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*** January 2019 ***

Shadow Players Are The Deadliest, [Stealth] Has It’s Advantages, [Boo] - Episode 1778b

X22Report ** Published on Jan 29, 2019
"... we are seeing more and more indicators that the EEP state they are preparing for what is coming now q has been telling us what to expect and many of the posts are going back six months eight months a year and now we are starting to see the deep state do everything that Q has said they were going to do when the time came well we're at that time and we're starting to see a lot of it ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" know why because they're starting to realize that everything is about to happen how do we know this how do we know that everything is about to happen or remember Trump is not going to declassify because there's the Mueller investigation going on what is Mueller and really investigating I don't think it's what everyone thinks it is I do believe that Mueller investigating many other things

"....we have to remember and we need to go back in time Mueller met with Trump and it wasn't for the FBI position because Mueller could not be the FBI head anymore because he served too many years in the FBI we have to remember that Mueller was part of the uranium one scandal

"....Q has been telling us that Mueller is trying to save himself many people think that Mueller is a black hat white hat maybe he's a grey hat maybe he's working both sides but something very interesting happened and this happened yesterday acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said he believes that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether the Trump campaign and Russia colluded during the 2016 election is a is close to being completed right now the investigation is I think close to being completed

"....and remember since sessions recused himself acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker now controls Mueller Rosenstein no longer does so Whitaker said I hope we can get the report from director Mueller as soon as possible and we can see that once this report comes out and we know that Grassley wants a completely transparent and Q has been telling us to trust Grassley so everyone can see it we're going to see many things happen

"....I do believe once this happens everything is going everything is going to accelerate everything is going to move very very quickly because once this happens they can't say the D class or anything that's being done interferes with the Russian collusion investigation that is out the window

" devyn newness dropped some more bombshells and this is coming out of the gateway pundit and let me just read the first section here many people are overlooking the implications of his speculation and more importantly how noonas statement answers just about every contradictory question people have carried including why Rosenstein introduced Mueller to President Trump

".... the day before he was appointed as special counsel why Mueller Rosen's nine are hiding the investigative origination letter my president Trump has not been able to declassify documents why president Trump is and will always be hamstrung by Mueller investigation in short Devin Nunez speculated that deputy AG Rosenstein put the substantive allegation from fusion GPS or steel dossier into his investigative instructions that he gave Robert Mueller

"....if it is accurate that Rosenstein charged Robert Mueller with investigating the dossier claims and if newness is accurate that Department of Justice investigative target a derivative of the dossier is Trump well everything starts to make a hell lot more sense if the mandate given to Robert Mueller was to specifically investigate the sitting president the United States as an active participant and subsequent target for a counterintelligence operation then dag rod Rosenstein and Mueller would have to hide the mandate from everyone

"....and anyone more specifically Rosenstein would never be able to honestly discuss the Mueller probe with Trump because Trump would be the primary target within the investigation and that changes everything if you flip the paradigm and I don't look at what actions Trump could take while reconsidering that he is the likely principal target well two years of contradictory things start to make more sense the conversation and inability of Ron Rosenstein to be honest with POTUS changes the dynamic of this tweet

"....I met with the Department of Justice concerning the declassification of various unredacted documents they agreed to release them but stated that so doing so may have perceived negative impact on the Russian probe also key allies call to ask not to release therefore the Inspector General has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis I believe he will move quickly on this and hopefully other things which he is looking at in the end I can always declassify it if it proves necessary speed is very important to me and everyone

" Trump he has always been the main person they've been investigating and they've been going in all different directions and once again the Department of Justice is not going to declassify any of this with the investigation going on Trump is not going to do this right now because he knows that this would be against him in every way the mainstream media the deep state they would all say he interfered with the Mueller investigation they would use this against him

"....remember Hugh has been telling us that Mueller is one working to save himself Mueller was supposed to be the block the firewall and now it's all coming to an end we're waiting for this report and Whittaker has just told us that this report is coming

" Sarah Carter added an article on top of all of this to bring this out into the open and she starts off saying that we know that Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed former Utah US Attorney John Huber to investigate the allegation stemming regarding the FBI probe into Trump an alleged Russian collusion in March 2018 however it's almost impossible to locate him and find anyone with any idea of what he's actually doing

" one in Congress has any indication Huber has talked to anyone requested documents or done anything else so think about this for a second there have been no leaks no information and nobody knows anything that's really going on here now she talks about leaking all the leaks came from where it came from the Mueller investigation Lieutenant General Michael Flynn that was leaked Comey leaked James clapper leaked Roger stone leaked all of this was leaked from the Mueller side what was leaked from Huber nothing

" they asked the Department of Justice about Huber they said Huber well his work continues and they declined to comment anything beyond that so we've seen no leaks from Huber we've seen all the leaks from Mueller and all these leaks are about lying to Congress or the FBI and there's other investigations going on at the same time don't let me continue with Sarah Carter's article here Huber's allegedly leading an investigation I say because numerous witnesses that should have been interviewed have never been interviewed allegedly is also the operative word because Department of Justice refuses to answer even the most simplest of questions regarding Huber and his investigation

