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*** January 2019 ***

1.24 State of the Union / Protests / Mainstream Media Layoffs / Anti-Vaxxers / Future Space

Destroying the Illusion ** Published on Jan 24, 2019
"....I love the smell of revolution in the morning and that's exactly what we're gonna be talking about here today we'll discuss what's going on in Venezuela we'll talk what's going on with Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump's tit-for-tat over the State of the Union we've got layoffs in the mainstream media you have will talk that vaccines space conspiracy theories just another beautiful day in the neighborhood ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

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" getting into today's topics first and foremost Venezuela we have massive protests a massive uprising going on there and Donald Trump recognized the opposition leader Guido if I'm getting that right Guido as the new leader of the country as the protests are expanding so here's an article from Bloomberg and of course Bloomberg isn't really gonna show the whole context of the protests

" we're gonna go over here to a gateway pundit calm article and then you can see here we have the aerial shots of how many thousands and thousands they're saying hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets to protest the failed socialist regime in Venezuela and you can see all these shots so many people there and then Donald Trump of course announcing that he is seeing the opposition leader as the new leader of Venezuela

"....I mean the people the people are uprising countries around the world yellow vests protests Venezuelan protests it's really only a matter of time until those uprisings really start happening here I mean a lot of uprisings here in America are happening on the internet of course but the direct action the in-person protests I think we're gonna start seeing a lot of yellow vests around this country and heck maybe I'll just buy a bunch and hand them out on this channel try to get things moving on that front

".... now let's talk about the State of the Union so Nancy Pelosi Donald Trump doing some back and forth this week over the State of the Union address Nancy Pelosi sending a letter to Donald Trump basically trying to stop him as if she has authority to do that stop him from doing the State of the Union address we'll take a look actually at that letter in a second here some very intriguing things with Nancy Pelosi signature on her own letter but Donald Trump then late last night in a couple of tweets calling off the State of the Union address basically agreeing saying I will do the address when the shutdown is over

" many people are believing that Donald Trump caved to Nancy Pelosi but in fact I don't think that's the case maybe he's giving up the State of the Union right now in the meantime but I personally think that he's gonna do another speech I he's probably gonna do a replacement speech that's not the State of the Union but on the same day that the State of the Union was supposed to be or something that effect

" know we know Donald Trump when you think he's lost he's not really lost he's plotting and scheming to come back even harder it's the art of war Donald Trump's very good at that so I'm sure there's something that Donald Trump's plotting scheming gonna do to replace that State of the Union heck I think it would be hilarious if he did a speech that same day called a national emergency during that speech get the wall built get the shutdown ended and then do his State of the Union address like the very next couple of days

"....I think that would be great but we're still gonna get a State of the Union I think we're gonna get a replacement speech and definitely not lost now let's take a look at Nancy Pelosi z'n letter so this is the letter that came out yesterday from Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House trying to say that the or tried to strong-arm Donald Trump excuse me from not doing the State of the Union but look at her signature here this is a tweet from at incarnated ET I'll go ahead and link it down below

"....but he posted this up maybe he found it on the chance from an anon but man this is some great pattern recognition look at Nancy Pelosi signature from documents in the past you can see how I mean it's pretty much the same each and every time she signed what thousands of letters during her lifetime but the end look at the end this is what we're highlighting here that N and in the letter yesterday that doesn't look like a Nancy Pelosi n in fact that doesn't look like a Nancy Pelosi signature period

"....look at the capital n look at the P look at the L you've got the s that s doesn't look like her normal s here her eye just seems all off did Nancy Pelosi actually sign this huh maybe she was drunk maybe she was running up a tab on one of those flights she always takes in what ends up costing like tens of thousands of dollars just in food and liquor maybe she was drunk when she signed this heck I don't know but regardless the hen doesn't look like Nancy Pelosi signature all right

" very weird things very weird things going on with all of this theater again just theater but very weird things going on with it but hey it's fun to deduce it analyze it all next topic let's talk about backpage_com so remember last year backpage com was taken down and hit by the federal government for various allegations and in a court filing that was filed as you can see here January 22nd

" just two days ago in the district of Arizona look at all of these bank accounts that have been seized by the federal government in this case against backpage com we've got fun seized from Bank of America Bank of the West JPMorgan Chase a lot of these large banks that backpage_com was banking with but check out down here this is something a lot of people began noticing funds in a US bank account in the name of Perkins Coie LLP with the estimated value of being nearly three dollars what the heck US bank account the name of Perkins Coie

"....okay here's a couple of dots to connect with this Perkins Coie very large company lawyer company out of headquartered out of Seattle actually this was the company where Hillary Clinton's top lawyer was from that had a hand in creating that phony Trump dossier the dossier that was used to wiretap Donald Trump and his campaign not only that but his presidential transition team right that phoney dossier perkins coie was the company that clinton's top lawyer worked for

" indirectly this is basically one of hillary clinton's companies that represented her lawyer from that what the heck and now back we have nearly three million dollars in a bank account being seized in the name of perkins coie people think things are moving people think nothing's happening but things are absolutely happening and when you dig for bits of data such as this

"....when you lurk when you scour the internet right scour 8chan and twitter and places where people are posting these sorts of pieces of information you can find that a lot of stuff a lot of stuff is happening very intriguing that we found this in the backpage_com court case this dot to connect here with perkins coie huh much more on this I'm sure and a lot of stuff coming out about the Clinton Foundation we're kind of waiting on all that aren't we waiting on a lot of that to come out in due time

" due time speaking of things moving along speaking of things happening more than 1,000 mainstream media jobs lost just today in one day this comes from organizations such as The Huffington Post I believe the Huffington Post even had to cancel their whole like opinions section on their website they laid off that whole team that was working on the Huffington Post opinion section not just that but many of these layoffs are for BuzzFeed

"....Verizon media cutting nearly a thousand jobs itself 800 jobs from Verizon media Verizon media is the home of Yahoo Huffington Post like I mentioned and others so man I mean shoot I don't like when people have to lose their jobs you know but they can always get new jobs they can always do something that's a little more honorable than working for the mainstream media right

"....and just a thought here but if these mainstream media corporations were reporting the truth in the first place well they wouldn't have had their viewership decline it wouldn't be in such a pickle right now right justice I just a thought but very good news mainstream media is crumbling and at the very same time when citizen-led independent journalism such as what you're watching right now is growing growing exponentially it's spreading like wildfire

".... I mean how many new independent citizen journalists do we see popping up with websites and YouTube channels and Twitter feeds all the time it's amazing it's amazing how people are getting expired to create their own brands and to do their own work through the internet and not just that but citizen independent journalism is growing at this rate that it's growing through the censorship I mean shoot YouTube Facebook Twitter they've all been censoring for year two years now even longer than that

" some regards shadow banning D monetizing terminating accounts my youtube channel happened twice with it so citizen journalism is growing through the censorship even faster than the mainstream media mainstream media losing very good news stuff is absolutely happening and I love I love tracking it nothing I'd rather be doing than these YouTube videos for you guys it's so much fun

" moving on let's talk about conspiracy theories what else do I talk about I don't know but the Guardian calm here running this article it says trapped in a hoax survivors of conspiracy theories speak out whoa let's take a look at this subtitle what happens to those caught up in the toxic lies of conspiracy theorists quick question here do you guys think I peddle toxic lies do you think I lie do you think my do you think what I say is toxic at I would disagree

"....but anyway the Guardian spoke to five victims whose lives were wrecked by falsehoods whoa okay so five people were interviewed by the Guardian about these quote falsehoods these toxic lives these conspiracy theories this fake news that they're calling it right and these five individuals now first of all three of them I've never heard of I didn't know any of the story behind him so I'm not gonna talk about those three people here this is one of them are self Fontaine never heard that name in my life see here's another person this has to do with Sandy Hook Lenny Posner targeted after he lost his child at Sandy Hook I don't know who that is I've never talked about him in my life again you know they say there's toxic lies that conspiracy theorists spread

"....I don't spread lies first of all second of all none of what I say is toxic I just put the truth out there to help people right and if somebody isn't in the way if somebody isn't harming people I'm not gonna talk about him so don't know who these people are but Paul Offit ooh we'll get to Paul off it in a sec let's see here yeah a lot to say about mr. Paul Offit Brianna Wu attacked by hashtag gamergate trolls again I had literally never heard about gamergate in my life I had no idea what it was I had to get the backstory from this article itself

"....because again I never heard of it so we're not gonna discuss that here but the last one who James Alif antis falsely accused the Guardian claims of running a pedophile ring hmm falsely accused well first of all the allegations of him being a pedophile and involved in child trafficking have never been debunked okay so all are they false accusations well bring it to court man make them false yourself but yet no one's done that there's been no court proceeding for pizza gate right

"....James Alif antis that's not even his real name first of all Alif antis go look up what that means in French the fonts it is in font right let's see here goes into all this BS about pizza gate spinning the narrative lie lie lie they say people like me lie oh my God look at the Guardian here horrible horrible stuff so anyway they must be desperate right they must be desperate to get such good photographs like this to take the time to interview all these five people

"....I mean jeez they must be scared about the truth about pizza gate blowing up right we know they're scared about the truth about vaccines blowing up this is why Paul Offit needs to cry play victim they're all playing victim here Oh boohoo doctor Offutt making millions of dollars off of his vaccines and shilling for big pharma what a victim right what a victim James Aliph antis what was he one of the most powerful people in Washington DC being a pizza shop owner that's weird poor victim poor victim oh my gosh they're both so wealthy but they're victims oh god Paul Offit you're just a horrible person horrible

"....horrible people that's enough on that moving on speaking of vaccines as well the Daily Caller here really kind of bumming me out because I typically enjoy the daily callers reporting but they failed with this one they failed with this one they said Portland faces emergency measles outbreak due to large population of anti-vaxxers first of all let's redo that headline let's redo that M what it really should say is Portland faces emergency measles outbreak due to large population of unhealthy citizens

"....that listen all of Big Pharma and big medicines propaganda lies really that's what makes you unhealthy that's what makes you susceptible to disease living an unhealthy lifestyle making bad choices eating bad food living in a bad environment no one imagined some of the environment there around Portland isn't the healthiest to live in right and not just that but vaccines I mean shoot you're injecting DNA heavy metals nanoparticles Michael plasma who knows what else right into your blood through vaccines is that gonna make you healthy it's not gonna make you healthy

" fact so Daily Caller really failing fumbling the ball with this one look they're even going off of what the Washington Post reports oh gosh it's like even if it's not a mainstream media outlet that sucks you know like the Daily Caller they're not one that typically sucks we tend to find a little more truthful stuff come out of the Daily Caller but they still ain't that woke still some waking up that people in these mainstream media organizations still have to do so and definitely by the way of vaccines

"....I mean let's just look at all the propaganda coming out about vaccines here the past shoot day a few hours even typing vaccine into Google here flu science points to another culprit when vaccines fail at least they're talking about vaccines failing their FDA approves another flu vaccine and children as young as six months Ebola vaccine supplies are expected to last Scientific American is just horrible horrible deep state science propaganda

"....oh of course they're talking about the World Health Organization labeling anti-vaxxers as a threat to global health oh here they are talking about the measles outbreak an anti vaccine hot spot in Washington State and actually they claim it's an anti vaccine hot spot but I have seen no numbers from these supposed health officials about how many people were vaccinated or not vaccinated in this outbreak so a lot of lies I'm saying of course the Washington Post the CIA's own Washington Post talking about that anti vaccination hotspot

" just oh my god I'm gonna talk about vaccines and nearly every video I do from because it's just getting so bad it's getting so bad the propaganda we're seeing the lies being spread about it misinformation fake news literally and shoot if we want to save our children not just save ourselves but save our children as well we gotta come to terms with vaccines and not let this sort of bullshit get spread we can't be pushed around by brainwashed people when it comes to our health our bodies and of course our children's health and bodies as well so anyway moving on next topic pull shift

" I don't think I mentioned this yet in a video but I'm going to here link it in a card and down below if you're familiar with the suspicious observers youtube channel if you're not familiar excuse me with suspicious observers YouTube channel go subscribe to them go make yourself familiar with it Ben Davidson the researcher who heads up the suspicious observers channel fantastic information on space weather solar weather all sort of big picture ideas when it comes to that and

"....he's been doing a series basically like a small docu-series that's called Earth catastrophes cycle it's called the earth catastrophes cycle here he talks about the solar micro Nova the pole shift cosmic rays the electric universe theories are in here as well ideas declassified CIA reports about the pole shift as well not just electromagnetic pole shift but geophysical pole shift as well so great great series he's been releasing about one or two videos a week for the last month month and a half go watch it again just go watch it a lot of news circulating around about the pole shift lately a lot of people don't have the context don't have the scientific understanding of it his channel will help you and lastly still on the topic of space got a season that in every single video

"....I do - you know first luxury space hotel plans to offer zero-gravity living for 800 grand a night self-described serial entrepreneur behind the aurora station they're calling it says it is cell the astronaut experience and plans to open in 2021 about two two-and-a-half years from now haha I just when I see stuff like this especially again in The Guardian

"....The Guardian typically sucks it's mainstream science and let's get of course into the backstory here so do we need Rockets anymore no do we need this sort of technology no not at all protip right if you're an entrepreneur if you want to invest your money in something don't invest it in this sort of space travel space technology still dealing with Rockets still dealing with mainstream technologies

" know wait wait to invest your money because within the next five to ten years I can pretty much guarantee you free energy technologies anti-gravity technologies we're talking new physics we're talking the underground physics that has been developed in secret space programs and the black projects for a long long time I would imagine it's gonna start making its way out into the public it's gonna start being disclosed

" know Donald Trump during his inauguration speech said we're gonna unlock the mysteries of space and the technologies of tomorrow he recently signed that quantum initiatives Act it's trying to get some pretty advanced research spearheaded through American Society right now we've got the space force and as I keep saying the space force is being created as a way to not only gain access but begin to disclose these secret technologies and also how much money is funneled into them over the past few decades

" there's a lot of reasons a lot of pieces of evidence to suggest that within the next again five to ten years we're gonna start seeing incredible technologies make their way into the public domain so yeah it's kind of a waste these poor entrepreneurs again it's just ignorance you know they're unaware they're unaware these entrepreneurs are just wasting their money with rocket technology with kind of old school stuff you know this is our grandpa's tech save your money this generation is gonna have much more fun more fun and it's gonna be difficult there's gonna be a lot of physics ideas scientific ideas we're gonna have to unlearn and then relearn

"....but uh it's gonna be a fun process if you can come at at it with an open mind and be open to change too a lot of change is gonna take place of course with technologies like this like free energy and anti-gravity making it out into the public lots of change and this society is gonna change amazingly over the next five to ten years we're talking new paradigm guys whole new paradigm okay this whole Great Awakening it doesn't just culminate with a few deep Staters arrested no no that's just the beginning

