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*** January 2019 ***

GOLD Will End the Fed.

Destroying the Illusion ** Published on Jan 11, 2019
"....Gold is on fire right now let me tell you why I've got some stats for you right now Gold has had its fourth weekly gain four weeks in a row of the price rising recently gold has hit its six-month highs highest price of gold in six months countries around the world are increasing their gold supplies including China including Ireland also including Tanzania I just saw this yesterday Tanzania is wanting their cinch central bank to begin buying more gold and not just that but remember on December 12th in that QA q said gold shall destroy the Fed Gold shall destroy the Fed ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... remember we got a couple house resolutions right now that are kind of on the back burner that could put us back on a gold standard define a paper dollar as a fixed weight of gold so all of these things being said the price of gold is rising countries around the world are buying it up we've even got our public Intel disseminators in queue telling us that this country's economic system is gonna be changing very soon and gold precious metals are gonna have a massive hand in that I think 2019 is gonna see quite a year for precious metals like gold like silver like even a palladium and maybe some others so that being said I wanted to invite our friend Colin from noble gold back onto this channel to give us some insight that he has working with investors working hand-in-hand with many people within the precious metal market in what we can do and what we can expect in 2019 with gold

".... I mean I'm definitely gonna start investing some of my resources in precious metals I think you might as well check this interview out call him thank you so much for coming on here with me Jordan always a pleasure excited to be here good good so a couple weeks ago we last talked and since then a couple big things have happened in terms of gold in Q's drops now Q being the intelligence dissemination effort linked to the Trump administration I think we can both agree on that they said on December 12th gold shall destroy the Fed what do you think of that

"....well it's interesting because we we kind of talked about it in our last interview but you know there's a lot of belief out there that that the Trump administration is going to tie the currency to gold which would really hand hamstring the fat you know the Fed is able to raise and lower interest rates really they control the money and how how money is is handled and that's you know all those the Fed is just basically owned by all the large banks so the idea that this administration may be moving into a situation where we'd have our currency tied to gold like we used to gives people you know a currency that can't just deflate the way that our money does it can't can't just be printed out of thin air it would make our dollar stronger

"....and I think it would really lose the hurt the fat in terms of what their power is over over our economy right because the Fed they've increased the interest rate four times since Trump's presidency right yeah years under Obama yeah and they just did it again and and you know I think most educated people when they look at what the Fed is doing they realize that you know the indicators to raise interest rates are not to raise them at the rate that they're doing right now are unusual

"....and it does seem to be that the Fed is working in opposition of the economy and and in opposition of the president and and you know the reason that those entities are separate is that they're not it shouldn't be it's not like a Democrat Republican battle these it shouldn't be a buyer Hardison battle but it does seem as though the Fed has almost been weaponized in a way exactly and animals have taken offense that you know Trump being one of the first presidents to really just talk about the Fed and talk about the raising interest rates has put them in a position where they're in opposition and and ultimately we're all working towards a better economy and

"....and you know the the stock market has reacted obviously to that and and as interest rates go up with the cost of money goes out the cost of borrowing and our country is obviously predicated on on on cheap debt right now right and if the gold is going to destroy the Fed you know one thing I find interesting and this hasn't been talked about too much over the last ten months back in March March 22nd there was a house resolution HR 5 404 the it was introduced in the house it was referred to the subcommittee it's just been sitting there nothing's happened to it since but it was a bill that it said was designed to make the price of the dollar as a fixed weight of gold

" says so could this be something I mean they just like having their back pocket that they're waiting till the appropriate time to bring out wrangle in the Fed and I mean from this like a weekend economic perspective what do you think the investor should do thank you for these things it's interesting because you know the the Fed you know you look at you know extra congressman Ron Paul who always you know his book that says end the Fed and talks about how you know the Fed is is sort of able to wield their influence without any kind of oversight

"....and you know it's it's scary when you look at our money and our money supply and what the Fed is able to do and you know who they determine to lend money to so I think what we're seeing right now is a few things one I do think the the stock market has just been and it's just inflated and and that was you know you're gonna have these cycles where the stock market's current gonna correct every seven to ten years and we're actually if you look at next year we're in the 11th year so we're sort of due for a correction a B I think the that you know money's gonna get more expensive which is off obviously get a drive down the prices of real estate

"....because if it costs more to buy a home and to buy commercial everything is just gonna go up you know in terms of costs that's gonna drive down the prices and then I think you have this this kind of force working against the government in a way to try to manipulate things and maybe turn the tide for the presidential election in 2020 which I think that if the economy turns it would make it more difficult for for president Trump to get reelected which it seems like the Fed it would would want that

"....and that's I think a little scary in that that's not the intent of these different branches and so people right now as I was saying before we jumped on here we've been you know typically this week is a slower week we've been busier than ever I think people are very concerned right now about their retirements they're about you know they seen the Dow from December 3rd so today is down almost 13% as of yesterday dramatic drop Christmas Eve we hot we saw the biggest one-day drop that we've seen in a long time

"....and this is the worst mark market for the stock market they said since since the Great Depression just in terms of numbers so we're we're starting to tap an some bear market territory in terms of where the markets are going or where the indicators are and I think that's getting people kind of a weekend to what's really happening out there right and the stock markets definitely volatile I think a lot of investors are seeing them but gold is steadily increasing it just hit a six-month high it held it at about 12 79 an ounce and I saw a survey of investors done that shows a third of them think that gold is gonna get over 1,500 ounce in 2019

" sound like Gold's a safe bet to you I mean that and that would still be you know 26 27 percent lower than where it was at 1500 so that it it's got a lot more room to go I always look at gold that's a bottom right now should be 2500 an ounce because it hit 2,500 dollars an ounce if you take money from the early 1980s and you take inflation when you know gold had 900 hours you take that number today it should be 2500

" I don't even look at gold as being anywhere near where it should be until it hits that number and and silver is the same thing I mean Silver's starting to move up it's starting to move but you know if you look at you know the early 1980s The Hunt Brothers try to corner the silver market the uses for silver from the 1980s to today it's there's there's like five or six thousand more uses for silver industrially than there was back then so obviously the price is gonna have to fall soon we talked Charles and I talked to silver gold miners and they just they don't understand how the prices are where they're at and they've had to lay people off you know the mining companies have reduced mining substantially

" when we go on this run they won't have enough gold or silver we will be backed up you will not be able to get enough it's a fact right that will actually if a gold standard comes into play I mean that would yeah there would you you know it would be the gold rush all over again and there the demand would be out seed out way the amount of gold that comes down the ground because for gold all the money in the world there's only an increase of gold on you know on the earth that comes out about 1% per year that's that's not going to be enough if we go on this run

"....because most of the gold in the world is held by central banks it's held by funds those those people are not selling those enemies are not selling so where are they going to get more gold for more people that want it for you know investment or jewelry or whatever so I think that's that's where we're going and that's where 2019 is headed for us definitely and to get on the gold game

" they can call you they can go to your website even have a couple ebooks right yeah we have tons ebooks and I think you know just calling in eight seven seven six four six five three four seven and they call in to get the information and talk to a broker you know get some education and then you know getting that information is important

"....but you know learning and educating yourself about what we do is everything that we do here you know we always talk about a drone we're a family business you know we everyone here has been trained by Charles and they learn the business you know brokers have been here a long time they're happy here and there they're happy to give out information and educate people about about what we do in precious metals good yaks it sounds like 2019 is gonna be a hot year for gold and silver too so absolutely cool Colin thank you so much thanks for not having you here appreciate you and your knowledge talk to you soon talk to you soon ...≺≺ less

Gold,Structure,The Plan To Bring Down The Central Bank System:Bix Weir

X22Report Spotlight ** Published on Jan 12, 2019
Key words: head of the Treasury Steve minutiae,central bank economy,massive amounts of gold,billions and billions of ounces of gold within the Grand Canyon, Dianne Feinstein and her desert wildlife, the Bankers Trust merger with Deutsche Bank, deutsche bank with 55 trillion dollars in derivatives,massive massive debt for every dollar,2008 is a great example no banker went to jail for the literally stealing billions, an illusion of wealth and assets, for every Apple stock owned out there you know five people own the exact same share , France is doing that on Friday they're pulling their money out of the bank say we don't believe in these bankers,Alan Greenspan's plan, Argentina and Zimbabwe have learned their lessons

"....hi and welcome to the x-22 report spotlight today we have a returning guest Bix we're vixx is the owner of Rotorua that is Rotorua calm you can also find him on his YouTube channel which is road to Rue des and I am very happy to have Bix back on the x-22 report spotlight Bix welcome back to the spotlight any dean is nice to be here hey thanks for being here let's just start off with the economy and I think there's a good place to start and I mean we're getting a lot of mixed messages right now Trump is out there he's tweeting out that the economy is doing great we have GDP numbers increasing we have the stock market which is at all-time highs yes it's been bobbed up and down it's a little little chaotic lately unemployment number is very very low and on the other hand we have the mainstream media out there and they're saying recessions coming 2019 2020 which coincides with the elections which is very coincidental ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....yeah and you know we have two different stories now remember when Obama was president we were saying that the economy is heading into a recession you know it's one gigantic illusion now it seems like it flip-flopped and now the mainstream media is out there saying it's recession I don't remember the last time the mainstream media ever said like oh well recessions coming prepare yourself have you had no it was a loser back then and and it's an illusion now I mean the the amount of market rigging the amount of phony and up inflation numbers GDP numbers

"....I mean there is really there's nothing nothing you can count on to support any kind of economic evidence in any direction because I mean Trump took over a system that was rigged and is continued the rig and it's one of those things is like you know why did we go to business school to learn how the economy works if you find out that everything is a lie it's really interesting time do you think he's using the same manipulation that Obama and other presidents have used even the central bank you think he's using it to convince everyone that the economy is doing very well so this way he can blame it on the Fed that's that's part of it I mean it's one of those things when you take over a rigged economy with rigged numbers there's no way to get back to where it should be without continuing the rig

" yes Trump Stevie hired Steve minutiae as the head of the Treasury Steve minutiae was the computer IT expert at goldman sachs in charge of market rigging for goldman sachs so i mean as soon as he named Steve minutiae and I'm like well that guy's the head of marketing rigging at probably one of the market biggest market riggers on planet earth so he's gonna call his buddy say hey kick in the computer algorithms on this day you'll make this amount money and you'll also help me tell the world that the stock market is great and you know the whole while its computer programs click the mouse and all of a sudden you can drive the stock market up you know ten percent five percent there is no limit to the amount of manipulation in any market including gold silver kryptos oil gas the bonds everything is rigged now

" let me ask you this before Trump became president he was out there saying you know we have bubbles the stock market is manipulated and he was out there talking down the economy why didn't he just come in and say listen this whole thing's fake the stock market manipulated all you need to do is push a couple of buttons you can make him go up and down the statistical numbers completely manipulated this is not a real economy the whole thing has been manipulated why why didn't he just come in and say that right from the very start

"....I think there was a couple of reasons the main reason is the chaos the chaos that would be created when and he didn't want to get blamed for it and also there was a lot of the old regime the bad guys as I call them entrenched in in government in the banking system and they're still there but they're they're starting to be weeded out and it's gonna take a process I mean these guys have put themselves in a position of power for the last 100 years and and Trump can't come in and expect them to go away I mean even the judicial system half the judges are ready the bad guys as well

" it's it's one of those things it's been very difficult for him obviously to take over the reins and try to get the deep stack try to drain the swamp without destroying everything although I believe ultimately at the end they're going to have to destroy the monetary system completely because there's no way to rejigger the system when the bad guys own 99% of the the wealth and they've hidden it away in in you know fake accounts and real accounts tax dodges in Antigua and and bridge for Virgin Islands and all around the world

" he's had a Herculean Herculean task of getting rid of these people so that we can hopefully one day close up the Fed and and move forward with sound money which would be great for Humanity but it'll just it's such a change that you can't do it overnight

" you mentioned destroying the economy that were in today actually it's the central bank economy and on the channe boards there was a question-and-answer time with q and one of the Annan's asked a question you know will gold bring down I mean will the Fed be destroyed and Q answered gold will bring down the Fed now there's been a lot of discussion about gold does the United States have gold I know you've done a lot of research with gold first do you think we have gold second how is gold going to bring down the Fed

"....I would say absolutely we have massive amounts of gold more cold than anybody knows about but the reality of the gold in the like Fort Knox gold or at West Point gold that's probably been lent out and re hypothecated ten times in different various forms all around the world it's gonna get to if the system crashes it's what you have in your hands or in the ground and the United States has a policy as a policy has been for the last hundred years taking the natural resources we have in the ground and locking him up in the national parks wildlife preserves the largest oil find on the history of planet Earth was up at goal Island in Laska in the 1960s

