people to purchase that car with cash because the value of the dollar has decreased so much the system that were in this banker the central bank system is coming to an end and this is what we see now it's very interesting is that Fitch is threatening to cut US credit rating

" we need to go back to the time that Obama was in the White House and we had Tim Geithner who was there also and back then sp they did the unthinkable and they cut the credit rating for the United States and Obama Tim Geithner they went after them and they said absolutely not you were not going to do this Fitch right

" they're saying the same thing we would like to downgrade the u.s. now the US should have been downgraded a long time ago this is because of the debt problem this is what Fitch said I think people are looking at the CBO Congressional Budget Office numbers if people take the time to look at what you can see debt levels moving higher you can see the interest burden in the US government move decidedly higher over the next decade

"....this is coming from James McCormick Fitch global head of sovereign ratings there needs to be some kind of fiscal adjustment to offset that or the deficit itself moves higher and you're essentially borrowing money to pay interest on the debt there so there's a meaningful fiscal deterioration there going on in the United States now this just didn't happen today this has been going on for a very long time because this is how the central bank system works the United States should have been downgraded a long time ago and the Obama government they stopped them from doing it

" do we get out of this mess we need to get rid of the central bank it always comes back to the same exact thing to get rid of the debt to get out of this system you need to destroy the central bank system the central bank system is a no-win scenario there's no way out of this because the first dollar that the government borrows has interest attached so you're always borrowing to pay for that interest it's impossible to ever pay all of this off because when you look when the Fed creates the first dollar loans it to the government the United States government it's one dollar and let's say 10 cents worth of interest where does the government the people get the 10 cents if that is the first dollar nowhere because there's doesn't exist

" they have to go back to the Fed and say you know something we need another dollar because we owe you the interest so they take that dollar and they pay them the ten cents but now the US government has two dollars and now there's interest once again and they have to borrow again and this cycle continues now we're trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars in debt it's a no-win situation

"....but we know from Q there's a wait there's an awakening going on we know the people around the world are going to start to point the finger it's already begun now the yellow vests they are protesting in France and reports are emerging that the yellow vests they are planning to stage a bank run over the weekend

" what does that mean they are planning to take money out of the banking system this is what they're saying for act 9 we will scare the state legally and without violence we all know that the powers of the country are not in the hands of the government but in those of the banks if the banks weaken the state weakens immediately

"....Saturday we will all vote by withdrawing our money to impose the RIC referendum citizen initiative urgently the operation is scheduled for Saturday January 12th at 8 a.m. it will be reproduced the following month in case of failure so they're planning to hit the government hard sending a message that we're done with all of this they know the bank's control everything which is really the central banks but France where do they get their funds from well the ECB the United States has a central bank here in the country the Fed

" if we go back to Q pose 2530 this was December 2nd 2018 q says what you were witnessing in France has nothing to do with gas brackets bold forced narrative vive la France the people are pointing the finger the people know who's responsible for all of this and we know with government with the central bank put those together you get corruption you get the deep state you get the elites

".....and the people in France know this now once they start doing this hopefully and I think it will it will start to spread to other countries I wouldn't be surprised if Italy joins in and then it moves to other countries and people are going to start to catch on

" McCrone he's going to try to do everything he possibly can to stop this because he knows if this goes any further this is going to be a major major problem now I wouldn't be surprised if you see the banks shut down and don't allow anyone to take their funds out of the bank now again everyone thinks the money in the banks really belongs to you but if you read a lot of the Terms of Service from the banks it's really not your money

".....and the banks they have the option of shutting down not allowing you to take out your own money I mean we saw this happen in Cyprus we saw it back then when the people said hey I want to go take out my funds the banks were on bank holiday we'll have to see what happens over the weekend the question is will the banks allow this we know they don't have the cash on hand a lot of it's digital so there's no way they can hand out that much cash will they shut it all down and say you know something we just put limits you only can fifty or hundred whatever their limits going to be

" has begun people are pointing the finger at the banks that's the real problem the central banks that's the real problem this is going to spread and before you know it there's going to be a movement there's going to be a transition out of the central bank system ...≺≺ less

Marker, One Year Ago, Goodbye [RR] - Episode 1761b

X22Report ** Published on Jan 9, 2019

"....hi and welcome you listening to the x22 report my name is Dave and this is episode 1761 bien today's date is January 9th 2019 and the top of the episode is marker one year ago goodbye rod Rosenstein let's get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news now I believe the year's 2017 2018 when Trump first came into office and Q appeared I believe these years were meant for prepping for what is to come and what I mean by that is getting everything in place and everything that Q has been telling us back in late 2017 2018 was everything that was going to happen in 2019 2020 moving forward ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....remember Q and the Patriots they have this planned out now they might not be exactly exactly right on every single date but they are pretty darn close and it looks like Q and team hit their marker this time and they came very very close because they knew eventually this was going to happen they knew eventually everything that they planned out and everything that they were planning it was all gonna turn out in the way they thought I think about for the thing about the wall right now where they've been telling us all along that the wall was going to be built because of a national emergency they knew the Dems would never give so far were not seeing them give at all and they knew eventually they were going to use that and they called this because they knew that the Dems were gonna get the house

".....they were pushing for the Senate setting up a firewall to protect the president's whatever the house throws any bills they throw at the Senate it would be blocked they all knew this because of planning not because they have a crystal ball not because they can tell the future because of the planning they knew if they did X Y would happen and if that didn't happen they would have a contingency plan and then this would happen now they're not exact on every single date but they're pretty darn close and we can see definite things happening and we're gonna be talking about a big one that just happened today

"....but I wanted to start off with Democrat operatives which was led by former official where they bought ads on Facebook with which mislead people during the midterm elections the ax pages the pages on Facebook appeared to be designed to give the impression that they were operated by disgruntled conservatives rather than Democratic operatives the operatives were funded by who Reid Hoffman who previously funded a false-flag effort in the 2017 Alabama special election dem operatives funded by Reid Hoffman ran a widespread campaign using misleading Facebook pages in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections

".....American engagement technologies a et which was founded by former Obama administration official Mickey Dickerson bought ads for two Facebook pages the daily reel and today's nation encouraging Republican voters to stay home in the midterm elections both pages appeared to be designed to give the impression that they were operated by frustrated conservatives rather than Democratic operatives and when you read these they're just unbelievable here's one of them today's today's nation our congressional Republicans facing the consequences of betraying real conservatives so-called conservatives aren't even trying to hide their betrayal of our values

"'s another one some Trump supporters see midterm losses for congressional Republicans as a wake-up call to get serious on the wall last chance for Trump's wall and then it tells them to visit a site which they created another one got to send a message Trump failing us nationalist and conservative and disappointment disappointed National Review and when you read these you would never think that they created these and these are really from Dems

".....and you think these are real so who's really creating Russian BOTS who's really creating fake ads it's everything they told us that Trump was doing think mirror whatever they tell you and I've said this from the very very beginning whatever a central bank whenever a politician tells you something it's always what they're doing what they're about to do if they're passing a law that says patriot it's actually the opposite so whatever they're saying it's always the opposite think mirror and they're always afraid of getting caught

" most of you probably already heard that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to leave the department of justice and Rosen Stein has a timeline for leaving the Trump administration it plans to leave the Trump administration in the coming weeks according to multiple reports he told Trump that he will leave the Justice Department after the expected confirmation of William Barr as attorney general

" Schumer was out there saying that he needs to appoint someone else and you need to let Barr go because there's a conflict of interest Paul Sperry tweeted out the following breaking deputy attorney general rod Rosen sign leaving his Justice Department job ahead of Justice Department inspector general's report on the alleged misuse of FISA warrants against Trump advisers by justice officials including one signed by Rosenstein himself

".....let's go back to Q's post 460 and 476 you gave us a marker for Ron Rosenstein 460 everything has meaning who is a MB Matt luck yes Ron Rosenstein which is brackets bold RR out so right there and then back January 4 2018 post 460 it said rod Rosenstein out then in post 476 says marker missed brackets again rod Rosenstein out POTUS tweet rod Rhodes and Stein out why is this relevant if you look at this January 6 2018 rod Rosenstein announced that he'll be leaving the Department of Justice and it is January 9th 2019 almost 1 year exactly

".....yes it's off a couple of days but they knew back then because this was the part of the plan what it was going to take to get rod Rosenstein to resign he wasn't fired he decided to leave on his own because he knew what was coming he knew what he did and others have done we're getting closer

" Trump tweeted out something very interesting he tweeted out billions of dollars are sent to the state of California for forest fires that with proper forest management would never happen unless they get their act together which is unlikely I have ordered FEMA to send no more money it is a disgraceful situation in lives and money and we talked about the forest fires before but what's very interesting about this tweet is that forest fires or just the word forest was spelt wrong it had two R's in it and then it was corrected was this a message to all an ins letting us know that rod Rosenstein was leaving the Department of Justice maybe maybe not but that's just very coincidental

" we know that Trump gave a speech about the wall on Tuesday and he said something very interesting during the speech and about the wall which we're gonna be going over in just a minute he said some have suggested a barrier is immoral now we know that Nancy Pelosi said this then why do wealthy politicians build walls fences and gates around their homes they don't build walls because they hate the people on the outside but because they love the people on the inside and I thought that was a fantastic message to everyone in this country

"....we're not building the walls because we hate all those people we're building the walls because we love everyone inside we want to keep them safe the people on the outside need to go through the proper procedures to come into our home same thing with all these wealthy politicians wealthy movie stars wealthy elites to get into their home you must go through the proper procedures you must go through the gate you must be vetted and they will let you in

"'s the same thing with this country now the mainstream media and the deep state they're trying to show that there are no problems at the border but we all know there there's tons of problems we have drug trafficking illegals human trafficking we know we have it all Paul Sperry tweeted out Isis plotting to infiltrate open US borders federal prosecutors say a 21 year old Somali American plan to open up roots to the US through Mexico to the Islamic state terrorist based in Syria and they could penetrate the US border and attack American cities well there are some terrorists right there and I know more terrorists information came out today already and we're in the beginning of 2019 Judicial Watch actually went down to the border and they reported that we have a crisis on the border this is what Judicial Watch says after mainstream media outlets reported that illegal immigrants don't bring disease into the United States

".....the Border Patrol reveals that it is getting slammed daily with dozens of illegal immigrants carrying serious illnesses this includes tuberculosis influenza and pneumonia in fact a Guatemalan migrant who died in the US custody on Christmas Eve had influenza B a virus that causes respiratory infections federal agents are referring 50 illegal immigrants a day for urgent medical care according to figures obtained by Washington DC conservative newspaper authorities say it it's it's unlike anything they've ever seen before many of the migrants have tuberculosis parasites or the flu

".....there are also lots of pregnant woman about to give birth the article quotes Customs and Border Protection Commissioner saying that most of the illegal immigrants were sick when they arrived at the u.s. border many were ill before they departed their homes we're talking about cases of pneumonia tuberculosis parasites these are not things that developed urgently in a matter of days a separate story published by mainstream newspaper on New Year's Eve discloses that in the last few weeks of 2018 more than 450 illegal immigrants required medical attention for illnesses more than half were children now Judicial Watch they interviewed medical experts that confirm illegal immigrants do indeed pose a serious mchale threat to the US by bringing dangerous diseases into the country

".....we definitely have a national emergency on our hands here years ago when Obama led tens of thousands of illegal immigrant miners into the country health experts warned about the serious hazards to the American public most of the unaccompanied alien children came from Central America like the current Caravan that we see today they cross into the US through Mexico the same way the caravan did and they had the swine flu they had dengue fever Ebola and again this poses a health risk to every American in this country they needed to go through the proper procedures

" Trump wants to use a national emergency to build the wall and is right now the u.s. is under 30 active national emergencies I know the mainstream media and the deep state they're all out there saying you can't declare national emergency and then they said well he can but is it really necessary well right now we're under 30 active ones now the national emergency act grants the president the power to declare a national emergency and make use of activated Authority on selective basis as appropriate for responding to an emergency

" this is according to Congressional Research Service when declaring a national emergency the President must indicate according to title three the powers and authority being activated to respond to the problem at hand the first-ever emergency declared under the national emergency act was entitled blocking Iranian government property which went into effect November 1979 under Jimmy Carter do you know that one is still in effect today Trump has previously declared three national emergencies blocking the property of persons of other than serious human rights or abuse or corruption which we know imposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in the United States election and blocking property of certain persons contributing to the situation in Nicaragua

"....Obama declared 12 national emergencies during his presidency ten of which are still in effect now federal law states that not later than six months after a national emergency is declared and not later than the end of each six-month period thereafter that such emergency continues each house of Congress shall meet to consider a vote on a Joint Resolution determine whether that emergency shall be terminated but we have 30 active national emergency still in effect and one going all the way back to 1979

" Trump tweeted out today just left a meeting with Chuck and Nancy a total waste of time I asked what is going to happen in 30 days if I quickly open things up are you going to approve border security which includes a wall or a steel barrier Nancy said no I said bye-bye nothing else works now does this mean that Trump is going to use the national emergency to build the wall well he might at this point he gave them a warning he wanted to sit down with them but they are not budging whatsoever

".....we have Hillary Clinton out there tweeting the following we've raised over 100,000 and Counting for organizations that help families and kids at the border since the beginning of the president's TV stunt last night let's keep counteracting his lies about migrants and refugees with positive action now first of all you know this money is not going to help the children think about Haiti think about the Clinton Foundation think about the investigation by an outside firm that was looking into it saying yeah a lot of this money didn't go to any of these charities whatsoever

".....and we're looking into see where all this money had gone now we know the amount that she was receiving from her foundation has dropped considerably do you think she's raising this money because she's losing all the money from the foundation and she needs money to either travel or to run maybe but we know it's not going to the children it has nothing to do with the children how do we know this well

".....we need to go back to post 2049 this was August 31st 2018 and this was a post from Q that said Saudi Arabia access closed Epstein Island access closed Haiti access closed and with Korea access closed and went down the whole list here and down below it said Hillary Rodham Clinton which is HRC equals Alice Saudi Arabia was Wonderland and that's where everything happened and if you noticed from all of this all the access for you to all these different countries for human trafficking for pedophilia and everything else has been closed so she's not doing this for the children she's doing this to save herself because just like the foundation just like with Haiti guess what this money is not going there whatsoever

" there's a video out there where campus reforms Cabot Phillips he headed to American universities and he decided to ask the college students some questions now there's a catch to all of this the students were told the quotes actually came from President Trump but they didn't they came from the Democrats now here are some of the quotes illegal immigration is wrong plain and simple until the American people are convinced we will stop future flows of illegal immigration we will make no progress now that was Senator Chuck Schumer 2009 we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected undocumented and unchecked that was Barack Obama 2005 I voted numerous times to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in and I do and I do think you have to control your borders Hillary Clinton 2008

" when this individual from campus reform asked the students you know what do you think of these quotes and again they didn't tell them it was from Democrats it wasn't from Obama Clinton or Schumer this is what they said they said that this was dehumanizing problematic one student said comments held racist undertones claiming there are racial biases deeply embedded in what does this tell you about the students today what was the mission of the deep state to brainwash the children into thinking the way they do and when they hear these things they automatically think dehumanizing problematic racial bias racist undertones and they just repeat those words that's it

"....this is what Common Core was all about this is how the universities are now teaching everyone it was about shaping the younger generation to go along with the deep state when everything was changed now it's very interesting since we're talking about immigration is that we have now Brazil which is quitting the UN migration pack now if we look at this the number of countries is growing Australia Austria Czech Republic Dominican Republic Hungary Latvia Poland Slovakia Chile Israel is looking to pull out Bulgaria is looking to pull out and six more countries they're looking to quit so you can see at this time countries are saying you know something we're not doing thing everything is changing right now we're going through this major major change and countries the people of these countries are waking up

".....we see out in Syria the Kurdish LED Syrian Democratic Council has recently intensified their talks with the government in a bid to resolve their disputes and seek a peaceful settlement now the Kurds are asking for autonomy the Syrian government is saying no so the Kurds are saying listen if we're autonomous we would still be part of Syria and the Syrian government would still rule we just want to be left alone in this area at this time it looks like they're gonna come to an agreement

"....we see that US Secretary of State monk Mike Pompeo is out in Iraq and he's coordinating with Baghdad the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria to bring our troops back home so when you hear the mainstream media saying that no troops are coming home yes they are

" something very interesting with Ruth Bader Ginsburg she's missing the third straight day on the bench the New York Post tweeted this out now yesterday I said this is very interesting because from Q's post from what Trump has said she might be dead or they might be keeping her alive but she's not really functioning right now and because of the different medicines they're giving her certain electrodes certain things that they're trying to do they might have her in a state where if she's asked a question she might be able to you know raise a hand or something like that and there might be someone in the background pushing a button to do this

" this way they can say no she is not dead so at this point we can see that the deep state they want to keep her alive as long as possible or in a state where they can say no she's not dead but in all accounts she's really dead and I believe they're doing this because they know if they report that she is dead guess what Trump gets to do he gets to appoint another Supreme Court justice and they don't want this to happen and they also might be using this for the next event to create a distraction but what's very interesting it's the third day now in 25 years and I'm still surprised that Trump didn't come out and tweet and say hey you know we hope for a speedy recovery we see you're out three days now he did this back in December 22nd but not since then

" this kind of tells me Trump the Patriots they might already know and they're just staying quiet right now but we can see at this point the deep state they are losing people left and right because they know what's coming they know once Trump starts building the wall and if he gets her through the house or he gets it through national emergency it doesn't really matter because the wall is going to be built their drugs their human trafficking their slush fund of money comes to a screeching halt they know that Trump has the Pfizer ready to go they know there's indictments they know all of this is about to hit the fan and it looks like many of these people are jumping ship or raising money to maybe scurry away but we can see they're panicking and the Patriots are becoming stronger and stronger as time goes on ...≺≺ less

[1.9 Live] Trump’s Address / Rosenstein / Huber / Yellow Vests / 5G / Space Force & Disclosure

Destroying the Illusion** Published on Jan 8, 2019

".....hello humans of Earth this is your transmission for Wednesday January 9th 2019 and I like this setup you know it's basic just going live on my phone here and pointing at it me and the screen but it works and doesn't have the production value but substance is much more important these days you know so eventually I might work on upping my production value and getting the bells and whistles but for now I ain't got time for that we're just gonna roll with this so in today's video might actually try to do these daily don't hold me to that but you know morning check-ins live here but in today's video we're gonna talk about the address we're gonna talk Rosenstein Huber got some things I want to mention on GMOs vaccines 5g all those things and then we're gonna talk space force space force UFO disclosures and a lot of the psyops I'm seeing come out in that arena ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" to begin first of all shout out to a sponsor this channel in noble gold noble gold investments they help you invest your money into precious metals like gold and silver and gold has been skyrocketing lately so the beginning of twenty thousand and nineteen here might be a good idea to start upping your reserves they also have these awesome commemorative silver coins neat way to start investing in precious metals they have rare coins they have trump coin you can see here on the screen here's a show the camera they're so noble gold they got coins they help you invest your money in precious metals go check them out once this video is done processing and rendering and all that jazz I'll drop a link in the description down below now getting into news of the day

"......let's talk Trump's address so I'm sure many of you saw it last night Trump's about eight nine minute address from The Oval Office talking about the border crisis what's going on on the border making his arguments for a border wall now he did not call a national emergency and a lot of people were expecting him to some people were surprised but in looking at it it's very tactical it's very strict in that he did not call for a national emergency to build the wall really what this looked like because we had of course Trump give his eight or nine minute speech and then afterwards the feeds instantly cut to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi trying to give their rebuttal basically