" Paul Sperry tweeted out the following breaking Department of Justice IG Horowitz investigators have been interviewing senior Justice Department officials Bruce or of Steel dossier back Chandler as part of Angie's investigation of potential Pfizer abuses ORS key witness because he's one of the new few FBI Department of Justice witnesses still employed and with in IG reach so Huber he's working in the shadows Q has told us that there's someone else working in stealth

"....let's go back to post 2072 now everything that Sarah Carter said that they had known nothing about what Huber's doing he hasn't investigated any witnesses Q said the following this is September 3rd 2018 but Huber has not directly interviewed several witnesses there for the appointment of Huber by session and therefore the IG is not genuine but sessions in Huber are following standard Department of Justice open ongoing investigations policy by not discussing making public so therefore nothing must be happening but Huber ability to prosecute and impanel a grand jury outside of DC who already began investigations late last year with a signed team of about 470 investigators plus IG plus legal jurisdiction across all 50 states is not a Special Counsel

" therefore nothing is being done but interestingly if nothing's being done behind the scenes why are so many FBI and Department of Justice senior officials being fired and/or removed from their respective positions of power who is AG who must sign off on each removal Department of Justice is in charge of FBI but interestingly if nothing is being done behind the scenes why are there 50,000 plus sealed indictments across the u.s. but interestingly if nothing is being done behind the scenes why are many powerful CEOs members of Congress Senate resigning

"....just because we see nothing happening doesn't mean nothing is happening just because you hear the leaks and you see the arrest from Muller it doesn't mean you know exactly what's going on let's move on to post 2462 Hugh said shadow players are the deadliest stealth what is the advantage of having a temp acting in leadership positions while we know it's a scary mooch sky Moochie model opposed 26 26 the clock is ticking

"....when will the first alarm bell ring I believe the first alarm bell is when Mueller issues the report if the Senate was the primary target majority control 53 to 47 active when will we know it's already active executive order well that is active let's move on to post 2603 December 12 2018 what if there's another prosecutor outside of DC assigned by sessions with this same mandate authority as Hueber one for the history books not long now

" just because we see nothing happening just because there aren't leaks doesn't mean there aren't investigations and maybe people were spoken to and they had a sign a nondisclosure maybe they're keeping everything so tight so nobody knows what's going on remember you don't want to tip off the deep state tipping off the deep state well they put their guard up if they think nothing is happening nothing at all they lower their guard they go about their business they think nothing is happening there are no leaks there's no information we have nothing to worry about this is why you don't see them scrambling this is how they want it this is how a real investigation is done

"....a real investigation is not leaking every five seconds and having the FBI storm in on someone that has no weapon and really has not committed any type of you know heinous crime that's the show the real work is being done behind the scenes and you don't want the deep state to let on to what is happening you want them to think that everything is not happening this way you can gather more evidence on them this way they go about their business they think they're in control they think they have the power

" we see that Trump has accepted Pelosi as an invitation to do the State of the Union he wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi and said thank you for your letter inviting me to deliver the State of the Union before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday February 20 19 it is my great honor to accept we have a great story to tell and yet great goals to achieve dung Trump so we can see already the State of the Union it is on

" we see something very interesting a federal judge cancelled Pohlman afford sentencing in Virginia US District Judge T Ellis wrote that man affords comment dispute in a separate federal case in Washington DC makes it prudent and appropriate to delay sentencing in this case so they cancelled the sentencing for it man afford because there's something else going on it seems like something else is going on would Flynn and it seems like it's something else going on with many other people because there are other investigations going on

" let's talk about Venezuela for a sec here now yesterday we talked about how Bolton was out there giving a speech and again I do believe that Trump has certain people in certain positions to push a certain agenda to keep the deep state the neocons the mainstream media very very busy and we know that Trump recognized one Guido and we see at this moment they've placed sanctions on PDF si this is Venezuela state-owned oil giant and we see that the mainstream media the deep state the neocons they are loving this

" with John Bolton when he was giving his little speech he had a yellow notepad and the mainstream media zoomed in on the yellow notepad because they wanted to know what that little scribble said and it said that 5,000 troops to Colombia was handwritten do you really think he just wrote this down just to write it down no this was planned they wanted the mainstream media to put this out there they want the mainstream media to think that Trump is going in with weapons with troops and he's going to invade Venezuela

".... this is a distraction for the deep state the neocons in the mainstream media this is all done on purpose using this strategy Trump and the Patriots they can work behind the scenes let's go back a little bit in time with North Korea Kim jong-un was this dangerous man who was firing nuclear missiles having this nuclear program getting ready to attack the United States we come to find out that the deep state was controlling Kim jong-un we also know that the Trump was out there pushing the agenda that the United States would go into North Korea

"....he had McMasters out there pushing the idea that we had troops on the ready to invade North Korea now remember you have to look at how Trump reacts to these things and what he does the Patriots right now they don't want to start another war this would be ridiculous didn't make no sense this is not how they work they're working to establish peace remember when Trump said that he wouldn't speak to Kim jong-eun cold him a little fat boy called him names the mainstream media loved it and then one day the president says he would be open to a meeting with North Korean leader

".... but that it is not time to do so yet but he would be open to it Trump wants these individuals to come to him he's been waiting for the Iranian leader they're a little bit tougher to come to him he wants I do believe Maduro to come to him now very interestingly prosecutor general Tarek Saab has asked the Supreme Court to ban Venezuela self-proclaimed interim president one Guido from leaving the country and block his assets