"....and what they do they lock it up instantly knowing that as long as people take this fiat money this unbag fiat money that they can print easily with a click of a mouse now as long as people accept that as money we'd rather use that to buy other people's natural resources and keep our natural resources in the ground and we've had just major like humongous gold finds within the United States the largest one I talked about is within the Grand Canyon and I believe that was the reason for the creation the Federal Reserve I found a front page of the New York Times back in 1912 right before the creation of the Fed

"....they announced that they found billions and billions of ounces of gold within the Grand Canyon and then Woodrow Wilson locked it up and there's no exploration allowed to go in there you can't bring a pebble out of the Grand Canyon and it's completely locked up and I believe and this is those alongs with many other stories gold at chocolate mountain gunnery range in California

"....Dianne Feinstein and her desert wildlife preserve has has blocked out millions of acres of some of the richest gold country in the world all with the idea that we're gonna use everybody else's assets first including gold and then one day we're gonna need it we know we're gonna need it and then at that day we'll have it in the ground and we can mine it and it was also in the road to Ruta comics that I found at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston that's what they're saying basically is that there's gold in the ground and we will have to go back and use it at some point I'm

" you're saying that from the beginning all these national parks in these certain areas they purposely put this aside knowing that there's deposits of gold or maybe other type of metals or maybe oil or anything else they did this on purpose not to save the parks because of their beauty and things like that but because of what was underneath the parks high so the most part yes I mean they're I mean if you go to the Grand Canyon and it's the most beautiful place in the world and I spent some time there but I get why they they blocked it off but also I mean what we're talking about is not the 190,000 tons that's supposed to ever be mined on planet Earth that's a lie created by Harry Oppenheimer at Goldfield mineral services back in the 60s

".... the the truth of the matter is that there are millions of tons of gold that are available in the ground and above-ground and all you got to do is the research of sterling and Peggy Seagrave your monsta's gold and they did an extensive uh you know lifetime's worth of work and all the documentation showing that there's at least 300,000 tons that is involved with that situation but even even though they've proven it time and time again nobody you know the mainstream the Jeffrey Christians the world will tell you

"....I'm no 190,000 tons that's it so I think the gold people will be shocked to find out that there's millions of tons of gold but on the same front they've been rigging the whole price the gold price should be way higher in relation to fiat money and and that's the other thing they lie about is the amount of fiat money they've created when you when you're in charge of the statistics on creating fiat money and you can print more than 21 trillion dollars in debt and not tell anybody and captain Austin Fitz has done some great work in exposing that

"....and she says well that's more like 21 trillion plus another 30 trillion plus what you know there is no limitation on on what the government can do on that front and then don't have to tell anybody and that's that's heated fiat money is it's a fake system so use it to your best ability and then when it's all done when when the benefits have pretty much gone away and all of a sudden you're losing your economic freedom

"....they destroy the system and start fresh so that's kind of where we are now the second part to this is how will gold bring down the Fed what makes gold the power to bring down the Fed

".... well I think that more has to do with some of those shenanigans that the Fed has done although there's a lot of gold out there it's not necessarily in the hands of the Fed and the Fed has given all this gold to hold and safekeeping for other central banks around the world and and I don't think truthfully I don't think the Fed has any idea just how much trouble they're in as far as the gold situation because you can't make gold out of thin air yes there's tons millions of tons of gold but it's not necessarily in control of the Federal Reserve System it might be under the control of the US government but you know as we know the Fed is not a part of the US government

" do you think Powell I mean since Trump is out there and continually contradicting the Fed do you think Powell is working with Trump or do you think the Fed is trying to bring down the entire economy to go along with the deep state agenda

" I think the Fed is working with the Treasury and working with what I call the good guys ultimately to and but there's bad guys in there too it's it's one of these things if you read the Fed rhoda rooder documents it is clear that there's a power above the Fed that is controlling things and that is what Trump is fighting

".... there are people within the Fed fighting it that people within the US Treasury fighting it Steven ushion I would say is working closer with the bad guys to keep the system up and going although ultimately at the end of the day both sides want to crash the system the bad guys want to crash the system to get rid of all their dirty deeds and the good guys want to crash the system to get rid of the bad guys so the crashes is coming we just don't know what day and how destructive it would be

"....because for example deutsche bank with 55 trillion dollars in derivatives you can't you can't bail your way out of that there's and I think that was set up by Greenspan in the late 90s when Bankers Trust the Bankers Trust merger with Deutsche Bank happened there was a lot of bad deeds in that bankers trust merger and it just got worse at Deutsche Bank and and that's how they cover it up with derivatives and as we've seen their stock prices drop like 51 percent this year and it will go to zero and that will literally throw a monkey wrench into the derivative market

" when you say there's a power above the people in the central bank what do you mean by there's a power above them well remember the central bank you got your Board of Governors and then you got a few thousand people that work for the central bank of the United States

"....well there's central bank's all over the world and who puts though the the people in place is that the bankers or is it the president I would say it is the president listens to his advisers the presidents are not real keen on understanding how central banking work especially from the dark side of central banking the secret money printing that they don't tell anybody about and all that so if you're looking at who were those people it would be the Rothschilds the Rockefellers and the Warburg's

"....and you know if you go down the history of the Fed G Edward Griffin look creature from Jekyll Island is a great history the only thing that he missed in that book was the reason that Woodrow Wilson approved the Fed it wasn't because he wanted to give the bankers or he was conned by the bankers he was very much anti banker the reason he did it was he they found all this gold in the Grand Canyon

" would have destroyed the monetary system and social chaos would have hit back in 1913 and we've been doing it ever since so there are people behind the scenes and that's part of the problem now they own a lot of the gold - so will we go to a gold standard if the old system crashes you know I don't know if the majority of gold is owned by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers that might not be what we want to do and there wasn't an alternative until the currencies came around

"....and you know if if that right now the battle and the cryptocurrencies is the bad guys control our system now are trying to get their hooks into the crypto currencies by introducing a huge derivative complex into it and not sure if it's gonna work but they're doing a great job at rigging the markets and Kryptos so it is a crazy scene and I think the only way to get out of it and move forward would be a total destruction of the derivative complex would take out all the bad assets and and leave the real assets the non dead based assets but we'll see what happens

".... now if the system does come down I mean we don't know the exact time it's going to come down I mean how is Trump is administration the good guys going to protect the people from when this happens and also isn't this gonna hurt his chances of you know getting elected I mean what is this gonna what's gonna happen to his administration if this whole thing starts to fall apart

"....well it falls apart there'll be no government you know if the banks go down and the derivative bubble blows the jump all worry about you know getting elected we won't have a government you know there'll be no money and the reality of something like that is is what they're planning for we put off this transition for over a hundred years and it should have happened before the Fed was created but it didn't and now we're in a problem of massive massive debt for every dollar of debt it's someone else's asset and most of these debt based assets are like pension funds and at the banks on the banker level

" yeah I mean you shouldn't underestimate the collapse of the derivative system it would freeze every bank every financial institution we would need martial law we all these things are being put in place for the transition out of the old system into something new and a lot of people gonna go to jail and I know we we talked about it years and years we've been talking about the bankers going to jail

" seems like 2008 is a great example no banker went to jail for the literally stealing billions and trillions of dollars from people and then and then having the system implode and they get bailed out so they get when when they are successful they get all the gains and when they fail the people have to bail them out the the system's broken and we need a fix

" you talk about people going to jail and and in the past we talked about indictments we talked about the investigation into the Clintons investigations into Comey investigations into struck page and pretty much the whole gang and you know we've been talking about this for a very long time and and just recently we had this whole hearing about the Clinton Foundation which people started to talk about the Clinton Foundation and how it really wasn't a charity and they were exposing certain things within the Clinton Foundation do you think this is just the beginning to get everyone talking about the Clintons the Clinton Foundation so we can move forward on this

"....well I think the beginning was the release of the Podesta emails yeah which kind of brought that stuff to light it's just ongoing and continuing and do I think that ultimately people will find out the truth I hope so I think Trump always holds that card in his hand and you know he can release all the Anthony Weiner laptop files which are supposed to be the most horrific things humanity has ever seen

"....but yeah it's it it really is it's the attempt to make this transition without destroying the fabric of our country and in the world both culturally religiously economically it does touch every facet of this fake world we've been living in and you know the the exposure in the media of the media what they're doing to us and and even to the point of extraterrestrial beings out there all this stuff that's been hidden from humanity

"....and and the the fact that we've had free energy for over a hundred years and yet it's been hidden from us that we could free up so much for our planet for the people for economic system but at the same time it would put half the global population out of work with these huge changes like imagine a world with no banking system and no fossil fuel system and economy and and things running out free energy and the whole world will change

" these these changes that are being withheld from us are just massive we can look at you know the system we have and say oh my god is so horrible and the future could be so bright but the transition is gonna be very very chaotic is

"....that what he's worried about with sing like the declassification of FISA all the emails from weiners laptop everything the Clintons have done and everything else you are they worried about chaos when all of this comes out is the lot of things worried

"....yeah well obviously yeah I mean that's always been the biggest worry since the creation of the Fed is the social implications of what society would do if they knew the truth and you know the FISA thing is tiny and all that stuff is tiny it to your average Joe it's surveillance the biggest thing in the world oh my god but to in in the bigger scope of thing it's it's all trying to manage a smooth transition and it will come out the FISA stuff and and there will be people sitting to death for trees and I believe

".... and it will shake up our system but we need a shake-up we can't be afraid of this transition or it's gonna go on for another hundred years and things will get worse and worse and worse so I think a lot of truth and reconciliation has to happen over the next few years and the good guys as I call them are trying to slowly ease us out of the old system and into a new system Bravo if they can do it that'd be amazing but I don't think it can be done I think at some point you just gotta pull a plug pull the band-aid and say all right here's the truth and you're gonna have to be grown-up enough to handle the truth and then because that's the only way we can move forward

"....but if they if they do do that a lot of people would lose you know what they have in the bank their investments because if we just go ahead and say okay let's get rid of this system and everyone has to basically handle the truth we're getting rid of the central bank system because we've been in this central bank system it's it's a fake system they can control they control it they control everything and if we just scrap it everything that we have everything that we own all of our investments are tied into the central bank system so everyone would have to start from zero

".... wait well that's the thing it's an illusion of wealth and assets that that the vast majority of people have stocks you know CDs checking savings it's all an illusion of wealth and behind-the-scenes their rehypothecation every single asset you look at the DTC see who's supposed to keep track of all the trades of stocks and they even they admit 300 million shares are not settled every single day

" there's you know for every Apple stock owned out there you know five people own the exact same share so it's just an illusion of wealth that they have if you if you have a real tangible non debt based asset in your possession like gold like silver I would say coin coins because Federal Reserve notes are based on the Federal Reserve but coins have to change to do a lot better than a lot of these assets that you think oh I I have a you know a million dollars in my fidelity account you don't you don't have it it's an illusion of wealth

".... and the minute that the derivative bubble goes off that illusion goes away and that's that's the key and like I said everything is going to change when the truth is told if the truth is told all the assets that are being rehypothecation in the exchanges you know the the crypto community just went through something called proof of keys where everybody's taking their cryptocurrencies out of the exchanges and the online wallets and bringing it into their own possession because they wanted to prove that they control their own destiny and nobody you're not contingent upon coinbase staying in business or JPMorgan staying in business

"....and I think France is doing that on Friday they're pulling their money out of the bank say we don't believe in these bankers we don't think they have the assets that they tell us we don't believe in the illusion of wealth I think that'll be a huge thing moving forward the illusion of wealth versus the actual possession

"....we'll wait you said something about France this the the yellow vests protests yet they're getting their money out of the banking system

".... the head of the yellow vest movement just got arrested for doing this but they are planning to pull their money out of the banks now I don't think you know the French are very conservative they're gonna leave the vast majority you're gonna leave their money in but you're gonna see ATM and and things like that which makes people start thinking okay does a bank have the money no we all know the banks don't have the money you just watch it's a wonderful life and you'll get the concept of you know they lend the money out but they don't lend the money out anymore they use it to gamble

".... and you're having huge banking problems all over the world right now and secret bailouts going on so it's happening you just got to get your assets in your own possession if you home gold and silver if you if you're not the one who holds it and you're not the only one who holds it then you are gonna lose it because nobody no institution no vault nobody can survive the collapse of the derivative bubble