"....after that happens after we get some of that deep state behind bars then comes the honest a tough part but the fun part the exciting part the part when we really get to work get our hands dirty because it's gonna allow these technologies to come out it's gonna allow a lot of these esoteric understandings these secretive understandings that have been kept from us to come out into the public domain so technological paradigm changing medicine is gonna get its paradigm changed our understanding of history our understanding with who we are how our consciousness operates where we're going as a species great awakening in action and that's what all of us incarnated right here right now to go through beautiful time to be a lot of guys and thank you for following along with me through these videos for tracking this Great Awakening nothing else I'd rather be doing more videos coming thanks for watching done you ...≺≺ less

Nunes/Perkins Coie Booms Nancy told "Jail time soon"

SpaceShot76 ** Published on Jan 24, 2019
"'s it going world Patriots it is Wednesday January 23rd 2019 and boy have I got some good stuff for you today here's a story from June 21st 2017 I heard about this on dan Bonjean oh and this was a link from Sarah Carter in circa magazine like I said June 21st 2017 here's the Russia influence controversy that John McCain doesn't want you to know about so basically the story that they said about a year ago says watch the same foreign lobbyists and Russians tied to the Trump probe were once associated to Senator John McCain where he ran for president right ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" all these same names come right up again Rick Davis Paul mana for who were already doing pro-putin work against American national interest were using potential meetings with McCain how about that well is that the only name we got here no absolutely not before there was Trump there were concerns about some of these same people being around McCain about 10 years ago in fact McCain's drama involved the same foreign lobbyists Paul manna for one of the same Russian oligarchs Oleg Deripaska the same Russian diplomat Sergei kis lyac and the same wily Russian leader Vladimir Putin that now dominate the current Trump controversy

"... well this is an interesting story right so where did that come from well you guys are going to love this one April 17th 2007 how lobbyists helped X Soviets woo Washington by listen to who wrote this Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacobi husband and wife of now the famous or infamous fusion GPS how lobbyists helped ex Soviets woo Washington so it says former Federal Bureau of Investigation director William sessions once condemned Russia's rising mafia we can be organized crime he told the Moscow security conference in 1997 today mr. sessions is a lawyer for one of the FBI's quote most wanted semion Mogilevich a Ukraine born Russian whom the FBI says is one of Russia's most powerful organized crime figures

"...and it talks about oligarchs and all that but it's the same exact story and it was written by Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacobi Glenn Simpson of fusion GPS all right I show you that to show you this a letter to mr. William Taylor of Zuckerman Spader LLP regarding fusion GPS and this is from the general counsel of Perkins Coie and it's talking about writing on behalf of Perkins Coie as its general counsel we understand that your client Fusion GPS has received a number of requests for information regarding the identity of clients who engaged Fuzion GPS to conduct research during the 2016 campaign

"... we further are aware that fusion gps is currently engaged in litigation in the United States District Court for DC in an effort to prevent the compelled disclosure of its bank records which would reveal confidential client information then it talks about client confidentiality and it says finally now that the appropriate client representatives have been informed of the specifics of our engagement with fusion GPS and with their consent Perkins Coie therefore authorizes you to disclose the following fusion GPS approached Perkins cui in early March of 2016

"...I'm just gonna say coy I don't like that Kui and aware that Perkins Coie represented the Democratic National Committee HFA CC Hillary for America with respect to the 2016 elections expressed interest in an engagement with the firm in connection with the 2016 presidential election to continue research regarding then presidential candidate Donald Trump research that fusion GPS had conducted for one or more other clients during the Republican primary contests to assist in its representation of the DNC and Hillary for America Perkins Coie engaged fusion GPS and April of 2016 to perform a variety of research services during the 2016 election cycle by its terms

"... the engagement concluded prior to the November 2016 presidential election so as you see perkins coie and fusion gps are linked in that way right they hired fusion gps to figure out what was going on with trump which was obviously nothing right and the reason I bring that up is a shame as well guys if you're not subscribed to Dan bond geno on youtube you should definitely listen to his daily podcast very good and I was actually talking to Katie gee from citizens investigative report earlier today while I was at work talking about something else and we started to talk about this stuff don't miss her video guys

"... if it's not out tonight she said I'll be out by you know maybe just after noon tomorrow she has some pretty good information I don't want to step on her toes on this I'll report it after her pretty cool stuff about mana for and I'll leave it at that but if you got if you guys aren't subscribed to her she does really good research like miss Tracey beans does and I think she should have well over a hundred thousand subscribers she's got about 50 or 60,000 but she deserves a lot more for the research and the deep dives that she does really good where katie does

"...but so i was listening to bondi no the other day and our good friend Devon Nunez was on Fox and he spilled the beans publicly on something I think for the first time and Dan bond Gino thought for the first time as well so this is kind of big guys

" let's take a listen to mr. Nunez but something all so important to note about the the so called Trump Tower meeting this is the meeting that actually fusion GPS met with the people before and after that meeting fusion GPS once again was a Clinton campaign paid for operations out in so they were clearly involved in the setup of the Trump Tower meeting so if they want to bring Cohen in and talk to him that's great will participate but likely if the truth if you really want to get to the truth behind the Trump Tower meeting fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign are all over it probably behind it

"...many of the media week after week will jump on any anonymous or story that they think fits a narrative against the president but then you have an on-the-record a transcript of House Republicans bringing Bruce or in a couple months back and among other things this is from Kim Strasse Lin the Wall Street Journal on Friday mister or told this team the information in the dossier came from the Clinton camp and warned that it was likely biased certainly unproven when I provided he said the steal information in the FBI I tried to be clear that this is source info he testified I don't know how reliable it is you're gonna have to check it out and be aware these guys were hired by somebody relating to the Clinton campaign

"...and be aware it sounds to me like he told Republicans in private that he was trying to sound the alarm about the dossier being biased and others at justice and the FBI did not listen so why is this important this is important because if you remember about a year ago we put out a memo to the American public that was Declassified

"...we wanted to make sure the American public knew that the Clinton campaign had paid for this dirt that had not been presented to the FISA Court at all and we knew that that top people than the DOJ and FBI knew about it now they we spent a year they say a year and a half fighting over this information but now we know for certain and now the American people are beginning to find out that not only did top officials know at the FBI top officials also knew that the Department of Justice including four people that were on the Moller team to have now been fired

" is now the leader of the Moller team the is so-called attack dog and so these people have a lot of questions that need to be answered that that we in the house because our investigation continues even though we don't have subpoena power we will continue to investigate this and bring this information out to the public

" that's question it gets out it based on what I just read is Bruce or a good actor somebody Republicans initially have painted him as a villain is he beat was he being honest to Republicans or was he just covering his tracks because he's in deep as well well look I believe that he's telling the truth in his testimony I have no reason to not believe that because it actually lines up with a lot of additional information that we know about did

" catch that at the end I actually believe him because it lines up with some more information that we are aware of that is HUGE guys now we've known about this right so a lot of you have been following my channel or Q for quite some time are not shocked by this you're gonna be like oh what's the big deal the big deal is now it's public right who has come out and said that what he had just said publicly the fact that Clinton had paid for it yes we've heard that before

"... but how about the fact that Bruce Oreck told them hey listen this information is partisan its source information it's probably not true and it comes from people from the Hillary Clinton campaign or people related from her campaign so even knowing that they still used it and presented it to the FISA Court now there's been some debate whether there was even a hearing and whether anybody looked over anything because you guys have to understand these things are supposed to be sworn to by a quote career FBI employee right

" it should be just like a foregone conclusion but a lot of people don't remember they were rejected at least once maybe twice and then they went to seek other judges to get at rubber-stamped basically they knew this information was fault they knew it was fake they used it as a pretense to open up an investigation against President Trump and his campaign

"...alright guys this is the USA Today from April 9th 2018 a 93 count indictment on sex trafficking charges revealed against Backpage founders now you guys remember right after basically QA mention this and put in postings shortly thereafter it was shut down another little heads-up action right 93 count indictment alright well what are we find here today in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona the United States of America plaintiff versus LLC at all

"...huh at all huh let's see it's declaration of publication it's basically saying that this money is gonna be forfeited okay so guys remind me why money gets forfeited oh that's right because you're guilty of some sort of crime right Backpage defendant right now let's look at a list of people or a list of companies basically a lot of law firms - if you see yeah it's most of my law firms notice is hereby given that these case numbers were entered an order condemning and forfeiting the following property to the United States 5.25 million Bank of the West account losing Lopez in Lazar DP LLC with this estimated hundred thousand dollars JPMorgan Chase account in the name of Walters Law Group all these law groups

"...huh ten thousand five hundred seized estimated value two hundred fifty thousand City private bank account Aiken group Strauss Hauer Feld LLP but the one I wanted to show you most here guys dead center in the screen funds in US bank account in the name of Perkins Coie LLP estimated value 2.9 million dollars now you guys want to leave your comments down below what a company that's in business with obviously Hillary Clinton as you've seen and heard right perkins coie through fusing GPS why are they getting money taken from them under this back page lawsuit anyone that's right must be complicit right

"...and you guys remember Sheila jackson-lee right with the NAMBLA ring they're the Tri order the the tri sided or three-sided pyramid ring that curves in on itself the symbol for North American man-boy love Association well Sheila jackson-lee I've stood as chair of Congressional Black Caucus foundation after lawsuit Rep Sheila jackson-lee gave up a subcommittee Chairman's post and appears to have been ousted as chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus foundation after she was accused of retaliation against an employee who said a foundation supervisor raped her

"...the Texas Texas congresswoman had been in line to be chair of the Judiciary Committee's crime terrorism and Homeland Security Subcommittee but is out now amid concerns her situation would derail important work on the Violence Against Women Act yeah I'll say so she needs to be gone and hopefully this is the last we see of her all right

"... and over on Twitter at the sharp edge at the sharp edge one watch this guy tell Nancy Pelosi prison time is coming soon be ready not much time left bad news for you

"...whoever this guy is I'd like to buy him a beer I would as well sir oh my goodness let's take a listen Nanci prison times coming soon are you ready not much time look man use can you believe that oh my goodness excuse me Nancy oh hi great what's shaking it Oh what yeah jail times coming huh uh yeah okay great great yeah what do you just say jail jail time Jack

"...don't think we don't know you tried with POTUS taking 93 people to the Middle East all sorts of extended family which is against the rules we know Nancy oh we know and speaking of Nancy I'm still waiting for president Trump's uppercut because today she said she is not going to have him do the State of the Union so just like the other day guys when she saying uh maybe you shouldn't come because of security

"...and he came back and said yeah it's all good we can still do it and then he said you know what you're not gonna go on that Middle East trip with 93 people spending seventy thousand dollars an hour or whatever it is ridiculous amounts of money we're gonna cancel that trip she threw a drab he threw an uppercut well she threw another jab today and I so look forward to see what president Trump's uppercut is gonna be

"...because you know it's gonna be a doozy now in other news guys you have this absolute dolt Michael Cohen now saying he's gonna postpone indefinitely his testimony before Congress why you ask oh well because apparently President Trump is threatening him and his family oh my goodness can this guy make up any more crap is it possible like really everything that they have tried to do to President Trump is backfired in that face and it's getting worse and worse and worse and you can't say he's wrong when he says the mainstream media is the enemy of the American people taking a situation like this and blowing it out of proportion not reporting everything not reporting about the instigators who started this whole big deal and then this guy in the left with the stolen valor here

"...oh my god Vietnam vet nope Vietnam era reservist perhaps ok yeah he was in there trying to deflate the tension that's why he went on the news saying all these kids were jumping around him rallying saying build the wall build the wall look at the kids look on his face now scared to death 15 16 year old kid shouldn't have to be going through this because people want to do stuff politically and that's all this is all about one more little clip in response to president Trump threatening mr. Michael Cohen

"...President Trump had this to say today he's been threatened by the truth he's only been threatened by the truth and he doesn't want to do that probably for me or other of his clients he's probably been threatened by the truth

"...couldn't have said it better myself sir so as you guys can see the mainstream media is basically imploding on itself butchering all these stories lately right and let's not forget BuzzFeed's right in the center of it and BuzzFeed was at the beginning of it as well as you heard mr. Nunez earlier they were the ones who reported when they were given that peepee dossier right and this whole investigation is all about leaks call me went out of his way to say he leaked that material for the sole reason of getting a special counselor fruit of the poisonous tree guys all right I'm gonna leave you with that for tonight appreciate you all tuning in and joining me and until the next video thumbs up like subscribe peace ...≺≺ less

Insurance Activated, Playing Out As Planned, Blocking/Protecting Will Fail - Episode 1773b

X22Report ** Published on Jan 23, 2019
"...hi and welcome you listening to the x22 report my name is Dave and this is episode 1773 bien today's date is January 23rd 2019 and it's out of the episode is insurance activated playing out as planned blocking projecting will fail let's get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news now the deep state they are doing what they do best and I can't believe that everything that Q has been telling us is now coming true the insurance policy has been activated the plan is going exactly as planned the deep state they're doing what Q told us they were going to do and Q has been telling us for a very long time to enjoy the show and we're gonna be getting into that in just a moment ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... but I wanted to start off with the Cummington Catholic school and what has been happening there now right now all over YouTube and everywhere else on Twitter you name it the Cummington event is being ripped apart the mainstream media is trying to control this narrative now Benny Johnson tweeted out and he said it absolutely perfectly just a reminder that when the media gets something horrific ly wrong and looked like idiots they will band together and dig up anything and everything to try to exonerate themselves and prove they were right all along

" this is exactly what the deep state the mainstream media does they lie about something so they'll dig up something or try to prove their lie and this is exactly what they're doing right now and there are many individuals that are taking down their tweets there's lawyers out there saying that they're gonna be suing all these individuals for libel

"....and we're starting to hear a lot of different facts come in from what really happened here who lied who was telling the truth and if you look at many different camera angles that involved the Covington Catholic school boys and nathan phillips and the other groups that were outside of this because they were screaming racial slurs and things like that you can see how all of this came about

"....but I wanted to go to Nathan Phillips because Jim Hanson tweeted out the following that and we discussed this yesterday Nathan Phillips he's not a Vietnam vet served in USMC 72 to 76 he was a refrigerator mechanic not a recon Ranger and he was AWOL three times so the truth about Nathan Phillips is coming out that he's a liar and he made everyone believe that he was a Vietnam vet

" very interestingly Nathan Phillips tried to disrupt a Catholic Mass by chanting and beating on a drum so Nathan and other Native Americans they tried to enter a Catholic Church in Washington DC on Saturday while chanting and banging on their drums now to me this seems like this is part of an agenda and it seems that they are playing this up and doing this because of what is going to happen to what's happening with barbg Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"....because we saw all the coded messages coming out from Maggie Hammerman and we saw what was happening here and we can see that RBG according to Q she is next and what what that means is Scott Trump is going to pick the next SCOTUS Q has already let us know that most likely it might be a woman and if it's a woman what type of tactics will they used remember Barrett was nominated the first time maybe she'll be nominated the second time she's religious she's a woman or maybe will be another woman but you can see how this is being played out right now