" the mainstream media is angry over this the deep state is angry over this I'm sure Trump is going to come out and say I am angry over this how dare they and I do believe something else is happening right now now this is coming out of the gray zone project and let me just read a little bit of this one guido is the product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington's elite regime change trainers while posing as a champion of democracy

"....he has spent years at the forefront of a violent campaign of destabilization before the fateful day of January 22nd fewer than one in five Venezuelans had heard of Juan Y doe only a few months ago the 35 year old was an obscure character and a politically marginal far-right group closely a shaded with gruesome acts of street violence even in his own party guató had been a mid-level figure in the opposition dominated national assembly which is now held under contempt according to Venezuela's Constitution

"....but after a single phone call from pence all of a sudden he is now the man and it looks like this is what the elite wanted all along the elite have been pushing for this but the question we have to ask ourselves is what if Venezuela is a deep state stronghold what if Trump right now is making a move to free the country from the deep state now I'm not saying Maduro is going to be the leader I'm not saying one Guido is gonna be the leader what I'm saying is what if this is the move just like with North Korea this is the move to get the deep state what if this is the move to route them out

"....think about what is happening right now Trump and the Patriots they don't want war they want peace around the world the deep state has many different strongholds in many different countries and we know the war in the war in Syria the war in Libya Lebanon Iraq with North Korea Ukraine Venezuela all deep state produced and we know it wasn't because of democracy we know it wasn't because of the reasons they told us we know it wasn't because the people wanted freedom it was about what they wanted for themselves

" this is something we need to watch very very carefully in Afghanistan it looks like they're getting closer and closer to a peace deal and it looks like the u.s. might be out of Afghanistan entirely in about 18 months or sooner they're preparing and getting ready to sign a peace deal which is going to remove foreign troops from Afghanistan now let's think about Afghanistan for a second remember the deep state used Afghanistan to push their drug industry and these are the poppy fields which they sold covertly all over the world to keep their entire system operational by selling drugs

"....Trump and the Patriots are getting ready to shut this down this is a huge blow to the deep state now Trump in Syria has done the same thing there everything the deep state has planned on well it's all being reversed think about what Trump has done he's removed the soldiers the US forces from Syria yes it's in the process and they're moving them out and as the u.s. is moving the troops out we know the Kurds are left over and everyone was very worried about this especially the deep state the intelligence organizations because they knew Trump was unwinding everything that they've done here

"....and I know that then Coates was out there saying that the Islamic state they're getting ready to attack and they're gonna fill the vacuum once the u.s. leaves and they're making all this stuff up so the Kurds were supported by the deep state they were armed they were funded and they were going to use the Kurds to split Syria and then eventually spill it the Middle East into Kurds and the Shia into Sunni into Alouette and that has fallen apart and the Kurds they needed the Kurds and what they're doing here is they're afraid that if Trump pulls all the troops out of here what happens to the Kurds

"....hmm a lot of people think that turkey is gonna come in and destroy them well they've already planned for this Trump pulls the troops out of Syria the Kurds are now left alone remember Trump remove the funding is no longer supported they're no longer getting weapons and they're left to their own devices the Kurds are sitting there now either they face Turkey or they look towards Assad guess what they're doing they're looking towards Assad

" where does this leave Turkey remember her one is controlled by Putin Putin doesn't want to see a war there Putin doesn't want Turkey to invade and destroy all the Kurds and start major fighting there so the Kurds they're having diplomatic talks with Assad soon the Kurds and Syria they're going to meld together Putin is going to keep her won back because there's nothing that he can do it's out of his control right now this has already been planned

" I want to turn towards post 868 and it says here comes the fake videos now we've been talking about this and this is about how they can make one person's face say something while another person is speaking and it looks like that looks like that person is saying something and we're seeing more more of these articles come out which means we're getting closer and closer to d-day - boom day because out of CNN they have a special report what is a deep fake and they explain it and they show exactly how it's done

"....Adam Schiff was out there and he was talking about porno actors where they're taking all the women's faces and putting on top of those actresses how he's saying how this is fake we're seeing more and more of this and this tells us something this tells us that we are getting closer this is an indicator that they're getting nervous and afraid

" I just want to turn my attention to our BG for a second because American Thinker that's American Thinker calm they came out with an article and they said it has been 54 days since the public laid eyes on the 85 year old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her absence is promoting calls for a proof of life now the last time we saw her was December 6 2018 when she heard arguments in person at the court then of course she went under when she underwent surgery on the 21st of December to get rid of cancer and since that time we haven't seen her

" she's cancelled two different engagements one I believe was in the end of January the other one they already canceled his February 6 and it doesn't seem like she's making any type of appearances now again many individuals think that maybe she's in a coma maybe she's passed away already

"....but this brings me back to James Comey and to George HW Bush when he passed away remember when Comey tweeted out the following our dog Benji died this afternoon because he was a resQ he didn't know his age today except very old he was a friend to an entire big family as only a dog can be goodbye old soul now this was November 14 2018 we know the mainstream media announced that George HW Bush died November 30th and then the funeral was December 5th so it looks like Comey was tweeting out the death of George HW Bush