"....since Q is telling us that gold is gonna bring down the Fed you're telling us there's gold out there q is also telling us that there's going to be a structure change of the Federal Reserve and it looks like we're moving towards a complete destruction of the central bank system I mean we know China Russia and many other countries they're accumulating we're repatriating their gold what is gold real value then

"....well that gets back to the original row derivative documents we're like this is one of the documents from the road to Ruda this road route it comes from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston one of the documents is called banking basics and in that in that it's a pamphlet in the pamphlet it shows his little girl walking up to a bank with with gold coins and exchanging them for dollars it also has the data painting in there that you know with sunlight the gold antitrust action committee has this portrait of kind of the GAT of people charging the Federal Reserve with a flag it's all cloaked in darkness in the Fed comic it has the same thing except the the Fed is in light

"....and the doors cracked open meaning the Fed is ready to change over get rid of the old system get rid of the bad guys and probably be incorporated within the US Treasury and do what is right which is create a version of sound money but the first thing you need to do is get rid of all the old stuff and that's why Alan Greenspan allowed the derivative bubble to get so big Alan Greenspan Robert Rubin and Larry Summers back in the 90s fought tooth and nail to have the derivative market unregulated to give the bank's enough rope to hang themselves

"....and just look at what they did with the derivative market hundreds of quadrillions of dollars of derivatives have that written knowing all well the whole time they knew that if there was a third party disaster like deutsche bank goes down it wipes out everything all those phony assets all the all the illusions of wealth will be gone and you're left you're basically left with what is real gold crypto currencies as silver and whatever the United States decides to use as money going forward

"....I would guess that the US will use some kind of physical gold exchange dollar where you as a a bank depositor can go into a bank and say okay I don't trust you I have $20 I want $20 with the gold back and you'll get that so it's a redeemable standard because people are not gonna trust derivatives after this thing goes down again

" you think the Federal Reserve will exist when this happens I mean yeah as part of the Treasury yet they'll get absorbed into the Treasury you know a lot of people have been talking about that for years why and we all know the Fed is political you know the whole concept of the Fed being separate from the government was that it wouldn't be political and everybody knows it's political

"....and if you control the money supply if you control the money you you know you control politics you control everything so I think it will be absorbed into the Western will this be a Rothschild controlled No okay so they're out of the what about the rest of the world then what happens to the Rothschilds the banks I mean they're these banks are in like every single country I mean it's the ECB it's the other it's the big

" will be there'll be no ECB there'll be no banks there'll be nothing after the derivative bubble goes this was all part of the way they designed to destroy the Rothschild banking industry if you have money you can't have the United States implode and everybody go on their merry way yeah the United States is the last world's reserve currency fiat world reserve currency China is not gonna take Channel wouldn't even want to is there's huge responsibilities for having a world reserve currency so the the concept that the Rothschilds Racha will have what they have physically you know they'll have the gold that they have and there are states although they'll probably be exposed and probably a lot of countries will nationalize whatever their assets are

"....because there'll be a lot of bling going around who did this how do we get in this position who did what that was illegal and then because remember the NSA has all communications from everybody so it's not that anything's being hidden right now everybody knew the system was corrupt the problem was the the corrupt leaders were still in power and now they're not and they're being systematically removed

" we have all the dirt on anybody and even the Rothschilds will be taken out and probably nationalize if it's found that they are just as criminal as we think they are

" you think that's what Q means by a structure change

"....yeah well its structure change for the US would be the crash in the banking system and then a reboot a reallocation of money within the United States which Congress has the power to do I do think it would be some kind of a gold bag system or a crypto bag system although nations need more flexibility than the real crypto blockchain type of thing with limited amount of coins so it will probably be a some kind of gold back u.s. dollar trade it will stop around the world obviously with the crash of the banking system

"....and then every country will will be have to fend for themselves and that's kind of what was said in the rhoda rooder documents from the Fed because they talked a lot about you know when will this country start trading again with this country and will the national government take over the mining of these scarce assets and it's really interesting the document especially the teacher's guide to the road dorita from the Fed it really talks about some of the how do they reallocate assets to the population

"....Alan Greenspan's plan was to do it by social security balances but you don't think they're a lot today because there's just so much money out there but if the bank's crash there's not any money out there and then Social Security balances would be probably the fairest way to reallocate at least start the reallocation process of money within the United States because it pays people who've bought into the system for the longest and work the hardest would get the most and then it would trickle down

"....but everybody that's why they talk about a base income level because if the system gets destroyed and all these industries go away because we have free energy and you know things like that and the healthcare industry isn't trying to kill us anymore we will be something for people to survive off and and that's where Bernie gets his basic income type type of concept so there's a lot of different ways to reallocate money but the Fed also says in that in in the teacher's guide it says what if the people don't accept these solutions and that's a really interesting thought

"....because no one's gonna have faith in the government and one's gonna have faith in the Federal Reserve who are the people who are gonna make these decisions you know these are the type of things that when you think about all of it you really think oh my god we got to kick the can down the road and that's what we've been doing for a hundred and twenty years and that's gotta stop

" said something very interesting that the people will not accept because for the longest time we've been taught that you know dead is good the more debt you have putting you know your purchases on the credit cards and things like that that's good the debt of the countries that's fantastic and we're all gonna have to be taught something completely different than what we know today because think about it we have the four X we have the derivatives we have the stock market we the bond market I mean all these things were created by the central bank system this is all part of their system so everything is going to change

"....yeah but but we won't need to be taught it we're gonna experience the problem with it you know it's not something that oh we got to be taught to do this we're gonna experience the destruction of it all we're gonna experience how painful it is to work your whole life and lose everything because you had your your assets held with a third party that's it it's a life experience that they've been putting out for a long long time and it is the reason that we are in this mess is that we keep putting it off

".... but it you know in retrospect it's gonna be obvious it's one of those things like when when companies fail you can always look back and say oh yeah I knew I shouldn't have put my money in Bernie Madoff because they're promising you know seven eight percent return where everybody else was getting you know three or four percent return things like that in retrospect it looked obvious but it isn't until you experience that you that he learned a lesson

"....and that's why countries like Argentina and Zimbabwe have learned their lessons the hard way and we're gonna have to learn our lesson the hard way but that is such a fast teaching lesson you know you can learn it right away when your banks collapse and you lose everything you have learned your lesson and it will never leave you for generations

"....once this happens and people start to realize that this whole system crashed I this is what I'm thinking Trump has been contradicting the Fed won't the world look at the central bank and say never again we can't be in this system ever again because look what happened to it

"....well absolutely and and it's it's not necessarily the central bank it's it's fiat money you know central banks are part of it but central banks don't create all the money of them vast majority of unbanked fiat money is created at the banking level they lend money into existence and then they were given the the free rein to create derivatives which are a form of money and that's what they used to read the markets make you know hyper returns on civ leverage so yeah these these are lessons that you once they are learned the hard way we won't repeat them for generations

" when this old system Falls its so massively corrupt and rehypothecation and leveraged to the hilt we are now today I was reading an article we have never never never in the history of mankind seem more debt that has been created every single day and every single day it grows so we are gonna learn a lesson that is will be very valuable and will be passed on littering probably centuries about what is real what is illusionary wealth and how corruption has taken over our system

"....and that's why we're not gonna trust the banks we're not gonna trust the government we're not going to trust anybody really that's why cryptocurrencies are so great is all you have to do is trust in math and if you trust in math you don't have to trust people it's decentralized and that's that's the beauty of that invention and I and I love it I do think gold will be part of our monetary system as well but not as big a part as the cryptocurrencies and I don't think silver will be part of our monetary system because I think it'll be too valuable in industrial uses in a high-tech world and it's just not enough silver out there I mean there's maybe six billion ounces of silver on planet earth and there's six billion ounces of gold and yet the gold of several ratios 8283 to one I mean when you think about it what's going to happen when the the rigging complex of the comics and the LBMA goes away and silver and gold are able to be traded freely one-for-one you have to have the gold to make a trade and you have to have the silver

"....I think silver to gold ratio will probably change to at least four to one probably one to one one ounce of silver will be worth the same as one ounce of gold in a freely traded true market where there are no derivatives VIX thank you very much for being on the x22 Report spot like once again how can people see your work I do a lot on YouTube these days go to road to rue de YouTube channel or go to rhoda rooder calm and there's a free email service on the top left that I send out emails almost daily fantastic thank you very much for being on the spotlight I really appreciate it thank you Dave

Lich: "Basically for the deep state chain of command ... the low level dogs do not know they works for deep state .. for example, Comey works for Hillary, Hillary works for dEms, Dems MSM works for international bankers and globalists, globalist works for deep states ... (300 richest families ??? ) ...≺≺ less

Chemtrails Secret History Exposed - Deep State Eugenics Smoke Screen

Edge of Wonder ** 1/11/2019
"...On today’s Edge of Wonder, at long last, a topic many of you have been waiting for Ben and Rob tackle chemtrails In part 1 of these 2 part series, we talk about what they are, Where they come from and what’s really in the air we breathe. And we would be remiss were we not reveal the involvement of our very own air force Ever heard of aluminum toxicity? If not, it’s high time that you do. ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....How do you feel about strontium and barium and who knows what other chemicals in your body without your permission and knowledge? All this and more as we take a high altitude deep dive into the chemtrail conspiracy on the Edge of Wonder. Welcome to Edge of Wonder. Have y’alls ever looked up at the sky and wondered what those long clouds in the skies were and how they were formed? If you’ve never blinked twice at them, today we’re sharing some information that you’ll reconsider. Some people call them contrails and others call them chemtrails.

"....Well who’s right and what are they? In this two part series, we’ll be covering what chemtrails are, where they come from, and who’s behind it all. Is there a more sinister plan behind them? Is the Deep State behind it? To kick things off, let’s clear up what contrails are. Contrails are “condensation trails” produced by the jet’s exhaust flying at high altitudes that form the line-shaped clouds you see in the sky. So that’s what it was! Great Episode! We can go home now. Yeah no. Right, that’s not the whole picture. there’s also chemtrails which are also jet trails in the sky, but many researchers claim they’re created by military or private planes when they spray harmful chemicals over populated areas.

"....There’s been many studies and accounts covering the extents of these chemtrails’ harmfulness to people and the environment. We’ll get to it later on in the episode. We’ll also get into the motive behind the chemtrail operations. Was it premeditated and orchestrated through a meticulous execution or was it just an unintentional, harmful byproduct of aviation in general? So where did they come from To set some context, in 1991, the word “chemtrail” originated in the US department of defense as a title for a chemistry manual used at the Air Force Academy.

"....Even if it’s not explicitly stated in any public military documentation, the term did come from the U.S. Department of Defense or more specifically the Air Force. Who was involved in creating the techniques that produced chemtrails? It all begins with Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb, member of the Manhattan project that actually built the atomic bomb. and creator of the Strategic Defense Initiative mockingly named the “Star Wars” because they designed weapon systems that could shoot anti-aircraft laser beams, subatomic particles beams, and electromagnetic rail guns from ground and space.

"....Really Ben? And there it is … Ben’s wearing a Star Wars shirt again … You had to bring Star Wars into this, didn’t you? I figured since we’re talking about Star Wars, might as well but although I think your shirt Points for originality right there. No, it’s really in there! I’m not making it up. So under Teller’s leadership from 1958-1960, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (which he founded) gained notoriety as the “the dark heart of weapons research”. Teller came up with a technique like SAI that could inject particles into the stratosphere to cool and warm the earth and this all came out of his work with the Military Industrial Complex. And the Military Industrial Complex is responsible for orchestrating many nefarious plans against the American society, but we’ll save that for another episode.

"....Would you all like to see a show on the military industrial complex Let us know in the comments below. So, in 2001, Edward Teller’s geoengineering methods were cited in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) World Climate Report. We’ll get to how else the UN’s IPCC is involved in promoting and funding chemtrails and geoengineering in a bit. And by way I saw so many Chemtrail planes that fly over in Ohio, it was crazy. I guess it is a big crop area. But In HR 2977, the Space Preservation Act of 2001, chemtrails are referring to as “exotic weapons” among plasma, sonic, electromagnetic weapons, laser weapons, extraterrestrial weapons, chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.

"....Exotic weapons? Yeah what is that. Exotic weapon systems are “weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems… with the purpose of inducing damage upon a target population or region on earth or in space.” Guys, this is a US bill that was introduced in Congress… the government has been aware of this for who knows how long and tried to help people by passing this bill. So what’s in the air If chemtrails are so dangerous, then what exactly are in these chemtrails?