".....and they just they didn't look happy in fact they look shocked they look kind of taken off-guard that Trump did not call for national emergency so I think this was very strategic and that he did not call it and that's because he's trying to really hang them out to dry just put the whole show on display you know make them look like complete fools and get his arguments across and of course it would be a much easier process if there was compromise if a national emergency did not have to be called but and I think he even mentioned it in a line or two during this speech is that it's a possibility and if he needs to he will but there we go that was Trump's address no national since he called but could happen soon

"....I think today there's a little more deliberating going on about the ending of the shutdown funding of the wall and all that stuff but how about the memes how about the memes that came out of this out of Schumer and Pelosi those were quality right yeah just gross people man gross people let's move on to talking about Rosenstein so this news coming out this morning Rosen Stein to leave the Department of Justice in the coming weeks sources say now those sources are sources familiar with the matter as we usually hear in the mainstream media apparently these sources were claimed to be folks from the Justice Department

".....but I just read a headline on Twitter a few minutes ago that Sarah Sanders has not spoken to President Trump about this so it's a claim out there don't know if it's confirmed quite yet but I wouldn't doubt if it's true I mean makes total plausible sense that roses title be out in the coming weeks and it says here Rosen Stein wants to ensure finger quotes a smooth transmit trans for incoming attorney general nominee bill bar so that's his reason for getting out but we'll see it looks like Rosenstein and of course he was overseeing the Mueller investigation he's gonna be on the outs very soon as we heard in a Q drop on the fifth four days ago

"....Q mentioned that Mueller's insurance policy is expiring expired past tense so I'm sure that Mueller investigation is gonna be ending soon and I think this has everything to do also with this news coming out two days ago it's coming out on Monday Republicans have questions for John Huber the US attorney overseeing investigation of the FBI so in a letter sent on Monday Republican congressman it was namely here I have the specific names Jim Jordan mark meadows and then Collins so Mark meadows and Jim Jordan of course being a part of that freedom caucus the freedom caucus of our government but they put out a letter on Monday asking the Justice Department for an update on hubris investigations

" a lot of dominoes have to fall in a very finely tuned way here Mueller investigation ending Rosenstein on the outs more answers about huber of course FISA declassification somewhere in there and that's just gonna snowball the rest so I know we're all excited we want Mueller's investigation done we want all sorts of things to happen we want a national emergency for the border wall if need be or just the border wall in general we want fives and Deek last we want so much to happen

".....but it's very very complicated process of course complicated process but this is good news news going around about John Huber and some free to freedom caucus congressmen asking about questions on that somebody else on the outs speaking of Rosen Stein could be leaving his job soon how about this Broward County Sheriff's Officer Scott Israel tell staff he's being suspended over parkland response he is basically telling a lot of his top officials top commanders that he's going to be removed from office by Governor Ron de santis sources told them I am e Harold now this is according to again sources but also according to Scott Israel so there's been no comment from Governor Ron de santis of Florida

".....he still has his job Sheriff Israel still has it but he is claiming that he's gonna be on the outs very soon and again something else that I wouldn't doubt and I think we're gonna see very soon is this corrupted guy Scott Israel with all his connections to Hillary Clinton you know photos of him and Hillary Clinton and all kinds of weird stuff and his total cover up his whitewash of the Parkland shooting incident down there he's gone he's gone very soon

" about this article from The Daily Beast the far right is trying to co-opt the yellow vests computer slow to load here probably cuz I'm alive right now and some of these tabs the far-right is trying to co-op the yellow vest movement of course this is from The Daily Beast so the daily base is this terrible deep state propaganda they always try to discredit the what they get told to discredit you know and this isn't loading for me right now but this article is basically trying to claim that the yellow vest movement started as an economic protest

".....they're trying to use that line as if these yellow vests movements started in France over gas taxes how ridiculous is that but this article is trying to claim that it started over an economic protest and that these yellow vests are now moving across Europe aligning with a bunch of far-right organizations and even spreading into America and trying to be co-opted by the American qyn on conspiracy movement

".....this ridiculous ridiculous stuff far-right all right you know right wing watch all of these are their new there we go loads for us don't you like the I love what they photoshopped they Illustrated for the headline of this article Pepe on a yellow vest but there we go you know oh the yellow vests is merging with another dysfunctional foreign movement the US based Kuna and conspiracy theory

" there you have it nonsense that they are spouting from The Daily Beast there and more to use out of Europe this one from Heathrow so we have another UK another London Airport closed because of a quote drone sighting remember Gatwick a couple of weeks ago get with airport in the UK there they closed it for quite a while thousands of flights delayed or canceled because of those drone sightings that happened a couple of weeks ago now we have Heathrow Airport bigger Airport in London departures grounded for about an hour because hub drones sightings it's like the new its new swamp gas it's the new weather balloon drones sightings oh you know could have been something in the sky

"....but actually I think it's more likely that there was probably a person of interest at these airports that was might have been trying to skirt the country trying to leave that they tried to quarantine at these airports so some sort of behind the scenes stuff is going on at Gatwick and Heathrow with these Airport closures over drone sightings and that's just their public relations excuse about weird stuff weird stuff going on at airports and this is reminiscent to me of what was going on in airports at the end of 2017 the beginning of 2018 you know when Q first popped on the scene we had all of those flights getting rerouted we had all of those odd events happen at airports Atlanta Airport some other ones where we just got really weird excuses as to why they had to close terminals or you know ground some departures things like that so definitely behind the scenes stuff going on at least in my mind

"....moving on let's talk about GMOs really quickly GMOs 5g vaccines so with the trade Wars basically going on with China we have this news coming out of the Wall Street Journal today China's GMO ruling hands us farmers new tool in battle against weeds so essentially dupont the corporation dupont big AG was waiting for a product of there's a GMO soy product to be approved by chinese officials so they could begin selling it not just selling it china but also selling it in america they were waiting for chinese approval basically so they could blast it internationally and this is very bad news because dupont big AG i mean we don't want GMOs

".....look at it right here it says chemical maker DuPont chemical maker right your chemical makers are making your food monsanto now bought by bayer DuPont Syngenta do we really want that chemical maker DuPont is going to begin selling to US farmers a new soybean seed modified to survive a powerful herbicide combination so what they're saying here is that this food has been genetically messed with so you can spray as much toxic herbicide on it as you want and it'll kill the weeds but it won't kill the crop but guess what happens to the crop it sticks that herbicide sticks you're gonna be eating that if you choose these foods and not just that what the heck are they modifying within the genetics of the plant can your body even understand the genetic code that you're putting into it it can't

" this is just bad news I would like to see this administration go a little bit harder on big AG companies like Monsanto and DuPont but again it's a very touchy situation because if that happens then of course the Trump administration would alienate a large base of theirs in US farmers so it's very careful situation but good news is Monsanto did lose a lawsuit recently and of course good news is we have citizen journalists out there so if power is really returning to We the People the more we speak up the more change that we're gonna make so all in due time all in due time there's a lot of topics there's a lot of ideas out there that the Trump administration and Q the Alliance they have not attacked yet but of course it's long term long term game

"....we're in 5g so a little bit of news on 5g and this is actually good news so Verizon and t-mobile bash a and T and T over fake 5g because what's essentially happening is AT&T it's sort of MIS marketing they're kind of sensationalizing some of their products AT&T is calling a new marketing term 5g you know they have their 4G LTE service and they're calling a new service 5g but it's not really 5g it doesn't use 5g bandwidths they're just calling it 5g you know it's like calling something organic when it's not organic in essence calling it GMO when it's not GMO

" 18d is getting lit up and a blog post on Monday a Verizon's chief technology officer basically put AT&T on blast for their miss marketing but essentially right here is that we don't have 5g on the market yet I believe there's a handful of test pilot cities around the country but it's just a very small area of like five or six urban centers that's prototyping 5g right now it's not in the mass market okay I see a lot of fear porn out there about 5g that it's already out there it's not this could be coming you know we have corporations that are trying to implement 5g and trying to bring it out to the public which I definitely disagree with and don't want but 5g is not mass marketed at this moment

" about vaccines so I saw this article today in a scientific news outlet of course if you think if you think your news is fake imagine how bad science is all all types of science now how that history is you know so anyway this article says research explains public resistance to vaccination and we have a new study coming out of Dartmouth College Dartmouth College new study and it's claiming that we have a lot of people who were averse to vaccinations we have public resistance to vaccinations and it's caused by a phenomenon known as his hysteresis I'm getting that right hysteresis creating a negative history that stiffens public resolved against vaccinations

".....well yeah because there is a bunch of negative history about vaccinations I mean how many billions of dollars have been paid out from the vaccine courts to people who have been vaccine injured pretty much like two or three degrees of separation and you can find somebody who's been vaccine injured or had a direct family member vaccine injured how many stories do we have of contaminants being found in vaccines aborted fetal tissue nanoparticles Michael plasma cancer-causing viruses

" yeah maybe all of this negative history is so negative that people are just waking up and Dartmouth College here you know on behalf of their big pharma sponsors are of course trying to just brush it under the rug put some buzz word out there and claim it's this issue don't worry about it it's all in your brains people and get your vaccines it's nonsense so there you go fake science I'm sure there's some sort of special interest donors they're paying for these studies and you got to understand

".....when it comes to universities when it comes to big multi hundred million dollar per year universities they will lose their funding they will lose their grants it will lose their funding if they don't do the particular studies they do these corporations want the universities to do that's how it works when it comes to GMOs when it comes to vaccines when it comes to climate science when it comes to Harvard trying to push out there what were they calling it solar radiation management studies

"......just a few weeks ago I mean when comes to astrophysics and gravitational fit I mean all sorts of different studies same thing different area they don't go along with the studies if they don't fudge this statistics in the particular way they don't get their funding so it's an unfortunate situation but that's how it works

" I want to talk space so we'll have a few minutes here to discuss the space force discuss UFO disclosure and discuss what we could call limited hang out partial disclosure psyops we're seeing in play in both the mainstream and the alternative so first we'll talk space force and the outgoing chairman of the House Armed Services Committee representative Mac Thornberry he's a Republican out of Texas told reporters on Capitol Hill yesterday that he predicts there's going to be bipartisan support for a new military branch for space even in a democratic led House of Representatives

".....and this is good news it's very good news the space force for the last few weeks a month or two since the midterms since we realized that the house was gaining more democratic control the space force has been something that sort of questionable you know we don't know how much support there is going to be in the space force with a new Congress but good news here that the outgoing House Armed Services Committee Chairman is saying there's going to be bipartisan support for it I hope there is the space force is essential it's crucial guys in a part of the big picture plan we're going on big picture we're going above 40,000 feet here

".....okay the space force is crucial with big picture disclosures with disclosing et life disclosing the technologies that have been reverse-engineered from crashed craft the trillions of dollars billions and trillions of dollars that have gone in these black projects what have they developed already and the sciences guys this is a big thing that we'll talk in a second here the science is that they've had for 50 60 70 years in these black projects far beyond what we see in the mainstream

".....okay it's literally almost like a separate set of physics because what we get in the mainstream is mostly misinformation so we're talking about sciences and technologies and cosmological understandings that need to be disclosed they're essential to get disclosed so the space force is a massive way that we're gonna be doing that so I really hope it does get bipartisan support and does get created in 2019 because what we are seeing and we have to act fast we have to act fast with the space force because what we're seeing is a whole bunch of like I mentioned the psychological operations the psyops the distractions the limit limited hangouts are abounding they're coming out one of those is History Channel's new UFO program Project Blue Book

"..... this is going to be a total whitewash there's gonna be all sorts of fear in this it's a drama series on the History Channel but I can already tell there's gonna be a bunch of fear embedded into it it's usually what happens with the Hollywood production in regards to UFOs ETS anything non earthly as they already try they always try to put a fear component into it because of course humans are a lot easier to program when we're in a state of fear

" I see fear and I see misinformation that's gonna come our way from Project Blue Book and of course with this new project Bluebook show airing on the History Channel of course it's the History Channel would expect from there there's gonna be a lot of misinformation that comes along and the media reporting with it what do I mean by that well let's look at this live science comm article it's talking about Project Blue Book but then they have a paragraph near the ending here where they're talking about let me find it right here they're talking about the a tip program that the New York Times disclosed in December of 2017

"..... this a tip program as as was referenced in the cue drops they basically said this whole thing is a distraction that's exactly what it is when you look at the players involved in disclosing this a chip program you have the New York Times you have Senator Harry Reid you have John Podesta you have Robert Bigelow you got Tom DeLonge with the Freemason symbols all over his guitars bunch of questionable names with questionable influences with this a tip program

"....but it's getting reported in the mainstream this is their limited hangout this is their we could call it a false flag disclosure we also get this article this whole article coming out just this morning here called UFO legacy what impact will revelation of secret government program have and this is the screenshot from that fake I would say it's fake video that the New York Times released this whole article is talking about that a tip program there you go is originated by Harry Reid it says right here behind the scenes is Robert Bigelow Bigelow Aerospace a Harry Reid political donor

"......then we have these intelligence officials Louis Elizondo then we had these guys from MUFON and other just sort of mainstream UFO media outlets news outlets quote investigative agencies nongovernmental organizations we could say NGOs so there you go here's your limited hangout partial disclosure SIOP distraction in action here in regards to UFOs

".....they bring out a sliver of truth to distract the public brush a lot of other crimes along the rug and then put a bunch of misinformation out there as well so this is definitely gonna begin ramping up in 2019 guys which is why I'm so adamant about it and I'll be covering it quite a bit so pretty lame project Bluebook we have coming out definitely lame a tip disclosures that weren't even secret they weren't really even classified by the government it's as if they were purposefully unclassified so they could purposefully disclose it and leaked it as such when they needed to

".....and next on the topic of limited hangout disclosures right so limited hangouts could by way of historical information that they're whitewashing that they are miss informing you about it could also come by way of technological information that they are miss informing us about so here we have a couple of articles that came out the past couple of days in mainstream scientific news this one from physics world looks like a magazine some sort of website and this one from so to physics news websites this one says call made for us to develop its own compact fusion plant

".....and then this one right here says scientists discover a process that stabilizes fusion plasmas now what we are seeing if you actually go back the past about year there's been mainstream news articles ran once a month once every couple months over the past year to about fusion fusion energy cold fusion even fusion is gonna be the mid next big thing we're gonna see a breakthrough in fusion technologies it's going to give us access to clean limitless energy sources clean limitless electricity

".....that's what the mainstream is saying what did I mention about five minutes ago I mentioned that the technologies low locked away in these black projects they've been there for 50 60 70 years we're talking free energy zero-point energy the zero-point energy goes hand in hand with electrogravitic basically levitation so this sort of stuff and that's just a piece of it this sort of stuff has been in these black projects for a long time t Townsend Brown is making metal disks levitate back in the 1940s and 50s Nikola Tesla passed away some of he did pass away but he passed along some of his information to a man named Otis Carr Otis car utilised Tesla's dynamic theories of gravity to make saucers big saucers talking 40-foot saucers levitate back in the nineteen I believe 60s he was doing it

" all of this suppressed blah brought into the black projects they've developed it out with their billions and trillions of dollars so the real technologies that they have they can already create I mean we already have limitless electricity sources on this planet we've had them for decades so we we see stuff like this coming into the mainstream scientists discover a process that can stabilize fusion call made for us to develop its own compact fusion plant what they're trying to do is bringing out a lot of these not even a lot just a fraction of it they're trying to bring out a fraction of these Sciences Sciences that have been in these black projects to the public domain so they can one capitalize on it make a buck

".....we have that new Tesla tower in Texas the one owned and operated by busy technologies right they're trying to patent it so we're seeing the a lot of these technologies that have been in secret projects come out into the public domain they're bringing them out in very careful subtle ways so they can make money on it patent it capitalize on it they can also distract people that's the idea of a limited hangout so people will be like oh my god we have this new fusion energy source and little does the mass public realize that this stuff has actually been suppressed kept secret inventors have been suicided over it there's just been crimes against humanity go on in regards to this stuff and so much more for a long time

" I could keep ranting on limited hangout disclosures and all that jazz but you get the gist of it here we're seeing a lot of it coming to the mainstream right now especially over the last year or two cuz with Q hopping onto the scene it's like the deep state is there trying to play every card they got right now they're trying to you know strategize in any way they can to distract and false-flag us they're distracting us with project Bluebook with a tip disclosures with limited hangout technological disclosures in the mainstream also they're distracting us with a bunch of fakers on YouTube and Twitter and you know just all sorts of different alternative media SIOP accounts we can basically call it

".....plenty of those on YouTube Twitter in the UF ology realm there's sort all sorts of controlled opposition plants everywhere it's just it's uh it's disheartening on one end because you see these people that you once loved and you thought they were great individuals cuz all they're claiming they want disclosure and and the ending of sequency and they want transparency but then you realize that they're not transparent individuals at all and dissin forming with their research so yeah no false idols guys a lot of these a lot of these folks that we see in the alternative media and the conspiracy realm and the true seeking realm ain't really into it for the greater good

"..... they're just into it for their own selfish ego reasons whatever that is no names though no names at least for now but anyway that's it for this one guys thank you for watching thank you for following along appreciate all of you guys appreciate your support like comment subscribe share click that little notification bell I think Twitter and YouTube and all these platforms unfollow people unsubscribes people from time to time so make sure you're always got those checked and ...≺≺ less

[DS] Distraction Incoming, Patriots Ready And Waiting - Episode 1760b

X22Report ** Published on Jan 8, 2019

".... hi and welcome you're listening to the x22 report my name is Dave and this is episode 1760 bien today's date is January 8th 2019 and the top of the episode is deep state distraction incoming Patriots ready and waiting let's get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news now before I get started I just want to let everyone know I uploaded two interviews on the x1 each reports spotlight YouTube channel first one is with Keith Neumayer ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....the second one is with Lee Oregon's so all you need to do is go over to YouTube and you can type in external reports spotlight it will bring you to those interviews it's the first two that you'll see on the page I also want to give a shout out to all the Annan's and for all their research I am very grateful thank you for doing such hard work it's just not me I'm just a voice in the darkness all these other people are doing an incredible job and everyone is researching and looking into many many different things and I just want to say thank you once again to everyone that takes the time to do this research because it's very very intensive and you really need to look into it and sometimes we get it right sometimes we get it wrong but we continue on

" we know the deep state they're doing whatever they possibly can right now to get Trump out of all of us they know what's coming and a little bit later in this report I want to talk about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the strange things that are happening right now and we might see the deep state use this as a distraction and we'll be talking about that in just a minute

"....but let's start off with Jim Jordan Doug Collins and Marc metals they wrote a letter to John Huber and we know that John Huber is doing a lot of investigations a lot of people think he's doing absolutely nothing and part of the letter and this is page 2 it says although the Attorney General did not appoint a special counsel he recognized the importance of committees inquiry and appointed you to review these matters new investigation has been ongoing for over nine months during the course of our extensive investigation we have in more than a dozen current and former Department of Justice and FBI personnel and were surprised to hear none of these potentially informative witnesses testified to speaking with you further last month then chairman mark meadows invited you to testify as a witness at the Subcommittee on government operations hearings oversight of nonprofit organizations a case study on the Clinton Foundation

"....we were disappointed to learn from the department you were not enthusiastic about testifying when declining the invitation now this is a letter going to John Huber and a lot of people think well John Huber is doing absolutely nothing we need to go back to Q's post this is post 2604 and Annan put down so Huber is a head-fake if so brilliant Q now this was back in December 12 2018 this is what Q wrote false Huber will bring severe pain to DC sessions forced release of name this is the kill brackets all caps bold Huber to house created another variable plans had to be changed use logic why would we tell you the plan if in doing so also alerts those who we are actively engaged in hunting

" are witnessing firsthand the demise of those in power the old guard this is in brackets all bolt caps those who push simply have no grasp of reality those who push simply do not understand warfare tactics emotions cloud judgment emotions cloud logic you have more than you know securing the Senate met everything securing the Supreme Court men everything avoided Z we know what Z is that's chaos and that is the military coming in and overthrowing whoever was president at the time we the people enough is enough together we win

" you think all these attacks on Q is simply for a person on the internet who they label as a conspiracy think for yourself trust yourself research for yourself being control of yourself never let someone else drive you those who try to drive you are not your friend let's go to post 2603 now this includes post 2601 but I'm gonna read the bottom part of 2603 what if there's another prosecutor outside of DC a sign by sessions with the same mandate Authority one for the history books not long

" I believe Huber was there and because Huber was brought out into the limelight here the spotlight I should say they brought in someone else just in case and this other person is doing all the work do I think Huber is going to bring the house down bring down DC they're going to feel pain yes because I think this other individual will work with Huber at the time and Huber will be the lead

" 2211 and this is back in September 19 2018 I'm gonna other things here but I'm gonna go all the way down to the bottom of this post but Huber has not directly interviewed several witnesses there for the appointment of Huber by sessions and therefore the IG is not genuine but sessions in Huber are following standard Department of Justice open ongoing investigation policy by not discussing making public so therefore nothing must be happening fire sessions but Huber ability to prosecute and impanel a grand surety outside of DC 90% plus voted Hillary Clinton who already began the investigations late last year with the sign team of 470 investigators plus the Attorney General plus legal jurisdiction across all 50 states is not a Special Counsel so therefore nothing's being done

"....but POTUS is attacking sessions via Twitter so therefore he's not working on behalf of the people's interest these left love trust sessions but interestingly if nothing is being done behind the scenes why are so many FBI Department of Justice senior officials being fired and/or removed from the respective positions of power who is the Attorney General who must sign off on each removal Department of Justice in charge of FBI but interestingly if nothing is being done behind the scenes why are there 50,000 plus sealed indictments across the u.s.