"....because if we go back to post 1649 with Q it says every dog has his day and it's funny he's telling us that the deep state use code words and dogs to say that maybe someone passed away so this brings me to Donna Brazile and I was talking to Jordan say there I just interviewed him you'll see this interview on Saturday but we were talking about RBG and he mentioned this tweet which is kind of out of nowhere and Donna Brazile said the following rest in peace boo the world's cutest dog has died

" this was an article in BuzzFeed and this was January 19 2019 and what's very interesting is that RBG's nickname her grandchildren called her boobie and Donna Brazile said boo which is very close the other thing is it says the dog was 12 years old and RBG is 85 and if you used the calculation in from you know from dog years to human years and usually it's around seven times each dog year it turns out to be 84 which is very close to 85 and of course if you add on a couple of months it probably would be 85

"....but this is very strange in itself and it looks like this might be code letting us know something now I'm not saying it is but it's very strange and coming from q.q has mentioned that every day every dog has its day so at this point we can see that maybe this is an indicator letting us know what exactly happen and they're waiting for the proper moment to let everyone know ...≺≺ less

Panic, [DS] Trolls Trump, Think Mirror, We Are Getting Closer - Episode 1777b

X22Report ** Published on Jan 28, 2019
" the deeps tape they are panicking like we've never seen before when the deep state starts to troll Donald Trump you know that they're in a deep panic and we're gonna be talking about this in just a minute but before we do that I wanted to talk about the plan and yesterday we talked about part of the plan was showing the mainstream media was running fake news propaganda and the Patriots they are continually feeding fake information to show that the fake news is just that fake news ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"...and Trump is continually tweeting out letting everyone know that it's fake news he's waking the American people up letting them know that the fake news media is the enemy of the people it's not the journalists who investigate tell the truth look at all the facts he's talking about the fake news that comes out of the intelligence organizations yet comes out of fake leaking that comes out of certain individuals in the house or in the Senate

"...that's what he's talking about he tweeted out something very interesting today in the media's effort to destroy the president they are actually destroying themselves given all the tremendous headwinds this president as faced it's amazing he has accomplished so much Deroy Murdoch at Fox & Friends I agree

"...and you can see he's putting it out there that they are destroying themselves what does Q always say why interfere with an enemy why they're destroying themselves and that's exactly what is happening now let's look at stone Roger stone and his indictment and what's really going on here

"...stone was charged in a seven count indictment handed down by Muller's grand jury and related to the 2016 election attack but after sifting through the 24 page document it alleges no involvement by stone or the Trump campaign in Russia's hacking the indictments focus instead is the WikiLeaks end of the enterprise not the cyber espionage a foreign power that gave rise to the investigation

"... but the dissemination of the stolen emails after the hacking hmm what were in those emails ah they were the Clinton emails so what have we learned from all this that the Trump campaign did not know what WikiLeaks had that is in addition to being uninvolved in Russia's espionage the Trump campaign was uninvolved in Julian Assange acquisition of a Russia stole absent evidence of collusion and since it appears that Trump campaign had no advanced knowledge of or participation in any efforts to illegally hack computers belonging to the Democrats we are once again left with mere process crimes

"...and actually Roger stone just took what was out there in the public domain and for a better word advertised what was already out there to try to bring attention to it so was there really Russian collusion did he download the WikiLeaks information did he hack into the computers no he didn't none of that so we need to think our to ourselves and think logically here for a second one they tipped off CNN made them look like idiots like they did some type of investigative reporting and they allowed them to show footage of the FBI going into Roger stone now we know there was no reason for this this is not normal especially for what they arrested him

"...for secondly why would they do this if they know there's going to be a discovery process and newness predicts that the discovery process and Roger stone case will be fascinating so that tells us something right there and we need to go back to post 1595 and let me just read post 1595 this is June 26 2018 desperate agencies do stupid things dead cat bounce you may have the site but we have the source Gavilan to WikiLeaks and says panic is good panic is right July 2018 the month the world discovered the truth conspiracy no more time to feed Q then we moved to post 1842

"...and Q says never interfere with an enemy while he's in the process of destroying himself discovery and then gave us an article from the hill WikiLeaks says Senate panel requested Assange testimony in Russia probe do you believe in coincidences we have the source Q then we go to post 15 15 15 June 16 2018 these reporters and networks have been named in the week leaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle

" why do you think stone is there hmm very interesting it's all about WikiLeaks it's all about discovery it's all about getting more evidence the deep state they think they're winning they think this was a when the mainstream media thinks this was a big win actually the opposite is happening

" Hillary Clinton is reportedly weighing her third presidential bid and what I find very interesting is that if we go back to post 22 19 this is September 19 2018 q says the following watch those announcing 2020 presidential running you cannot attack a political opponent none are protected none are safe you can attack a political opponent this is not going to keep them safe these people believe it's going to but it is not

" the Senators they're introducing a bill to require special counsel report to be made public so a bipartisan pair of senators want to require the report from special counsel Robbie Mueller's Russia probe as well as from other Justice Department special counsels is released publicly once the investigation ends we have Chuck Grassley and Blumenthal both members of the Judiciary Committees introduced legislation on Monday that would require Department of Justice special counsel to hand over a report to Congress once either the probe ends