"....Prior to her departure in 2010, a former employee at the US Air Force conducted air and soil sampling and found aluminum, barium, and strontium in them. In 2011, there was an air sample study conducted in Los Angeles, the findings show that the concentration of barium in the air was one-thousand-three hundred and seventy six [1,376], part per million which is 688x the maximum contaminant limit. Aluminum in the air was twenty thousand, one-hundred and twenty [20,120] parts per million, which is over ten thousand times the maximum contaminant limit.

"....Additionally, in 1991… Wait, that’s the same year that the term chemtrail first appeared on that chemistry manual by the way. How ironic Well, on that same year, there was also a patent granted for Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming and this is all public. One proposed solution in this patent involves seeding the atmosphere with metallic particles like aluminum oxide (Al2 O3), which was “suitable for the purpose and relatively inexpensive”. Basically… Chemtrails.

"....So chemtrail pilots and wildfires A detailed account from a chemtrail pilot came out in 2014 which unpacks a lot of the operations around chemtrails. The operation goes by the name of "Indigo Skyfold” and these chemtrail pilots are “told to fly specific routes. Satellite communication links or comlinks control aerosol dispersal patterns”. In order to keep information from leaking, “pilots, navigation, and maintenance crews are rotated constantly” to prevent pilots and their families from making too many friends and ending up with ‘loose lips’”

"....The pilots themselves aren’t fully aware of what’s going on either. All they’re told is that their jobs are related to national security. To shake things up even more, the pilots get swapped between day and night flights. There’s a base for daytime flights and one more evening flights. Furthermore, each of these bases “covers a 250 mile zone and each fleet of planes covers three states” And what kind of person does it take to fly these planes and become a chemtrail pilot?

"....The chemtrail pilot said that indigo pilots are “chosen from top ranks within the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard” and compensated as well as an air force one pilot. They’re apparently “hardened to humanity” and indifferent about doing away with people who are “leeching” off others from their perspective. In other words, they’re willing and able. Their account does end of a bit of an ominous note. The pilot mentioned that there would be Indigo Phase Two flights that would use a new, invisible, and “extremely toxic” chemtrail mix, focusing on California and Texas to worsen the drought.

"....We know that from multiple sources that chemtrails are a desiccant, meaning it removes humidity… So does this line up with what we’ve seen happen in California and Texas? In July 2018, Austin’s reported that the drought and extreme heat made 2018 the worst year so far for wildfires and Texas is expecting the “highest number of wildfires in the state in seven years, according to Texas A&M Forest Service data.” As of Aug. 9, 2018, the Forest Service counted 893 wildfires in Texas. That’s more wildfires each year from 2012 through 2017, except for 2013, which had 899 fires.

"....In 2017, the Insurance Information Institute or (III) ranked California and Texas as the top two states most prone to Wildfires. Additionally, six out of the top 10 costliest wildfire happened within the last two years… all of which happened in California We recently did interviews with David Wilcock and Dr. Michael Salla covering the California wildfires. Considering how wildfires have been ramping up in these two states, there may be a connection between Indigo Phase Two flights and these wildfires.

"....Yeah, these wildfires are increasing in both intensity and frequency. In those interviews, we cover how these wildfires seem too precise to be a completely natural occurrence. For those of you who are new to the channel and haven’t seen those interviews yet, we’ll link it in the description. Aluminum Toxicity A 2014 piece from the Cornell Chronicle wrote that “40% of the world’s potentially arable land” is unusable due to aluminum toxicity. This hurts food production drastically and we’ll get into how researchers have combated aluminum toxicity through genetically modifying plants in a bit.

"....Some folks noticed how the chemical symbols for Barium and Aluminium, B-A and A-L spelled Baal, the storm god worshipped by dark solar cults and the Deep State which is associated with blood, human, and child sacrifice. it could be a coincidence, but sometimes it’s super creepy how the Deep State just lays it out so overtly and out in the open. How do these chemicals in the air affect you? Inhaling or consuming too much aluminum may cause alzheimer's, brain and/or bone disease, and breast cancer.

"....As for barium, overexposure to barium can cause muscle weakness, and paralysis In France, Bernard Taillez, a specialist in inorganic chemistry received samples of filaments that fell from the sky from different people across various regions in France. These filaments contained a toxic compound called phthalates, harmful to people’s reproductive health. These filaments can cause diseases such as morgellons disease. Morgellons disease is the disease where those afflicted notice irritable “skin conditions like skin lesions containing multi-colored filaments and experience fatigue, joint, and muscle pain, and neurological problems”

"....So we know a bit more now about how chemicals sprayed into the air and soil affects human health, but how do these sprayed chemicals affect plants and crops? For starters, an overabundance of aluminum in soil with high acidity is highly toxic to plants because it “inhibits root growth and damages root systems”. Now this is according to the folks who came up with the patent for the aluminium tolerant gene in sorghum plant, SbMATE in May 2007. Leon Kochian, the director of the USDA [Robert W. Holley] Center for Agriculture and Health at Cornell says that the NRAT1 aluminum tolerant gene in rice will “open the doors for using NRAT1 to improve aluminum tolerance in other cereal crops”

".... In 2009, a brief from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) stated how they alleviated issues that small-scale, resource-poor farmers faced by providing genetically-engineered, aluminum-tolerant crops like cassava, sorghum and millet Across the board, researchers and consumers are acknowledging aluminum overabundance as an issue and identifying solutions, but not calling out the main culprit behind it all.

"....So what do we know about chemtrails so far? It’s been around for almost 30 years, originating from Edward Teller. Patents related to his technology was granted in 1991. 10 years later, it’s thrusted into the mainstream by the UN. And chemtrails have been poisoning us through the air and our food sources through aluminum toxicity. A newer version of chemtrails is in the works and aims to exacerbate droughts and wildfires in Texas and California.

"....Have you seen or heard anything odd about chemtrails or operation indigo skyfold that you want to share? Leave it in the comments below! Make sure you watch our next episode where we cover which organizations may be behind the chemtrails and who funds the operations. Remember to like, subscribe, and click on that bell so you know when our next episode on Chemtrails premieres. And as always, thanks for watching and we’ll see you out— on the edge of not chemtrails. Of pedro. wondered what those long clouds in the sky were I’m trying to go high and low Close Rob Eat your food Tina, Tina eat your food You don’t want some tater tots ...≺≺ less

[DS] Just Got Played, Remember Think Mirror - Episode 1762b

X22Report ** Published on Jan 10, 2019
".... hi and welcome you listening to the x-22 report my name is Dave and this is episode 1760 to be end today's date is January 10th 2019 and the thought of the episode is deep state just got played remember think mirror let's get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news now the deep state the mainstream media they are getting caught up in their lies in their reports and they are struggling to figure out a way to show that there's been Russian collusion and they're failing at every turn and we also see the fake news well they changed what Trump was saying during his speech and we'll get into that in just a bit ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... but first let's start off with the New York Times where they were trying to show Russian collusion with manna Ford and it was supposed to be a slam-dunk proof of collusion with Russia Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort shared polling data with Kremlin linked oligarch this is what the New York Times reported the only problem was he hadn't now the documents that were submitted by manna forts lawyer in the Mueller probe they were unsealed on Tuesday and they were redacted improperly and it showed manna fort was in communication with Constantine kill Manik a Russian Ukrainian whom the FBI has assessed has connections with Russia intelligence based on where he went to college in the 80s that was old news whoever the Times needed something even more substantial here so they cited an anonymous source described as a person of knowledgeable about the situation

".... the paper reported that kill Manik passed the data on to Oleg Deripaska a Russian oligarch close to the Kremlin now The Times quoted Clinton watts one of the professional Russia Gate alarmist and he said is the closest thing we've have seen to a collusion well that's when it all fell apart because the times they had to correct their story because mana fort didn't want the information sent to Burt Deripaska he wanted it sent to two Ukrainian oligarchs so this had nothing to do with Russia in the edited article the two were described as people who had financed Russian aligned Ukrainian political parties that had hired mr. metaphor as a political consultant

".... the very same anonymous person quoted about Deripaska is also the source for the claim that some of the polling data shared with well whoever was deployed by a private polling firm working for the king of pain even as The Times was trying to correct its own record Trump's critics in the media they jumped on this story we have senator mark warner ranking member of the Intelligence Committee and one of the driving forces of Russia gate echoed what watt said and read The Times verbatim there's a this appears as the closest we've seen to a real live actual collusion now Glenn Greenwald tweeted out the following will this rather obviously significant correction change any of the claims made about this story yesterday to pose the question is to answer it and under it it says correction January 9th 2019 a previous version of this article misidentified

".... the people to whom Paul Manafort wanted a Russia associate to send polling data mister man afford wanted this the data sent to to Ukrainian oligarchs Brian McDonald tweeted out this is a big correction and a bit late now the disinformation is all over social media so basically man affords us polling data was given to Ukrainians not a Russian but this whole thing is Russian collusion which is again fake phony and false so once again they're trying to create a story where there is no story and Link it to Russia and every time they do this it seems to fail

".... well Trump was all over the mainstream media calling them fake news he tweeted out the following the mainstream media has never been more dishonest than it is now NBC MSNBC are going crazy they reports stories purposely the exact opposite of the facts they are truly the opposition party working with the Dems maybe even worse than fake news CNN if that is possible he went on to say he gave an off-the-record luncheon somewhat of a White House tradition or custom to network anchors yesterday and they quickly leaked the content of the meeting who would believe how bad it has gotten with the mainstream media which has gone totally bonkers

".... so we can see right now the fake news is still pushing fake news they're trying to create something out of nothing and they continually get caught up in it and it turns out that they continually lie about what they're reporting maybe they should just report and investigate and tell the truth anyone have to worry about correcting everything and saying oh yeah we were wrong because the anonymous source was a complete phony now we know that the deep state they were going to be going after Trump we knew the first day of the year we discussed this in other reports that they were going to throw everything they possibly could at Trump

".... now remember the Senate was the key that's the firewall so a pair of House Democrats introduced legislation Wednesday that would force President Trump to release his tax returns the bill would require sitting presidents and vice presidents and major party nominees for those offices to make public their 10 most recent federal income tax returns now remember this was never a law you don't have to do it and this is why Trump didn't

".... now Grassley who's the Senate Finance Committee Chairman said he's planning to receive a briefing from Congress nonpartisan tax scorekeepers on the process of requesting tax returns from the Treasury Department and he said don't interpret this as looking into it but I'm going to have a briefing by joint tax on what all this involves before I answer any questions under the federal tax code the change the chairman of Congress tax committees can request tax returns from Treasury and review them in a closed session

".... the committees could then vote to release a report to the House or Senate making some or all of the returns public hmm Q did tell us the Senate was the key Q also told us imposed 24:45 trust Grassley very interesting he has the power if he wants to if he wants to use it to also request Trump's tax returns so the Democrats don't completely control the analysis of the documents he also could also respond to Democrats requests for Trump's tax returns by requesting the tax returns of Democratic politicians and this might set a precedence

"....if they push their agenda forward and say we want Trump's taxes guess what he's gonna have Grassley do he's gonna ask for all of their tax returns be very very careful and what I do believe is that Trump has been holding his tax returns back and they most likely probably say absolutely nothing but maybe he's setting them up where they're going to try to request this and this will make it a precedence where he now can request or Grassley can request all of the Dems tax returns

"....think about what the deep state did with Cohen they went in to a lawyer's office and rated it Trump can use this later on now Lindsey Graham was out there and by the way he was just elected Senate Judiciary Committee chairman and he met with Trump's nominee for attorney general bill Barr and Graham told reporters Bilbo and Robert Mueller have been best friends for 20 years in that bar has a high opinion of Mueller he said I didn't know that they work together that they were that close personally and that they worked together for years Graham said

"....Lindsey Graham explained that the two are so close that their wives attend the same Bible study and Mueller attended two of bars daughter's weddings so the Senate confirmation hearings for bill Barr are scheduled for January 15 to 16th now the question is why did Trump pick Barr if he's very close to Mueller do you think this was an accident you think this was just coincidence no this was planned

"....why do you think Graham is out there telling everyone of this well this will allow Barr to maybe get confirmed and people are sitting on well this is gonna be crazy because Barr and Mueller they're friends what bar is really not gonna have anything to do with Mueller Mueller is gonna be gone let's think about this for a second Lindsey Graham let it out that Mueller and Barr are good bodies we know this was not a coincidence nothing as a coincidence is always planned it's always planned out and Trump doesn't bring people in that he doesn't need for a specific reason