".... their milk the real mission is to get this out there and to make sure that everyone knows about it it turns out that Nathan Phillips he was in a music video and to me it looks like the same exact guy and if this is true then Nathan Phillips is an actor I mean we've seen a lot of false flags we've seen the deep state before and we know they use actors to push their agenda

" comic Kathy Griffin she was forced to delete her tweet because she was showing the Cummington teens at a basketball game holding up like an okay sign where it showed the three fingers and she's saying that this was the new Nazi sign now if anybody knows anything about basketball when you hold this symbol up it means it's a 3-point shot and you can see other basketball players they use this and Kathy Griffin deleted her tweet

" what does this tell us this tells us that people they're not even researching they're not even looking they're just putting things out there and pushing an agenda that's it and you can see how hard they are pushing but this event is being kept alive and we know why it's being kept alive and again the mainstream media will never admit that they lied they'll just keep pushing and pushing and pushing until the very end

" what's very interesting is that the House Judiciary Committee and we know who that's led by that's Jerry Nadler he's putting together a team and this is Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings Adam Schiff and they're gonna be working towards the investigation on Trump many many different investigations on Trump and this is just the beginning so why are they doing this why are they not letting Mueller investigate why are they taking on the investigations

"....well we're gonna get into that in just a minute but first I want to get into Michael Cohen now Michael Cohen he's gonna postpone his February 7th House testimony citing that the president Trump's tweets about his family is threatening I mean this is absolutely ridiculous so Rex and if you go to his site and I have his link on the x22 report did a fantastic article a Michael Cohen and shine some light on why Trump is saying the things he's saying about Michael Cohen

".... let me begin here by don't be distracted by the gossip and tittle-tattle being spread about Michael Cohen forget taxi medallions porn stars they're meant to distract the true Department of Justice investigations are likely focused on Cohen's connections to illegal lobbying by Clinton proxies on behalf of Ukraine here's an extract of Bloomberg's misleading open paragraph yesterday about skatin Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP agreement to pay 4.6 million as part of a settlement with the US Justice Department

"....the settlement was over unregistered work it did with Paul Manafort to benefit the government of Ukraine in 2012 and 2013 so here's the correction this is what Rex wrote unregistered work it did with Paul Manafort VIN Weber and Tony Podesta to benefit the government of Ukraine's President Putin back Yanukovych in 2012 in 2013 see how that works

"....Bloomberg left out critical names ditto all the fake news mainstream media outlets but that typo should have been easy to correct after all it was widely reported in August 2018 that special counselor Mueller had referred man afford and gates Podesta the Podesta group and VIN Weber to the Department of Justice prosecutors at SD NY in relation to non fara illegal lobbying work carried out on behalf of the Putin back Ukraine leader Yanukovych

".... and here's the thing they likely illegally lobbied for Yanukovych rival poroshenko after he came into power yes they lobbied for rivals they're crooks they don't care they want to make money before we get into michael cohen here's a few interesting facts Cohen's company essential consultants allegedly received 500,000 payment from company connected to Russian oligarch

"....and Putin Ally Viktor Vekselberg a close ally of Yanukovych and Viktor Pinchuk Cohen's family has extensive and powerful connections to Ukraine and Russia he has also spent much of his personal professional life with immigrants from Russia and Ukraine his father-in-law who helped establish him in the taxi business was born in Ukraine and is very well-connected in the corrupt cesspool of Ukraine's pop politics and business

" remember Trump tweeted out something very interesting Kevin cork at Fox News don't forget Michael Cohen has already been convicted of perjury and fraud and as recently as this week The Wall Street Journal has suggested that meant that he may have stolen tens of thousands of dollars lying to reduce his jail time watch father-in-law

"....the father-in-law well he's Ukrainian he has connections in Ukraine so guess what this is why Trump is tweeting this out let me continue Cohen received a payment of at least four hundred thousand to fix talks between the Ukrainian president poroshenko and Trump and this was supposed to happen in Kiev by the way this didn't happen never came together

" of course Trump's deranged opponents alleged that Cohen's background somehow connects him with Trump and Putin to steal the 2016 election this is ridiculous there's no evidence that support this whatsoever and as usual and their incompetence they missed the entire story of Cohen or did they actually bypass it because they don't want to report on it Cohen was working with lobbyists Podesta Manafort Gates and even Webber to get a cut of the action from their unregistered lobbying work on behalf of Ukraine

"....remember when they went after mana Ford because he wasn't registered remember what Podesta did registered very very quickly hoenn voted for obama in 2008 and before that was photographed with hillary clinton at what he called the the Kennedy compound and there's a picture of him and Hillary back in June of 2014 so note that date June 27 2014 no wonder Clinton was celebrating that was the date that the new president of Ukraine Petro poroshenko signed a long-delayed trade pact with Europe Moscow opposed it

"....hmm worked out in the favor of Clinton Cohen and the rest so that is the same portion ko who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016 the Clintons length Ukraine is better understood by their relationship with Victor Pinchuk not with particular leaders Ukraine is a land of extreme corruption political upheaval billionaires such as Pinchuk go with the flow they're greasing the palms of all the politicians and they're doing you know all different dirty work and stuff like that

"....the Clintons benefited from all of this Michael Cohen who had business interests outside the Trump world is implicated in the corruption behind the scenes it is more likely that the SD NY investigation is focused on control and the corrupt Clinton Pinchuk Nexus as well as his links with the illegal lobbying by manna fort Podesta and Webber oh and they had looking at something else to Cohen's role in the framing of Trump as well as his covert profiteering via the connection to Trump it's not just payments from poroshenko that Cohen is alleged to have secretly pocketed

"....and what about this there's also alleged evidence that as early as September 2015 one of Hillary Clinton's closest allies made a bizarre 150,000 donation to the Donald J Trump foundation who was the ally Victor Pinchuk who solicited the donation Michael Cohen he's a liar he's a crook he's a traitor and he chose the wrong side and what is happening right now he is desperate they have all of this on him and he's lying to get himself out of this

"....but guess what it's not going to work remember there are other investigations going on Flynn is giving information on these investigations Flynn knows all about this he was there he knows where the bodies are buried so we need to go back to post 26 72 and remember we talked about Nadler Cummings ship all starting these investigations in the house well in this post q says the following d house focus on POTUS equals insurance extension from Mueller to house

".... what do we see happening right now they're taking away the investigations from Mueller and bringing them to the house this is an insurance extension why would they do this because they know Mueller is going to give a report that shows absolutely nothing and they know there's nothing there and I think at this time with Mueller backing up the fakeness of that BuzzFeed article they realized that Mueller well he might be working for the other side or to save himself

" remember in this post 2672 Q also said law governing removal of sitting Congress man or woman congressman congresswoman senator how do you remove them letting us know that in the end these people will be removed so we are starting to see all of this come true now attempts to block and project themselves protect themselves will completely fail

"....and this is what they're trying to do by moving all this to the house right now remember they feel that they're in control they feel they have the power so let's continue this is all the information that is coming out and will be used against them we are watching the preview to the main event what we are witnessing is the build-up to the declassification this is why the mainstream media is pushing their agenda so hard right now they know they need to use as much ammunition as possible to try to stop it

"....they're moving the investigations to the house to try to block and protect themselves it will not work so we've come to find out and this is coming from Sarah Carter that former FBI general counsel James Baker met with Democratic Party's top lawyer Michael Sussman to discuss the ongoing investigation by the bureau into Trump's campaign alleged ties with Russia this meeting happened prior to the FBI's initial warrant to spy on short-term campaign volunteer Carter page

" the information that was provided by Baker who gave extensive testimony to lawmakers behind closed doors coincides with the house intelligence committees final Russia report that suggests Sussman was also leaking unverified information on the trunk campaign to journalists around the same time he met with Baker the sorcerer's the sources say this is new information from Baker which exposes the bureau's failure to inform the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that the evidence used to spy on page was partisan and unverified

" further reveals the extensive role and close connection Susman cyber security national security lawyer perkins coie had with non embattled research firm fusion gps the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign retained fusion GPS through Perkins Coie during the 2016 election to investigate alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia fusion GOP s then hired former British spy Christopher Steele who compiled the unverified dossier and this was during the summer fall of 2016

" 2016 the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid 9.1 million to the law firm according to reports Sussman however is also connected to CrowdStrike CrowdStrike is the private security that was retained by perkins coie for the DNC to investigate the breach of its servers after it was discovered that it had been hacked in April 2016 although the FBI has conducted its own investigation into the breach of the servers the Democratic National Committee never gave the FBI permission to access the servers themselves so how did they do the investigation kind of difficult

" we can see they had CrowdStrike they hired the fusion GPS all through perkins coie and the payments were made there was no way the FBI could have not known it was perkins coie being paid by the DNC and Clinton campaign they're in trouble here and all this information is being leaked out for one purpose

"....and one purpose only to get the American people ready for the declassification remember Trump the Patriots they're letting the mainstream media the deep state do what they do best destroy themselves

" here's another bombshell this is coming out of true pundit high ranking FBI and say insiders are pulling back the curtain of fusion GPS the firm that commissioned and spread the Trump dossier it appears that the intelligence firm was quite busy paying off big media reporters and this is coming up from a federal source who have traced dozens of transactions between TD Bank and media members as well as media organizations

" where did all this go to which media organizations did it go to they were being paid off to push this dirt I mean this is just unbelievable how this was all coordinated and it's all being slowly leaked out so the public is aware of what is going on now House Intelligence Committee Adam Adam Schiff he defended himself against Donald Trump jr. where Donald Jr accused Adam ship of leaking now Adam Schiff is saying no it's not a leak but rather I exposed everything

" Elite it you can change the words around it makes no difference but you leaked the information Trump said he believes there's a 99.9% chance Schiff is the guy who has been leaking private testimony and it turns out he's right that he gave in a 27 in 2017 when he appeared before the House Intelligence Committee to discuss the now infamous Trump Tower meeting because I came out of the testimony 8:00 at night and CNN is running quotes from noon on about my testimony you know in the House Intelligence Committee how was this possible

"....because it was closed-door who let this out it was Schiff he didn't expose it he leaked private information that was not supposed to be let out to the mainstream media now where you've been seeing a lot of this and we know that the mainstream media to deep state they all work together

" the White House they have announced the reen ama nation of 51 federal judicial nominees left over from the previous Congress kick-starting the administration's effort to install more conservative judges after GOP activists worried that such appointments had stalled nine of the 51 appointments are for spots on the prestigious and influential federal appellate benches including two on the mostly liberal San francisco-based Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which President Trump has often decided as disgraceful and politically biased which he's absolutely right

" it looks like there are two bills that are heading into the Senate or being created to end this shutdown but it looks like these are not going to work because it does include the money but it's not for the wall it's only for security on the border well the wall border security they're one in the same now something very interesting and this tells you a lot about who really cares about the people not getting paid

"....representative Dan Crenshaw tweeted the following big deal that never got reported last week House GOP voted to pay federal employees their first paycheck of 2019 despite shutdown only six Dems voted with us it failed them priority is not paying workers or opening government it is opposing Trump now when you look at this and you look at who voted and who didn't vote you can see Democrats six yes 222 no Republicans 189 yes what does that tell you this is not about all the stuff they're talking about it's about getting back at Trump

" Trump has created a new slogan for the wall and he tweeted it out today build a wall and crime will fall this is the new theme for two years until the wall is finished it's under construction now other Republican Party use it and pray

" we can see there's still a battle going on with Nancy Pelosi and Trump Trump wants to give the State of the Union he wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi and the later the letter is as follows thank you for your letter on January 3rd 2019 sent to me long after shutdown began inviting me to address the nation on January 29th as to the State of the Union as you know I had already accepted your kind invitation however I then received another letter from you dated January 16 2019 wherein you express concerns regarding security during the State of the Union address due to the shutdown even prior to asking I was contacted by the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Secret Service to explain that there would be absolutely no problem regarding security with respect to the event

"....they have since confirmed this publicly accordingly there are no security concerns regarding the State of the Union therefore I'll be honoring your invitation and fulfilling my constitutional duty to deliver important information to the people in Congress of the United States of America regarding the state of the union I look forward to seeing you on the evening of January 29th in the chamber of the House of Representatives

"....but it looks like Nancy Pelosi is in Hakone to let him in she built a wall shut the doors a wall around the Capitol building keeping Trump out so I guess walls do work they will keep people out and it looks like Trump is going to have to pick maybe in alternate area to have the State of the Union now everyone does not agree with Nancy Pelosi

"....there are many dams Republicans saying listen he should go ahead and give the State of the Union he has to follow the Constitution I know he only has to write it but every president has given the State of the Union and he shouldn't be allowed to do this now he doesn't have to do this from the Capitol building he can do this anywhere

"....he wants but he wants to follow the same procedures that have been followed for a very long time and also he's showing that it's Nancy Pelosi that's not allowing this this is just going to hurt them more than Trump I know they think it's the opposite but that's not true

" it looks like uh dawuan is meeting with Putin to talk about Syria and the Kurds and the safe zone and remember Putin controls her won and I don't think Putin wants more war in Syria he actually wants peace he wants to have an economic relationship with Syria now we know that Israel they've been bombing Damascus now part of this I do believe is a mop-up operation the other part I think they're trying to and this is coming through the deep state I think they're trying to provoke Syria

"....and I see the headlines out there well will will fire missiles into the Tel Aviv Airport well Syria says a lot of things it doesn't mean they're going to do it one of the reasons they're not going to do it is because this would start an all-out war and I know that Israel the deep state many of these individuals would like this because this is what they've been pushing for a very long time I don't think Putin because Putin Putin has diffused almost every single situation that he possibly could where war could have been easily accomplished

"....but he's put that fire out every single time and if you don't believe me go back to my other reports I don't think Putin and Assad want more war because that's all this would do because if they fired missiles into Israel Israel would retaliate and then other coalition partners would join them and this would be a complete mess so right now the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova she said that Israel must halt their arbitrary strikes in Syria as it violates international law

"....the practice of arbitrary strikes on the territory of a sovereign state in this case we're talking about Syria should be ruled out she's absolutely right this is completely against international law but you can see their agenda first get rid of any evidence because they know that what they had planned is completely done done with right now and the US troops are coming out of there

"....second well maybe we can start something maybe we can push a war and this is what they're trying to do and you can see by the deep state they're always trying to reach their goal reach their agenda and they won't stop but as you can see who is in control did they get a war with North Korea no we got peace the troops are being withdrawn from Syria there's going to be peace there there's going to be peace in the Middle East all their plans are coming to an end

" what do they do they try to ramp it up to the very end and each time they try to say something or do something they're proven wrong time and time again they activated their insurance policy they're trying to protect themselves they're trying to block everything it's not going to work the plan is right on schedule let these individuals believe they have the upper hand let them use all the ammunition they have because guess what happens all this propaganda all these lies all of this is just a big waste of time because when the truth finally comes out and there's a declassification and people start to realize what really happened beat through documentation