"....what percentage equals us verse X coincidence verse Huber start but interestingly if nothing is being done behind the scenes why are many powerful CEOs members of Congress Senate resigning coincidence example pre POTUS did the Speaker of the House indicate wanting to leave politics no and remember he was caught peddling the dossier but interestingly if nothing is being done behind the scenes why are human trafficking arrests surging nothing to see here Q just because we don't see it just because Jim Jordan mark meadows are asking huber for information doesn't mean just because Huber is not handing it over that nothing's being done it doesn't mean that Huber is doing nothing

".... remember behind Huber there's somebody else I believe they're doing all the legwork they're doing everything else and they see Huber doing nothing they had to change their plan just because you have a plan does it mean you have you don't have a contingency plan and what's very interesting and it seems like the deep state is catching on with Mueller because we know that Nancy Pelosi hired a separate attorney Schiff is out there saying he doesn't think Mueller is gonna go far enough where Mueller is not going to investigate into Trump's businesses

" remember we have Whitaker who now controls Mueller Mueller well he was reeled in and he only can go after Russian collusion plus I do believe he's working to save himself according to Q the Democrats right now they're saying that Mueller his final report it might turn out to be absolutely nothing and they're worried about this because I don't think they have the control over Mueller and they're starting to realize this this why this is why we see Nadler Schiff and the rest they're starting their own investigations they'll be hiring other attorneys Nancy Pelosi hired another attorney because they're getting nervous and afraid they're panicking they're trying to find something anything

"....and if you notice it has nothing to do with Russian collusion anymore now very interestingly Hillary Clinton tweeted out something very interesting she tweeted our democracy is broken House Democrats first bill HR 1 would help fix it really call your representative now and ask them to support automatic voter registration yes you heard this right support automatic voter registration restoring the voter Rights Act and lessening the influence of big money in politics

" do you really think they wanna lessen the influence of big money in politics no because they know how to get around all of this yes this bill they might be going after the high level people where you know company X gives ten thousand dollars and expect something in return they don't care about that they'll go after those people what about the money that's flowing in through foundations what about foreign money that's coming in through foundations that's where it really is but this bill has nothing to do with that this bill really has to do with voter registration automatically registering people online making it easier to what that's right to manipulate that's what this is all about they're pushing this and they're afraid they're panicking they're nervous because they need this because what's coming up the 2020 election

" do they win by cheating and you can see by this tweet they need this done now because what is Trump the Patriots holding all the voter fraud information that they collected in the last midterms they're holding on to it waiting to produce it at the right moment timing is everything

" the White House is already planning with the army to build a wall the White House has declared for the first time that the US Army will be the main contractor building the southern wall if the president declares a national emergency and we know that he's broadcasting tonight and it doesn't mean that he's gonna declare a national emergency tonight most likely he will not I think he's using this as leverage there the the Army Corps of Engineers they're ready to kick into high gear they're already handing out contracts that would speed up a lot now this doesn't mean that Trump will not declare a national emergency but we'll see what happens I'm thinking that he's gonna hold out a little while longer the Corps began soliciting bids in mid 2017 four companies produce a wide range of security at the border including a wall

"....and we can see that they're prepared and ready to do this now what's very interesting is cigar and jetty of the Daily Caller tweeted out the following President Obama declare 12 national emergencies per Brennan Center for Justice ranging from a national emergency respect to the 2009 h1n1 influenza a pandemic to blocking property from persons and countries in conflict with the US and he gave a list of each time he did this October 23rd oh nine declaration of national emergency with respect to the 2009 h1n1 influenza pandemic April 12th 2010 blocking property of certain persons contributing to the conflict in Somalia February 25th 2011 blocking property from prohibiting certain transactions related to Libya July 24 2011 blocking property of transnational criminal organizations May 16 2012 blocking project persons threatening the peace security and stability of Yemen June 25th 2012 blocking property of the government of the Russian Federation relating to the disposition of highly enriched uranium extracted from nuclear weapons

"....very interesting in that one so we can see that national emergencies were called or declared by other presidents one being Obama if you go back in time you can see the other ones by other presidents now let's get down to the real facts about the border wall and this is coming from border facts fact one in four Customs and Border Protection sectors were physical barriers have been expanded El Paso Yuma Tuscan and San Diego illegal traffic has dropped by at least 90 percent fact - in fiscal year 2018 US border seized or helped seized 282 thousand pounds of cocaine 248 thousand pounds of meth 6500 pounds of heroin and then 2,400 pounds of fentanyl fact 3 in 2018 over 17 thousand adults arrested at the border had prior criminal records this included over 6,000 gang members a major number of those members were from ms-13 fact number 4 the Democrats would rather risk the safety of hardworking Americans than work with President Trump to secure our nation's borders

"....but in 2013 all 54 Senate Democrats including Chuck Schumer voted to pass legislation that provided 46 billion to build a physical barrier on the border fact number 5 Nancy Pelosi and her hyper liberal congressional colleagues just passed a bill to give 54 billion to foreign governments but Democrats won't allow just 5 billion to secure our borders and protect American citizens fact number 6 America's weak Asylum laws allow illegal immigrants with baseless claims to come and stay in the United States while awaiting legal proceedings since 20:10 these these claims have increased by 1700 percent fact number 7 the abuse of our weak asylum laws has rapidly increased and backlog of our immigration courts in fiscal year 2018 these courts had a backlog of more than 700 86,000 pending cases

" what's interesting is that this last bill that Nancy Pelosi is pushing has zero dollars for the border wall but if we go to other countries let's say Jordan in 2018 in the Omnibus it provides enough funds to build a 33 mile fence on the Texas border but it also provides 500 million to help Jordan build a wall and defense line against the Islamic state so across 287 mile border with IraQ and Syria there is a fence with barbed wire which is a form of a wall I mean Trump says we want to build a slotted wall or a slotted fence same thing happened out there the Omnibus Budget says on page 394 section 9 0 1 1 up to 500 million of funds appropriated by this act for the defense security cooperation agency in operation and maintenance defense-wide may be used to provide assistance to the government of Jordan to support the Armed Forces of Jordan and to enhance security along its border

"....on page 375 the Omnibus says for the counter Islamic State of IraQ and Syria train-and-equip fund 1.7 billion to remain available until September 30th 2019 that these funds may be used in such amounts as the Secretary of Defense may determine to enhance the border security of nations adjacent to conflict areas including Jordan Lebanon Egypt Tunisia resulting from actions of the Islamic State of IraQ and Syria

" were they really building these walls to protect themselves from the Islamic state no they didn't create these walls to protect themselves remember they were controlling al-qaeda Islamic state they're the paid mercenary army of the deep state what were they protecting they were protecting the training grounds and where were they training all these individuals because they were afraid that Syria and Iran and Russia would come over the border and hit Jordan and hit the training camps that's what they were really afraid of

" you can see right now they have no problem building walls in other countries and spending the money out there but they have a problem doing it here in the United States one of the contractors out there was Raytheon and they put out a press release in 2015 our team has delivered on the mono supporting US government DTRA border security contracts across the world in Southeast Asia Eastern Europe and in Jordan in total the systems we have installed protect 4,500 miles of borders

"....I thought wolves didn't work I guess they do in certain areas but do not just here in the United States you can see already how they talk out of both sides of their mouth and this is why Trump is continually bringing up that listen you wanted a wall you wanted a border security you wanted immigration and now you don't were you lying then were you lying

".... now Trump signed the forever GI Bill housing payment fulfillment act and he signed it into law now what this does this law this forever GI Bill housing payment fulfillment Act allows veterans to be reimbursed for missed or underpaid forever GI be housing benefits the legislation addresses the VA is failure to fully comply with the reimbursement rates set by the forever GI bill the improper payment resulted from IT systems that had not been properly updated and a lack of internal processes to get the VA the necessary information help payment rates now for all these individuals that served in our military these individuals they should have almost everything paid for they should have the best health care they should have almost everything paid for they put their lives on the line when they go into different countries defending the United States

" doesn't matter if it was fake or phony they thought and they their job is to go out there and protect the United States think about the Senate and the house of representing our armed forces should have the best health care they should have the best of everything for putting their lives on the line I mean they're coming back with no leg no arm no eye but the people who are sitting behind a desk in government they get the best of the best I mean we need to switch everything around here

" the Russian lawyer that was involved with Don Jr in Trump Tower which we know was a complete and utter setup by the deep state she has now been indicted in a 19 page unsealed indictment why well she's accused of obstructing justice by intentionally trying to stop a Justice Department Scylla for our probe that involved a Russian businessman and his investment firm who she was representing this case has no ties to the Trump Tower meeting the allegations laid out in the indictment nevertheless paint a portrait of an individual with close ties to the Russian government prosecutors said the US government had asked the Russian government to assist in the investigation but it refused u.s. prosecutors say that she lied about having access to versions of the Russian government government's response and submission to the court but that she helped draft and edit the response in truth and in fact Natalia concealed from the court

".....and a member of the defense team in the previs on action and had participated in drafting those supposed independent investigative findings in seeking cooperation with the senior Russian prosecutor and the mainstream media is trying to bring this in that it has to do with the Trump's and it has to do with something in the Trump Tower

" Julie Kelly tweeted out the following more dishonest spin the indictment repeatedly refers to Natalya as part of the previs on action defendants comprised of several different us-based law firms this includes Baker Baker Hostetler which employed both Natalya and Glenn Simpson nothing to do with Don Jr and once again they're trying to spin this all around here

"....we see out in China the US delegation is there in China we also see that Xi Jinping invited kim jeong-hoon at the same time now is he using kim jeong-hoon as leverage with this deal we'll have to wait and see and see how this all turns out we see Egypt is urging Syria to rejoin the Arab League right now as we know the Islamic state is almost beaten in Syria there's small pockets here and there syria is rebuilding with the help of China and Russia and other countries and we see right now Syria is going to be integrated into the Arab League and many other organizations

"....remember Assad is the elected leader of a sovereign country the deep state is completely pushed out of this area I know the mainstream media is out there they're trying to say that no they're not the troops aren't leaving Bolton is in control no it's actually the opposite Bolton is out there keeping everyone busy this is exactly what the Patriots want they want him talking up a storm just like he talked about the troops never leaving until Iran leaves Syria did that happen no he's the front man to keep everyone busy and they're listening to him while they do the real work behind the scenes

"....but Trump tweeted out something very interesting he said endless wars especially those which are fought out of judgment mistakes that were made many years ago and those where we are getting little financial or military help from the rich countries that so greatly benefit from what we are doing will eventually come to a glorious end basically saying that all these wars that were completely made-up and all these countries that are in there who are benefiting from this it's all coming to an end right now the Rothschild Wars the central bank Wars the deep state wars they are coming to an end

" one want to go back to Q's post this is 2657 and this talked about snowed in it talked about CIA surveillance on Congress on the press on the Senate and down below it said hello and this is in kill brackets a s and originally I thought this was Adam Schiff but Ilana Annan's have been out there saying this is not Adam Schiff he was saying hello to Abigail Spann burger

" Abigail Spann burger AAS well who is she well she's an American federal law enforcement agent former CIA operations officer and a member of the US House of Representative from Virginia's 7th congressional district the district includes several suburban and rural areas west of Richmond on June 12 2018 she secured the Democratic nomination to challenge incumbent representative Dave brat and then won the general election by a narrow margin on November 6th and q12 this road once an agent always an agent and Q asked us how many are in the in Congress now that used to be CIA or intelligence or anything like that and we can see there's a lot in there they have infiltrated government that's the whole purpose of this

" it looks like Ginsburg she is going to miss the second day of arguments now let's go back to Trump's tweet this is back December 22nd 2018 and you'll see why I'm going back to December 22nd Trump said back then wishing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a full and speedy recovery this is when she got sick she went in for an operation to remove those cancerous nodules now that she missed the two days of arguments we have not heard Trump wish Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a speedy recovery that's very interesting right there so on December 22nd Trump acknowledged that she was sick that there was something wrong today he didn't so let's go to post 2667 and this is Ginsburg missing Supreme Court arguments for the first time and Anand put this up below this said morning Q and Q said first time in more than 25 years now this is the second time in more than 25 years that she missed arguments

".....and then Q said morning Patriots I want to go back to post 11:48 and I want to read down below there's other things here but and this is April 15 2018 Q says the following RBG big problems hmm let me read what's above this side-by-side graphics are important to be clear Loretta Lynch was promised the Supreme Court position of Ruth Bader Ginsburg coordinated planned Ruth Bader Ginsburg big problems do you think they realized they knew back then that she was sick and her time was almost up maybe if she was being kept alive I mean Q did tell us about you know experimental drugs other type of electronic gizmos that are placed in the brain to make people do certain things

"......let me move on to post 1607 in Annan put up a letter and this is a letter from Justice Kennedy when he resigned below this it says his choice remember Kennedy was the swing vote no more locked and loaded Ruth Bader Ginsberg next Q hmm so far during her absence this week Trump has said nothing Q has let us know that she missed arguments for the first time in 25 years now she missed it two times in 25 years and Trump has not wished her a speedy recovery

".....well let's think about this for a second is she already dead and are they keeping her on ice for a special occasion just like Bush because Bush was dead for quite a while and if we go back to the post of 2653 and this is the history of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she was appointed by Bill Clinton down below it says who is managing her care who is really managing her care maybe nobody is managing her care because she's already dead the clock is ticking panic in DC I think the deep state right now is keeping her on ice until they need a distraction just like Bush now I could be completely wrong but it's very interesting to me that this is the first time in 25 years and trumped and tweet out anything and Hillary Clinton tweeted out that she's working on the were swayed law with Cuomo in a panic so what does this tell you this tells us that the deep state might be getting ready to use an event to distract from what's coming listen ...≺≺ less

Structure Change Is Coming, Phase I Begins - Episode 1759a

X22Report ** Published on Jan 7, 2019

".... let's get into the economic collapse financial news now we've been talking about this plan and we know with cue the plan encompasses everything isn't just not one thing and we know with the economy with the Fed there's going to be change this is not just change here in the United States to make this effective and to make this actually really work you need to change the world you need to change the central bank system globally this is why Trump was out there denouncing globalism there's a reason for this there's a reason why he's undoing everything the globalists have put into place because one thing leads to another and eventually what's going to happen they're gonna go after the central bank system ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....and remember there's a lot tied into the central bank system the World Bank the World Trade Organization IMF as we know the biz and the rest this is all part of their gigantic web and when I say they it's the Rothschild central bank system their web is huge they created a monstrosity over the many many years and to take this down you need to have people in certain positions and this is what we're gonna be talking about a little bit later in this report but the mainstream media they are continually pushing out the idea and we talked about this yesterday that the economy is going to be going into a recession in 2020

".....and what's very interesting about all visits it's just absolutely perfect because we know in 2020 that's the election year you think this wasn't timed you don't think that this was happening on purpose exactly when elections were coming up they did this on purpose they're putting it out there and projecting it right now on purpose because they do believe they're in control they do believe that if the economy comes down during this period they will blame it on Trump and he will not get reelected

"....this is what they're hoping actually think back to 2008 when the economy completely fell apart we had Obama and we had McCain now they were running for election neither was a good choice I know but what happened was the stock market completely fell apart Obama was saying that the economy was not really doing that well that there were problems McCain had no clue he was reporting that the economy's fine Obama was informed about what was really going on and how they're going to bring down the economy and this enabled him to push ahead in the polls

"....they're trying to use this strategy now in the upcoming election in 2020 this is why they're laying the groundwork right now for 2019 saying that the economy is going to slow and then in 2020 it's going to crash and they're hoping with this that the American people say huh look at that the whole thing just fell apart we don't need Trump we need somebody else in there little do they know is that Trump the Patriots they're controlling all of us remember who has the magic wand I do believe still that Powell is the Inside Man

"....I think the deep state the mainstream media they believe Powell the Federal Reserve is working for them at this point and this is all part of this plan but there has to be changes within the Fed there has to be changes within the World Trade Organization that has to be changes in the World Bank there has to be changes in the IMF to eventually bring them down and we're just beginning the changes are coming now if we look at the economy we can see

"....and I'm talking about the people's economy my talking about those statistical numbers I'm talking about the people's economy it is completely declining now this is not because of Trump this is not because of oh he had tariffs or he put in the tax cuts the economy wasn't real from the beginning all Trump is doing right now is he's massaging the statistical numbers now it's very interesting and we'll get into this in the next report the mainstream media doesn't even want a report on the success of the statistical numbers they don't want to give Trump credit because they know that it's one gigantic manipulation game and they don't want to give it to him

" they're just kind of ignoring it all together and they're saying yeah it looks good but and they make up another whole story because they know exactly what their agenda is and they know they know what Trump is trying to do little do they know something is brewing in the background we see that manufacturing the service economy they're declining yes are there jobs being created in certain areas of course but overall when you've created an economy in a gigantic in a gigantic illusionary state there's no way you can get around this no matter what you do because we have way too much debt the numbers are fake think about this for a second

"....the unemployment numbers completely fake stock market fake interest rates they're controlled this is not an open and free market all Trump can do right now and this is what he's doing he's preparing the US for what comes after the central bank system right on cue we have the IMF they're out there and they're warning that the world's largest countries are dangerously unprepared for the consequences of a serious global slowdown why do you think the Central Bank the mainstream media is out there saying that we're entering this gigantic global slowdown their system their system is slowing down they never thought they were going to have to explain this to the world of why this was slowing down

"....they were hoping for an event where they could say well it's because we're at war that's why it's slowing down we can't get the supplies to the stores people aren't trading right now countries aren't trading right now because of the wars and they would had an excuse but now they have no excuse so they're trying to figure out a way to explain this the imf's chief chief concern much of the ammunition to fight a slowdown has been exhausted and governments will find it hard to use fiscal or monetary measures to offset the next recession yes they use whatever they had to create this gigantic illusion since 2008 now what do they do they created all the currency they possibly could the Fed has trillions on its books