"...or in the event special counsel is fired or resigns Grassley added that requiring a public report would provide oversight of an insight into activities of special counsel probe so we hear right now that Grassley wants this meet that he wants the report made public he went on to say I was encouraged to hear attorney general nominee William Barr place a high priority on transparency when asked at his confirmation hearing about special counsel Muller's investigation

"...and there's no reason to think that Muller won't be allowed to finish his work so they're gonna put out a public report now of course this is going to be an unclassified report it's going to be redacted information but they want the public to see everything what he was up to now

"...we need to go back to post 24:45 because in 24 45 it says House Judiciary Chairman house to Senate house to Senate mrs. house with three arrows points in the Senate House to Senate trusts Grassley Senate Judiciary Chairman brackets bold house of cards military planning and its finest I believe what grass is going to do he's going to show that Mueller went down every single Avenue a lot of it had nothing to do with Russian collusion and didn't find anything

" what happens with all those investigations in the house while they just had a special council which they hired and he went down in every single direction trying to find something and found nothing actually it's going to bring down the house all these investigations everything they're doing boom done

" we see that Nancy Pelosi they are trying to push hr1 but a hundred and fifty conservative leaders nationwide released a memo to the movement and they're saying no way can this pass this cannot go anywhere why because HR 1 would profoundly shift elections towards liberal candidates and open the door to rampant voter fraud HR 1 outlining how it is designed to ensure that a liberal Democrat wins the White House in 2020 and the left gains unified control of Congress and as well as take over state governments

"...the Democrats bill violates the First Amendment it restricts political speech and election activities in several ways that the US Supreme Court has made crystal clear violates the Constitution such as groups pooling resources to take out ads on the issues those groups advocate policies legislation is a massive federal power grab away from states

"...the Constitution gives primary authority to the sovereign states to conduct elections this bill empowers the federal government to micromanage elections by requiring States to get preclearance from DC before changing their election procedures HR 1 also mandates countless millions of taxpayer dollars to be given to candidates for their campaigns requiring citizens to fun candidates who those citizens actually oppose for office

"...the memo highlights several other features of the bill forces all states to allow all convicted felons to vote requires all states to allow same-day voter registration which leads to voter fraud makes it difficult for a state to discover if a voter is also voting in in other states prevent States from limiting early voting prevent States from limiting voting by mail criminalizes political speech that the government deems discouraging to voters who are statistically more likely to vote Democrat takes redistrict redistricting away from the elected leaders to give to left-leaning Commission's gee

"...what do you think they're trying to do with this HR 1 bill they're trying to take back control but think about this the Senate was the key we have a firewall in place guess what this is never making it through the firewall post 26:10 and an honest will voter fraud be exposed before January Q says no 2019 push voter ID based on verifiable Intel fraud 2020 Plus safeguarded what are the Dems the deep state what are they trying to do they think they have the house they think they have the power but what did Trump Q and the Patriots do they set up a firewall they can block everything everything that they tried to do will go nowhere

"... this was the whole purpose of this it wasn't to get the house and have them pass a great bill that will help Trump it was about knocking the deep state from doing anything that's what this was about that's why the Senate was so important and all the investigations move from the house to the Senate the Senate controls everything plus they wanted to insulate Trump which they have done military planning at its finest

" here's another piece to the puzzle to the plan which we need which needed to happen be way before we started to bring individuals in and started to arrest them Trump nominated 51 judges at once enough to fill one third of all court vacancies think about what he just did here the list showed 37 nominees to district courts 9 to circuit courts to each to the international trade and federal claims courts and 1 to the Military Commission review

"...the president is already on a historic pace to change the courts and fill vacancies with the conservative picks according to one tally he has put 30 judges on the united state courts of appeals and 53 judges for the United States District Courts he has also filled 2 Supreme Court vacancies should the Senate move quickly to approve his picks as it has done before the 51 picks would fill one-third of the hundred and forty six vacancies think about what he's just done right now

"...again another piece to the plan now I see a lot of articles coming out of the mainstream media where they're saying who the Q followers Trump's base they're very upset with him because he caved on the wall he didn't cave on the wall this is mainstream media propaganda Q followers Trump followers they know exactly what he's doing they know the plan and Trump tweeted out the following

"...after all that I have done for the military our great veterans judges 99 justices to tax and regulation cuts the economy and trade and much much more does anyone really think I won't build the wall done more in first two years than any president make America great again just because you don't see it happening just because it's not the way you think it's happening remember get rid of all expectations start to think like Trump thinks think about how do you get around the obstacles how do you make the deeps take the Dems look bad and work in your favor think about using contingency plans to get around what the mainstream media is doing and make the mainstream media look like idiots

"...this is how Trump works what you're seeing is never really what is happening haven't we seen this in the past before everyone told us that he was going to be invading North Korea McMasters told us what a hundred thousand troops if we bring them in we can destroy them think about Syria everyone thought we're going into Syria nothing's changed think about all of this what we see and what the mainstream media and what everyone else well these trolls are telling you it's the opposite

" Pelosi has invited Trump to the State of the Union on February 5th I wonder if Trump's gonna accept most likely yes and he's gonna have his security in place

" I wanted to go out to France for a sec because we know the yellow vests they have been protesting it's the 11th straight week right now and they're protesting against a French government Makran he didn't know what to do so guess what he did he bust in paid individuals and called them the red scarfs to counter the yellow vests so he has a paid group which is trying to counter a grassroots movement we'll not work sorry macron dead-end and these individuals like we've seen in the past