"....yes they can try to talk their way out of this yes the mainstream media will try propaganda piece after propaganda piece but each propaganda piece will be shut down by facts facts will shut down all propaganda and when I mean my facts that's the truth and guess what happens people start to look at the mainstream media and say wait a minute why are you continually lying to us because here are the facts here are the recordings here are the videos

"....oh and you also try to use this whole video thing that these aren't real but these are the real unedited videos and they're certified you've lied to us and guess what Trump has mentioned this before that the mainstream media is going to have a problem moving forward

"....Trump the Patriots they want them to use everything they've got because once the truth comes out everything that they done is gonna be a lie once people understand it's a lie they won't be able to protect themselves anymore once the Muller report comes out and it shows that Muller went off in all these different directions like he was instructed couldn't find anything what are they gonna fall back on there are other investigations they're all going to be exposed time is ticking down a deep state plan is headed towards failure Patriots are in control ...≺≺ less

The Awakening Is Now Going World Wide, The Movement Has Started:Charles Hugh Smith

X22Report Spotlight ** Published on Jan 23, 2019
"...hi and welcome to the x22 report spotlight today we have a returning guest Charles Hughes Smith Charles is a financial writer a book author Charles the creator of of two minds calm and I am very happy to have Charles back on the x22 reports but like Charles welcome back to the spotlight thank you so much it's always a pleasure hey it's always a pleasure to have you on the spotlight and I wanted to start off with what was going on out in the UK right now the brexit was voted down ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"...Parliament said no we and and was like you know a margin of 230 votes or something which is I think the biggest we've ever seen they had a no confidence vote with May but she narrowly escaped that the I mean what is happening with the brexit deal I mean do you think the EU is going to negotiate a new brexit deal I mean what do you think the strategy is here going forward

"...well Dave that's a great question and I I'm not well-placed enough to to know what's going on in in you know circles of power and in Brussels or or London but I my context for trying to understand what's going on is brexit is the the the the deplorable 's in in england and you know great britain right and so it's it's generating very similar emotions to trump and and and the Trump voters ie the deplorable Zinn in the US and then the tremendous backlash of the of the establishment you know the powers that be the neoliberal elites that are in charge that they are really desperate to destroy the the political uprising of the deplorable zhh

"...and and we see this in France as well to write that the yellow vests she they shown they are the deplorable zuv France there you know routinely hated and loathed and and condemned by all the establishment in France right that the pundits the intellectuals the media the arrests of the political structure so we're seeing I think a general uprising against the neoliberal elites in across the world at least in in the three countries we're talking about now and I think you could argue that Germany is farther down that road than most people understand

" with the brexit do you think their plan is to have a new referendum you think the the the EU would like the people to vote again but actually maybe manipulate the votes so they say oh look this time they really don't want it and they don't want the brexit do you think that's what they're trying to do here I think that's definitely one avenue they're pursuing because if they can get the thing on the ballot again and ramp up all of their propaganda right which we already know from the first brexit vote what it'll be you're voting for the economic ruin of Great Britain you're voting raesha s-- anti-immigration and you're basically a truly awful person in every way shape and form

"... if you vote for brexit I mean that's the line of I mean it really is Dave it's like the Cultural Revolution in in China I really think we're seeing that in the West now and in the Cultural Revolution which you know started about 1966 and ran for about ten years it basically destroyed China from the inside because what happened was there was this cultural movement of the Red Guards and so on that it was like all or nothing you either met their standards or you were denounced and then you were often put under house arrest put in prison or or beaten up and killed and so

"...we're not I think culturally we're in the same thing whereas if you don't agree with the neoliberal elites that are running things then you are ostracized and marginalized and if you happen to be in a demonstration then you're gonna be hit with a water cannon crunch end or otherwise beaten up you know and so that's that's where we're at and so I can sit within that context then getting a brexit vote Reid that that that does what the neoliberal you know elites want that's one Avenue the other Avenue is to try to punish Britain to to punish those those bad deplorable who voted for brexit

"...and so if we can if the EU can punish Britain enough economically cut them off at the knees then they can force the idea being I think to force Great Britain to come back on bended knee and accept whatever terms the EU imposes but on the other side of the coin the EU is falling apart you know with with miracle no longer in charge in Germany really you know she's a lame duck Italy in in a usual turmoil Spain in turmoil France and turmoil in a way you could argue that the that Great Britain is is negotiating with a dead organization

" know the EU claims to have all this power but it's actually falling apart at the seams and so so from the point of view of people who favor brexit really maybe what what they need to do is just kind of hang on and then let the EU come apart at the seams yeah you mentioned France and the yellow vests and how they're protesting and you know macron is trying to come up with some type of deal so they could stop protesting because they don't want this at all

"...but what I see happening is that with the protests going on and spreading across Europe it's exposing what McCrone what Merkel what all these individuals are really about because if you really think about it the people are hitting the streets the everyday person and they're telling the government who's supposed to be working for them what they want and what they don't like and it seems like these people they're they don't even care they don't even care what they're saying and and they don't care that

" know it's hard for them that they have all these taxes and we're not making enough money and everything else and it seems like they're not really listening they're just coming out and saying listen if you don't do what we say we're gonna send in the police we're gonna send in this we're gonna do this and that's how it's going to be so it seems like I'm sorry let me just finish one second it seems like we're going back you know way back in time when we had the serfs and royalty and the people they were taxed they were taxed

"...they were taxed land was taken away and finally they went out and they just you know said enough is enough no I I think you're absolutely right and I've written about you know France in particular has a long history of general strikes and and large scale you know in the streets kind of rebellion unlike the US and Britain which are you know the populations are much more passive I think in in general and so I was talking about the last time that the general strike in France almost brought the government there to its knees which was 50 years ago

"... in 1968 the student and public the union's and and the students created this huge basically shut down Paris and I was talking about that and other some readers said no it's more like 1789 in other words the French Revolution which is like what you're referring to and I think you're absolutely dead on in that and I often use the term kneel feudal to describe the situation we have now and I also want to pick up on something else you said which is that the people who are being dismissed as the deplorable --zz they are not represented by the government that that's in power they don't really have any representation

"...and I was reading an article by a French author and he said really the yellow vest and brexit and and voting for Trump these are all ways of responding to being politically invisible and I think that's another guy another author Francis Fukuyama he came out and said the same thing too which is you know a great many people in fact even the majority of these of these citizenry of feel politically invisible they're not they have no representation

"...yeah I agree and I mean right now we have France and drew I mean let me just go back for a sec here EU is a bunch of non elected rules that are controlling the European nations and they don't want to lose power because you know they're not elected first of all and they're telling you know the countries what to do they're passing certain laws and I feel like they're very nervous and afraid with this movement not just in Europe but around the world they feel very threatened right now

"...and I think that they're going to try to do whatever they possibly can to try to stop this movement I mean do you see that I do i I think definitely they seem there's there's fear and desperation and another blogger Chris Martenson he he went and screenshot all the major media you know both major newspapers in in in in Paris and also you know the London papers and and in New York you know here in the US and there was not a single word on any of the front pages about the yellow vest demonstrations which were are in week nine

" know there's they're still very they're very real and in fact the the yellow vests have disabled 60% of the speed cameras throughout France they've they've sabotaged the speed cameras because that was some that's widely seen as a ripoff of the working class right like you get you know you get an automatic ticket in the mail and it's really expensive just like here in the States right in other words it's just another grab by the government out of the out of the pockets of people who have weren't really doing that well you know so then so there are the yellow vest responses sabotage the bloody things and so it's clearly happening

"...and yet the media is is imposing basically 100% censorship on it you're not gonna find any reporting from the corporate media or the state media about the yellow vests and that tells you something right there because of course the media is part of the neoliberal you know political leadership elites right and it's it's all one all one system so it's not surprising but it shows desperate they are that they can't even talk about it they have to censor the whole thing and that's that's ironically that's part of what is upsetting to people in some of these countries is if if the consequences of the huge influx of migrant immigrants right has created a lot of crime and social disorder

" know as a result of that influx and yet that you can't talk about that and the media ignores that in these countries right you don't you're not going to hear about crime created by migrant immigrants because that's a no-no so we we see this sort of double it's like there's two societies and two economies right if you're in the neoliberal elite economy and you work for the French government you know then you make you get two hundred thousand euros a year and if you're not in the elite and you're you know a yellow vests you might make twenty five or thirty thousand euros and so

"...and you don't have any political representation and what you do is censored so you know it's like there's this it's that there's two systems in play and it's like you said it's really like the serfs and and the and the royalty or the the gentry class and then so there's two sets of laws there's two sets of media there's two economies one's doing really poorly one's doing fantastic and just I'll end with the comment that this French author

"... I referred to earlier he was a geographer and he's basically saying all the wealth is in Paris right Paris creates the financialization and the globalization wealth which feeds the government and the corporation's there and he said they don't really you know these some the wealthy in Paris they don't even need the rest of the country that's why they that's why they can they don't really care what happens to the yellow vesser deplorable so it's like they don't need them to generate their wealth they just need to need them to stay out of the way and that's that's that's like neo feudalism

" they don't need them as workers I mean what are they doing they're just playing with the free money and speculating and investing they don't need the work they don't need people to work in the factories they don't need people to work at these jobs they don't need these people at all that's an interesting question and you know it's it's so unlike that the capitalist model that we're used to you know which in the classic case like Andrew Carnegie or Rockefeller or these

"...uh these robber barons of the 19th century and early 20th century they needed hundreds of thousands of warm bodies doing the work and in their foundries and factories and oil refineries and so on right and so that led to a labor movement because the workers actually had power right they they were needed in order to generate those fortunes but as as you intimated it's really not the case anymore it's all about speculation borrowing money from your central bank at almost zero

" know buying stocks and and and basically buying income streams with with nearly free money and and this French geographer said in Paris you know the the wealthy class actually wants the immigrants because they're the ones who do the dirty work right the construction they're the waiters and the truck drivers and all of that stuff so they don't really need anybody outside Paris as long as they have a poor you know desperate to work immigrant class they're fine that's all they need they just need servants and and immigrants to do the remodeling work on their mansions and so on

"...and so it really does raise the question even to mine in my mind in the UK and in America do the super wealthy that run the run the nation and control the political organization do they even need most of us and if the answer is no well then it helps explain why they they they don't want us to be represented in our government no that is true and also there's there's many many many of us and I think they're nervous and afraid of a movement like this

"...because once you get a movement moving along and of course this is why the mainstream media and nobody's reporting it because they don't want other countries other people to look at this and say hey so you know join in on this I want to get involved and that's why they're doing a total censorship of the entire thing but this is a movement that is actually grassroots more and more people are joining more and more people are becoming aware and because even countries where we talked about immigration you just spoke about that where they're deciding not to join the UN migrant pack

"... there's a lot of countries that are backing out of it and even here in the United States with Trump talking about a wall talking about immigration of talking about the illegal aliens talking about the crimes at the border what's coming over with drugs human trafficking I that was all hidden from the public for a very very long time and I believe it's happening here in the u.s. it's happening in Europe where people are starting to recognize what the elite have been trying to do where they're trying to bring in all these illegal aliens and put them into different positions where the jobs are very very low-paying where they're working for them

"...and actually maybe they can even vote for the candidate you know because they got them that these low-paying jobs and they're desperate like you said so I think countries people everyone's starting to become aware of what is going on here and I think they're very nervous and afraid of an awakening I think you're absolutely right

"...and one of that one of the elements of the yellow vest movement which is a little different than brexit is that it's it doesn't really have a leadership it's really a self-organizing movement as you say and it's and so the political establishment in in Francis is having a very difficult time suppressing it because if it was a trade union issue then they could just you know give the the members 20% raises or something and then they could you know it could we would go away right and

"...or if it was a couple of student leaders you know the French equivalent of some radical group they could just arrest those those few leaders and then the thing would would would would go away right but in a self-organizing Movement like the yellow vest there's nobody to negotiate with and so there's no off button for the establishment there's no blue there's no way to turn this thing off

"...and at the end you know you mentioned like macron and as an example of the technocrat class there and i think it's true of the technocrat class everywhere in the West and even in China and Japan really in in in the East East Asia as well is that they don't they've lost touch with the the average person they don't feel their pain they don't feel their invisibility and so their responses is is literally like let them eat cake right there the classic

"...actually I think he said let them let them eat brioche right but that's close enough and so so they're the establishment is failing on two fronts number one they can't find who to buy off or in prison to put to make it go away and then number two their their responses are so tone-deaf you know that they're not really offering what people want which is actual political representation and one rule of law one economy one media for everybody not like one that censors me but let somebody else have a say and and a political system they let somebody else have the power and I have none and an economy where somebody else skims ninety percent of the wealth being generated

"...and I get like peanuts you know so that's and that's what we have everywhere and so you know and you before we started recording you mentioned the the the movement in in the the top circles of France and and Germany too quickly you know unite their their militaries and their infrastructure and and their border guards and all this stuff and it's um you and I both agreed that it smacks of a desperation like they realize that the game of of so-called European integration is is unraveling

"...and they're trying to to wrap it up and make it institutionalize it before they lose complete control but it's it I think they I think it's already beyond their their ability to suppress it you think this will turn into a full-blown like revolution in these countries where they're they out the leaders I think it's entirely possible in France you know

" let me do me to explain why I think that and my brothers lived in Francie's married to a French woman he's lived there for decades and he lived in Paris his in-laws live in Paris and then they moved to the south in the rural countryside almost 20 years ago so you know I've visited both rural France and and and you know urban France and you know there's you know the French have their own they're quite attached to their culture right

"...and and a lot of people find that kind of prickly or annoying with and that's understandable right but we all cling to what we you know what we feel is unique about our culture right and so you can't say oh well let's just dissolve all cultures and it should all be open borders and everybody you know should be exactly the same kind of culture now that would that would really decimate humanities variety and and self you know self-rule right

" in any event I'm getting around to the point that the French have a long history with Germany like in my outside of my brother's village there's a plaque which lists the young men who were murdered by the Germans in World War two for the so called subversive activity these were not soldiers they were not in uniform they they did not get a trial they were just dragged out of town and shot in the head by the Gestapo

"...and so this every village in France has something like that it's just like every town in France has a memorial to the World War one you know which decimated France and so the idea that the German army is gonna come in and take over and share the water cannons and trenches of the riot police in Paris that is not going to go over in France they have they have memories you know of what the Germans did to them the last couple times they were in France and so

"...and I'm not sure that the Germans want to get involved in trying to defend the French elites either you know yeah because of the the Germans are actually losing eastern Germany right the the fantasy that we've been told all these so you know the the Eastern European Germany is now completely integrated with western Germany but it's not that easy there

"...they're actually a lot of people in eastern Germany feel feel closer culturally to Poland and East Eastern European countries than they do to France and so Germany's actually got its own fractures they're just not as public yet as the yellow vest but yeah I think France a lot of people in France feel that they're basically in the beginning of a civil war