"....yes they're trying to unwind by billions but they have trillions on their book they tried everything else everything's been propped up and they were expecting this to go a very very different way and we have IMF deputy managing director David Lipton out there saying that the next recession is somewhere over the horizon and we are less prepared to deal with that then we should be an less prepared than in the crisis of 2008 because they were in total control in 2008 now they are not

"....we see right now the US preliminary trade delegation has arrived in China for initial discussions and they're going to be talking about trade remember the tweet from Trump this was on December 29th just had a long and very good call with President Xi of China deal is moving along very well if made it will be very comprehensive covering all subject areas and point of dispute big cross progress being made

"....I do believe that they're gonna come out of these talks with an incredible trade deal once they do this the central bank the mainstream media their push to say well it's because of the terrorists it's because of the trade deal all of that goes down the tubes and the mainstream media the central banks they're in trouble because guess what all fingers then are pointing right back at them not like they ever left but more fingers will be pointing at the IMF pointing at the Fed pointing at the ECB because remember they've been telling us over the many many years that we have to create this currency we have to keep the interest rates low we have to do it this way see we made the economy better now what now

"....the whole thing's falling apart now what do they do they can't blame it on Trump anymore he's making deals and we can see right now that all fingers gonna be pointing at the central bank's now very interestingly World Bank president Jim Yong Kim plans to resign from the World Bank on February 1st so he's leaving to join a firm focus on infrastructure investments now he's leaving the bank nearly three years before his term was set to expire coincidence I think not

"....what this is what does this allow Trump to do at this point well Trump will be able to pick the head of the world's foremost globalist institution the World Bank boom structure change it's coming you need people in place first and guess what we're going to see individuals take the spot of all these globalists and their mission is to bring down the entire system

"....let's go back to post eleven ninety four and twenty five seventy five we mentioned these before eleven ninety four this was April nineteen twenty eighteen and then and said Federal Reserve ending queue answered structure now this just doesn't mean the Federal Reserve alone because to accomplish this this has to be much much larger now if we go back to earlier posts we know that Q mentioned all the different banks in all the different countries and what do they have in common they were all Rothschild central bank owned

"....there were all private central banks where the Ross trials controlled them to change everything we need individuals in certain positions in certain places I believe the IMF the World Bank ECB they might have changes coming up very very soon we're already starting to see leaders step down like Merkel may Makran I think he's next and I think we're gonna see a lot more time that times are changing right now

"....pose 2575 we met we read this before again Q says structure change is coming they're going to change the way everything is today and I do believe that this is just the beginning of the entire system changing once we have the individuals in place we're going to see this accelerate we're going to see Trump continually point the finger at the Fed and most likely at the Democrats at the deep state at the mainstream media trying to push the economy into a recession he knows it's going into a recession he knows it's a gigantic illusion he's using their weapons against them he has control over the Fed the Patriots have full control this is part of the plan now we can see that everything is going to change we're going to be owned through this transition

".....and I believe that Trump Xi Jinping Putin they're all working together to change and get out of this Rothschild central bank system I believe they're going to try to make this as easily as possible this is why they need key players in certain positions and I think what's going to happen here is we will enter a transition and we know from cue gold will eventually bring down the Fed and I do believe these countries are going to move back into gold in some form some way do I think all the currency will be backed by gold no I think they'll use gold as a confidence builder showing that yes we still have currency maybe you'll be a cryptocurrency maybe you'll be paper currency but we have gold that were holding in our vaults just in case

" you can be confident that what we're doing here is okay and I believe this is what they're shooting for this is why Russia China they've been accumulating a lot of gold this was being done for a completely different reason now I think they're using it for the push to bring down the central bank system an Anan asked Q if the US has gold Hugh said yes we have gold and it will bring down the Fed now it might not be in Fort Knox but there must be gold someplace maybe it's in the national parks maybe it's protected and they know the gold is there that could be but once again they already have the gold so we know that the US China Russia many other countries have the goal

"....what's one thing the central bankers hate the most even though they have it they don't want the people to know that gold is real money and they're nervous and afraid that people will catch on and once people catch on it's game over for them so get prepared get ready and his it has begun listen everyone thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared thanks a lot [Music] you you ...≺≺ less

Q Anon:News The Clock Is Ticking In Pursuit of Truth Presents 1 7 19

In Pursuit of Truth ** Published on Jan 7, 2019

"....the suit of truth of filter presents welcome to in pursuit of truth theater I am your host Sir Patrick Mack of Mapplethorpe as the deep state and the cue team continue their standoff over the border security of our great land it appears the war of words has escalated oh the wicked humanity if only we were aware of how cruel and hurtful our words truly could be and it is times like this times of chaos in which the common man cannot help but wonder as to the health of Supreme Court justice and chief snallygaster Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"....there have been reports by some that she is indeed well and with a healthy Constitution while others have reported a less vibrant state all right well we are gonna talk a little bit about Darth Vader's help but let's get on these Q po something we got John John nice let's get to work yeah yeah 26:53 32 minutes after the hour of 12-hour BG being Ruth Darth Bader Ginsburg why was she selected who appointed her well that was Bill Clinton ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....and you know I mean I suppose why was she selected I guess back in 93 when she took the oath of office I imagine people just thought it was to serve on the Supreme Court right uphold our Constitution we're gonna look a little into her on this post here remember her history and we've got her in brackets now back in the day you used to call these things kill box is she in a kill box we're gonna find out reference 230 page book called sex virus in the US code and there you're looking at it right there published in 1977 by the u.s. Commission on civil rights now we're not gonna read that book cuz nobody got time for that but we're gonna go through some of the highlights

"....yeah some of the all-star moments called for the sex integration of prisons and reformatory so that conditions of imprisonment security and housing could be equal okay she explained at the grand design of such institutions is to prepare inmates for return to the community as persons equipped to benefit from and contribute to civil society then perpetuation of single sex institutions should be rejected Wow I see okay well that seems to be a great way to get people ready for the real world is to make things easier on them called for the sex integration of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts because they perpetuate stereotyped sex roles insisted on sex integrating college fraternity and sorority chapters and replacing them with college social Society excuse me caste constitutional doubt on the legality of Mother's Day and Father's Day as separate holidays

"....honestly every time I try to do something fun you make it not that way yeah Bader you know fun glad you're not my grandmother his mother called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to people who are less than 12 years old God please no no asserted that laws against bigamous persons cohabiting with more than one woman and women cohabiting with the bigamist are unconstitutional objected to laws against prostitution because prostitution as a consensual act between adults is arguably within the zone of privacy protected by recent constitutional decisions

"....Ginsburg wrote that the Mann Act which punishes those who engage in interstate sex traffic of women and girls is offensive such acts should be considered within the zone of privacy why are you in the way that you are demanded that we firmly reject draft or combat exemption for women stating women must be subject to the draft if men are but she added the need for affirmative action and for transition measures is particularly strong in the uniformed services an indefatigable sensor Ginsberg listed hundreds of sexist words that must be eliminated from all statutes among words she found offensive were are you ready hang on get the children out of the room man woman man made mankind husband wife mother father sister brother son daughter serviceman longshoreman postmaster watchman seamanship and to man a vessel pages 15 through 16

".... Wow so knucklehead what do you propose we do wanted he she him her his and hers to be dropped down the memory hole they must be replaced by he she her him and her his oh wait a minute you have to put the slash in there when you say it her him her him her his you could have done better and federal statutes must use the bad grammar of plural constructions to avoid third-person singular pronouns okay so now we're screwing all these words up throwing them down the memory hole and using bad grammar I draw the condemned the Supreme Court's ruling in Harris versus McRae and claim the taxpayer-funded abortions should be a constitutional right and then we get this link right here this link goes to human events this is an article from back in 2005 Senators overlooked radical record of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

".... and it essentially just goes through a lot of the talking points as you can see right here the ones that we're covering on the queue post who the doctors currently treating Ruth Bader Ginsburg what other political former current senior political heads are they affiliated with what off-market drugs are being provided to Ruth Bader in order to say sustained minimum daily function okay look when your health is at the state that the best that people are hoping for is minimum daily function it might be time to mail it in right

"....what is the real medical diagnosis of Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is managing her care who is really managing her care the clock is ticking panic panic panic in d.c well let's take a look at this who are the doctors currently treating Ruth Bader Ginsburg this is according to CNBC Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg 85 undergoes lung procedure to remove cancerous growth

"....Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg undergoes surgery to remove two malignant nodules from her left lung the Supreme Court says she was resting comfortably at Memorial sloan-kettering Cancer Center in New York after the surgery say that ten times fast Memorial sloan-kettering cancer center there was no evidence of disease elsewhere in Ginsburg's body and no further treatment is planned the court said the nodules were discovered during tests to treat rib fractures she sustained in a fall last month the statement says CatDog so she's treating rib fractures and they find nodules and she's still kicking around good lord I think this woman's immortal just like Yoda

"....and like Yoda she also uses bad grammar Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent surgery Friday to remove two malignant nodules from her left lung okay so they were treating her ribs they ended up finding these nodules what I found was curious down here says again Berg did not miss any oral arguments because of her injury God doll Bader's a linebacker all right so she's being treated at this sloan-kettering Cancer Center and I got to looking at that I found their annual report from would have been yeah 2017 and I was looking at some of the donors down here at page 90 and we see the Koch brothers how about that so these are some of the people that are supplying money to this Center

"....and I found lots of names these are very very small we're not going to go through a ton of these Rockefeller JPMorgan I found what else did we see here Goldman Sachs there you go lots of big name donors here hey how about the V foundation for cancer research you can get all amped up on the V and do all kinds of weird things stop it Shep trying to work looks like the memorial sloan-kettering Cancer Center had a cancer community summit Memorial sloan-kettering cancer community summit responding to Vice President Joe Biden and dr. Jill Biden's call to action in order to double the rate of progress in cancer prevention treatment and care

"....we will be joining a national effort on September 21st to host a Biden cancer community summit good so Joe Biden also cares about cancer all right I noticed this curious doctor too sir Murray F Brennan it looks like he's out of New Zealand dr. Murray Brennan is an oncologist surgeon scientist he was chair of the department of surgery at Memorial sloan-kettering cancer center from 1985 to June 2006 and served as vice president of international programs and director of the Buffs International Centre from 2010 to 2010 okay pretty accomplished guy wanted to point out down here at the bottom in January 2015 it was appointed by Her Majesty the Queen as Knight grand companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit that sounds like a good old boy group right there

"....hey when you need a friend when I mean when you really need a friend you don't need a buddy you don't need a wingman you need a best friend and I'm not just talking about a best friend I'm talking about champion of all best friends the best of the best friends you need a grand companion Murray's your guy Murray Brennan yep okay well we can only speculate as to what kind of treatment she is actually receiving or what's actually wrong with this woman in the first place

"....but I'm pretty sure we can all gather that whatever it is it is likely light years ahead of anything that you or I would ever be able to receive right they don't want to give us the real drugs they want to keep us sick in the first place so their drugs just keep perpetuating the sickness or creating new ones so that they can sell us new drugs for those right meanwhile

"...they got Bader in a hyperbaric chamber probably shooting her up full of II can get all amped up on the V and do all kinds of weird things nobody cares Shep well we don't really know right who is managing her care well they're saying she's in the hospital who is really managing her care who knows is the Q team already taken advantage of this situation is this a done deal already do we have another John McCain situation another george bush senior situation in which they might have already clocked out at half time

"....and we're just watching the mascot do the rest who knows Q says the clock is ticking panic panic panic in the sea so it seems to me like Q is letting us know that somebody's time is up and I have a feeling that's already the case

"....let's move on for now post 2654 six minutes after the hour 1:00 p.m. we'll get this Axios link right here Trump says appointing Acting cabinet heads grants more flexibility President Trump told reporters outside the White House on Sunday that he's in no hurry to replace his acting cabinet secretaries with formal replacements saying I have acting and my acting's are doing really great I sort of like acting it gives me more flexibility do you understand that why it matters Trump's Attorney General Secretary of Defense and interior EPA head and UN Ambassador are all working in acting capacities despite being said it confirmed positions the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General in particular came under fire as potentially unconstitutional even from conservative legal scholars like John you and the Washington Post reported this week that Patrick Shanahan's position as Acting defense secretary could also be constitutionally murky furthermore Trump who campaigned on draining the swamp faced criticism for his acting Secretary's lobbying ties

"....okay now I want to point something out in this article that they're talking about particularly with Matthew Whitaker as being potentially unconstitutional okay remember that please so Q says scare up mushi model and of course that's Anthony scaramouche II who was acting I guess if you will public opinion optics do not matter temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeting yeah look as far as public opinion goes at this point it's very clear that President Trump does not care right sits there with his arms folded he could care less he's dealt with two years of nothing but hate from the mainstream media he's already used to it at this point he's already drawn his lines in the sand

"....and he's gonna stay right where he's at so as far as optics goes it really doesn't matter because the fact of the matter is he only seems to get more popular as mainstream media and of course the unhinge left starts to lose popularity because all they're really doing is freaking out over whatever it is whatever he chooses they choose the opposite and it doesn't take very long to figure out that model either as far as temps go the way I'm looking at this is it seems to give him a lot of flexibility and I think he's gotten a lot of advisement on this

" know I liken it to a good sports team whether you like whatever sport you like I particularly like basketball you know some guys come in and they're shooters but they can't handle the ball other people can handle the ball but they can't shoot you got guys who can't do either but they can get rebounds they can pull the ball down and give it to other people you see what I'm saying good teams have good role players and sometimes those guys got to come off the bench right they can't always be starters you can only have five guys on a basketball team at one time and it's kind of like this with I think what we're seeing with President Trump he's working within this framework of sort of this constant flushing out of different members

" I think in the beginning what they were trying to do is kind of flush out some of the leakers which eventually started to subside but we've seen how deep this really really runs and that's been difficult so that's part of the reason for a lot of this coming and going if you will but I also think that using this acting principal I have a feeling he's getting some advisement likely I think from Alan Dershowitz in regards to the constitutionality of all this but it definitely seems to be keeping the deep state on their toes in regards to Whittaker maybe he's only there to drop bombs and then he goes right back to sit on the bench you see how this is all going right

"....let's move on to 26 55 34 minutes out to be our 1:00 p.m. how many authorized FISA umbrellas surveillance warrants targeting those who illegally targeted and then we've got a blank inside brackets here are currently active upstream collection can be very revealing when you no longer control the levers of power do and that's as fve why is for five eyes referring to the five eyes alliance buckle and cooperate in order to preserve and maintain their future germany losing stranglehold on EU the future will not repeat the past the clock is ticking Q

"....well i'm not exactly sure how many authorized FISA umbrella surveillance warrants targeting those who illegally targeted iran iran are currently active not really sure could it be that anybody who ended up in these brackets were active who knows maybe through all these Q posts anybody who enter ever fell in between these brackets has a FISA out on them remember FISA works both ways just because they used it illegally to spy on Carter page George papadopolis and of course eventually Trump under that umbrella that doesn't mean that legalizes aren't out there currently two targeting lots of these deep state knuckleheads so you tell me maybe it has to do with the number of spaces here to that Q is alluding to

"....I was kind of thinking that maybe anybody who felt within those brackets could be a candidate AK you says upstream collection can be very revealing yes I'm suppose it can't upstream collection is basically the direct source of information right whether you're getting it from their phones or their computers or whatever it is when you no longer control the levers of power do v our allies buckle and cooperate in order to preserve and maintain their future

"....well yeah I imagine so and I imagine that's what leads you to the next sentence here Germany losing stranglehold on EU yeah keep in mind Merkel was supposed to be the big big thing and she's going to be stepping down now she's held a lot of influence and we've talked in past videos about her lineage if you're not familiar with that I highly suggest you give that a little look you'll turn up some interesting things but she was definitely their golden girl

"....right she was gonna assure them into the golden age of socialism and she was sort of taking an alpha role in this EU procedure but it looks like that is all falling apart now right and of course you know you can just call it nationalism if you want but the fact of the matter is that people are tired of being taxed to death and they are tired of open border policies they're tired of not seeing their own country being taken care of at the expense so this is not gonna work out well for socialism at the end of the day

"....and as far as I'm concerned this five eyes Alliance and if you're not familiar with that they are five countries essentially that we're all spying on each other for each other can't spy on your own country so you just kind of work within this little group and that was Canada the UK New Zealand Australia and the United States they were all spying on each other and just sharing information of course that's how Clinton was grabbing a lot of her information illegally that's how a lot of this guy compiled for this steel dossier but it was all outside the official five eyes alliance

"....well this whole alliance is sketchy to begin with so it seems to me like it's pretty much a it's a losing battle for these guys so the only thing to do is to cooperate look New Zealand does not want to go to war over the u.s. right Australia does not want to go to war with the UK these are formidable foes and could cause a lot of damage and the information that was probably shared in these five hour groups are very very damaging so rather than do that it's easier to buckle and cooperate and basically sell out that's probably what led to the stepping down of Angela Merkel who knows what they had on her

"....but we likely got some information from the five eyes alliance or at least that's what I'm gathering from Q's narrative here the future will not repeat the past and once again Q says the clock is ticking let's move on to the next post 2656 39 minutes ft hour 1 p.m. we get this Twitter link right here Q says anons new what did we know President Trump says our may declare a national emergency depending on what's going to happen on the next few days we have a vice president pen and a group will be going to a certain location that you know where that is and they'll be having another week I don't expect to have anything happen at that meeting but I think we'll have nor does the vice president but I think we're going to have some very serious talk Monday Tuesday Wednesday

"....we have to have border security security we're going to be crime-ridden and it's going to get worse and worse okay well there you have it president Trump laying it out on the line and of course anons did know this we've been talking about this for quite some time we talked about the Omnibus we've talked about the spending bill we knew all about the wall so we knew that this whole shutdown was for a very important reason

"....and president Trump is now calling it out for everyone we are dealing with a serious issue of national security and we're not just talking about this migrant care evasion down south from Honduras we are talking about lots of things we're talking about finally dropping some bacony cheesy goodness and of course anons knew this and this is the only way to get it done is to finally let everybody know what an actual emergency this really is

" I think while a lot of people are in a panic panic panic about president Trump's comments we knew all along and one anon who knew all along is Leslie Justice who always seems to have perfect timing getting her tweet right under President Trump's tweets oh do you Leslie Justice you are the real Jean [Music] most

"....2657 nine minutes after the hour 3:00 p.m. when will the public discover that Ted Cruz was also illegally surveilled pre POTUS Republican nomination let me guess it's gonna be on Hannity and it'll be Sarah Carter CIA illegal legal surveillance members of Congress CIA illegal surveillance members of the press CIA illegal surveillance sent members of Senate Intel committee and of course the CIA no longer with their intelligence well I think we all knew this was going on then it takes us to a couple links right here and these are pretty long articles the first one is from the Guardian pretty interesting story about this Daniel Jones who was kind of trying to blow the whistle on this

" it says right here Jones a former FBI counterterrorism analyst wanted to testify the CIA had pushed him past the point where he could back down it's lies documented in a 6700 page secret report which Jones was constantly rewriting that winner were compounding to Congress to Barack Obama to George W Bush to the press to the public the lives were not random misstatements they were directional in the service of covering up the brutality of what it did to at least 119 terrorist suspects some clearly innocent it held in a global network of secret prisons