"...this is what the deep state does they pay individuals they bust them in and will they just do peaceful protests no actually they're gonna create chaos that's what they're going to trying to do that's what what Kron has been trying to do but again it's a dead end

"...let's go out to Venezuela because we're starting to see the same thing the same strategy being used in Venezuela that we saw in North Korea Syria and we're taking bits and pieces from what Trump is doing right now

" right off the bat we see Debbie wasserman-schultz out there and she is creating a dream team of Democrats to fix the democracy in Venezuela she's jumped on the bandwagon here we have Marco Rubio jumping on the bandwagon and he's tweeting out like crazy trying to push this agenda now Mike Mulvaney was out there and he said the president won't be doing his job if he ruled out attacking Venezuela

" I do believe that they must have heard chatter in the background that the deep state was trying to do something in Venezuela and Trump the Patriots they headed him off and decided to push their plan to stop whatever they were going to try just like he did with North Korea and once again we see who out in the front talking to the people John Bolton telling the neocons the mainstream media exactly what they wanted to hear

"...remember these individuals are put into place for a specific reason I mean remember Bolton out there telling us that the u.s. is never going to leave Syria unless Iran leaves first was he right no he was wrong Trump is using Bolton just like he used McMasters McMasters was out there with North Korea telling us all these different things everything the mainstream media wanted to hear everything that the deep state wanted to hear and then McMasters was gone and there was peace in North Korea

"...we had mattes who is telling us that we're not going to be leaving Syria we're gonna be staying in Syria well Manas was also used and then mattis was gotten rid of this is almost like what kyu said in post 2654 this is the scary Moochie model public opinion optics do not matter Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted and yes Bolton is attempt madness was attempt McMasters is attempt they're all temps what what he's doing he's using certain individuals to carry out what he wants the deep state the mainstream media to believe at a specific time let's think logically about this

" you really think that Trump really has invading Venezuela on the table do you really think he's going to do that after he's pulling the troops out of Syria after he had peace with North Korea and Kim jong-un trusts him we have peace delegates in Afghanistan and they are getting very very close to coming up with a peace deal I mean right now there have been speaking for six days in a row and it looks like they're very very close to a deal and it looks like there's gonna be troops coming out of Afghanistan so why would trump create a war in a Venezuela it makes no sense no

"...this is all part of the show this is giving the deep state the mainstream media the neocons what they always wanted now is it gonna go the way they wanted that they thought it was going to go up go what they expect no think about it he gave the deep state what they wanted in the mainstream media what they wanted when he fired the missiles into Syria was that to go after Assad was that to split up Syria absolutely not it was to destroy the deep state infrastructure it was to bring the US soldiers home from Syria and end these ridiculous wars that the deep state started

"...that's what this was all about so what you're hearing and what you hear other people are saying it is the opposite now we know that Trump was invited to the State of the Union on February 5th

"...and we know that Ruth Bader Ginsburg she has been missing for a very long time I wonder why we haven't heard anything about her about her health how she's doing we've heard zero do you think RBG will be showing up at the State of the Union well the clock is ticking well we know that the deep state they are panicking like there's no tomorrow

"...we see that a former senior level Obama administration official keeps trolling Trump with alarming rhetoric who is this John Brennan here's his most recent role your cabal of unprincipled unethical dishonest psycho fan tech cronies is being methodically brought to justice think mirror your cabal of unprincipled unethical dishonest sycophantic cronies is being methodically brought to justice what is Trump in the Patriots doing right now he's slowly bringing each one to justice Brennan is panicking like crazy

"... right now remember Trump took away his security clearance and this brings him back to all those people that Muller arrested for lying and Trump just pretty much summed it up on where this plan is going if Roger stone was indicted for lying to Congress what about the line done by James Comey Brennan clapper Lisa Paige and lover Baker and so many others said Trump think about what is happening here Trump the Patriots they are setting them up they don't even know it they're being set up the mainstream media is being set up what are they gonna do turn around and say oh no no you can't arrest someone for line

" they already made the case they're digging their hole David Loughman was trolling Trump and remember Loughman resigned remember he helped supervise the controversial probe into Hillary Clinton's use of her private email server as well as Russian interference in the 2016 election he decided to leave

"...but he said the notion that the President of the United States would be trying to conceal the details of conversation with the leader of our principle foreign adversary was positively chilling so what's happening here is they're projecting out there that Trump is hiding something what he was talking about with Putin they don't have the notes he's projecting out there

"...because who was dealing with the Russians who's hiding information from the public remember the uranium one deal the Clinton server the spying and everything else they're the ones who are in hot water they are projecting right now they're panicking and this is why they're continually coming outs almost like they're cursing at Trump especially Brennan when selling gets very emotional like this when someone gets that pissed off that means they're nervous and afraid and that's what we're seeing right now we are getting closer l ...≺≺ less

Boxed In, No Escape, Watch, Everything Is About To Change, Wait For It - Episode 1776b