"...there we see this all happening around the world I mean even here in the United States just the same things happening here with the mainstream media I mean they report on one side they make up a lot of you know fake stories and well here they're not even reporting on the LFS that even really mentioned it at all but with here in this country we see almost the same thing happening where there are two sides now and there's I see hate on one side against Trump and and you know the mainstream media is completely against Trump

"...I mean that's completely obvious and I see the same thing happening but in Reverse actually we're in France the mainstream media they're kind of for macron here the mainstream media is against Trump so yes it's kind of the opposite happening here that's that's an excellent point and it kind of goes to show that it's whoever is against the political establishment you know the ruling elites then they're gonna be pounded on by the media and and they're gonna they're gonna have the full impact of what I call like this neo feudal system

"...we're talking about where there's two sets of laws right and that's what we really have here in the states to you know is that we have two two sets of everything we've got two economies if you're on the outs if you you know if you're not in the economy that's benefiting from Federal Reserve policy and and speculative you know wealth being generated out of nothing you're you're losing out to globalization and financialization your life is worse right

" have less security less income less purchasing power and less opportunity and so we have two economies then we have two sets of laws because like if you're a rich kid and you get caught with drugs you get a wrist slap or something and then if you're a poor person you get you get a ten year sentence in a prison you know so it's like we have two sets of laws

"...and then we have two sets of media you know there's you and I and the rest of the alternative media that tries to provide a diversity of opinion and then there's the the corporate media and the state media which is all one-sided so it's in which is and is engaged in a mass campaign of censorship and that's and that's really what we're talking about it's really coming to the fore with the yellow vests it's like censorship across the entire Western world's media against the yellow vests and

"...uh there's a cultural equivalent you know in other words like this French author that was talking about the yellow vest he says you know there's no actor there's no entertainer there's no intellectual that's coming out to defend the yellow vest in other words the cultural elite is also all one-sided and that's the same here in the states to the cultural elite is all against the deplorable zand anti-trump and but it's not clear that they're for anything except an exploitative neo feudal

" know economy and society is that what they're for and that's what they're for that's what they're for but nobody wants to cop to that you know because if that would be kind of admitting what nobody wants to say which is yes I'm actually for this really exploitative predatory system because I'm benefiting from it yeah I agree and you know what's very interesting is that I mean I've never seen this in the past but the mainstream media and we always talk about recession

"...we always talk about the economy we always talk about things behind the scenes I'm not talking about the stock market or the unemployment numbers we talked about that and how they're manipulated but what's very interesting I've never seen the mainstream media come out and there's many articles on this where they're all saying the same thing that we're going to have a recession in 2020 2019 everything's gonna start to and they know exactly exact year that the recession is going to begin and that is going to be 2020 which happens to coincides with the elections which is very interesting in itself

"...but it's just very interesting how they all you know are reporting the same exact thing on when this recession is going to happen I don't find this a coincidence do you know that's an excellent observation and so what's the setup here you know what are we being fed and why are we being fed it and of course you as we're talking about since the media's anti Trump and anti deplorable wouldn't it's not too hard to imagine that the setup is to create a recession or exacerbate a recession in an election year so that for sure Trump and and his allies will will lose

"...because you know that they're gonna it's going to reflect very poorly on them that the economy is in recession and then the other point that you're bringing up is wait a minute all the statistical data we have from around the world especially China is the global economy is already entering recession right now not a year from now so so that's not being reported or being told because it doesn't fit the narrative that's being pushed right and

"...this is not something that's new it's not like ooh the recession just came out of nowhere this was since going back to the financial crisis of 2008 where they created this illusion what we're seeing up which I think we're seeing is a complete breakdown of the central bank system right now where everything's starting to slow and we're starting to see everything start you know starting to implode on itself absolutely like and and I call it like debt exhaustion in other words everybody that could borrow for a legitimate reason has already borrowed

"...and so all you're left with is is really marginal borrowers who really don't have any any they don't really have the ability to borrow the money and and or you you're lending money to marginal corporations you know zombie corporations or you're creating a lot of really marginal debt you know junk bonds and that kind of thing that where the odds of the borrower defaulting are really and we saw that with a subprime thing and so it's it's as you say it is a credit cycle and you can't really force that to keep going on it's it's like the equivalent of saying you know we're gonna force the economy to generate more qualified borrowers

"...and we're gonna force those people to borrow more money at a higher rate of interest if you can't do that then you can't extend the credit cycle and they can't let me ask you this do you think if Trump wasn't elected and let's just say Clinton or somebody else was in office do you think this they knew that they knew that the Federal Reserve System the the central bank system around the world they knew that growth was gonna come to a screeching halt eventually they because we're in this gigantic illusionary economy

" you think what we're seeing right now is the implosion of a central bank economy because they don't have an event to cover it up because if there was someone else in office we might things might be very very different we might see or we might that we might have gone into a war or something like that and that would have covered up a lot of this do you think what we're seeing now and and maybe Trump is pointing this out by contradicting the Fed that this is what a central bank system looks like when it is failing and imploding on itself

" think we're witnessing and witnessing this all in real time right now I I think I think we are and I think you're absolutely right and I'm not sure that any political class can hide this I mean like say take China a lot of people are focusing on China a lot of people think that China is going to be the world beating economy that you know the u.s. is going to be toast and and surpassed by China but other people are saying well look at the statistics coming out of China where growth is really slowing

"...I mean you know like their auto sales have plummeted smartphone sales have plummeted and some of the economists there have said that they think that growth is actually negative or more like 1% not the advertised six and a half percent and of course they are immediately censored I mean they're they're you know the video of their presentation is immediately taken off and so I think what I'm trying to say is I think you're right that the global central bank system is is coming apart imploding and

"...the political class is attempting to mask this decay by whatever means that it has and so censorship in China is one way here we we have this fake narrative that you described it it's the recession isn't going to happen for another year you know and what's the point there well I guess at a very basic level it's to convince you to keep borrowing and spending right because if if you suddenly feel like your incomes at risk well then you might you know pull in your horns and decide not to buy the new car and then we will get a recession

"... so there's a sort of self referential element to it but yeah I think they're they're really as we were talking about with the yellow vests I think the the political leadership or the financial elites they're they're in a kind of a panic desperation mode here and you know if we go back to 2016 China was slowing than it was an election year and and the central bank's did a coordinated mass injection of liquidity right Bank of Japan Bank of China the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve all dumped money in and liquidity into the global financial system

"...and their balance sheet shot up and then this the recession that should have happened then was the can was kicked forward till now and so now they're trying the same game but it doesn't seem to be having the same effect because there's no there's nobody left to borrow money that isn't going to default so that games over so is this going to be the same type of recession that we saw back in 2008 or is this going to be something different well that's a great question Dave and I'm glad you asked because I have my theory is that the this recession is going to be very uneven

" other words it really depends on where you are in the country what sector you work in or your you know your business is in and what exposure you have to debt and and those elements are gonna come together in a kind of dynamic way and so some households those with low debt and they're in a more reliable less speculative part of the economy they might do just fine through this coming recession but other people with high debt then

"...and there in bubble economies like Seattle the Bay Area you know New York City they are gonna be exposed to a lot more risk of like job loss and massive destruction of capital right like the house they thought was guaranteed to be worth a million dollars is suddenly only worth 700 or whatever and so it's going to be a very uneven experience that's one of the thoughts

"...I had that the other recessions like the one in 2000 2001 that was really a tech you a thing that destroyed a lot of you know sort of fake wealth in the tech sector but it didn't really impact the rest of the economy too severely but the one in 2008-9 was like a across the entire financial system and so it it really did impact the entire country and so I think the lesson from those two things is this recession is going to be a financial based one

" it's going to be more like 2008 in other words it's gonna impact the entire economy it's not just gonna blow up one sector well last time in 2008 we had what 10 trillion worth of debt now we're up to almost 22 trillion I'm it's probably a lot more than that and if there's no one left to borrow what happens to the credit cycle what happens to the financial system on Wall Street where they lend out money I mean is that all going to come to a screeching halt

"...and if that comes to a screeching halt then what happens the the statistics from that era you know the 2008-2009 kind of global financial meltdown that this kind of you know interbank speculative borrowing that you're referring to I mean it dropped by 90% very quickly in other words because that's how our economy is set up now right I mean it's like in the old days and the bank took deposits you know it took your saving your savings and then it loaned it out and and it was stable

"...but now of course as we know that it's very highly leveraged they borrow short-term money and lend it out longer-term that's the game now right they don't need actual cash or deposits and so it's so what it what that does is it creates a very short-term mentality where you know if you can't make a profit like right now doing this trade or this this loan or this this bond then you just you pull pull in your horns and don't do anything right

"...because you don't want to lose money and so we could see that kind of really rapid collapse of speculative lending and and bond trading and stock market speculation and real estate speculation and so that's where you know federal former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan when people asked him well how come you didn't see this coming right then his sort of excuse or explanation was he said I didn't realize how quickly liquidity can dry up in the market

" other words everything looks normal and then suddenly there's no buyers for any of this stuff because nobody wants to lose money and so then there's no market you know in other words what we say in the markets is the bid disappears there's you you the seller can't find anybody to take it off their hands and so that's that's how we could that's how I'm kind of expecting this next recession to to unfold is the bid goes away there's no buyers for anything because people don't want to lose money so that means everyone's gonna be holding on to their money

"...and if no one is buying what are the sellers do what happens to the whole system then it just freezes up yeah or that a few people that the prices can can drop by far more than anybody thought you know that you have to drop the price a lot before you can find a buyer and then then we we might see more of what we saw over the last five years which is central banks starting to buy houses and mortgages and stuff directly

" know because they don't there's if there's no private buyer then who's left to prop the whole thing up and so then you hear stories out of China where the local government is buying these empty flats and new developments they're buying the new apartments the condos because there's nobody there's no private buyers and if if this gets out that there's no buyers at any price then that could collapse the the real-estate market right

" you could see these kinds of-of some you know Subrosa like under the surface kinds of attempts to prop up the market by being the buyer of last resort but you know I don't think that that really doesn't work eventually word gets out and then people realize wow this game is really it's really risky now the central banks are the only buyers out there and so it actually detracts from people's confidence in the market once they discover how rigged it is

" if there is no more buyers in the central bank as buying up everything and people become aware of this aren't the people gonna say well this is a central bank system this system failed and the central bank has to create currency out of thin air to buy this stuff this is not a real economy right now maybe we should get rid of the central banks one would hope that would be a conclusion but you know people when when things start going south you know things start really unraveling then a lot of people will just be trying to you know take benefit themselves

"...and they maybe just be hoping the central bank buys their you know their inflated value house the only reason I bring this up is because Trump continually says as the Fed raises rates he keeps point I mean we really haven't had a president do this before maybe Reagan maybe going back in time where you know John F Kennedy but he's really pointing the finger and blaming the Fed every time they raised the rates they're bringing down the stock market they're gonna be the ones we're gonna destroy the economy maybe by him doing this by showing everyone that it's the Fed that's doing this and if the economy comes down maybe everyone will turn and look at the Fed for bringing down the system

"... and not having this system work properly one would hope so because really what you know if in the last decade you know the era of the central bank that we've been describing it's like the market is not really a trustworthy pricing mechanism anymore right like the markets been manipulated by central banks right they've lowered interest rates by brute force they've bought you know mortgage-backed securities and Treasury bonds and all this other stuff stocks in the case of the other central banks and so the markets they've lost there they're sort of self-organizing pricing mechanism right

"...and so therefore they're they can't really be trusted because it's basically being run by a handful of folks and in some secret room somewhere so you can't really trust it the price is been discovered by the market by that by the millions of buyers and sellers in the marketplace and so the the more they try to get maintain control of the markets right through manipulation or Subrosa buying them they're actually reducing our confidence in the markets and in their own control so I think you're absolutely right what they're doing is they're they're eroding our confidence in their management and in the manipulated markets that they that they now control Charles thank you very much for being on the x-22 Report spotlight once again how can people see your work yeah please do visit me at of two minds com there's a lot of free samples of of my recent books so grab the PDF and take a look at it Charles once again thank you very much for being on the spotlight ...≺≺ less

Deepfake Videos Are Getting Real and That’s a Problem | Moving Upstream

Wall Street Journal** Published on Oct 15, 2018

[1.23] Deciem CEO Suicided? / "Deep Fakes" / "Dr. Google" / Anti-Vaxxers / Secret UFO Program

Destroying the Illusion ** Published on Jan 23, 2019
"....what's up friends first of all thank you John Maru hope I'm getting your name right you guys know how bad I am both pronunciations John Maru so he is starting his own grassroots movement called the white hat movement hence the white hat hashtag white head movement and a few other folks in the citizen journalist circuit have worn these hats in their videos I know Dustin Nemo's is one I checked my p.o box the other day and found that John sent this to me in there and absolutely my man I am all for supporting people's independent brands movements creations whatever it is ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....I will most definitely be wearing this hat in today's video I don't wear hats all that much usually I do them backwards but I'm all for your white hat movements so thanks for sending me this John and as for this video what kind of ruckus can we stir up huh first of all we'll be covering some New York Times articles I've seen a couple of bad ones the past couple of days one on cancer and one on vaccines we'll have to cover that here we'll also be talking about UFOs that secret DoD program remember Tucker Carlson even did a segment on his show last night talking about it

".... alright guys so first and foremost we do have another cue an article of course cue hasn't posted in 10 days now ten days but mainstream media still taking no chances running queue not hit pieces and this one comes out of Vice gosh if there was one outlet that I just detest above all the others that one might be vice but here their author Katy Nelson is writing what I learned inside the lonely sad world of queuing on Facebook groups the conspiracy theory seems to have created a lot of problems in the lives of its adherents and literally this author what he did is that he inserted himself into a private Facebook group check it out where cue followers regularly congregate and he was sitting there lurking just waiting to run a story on some graphic some comments that he could pull out of context with the rest of the stuff in there

"....and then run this hit piece on and what he's trying to do is make cue it on followers number one make them all seem old elderly unemployed right which not the case actually most cue followers I know were young employed many working multiple jobs even and number two he's trying to make him feel lonely seem lonely when again that's not the case at all shoot how many cute followers have linked up created communities found each other these days it's ridiculous so just terrible piece here vice gosh vice really bad really really bad journalism and more bad journalism

"....and in fact kind of a theme of this video here will be how scared that mainstream journalists mainstream news outlets are because of the citizen journalists I mean this cue piece that's one of the things that Q is doing is that it's propping up these independent no-strings-attached citizen journalists to talk truth on the Internet the Atlantic here running this article says stop trusting viral videos a controversial video of Catholic students clashing with American Indians appeared to tell a simple truth but a second video called that story into question neither shows what truly happened now this particular story you know I haven't wanted to talk about it but I do want to talk about it