"....okay so Jones like they say it was on the verge of exposing the cover-up and he was checking this all and he actually wanted to testify and they were encouraging him not to he kept having to rewrite all these documents and then he would go back there with the CIA and he would actually draw on his little whiteboard and show them how their story wasn't working out and they just weren't wanting him to go for that and then this ends up talking about these hearings that were on December 17th no the CIA sent its choice for its next top attorney Carolyn crass to the committee for a nomination hearing

"....and I highly suggest giving this a listen it's about an eight-minute video but essentially what's going on here is that the the CIA was like yeah we're essentially spying on everybody but we just wanted to do that to make sure that we're all good right and this had to do with how a lot of these prisoners were being tortured and whatnot there was a lot of things being covered up and when they were actually trying to kind of audit this whole thing and see what was going on everybody was offering up these conflicting stories and then we get this article from 2014 the New York Times they basically saying the same thing

"....and let me just read this first paragraph an internal investigation by the CIA has found that its officers penetrated a computer network used by the Senate Intelligence Committee in preparing its damning report on CIA's detention and interrogation program okay so looks like there was some torture going on they didn't really want to talk about how this was all going on and a lot of information everybody was pretty much being spied on the Obama administration had Brennan essentially spying on everyone when the CIA's monitoring of the committee became public in March after months of private meetings and growing bitter bitterness

"....miss Feinstein took to the Senate floor to deliver a blistering speech accusing the agency of infringing on the committee's role as our overseer calling it a defining moment in the committee's history miss Feinstein said that how the matter was resolved will show whether the intelligence committee can be effective in monitoring and investigating our nation's intelligence activities or whether our work can be thwarted by those we oversee

"....hours later mr. Brennan was publicly questioned about the dispute and said that when the facts come out on this I think a lot of people who were claiming that there has been this tremendous sort of spying and monitoring and hacking will be proved wrong well there was a tremendous amount of spying and monitoring and hacking that's indeed what happened pretty much anyone that could be spied on was being spied on

"....and if you'll remember Hillary Clinton had access to chip pretty much everything as long as Muller was feeding it to her so these guys had literally everything and this was all part of five eyes to who ordered the surveillance well I would imagine at some point it all goes back to Barack Obama what justification was provided to authorize surveillance of elected officials well it was this whole collusion story that they had to kind of drum up right surveillance fall under scope of FISA warrant or internal to department or outsource to five eyes

".....well I think we probably get the idea there five eyes was a great way to skirt the NSA and go ahead and share information and that's how all these knuckleheads were getting their information reality-check Friend or Foe we all spy on each other well I think we know that right we know that as long as we can get spies in someone else's country we're gonna spy on them and they're gonna do the same to us that's how it's played should we be spying on ourselves not so much that's what turned out to happen should we beat asking others to spy on ourselves in order to avoid US law

" I don't think so that's why I think we should dissolve this whole fly bys business with five eyes established and designed by the Intel committee as a back-channel surveillance apparatus to avoid domestic laws triggers and congressional senate oversight precisely we saw what happened with oversight right here and I'm sorry I'm kind of glossing over these stories they're really big stories but they're rather long but we saw how this happened no one got prosecuted

"...the DOJ didn't go after anybody they didn't seem to mind what key logs exist to monitor five eyes Intel collection well I imagine there's probably tons of key loggers you go over there and you know you enter your little key and you've got access to whatever you want as a matter of fact in Hillary's case she could get it sent to a remote access server what ability do former government officials have regarding ability to access see level five eyes offshore data

"....I imagine being classified well they just go over they and they they're part of this key they're whitelisted to something or whatever it might be they probably have some sort of access key and they can get it wherever they want but if they really want to go to the source they just go over there to elect new zeeland when Clinton went over to New Zealand she was likely going over there to grab and probably sell information how did HRC gain access to the highest classification special access programs closed system access and able to transfer to remote home service likely through five eyes right

"...Q above should scare every single American yeah these were all our secrets these were special access programs with all my space programs we're talking about Air Force programs we're talking about all kinds of serious serious things how did China locate primary CIA assets within China won 8-7 money buys power well I'm sure they figured out who ended up was buying stuff from Hillary Clinton if you remember some of these spies they were killed about ten of them I think they were all officers around 2010 no punishment printed by Hussein administration regarding sir surveillance of Senate etc

".....yeah why not cuz they needed him to go out to CNN and leak everything they were all in on and everybody was in on it logical thinking why then we get this article right here takes you to a 2014 article from McClatchy when you don't want to read real news justice declines to pursue allegations that CIA monitored Senate Intel staff essentially the same thing we were just saying here the Justice Department has decided not to pursue accusations that the CIA spied on the Senate Intelligence Committee and allegations that committee staff slipped classified documents from a secure agent agency facility excuse me McClatchy has confirmed yeah so no prosecution right

"....Justice Department declines to pursue of course the Justice Department was all corrupt that's why we got rid of them first fake news media limit limits exposure to public yeah they didn't make much of a big deal out of it obviously the hearings were kind of going on but other than that CNN wasn't talking about an NBC wasn't talking about it nobody was really talking about it and many Americans just let it go when did Snowden breach NSA and publicly release cripple Intel gathering ability and as Headley was I was in June 2013 NSA targeted yeah essentially I believe that you know well

".... let me just read this here where did Snowden work prior to NSA contractor except well he was a CIA clown around and the way I look at it is it looks to me like he was a clown that was implanted into the NSA to kind of hamstring their ability to go ahead and surveil and that's how we got this fire virus that's how we got this what eventually ended up into a Christopher Steele you know dossier but this essentially started this whole thing they wanted to skirt the NSA and outwardly it looked like he was a whistleblower he was calling out this prism and key score he was letting everybody know they were being spied on and essentially that was true

"....but he was also tipping the blackcats to at least that's the way that I look at it well what senior level government CIA official recommended at Snowden for NSA contractor off ta our position that would have been John Brennan and remember he was former adviser homeland security right post public release of classified and s Apryl uranium one yeah this was all right around the same time so they needed to go ahead and get this uranium one deal outside of NSA collections

" what better way to descend some young whippersnapper over there to china set them all over the world and then he comes out and lets everybody know how it's done he was essentially like I said hamstrung in the NSA's ability to collect any of this detail and that's why all these key logs were kept over there and New Zealand err whatnot where is Snowden today well who knows looks to me like he's probably in rush or what country was involved in uranium one Russia was involved in uranium one Canada was involved in uranium one

"....if real target country was Venezuela or Ecuador why didn't snow Dan take a direct flight from Hong Kong to those locations yeah good question he was already there in China you know if he needed to go to down to Venezuela Ecuador he needs to go a completely different route instead he went to Russia how many direct flights run daily from Hong Kong to Venezuela Ecuador I'm not sure but probably enough that he can catch one or he can catch an indirect fly either way but it looks to me like he wanted to go ahead and drop this whatever he needed to drop outside of Russia and then his plan all along was to get to Russia

".....if Snowden was CIA NSA would he not understand simple logic going public prior to end destination safety would limit active passport travel ability due to blocking and deregulations yeah exactly why was he allowed to travels because he was probably already there he knew once he dropped the bomb they were gonna be after him he's not stupid why wouldn't Odin publicly release info after he was already with safely at final destination because that would have directly implicated Russia and that would have started a world war why then would Snowden route through Russia was Russia final destination yeah likely was Russia true destination

".....very very unlikely yeah could Snowden be seen releasing classified programs Intel from inside of Russia no that would have made him look to be the traitor that he's essentially was but instead he needed to be looked like a whistleblower what role did Brennan play in the Snowden leaks regarding an s a well he was the one that recommended him he's the one that got him all set up

".....what was Brennan's background regarding Saudi Arabia he was a CI station chief there in Riyadh as a matter of fact I always want to remember eyes yeah that he was the one who signed off on all the he expedited essentially the visas in the passport for the nineteen hijackers during 9/11 Brennan was a true traitor so of course Snowden was his boy does the CIA hold blackmail on political leaders likely that's what a lot of these insurance policies essentially all right and that's why this ran so deep because to be honest with you most of these people wouldn't have probably known it

"....they're young they're they want to you know effect their government in some in a probably positive way they get into government next thing they see DC works just like this you're on the blackmail list and now you're playing ball for the rest of your life or it's you or your family does the CIA protect those who protect them yeah essentially

".... it's a good ol boy network right why are ex CIA contractors running for office well because they know very well that they are indeed implicated in all this spying and the actual real collusion right and they need to make sure that doesn't happen so if they run for office like we've talked about before then essentially if it comes out there's allegations against them or something like that they can throw their hands up in the air and say hey this is just a political witch-hunt you're just going after me because I'm an opposition when the factor is no we're going after you because you're an ex-cia contractor knucklehead that sold us out how many ex CIA contractors are currently in office probably quite a few and

"....let's talk about one hello Adam Schiff wants an agent always an agent Q well that's news to me I always thought Schiff was just a lawyer but it most certainly is not a surprise right after all clowns are everywhere and all it takes is a simple wicked Wikipedia search and we can find out a little bit about shifts clowny clowning tune actions let's go back to intelligence and surveillance reform Schiff has been a prominent supporter of surveillance reforms especially in the wake of the leaks of classified intelligence by Edward Snowden in 2007

" response to disclosure of the terrorist surveillance program chip and representative Jeff Flake offered a successful amendment in the House of Representatives to clarify that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is the exclusive means for collecting for intelligence information within the United States yeah he didn't mention whether they would do it legally or not shit has been a critic of the bulk collection of telephone metadata by the NSA in January 2014 shift introduced the telephone metadata Reform Act which would prohibit the bulk collection of domestic phone records

"....Schiff has also introduced several bills aimed reforming the FISA Court including a bill to require outside counsel to be appointed to argue for privacy and civil liberties protections in certain cases before the court now let's talk about Benghazi Schiff was appointed to the House Select Committee on Benghazi in 2014 by nancy-pants Pelosi to serve as one of the five Democrats on the committee Schiff had participated in the house permanent Select Committee on Intelligence investigation into the attacks on Benghazi diplomatic compound which found that the initial take talking points provided by the intelligence community were flawed but without an intention to deceive and that diplomatic facilities across the world lacked adequate security

".....the report's findings were unanimous and bipartisan before he was appointed as a member of the Benghazi select committee Schiff called the establishment of a select committee to investigate the 2012 attack a colossal waste of time and said democratic leaders should not appoint any members stating I think it's just a tremendous red herring and a waste of taxpayers resources despite those reservations he still accepted an appointment to the committee because if he felt he could add value he would serve thanks so much for your service there Adam Schiff

"....but let's talk about collusion real quick on April 2nd 2017 Schiff the ranking member on the House Select Intelligence Committee which is tasked with conducting inquiries related to Russian interference in the 2016 United States election appeared on CNN's State of the Union in the wide-ranging interview Schiff and host Garces is out of my range here Jake Tapper discussed Michael Flynn's request for immunity shifts and Devon Nunez is separate inspections of White House documents Trump allegations of wiretapping in Trump Tower and Nunez apparent close association with the Trump White House tapper asked shift if there was evidence of Donald Trump Russia collusion Schiff replied I don't think we can say anything definitively at this point we are still at the very early stage of the investigation the only thing I can say is that it would be irresponsible for us not to get to the bottom of this tapper asked

" you think that chairman Nunez was part of an attempt to provide some sort of cover-up for the president's claim about Obama wire tapping him at Trump Tower which obviously this does not prove but to cover for that or an attempt to distract as you're suggesting shift replied it certainly is an attempt to distract and hide the origin of the materials to hide the White House hand the question is of course why and I think the answer to that question is this effort to point that Congress in other directions basically say don't look at me don't look at Russia there is nothing to see here a few days later Nunez recused himself as leader of the investigative panel while the White House Committee on ethics investigated whether he had disclosed classified information

"....okay well this is Wikipedia stuff you can read the rest for yourself here but it kind of paints a picture and it looks kind of all along where shift is supposed to be kind of this on the fence dude making sure that everything's cool yeah we're gonna talk about reform we're gonna make sure that we get to the bottom of this but we won't we don't want to collect all this information from people you know that are in our own country but it's all good to do it as long as they're outside of the United States and so we're just gonna use that premise and we're gonna spy on everybody but meanwhile I'm gonna look like the good guy in the outer narrative sounds like some clown action to me

".....let's move on to the next post though it's 26:58 57 minutes out to the hour of 6 p.m. remember when Democrats and the fake news media I guess we're calling them fake wood now we got a plus I'm a guest thing that means the Soros fake media and it looks like they're in brackets pushed masse fear that POTUS would start World War 3 regarding North Korea yeah it was just not long ago wasn't it poet is peace on the Korean Peninsula no further missile tests or uranium enrichment yeah no one's wanting to talk about that they'll only talk every once a while when they think they that it might be flaring up again

"....they kind of try and create this narrative that there's tensions there but overall we've seen no missiles from rocket man new narrative gets created refusal to provide coverage of successes yeah anything that gets done well gets no coverage at all remember when Democrats in the fake news media faked pushed a stock market collapse if POTUS was elected POTUS is elected and the policies equal to the largest gains recorded in market history new narrative created so we get it under POTUS win

"....we go on to the next narrative I think you get the idea refusal to provide coverage of successes use Fed to increase rates to counter growth and project POTUS lean yes soon as everything gets going the Fed decides to crank the rates up that way everyone has another reason to blame POTUS and that's exactly what they do remember when Democrats in the fake news media fake would push complete economic collapse if POTUS was elected yeah that didn't happen POTUS elected and those policies equal to the lowest unemployment records in history plus record jobs and GDP growth new narrative create and refusal to provide coverage of successes deploy and use racism sexism and any other ISM to counter potential black Hispanic popular support

"....yeah because we know that as soon as that happens then there's no longer any kind of minority going on it just seems like everybody's pretty much down with it it's hard to say that minorities aren't feeling it if they're feeling it you tell me you feeling it I'm feeling it let's go why do Democrats and the fake news media fake would continually push to impeach narrative if impeachment requires two-thirds of the Senate vote to enact odds and that because they're desperate its fourth-quarter they don't have anything else that would start why that's the first thing we've heard out of the mouths of some of the east new congressmen they're like well that's the first thing we're gonna do cuz they don't have any plans I don't any politics and II didn't think that far they weren't supposed to be losing in the first place

"...did they push this fake narrative to project a suppose supportable with evidence wrongdoing to their base no they do it cuz they're all butthurt confirmation bias that's it precisely what it is as long as everybody believes it let's go ahead and run with it accusations never supported by facts well we're still waiting on them group fake and that's precisely what the Democratic Party is that's precisely what a lot of socialism is communism is the list goes on and on panic in DC why what was lost the power of the purse was lost and that's a big power because when you have that purchasing power you can buy opinions right you can buy the news you can bar whatever you need you can bar loyalty in some cases commander-in-chief of the United States military power to replace senior officials within crucial government position departments who can then replace senior mid low positions trickled down replacement power to appoint Supreme Court justices and we've talked about this at great lengths right

"....the DOJ needed to get cleaned out first and then it needed to be the FBI needed to be the CIA we can't prosecute crimes if we've got corrupt prosecutors we can't try crimes if we've got poor judges and we most certainly can't even begin to investigate crimes if we don't have good investigators and so you got to get that out from the top the root of the weed and it all trickles down right w

"...what if Hillary Rodham Clinton won and appointed to crooked Supreme Court justices we would have been done look at the knucklehead we were just talking about listen to all those things that Boehner wants to do the last resort power to directly undo Hussein's previous cos which harm greatly limited the u.s. in many vital NEC ways power to build rebuild the United States military back to a global superpower China payoffs bribes failure power to enact laws by EEO to combat and protect our people power to shift foreign policy thereby reducing our enemy's ability to prosper and someday wring God dog he was going into caps lock here Iran deal Paris Accord China trade Syria

"....but that it looks like we got 22 of these dots here power to D class crucial docks to provide the public with the truth transparency power to give back power to the people as intended by our founders leader of the free world are we another giving another rub to Adam Schiff here and then we've got 21 dots I believe so could we be talking about documents and we've got another one about the drop you tell me

"....let's move on post 2659 30 minutes after the hour 7:00 p.m. we get this article right here from Real Clear Politics Dersch with secret emails about underage sex allegations will put prominent people in handcuffs [Music] in an interview Thursday morning with good day New York Alan Dershowitz push back against allegations that he had sex with underage girls through billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein he said he is being framed and has emails that will put prominent people in handcuffs there are emails so far that a secret but that proved not only that I was framed but who framed me dersh Witte said it names names these people are going to jail once these emails come out because this was a total frame-up for financial reasons and I can prove it and will prove it have me back on the show and the emails come out

"....boy it'll be so interesting because there will be prominent people in handcuffs prominent people in handcuffs once these emails come out look as did the first woman who accused me her own lawyer admitted in front of witnesses that she was wrong just wrong that I couldn't have been in the place as he said the second woman he said is a woman who wrote to the New York Post claiming that she had videotapes of Hillary Clinton's Bill Clinton Donald Trump having sex with underage girls the New York Post said we don't believe you they wouldn't help publish her story but she's one of the people there you go

"...okay so Alan Dershowitz who I was referring to earlier a constitutional lawyer and he's advised quite a few presidents now I know Alan Durst which is sort of a polarizing figure in a lot of arenas but there's one thing he does know and that is the Constitution now he was also Epstein's lawyer and if you want to know more about that story about Epstein and all the underage girls and things like that you know on the island Isis underage girls underage kids on the island please go back to my video in pursuit of truth I would think it would have been back in August August third

"....I think called what's on the island where we talk a little bit about Q and the epstein Island whole situation what not but Alan Dershowitz who was representing Epstein was definitely on this what they call the Lolita expressed this plane that was going back and forth we know that from some of the logs however what we don't ever see is him actually going to the island he was on the plane but he we don't really have any logs of him going to the island and Q has seemed to confirm that and Q seems to be confirming Ellender so it's also I think Islanders wit who is not necessarily he's definitely not a republic but he is definitely a what he considers a constitutional libertarian and like I said he has advised many presidents and he likes to stay that way but he seems to have the goods after all if he was on that plane he would probably know some of the people that were going to that Island

" a lot of people are trying to say that because he was on that plane he was going to be Island too and that's where some of these accusations come from but he seems to have some proof and let's hear from his words what's happened here there are emails for our secret but that true not only that I was praying but who framed me it names names these people are going to go to jail once these emails come out because this was a total frame-up for financial reasons and I can prove it and we'll prove it had me back on the show when the emails come out boy will it be so interesting is they'll be prominent people in handcuffs there's only one way to prove my innocence

"....whoa sounds in chance can't wait to see those emails it's gonna show exactly how long this line is going to be Q says get in line well I think we've got a pretty good idea on some of those names because we saw some of those logs you tell me who else you think might be on there let's move on for now 26 60 59 minutes after the hour 7:00 p.m. Q takes us to this Twitter link right here and let me guess it's our knucklehead Maggie Haberman there is no smoking on this train if you're found smoking we'll assume you're on fire and take the appropriate action said yam track conductor and Leslie Justice says Naga [Music] sounds like some fighting words from Maggie Haberman there and of course she is the deep state pinch-hitter

"....we talked about her yesterday and in past videos if you haven't seen my video from yesterday check it out to get a little bit more info on Maggie Haberman but she's their pinch-hitter whenever they need a story drummed up she's the one to knock it out of the park she's gonna work for the New York Times she's gonna set set the narrative and shape the narrative and kind of get everybody started she's a deep state knucklehead and of course she is also implicated in the WikiLeaks emails and that's how we sort of know this so she's definitely got some sedition on her mind cue class back by saying handler speaking as the conductor smoking can be bad for your health