X22Report** Published on Jan 27, 2019
".... we understand that Trump has been talking about the fake news for a very long time saying the fake news is the enemy of people not the journalists and the news reporting it's the fake news that they've been putting out there and we've already seen layoffs of a thousand people and there's going to be more Trump tweeted out the following axe Falls quickly at BuzzFeed and Huffington Post headline New York Post fake news and bad journalism have caused a big downturn sadly many others will follow the people will want the truth ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... and what Trump and the Patriots have been doing is they have been exposing the mainstream media at every turn so let's start off with what happened with Roger stone here the arrest was broadcast to the world by CNN they made it look impressive like they were going into battle to get someone who worked for Trump they were trying to make the case of Trump the people that used to work with him where he's associated with they're dangerous and we need to take extra precautions because they might try something we know that this was a setup the question is by who and what was the real motivation behind the arrest

".... everything you're watching is not always what it seems it's a show that's what we're watching right now Trump tweeted out the following CBS reports that in the Roger stone and diamond data was released during the 2016 election to damage Hillary Clinton oh really what about the fake and unverified dossier a total phony con job that was paid for by crooked Hillary to damage me and the Trump campaign what about all of the one-sided fake media coverage this is in bracket collusion with crooked H that I had to endure during my very successful presidential campaign what about the now revealed bias by Facebook and many others

".... Roger stone didn't even work for me anywhere near the election well let's take this line where Trump says about all the one-sided fake media coverage collusion with crooked H let's go back to post 1515 now this was back in June 16 2018 where Q gave us this diagram of all the news media and all the personnel named all the personnel who basically got their information from the deep state and under this diagram it says these reporters and networks have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle

".... hmmm I wonder what Roger stone has on Hillary and the DNC with WikiLeaks but let's continue so CNN was the only news source that was tipped off the question we need to ask ourselves is why the deep state needed a distraction and they needed to show something dramatic they needed to change the narrative but this will be short-lived what if the white hats leaked fake info and put all of this into motion this is coming out of the gateway Punnett

".... think about this for a sec Roger stone was arrested early in the morning as the FBI always does another American attacked by the mobsters in the deep state due to his relationship with the president but there is something more than coincidental about this arrest not only was CNN there to film the arrest proving again that Mueller mobsters are colluding with the members of the deep state and corrupt media but there is something more there is always something that is breaking related to the corrupt deep deep state whenever they attempt to change the news cycle and this time it's not any different

".... over the past couple of days the testimony of former FBI general counsel James Baker was released Baker resigned and he too was a crook and involved in the deep state efforts to aid Hillary Clinton in her bid to become president and their attempted coup to remove President Trump after he defeated Hillary in the 2016 election what Baker said was shocking especially his testimony surrounding this missing corrupt FBI agent Joseph piensa according to Brian Cates uh the epic times

".... the Baker testimony was explosive Baker stated that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was not alerted to the fact that much of the information in this film's warrant on Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Carter page was being provided by paid political propaganda employed by the Hillary Clinton campaign to continue receiving Trump Russia collusion propaganda from opposition research from fusion GPS and Christopher Seale who had been hired by fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton campaign and DNC the FBI established a back channel through former associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce or at the Department of Justice after every meeting with steel orde would sit down for an interview with the FBI Special Agent Joseph pianta who would fill out official FD 302 interview forms to pass on the information within the FBI

".... now according to Cates it seems something spooked the spy gate plotters into presenting the appearance of drawing back from Christopher Steele and fusion GPS why still surreptitiously using the political propaganda shop as a source for their ongoing investigations this back-channel allowed the FBI to hide fusion gps's and the Clinton's campaign role in providing much of the evidence being used to drive these political motivated investigations of Trump and his associates

".... this means it's highly likely that when Bruce or personal notes from his meeting with fusion GPS are compared with the official FD 302 interview forms that Agent P Enka filled out following his interviews with the work they are not going to match when it comes to what the stated source was for the Trump Russia information Kate's tweeted the point from his article where he states that P NK is involved in two major scandals involved within Trump Russia collusion sham these phony 302s he took from his discussion with or was one PN Co was also the agent along with the very corrupt and now fired FBI agent Peter struck who ambushed General Michael Flynn at the White House which led to reports Flynn lied to the FBI

".... this is his tweet P Enka has now been revealed to be at the center of the beating heart of not just one big scandal in the FBI but two one general Flynn prosecution and to the secret fusion GPS FBI back-channel of course they got him under oath on both of these Pianka has some very damaging goods on the entire Russia collusion sham which may all be connected to uranium one the Iran dáil and other real Russia collusion actions taken by the Obama White House

".... this is why he was not interviewed by Congress because they all know the Dems would leak and mislead any information from these investigations so now let's go back to BuzzFeed for a minute and the article that they ran that was completely fake phony and false and we're gonna put all start to put all this together here

".... the questions we need to ask is how does the mainstream media get their information leeks well leeks from who the deep state those in the House and Senate the intelligence organizations but who is in control the Patriots so you might have noticed that the DNC media complex the number of overhyped rump Russia collusion bombshells they get published are coming faster and faster now and they quickly blow up and fall apart with within just a few days

".... and it's kind of weird all of a sudden they have this bombshell and then people start to rip it apart and they find out wait a minute this is all fake remember the mainstream media reporters they don't have to produce any evidence themselves for their stories before they go public so again where do they get information well from leaks leaks from who the deep state those in the House and Senate the intelligence organizations but who's in control the Patriots hold that in a separate part of your brain right