" remember Mueller's investigation that revolves around Trump everything related to Trump the 2016 election Russian collusion now Mueller he's receiving a lot of information some of it might not have anything to do with what he's working on so what does he do with that information if he gets it well he has to Ford it on to the Department of Justice think about general Flynn for a second general Flynn has information we talked about this he worked for the DIA he knows where the bodies are buried he knows about Obama he knows about Mueller he knows about Clinton

" if Flynn was telling Mueller all these things this is out of the scope of Mueller what does Mueller have to do he has to refer this to the Department of Justice if you noticed during the sentencing of Flynn the judge postponed Flynn sentencing why because he's involved in a different investigation which was Ford to the Department of Justice they're working on this investigation that has to do with Obama Clinton and Mueller remember Mueller is working to save himself remember at the deep State Clinton Obama they wanted Flynn gone they're probably sitting there going I can't believe Flynn is still there why isn't he in jail so can Mueller stop Flynn not right now because it's out of his hands he can't stop him from giving this information

"....remember Schumer wants Trump to drop bar Graham is making it look like bar will not interrupt Mueller in any way because they're best friends so the question is does it really matter no it doesn't because we talked about the timeline we talked about what was going to happen think about this for a second oh we need to go back to December when we talked about what is coming up now the first event is Michael Cohen now today we heard that Michael Cohen is going to testify to Congress pretty much right on schedule this is going to be February 7th

" the second event is going to be the release of team Mueller political report remember this is not Muller it's team Muller so this is going to be teams team Muller report and it's gonna show all the wrong doings and everything about Trump and whatever they're gonna put in there now remember Schiff Nadler and the rest they're gonna go crazy over this nothing report

"....they already know it's nothing this is why they're starting separate investigations this is why Nancy Pelosi hired an attorney this is why they're losing faith in Mueller because they know there's nothing there he didn't find anything the third event after Mueller because as we know this will allow the declassification of everything else because it doesn't interfere with Mueller's investigation so once that report is filed that I do believe is the first alarm bell so already we're scheduled for February for Cohen right after that it's going to be team Mueller right after that it's going to be the OIG Horowitz report and most likely the FISA abuse declassification

"....we are seeing it happen in real time and once all this comes out and bar maybe he's confirmed maybe he's not whoever's in that position that is the person that is going to take the ball and remember Q has been telling us that Huber is going to bring the pain in the background there's someone just like Huber doing the same exact thing but behind the scenes Huber was sent out into the light

"....thank God sessions had someone in the background doing the same thing because they knew something like this might happen now we know that rod Rosen Stein he is going to leave the Department of Justice he's saying if bar comes in and he's confirmed he's leaving or when Mueller's report comes out he's leaving I guess whichever comes first Jim Jordan is out there and he won Rosenstein to testify they're putting the screws to Rosenstein because he's the one that was wearing the wire who said they wanted to record Trump and he wanted to push the 25th amendment

"....and Jordan wants to bring him in front of Congress because the New York Times claimed that rod Rosenstein spoke to the associate about possibility of wearing the wire to record Trump without his knowledge and Jim Jordan wants to get to the bottom of this so they're putting a lot of pressure on Rosenstein once again

" Trump he signed the anti-human trafficking legislation and he signed four bills in the recent weeks president Trump signed the Frederick Douglas trafficking victims prevention and protection reauthorization Act authorizing four hundred and thirty million to fight sex and labor trafficking the President signed the trafficking Victims Protection Act s 131 to establishing new prevention prosecution and collaboration initiative to bring human traffickers to justice remember all of these bills executive orders everything that we see that we are seeing right now this is all in preparation for what is coming

"....and we need to go back to the to the game of Thrones when the people who went over the wall into the winter wasteland saw the army and they reported back saying it's coming it's coming it's coming now the rest of the people down south where it was warmer said this is crazy winters not coming nothing's gonna happen don't listen to these crazy nuts other people went up there and they said no no we saw it we saw the dead army it is coming the people down south said that's crazy look at it it's beautiful it's sunny winter is not coming there's no invasion there is nothing these people are conspiracy theorists they have no idea what they're talking about

" the people went about their business yep crazy not there's nothing there what happened the conspiracies were proven true the fake news down south turned out to be fake the winter was coming and it arrived and the army was coming and now everybody woke up it took some time people didn't believe it for a very long time and then when it hit most of the kingdoms were not prepared what Trump and the Patriots are doing right now they are preparing the nation

"....if you notice Trump continually tweets out about Clinton about Comey about all these individuals we had the Clinton Foundation where we had these individuals testifying that the Clinton Foundation they were involved in illegal wrongdoings all of this is being done on purpose to get everyone used to this

"....they don't want this to be a very big surprise same thing with the wall remember Trump just gave a speech about border security protecting the people and he's been tweeting out like crazy to get everyone used to the idea that we need this which we do and again this is going against the deep state now it's very interesting a an employee of Seattle q13 Fox they altered Trump's speech when he was giving his speech and they made him look a little bit orange and actually changed what he was saying to nothing and he was sticking out his tongue now you can see this on the x-22 report you probably see it already all over YouTube if you're on YouTube I'm showing it to you right now but the person that was involved in this got fired

" this is very very similar to the technology that Q mentioned where you can have someone say something and then change the facial features very very similar not exact but very very similar and you can see that the fake news they are definitely showing that they are the fake news

" we can see that Schumer was out there after their short meeting about border security Schumer said that Trump threw a tantrum slammed the table and stormed out now from everyone that was at the meeting from everyone that was there they are saying that Schumer had lied and Trump went off on crying Chuck he said crying Chuck told his favorite lie when he used his standard soundbite that I slam a table and walked out of the room he had a temper tantrum because I knew he would say that and after Nancy said no to proper border security I politely said bye-bye and left

"....there was no slamming in the second tweet Trump again pushed back at reporters there was great unity within Republicans in the House and Senate despite the fake news media working in overdrive to make this story look otherwise the opposition party in the Dems know we must have strong border security but don't want to give Trump another one of many wins

" it's very interesting is that Trump is out there continually talking about border security actually what he's really doing is he's repeating everything Obama said take a listen we now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the border that only underscores the need to drop the politics and fix our immigration system once and for all in recent weeks we've seen a surge of unaccompanied children arrive at the border brought here and to other countries by smugglers and traffickers the journey is unbelievably dangerous for these kids the children who are fortunate enough to survive it will be taken care of while they go through the legal process but in most cases that process will lead to them being sent back home I've sent a clear message to parents in these countries not to put their kids through this as you can see Obama at the time was saying the same exact thing

" remember when they were talking about it this was just lip service to the American people they knew that they were never going to do this they were just out there telling everyone this is what neat this this is what needs to be done we should be doing this and this is terrible but again how do they bring in the children how do they bring in the drugs how do they bring in their covert money they needed the borders open this is why they've kept them open this is why they've never done anything about it

" Trump is out there and he's calling them on it saying okay let's do it you've been talking about this for a very long time let's have border security now they never wanted this that's the real problem they always one of the borders open because how did they make a lot of money the CIA the intelligence organizations bringing drugs back and forth gun running human trafficking along with many others they want this completely open but there is a poll out there and this poll is from Politico and morning consult and they're saying that 79 percent of Americans think border is in a crisis or there is a problem with it and something needs to be done

" the American people they are waking up to all of this now Dianne Feinstein who is a deep state operative she is still pushing the agenda because remember the deep state they just don't stop they do not want the American people to be armed now there's a reason for this they want illegals flooding the United States they want to disarm the American people and they want to have complete control over the American people

"....Feinstein right now she introduced and she tweeted this out she introduced the assault weapons ban of 2019 this bill bans the sale manufacturer transfer an importation of 205 military-style assault weapons by name is this gonna go anywhere most likely not it didn't in the past when they had all their events and I don't think it's gonna fly right now think about why we've never had an invasion here in the United States because other countries were always worried that there was a gun behind every person every household and they knew if they invaded this would be a battle that they would not be able to win remember what the Second Amendment says a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State right of the people to keep and bear which means carry arms any type of arms

"....back when the founding fathers wrote this they didn't say oh the right to bear muskets the right to bear pistols the right to bear knives they specifically use the word arms to include all arms they didn't single out a specific weapon and they did this on purpose and it says shall not be infringed where the government shall not make any law that infringes on the rights of the people so what Feinstein is trying to do she is infringing on the right of the people to have any arms they would like to carry

" we see G and Kim they agree to jointly advance and steer the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and once again we can see that North Korea the United States China they are all in agreement and we can see they're pushing for denuclearization everything is going as planned now if something very interesting happened today we know that the true are coming out of Syria right now france's Foreign Minister has now pledged to withdraw French troops from Syria as soon as there's a political solution well that's gonna be a lot sooner than this individual thinks because Russia and Syria they're making deal with the Kurds

"....the Kurds are going to be under the protection of the Syrian government they're gonna lock down the borders they're going to have elections Assad is going to be the leader for a short period of time and the war in Syria will be ended and this is why France is saying this right now because they see the United States is pulling out and the deep state they have lost their footing in Syria it has come to an end they are finished so you can see right now the plan is going in the right direction the deep state right now they are being played they believe they have the upper hand they believe they have the strength they have the house they got played they don't have anything New York Times they're trying to make a story out of Russian collusion when there isn't and we see that Cohen he's going to testify right on schedule guess what as soon as Mueller's report comes out team Mueller not Mueller himself

"'s game over that's when the first alarm bell goes off that's when we see the fireworks that's when we see everything that's been prepped from 2017 to 2018 that's when we see all of it come into play why do you think you told us about the fake news and how they keep changing their narrative because what that really means and what that really means to me is that they're struggling and every time something they say doesn't come true they have to keep going off in a different direction to keep everyone confused

"....and everyone thinking that something is really happening what that tells me is that they have absolutely nothing and they're playing every hand they have they're using their ammunition and what's going to happen sooner than later they're gonna run out of their ammunition they were gonna show all their cards and then the Patriots come in then the Patriots lay down their hand and say we gotcha here comes the D class here comes everything else it's just a matter of time and remember timing is everything ...≺≺ less

Robert David Steele Update (January 09, 2019) — WHO BEHIND HER?

Searching For The Holy Things ** Published on Jan 9, 2019
"..... odd it concerns me and there was a couple of reasons why number one it's come out now that blase II has no further plans to pursue her sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanagh according to her lawyers so it's that's kind of convenient as soon as he gets in she no longer cares about the sexual abuse also her social media image her images have been scrubbed on social media or any image prior to nine sixteen you cannot find an image of her prior to nine sixteen twenty eighteen fine I find it interesting that she wrote a paper on 9/11 post-traumatic stress also find it interesting that her father has ties with the CIA and a security company that's right there in Washington DC ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"'s also said that she might be heading up the Stanford University MK ULTRA program and we covered all of this I mean people can go to forward slash both right - move on and that's where they will find the fifty fifty plus updates the very first posts that we made on blase e drew on a known fabricator sort Jeff all but searcher fall David Booth has a real gift for finding legitimate links and articles there is no question in my mind but that lacy is second-generation CIA that she has been doing some sort of psychological work with CIA interns who are students at Stanford University she has already been found guilty of lying to Congress because she was not a research psychologist that was immediately scrubbed from her thing

".....I don't want to go too far down this rabbit hole but I do recommend that people read my review of trance formation of America by Cathy O'Brien I do believe Blasi was traumatized and I think she may even have been traumatized as a child prostitute under the CIA mind control program that's something that has to be explored by professionals in Maryland let me let me let me finish my thought here there are two places where there are a whole bunch of child prostitutes that are cultivated in elite families not the poor families these are young girls that are very presentable place number one is Connecticut around Yale University and place number two is Maryland around the University of Maryland

"....okay that's where a whole bunch of child prostitutes from upper middle class and well-to-do families can be mind-controlled into the system to serve the needs of the elites in Washington DC in New York nobody has ever properly investigated this but if you read my review of transformation on which is at five eight iota net just look up review trance you'll get right to it one of the things that has not happened in this country is we have not had an in-depth review of the impact of all of the Nazis that were imported into the CIA and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration which by the way turns out to be NASA does a great deal more in mind control and bio engineering a whole bunch of other things than CIA does

" there are two sources of evil rooted in Nazism one of CIA and the other is NASA nobody has ever gone through every door in NASA explored every basement cavern in NASA that's something that needs to happen and part of the problem is a lot of the money that supports a lot of these programs is off budget people don't understand that the u.s. government budget is probably twice as big as is publicly known because there is a vast amount of money that is coming from drugs and guns and gold and the sale of small children oh and this is something that I mean this is this is my next 25 years of life