" the warning label deboard train and walk away once in the tunnel there's no going back once of a tunnel there's no going back so that reminded me of something and I picked up on a obviously this is some smack talking between Maggie and cue Maggie obviously seem to be responding to cues post from yesterday cue now responding to Maggie's Twitter status and I picked up on an an R and reference maybe some of you did too I know thanks to the anon who sent me this next article here that agreed with me I'm a big fan of Ann ran and so is the POTUS a matter-of-fact Fountainhead is probably one of my all-time favourite books but this seems to be a reference to her other classic book Atlas Shrugged thanks to Vietnam who sent me this is a great synopsis right here that book is an ran semi novel Atlas Shrugged

" this article is from uncommon wisdom daily was actually in reference to a completely different story but I think that this sums it up really nicely the novel which I highly recommend that I do too is a story of what happens when men of genius ability and productive virtue men who actually moved the world and who are responsible for all great achievement decide to go on strike and remove themselves from a world that condemns punishes and usurps their genius one of the novel's most compelling and philosophically important scenes involves a train disaster one that is not merely caused by a conductor or engineer's mistake but by a willful evasion of reality by a bureaucrat the Taggart comet as the Train is named is a diesel-powered engine that breaks down on a trek through the Colorado Rockies no replacement diesel engines are available and the only engine nearby is a cold

"....the only problem here is that a coal burning engine is not safe for passage through a lengthy tunnel section the tunnels ventilation system wasn't designed to handle the smoke emitted by a coal burner this inconvenient fact however doesn't concern a prominent politician on board the comment rather than respect the dictates of reality and wait for a diesel engine the politician orders railroad employees to hook up a coal burning engine to take the train through the tunnel the result is the train stalls mid tunnel suffocating the passengers and the crew then an army munitions train unaware of the Comets fate barrels intimate tunnel and crashes into the stalled train detonating the armaments and causing the entire mountain to collapse from the resulting explosion now the key point of a train scene and

"....Atlas Shrugged is to illustrate how the willful rejection of reason by those who think the rules of reality don't apply to them can cause tragedy for everyone sadly I see this kind of thing happening in the world on numerous fronts affecting us all there you go so thanks for that - to Vietnam who sent that you were I thought you were right on you go you're welcome to agree to disagree but that struck me funny and considering president Trump is also an an Rand fan this seemed like a perfect reference for this so Maggie looks like your feet are being held to the fire and you are about to have to make a slick decision let's move on to the

" post 2660 127 minutes after our 9:00 p.m. we get a few more Twitter links from Maggie Haberman this one was from back in June 21st people in the White House sound is confused as everyone else about what happens after the president's e-o capitalize president next time Maggie you work for the New York Times which Magan was against him signing this interagency disagreement about what it means Trump now essentially Tunes his chief of staff out Trump driving the train and I think what Q is pointing our attention to is that's the first time she started speaking this code about the Train the second link takes us to this and we talked about this back in November overheard on the Q train intercom attention passengers the intercom phone is for emergencies only it is not for asking the conductor questions I think she's trying to clown the Q crowd right

"....and like I said we talked about this back in November what do you got against Q Maggie what's your big problem you threat and then Q says scuse me a stone since I don't well the world around it evolves evolution depending on a stage can be deadly mmm yeah I suppose if you want to evolve you've got to change a little bit too if you want to stay safe right evolution depending on the stage can be deadly that sounds incredibly cryptic right there then we get this Twitter link right here and guess what once again Maggie Haberman and of course this is the one we just read there's no smoking on this train if you're found smoking we'll assume you're on fire and take the appropriate action says the Amtrak conductor and I want to once again remind you that Leslie Justice says Magga all right all right well if you'll notice Maggie Haberman has as her header passengers on a train looks like she is indeed trying to convey a message Q says we could talk through code or we can act through transparency the choice is yours however the clock is ticking

"....and at a select point in time that option will be expired regular service appointments should be made in order to maintain functionality yeah sounds like indeed they are talking about code and we can obviously pick up on the fact that it's code to what extent we don't really know but it looks like Maki Maggie's got a choice to make right and what does she do she tells story she shapes stories so does she have a story that she's sitting on that she needs to tell the truth does she have a proposed deal the clock is ticking on something she needs to make a decision in a certain amount of time right

".....and it looks like at a select point in time that option will be expired so it looks like maggie is being given the choice to do the right thing and doing the right thing sounds like she needs to make an appointment by way of the regular service appointments if she wants to maintain functionality so it remains to be seen how this works out but looks like our favorite deep state knucklehead has her feet to the fire now from the New York Times interesting stuff

".....those are your cue posts as always if you like this video please click like share and subscribe thanks to all of you who already do that if you are new to my channel welcome to you please keep in mind that from time to time you will be unclick unnoted and unsubscribe that's what happens with social media when they don't like what kind of message we're putting out they just try and keep you from hooking up with me now I said in yesterday's video that edits point later this month I may be more difficult to search so please join me on one of my alternate channels gab bitch shoot bright Ian calm those are all down below my links are down below also my Twitter is IP o T excuse me a type e ot 1776 that's at IP o T 1776 and of course my email is down below if you'd like to support the channel my patreon link is down below too and if you're old school and want to send me something my P o box is also down below all those links are down below thanks for listening today it's been a long one today lots to think about and I have a feeling there's going to be a lot more coming in regarding these posts but I will keep you posted pun intended this is Sir Patrick Mackel until next time stay free ...≺≺ less

Q Anon/News - Wheres Bader? - In Pursuit of Truth Presents - 1.8.19

In Pursuit of Truth ** Published on Jan 7, 2019

".... welcome to in pursuit of truth this is your host Sir Patrick Mac you may remember me from such classic videos as the last one that it just did few hours ago yep I'm back and you know what they say once you go Mac mm-hmm you tend to stick with it we got some new cute pose yep that's right where I last left you space Force cadets we were talking about Maggie Haberman from the New York Times the habes

"....but now we're on post 2662 51 minutes out to the hour of 11:00 we get a Fox News link right here and this is a piece from Jodi Genova cardinal james comey the man who destroyed the FBI Wow Wyatt Earp Eliot Ness J Edgar Hoover Inspector Clouseau James Comey the names reflect a continuum of greatness to farce and mediocrity in the annals of US law enforcement no individual has reached the depths of disgrace as James Cardinal Comey the Cardinal was a sobriquet FBI agents used to denigrate their leader as Deputy Attorney General he was called drama queen known for his pomposity and self regard Comey cut a swath of arrogance unknown in either of those illustrious organizations he was the cult of personality he surrounded himself with sycophants people dedicated to his promotion and their advancement the bureau and the public became the losers James Comey poet politicized the FBI America's premier law enforcement agency ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" started on July 6 2016 when he usurped the authority of attorney general aunt Loretta Lynch in violation of the Constitution the law and DOJ regulations he destroyed Hillary's campaign when he unethically and unprofessionally described her conduct with pejorative words such as criminal and then illegally exonerated her of the crimes President Obama should have fired him that day but he did not

"....why because because he had knowledge of Hillary's avoidance of any protected email channels because he communicated with her on her private server using a pseudonym Komi is a poser and even goes to use old english there it's all Frenchy sound and kamee is hippo sera okay he pretends to be thomas becket but he is in fact the assassin henry ii god tom tell us how you feel he claims in his memos he doesn't do sneaky things leak or do Weasley things yet in his interview with Fox News bret baier he pretended not to know what a leak is the present president performed a public service by firing him he should have done it the day after his inauguration the Treasury revealed by Comey clapper and Brennan requires accountability that can only happen through a federal grand jury investigation headed by John W Huber the US attorney in Utah who has been appointed to investigate the flights of criminality by the Obama FBI and DOJ the evidence of illegal and unconstitutional abuse of law enforcement and intelligence community power and authority is clear grand jury subpoenas need to be issued

"....these individuals have stolen more than 15 months of a new president's tenure they have thrown the country needlessly into spasms of doubt about the bona fides of an election Cardinal Comey should get the first grand jury subpoena my goodness Jodie Genova don't mince words tell us what you're thinking don't beat around the bush all right well you get the idea he's pretty fired up it looks like Q is too the treachery revealed by Comey clapper and Brendan requires accountability that can only happen through a federal grand jury investigation headed by John Huber

"....oh okay but I thought he wasn't doing any of that stuff I thought John Huber was just another no go looks like that's not the case but then again our Potter's already knew that I know that I know you knew that what are we talking about I don't know we're just talking I'm talking about Q I guess 2663 24 minutes after our midnight we get this article here from the son truth about CIA secret MKULTRA mind control experiments revealed in sensational new documents that officials spent decades trying to hide disturbing details of secret mind-control experiments carried out by the CIA have been revealed in newly released documents that officials have been trying to hide for decades and some of us have been trying to tell people for decades

"....the new documents released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal how the CIA experimented on both humans and animals using drugs hypnosis and electronic devices as part of the top-secret and illegal mind-control project MKULTRA shockingly the swath of information still missing or redacted in the records could mean the CIA is still carrying out the experiments to this day according to experts one document details how the CIA planned to drug criminals awaiting trial held in a prison hospital ward in a bid to develop improved techniques and drug interrogation

"....another document details of CIA's interest in developing ways to cause amnesia in humans using experiments no matter how weird inconclusive or unusual it goes on to detail how they were looking to find ways of developing hypnotic speaking techniques which would control the minds of large audiences and heighten group susceptibility experiments which were too dangerous too shocking too unusual for routine testing would be of interest to us the memo from 1956 reads the record also detailed mind-control experiments on dogs cats and mice with a cocktail of drugs and by implanting electronic devices most likely as a precursor to human experiments

"....ok I want to stop there real quick because I think a lot of us are kind of familiar with this idea many probably more than others but for those of you who are newer to this this has been going on for a very very long time of course and I just want to remember idea of a story a while back where there was a guy who drove up to the White House lawn I don't know if you remember this but he came out and he had a gun and that was really kind of what the mainstream media kicked out to you and that was it for the story but really what happened is the guy came out and he started firing at his phone why does somebody drive to the White House lawn get out of their car with guns and shoot their phone

" see where I'm going with this this stuff has been going on for a long long time it's in our technology it's in God knows what at this point right they also research the electric fish who can zap each other with electricity in a bit to create a super-soldier who could do the same thing the records were obtained by researcher john greenwald jr who published them last week on his website the black vault john 37 from Castaic California told Sun online he's been fighting since 1999 to get the CIA to hand over the documents and say they completely rewrite the history of the controversial project John said of a CIA trying to cover-up projects that took place in the 50s and 60s in my opinions yes they're trying to cover it up and give evidence not just by what I went through to get to the documents but the documents themselves so you'll see through these records they were doing a lot of different types of research with drugs on cats and dogs and other animals

"....they were implanting electronic devices into animals to see whether electronic impulses can essentially control the brain okay so this stuff has been going on since the 50s and 60s right and I think a lot of us are very very familiar with something stories that have you know something to do with this so good on this guy here for getting some of this out this John from Cass Tech to you sir now you're a Mayan [Music]

".... Q says program development on going under offshore not domestic in brackets tangent agency yeah well it all comes from a few different agencies I suppose but I'm sure that kind of funnels into lots of smaller agencies right covert funding of course we're not gonna do this out on Front Street of course taxpayers don't want to pay for this kind of stuff experimenting on animals later on in to humans humans by 1988 with a 71% average success rate targeted mental criteria designated as and then we've got something in brackets with a little comma there that's pretty interesting not exactly sure what that means at this point cuz it just got posted

"...but I think essentially what Q is saying here is they target people who have suffered some sort of you know trauma some kind of stress and maybe these people have been abused maybe they've gone through war maybe they've gone through just whatever it might be that affects them in some traumatic way mental institutions and therapists program specialists in these programs specialists often times are clowns themselves are not real specialists they're just injecting these people up with whatever it is the cocktail regimen four times daily brain intercept administered by and then we get this link right here now this is to the National Center for advancing translational scientists NIH converting brain signals into action

"....and this talks about paralysis and how they can you know use this technology to help people with paralysis which of course sounds you know really really great this is obviously a pretty long article I'm not gonna go way into this I just want to turn you on to the end here the group is also developing a second brain interface technology an inter cortical microarray this device enables the user to control movement with thoughts but with a higher resolution and potentially greater control than the micro ECoG because the tiny chips 100 minuscule spike like electrode probes descend into the surface of the motor cortex the probes read the signals coming from the individual neurons because the arrays are embedded into the brain this interface device could cause more scar tissue than the micro ECoG with support from the Defense Advanced Research Project excuse me Research Projects Agency being DARPA Schwartz's leading research using the array and animals paired with a dexterous prosthetic arm engineered at John Hopkins University with coaching from CTS I and other university experts the team received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration of course they did to test the inter cortical array in humans now supported by the US Department of Defense Schwartz is continuing his animal model work and boninger is leading its testing in volunteers with tetraplegia

"....Wow how about that now I want to turn you on to a video of mine from a while back it's only a two minute long video it's two minutes of truth and it is entitled deep dream and it relates a little bit to stuff like this too but this gets really really freaky so like I said they target these patients and this is what they do people who have suffered some sort of trauma or injury or anything like that and of course they're never going to be able to sell it to the public without offering the benefits first and of course the benefits are real and that's why it's so hard to turn down right but unfortunately the underlying theme is a lot more sinister and this is how we get our school shooters and our firestarters and whatnot people that are rather I don't want to say weak-minded but in a weak state right w i am assuming is wounded in action military personnel targets of the program

".... yeah I suppose so because you know to give them a prosthetic arm you know if you put that in the news and say hey look we could we just gave this guy this implant and now I can move his hand whatever it is a great thing and of course it improves the quality of his life or at least that's what's reported right but we don't know what the effects of that are we definitely don't know what the long-term effects of that are so this gets to be a little bit tricky because there's some good involved in this but unfortunately we're seeing the extreme stream bad nature and like I said that's been going on since the 50s and 60s so imagine what they're capable of now and then Q goes on to say well just what we were saying here PTSD clandestine black ops now we're talking about super soldiers right zero affiliation non stick

"....yeah meaning this isn't going to stick to anybody because these guys were all mercenaries and there's something really really wrong about that if you ask me something out of a movie yeah sounds like Jason Bourne right fiction the hole is deep so yeah this is some pretty pretty creepy stuff I'm also reminded of that movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio

"....let's move on to 26 64 38 minutes after the hour of 8 we get a few Twitter links here to Donald Trump's status here let's read them with all the success that our country is having including the just-released jobs numbers which are off the charts the fake news and totally dishonest media concerning me and my presidency has never been worse many have been become crazed lunatics who have given up on the truth the fake news will knowingly lie and demean in order to make the tremendous success of the Trump administration and me look bad as as bad as possible they use non-existent sources and write stories that are total fiction our country is doing so well yet this is a sad day in America and here's the third one the fake news media in our country is the real opposition party it is truly the enemy of the people

"....we must bring honesty back to journalism and reporting Wow first d Jennifer and now the POTUS let anybody know how they feel now this our quote right here is just putting the tweets together Q says compare and contrast ring a bell yeah it sounds like your drops from yesterday and Q says think drop yesterday wow what just did new narrative created refusal to provide coverage of successes yeah everytime POTUS reaches success in something the mainstream media finds a new narrative to pound the war drums about right refusal to provide coverage of successes why is this important well it's important because over time as we start to prove this we're going to see more and more people kind of coming around to what's really really going on okay people aren't stupid maybe they just you know they don't pay attention to their news maybe they just they catch it in passing or whatnot and they're only hearing what they're being told on the news

"....and so it's really easy to buy into a narrative when you're busy and you're raising a family and you're working a job and you're doing all these things your own kind of hearing what the TV tells you when the TV tells you something over and over and over and over again even if you don't think it's true if you hear it enough you start to feel like it is and that's been the whole thing that's why they've been banging these war drums against Trump so much that's why it's important and so us being able to show them systematically what's really really going on really really helps initiate a lot of new people and we see this through the cumin on movement by the numbers that were starting to experience sometimes making a connection leads to uncovering but I thought well there's another good reason could there be some evidence that we end up on covering

"....let's move on to the next post here 26 65 44 minutes after the hour of 8 this is the post that Q is talking about here now I just covered at my last video so we're not going to cover this here we're talking about fake wood essentially you know the Hollywood mainstream media whatever you want to call it that whole fake narrative it's fake wood right and how they pushed a new narrative every time POTUS would reach some sort of success with something they would just change the story and find something new to complain about right and this is essentially being mirrored in these three tweets now this graphic here doesn't catch all three tweets here but the anon says read read the pics related together so Mirror EU I like the way you use that language

"...hey you for Q so Q gets an a on this Q says the reason why we were here however this is come incomplete and missing the third tweet so Q is wanting this anon to go back and put the third tweet in there and make it complete but what it this really speaks to for me here is where Q says the reason why we are here well the reason why they are here so that they can bring us this message without any sort of interference by mainstream media or any other conglomerate that has some sort of interest in making sure that we don't get the truth right this is just straight-up truth and that's why they're clowning is so hard as much as they can write they want to make us out to be cultists

"....they want us to make us out to be just a bunch of idiot followers right but the fact of the matter is is that we've sniffed sniffed out all their crap for so many years that this is where it came to so posting on 4chan HN it was the only way to get this out and to get people just kind of figuring out what was what they already really kind of suspected all along we're just getting a lot more specifics now but the real reason is to kind of help us put together these memes so that we can keep educating more and more people

"....if you'll remember some months back we went over Phi sub use over and over and over and over again but in a way if you've been following aren't you glad you did because now you understand what's going on so that when somebody asks about it you can thoroughly tell them about it or you can refer them to somebody who can and that's what this has really been about but also with all these memes that we make to show their hypocrisy right here

" says so much in such a quick amount of time and that's the beauty of memes a picture's worth a thousand words right so you can really convey your message but even more importantly than that we can do this without getting so much interference from them because as you know we're getting blocked and banned boy I just spent the last few hours trying to upload my previous video it took me two hours to upload my last video that's why it got put out late because of things like this

"....they're trying to make it difficult for us we just keep coming at them but with memes you can do a lot of damage in a little bit of time and that's why it's so important to get the memes correct and that's why they are here to make sure that we get this message out and it's hard for them to block and ban memes because it's harder for their programs to sort of read the words and the pictures and things like that

"....if you just send out a mean tweet they just gotta ban you if you send out an offensive picture they're just gonna ban you but if you've got some sort of weird mix in the middle it makes it a little bit more difficult for their BOTS to recognize and that's why we are here

"....let's move on to the next post 2666 good goodness 31 minutes after the hour of nine we get this big link right here Q says imagine that what a coincidence and it takes you right here Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life and career highlights Ginsburg recovering from cancer surgery misses arguments wait a minute I just said in my last video she didn't miss an argument yet my goodness what's going on we might have to see what's happening with this imagine that what a coincidence yeah that is a coincidence man it was just a couple hours ago I was putting out this video

".....let's move on to 2667 we're gonna talk about it 35 minutes after the hour of 9 we see this here Ginsberg missing Supreme Court arguments for the first time well gosh where are you Bader Bader better better better Bader Bader well that's not like Bader at all is it no normally she's prompt and timely and she shows up ready to go all chipper and vivacious mmm Q says first time in more than 25 years morning Patriot well it's not morning for me Q how about that well Bader for the first time in 25 years not making an oral argument it looks like this could be very very serious broke some ribs