"....but I don't want to talk about it at the same time it's just there's a lot of BS I'm seeing from I'll be honest both sides of the aisle when it comes to this controversial story I'm just seeing a lot of hatred a lot of division from both conservative and liberal from both left wing right wing a lot of ignorance unawareness to be honest so I might do future videos talking about this I might not we'll see how I feel about it but regardless I mean no matter what side of the aisle you're on with this story you cannot doubt that the mainstream media just the media in general has been using clips from this story out of context to try to brainwash people with

"....and again it's I've seen both conservative media and liberal media try to do that take particular audio clips video clips spin the context just for their own bias just to get clicks just for their own narratives you know and the mainstream media here saying stop trusting viral videos truly what have these done cell phones with video cameras what have these done to journalism it's incredible I mean we have literally recorders of incidences in our hands these magic fricking phone devices and we can get the story the true story that doesn't have a context spin to it captured on video and then with social media it gets shared virally you know

" ha God what is the life of a mainstream journalist like these days where stuff like this little cell phones are totally ruining their narratives ruining their efforts to try to spin the context of situations like this so that's why they're scared of viral videos they're scared of social media you know because we can get the truth out there much more the truth out there without the narrative spin they'll do what they can you know we've been seeing that makes your media they'll do what they can to spin the narrative

"....but they're having a much more difficult time doing that that's the moral of the story here next story let's talk about the decime CEO Brandon Truax okay so I'll read the headline then I'll give you the backstory Brandon Truax founder of skincare brand des iam has died at a write young age of only 40 years old Mary is right there now here's the backstory to this okay so this CEO the des iam CEO Brandon Truax if you were following this this was only about three or four months ago on Instagram Brandon Truax took to decimals Instagram their blue check mark to Finchel company Instagram page and started posting videos and Instagram posts with captions various things were they were very bizarre

"....they were very weird but basically what he was doing is trying to out the corruption that a lot of the big companies are involved in he was talking about Estee Lauder he was talking about I believe Richard Branson even like a lot of high-profile corporations and individuals he was even tagging Donald Trump and asking the feds to do something about this you know and he was quickly out stood as the CEO of deci 'im I think some of those special interests some of those corporate interests saw what he was doing trying to blow the whistle and back in November or October I believe it was they ousted him as the CEO

"....they pushed him out of the company well Wow three or four months later he's found dead age 40 and yet get this so how he died here's an amazing bullet point mazing dot to connect here so he died by falling out of a condominium complex and we get that by way of an employee of his ex-employee that used to work with him he said that Brandon didn't jump he fell he fell he fell out of his condominium at the age of 40 after blowing the whistle right know you get what I'm laying here there is something much more to this than him just falling out of his condo complex

" my opinion he got forestalled haha James forestalled right pushed out of a building committed suicide a few you might get that reference but basically suicided here is what we could call it and yeah brandon Truax age 40 starting to blow the whistle then he's found dead after falling out of a condo complex that doesn't add up man a lot more backstory to this

"....Fox News apologizing for airing a graphic implying that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died Wow so this is the graphic right here that Fox and Friends aired on their segment the other day and it says right here Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court justice 1933 to 2019 Fox and Friends aired it and quickly retracted it they quickly said oops we didn't mean to air that it was an accident it was a screw-up big mistake had it how is this a mistake that's a pretty complicated mistake to not only make the graphic but to air the graphic and then to you know you see what I'm saying was that a purposeful mistake is Ruth Bader Ginsburg actually dead and wit this was some background producers way of getting that out into the public is this actually an accident I don't know but RBG nevertheless I'm still waiting for that proof of life I don't think

"....we've gotten that yet as far as I'm aware the White House is still going forward with the State of the Union address it's supposed to happen in six days next Tuesday the 29th don't know if that's gonna be in Washington I think they're looking at spots outside of Washington so we'll see we'll see if we ever get that proof of life that RBG is alive or or when and how they'll roll out her death to the public

"....we'll see about that Washington fears new threat from deep fake videos so this coming out of the hill calm a couple of days ago talking about deep fakes deep fakes is basically the establishments new way of warning you prepping your mind about fake videos okay and this isn't the first time that we've seen this in the mainstream media I believe it was the New York Times speaking to them we're not finished with the New York Times yet in this video here we'll talk about them in a minute but it was the New York Times that ran the first article about these quote deep fakes early on in 2018

"....and then every couple of months of course they have to run a new series of articles to keep it fresh in the public's mind to continue to try to get ahead of the story and what that story that the mainstream media that the deep state is essentially trying to get ahead of here is content that gets release showing these deep Staters these politicians these bad actors and compromise situations they're trying to get ahead of that story so if any video or photograph of say Hillary Clinton or John Podesta gets leaked in to the public they can claim oh it was artificial intelligence or oh it's hackers or of course they'll probably try to throw the Russians behind it

"....but that's what they're gonna call deep fakes right keep that in mind deep fakes deep state deep fakes now we have another Airport shutdown for a brief time it's up and running again but because of a drone so this happened in New Jersey this one here in America Newark Airport had landings planes were still taking off but their landings their arrivals were briefly on hold yesterday because of these drone reports how many drone reports drone sightings are gonna shut down airports

".... first we had a couple in England we had Gatwick Airport and then Heathrow Airport and remember Gatwick that happened over like multiple days and there was multiple sightings and it's very weird then the same thing happened at Heathrow where they shut down the airport for a brief amount of time because of a whatever they claim drone right now Newark and okay drone sighting drone report I might believe this one to actually be a drone because they're putting out quite a bit of specific details about it very unlike what happened in Gatwick where they didn't put out any details

" was closed for like two or three days multiple times because of this drone excuse so Newark though they're putting out some more specific details might be a drone but again it might not you know it was very weird to me that they only shut down arrivals planes were still taking off you would think with a drone in the air airspace compromised like that that they would halt both arrivals and departures so with only arrivals being halted it's like to me I'm wondering if this drone reporting drone sighting excuse to shut down airports is a way that the feds are nabbing people right maybe they have a high-profile target that they show check in to the airport it pops up on the scanners little blip and then they shut down the airport really quick call it a drone sighting

"....and rush the feds in there to arrest them I don't know that's just a theory that I have speculation that I have but maybe I mean how many how many freaking Airport closures are we gonna get the past not just a couple months from drone sightings but over the past couple years if we go back to very early cue within the first couple of months there this is the end of 2017 early 2018 there was multiple airports that got shut down succinctly

" know there's all sorts of weird excuses like one excuse was a bagel that burnt in one of the restaurants and it made the fire alarms go off and shut down this wing of the airport you know excuses like that very odd so maybe maybe there's a lot more to these stories as well now moving on to the New York Times so just totally BS I'll curse shit show articles that we have by the New York Times first one says when cancer meets the internet doctor Google doesn't always know what's best

"....all right all right I'm actually gonna show you the second one too because they're both is just so bad this one's about cancer and this one is about vaccines how to inoculate against anti-vaxxers the no vaccine crowd has persuaded a lot of people but public health can prevail literally in this article here they have their whole editorial board by the editorial board as you can see here this is basically the whole paper making this statement that we need to inoculate against anti-vaxxers basically smearing the whole anti vaccine argument here

"....and both of these articles the anti vaccine one and this one trying to combat alternative or natural cancer information they're both I mean both of these articles like I mentioned earlier a theme of this video here is how scared the deep state is of the citizen journalists of the independent grassroots information movements right that's why the New York Times has to do both of these articles let's shoot in the anti-vaxxer

"....Elm there are so many websites so many documentaries so many people trying to get out information about this you know it's fantastic I just did an interview yesterday with a man named Kent heck and lively he's an author he's a lawyer he does a lot of very good work in the anti-vaccine movement you know so many people are shouting from the rooftops and doing the work necessary spreading information spreading knowledge they're scared New York Times is scared

"....that's why they have to literally recommend I mean put number one all this fear porn out there so much fear so much fear you know not just that but they have to suggest the vaccine confidence project oh yeah it's an in Denver an endeavor that monitors anti vaccine websites right not just that but in this cancer article they're saying Wow dr. Google doesn't know what's best you have to be wary of sites filled with misinformation and go to this very reliable run by an oncologist at Stanford

"....I think I mentioned this in yesterday's video talking about deep state university institutions yeah talk about deep State College Stanford go to listen to the American Cancer Society go to they also did it down here in the article Oh jeez look at all those domains they got cancer and just put a dot something behind it and there you go American Cancer Society National Cancer Institute it's just it's god-awful they are so scared and to combat this to put some of my own you know rabbit holes I'm gonna put some links and mention to you some resources you can go and further your actual information not misinformation like New York Times of trying to tell you

".... who are again backwards world guys backwards world dr. Google well sometimes dr. DuckDuckGo right but the internet itself and these search engines my god you can find so many great alternative websites that really help you to combat cancer not any of this big pharma deep state nonsense one of those is cancer cancer this one fantastic site a lot of great alternative natural health information to arm yourself against cancer

" can also look at the truth about cancer docu-series by ty Bollinger my gosh this is like eight or nine documentaries in one each episode is like an hour hour and a half long the truth about cancer docu-series and not just that but we're on the topic of both cancer and vaccines here ty Bollinger also did a docu-series called the truth about vaccines again another like eight nine ten hours of docu-series you can watch that fantastic education self education not any of this BS big pharma deep state education from their media complex

"....but no we're talking grassroots right ty bowling jerk is truth about vaccines truth about cancer docu-series cancer and like I said there's so many different documentaries out there about natural health about vaccines everything so each video I do bit by bit I'll share more and more that I'm familiar with and keep talking about this nonsense that we're seeing in the mainstream media trying to morph our minds and get us to accept they are they're ridiculous cut poison burn Rockefeller medical system

"'s not gonna happen reject the poison make good choices for yourself and definitely reject the propaganda as well all right guys very last topic we're gonna discuss here is UFOs so like I've been mentioning you know I've been seeing a lot of these articles in recent days about this quote secret UFO program run by the Department of Defense

"....okay and I've been giving you guys the backstory but I'll do it quickly here if you don't know so remember in December December 16th I believe 2017 so just over a year ago now the New York Times yet again gosh they stuck with cancer they stuck with vaccines they suck with UFOs to the New York Times okay they released that video this one here and a couple of articles talking about this dia program that ran from 2007 to 2012 to the tune of 22 million dollars it was initiated by Senator Harry Reid

"....the contractor was Bigelow Aerospace you know there's a lot of dots to connect here but basically I mean we've got senator Harry Reid's fingerprints on this we've got John Podesta sphingo prints on this - I mean it's it's very questionable it's basically a deep state limited hangout disclosure bait-and-switch right sort of a false flag if you want to call it that but we have got a lot of articles circulating the last few days about this and the articles are circulating because a Freedom of Information Act request was honored

"....and the DIA released the names of 38 papers that were written for this program 38 these are called dir DS okay so here's the thing now a lot of these mainstream media articles running about it they're trying to claim that it was classified this program has been Declassified right and that's not the case right here this article says the declassified documents don't reveal but you have to if you actually look at the documents right here here's the list of all these papers written for this program

" says unclassified unclassified that's the thing it was never actually classified in the first place you know and 22 million dollars we've got billions and billions if not trillions of dollars missing in miss adjustments from the Pentagon so this one tiny dia program initiated by Senator Harry Reid it's got Podesta's fingerprints on it like thought why the motive you should be asking what the motive is why would they be disclosing this you know and the answer to that is because they're trying to distract people

"....that's why I'm calling it sort of a false flag disclosure this dia program being released to the public it was never officially classified it's as if they ran the program they funneled 22 million dollars into it just to say they studied UFOs or whatever not do anything actually substantial maybe make a couple of fake videos blah blah blah and let that sit there so they ran this for five years ended in 2012 they let this program sit there again it was never actually classified maybe they had the information stashed on a classified server

"....but it was never actually classified and then when they needed it you know when they needed some sort of distraction to bring out to the public that's when they find where this information was on whatever server and whatever back office and start bringing it out into the public that's exactly what we started seeing with the New York Times in December 2017 why were they rushing this stuff out to the public then queue we were just about a month and a half into Q cues drops were blowing up people were starting to put together the dots of all the deep state connections

"....and and all of that I mean people were waking up and massed then a lot more so seeing how all these political figures were involved in corruption not just that but WikiLeaks as well I mean the WikiLeaks drops at the end of 2016 so I mean shoot John Podesta pizza guy he's our pizza guy why are his fingerprints on these quote secret UFO program disclosures

".... well he is desperate for these UFO disclosures to distract the public from the rest of his corruption you see what I'm saying that's the idea of a limited hangout is to bring forth a little bit of information but not the deep stuff not the damaging stuff not the fact that there's trillions of dollars into these projects not the fact that there is many many programs I'm sure beyond just this one the DIA ran what did the CIA ran what did the Air Force was the Navy ran the past four decades

" know and what about the technologies involved I mean these scientific papers they're still mainstream and they're just papers like what about the programs that actually started developing stuff no I'm saying so there's so much context that the mainstream media is not giving us with this quote secret UFO program ran by the DIA but thank the Lord that dr. Saleh from exo politics org has been following this story so here's an article of his that he wrote

"....yesterday about this dia program a lot of the back story behind it I'm gonna link this article down below along with many of the others that I'm showing you here dr. Saleh again is doing a fantastic job at giving us a lot of the back stories so this dia program was never actually classified it was unclassified there's 38 reports that were written for it these 38 reports were publicly leaked the names of them in July by George Knapp two of these PDFs from two of these reports were actually put on the internet well over a year ago by Corey Goode he somehow got ahold of two of them looks like by one of his insiders allegedly and supposedly within the DIA itself

" there's been people you know you can kind of see how there's been this civil war for disclosure the shadow civil war for disclosure using this dia program we have deep Staters like John Podesta and Harry Reid trying - what gift wrap it for the public bring it all all out all shiny and nice and neat but then we have some other insiders looks like within the dia trying to leak it out almost on the other underground - independent researchers who don't have strings attached or there might be more trustworthy than of course anybody linked to a John Podesta and Schilling for to the stars you see him saying so anyway dr. Salah doing great work following a lot of this I'll link this down below and tucker carlson like i mentioned at the beginning tucker carlson did run a segment last night talking about this secret UFO program and again not that secret you know to pdfs weirdly leaked by corey and i've had on my desktop for a long long time

".... and then we got the names of them about nine months ago but Fox News you know Tucker Carlson they just kind of have to play that disclosure game right now you know I would love to go on Tucker Carlson and give it give him the backstory behind all of this and talk about deeper truths a big picture bigger picture perspective then say what Nick Pope offered last night on his show but uh we're getting there like I've been saying drip by drip disclosure Tucker Carlson maybe he doesn't know maybe his hands are tied maybe it's the producers of the show or some higher-ups there at Fox News not letting some deeper information hit but we're gonna start to see a lot more a lot more news stories this year about UFO guys and it's gonna be fun it's gonna be fun to pick apart see what kind of context they're trying to spin and I'll be here trying to help unspin it for you so there you go guys guess iam CEO definitely questionable death RBG alive or dead oh no a lot of BS when it comes to cancer and vaccines being thrown our way and a lot of BS when it comes to UFOs as well help you unspinning when we see it thanks guys for watching I'll be back soon take care you ...≺≺ less