".....I mean I'm gonna get to the bottom of this sometime before I die yeah I agree with just about everything that you said there and you know I really believe that your hearts in the right place I always have no I don't know I think that the question needs to be answered that I am just flabbergasted as to why if the Democrats really didn't want Cavanaugh in there that they didn't use this information

"....I am one person you're one person they've got teams of people that if their intent was really to get for him not to be placed in that situation in that position they could have done it they could have United people certainly there are there are a number of authors who are out there saying that the deal was done and the Kavanagh was a was a favorite for the deep state both left and right what I don't understand it is why the Democrats didn't go through the motions of protesting Cavanaugh on the legitimate merits of this case and why they basically self-destructed

".....I mean I cannot imagine a more destructive I mean it's literally insane if you're Chuck Schumer do you really want to put a bullet in your head right before the midterm elections because that's what Schumer did is he destroyed the Democratic Party I'm predicting now that we will hold the house and and it's going to be because of the way the Democrats have used justice Cavanaugh um gift from heaven God works in mysterious ways

".....okay that's I guess that was my biggest concern but you're onboard with me as far as you don't know either I don't know what rights are taken away from people when there's a military tribunal are you thinking that only the elites are going to be handled by the military tribunals or do you think everything all of the courts are going

"....I think the military tribunals will be very limited I think one of the things you lose is the right to habeas corpus but I'm not an expert in this area and let me also just reassure you I think that if America ever tries to impose martial law it will turn every uniform into a target hmm okay all right yeah that's a reassuring I just wanted to uh I did you have more to say now I just wanted to end by saying that I I look at facts Robert and and the fact is that I see it right now and I like I like President Trump I really do the fact is that in the last two years I've seen a bigger attack on the First Amendment the Second Amendment and now the fourth and fifth amendment that I've seen in the previous eight years

"....and that weren't that concerns me but we should talk about that I I mean I'm troubled the two things that Trump has not done the three things that Trump has not done that have really troubled me or number one he hasn't reconciled with the black community that it's very easy to do number two he has not reached out to the 99% he is still playing his Republican card and I think he's wasted six six to nine months during which he could have been creating the hashtag on rigged wieder thing the third thing Trump has not done is he has not used the full capabilities of the US government against what I call hashtag Google Gestapo and people can can read about the six ways in ninety days that the Zionists struck Cynthia McKinney

"....and I and on break down it's at /gu lucas top boy coined the term Oh Trump needs a truth Channel he needs to throw the press out of the White House and that press area needs to become a Trump studio where he can do fireside chats every evening and where we can also bring in assistant secretaries and professors and others and we can literally re-educate America virtually overnight with seven-minute videos that YouTube cannot censor

"....I mean I am stunned that there is not a racketeering investigation going on right this minute against Amazon which bans books against Facebook against Google against meet up which is destroyed conservative meetups at the same time that it is it is allowing the anti-defamation league design a secret police to waive fees on hashtag resist movements and then of course Twitter and you have the others you mean reddit is now completely controlled and worthless Wikipedia completely controlled and worthless who would have thought is shutting down websites the dare to mention Sandy Hook

"....okay this is insane another software company cut off all of its software services to every business that was supporting the immigration and customs authority what happened to being a businessman you know this whole idea and it's it's almost like people people do what they can get away with right now cyberspace is out of control cyberspace is a Wild West and the vigilantes and the mob are in charge there is no order in cyberspace there is no safety in cyberspace

".....president Trump I will say this directly President Trump has left all of us down by not nailing the Silicon Valley directors of hashtag Google Gestapo to a barn door by their foreskin okay and leave them there yeah I agree I mean let us speak out the first but I just yeah well you did but who knows if they're going to let us speak out when we submit this to YouTube Jim the best idea I've heard is a guy named Shiva who presented into the post office but they couldn't get funding

" I am really I've got two billionaires talking to me I don't know if anything's going to come of it and in the meantime of course I'm grateful for donations because I'm down to my last 500 but I've got two billionaires talking to me and one of the things we're discussing is this idea of the US Postal Service which is in the mail business providing a free email to every US citizen that certifies their citizenship status and their voting eligibility by district and then creating a national electronic townhall that cannot be censored and manipulated where people cannot be digitally assassinated the way is half today with Twitter and Facebook and YouTube

" and the big obstacle that I get from people is well we don't want the governor to be in charge of it because they're just as the invasive and so forth you're absolutely right but what you can do now is move toward a higher ed system and I've had this conversation with Bill Benny who has a company pretty good knowledge that's based in Amsterdam and is doing some really exciting things the deal is you create a system for the government but you do not give the government the keys to the encryption those going to a vault and so people can have encrypted email and encrypted file sharing and encryption at rest and all this and there is no there is no government ability to manipulate censor and in truth we're at the very beginning of the next internet the internet after next

".....and no Tim berners-lee is not the answer he's basically doing a retarded variation on URLs but we're moving forward I think the next 15 to 25 years are going to be very very exciting and I guess I would end by saying we needed to suffer as we have suffered in order to grow into the future all of the bad things that have happened in my view are going to make the good things in the future stronger one last question before I let you go when can we start seeing arrests I think there have already been arrests

"....I think there are already people like the Podesta's that are out of sight I think John McCain was put to death by prior agreement and the the manner in which John McCain was eulogized given the fact that he's actually a traitor who abandoned house and supported every war that we've ever had in no way or shape that John McCain properly represent the citizens of Arizona the citizens of the United States that was part of the deal McCain I think is a single most public execution we've had I think there are others that are down and out and very candidly um I think there are some people that are going to die a so-called natural death sometime in the next six months hmm well we're not one of them I feel I feel pretty healthy oh thanks thank you you've seen the list and we're not on it I like ...≺≺ less

Robert David Steele 01/09/2019 — MY THOUGHTS ON Q

Searching For The Holy Things ** Published on Jan 9, 2019
"....are they are they good for Donald Trump oh yeah I certainly respect what Conan has done I've been told that Q on is actually five people it may be centered on Mike Flynn who I have very high regard for most of what Q on appears to have put out has eventually either come to pass or been born born out in some way or not I personally don't have I don't follow Q on on a daily basis I have no time for riddles and I focus on my own reality but I'm balanced I enjoy Jordan safer when he reviews Q and on and I think cue and on has been sheer genius sheer absolute utter genius in terms of communicating with an important part of the alternative media and the alternative citizenry now the reason why I ask that is because when I bring up the three issues that you talked about the of concern for judge Cavanaugh I I get vehemently attacked by Q on for bringing these things up and it concerns me because it's a it's a kind of a mob rule type attitude right ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" hey listen I'm an American and I'm for freedom and I'm for president Trump if he does what he says he's going to do but I am definitely not for a police state I'm not for for tribunal laws coming out or whatnot or martial law I'm sorry let's talk about the tribunal courts for a second and deep state tribunal courts and such that you have that you've been talking about a little bit yeah let me just say that that you know this whole historical concept of thesis antithesis synthesis there's given take back and forth all right

"....Donald Trump is an accidental president the odds against his winning were two hundred to one now the bookmakers haven't noticed me yet but the odds of McKinney Steele winning in twenty twenty or twenty two are probably around two hundred to one okay but Donald Trump won he won in part because people stopped Hillary Clinton from stealing the same 13 states that you stole from Bernie Sanders with Bernie Sanders complete complicity which is why he does have he has zero authority in my eyes thus under knee stirs are important the Tea Party movement is important but Bernie Sanders and the Koch brothers are not important who I think Trump is making moves that are necessary to bring down the deep state he's opened the door and all of the rodents are moving

"....and someone is going to have to come after Trump I mean certainly senator Collins distinguished herself in a most elegant manner the 40 minute speech if she gave on Brent Cavanaugh for in my view makes her presidential material immediately and makes her six to 10 times better than Elizabeth Warren but to take one example a hundred times better than killer brand who's simply a pimp from New York that sucks up to Schumer

" Susan Collins I think became one of America's greatest female leaders in an instant with that one speech well can we talk about the Tribunal's yeah can we talk about the tribunals and the arrests and things like how does that go here I mean what everything everything that I'm reading says that again I'm opposed to Guantanamo I think we should give blunt on Tomoe back to the Cubans and I think we should have invested the money and American jobs at Fort Leavenworth

"....I would have created a VIP wing at Fort Leavenworth and so everything I'm hearing is Guantanamo has been taken from a rustic terrorist holding ground to a Marriott Courtyard for elite special interest prisoners my best guess is that they are now able to handle between 500 and 1,000 elite prisoners we're talking Clinton's Podesta's Obama's Soros we're talking and I don't want to go a bridge too far here but let me just say that I think that people of wealth who have been subverting back scenes there's now a law case out that makes it clear that no vaccine has ever been properly tested the Center for Disease Control is a lying sack of shit that should be under federal investigation

" all of this stuff that Bill Gates is doing with vaccines is subversive and I'm waiting for the president to actually demand an intelligence community that can tell the truth about everything right now we have an intelligence community that only does four percent of what he needs to know and is ignorant about everything else it doesn't do compare and contrast economic and financial intelligence and so forth so Trump is all alone bottom line is that military tribunals are a step on the road they're they're a waste they're a way that our Waystation toward the future

"....I don't think most of the sealed indictments are going to be unsealed I think they're a pressure point there are X number of people have a sealed indictment on them who know that if they interfere they will either be disappeared or they will be go to jail so it's actually a healthy place to be in even though it may make some people nervous

" let me also tell you Jim I don't think you're ever gonna disarm the United States of America I will also tell you I think the National Rifle Association has been bought and is controlled by Dick Cheney through Oliver North I think the National Rifle Association is no longer defending the Second Amendment there now window-dressing and their betray they're in constant betrayal of the public trust

".....I've talked a number of NRA members and former members and what you're finding is most people are former members of the NRA not active members of the NRA they have at best six six million members and if I had to guess I'd say the true number is probably closer to four million the National Rifle Association has chickened out and taken itself off of the battlefield hmm that's interesting you know there may be new leadership I will tell you absolutely with certainty Oliver North needs to be fired and they need to be they need to put someone in there that is like Charlton Heston from these cold dead hands

"....okay Oliver North is give me the money no no I I just AM concerned about the people who don't know the the I guess the basis the ground basis of what these tribunals are and I know you're deeply involved in that can you give us a rundown and I've also seen videos on YouTube I'm not promoting them by the way but I have seen videos where people are giving testimony what happens what happens in those test windows testimonies get done what happens after that well yeah I mean who's in charge during these tribunals court-martial it's it's it's it's it's a military system

".....and I don't want to pretend to be an expert on this all I can tell you is I think it's a faster more efficient process and you lose some of your rights one of the things that Senator Graham was very careful to point out in speaking with justice Kavanagh is that the Constitution does not defend you from being a traitor and being held accountable as a traitor and what we have in the United States of America if I had to say as a rough guess I would say we have 6,000 at least six thousand six thousand to ten thousand traitors

".....and I'm talking about a combination of people who knowingly support the State of Israel instead of the United States of America knowingly supports Saudi Arabia knowingly support both Muslim and Zionist subversion not to be confused with the normal Jewish religion we're talking about elite pedophiles and we're talking about high level financial thieves people who are deliberately bankrupting Americans one of the things that I was surprised when I was also pleased

" my x22 interview I talked about some of the stuff I've learned as chief counsel and what we're looking at is there's a system across the United States of America in which selected judges and prosecutors conspire to turn elderly people into Ward's of the state so that they can strip them of their wealth ma'am and this includes drugging them so they then become incapacitated this is even happening when family members are coming in and trying to take the family members back and preserve his faith

"..... there is a looting system across this country that preys on the poor and the elderly and that's something we're gonna have to take down that's probably a bridge too far for President Trump but it's certainly something I would support in whoever is president after Trump and I believe I'm going to be active in this area for the next 20 to 25 years my life course has been changed by President Trump by Cynthia McKinney by hashtag gun rig by the pedophilia Commission I now see very clearly how I'm going to spend the last 25 years of my life good you can go well I was going to say you ...≺≺ less

The Financial Reset Will Remove The Old Guard & Give Birth To A New Power Structure: Lior Gantz

X22Report Spotlight ** Published on Jan 8, 2019
"...the fact of the matter is that it's gonna be very hard for governments to go back to a gold standard even if they want to it's gonna take a huge a financial reset a real really you know a loss of all trust for the political for for politicians to even consider this it's gonna be a whole new whole new era of politics these are not gonna be the same regular faces that you that you know if this happens if financial recent happens it's the birth of a new power structure in the world it's it's everything