"....and while they were looking at her ribs they found some nodules that had to be removed and now we haven't heard from Bader so like I said in my last video is it possible we have ourselves a little John McCain situation a little George HW situation a little future proves past you let me know but I will toss in one more little thing to consider if you remember Q was talking about the clock ticking particularly in my last video here and Q was saying it in all these different posts earclopses ticking the clock is ticking and the other day Q showed us that watch and that watch was set to 3:15 well if you will remember eyes the birthday of one Ruth Bader Ginsburg is March 15 or 3:15 all right kids that's all I got for today as always if you like this video please click like share and subscribe thanks to all of you who already do that and if you're new to my channel welcome to you please keep in mind there from time to time you'll get unclipped and unnotice I and unsubscribe that's just how it works with social media when you're spitting some truth also a couple of these platforms particularly today of course YouTube I struggled like I said it took me a couple hours to load a video but also real dog video and what was the other one bitch shoot we're struggling to upload also so those are a little bit backed up so if you're still trying to find my last video and haven't seen it and you're saying Patrick why haven't you uploaded it I have it hasn't worked yet pretty much everything has failed on me today so I'm just gonna keep on trying and I'll try and get caught up but that's just you know I guess it's just what goes on like I said when you're spitting some truth and putting things out on social media so I will try and get those out as soon as I can but please keep in mind it's been a little bit difficult I don't think I'm the only one experiencing this all those links to my channels are down below in the video description my gap my real dog video which was now bright Ian calm I'm of course over here and Twitter at IPO T 1776 I would love it if you joined me at I P ot 1776 and of course this link is down below too if you'd like to send me an email or a good old-fashioned snail mail my Pio boxes down below my email address is down below and if you'd like to support my channel my patreon link is down below too I would greatly appreciate the support ok kids that's all I got for you today I am off to bed it's been a long day there's much love for you here this is Sir Patrick Mac and until next time stay free you ...≺≺ less

Kevin Shipp - Value of Dollar to Plummet in Coming Reset

Greg Hunter ** Published on Jan 5, 2019

"....I'm Greg hunter welcome to us a watchdog calm with us return trip by the author of this book from the company of shadows it's Kevin ship because I'm he's a former CIA officer super high clearance protected William Casey was one of his jobs at the CIA he's a whistleblower they've tried to kill him for some of the things that he's brought out he he's an expert in counterintelligence he you know being it able to protect the CIA director and actually stay in his house ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" have to have a very high clearance so he's a guy in the know a real God Kevin ship thank you for joining us today on us a watchdog comm hey Greg it's always great to be with you and just so you know his website the love of freedom this book which he says is backordered is a couple of times best seller on Amazon uses having a hard time keeping up with it fantastic book you want to know what the CIA thinks and how they live breathe eat and what they do there you go and what the deep state is that's real

" know this this book and I'm done der no obligation again nothing for this I just think it's best he's a fascinating guest with a fascinating story to tell and back to you I want to just kind of talk to you about Wow what a week last week I mean the house got sworn in and it it to me I mean I'm looking at how I can analyze this and I just it looks to me like you're not getting a wall they know there's a problem at the border they've offered I don't know 25 30 40 million dollars in the past the Democrats billion I'm sorry for a wall structure not just drones and whatever and I or cassio core tells the darling of they will get into that

".....she wants to seventy percent tax we have the new one of the latest most lum female lawmakers sworn in says to a crowd of people were going to peach that em effort I don't think she understands the Constitution it looks to me I mean also articles of impeachment on the first day and then Pelosi saying what snap we don't we should do a political impeachment anyway I guess the stage I'm setting up is it it just looks to me like we're in some sort of pre Civil War or covert Civil War or overt soft civil wars what's your appraisal about where we are in America

"..... no I I would say yes Greg we are in a soft civil war and the ones that are starting this civil war and they've gotten more aggressive almost by today are what you call the dark left the DNC which is no longer the party of JFK the deep state and the shadow government is at war against the founding principles of this country and there are at war specifically with Donald Trump because he has actually stood in the face of the deep state and in the face of the Congress and Senate which is riddled with corruption and this dark left a civil war that they've started is intensifying as I said almost by the day and then you've got the rest of the Americans out there good patriotic dot God and country people then

"....on the other side this civil war and usually they're peaceful and they keep their mouth shut but they're not I think most people in the notes and emails that I get there they're fed up with what these people are doing and the ultimate goal of course is the Constitution itself which they believe is written by bigoted old European white men and their target is the Constitution and their target are the founding founding principles of freedom and faith in the Constitution that is their target

"....well I mean what their real target is is is Marxism communism I mean look at Tom Perez III sit there and talk to Democrats it's you know who's leading your party right he's a former lares attorney the race of the Raw's attorney I mean he's mrs. Marxism and you know up until recently he keith ellison you became the honored attorney general of our Minnesota or Michigan I can't remember which state it was some one of those two states anyway he was the number two he's partial to the Muslim Brotherhood

".....well he's directly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and of course we now know that he has been charged with beating I guess his girlfriend thought you know he was just practicing Sharia law which though which orders teaches men that if their wife girlfriend doesn't submit their to beat him so old keith was just practicing Sharia law he needs to be charged and held accountable for that let me uh you know the whole thing about this or caste or caste or Cortez there's a reason why they've put her out I mean she's I don't know she doesn't seem very experienced to me she's the youngest woman to be elected to Congress she did surprise a New York congressman and her in her race

".....she wants to have a 70% tax she wants Medicare for everyone she wants to pay off all college debt to be paid off I mean it's and I it but there's a reason why they have a young Hispanic I guess relatively attractive somebody that is photogenic but the reason why they're putting our out there is because if you criticize her you're a racist is that the same kind of ploy they had with with Barack Obama he who didn't have the same credentials as Sarah Palin she was a governor of a state was a two-time senator before that a community organizer

" yeah yeah yeah any criticism of Obama and I remember this went on and on almost from the time especially in the first four years you were a cracker you were a racist and you know Greg my response to that back then to the Republicans in Congress was you're a bunch of cowards because you're so afraid that you're going to be labeled a racist that you just sit back with no spine and do nothing some of the others of us like yourself

".....and Dave Jan and others came out and exposed bought Obama for who he was because we don't care about those threats we care about our country but the Congress of it especially the GOP just just retreated back in the shadows oh we don't want to be called racist so we're not going to try to expose who Obama is you know and shame on them well okay this I wanted to say this dude it's raining down there and you have some sort of a you know a structure a studio that you've got built and it's pouring down so it sounds like static so just so folks that you out there this is rain hitting the roof of your of your location correct okay

" it looks like or task or Cassio Cassio Cassio Cortes Oh Cassio Cortes it looks like she is carrying the water for the Democrats as a I don't know as a type of I mean they're what they're talking about is full-on communism we're gone yeah I think okay so you Cortez is going to just invite you she's going to be a problem for Nancy Pelosi she voted against her oppose Nancy Pelosi in the beginning did not want her Speaker of the House

"....and of course they turned her you know you do this or you lose your seat but I have to tell you it's kind of fun to watch her she is so out of the box she said out of the box that I think even the DNC and the Democratic senators and congressmen in Pelosi or so I think they got a handful they brought her in thinking it was going to help their progressive cause but they may have brought in a handful well it what they want to do is have communism

"....I mean I I've been saying this for years and I actually had people write me and say oh you're being a little heavy-handed saying the Democrats are like clunk are like communists what no I'm not no look who runs it I mean what they what they don't what the Constitution they don't what the way we're doing business they want a one-party rule they want communism I mean if Hillary would have one weep you and people like you and me would be in FEMA camps what we not well yeah let me make this point because it's very important for important what progressivism is they call themselves progressives and if you look at the platform of progressivism it is eliminating the founding principles of this country making the Constitution a quote unquote living document so they can change it restricting the freedom excuse me restricting the First Amendment

".....and then everything that the progressive movement itself States is Marxist so a progressivism is the same thing as Marxism but encourage people to go out and check that out for themselves these people the progressives are actually practicing Marxism just the fact if you um hold on just a minute here if you um if you take a look at what their what their for example their tax plan I mean if she she put out this tax plan that we had to raise taxes to 70% said yeah seventy what about state and local on top of that you'd be working for well for the Communists would you not yes you would and it would destroy our economy

" you think that do you think that she is going to be a force to be a she is she really exposing let me put it this way is she is she really exposing that the the Democrats for what they are yeah yeah I think she is and she knows to being totally inexperienced immature never having done this sort of thing before she's just blabbing off with her mouth but she's what she's doing is just blabbing off progressive principles that Pelosi and others have been trying to largely hide from the public

".....and now now they got somebody a little out of control then is just coming right out and saying what they're doing that they've been trying to hide for the last couple of decades and I think they got a handful on their hands what about the economy and what's been going on in the markets I mean you know you have days where the futures are down 400 points and it closes up you have days where the futures are up overnight then you know in overseas and it closes down you've got one day it's down 600 points there's and so an up sticks hundred points or go from you know positive to negative and 800 points wing what in your estimation is going on are they trying to they the deep stain are they trying to they are they trying to break up the economy to try to work Donald Trump let's put it this way Greg

".....under Barack Obama the Federal Reserve did not raise interest rates one time as soon as Trump was elected they raised them four times which we all know as a dramatic effect on the economy we know that the Federal Reserve is not federal and has no reserves is it is staffed by international bankers and banks on their secret board with secret meetings

".....and you know Trump's economy is booming that's one way to stop that make him look bad and responsible and that's the raise interest rates destroy the stock market so the Federal Reserve is behind a lot of this quite a bit of it and I and I think it is without a doubt part of the deep state do you think that there he has an executive order out of trap about trafficking human trafficking yeah and corruption and that he has to protect the economy

".....I haven't here someplace he has to right here okay that an executive order blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption to protect the financial system of the United States a national emergency to deal with that threat that has been reaped he's got a national emergency about people who are trying to destroy the financial system how what's their goal what do they want to do well this the human trafficking thing goes up to high levels in our government and internationally especially in the UK a child trafficking and pedophilia is rampant

"....and you remember Dennis Hastert who was third in line for the presidency as the Speaker of the House was a serial pedophile so a lot of these elites and executives are pedophiles I know who's we polygraphed some corporate heads and Donald Trump is this is brilliant because he's going after their financial underpinning meaning he can bring down their entire organization and bring down the elites responsible for this horrendous stuff and they're just another reason they want to destroy him because a lot of them are being exposed the number of resignations and firings since he's been in office is mind-boggling

" you think it has to do with with that do you think it has to do with it part that there's there's no question and I got a source a good one that there's a blackmail ring within Congress pedophilia as part of it you remember the Lolita Express Bill Clinton went on 21 times I said what was called orgy island where they had young girls taking care of government officials both on the plane and off the plane

".....Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of child trafficking got a incredibly light sentence and unbelievably like light-sensing I think he's even now out now and they minimize all the charges so when you say girls you're not talking about you know 20 you don't 1400 talking about pedophilia yeah these these guys these elites like like young kids man we're talking little girls 14 or 15 years old some of these perverts prefer that because they're sick they just happen to be rich and in positions of power and you say that this is going on over in the UK as well

"....yeah do you think it goes all the way up to the royal family all the way up to the Parliament and the royal family yes and you know that as a CIA operative this is this is stuff that's known in the in your circles and your sources well this you know a lot of people say that the CIA traffic's in children when I was in there and I had multiple positions and all the directorates I never saw that I'm saying this from the sources and contacts that I have that are directly connected especially the blackmail ring so this doesn't come from my CIA background at all it comes from the research in the contacts that I have if you were talking about how you would go after these people and take them down you're saying that they that these indictments you've heard about the indictments correct yeah and you think they're real

".... no you don't think they're real I do not not whether they're 40 thousand or something 60 thousand six got no I do not think they're real you don't think they're real what's the deal with that well there's there's absolutely no evidence that there are some documents out there that nothing in vive you appeared doctored they're going to be indictments but there's not forty thousand you know you may be talking 15 or so but no 15 as in 15,000 or 15 indictments 15 indictments of officials within our government John Brennan Hillary Clinton people within the FBI possibly James Comey

"....but no I do not think that these 40,000 and died I hate to say that I wish they were we all do but you don't think so now I don't what do you say to the people they're gonna come on and say no no no the real that mystery I don't know I have not done the research and I don't follow you I don't follow Q because I like real people in I don't do anonymous sources

"....I'm not saying it's not real I'm just saying I don't follow it's because it's hard to you know for said but anyway but you're saying by evidence you know and the research that I've done on this of course initially wishing it was true the research that I've done on this has led me to the conclusion that that it is not the case

" you think that Donald Trump is going to make a move on this declassification of FISA which would ensnare some real people who signed off on a completely bogus false phony failed coup he could you know could do that do you think he's going to declassify the FISA documents if that's real I do because he's been doing things like that I think just in my opinion he's been waiting to get a good Attorney General in there that will back up what he's doing

" know Trump is a maverick and that's one of the things I like about him he doesn't scare easy so yes I do think he's gonna declassify those you know he's a strategist there's no doubt about that so apparently he's waiting for the right time to do this but yeah I think he will do you think he has to you think he because some people say oh nobody's gonna be arrested nothing's gonna happen I have had dr. Dave jandial he's got pretty high sources and he and I know of them and I can't tell you how but anyway I can't but I know they're high sources

"...,.and he says that they're the hammer is gonna drop and it's kind of going to be this year MIDI but he has to do it otherwise his family will be in prison or molested or murdered or his old family I mean look what happen to JFK's family and immediate family anybody can run for president so does he have to do does he have to come out and attack the deep state at some point and have the the Trump pyre strike back Trump is attacking the deep state there's no question about that

" right now it's attacking it now he's attacking it right now yes Syria is a good example of that let's talk about Syria just so people know that you are an expert on you know I mean I brought the book here what you talked about that to the companies shadows the deep state you talk about the deep state you talk about the shadow government you talk about all that that we were talking in the pre-interview illness it doesn't appear to me because people say oh he's a globalist and he's with the deep state he's just there doing their bidding I doesn't appear to me got out of the Paris climate Accord the TPP he dogged the phony Iran deal that nobody signed off on and took bribes on in this country in other countries he's now back in our troops out of Syria tell me what that means for him to say

".....yeah we're pulling out of Syria we're done well he just spit right in the face of the military-industrial complex if you remember serious started with when Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State at the time covertly secretly ran guns into Benghazi using Qatar and Saudi Arabia as a cutout the CIA the Obama administration and Secretary Clinton armed what is called the Free Syrian Army claiming they were moderates

"....I'll tell you right now there's no such thing as a moderate Islamic army of in any way that wasn't they didn't care that wasn't the goal the goal has been within the shadow government deep State for at least 20 years was has been to remove the Bashar Assad of the Assad's from power in Syria there's gas there there's oil there is it's a strategic position gas and oil is usually the impetus for the seei going in and overturning a government down through history so that was the goal in Syria was to get Assad out of there using the Free Syrian Army arming the Free Syrian Army which is a felony two armed terrorists right now

"....yes it's a violation of US and international law yeah they didn't think they were going to get caught and the the killing of ambassador Stevens and the attack on the consulate that was just a moment they were terrified because they thought it was going to expose their gun-running which eventually did so when when and I told my wife this when Trump first got in there there are two things that I'm watching number one he pulls support from the Free Syrian Army they went up and massacred an entire village of Christians in Syria that were being protected by Assad by the way the US backed Free Syrian Army massacred them all

"....I told my wife that there things I'm watching for Trump to see if he's actually confronting the deep state one he pulls support for the for the Free Syrian Army he did that and I said Wow to pull troops out of Syria and stop that regime change and the trillions that the military-industrial complex and congressmen and Senators through their donations stand to gain from this which is what it's all about if he pulls out of Syria that is a direct slap in the face of the shadow government in the deep state and he did it and as on organic put himself at a serious risk in doing so but it appears that the man is fearless

".....what about that might be more 10 or 15 people get indicted I mean I mean you had Obama you know in his I mean we're talking about this is unparalleled in human history I mean the crimes you know the gun running the the the nuke deal with Iran with you know what I see 130 s multiple pallets of money flying in that the the arming of terrorists the just unbelievable just she the Muller who was involved and knew full well that the Russians were gaming the United States and operation what to power or operation something has had a name for the thing to gain control of 20% of our uranium production total treason

"....I mean that the the Clinton Foundation we haven't even gotten into that I mean we found out so so there's gonna be multiple there's got to be bigger diamonds well let me go down the list just just in my mind both Clinton's are gonna be indicted I don't think there's any question about that there are members of the Clinton Foundation that are going to be indicted Barack Obama in my opinion now these are rich powerful people that have a lot of global protection that's why it's so difficult but I think eventually just because Trump has the guts to do it that Barack Obama is going to be indicted that Mueller is probably going to be indicted for his treasonous activity John Brennan will I am absolutely convinced John Brennan will be indicted himself and possibly James clapper and James Comey I think it's pretty certain that he will be indicted

"'ve got rod Rosenstein probably not mccabe will be indicted Strock will probably indicted for obstruction of justice in the in the Clinton email case these are the people I'm talking about high-level people and then there are people in the Congress in the Senate that were complicit with some of these things especially the Clinton Foundation that will be indicted also so yeah I mean there's going to be you I can't put a number on it but those are the ones that I think clearly without question are going to be indicted the

".....when you're talking about the indictments do you think it could go up even higher I've had a Jan Donna he says listen I'm not gonna stop with just with the Obama and the Clintons and clapper and Comey and they're gonna stop with that they're gonna go after their handlers are gonna go after the to hire the Rockefellers the pace or the the George Soros is of the world they're going to go after the the Rothschilds are going to go after a lot of people that's what this in what this confiscation executive order is all about

" you think that that this is going to go up very high and they're gonna confiscate which could be hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars in wealth well yes that's why it's so brilliant that Trump instead of any and he's arrested thousands of pedophiles already many of them occur are college professors

" they're actually making arrests but that the executive order that he put out takes it to a whole new level because they can go after organizations and wealthy individuals and their connections and and nail them at the very top that's why that executive order is so brilliant and this is we're talking about this here which I printed out is it's just part of it this is on folks yeah so this is not some crazy time but it is to you know going after serious you attack encryption and to persons in protected financial system the United States and now emergency nobody in the mainstream you know bought off phony press would even bring this up to Sarah - be Sanders

"....and Gregg there's one important line in there he's calling it a national security emergency and that was intensive once a president labeled something as that he can bring in the military he can bring in what's left of intelligence he can bring all all of the the government entities into play to attack human trafficking that is HUGE

" if they don't get you for the actual treason of the other stuff and you're and you're involved in human trafficking and doing terrible things to children they're going to get you for that and they're gonna take your assets I mean a lot of people say were they gonna get the money and I'm thinking maybe and you're thinking that this is going to be a monster deal that that they're good oh wow and you're they're gonna they're gonna confiscate trillions of dollars yes in other words you don't get to keep the money you stole you don't get to keep the money you stole and and the money that you have made from human trafficking that is going to be taken and your entire organization from the top including these elite are also going to be taken to

".....they're taken they're taking the money from them and basically removing the financial power of their organization which is the way to do it you know it's like you don't go after the person snorting coke necessarily you go after the drug dealer that's selling it in the kingpin same thing with human trafficking that's what Trump has done is they're going after the elite kingpins that are that are promoting and making money off human trafficking and you know you sets up to me it's it's shocking and revealing one of our interviews you said well you know actually there's more money in human trafficking if you have a line of coke you do and it's gone

"....yeah you know an eight-year-old girl or boy and wow that can last for years yeah and they don't harvest their organs I'm all right yeah they're all more revenue in human trafficking than there is in drug trafficking yeah that's thinking I it's what uh it's okay some tip-offs and i don't know if you know this or not so Donald Trump made some comment this is one of his own tweets now saying you should just sit back and enjoy the ride something to that effect does that mean this is all going to come down sooner than later bob Corker the former senator because it's gonna be a very interesting next three months