It Is Now More Clear Than Ever, We Knew This Day Would Come - Episode 1772b

X22Report ** Published on Jan 22, 2019
"...hi and welcome you listening to the ex when he to report my name is Dave and this is episode 1772 be end today's date is January 22nd 2019 and the title of the episode is it is now more clear than ever we knew this day would come let's get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news now the deep state and the mainstream media they are exposing what they are all about and I believe the Trump and cube team they're all sitting back and they're watching this because they knew that this day was going to come and why interfere with an enemy while they're destroying themselves ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"...think about what has happened in the last 48 hours they took this individual a teen that was in a Catholic school wearing make America great again hat and they thought they had this incredible story of one of Trump supporters being a bully a racist and whatnot now the whole thing's falling apart now does it mean they're just gonna be tracked everything no they continually push their agenda because they know they're wrong many other people have been deleting tweets removing articles because they understand that this is completely fake phony and false

"...where did this all start well very interestingly a Twitter account and this is from this Twitter account was owned by a Brazilian blogger and was posing as a California school teacher the account at 2020 fight it's suspended right now they were out there and they were pushing this video they were pushing out a hundred tweets a day pushing liberal causes this was a fake account the bio read that they were a teacher and an advocate fighting for 2020

"...they posed as a woman living in California named Talia and they pushed a certain part of the video out there now I believe this most likely was a deep state Twitter account that they were using and they used it to push certain stories out there and once they saw it the other mainstream media outlets just grabbed onto it now you can see from the full video that whatever they're saying happened did not happen Rob McDonough an assistant editor of Storyful a surface that vets content online was monitoring Twitter activity on Saturday morning and said that that at2020 fight video was the main version of the incident being shared on social media in one indicator of the at2020 fights

" viral 'ti multiple newsrooms including some national american Hallett's reached out to the user asking them directly about the video and then they started to find out that wait a minute the picture on there the profile photo is fake and they noticed some other suspicious things a high follower count highly polarizing yet inconsistent and political messaging the unusual high rate of tweets and the use of someone else's image on the account the fake name the fake information and then all of a sudden the twitter account was reported so that's supposedly where it all started

" we know that nathan phillips he was the native american bang in the drum he went up to the children they did go to him there were other people out there what they tried to do and we discussed this yesterday with many of their different agendas they tried to show that Trump supporters are racist they hate and that they were trying to push this they were also pushing the religious angle because I do believe that Ruth Bader Ginsburg well her time is up and we know that Trump's going to nominate someone else and according to cue we do believe that it's going to be a woman

"...and Q has already given us a warning now what's very interesting is that Trump tweeted out the following and it's pointing the finger at the mainstream media at the deep state and letting everyone know who the true enemy really is this is the tweet Nick Sandman and the students of Cummington have become symbols of fake news and how evil it can be they have captivated the attention of the world

"...and I know they will use it for good maybe even to bring people together it started off unpleasant but can end in a dream and I believe what is happening and I believe cue the Patriots Trump they let the deep state do what they do best and it turned out to be a big fail and Trump the Patriots they are now exposing what the mainstream media what the deep state is all about and you can see that when Trump continually says fake news is the enemy of the people you can see it right here now the fake news is continually out there and this is the Washington Post's USA Today BuzzFeed slate CNM they continually are saying that Nathan Phillips is a Vietnam War veteran

"...well this turns out to be false this is not true he claimed he fought in Vietnam war but it seems that he was a Marine but he was never in the Vietnam War so all these news outlets are continually putting out this fake information now they have a problem with all of this because they were hoping to show that the Trump supporters were yelling and screaming at Nathan Phillips because Nathan Phillips said this is what happened the video and countless other videos show the opposite happen so now the mainstream media has to take it to the next level

"...remember and we discussed this many many times before the deep state they will never admit that they're wrong they'll lie and if that lie is discovered that it is a lie they will create a new lie to cover that lie and I do believe q did say this in one of his posts so the mainstream media right now since they don't have that argument that Nick Sandman was yelling at nathan phillips they had to go in a different direction and they said that Nick by staying silent it is the same thing as racism

"...really so think about this for a second you're standing there with all your friends doesn't matter what age you are and an individual decides to march up to you banging the drum in your face I know what I would do I would tell this individual to get out of my face because I don't want a drum being beat you know beat in front of my face this individual said you know something I'm gonna stand here and let this individual do whatever he wants to do I'm not gonna say a word I'm gonna smile be friendly but not do anything so what the mainstream media is doing right now is they're actually using something called face crime from 1984

" John at at it again one two three tweeted out the following in 1984 there also was another type of crime for which people were punished it was called face crime and a person committed a face crime if he had a politically incorrect expression on his face at any time the mainstream media is exactly doing all of this

" Q has warned us that we should expect all of this and we need to go back to post 1646 this is June 30th 2018 16:46 says you have a choice the choice has always been yours power to the people they want you divided they want race Wars they want class Wars they want religious wars they want political Wars they use the media they use Hollywood they use political leaders they are loud group think public shame against those who challenge slavery they know what is coming it is now more clear than ever never in our history have there been have they been this exposed never in our history have they come out from the shadows to fight the truth is clearly visible defend ms-13 defends destruction of our borders promote the fear nuclear war if POTUS remains in office

".....nucleates malfunctioned compared to Hitler Nazi promote violence promote hate promotes war promote economic decline promote North Korea to end talks with POTUS promote impeachment for no reason promote racism promote fascism provoked riots form antifa hatred for America sheep follow blindly they are scared they're losing control we knew this day would come we planned we took control over key elements we stand at the ready we fight dark delight

"...god bless america god bless Patriots around the world trust yourself think for yourself courage together be on guard stand firm in the faith be courageous be strong q warned us that all of this was going to happen and think about what we have experienced since Trump was elected all of this we have seen all of this the deep state came out from the shadows to fight in broad daylight since they are fighting in broad daylight they are now exposed the world is seeing them for true for who they really really are

"... everything that they're planning right now is backfiring on them they were going to use this to go after the next SCOTUS they were going to use this to show that there's racism there's hate there's bigotry there's everything else it didn't work it all fell apart now something very interestingly we can take post 1646 and now use it for the mainstream media mainstream media articles think about BuzzFeed for for a second

" BuzzFeed without sources without evidence has been throwing up fake articles they were called out on it even Muller came out and said no this is fake think about what just happened here the deep state the mainstream media is being exposed at every turn they don't know what to do of course they're gonna lie to lie for the lie that's what these people do but something very interesting about the BuzzFeed article

"...and what Muller has done here it gives us some insight about Mueller what do we see when we see Muller coming out and actually saying this is fake well as a result of Mueller's actions it seems most unlikely that he has already uncovered evidence of impeachable offenses committed by the President and giving the length of time he has been looking it seems unlikely now that he will and giving the thoroughness of Mueller's investigation

" also seems unlikely that any congressional investigating committee will find evidence of presidential misbehavior now I know a lot of people are very upset with Mueller because he's investigating everything but Russian collusion but let's look at it from a different point of view if he is investigating all these different avenues and he can't find anything because he's exhausted every Avenue when he creates a report and it shows nope I went in this direction where there's nothing there I went in this direction nothing there I went in this direction nothing there

"...remember the deep state hired him to look at everything yes it started out as wrestling collusion but their main agenda was to look at everything to find something Muller is going to produce something where he went in every direction couldn't find anything remember the deep state hired him so what are they gonna do they gonna take the report and say it's fake it's false it's no good are they going to create an investigation to go after Trump's business dealings well no Muller already did this why you wasting time just think about that for a second

" the mainstream media the deep state they think they have the control because they have controlled the house they think because Trump the Patriots they're doing nothing they're in power remember Sun Tzu The Art of War let the enemy do what they do make yourself seem weak when you are strong that's what Trump the Patriots are doing they're allowing them to push all the propaganda they're allowing them to expose themselves they're allowing to do all of this I mean think about this go to go to Pelosi for a second

"...Pelosi right now will not negotiate Pelosi doesn't want border security she rather put illegals ahead their rights ahead of American rights no negotiations they will send billions to foreign governments but not spend billions on Americans and protecting them Pelosi will use taxpayer money for liquor and to take families to different countries and she will not spend any money on the American people the mainstream media will push propaganda when they're found out they'll just push other propaganda to cover that propaganda Americans are now seeing firsthand how the fake news works what their true agenda really is

"...think about a twitter has not ban the accounts who threatened children I mean some of these tweets were horrific and Twitter did nothing Twitter is exposed Trump is continually dropping breadcrumbs to let the American people know what is really going on his latest breadcrumbs the following FBI top lawyer confirms unusual steps they relied on the Clinton campaigns fake and unverified dossier which is illegal that has corrupted them that has enabled them to gather evidence by unconstitutional means and that's all caps and that's why they did that's what they did to the president Judge Napolitano

"...Trump tweeted out the following former FBI top lawyer James Baker just admitted involvement and FISA warrant and further admitted that there were irregularities in the way the Russia probe was handled they relied heavily on the verified Trump dossier paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign and funded through a big crooked Hillary law firm represented by her lawyer Michael Sussman do you believe this who worked Baker hard and gave him the opposition research for a Russia probe

"...this meeting now exposed is the subject of Senate inquiries that much more in unconstitutional hoaxes Trump is continually pushing this out they're dropping the breadcrumbs bringing the American people up to speed well it's very interesting about all this every time Trump tweets tom Fitton from Judicial Watch says the following and this is his tweet per usual is on it we just sued for records of FBI meeting with Clinton DNC law firm Perkins Coie in 2016 so everytime Trump says something tom Fitton says we're on it we're gonna be getting these records we're on it we're gonna be getting these records which is interesting to say the least

" we know that Trump he's not gonna be backing down from the wall and we can see in the Senate right now there are two spending bills and there is a question about the sending the spending bills Daniel Horowitz asked a question and the question is the new Senate bill actually bars Trump from using the 5.7 billion for the prototype of wall they've been developing for two years I'm not sure I'm understanding this Tom Vinton responded to this question has said the Republican Senate compromise would effectively stall a wall does a trail

"...Donald Trump know this so they're trying to push this through but it's actually a stall tactic which means they're gonna try to stall the building of the wall now his Trump can assign this most likely not hopefully the Senate doesn't pass this at all

" I wanted to go and flashback to Al Gore for a sec and you'll see why I'm flashing back 12 years ago this week Al Gore released his award-winning movie An Inconvenient Truth at the Sundance Film Festival Gore warned the Sundance audience global warming is about to toast our ecology and our way of life in January 2006 Al Gore said within the next 10 years the world will reach a point of no return and a true planetary emergency due to global warming

"...well we know that this turned out to be fake and we know that this was used as propaganda to push his movie and we know that all of his predictions in his movie eight dire predictions they've never come true not even close but Alexandria Ocasio Cortes she said the same thing that global warming will end the world in 12 years now seems like they're using her just peep the same exact thing over and over and over

"...but let's go back a little bit in time because you need to see the whole picture and I've done this before but those people who have never heard this before let me just go back to the 70s and let you know what all these climate global warming individuals have said in the past nineteen nineteen seventy will be in an ice age by 2000 1976 global cooling will cause a world war by 2000 1989 global warming and rising sea levels will wipe entire nations off the map by 2000 1990 we have 5 to 10 years to save the rainforests

"...1999 the Himalayan glaciers will be gone in 10 years 2000 snow will soon be a thing of the past 2007 global warming will cause fewer hurricanes 2008 the Arctic will be ice free by 2013 2012 global warming will cause more hurricanes they switched it 2014 the science is settled and now we have Alexandria out there saying in 12 more years guess what it's all gonna fall apart again fake phony and false

" we've been talking a lot about how Nancy Pelosi does not want Trump to give the State of the Union at the Capitol building she says it's a security concern and of course the HS and Secret Service tweeted out that no this is not really a big big of a problem now it's very interesting Trump he still plans on being at the Capitol or maybe someplace else and he's still preparing to give to State of the Union on a 29th now john roberts tweeted out the following

"...scoop White House has sent a letter to sergeant-at-arms asking to schedule a walkthrough for the State of the Union address SAA cancelled a walkthrough last week at the request of Speaker Pelosi Trump still plans to be at the Capitol on January 24 his speech done Roberts continues White House pursue two tracks of the State of the Union preferred track is to deliver the speech as scheduled on January 29th whether that happens were not is up to Speaker Pelosi second track a back-up plan is a speech somewhere outside of the DC area now Nancy Pelosi she decided not to let them inside they were not permitted entry into the Capitol building

" it looks like the State of the Union might be off in the Capitol building which i think is a good idea because this shows the country that the State of the Union can be held anywhere it doesn't have to be held there now we've been getting a lot of messages from Donna Brazile from Clinton talking about assassination killing they've been showing Lincoln Hamilton they've been talking about you know Nancy Pelosi speaker today Nancy Pelosi president shortly thereafter

"...and it seems like they might be planning something now we know that cue the Patriots they're on top that's actually Trump tweeted out Nancy I'm still thinking about the State of the Union speech there are so many options including doing it as per your written offer made during the shutdown security is no problem and my written acceptance while a contract is a contract I'll get back to you soon which I believe he's she's talent he's he's telling her that he's on to what they are planning here and I do believe that Trump will find a way to give the State of the Union but we have to be on guard

"...and if we go back to cues post 16:46 where we knew all this was going to happen the last line there is be on your guard and I believe that we all need to be on our guard because I do believe that the deep state the mainstream media the elite they're running out of options and they're going to resort to something horrific and we can see the coded message going back and forth we can see that they are up to something but I do believe this is all planned for I do believe they understand the chatter they understand what's going on and they're taking precautions and we can see that the deep state they are struggling right now they are in a deep panic because they know what comes next they know what's going to happen and this is why they're panicking like no tomorrow because everything that they've been trying has been backfiring on them ...≺≺ less

Death To Globalism, Pompeo, “New Winds Are Blowing Across The World” - Episode 1772a

X22Report ** Published on Jan 22, 2019
".... housing market, plunging sales ....we understand that the elite they are meeting in Davos Switzerland and we know that Trump he didn't attend because of the shutdown actually when you see Trump with those individuals they kind of mesh why because Trump is completely against globalism the people that are attending the economic forum they are for globalism and they do believe they can control the world economy and make it do whatever they want to do and make themselves very very wealthy in the process the problem is everything that they planned on and everything they thought was going to happen is not they are trapped right now along with the central bankers and believe me the central bankers are part of this also what we're witnessing right now is the death of globalism ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... we're watching the deterioration of the world economy happen right in front of our eyes and the elites eyes and there's nothing they can do about it they played their last hand in 2008 where the central banks were creating currency like crazy made the elite very very wealthy by pushing money in certain directions pushing money into certain central banks into certain individuals hands well that time is coming to an end their plan is not going to work they are trapped right now and they're trying to figure out a way around this and while we watch the economy of the world deteriorate Trump is using their weapon against them