".... hi and welcome to the x-22 report spotlight today we have a returning guest Lee Aragon's Leo runs numerous successful businesses and has traveled to over 30 countries in the past decade he's entrepreneur and investor he's the founder of wealth research group as wealth research group calm and I am very happy to have Lee or back on the x-22 report spotlight the aura welcome back to the spotlight thanks for having me Dave hey thanks for being here and let's start off with what the mainstream media is saying about the economy now a lot of the mainstream media financial channels are talking about a recession that's coming in 2019 2020 I mean during Christmas right before Christmas the market came down and then Trump came out and said listen companies are doing great I would suggest everyone buying the dip and all of a sudden the market went up a thousand points a day after Christmas I mean it just seems like things are just absolutely crazy do you think that we are headed into a recession ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....well we are definitely heading into a recession but the timeline is is not necessarily gonna be 2019 so you know in 2018 you saw a huge repricing of equities so in 2017 everything went up not not only stocks but you had the cryptocurrency mania there was a lot of optimism this was right off the backs of Trump getting elected optimism was really high tax cuts were being discussed everything was going up every single month the S&P 500 went up in 2017 there there is no other year in history since 1957 when the S&P 500 was incepted that this has happened very low volatility and then he had the speculative money going into cryptocurrencies it used to go into the Nasdaq right and it did it did go into spank stocks but it went even further into a very speculative sector like cryptocurrencies and you saw 2017 this huge run in rally in all of the most tech dominated sectors and this is very this is very keen to late cycle action and then in 2018 right off the bat right when it started you started seeing the repricing that investors understood that we're moving from this economy that has a very full capacity low unemployment and tamed in inflation rates into an economy that has the potential to go and overheat

"....and this is very typical of let's late cycle business cycles right 7 to 10 years where things go up from high on unemployment to low unemployment from very weak to very strong and this is what we saw in the early parts of 2018 you then saw a little bit of calm especially in the markets but cryptocurrencies kept going down just kept running going down going down speculative many was over for them and by q4 of 2018 you saw the speculative many and Fink's and all the usual suspects also crashing down hard

".....this December was the worst December for the sp500 since inception all the three major indices went into bear market territory so below 20% from the peaks and on the flipside from its lows in August at eleven eleven hundred and eleven hundred and seventy six gold ounces are up about 9% and silver since its bottom at thirteen ninety five in mid-november is up about 12% so very inversely correlated the stock markets and and precious metals

" this happens this rotation between tech and commodities usually happens in late cycles when the the markets are convinced that inflation will keep heading higher and the Fed will not have a lot of tools to keep raising rates at the same time so when that happens we know that the that investors just do not like stocks when there's high inflation because margins go down they have to pay higher wages and obviously they need to think about how they manage their capital expenditures all of this is very bad for growth and then you couple this with what's going on with China that has not resolved yet and what's going on in Europe with obviously with brexit and and everything else that's going on in France and the yellow vests

"....this is all playing out to be very detrimental and investors are simply repricing how much they're willing to pay for stocks how much they're willing to pay for bonds and how much they are willing to pay for an insurance premium which is obviously precious metals in cash so that's where we're at right now do you think that I mean there's many people out there saying that the markets gonna come down like 50 percent I mean do you see that happening well here's the thing think about what the the stock Marx's stock markets have already done in the past three months they've gone down from all-time highs in to bear market territory in three months so that's a very massive move in terms of profit guidance and how companies are estimating their 2019 it's not as good as 2018 with all the tax cuts that were there you saw record margins and record profits from the S&P 500 and Dow and the Nasdaq

" it's definitely not gonna be the same but there is no reason to believe that investors will look for much lower prices before there actually is a bid for stocks out there remember the options David that's very important to understand always with investments the bond the bond yields even investment grade even corporate and obviously the Treasury bonds they're right at par with core inflation with core CPI numbers so CP the core CPI the official number is 2.1 percent and then for a ten-year trend a 10-year bond you're getting about 2.4 percent so you're loaning the government money the US government for 10 years so until 29 20 29 you're gonna get upon payments and you're just gonna be above inflation so you're just gonna make about 0.3 in real rates on your coupon that is not attractive at all

"....and but look at stocks on the on the flip side after 10 years of going up the multiples are already very high so in terms of the total returns so dividends plus appreciation you can't expect the sp500 to keep doing what it did for the past 10 years it just won't so you're looking at a situation where stocks will probably net around 4 to 5 percent for the for the next 5 6 years so you're looking at a chance of making about 4 to 5% with very high risk stocks or making nothing with bonds and both are not attractive now

"....on the flip side if you get any sort of a deal with China that that creates borders and and and does away with you know pure globalism you're gonna see prices for every day stop rise because when you make choices and options and decisions that are not purely based on economic principles alone so the best price because that's what American corporations have done they basically said we don't care about our employees we don't care about the middle class we don't care about the American domestic economy we go wherever the price is best and the quality meets our standards

" a company like Nike it doesn't think oh my god I have to open a distributor and like a manufacturing base in one of our more distressed States no it thinks how can I open another manufacturing base in Bangladesh or you know in Cambodia because I need to get the best price for my cotton goods and what President Trump and this administration is trying to do is level the playing field so that there are some laws and regulations and and and rules in place to make sure that half of America doesn't continue to earn $30,000 pre-tax here because there is no middle class when 75 million out of 150 million people that are employed make 30 grand a year in a society that you know the cost of living in America if everyone was paying taxes would be 48 thousand dollars a year

" if there is no deficit and the economy is running on the tax receipts alone every person would need to pay 48 thousand dollars in taxes for that to happen you can't have an economy that half of the people make 30 grand a year so there obviously is a huge huge problem that's why there's national you know the national debt just keeps rising and there's a trillion dollar deficits every year because about 15 million people which is ten percent of the of the working population makes minimum wage

" after ten years right now they've minimum wage in 20 states is gonna be risen this year to about twelve to fifteen dollars per hour so you're gonna see a lot of companies paying more in wages just Amazon is paying three million dollars more per hour for increasing their wages to $15 per hour so that's 24 billion dollars a year in wage increases

"....that's a lot of money that's gonna go into the economy and that's why there's a lot of inflation baked in the cake for 2019 and why precious metals are really rallying right now and why stocks are not so for for stocks to have that this relief a distension relief it might take a while and and it will take some sort of a resolution in a long-term agreement with China so that's the big thing that's on the table

"'d mentioned Trump like you know making it an even playing field trying to bring the companies back to the United States and you know bring back manufacturing he continually says this do you think it is possible to bring back the amount of manufacturing and the companies that moved out of the United States back to the United States if he does get rid of regulations and and gives them tax benefits you think these companies would come back

"....all these companies that have manufacturing bases outside of the US they're basically engaged in things that can be done much much cheaper outside and don't involve a lot of brain power that's gonna stay outside the all the IP is already there the International property people over there know how to run these factories and what the u.s. willing will continue to engage in and continue to excel at is technology and intelligence and you know anything that has to do with the army and defense

".....that's where the United States can truly excel because it has very good education system compared to other countries and it has a lot of tech hubs and financial centers so that's that's where the United States future lies but that future sacrifices an enormous amount of the population and that's why we we wrote about both of these things the the wealth gap and the wealth disparity going forward and it's not gonna get corrected David's not there's no revival to the middle class if you go to wealth research up com4 slash attack and for slash drama we lay out the case that there will be no middle class in America by 2022

" will either be part of the wealthier class or you will be part of the struggling class and there's there's literally no way to change that the only thing you can do is moderate the effects of it and basically rebuild and reorganize America to be equipped to be competitive for the 21st century so and that's what the Trump administration is trying to do but there are there is friction to this right when you reorganize an entire country that was living inside of this illusion this dream it can continue to just issue debt and pay for anything that they want there you know the dollarization has basically burst that that bubble 40% day 40% of the united states deficit

".....or you know the entire budget is funded by foreign country's every time a US Army ignites the tank you know the fuel 40% of it is funded by China by Japan by Russia by other countries that's in Germany my friend it's it's insane every time you pay out a Medicare or Medicaid or Social Security or income security or anything that the federal government pays out 40% of it is funded by people in other countries

"....that's very unique to the United States alone so when you see Japan and China and Russia starting to accelerate the deal dollarization going out of holding a lot of Treasury debt that is a problem for a country that cannot stop what it's doing right now you you cannot stop Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security that easily you just cannot stop these entitlement programs without creating social unrest and so as the economy like you say is rolling into a recession in 2020 and capital gains tax from the stock market isn't gonna go down and corporate tax is gonna go down these trillion dollar deficits will need to get monetized by some you know in some fashion

".....and that is why not only do I think that the United States will start printing currency but also Rae Dalian the world's you know largest hedge fund manager is thinking that the u.s. index is going down by by 25 to 30 percent in the next five years and that's massive because it stands at about 96 97 is we doing this interview if it goes down by 25% goes down to its all-time low at 75 so that's very very low it's a it's a huge dollar bear market it's gonna affect obviously commodities worldwide which are gonna you know go up in price it's gonna make the world more expensive

".....and whenever every country wants to do stuff on their own become self-sufficient instead of having open borders that's that's the recipe for stagflation that's a recipe for higher prices so as we're doing this reorganization for the United States one of the unintended consequences is higher price and higher cost of living and you're gonna have that there's just no avoiding it so it's definitely important to to keep that in mind if you if you go to wealth researcher calm forward slash top you can actually see a wide array of special reports that have to do that have to do with this with how to prepare how to prepare for a crash what I'm doing with my own portfolio

" can even go to wealth research up calm for such portfolio and even download my own portfolio for for the coming year and we're gonna update that special real soon to meet this new reality of 2019 but yields are inverting as you know trending lower they're becoming inverted the one to two years already invented inverted the 2 to 5 is already inverted the one that's that people need to really watch that has created a recession to follow every time 17 times out of 17 you know 17th out of 17 every time the two-year and the tenure invert there's a recession between between 12 to 18 months after that

".....and we're just shy of getting an inversion with the two-year to tenure so they've since 1913 every time that the Fed has tightened monetary policy in order to combat an overheating economy and or in order to combat rising inflation rates every time they've mismanaged that and the two-year eclipses the the the yield of the tenure every time that has happened there's been a recession every time there's been a recession in the United States there's been a market crash

" that's the natural recipe and the natural chain of events for this economy and therefore you know that's what I'm saying people are saying 50 percent drop in in stocks we haven't hit the recession yet when we hit the recession it will be time to explore such a dramatic fall in stocks but I wouldn't say know that that at all in fact Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger both have said recently that this might happen a 50% drop in stocks and you know these people are very optimistic about the US economy throughout they're you know very long lives and they've seen everything from World Wars to you know the the Nixon shock to 1987 to bust so they they know you know 2008 Great Recession if they say that you need to prepare for a 50% drop in equity prices then that's very real

" what happens to go because last time the market came down this was 2008-2009 we saw a gold after that shoot up to you know 1400 1500 and it kept moving up this time do you think the same thing is going to happen because now we have a lot more debt because back then I mean the amount of debt we had was about 10 trillion now we have over 21 trillion the the worldwide debt is you know hundreds of trillion this time it might be a little bit different do you think gold will shoot up at that time when you know everything starts to fall apart

" and silver both so you've just went through a period a ten-year period well basically an eight-year period since 2011 since gold peaked at about 1900 and silver peaked at around 49 where they went down until the end of 2015 both of them have went down about 40 to 50 60 % and then bottom around December 2015 gold at 11:53 and it's now about 12 80 as we're doing this interview to even 1290 so it's definitely in inside of this little bull market very moderate bull market it's just up about 20% but this is not a raging bull market especially for silver that does not fall out gold now the reason that that silver which is more industrial and price is not followed gold as goal is very tied to monetary and political geopolitical events inflation

" know jewelry makes a very small part of how the price of gold gets determined it's mostly investment demand so whenever people are willing to pay more for a premium basically they'll pay more for gold because there is no shortage of gold right all the gold has ever existed is above ground it's a very unique commodity a very unique mineral it's it simply has natural characteristics from mother nature that allows it allows it to be the best form of money

".....silver has had the same characteristics it their innate so you can't change the characteristics of so they're phenomenal for being used as a monetary metal but in the 20th century it's also been found that it's great for industrial purposes so since industrial purposes make up the majority of the consumption since 1971 you're seeing silver always tied to the production cost give or take a few dollars above the production cost now if you wanted to have a premium like it did in 2011 or whenever it rallies hard like in the seventies there needs to be a lot of investment demand for it and there simply hasn't been from from 2011 until now you know if you call dealers they tell you it's it's worse every every year