"....bob Corker the former senator from out of Tennessee who stepped down do you think that all those signals that something's gonna happen soon yes I think definitely so what are your sources say what do you say what are your sources say what do you what do you what you read yeah my read based on what I've been privy to yes it is going to happen very soon it's going to be Swift and it's going to be dramatic and the next three to six months I would say they're gonna start taking some of these people down and it's gonna be historic explain well

"....I mean they're going to be purple walking people from the CIA high level people from the CIA the FBI and congressmen and Senators they're going to be purple ocking these people in dining and arresting them and it is so sensitive because it will cause a constitutional crisis in that these positions and seats will be vacant and they'll have to be filled that's what I mean historic

".....that these are people at the highest levels of our government this is the swamp I think it's even more disgusting than that that's why I think 48 Republicans have retired or not seeking re-election come on man so yeah that's where it's going to be historically because essentially it's a constitutional crisis that there's going to be an indictments of high-level government officials and elected officials

"....and this has came up with the Lindsey Graham talking about military tribunals with yes yeah that is such a bizarre exchange that went on for I don't know five or six minutes was really bizarre and what have you heard about Gitmo did they do all this upgrade to Gitmo make it bigger and have barges and all that I mean they they have enhanced tremendously the capacity the holding capacity of of Gitmo Zandt like of Guantanamo Bay is that what you've heard also is that yeah they modernized it they've upgraded it do you think some of these people are going to go to Gitmo

"....hmmm I don't that I don't know I would suspect they'd be try tried with in the United States in the court system I don't think they got that's just my opinion they could under military Triborough tribunals he certainly could I think it would probably be handled by our justice system but that's just my opinion and what's funny about Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham was joined at the hip with John McCain hated Trump Hawk pro-war wanted to be in Syria he was pounding on Trump all the time about the wall

" soon as McCain dies Lindsey Graham does a 180 degree turn in support of Trump in support of the wall now he's saying that he thinks the throw from Syria was probably a good a good decision he has become almost a different man what's changed he's what's changes he's now supporting Trump instead of trying going around with the McCain and trying to destroy him on every TV program they could get on and why does that coincide with it with the death of John McCain I mean what the world is going on there now he's become more supportive of Trump and Trump's lose of the wall and everything else which he used to decry along with McCain

" it's just very odd what about the press we talked about the press you know we had struck and Paige struck was the number two counterintelligence person so I keep reminded people this is not some field FBI agent this is not some guy down and you know Keokuk Iowa got an office somewhere out of the way this is numbered that number two counterintelligence person you which right I mean and he was dealing with Lisa Paige who I believe was Andrew McCabe's attorney or a counsel okay so do you well and they're talking about the media leak strategy and what how do they get general Flynn

"....they leaked it out they also had at all-out war the best-selling author Klein and work line saying that they had a plan hatched December 16th the sources that they're going to unmask all these people and what do they do they used immediate unmask they got you know that all these people including Lieutenant General Michael Flynn so the media was part of a leak strategy they okay so do they they don't have a First Amendment exemption to leaked classified information and engage in sedition and treason do they and its we're talking about here right that's correct it

"....oh that no they don't we I did a show we called it operation Mockingbird 2.0 where both the Department of Justice and the CI like they've been doing have been using the mainstream media to leak information and control the perception of the American people that's what they've been doing it's the same operation Mockingbird that's always been there where the CIA and the FBI has been selectively leaking to the media to get certain information out to alter the opinions of the American people that is it is really an abominable operation against the American people themselves and then this is this is not just you're not just leaking stuff they know that that this is part of a plan they are complicit in the plan

"....yes yes and you know Greg this is the deep state the shout of Dharma this has been around for over but probably 60 years this thing and these elites have been around doing this and the only reason that we're seeing this is one person donald trump has caused all of these ugly snakes to have their heads come up out of the swamp where people can see them it's the first president I was a big fan of Ronald Reagan of course but Ronald Reagan didn't do anything against the swamp sadly

" so Trump is the first president to actually do this and these people have are being exposed out in the open to the American people and and people are starting to get it I wanted to brief I'm going to bring this to a close here pretty soon but I wanted to bring up something you put on your for the love of freedom net your website which we'll talk a little bit about it and where you can get on it and also by the book there to you

"....but you brought up operation Phoenix where you have information about a a mass murder a genocide where they used a special pistol an operation Phoenix assassination pistol where they destroyed they killed 40,000 communists in Vietnam and they go they arrest them and they shoot him to the head or they go to their front door and they'd shoot anybody who went to the door and they buried all these assassination pistols and you have this on your site so you can go look at the pistol and take a look at your presentation on there

"....but wow that is absolutely unbelievable that you're releasing this I mean they want to kill you they've tried to kill you in the past I don't want to emphasize that because you know I don't want to be overdramatic but I don't think I am I think they've tried to kill you a more than one occasion and now that you're just giving them another reason though at least the dark players in the CIA don't want to kill you because you're a whistleblower tell me about operation fruit of Phoenix briefly than the assassination of 40,000 communists in Vietnam

"....yeah sure and they have been doing this to me now for about 18 years and I just I got fed up with it and I said okay you want to play by those rules then I'll just release the in Bominable things that you've done that I've witnessed and that the question was why in the world did the CIA go after me with such of vengeance well this is why because I had knowledge of this evidence buried on this site with operation Phoenix they assassinated 40,000 Vietnamese sinesses just because they were suspected of communism

"....and the pistols called deer guns were all buried at the site where I was the executive office of the second-in-command I held these deer guns in my hand they're very I was first thing I was amazed they're very odd-looking single-shot pistols where they put him in the back of the head of the target and just blow their brains out these assassination pistols were buried at the site where I I was they started percolating up to the surface of the ground it's like even Mother Nature was disgusted it started spitting him out

"....but I held them in in my hand they were calcified because they'd been buried so many years ago so what the CIA did was basically engage in a program of genocide and then take the evidence The Smoking Gun and bury it at the site I found out about that and several other things there's a couple of I think the New York Times try Savage they actually did a pretty good job in some of the other things they were doing there that's a smoking gun for operation Phoenix and these assassination pistols were buried at the site where I was I found him I handled them in my hand I was briefed on what they were and it's an absolute abomination so I finally decided to come out and expose this so people know how bloody and deceitful the CIA is

" is not James Bond never has been never will be they've been involved in genocide cooze against democratic governments and on and on and on it goes so I just released this because I'm fed up and people need to know this horrible program the see I did and then tried to bury the evidence from our government from the American people and this is new I mean this is this is how long have you had this on your site I put this on my side I think four days ago that's stunning information that that yes you had that you had a forty thousand person genocide back in the Vietnam War era where they had actually had a special pistol to shoot people in the back of the head I had said I mean if it wasn't you and you a former CIA a high-ranking officer with a super high security clearance I would go

"....oh come on that's just sounds I would that's you know that just didn't sound real but it is are you fearful of your life for releasing this yeah I mean I'm in quite a bit of danger you know I've been in this position now for at least 18 years or so this is going to cause a huge explosion and humbly what I've just revealed is the the existence of operation Phoenix and where the where the skeletons are buried and yeah that's huge but people need to my mission is is to let the public know the truth of what the CIA has done

" a witness to that and yes I'm in I'm in grave danger now I take a lot of security precautions but that's just just the way it is yeah what's people which tells me what's changed since what has changed and IV I guess there's no real motivation for did there be any changes that's the CIA if they've done this and covered it up right oh they're continuing to do the same thing that they were with operation Phoenix they're still in Syria the Free Syrian Army CIA back Free Syrian Army there have been five hundred thousand Syrian civilians that have been killed

" it goes on and on and on the CIA needs to be investigated needs to be taken apart and an organization needs to be put together which Truman it originally intended and that is an organization that just provides intelligence to the President and policy makers are not this dark murderous operational side of the CIA that has done so many horrific things what are you what's your prognosis for 2019 now you've brought that out what's your prognosis for 2019 how do you think they are we going to get involved in some sort of I don't know Mad Max an area where the credit seizes up and you know we all had the the yield curve it looks like it's flattening or at least inverting you know friends of mine of the financial system that say that the danger warning I mean this is a danger

"....but what do you think it's gonna happen in 2019 2019 it's gonna be a rough year I think we are we are heading for a financial collapse there's no doubt about that and with the Fed raising the interest rates the stock market going up and down an incredible spikes and valleys that may be the spark for this Civil War of the economy going into a serious recession which will heat things up as as recessions and depressions always do the the battles of the war in Washington is going to get unbelievable

".....and I think I think our economy is heading for a pretty serious recession do you think that outside forces would attack the United States or just let it let us mix it up and sort it out what's you suppose they would the outside forces China Russia would do China especially I think as they see us weaken

".....I think there is a possibility they would attack us now we have to remember that we're in depth at China I think four point two trillion dollars so if China was to hurt us they'd be hurting their own economy and drive them into depression but the only way around that is war and they're building up as Russia is but China is building up their war there's their stations their arms their new supersonic missiles as is Russia

".....and it appears that therefore they're preparing for war we all know the foolishness of mankind I think that the nuclear clock now is two minutes to twelve I hate to say it but I think there's going to be eventually a nuclear conflict man is foolish and China and Russia are preparing to oppose the United States and they're also preparing and that you don't hear this much in the media they're also preparing to stop recognizing the US dollar as the reserve currency and perhaps recognize the the wad instead if they stop recognizing the dollar as the world reserve currency

"....we go down our economy goes down do you I'm glad you brought that up and I'm just gonna hang on here because I'm not gonna cut it off I gonna get over here some people think that we're gonna get a currency reset said that Donald Trump is gonna be forced to reset the currency which is really resetting the debt which is you know phenomenal and we had dr. mark Skidmore from the University of Michigan State University with his we missing 21 trillion missing money at the DoD and HUD which you know the course of Washington Post the enemy of the people did a story and said it was just all canceled that Senate big deal which is totally false according to dr. mark Skidmore a professor of economics and expert in public finance

" do you think that we're get that Donald Trump and his team are gonna be forced into a currency reset to protect the dollar a backing by gold or backing by our GDP oil we're now a big producer of oil do you think there's some sort of reset coming sooner than later in terms of the currency yes I do I do because if they don't it's gonna be horrible if the dollar loses its reserve status yes I think they will they will absolutely do that and by the way this 21 trillion missing dollars that doubles our deficit mean our deficit now is about 22 trillion if you add that missing 21 trillion that our that our deficit is actually double what what is being said in public

"....then there's something very very serious going on with that 21 trillion I have my own opinion as to where it went but yeah I think there will be a reset what does that look like to the guy on the street when you say reset what does that look like the dollar plummets in value do we have a new Treasury dollar do we do we does our dollar plummet in value the Federal Reserve notes that we are holding does that plummet by 50 percent or 80 percent or I don't know what happens they do they just do away with it what what does it look like to the guy in the street when you talk about a reset of the currency

"....first of all the dollar plummets in value which of course is going to affect everybody's financial life in this country that don't devalue the dollar which is going to take us into a very serious recession perhaps even a depression China and Russia make their move to recognize the wand as the world currency that will make it even worse as I said before I think that one of the things people need to really be aware of as we are heading for a serious financial crisis and youth but so what would the common guy do what would the what would the guy on the street close

".....they won't listen people people tell me they'll write me this hey what's a guy with a house payment with no money down in a car payment and you know what's the little guy you know listen I don't have a painless way for this for you to work this out to live your life but what what do you think that the little guy what's going to happen to them and what should they do what should they do should they buy food or they buy gold should they to get their car title I don't know what should they do well yeah you have to remember every time the Federal Reserve raises interest rates that means the interest rates go up on our credit cards interest goes up on our mortgages interest goes up on our car loans so the what people are paying for those things is increasing because the Fed is increasing the the base interest rate

" it's going to affect everybody seriously I would say number one get out all debt just plan on starting now I know some people have three four hundred five hundred thousand dollar mortgages that's gonna that's really gonna hurt them if when the recession hits I would say get out of all debt any way that you can there's a lot of people that are I live on an off-the-grid farm where we grow all of our own stuff where we have our own electricity and I started preparing we started preparing for this three years ago and not everybody can do that

".....but I would encourage people to start getting ready in any way they can and the first thing to do is get out of debt don't buy a new car don't buy a new house if you can get around that because that's where people are gonna get hurt so badly is going to be in debt and what happens to the actual dollars we have are they going to introduce a new currency do you have any information on that at all are they gonna have a new doll or a treasury dollar or gonna have two currencies at the same time what's gonna happen with that do you know haven't heard a thing about that

".... I think the devaluation of the dollar will come first and what they do after that I have no information at all and that'll be evaluating it gets gold yeah I mean is that yeah that's what you're talking about I mean it has to be I mean so yeah would land prices go up so so real estate could go down as interest rates went up yeah Oh land will go up because land is an asset that never changes it is always there that's why we see people like Bill Gates buying a huge acreage of lands down south where they grow onions and other things because they know that land is the only asset that is not going to be destroyed by what's coming financially

"....and so that's what they're doing I would encourage people if you can buy land an acre 10 acres 50 acres do it buy land land is the only investment left that is tangible that you can hold on to and of course you can build your own house on that start your own solar powered electrical system and other things but if you're going to do something by land what about gold and silver what do you think about that yeah of course gold is always valuable but if you remember and in the back in the world or gold you can't eat gold and and so if there's no food in the grocery stores what happened after the Second World War is the rich people went out and they paid gold for lettuce and broccoli they paid the farmers gold for food so land and food and electricity and heating is is first gold is good to have

"'ll be it's it's real wealth I wonder if if Trump stays in office I don't think this will happen but if he doesn't like FDR did they many make having gold illegal and and shockingly back then they started confiscating people's gold so yeah gold is good it's valuable it'll always be valuable you can trade with it but you can't eat it so that's just a lesson from history that don't don't rely just on gold just make sure you have stuff make sure you have stuff and stuff that's yours and pay for stuff that's is yours and paid for and paid off boy that's just freaking me out

" and you think it's coming is it gonna be late late this is coming sooner than later well your feeling is that the reset of the dollar of the debt is what it is is gonna come sooner than later yeah I I would I would estimate because these these things tend to go slower at least in my experience than you would think I would estimate that this will all really start coming apart the the political side is going to start within the next couple of months two or three months politicals war is going to start then the financial decline I think will probably hit just shy of a year so you so you got something we have some time to

".....yeah so you don't think that if some people think the reset is gonna have to happen you know early in the in the in the year that it's gonna have to happen sooner than later and you're saying that you could be a year yes it could and then again it could not be depends on what might happen might transpire yeah I mean that you know these things as any stock market analyst will tell you there are very hard to predict when they're gonna happen I there's no question that we're going to enter into a financial crisis no question

"....but as all the analysts will tell you that the problem is trying to figure out when because it's so volatile it's coming I think it's it's coming sooner than you would think but I would say no not the next few months by the end of the year I think we're gonna see some financial some serious financial problems well we could get financial problems if he starts prosecuting people in purple walking you know very weak you know it could destabilize things I I don't know I think he's bought time with all this um I I just think that that weren't just there's so much going on on the background Kevin that there's just you just don't know all the stuff going on you know that 41 funeral and the stuff being out I

"....yeah I mean that was bizarre I mean that was not a fun thing for those folks to you what to get but you they I think the financial were I think they'd the political war started the first day the new Congress was sworn in I mean I yeah yeah it did and at full blast yeah it's so you're it's a 2019 year for you is there gonna be a year of turmoil and change it's going to be a year of turmoil and change yes well Kevin ship thanks for coming on I real one last thing one last thing I wanted to get your appraisal of this head just something I'm just thinking this is a as they go along you know the government shutdown and it's almost as if the president doesn't want people in Washington then he wants as many people out of Washington as possible because you know you shut down all these museums and all this you know stuff disbelief you know stuff on the periphery and you know people are driving into Washington to come to work do you think that's being done on purpose is there another ulterior ulterior motive by the President to

"....I know we need a border wall I wanted to talk about that real quick two ways I got you here I'm sorry I'm gonna go on I'm gonna extend this do you think there's a reason why there's an another motive to keep the government shut down to keep Washington clear it out for some sort of some sort of action that he may take alright well I think he's he's dug in and he's fighting the dark side they don't they're claiming now they don't want a wall and won't find it they're trying flex their muscles and exert their power and I think he is dug in against them

"....and he's conveying to them a message that I'm gonna have a wall and you're not going to stop me so we'll just go take this as long as we can I think it's it's about his promise its campaign promise and what he knows about what's coming across the border is why he's digging in on the wall the wall is critical the Democrats don't want a wall because if they approve it that means Trump won something and they lost in a lake Trump look really good so that's why they're trying to stop it but he's with it is maverick like personality he's dug in his heels

".....and and and this is a major campaign promise we're gonna have a wall that's where the fight is a can't he just have the military do it at some point you could say okay listen this is a national security issue I got a big military budget with a bunch of discretionary spending I'm gonna have a wall I mean can he do that he can do that and I hope he does and so do you think he'll play this out long enough to say okay we've reached an impasse so here's what I've decided to do Congress will not protect the southern border we have all kinds of stuff coming in terrorists drug trafficking human trafficking so I'm gonna have the military bill so he's gonna take this out until he can say I tried now I'm gonna use my power as president in the executive branch to build a wall with the discretionary funds that I control right now is that is or am I crazy

" boom that's it do you think that's his plan absolutely Wow so we're gonna get a wall no matter what in your estimation yes I think I think we will okay all right and you don't think he has the that Washington cleared out and also in another issue another thing if he starts you know things get messy with the the indictments that you think are coming and maybe not 60,000 or whatever but you know dozens you're thinking that they may try to pull something in Washington or why not have it cleared out a little bit so unless people get hurt if it gets nasty am i thinking that right or is that some crazy thing that I'm just you know dreaming up well in my opinion I think it's it's more about the wall getting the wall

"....yeah I think it's more about that okay all right okay Kevin ship your website is the for the love of freedom net now you can't miss this book on the front day I'm just gonna put people on to your website do you have like a a newsletter or a a thief donations page or a sign-up page do you have anything on the site that I can also link to you for people because you're fighting a deep dark ugly battle yourself yeah well what I do is on Twitter and it's at Kevin underscore ship Shi PP I put out regular updates on what the shadow government deep state is doing and exposed that almost daily so people know what's going on so people can go to that for kind of current events that I'm researching and alerting people to and and that's been that's been really growing so I'd encourage people to go there also well how do you fund yourself I'm asking you about about do you have a you have a sign-up page you have a hood that's up there that you charge yes so that's free it's a more free stuff yeah you're gonna give me a link to that your Twitter account yes okay left for that the link for the Twitter account is at Kevin underscore ship sh IPP we have a donation page on for the love of freedom dotnet of course the CIA destroyed my retirement I I've been doing a lot of this pro bono so my way so you're gonna send me a link for your Twitter yes and I'm going to put this after the interview and the afternoon view section you're gonna send me a link for your donations page is that right okay okay and then you're also on your page you can click on them on your book cover now here's what it looks like folks and it's backordered and that helps you out also is that right yes yeah we've been ok really been flying out helping us quite a bit yes okay so I'll put all that stuff you'll send me those links and I really appreciate you're a patriot thank you for coming on us a watchdog calm and give us giving us your appraisal about what's going on and what went on with operation Phoenix and that which you broke on this on my channel which is I'm I'm happy that you broke it but I'm sad about what it is you broke which is a horrible atrocity of murdering 40,000 people our own government the CIA involved in that which is stunning so thank you for for coming on and being a patriot thank you very much very much always good to be with you okay thanks thanks a lot Kevin ship for the love of freedom net his book get it right from the company of shadows everything you want to know about the deep state which is real he's an expert on that and a lot of other things Kevin Shipp thanks for joining us today on us a watchdog calm ...≺≺ less