".... but sooner or later that will fail so Trump is fighting against time it is ticking down right now and if we look out in Australia we can see that the housing market in Australia is plunging sales of newly built detached houses in Australia they plunged by 6.7% in December 2018 from November in the fourth quarter of 2018 sales plunge fourteen point nine percent compared to the fourth quarter in 2017 so here are the areas that are getting hit hard Queensland down 26.5% New South Wales down 18.8% Victoria down 10.9% Western Australia down seven point nine percent South Australia down point three percent

" we're starting to see housing completely fall apart in these areas now of course they're blaming regulatory interventions it's because we're going after mortgage fraud and this is why we're seeing all of this but once again we need to understand the housing bubbles have been pumped up in these areas yes mortgage fraud is part of it because they needed individuals to purchase these homes we're actually seeing new mortgage commitments to investors in December plunge by seventeen point nine percent year-over-year the housing market not just in Australia and it would make sense it was just Australia

"....but we're seeing the same thing happen in the UK we're seeing the same thing happened throughout Europe we're seeing the same thing happen in Canada we're seeing the same thing happen in the United States and when you look at all this you see it happening everywhere here in the United States we see that existing home sales they crashed in December now they thought that it wasn't going to be that bad they thought well maybe home sales would go up a little bit but this December existing home sales they collapsed down 6.4 percent

"....and this does not look good and here is the breakdown in the United States the Midwest were seeing home sales they felt by 11.2% the North East were seeing that home sales have dropped by 6.8 percent the south were seeing that the home sales have dropped by 5.4 percent the west we see it dipped by 1.9 percent so we're starting to see a huge amount of weakness in the housing market around the world and the housing market around the world it was pumped up by the central bankers it was pumped up into this gigantic bubble

"....and now it's about to pop and as they raise rates it's going to get worse and worse and eventually what's going to happen is all the bubbles are going to pop across the world and everyone is going to get hit why is this happening well we know the global economy is slowing we know that since 2008 they created this illusion to keep the system going long enough to get their event their plan has now been flushed down the toilet remember the IMF they lowered their global growth forecast doesn't mean that's what the GDP numbers are that means

"....they know that the the global GDP numbers are gonna be very very low this time we went over this yesterday where they showed the forecast where we showed the forecasts of the IMF going back to 2011 and the GDP the actual GDP numbers came in a lot lower this time they're gonna come in a lot lower what we're seeing is a decline in the global economy this is not because of tariffs this is not because of the stock market this is because we are in a central bank illusionary economy

"....and they're trying to play this off that ooh it's someone else's fault it isn't this is why we've been following this this is why we've been looking into this this is why we've been recording everything the mainstream media the IMF the central bank's everything that they're not telling us that's what we've been looking into now we understand the elites are in Davos right now and they're talking amongst each other trying to figure out a way out of this trying to understand why the numbers are so long they know exactly why the numbers are slowing and they're trying to figure out how do we get out of this mess

"....well as we know the globalist system is being ripped apart by Trump and now other world leaders that people are rising up now m2 madness tweeted out the following and this has to do with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the tweet is as follows this is the remarks via videoconference to the World Economic Forum in Davos he said you all know this new winds are blowing across the world the central question is this do they signal fair weather or foreshadow a storm now this fits right into what Trump has said from the very beginning what Q has said from the very beginning a storm is coming the winds have changed globalism is dead

"....and they are telling the world everything is about to change whenever we move into change there's always chaos because those individuals that don't want change who want their system they fight until the very end and that's what we're seeing right now the central bankers the deep state they are going to fight until the very end until they lose and you're going to see chaos because they're gonna be pushing back everything at every turn because they don't want their system to go away they were making a huge amount of funds they were getting ready to control the world completely and now they see it's all going down the tubes and they see the people are waking up

"....they see the people are starting to become aware of what their plans were and people are starting to realize the system were in right now this central bank debt system does not benefit the people and with cue and Pompeyo and Trump out there telling everyone that a storm is coming this is the message that they're putting out they're letting the elite the globalist the central bankers the deep state know that change is coming and it is not in your favor now Trump the Patriots they know there's only a certain amount of time until the entire system completely falls apart

"....and this is why Trump was out there saying that he has the match won because he can keep it going up to a certain point and once we reach that point the whole thing just starts to fall apart in the magic one will not work anymore so what he's telling the deep state and the central bankers is that if you try to bring the economy down at any point he will make it look like the economy is doing fantastically and the statistical numbers that you depend on the stock market GDP unemployment they will not show that we're in a recession

".... the government will not report a recession it will show that were absolutely fine now he knows the Patriots know that the economy is an illusion they know most likely that we're in a recession right now and the only thing that's keeping together is all this free money with allowing the allowing the corporations to borrow at very very low interest rates

"....this is what's been keeping it all together and of course nobody signaled a recession during this whole period of time so the deep state the central bankers are going to have a very difficult time trying to bring this economy down during the election period even though the mainstream media is out there saying yes 2020 is going to be the timeframe where we're gonna see this recession I do believe that Trump is going to use the magic wand the government numbers are not going to show that we're in a recession Powell is gonna go along with Trump and everything that the deeps they planned on for 2020 guess what it's not going to work

"....and this is why we see other things happening now where the deep state the central bankers are looking at their last resort type of scenario because they realize he controls the magic wand that this plan to bring down the economy and show that Trump destroy the economy and have them out stood as president and have someone else come in might not work in 2020 actually it probably won't work at all so they're going to the next level and that's what we're gonna be talking about in the next report so get prepared get ready because this is going to be some rough times ahead of us listen everyone thanks a lot for ...≺≺ less

Robert David Steele Update (January 22, 2019) — THERE ARE SUICIDES DURING THE INDICTMENTS

Searching For The Holy Things ** Published on Jan 22, 2019
"...hang on the number of veterans number of military folks who have committed suicide and it's a very dark subject and the number of veterans who have committed suicide has eclipsed them the losses that we've had in Vietnam and yeah it's terrible and it's approaching worldwide one and this is using their numbers we're not yet two world war two we have some time to get there it's 22 yeah it's 22 a day and they that's the numbers I used some people think it's 32 a day I used to I graphed out 22 a day i graphed out the higher number and either way using either number it's eclipse of vietnam losses ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....and when we have that many casualties I think that's casualties of war personally because they just can't handle what they've seen it is it is but let me make a big important point the only place in the United States of America where Death with Dignity is possible is the state of Oregon I was just down in Florida and my father who is 89 looks like something that would be in the last day of a death camp and Florida does not allow euthanasia because Florida has created this massive industry of sucking the last drop of blood out of elderly people

"....and so you're not allowed to die in Florida they try and keep you alive very expensively for as long as possible even if you're comatose in bed okay a lot of our veterans are killing themselves because our health care system is a failure and because they're not allowed to choose death with dignity and because veterans have a pair of balls on them including the women they know how to kill themselves and they take what for me is the most honorable route in the face of a failed government

"....but there's still injury that's still injury from the battlefield that they can't live with yes but I'm also telling you their suicides are in an indictment of the US government yes it is that's yes we're in agreement that's it's a very dark subject but my point is it's just another point that we're too far into this and we can't we can't handle another world war I don't think we could handle World War three as a as a people we can't handle we can't handle another Iraq okay

".... I mean Dick Cheney took us to war on the basis of 935 lies and let me just point out that George Tenet who I used to know he was my peer prostituted the Office of the Director of Central Intelligence and Colin Powell who is still in my estimation one of our finest generals sacrificed his integrity Colin Powell and George Tenet supported Dick Cheney's telling 935 lies they knew they were lies and took us with five trillion dollars I could have given every one of the five billion people on the planet a warm dry house with electricity and clean water and free internet okay

".... it was a banker's war it was a Halliburton war and I am really surprised they were not on the Eastern Shore burning down Dick Cheney's house and hanging him by his toenails until he dies but see that gets to my point that where will the average person start to engage in these conversations are our talk here is so important but we need people all over the country engaging in this and engaging in ethics you know engaging in what you know struggling on how to think about things I agree

"....and there are two people that have the right idea along with Cynthia McKinney and myself one is Dell Spurlock he's a man of color former deputy secretary of labor for Ronald Reagan he and I are having breakfast tomorrow or Saturday and Dell has been thinking about civics we're not teaching civics anymore one of the things the universal draft did was inculcate a sense of civics among all our citizens and I want to restore the universal draft I want to bring our army home I want to call close all 1,000 of our bases overseas

"....we have a thousand bases overseas not for military force projection but because that's how CIA smuggles goals guns drugs cash and small children for the elite those are lily pads okay closing those bases will wipe out fifty to fifty to sixty percent of the pedophilia that were supporting with refugees and orphans and stuff kids being brought back in the whole bit

".... I've just been appointed a commission on an international commission it's a Hollywood type of Commission rather than a legal Commission but we are going to publicize the fact that children are not only being trafficked they're being exploited to include killing them for their bone marrow okay

"....URIs I come up you know I'm an old spy I mean I know stuff and the dark side is dark and sadly the FBI is a theatrical agency they're not actually there to stop crime they're there to pretend to stop crying or to create terrorists that they then arrest so that they can look like they're stopping terrorism okay

"....which say we have a dysfunctional society a dysfunctional economy a dysfunctional government and a dysfunctional media I wrote a piece in election 2008 lipstick on the pig it was called paradigms of failure there are eight major tribes eight I have to count as a Marine okay eight there eight major tribes the United States academic civil society including labor unions and religions commerce especially small business government especially local on law enforcement medium military and nonprofit all eight of those tribes have completely sacrificed their integrity

".... there is no one in those eight tribes that is actually standing up for doing what's right based on the truth and that's where the intelligence community in my humble opinion should be the seed crystal for the truth the intelligence community should be the arbiter of truth but only if you can trust it we can't trust it

"....well I think there should be other you know some of these other pillars should stand up for truth but I I think that people don't want to hear it they don't want to participate in it they don't want to hear it the dark is hard to hear I let's be honest here it's hard to hear about some of this dark stuff I've been covering some of it it's hard well it's not just hard because the dark stuff is in the service of the elite I use the hashtag Google Gestapo hashtag Google Gestapo

"....Eric Schmidt is leading campaigning to bury pizza gate pizza gates scared that crap out of the elite and I am sensing that WikiLeaks next big leak is going to be about Republican pedophilia now if if we don't have an electric Reform Act and the Democrats can take back the house whether by theft or just opposition to Trump

"....if you have a Republican pedophilia meltdown and for four senators resign commit suicide or go to jail the Senate will flip and that means that in 2019 Donald Trump will be impeached by the house and convicted by the Senate and Mike Pence will become president

"....I'm not laughing because it's funny it's just it's really crazy times we wouldn't be talking about stuff like this 20 years ago to this degree it just maybe you're seeing you you've been in the end of youth but maybe it was always bad but see Sarah what's interesting is I'm reading this book by 8by Talbot I can't recommend it highly enough the doubles chessboard CIA was created by Wall Street to create a secret lilypad inside the US government from which to run the US government

" there are over seven CIA's there's a Saudi CIA and Israeli CIA CIA is fragmented and there are rogue elements all over CIA but one of the things that's most interesting to me is that everything Donald Trump is experiencing today Allen Dulles put into play against John F Kennedy the media as a complicit partner of a false narrative assassinations people are being killed you guys aren't seeing it in the media but people are being killed there is a war going on between the deep state and Trump State

"....who's being killed can you give us some examples I'm not going okay um my only regret is it's Otis and Schmidt are not among them um because I think we have a real problem here we have people inciting revolution in United States for the sole purpose of looting the United States of America we don't have anyone like Donald Trump actually fighting for our inch and that's a real problem

"....and I you know again with Congress everyone starts out with the best of intentions and then they're immediately subordinated to the two-party tyranny the lobbyists and so forth I believe in truth and reconciliation I think everyone almost everyone can be saved I don't think you need to kill more than 10% and in fact it might even be as little as 2% but unless we have a president that's willing to stand up for electoral reform and is willing to unite all of the people not just the alt-right

"....and the alright he's already lost the alright as of today if you don't have a president it's willing to do that and we're gonna have to fight our way inch by inch back and I don't know if it can be done it would be a lot easier to do if Donald Trump were willing to lead this country with integrity

"....I'm not seeing that okay I don't have much time so I need to wrap this up with you how can people learn more about your books your stuff maybe get involved in some of the things that you're doing especially if you do this thing on May 1st I think there would be people from all sides wanting to bring integrity back to the country that's a really great a third part or a third not a party but yes I'm not party

" you can get people of all different types in that people yes voting with their conscious people who are doing independent thinkers let's see where where where I can agree with Jill Stein or Bill DeBlasio is that we want an honest government yes agree with that we may not agree on what the policy should be or how much money we should spend on what but what I'm trying to tell people is that unless we create a level playing field where all parties and all interests and all ideological persuasions have a fair shot we're gonna hang separately

"....that's what it's about they're they've divided and conquered us George Soros is trying to start a race war he's trying to start a gender war all of this stuff is about keeping us away from the one fact that Donald Trump and a few others have brought up the public now understands that it's the 98 percent against the 1% it's Mainstreet against the one wall street it's the Trump State against the deep state and sadly Trump is throwing away the fruits of his victory because he has forgotten that without us he is nothing

" how can they learn more about your stuff well Robert David Steele calm everything I published is free online Robert David Steele calm I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize recently I don't want the Nobel Peace Prize see you told me you might be that's excellent well it is it is but but the reality is what I want is for Putin and Modi and G and Trump or not Trump to earn the Nobel Peace Prize by implementing my ideas on open source everything engineering well

"....I want to lift the five billion pour the five million pour the one inexhaustible resource we have their brains are lying fallow okay so if you lift up the five billion poor you basically create infinite wealth which is it something elven totally discussed before he died so Robert David Steele calm they can subscribe free with no advertising at Phi Beta iota net that's like Phi Beta Kappa dotnet

"....but with iota for intelligence and last but not least I'd be thrilled if they donate it because I get no salary take no salary but I want to do more traveling and more speaking and I'm very interested in being referred to post like you I don't have the time to do every tiny little radio station but I'm certainly ready to talk to big-league folks that reach a lot of people and last donations PayPal Emmy forward slash worth Intel it's an accredited educational nonprofit it's not political it's focused laser focused on electoral reform for all but Cynthia McKinney and I are going to create a political pact and think about the math what's 25 million people x 10 dollars that's 250 million it's a lot of money it's a lot of money I like the fact that you're you're teaming up with somebody who represents a different part of our society I think it shows that you have you're trying to do something it doesn't matter where you are politically we're trying to bring integrity back to this process yes and Cynthia McKinney is a goddess when it comes to the integrity department well excellent well thank you so ...≺≺ less