".....and the reason is because people have lost the interest in silver as a protection and people in general obviously there are people that myself for all the time and use the the fact that the price is going down but really since the Trump election the middle class has put their faith into the government much more than before and and people have basically not been buying a lot of silver and they have been buying cryptocurrencies even instead

" in 2019 there's really no avoiding the fact that silver will trade much above its it's money cost the reason that the investment demand is picking up and the real reason for why investment demand is picking up is because one real interest rates so basically the 10-year Treasury - core inflation is getting back into negative territory with 2.4 percent on the 10-year bond and 2.1 for the official core inflation and trending higher you're gonna see negative real rates which happened in 2016 the last time the goal really took off and obviously gold stocks really took off so the same events are shaping up this around as well at that the the usdollar day was the best performing asset of 2018 the last time that has happened was 1969 two years before the Nixon shock

" in other words whenever the dollar is the best performing currency on not personal and currency the before an asset on the planet in other words if all hedge funds all Fayette run managers on January first would have closed shop and went to Thailand for a one-year vacation and came back on January 1st 2019 they would be better off and their clients would be better off than what they did this year 93% of asset classes have been negative in 2018 have performed negatively

" whenever you see situation like that it happened last time in 1969 it it really is the early innings of a huge bear market for the dollar and and that's important to understand so that's the second thing and then you got the third thing which is that the the stock market isn't producing these great results as it did in the past ten years so all three really all the three major countless for a huge boom in precious metals are there you got a a key economy a very you know lots of tension geopolitically the inflation rising and therefore stocks are not doing that well and negative real interest rates are coming back

".....and with 20 states raising their minimum wages you're gonna see a lot of money velocity a lot of inflation baked into the cake and it could be a phenomenal year in fact you know yesterday on January 2nd we alerted our number-one gold stock for 2019 and it shot up 43 percent on a huge one-day event that was the best performing stock in all stock markets all exchanges around the world for yesterday and that's because people in 2018 have discarded gold investments gold stocks etc and now they're starting to understand the value of what these companies have in the ground because exploration has been so bad for ten years there's literally no discoveries of new gall deposits and you're gonna see production about half by 2024 so that's a huge huge deal and you can go to if you go to wealth research up comp or size bear and I think I've talked about this the last time we were here that's 11 bear market strategies that I've used during the gold barriers do you know what to prepare for this and and I got a lot of emails from people who downloaded it and it really helped them to prepare so that's I think that is very beneficial

" with all this going on we have Trump who has been contradicting the Fed continually saying listen I don't want you raising rates I don't want you're raising rates and the Fed is raising rates and while this is going on we know that China Russia and many other countries they're either accumulating gold repatriating their gold and q Annan has said that gold will bring down the Fed now if gold starts to rise and everything starts to fall apart the stock market the global economy starts to slow and it affects all these different areas don't you think China Russia the United States if gold is rising at this time won't the central banks have a problem on their hand because if gold let's say goes to 1900 then to 2000 what does that say about their currency

".....we're a long ways from from 1902 to 2000 so it's it's a huge move but in general if you keep seeing gold going up and silver going up that's important to see both of them going up together and silver even outperforming all to confirm a renewed bull market you know and like I told you off the air I think that monetary policy is gonna play less of a role in the coming decade than fiscal policy the tools that the Federal Reserve has or any central bank with QE programs or whatever they call it bond purchases etc when they increase their their balance sheet in order to absorb assets at artificially high prices to prop up the economy they already done that it's it's done they're shrinking their balance sheet now and they're definitely not gonna embark on a major campaign again like this because you know half of Americans already feel like the central bank is working for the elite

"..... they just cannot you know politically justify doing this again they can't lower interest rates interest rates that much anymore right it's a there the Fed fund rate is already playing with inflation rate as it is if they cut rates again substantially it's gonna fuel an insane bubble and so monetary policy is gonna get marginalized and you already seen you know prison Trump all over the Fed right telling them what he thinks about them telling them how he criticizes their manners they're gonna try and marginalize themselves and put themselves in a little corner and and not be the center the center stage like they have them for the past ten years

".....what you're gonna see more is fiscal policy you're gonna see like you're seeing right now you're gonna see tax cuts new trade deals new regulations obviously you're gonna see a lot of talk about how to restructure the unfunded liabilities this is gonna be the theme for the next decade and that's a very inflationary theme when you have government's doing fiscal policy you know they're gonna spend on infrastructure you know they're they're gonna try and put people to work and all of that is you know it's very good domestically for each country to to to strengthen their own economy but it's also gonna create a situation where prices rise in a very noticeable fashion

" if you take a loaf of bread that's price for about a dollar in half the wheat component of it is about seven cents so even if wheat prices go up you know buy even if they double it's not gonna affect the the end price with the retail price of a loaf of bread what really impacts all of the all the everyday items that we that we use all the services that we use is the supply chain in terms of the wages that people receive

" if you have a situation where you know the citizenry really wants to see higher minimum wages more regulations to make sure that they have jobs that is really inflationary that's what I'm telling you is going on in 20 19 20 states are raising their obligatory minimum wage after one decade of stagnant wages so whenever wages go up everyday items they just simply go up because all costs are gonna get transferred to the consumer if you can imagine kimberly-clark has thousands and thousands of employees Walmart all of these companies in order to make sure that their margins stay you know fat they need to pass on these increases and wages to the consumer

".....and that's exactly what they're gonna do so do I necessarily see gold going up to 1900 or 2000 you know we're not there yet let's let's not create a this tunnel vision for a Ford but you know even if it goes up 20 to 30 percent from now that says a lot a lot about how weak if you have currencies are around the world and you know you saw in 2018 you saw hyperinflation in several countries so the US economy is one of the only views you know in the United States of America is one of the only countries then the 20th century did not suffer from an insane hyperinflation it's it's one of only five countries to not suffer from major inflation crisis so we might be heading into its first time but we'll have to see right we'll have to see and and this will all be played out with China this is the rising power in the world as opposed to the established powers and this is really the the main theme for the next decade

" you meant you know wages and how you know they're being raised right now isn't this just a band-aid fix because we've seen this in the past where okay we have to raise everyone's minimum-wage and then prices go up and then the minimum wage really doesn't mean that much because prices have to go up which means that people have it cost more to buy the same exact product and it just feels like we're in this ridiculous cycle that never ends I mean if we went ahead and we got rid of the Fed the central bank and their system with borrowing money wouldn't we end all this or if we went back to the gold standard wouldn't we end all this because right now we're really in a central banking you know currency system and it feels like we're just continually doing the same thing over and over and over again I think it might be time that we break free of all of this so we can stop this because it I mean do you see the cycle just continually repeating itself

" it's a very good question and you know the the fact of the matter is that it's gonna be very hard for governments to go back to a gold standard even if they want to it's gonna take a huge how financial reset a real really you know a loss of all trust for the political for for politicians to even consider this it's gonna be a whole new whole new era of politics these are not gonna be the same regular faces that you that you know if this happens if financial recent happens if it's the birth of a new power structure in the world it's it's everything so you know it's it's hard to to really forecast these these changes

".....but we are at the very late cycles of a 80 year debt cycle that started in 1944 right after the world war ii world war so we are in a very unique situation where many things are converging the retirement way of the baby boomers which is the lordy the wealthiest generation to ever live on this planet and and they're estimated to hold about half of the world's so they're retiring and their consumption levels are going down so with the United States being 72% determined on consumption it's a consumption based economy a service based economy when you have a quarter of the country about 80 million people retiring at the same time as the younger generation the Millennials which are about 80 million people strong as well so there are another quarter of the economy going into the jobs market right now for you know and just starting their careers they don't have their own homes many of them don't have a vehicle etc but they are plugged with huge debts huge student debts that is a huge problem for the economy

".....because when one generation is liquidating its stocks portfolio and its real estate portfolio and you have the other big generation the Millennials that cannot apply for mortgages and they don't have portfolios for stocks you're gonna have a real bad situation on your hands and that is one of the reasons you know why I have about 5% of my net worth in print physical precious metals and why I'm starting to speck it back going back into speculating on on gold and silver stocks because the backdrop is just phenomenal Montgomery fact if you go to wealth research up com4 slash gold playbook you're gonna see the most detailed and in-depth review of all the gold investments that that a person can have and you know I've studied them all in the past twelve years since I started investing in precious metals so this is gonna be a huge shift and demographically with the United States being one of the top five countries in the world in terms of size

".....when you have one generation that's retiring its the wealthiest cash generation ever and you have a new generation that is already plugged with trillions of dollars of revolving credit card debt and student that's that it can apply for for mortgages that easily or for auto loans for anything that's a huge problem for the economy it really slows it down and until all these things are resolved this is gonna really put a lid on how much growth the United States can can have and obviously when the United States sneezes the rest of the world gets sick

" we are going into a very a very important part of the cycle where expansion happened for ten years and now we're gonna slow down and if we're gonna hit a worldwide recession you can really rest assured that precious metals are gonna be one of the best places to be at

".....if we're talking about you know a worldwide recession and precious metals is a great place to be why would people look at the central bank currency then because this brings me back to my original point yeah I'm I mean I said 1900 but even if it gold moves up slowly you know 1313 50 won't people start to catch on that there's something wrong with the central bank system because like you said there's a huge amount of global debt the next generation they just have so much debt they can't even you know function this is just gonna get worse wouldn't try and I'm sorry okay

"......what I'm saying is not only their prom the big problem for the younger generation is that they're not financially educated at all they haven't lived through any period of gold of a gold standard they don't even know that there's a connection between fiat currencies and gold so you know it goes back to a hundred years ago when one of the early Ken's Ian's or even Keynes himself said that the best way to to steal from from a country is to inflate its currency because it's no one would be the wiser when when you have a situation when you have a hundred dollar bill in your pocket and five years later is still in your pocket and still a hundred dollar bill if you don't understand inflation and purchasing power then you think that you you haven't lost the scent but in the meantime if the dollar goes down at about a 1/2 to 2 percent clip every year for a hundred years it's down 98 percent in purchasing power and since the Fed has been so this is a real big problem

".....and I think you know a part of the world will be educated to it and will take precautions but like any other crisis in history most people will not be prepared it's just it's it's a fact of life right right so where do

" think we're headed in this 2019 moving into 2020 what do you think is how do you think this is all gonna play out

"....the the most important thing is what's gonna happen between the United States and China if there's a resolution and and there's a tension relief then we're gonna see a Laster raw for the stock market you're gonna see everyone participating it's gonna be really the the mania right 2017 was was a mini mania right you didn't see you saw so many people on the sidelines so many cash so much cash on the sidelines you didn't see mom and pop getting involved and therefore you know if you see a real resolution between the United States and China and Trump has all the incentives to find a solution going into his next election cycle you're gonna see a last araf on the stock market and then you're gonna see your beautiful bubble burst

" that's if China and the United States do find ways to sit down and ink an agreement if they don't you're just gonna see very a lot of volatility not a lot of price appreciation higher commodity prices and basically alternative investments winning against traditional investments a weaker dollar problems with the Fed who knows you know calls for impeachment you're gonna see just a very volatile year if if this administration doesn't find a solution to its most pressing problems which is that the stock market is is heading into or just touching bear market and the China and the United States cannot come to a conclusion and obviously the fact that China just had the worst stock market of 2018 of edging developed nation and Europe here back to bear market a you know bear market valuations this is just it's just nasty

"..... and if there's no solution and it's gonna be a really big big problem in yeah I mean I mean this is this is what will determine 2019 New York thank you very much for being on the x-22 report spotlight once again how can people see your work that our highest priority top ranked ideas are always gonna be on the newsletter because that's the best way to communicate to our subscribers it's obviously free and if you know the reason that I found the wealth research group is just because I think there's a there's just an epidemic of financial education and misinformation in the media there's just no way to get good information from the mainstream media they're always the contrarian indicator whatever they say is the opposite or just too late

"....and I I just felt like it's time to make sure that people have a way to to know exactly what's going on and how to prepare how to educate and just build your your your base your core your fundamentals every single day with more information and and obviously I'm an avid reader if you want to check out the books that I'm personally reading if you go to wealth research you calm for size rich books and actually the list of books that I periodically read the books don't change but I change so I read in a bit chewy every quarter to make sure that I always am as sharp as I can be because you know there's there are no free lunches the or once again thank you very much for being on the x22 report spotlight I really appreciate it thank you sir ...≺≺ less