".... now let's continue here it's often the case that these reporters don't even need to see any evidence themselves before publishing a story all they need are anonymous sources who make a claim they saw something the mere claim from a few anonymous sources is now enough to launch stories containing explosive accusations that come to dominate a daily or weekly news cycle before they are exposed as being fake

".... this brings us to the latest media fat fiasco BuzzFeed the fake news report that the special counsel had documentary evidence proving that Trump directed his then lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to the Congress about a deal to build Trump Tower in Moscow remember BuzzFeed reporters Jason Leopold and Anthony Cormier the story quickly took off on publication and Domini the national news for the entire day

".... then it all fell apart the question is why what happened the leaks that are coming out now and you see all these stories and they say hat they have these bombshells and they fall apart this is being done on purpose by the white hats they are leaking this information to certain individuals in the house in the Senate and in certain intelligent organizations and what happens with this information it is quickly published without the reporters seeing anything this is all being done on purpose because they believe the leakers but who's feeding the leakers the white hats it's being done on purpose to trap the mainstream media

".... remember the plan is not just with Clinton Comey Brandon the plan involves many many parts the mainstream media is a part the central bank is a part we have the spying on Trump as a part we have uranium one we have the Clinton emails these are all separate parts and what they're doing is they're using different parts to trap each one of these sources and they're going to bring it together in the end

".... let's just go back to Trump's tweet for a sec and see how this is all playing out with all of these success that our country is having including the just-released job numbers which are off the charts the fake news and totally dishonest media concerning me and my presidency has never been worse many have become crazed lunatics who have given up on the truth January 7th the fake news media in our country is the real opposition party it is truly the enemy of the people we must bring honesty back to journalism and reporting January 7th again the fake news will knowingly lie and demean in order to make the tremendous success of the Trump administration and me look as bad as possible

".... they use non-existent sources and write stories that are totally fiction our country is doing so well yet this is a sad day in America January 19th fake news is truly the enemy of the people they're continually feeding the mainstream media fake leaks they're trapping the mainstream media over and over and over again with fake stories this is all being done on purpose to wake the American people up to show that it's fake reporting it's not real

".... and if you noticed Schiff had to admit that he was leaking information of course he tried to spin it saying that no no I was exposing but this is part of this plan to bring down the mainstream media this is why we're seeing layoffs right now

".... so now let's go to Roger stone White House first of all our leaking fake information making the media look bad at every turn Mueller had to admit that it was fake the mainstream media needs to stick to their lies but this will catch up to them so may Mueller came out and said no no that this is all fake this is not real which went against the mainstream media

".... remember Mueller's trying to save himself Trump and the Patriots they're in the process of exposing the media think about the raid on Roger stone the leak came out the CNN reporter said he had a hunch and he was just waiting there but everyone called him out on it and said this is fake you were tipped off this is not investigative reporting they knew exactly what's going on and remember what Q told us in post 1842 never interfere with an enemy while he's in the process of destroying himself

".... now Roger stone was arrested and we know that he has a lot of information Q also says in post 1842 when people are arrested and they have to defend themselves what happens there's a discovery process is this a coincidence most likely not and remember Muller is trying to save himself the deep state already realizes that Muller he has nothing there's nothing they can use from Muller and what's very interesting is Muller is going after all these different individuals going in all different directions he brought all these people in online

".... and you can see this is the main focus right now that these individuals lied to the FBI or to Congress yes there were other charges but this had nothing to do with Russian collusion or even with Trump this was the their own personal problems that they had so we can see right now I know the mainstream media is out there pushing this but all of this is going to be a dead end

".... now Nancy Pelosi she is now out in the open and she's making her move and Nancy Pelosi has been tweeting out quite a bit January 26 at real Donald Trump's continued effort to undermine special counsel Mueller's investigation raises the questions what does Putin have on real Donald Trump politically personally or financially why was the Trump administration continued to discuss pulling the u.s. out of NATO which would be a massive victory for Putin so right now Nancy Pelosi is panicking as you can see trying to push the idea that Putin has something on Trump

".... and she's already letting us know that Mueller has been undermined already and you can see that she is in a deep deep panic because the Mueller investigation went absolutely nowhere so what is she doing right now well she has hired Department of Justice official Douglas letter to be the chief legal counsel for the House that becomes important because there are new granted to the house counsel from Pelosi's house rules we now know that Elijah Cummings will deliver the schedule for impeachment hearings before the his deadline on April 15th

".... speaker Pelosi is creating her own mini Department of Justice inside the legislative branch why because the Mueller report will show nothing they need to get ahead of this before all of this comes out so they're trying to create all these investigations and Q has already told us that the investigations are gonna move from Mueller to the house as their insurance policy what are they gonna get out of this nothing so Pelosi is pushing the impeachment process

".... remember Donna Brazile she tweeted out the following hashtag madam Speaker today hashtag President Pelosi shortly thereafter hashtag MLK weekend is underway keep hope alive while we know that Martin Luther King was assassinated I believe this was the code of this is the beginning you are now activated let's move on all this and they're going down the impeachment path so where does the impeachment path lead nowhere

".... why let's go back to post 2604 securing the Senate meant everything securing the Supreme Court meant everything let's go to post 2584 ar e number 5 impeachment now Q gave us a document which goes over the Senate and Pietschmann role it takes two-thirds vote by the Senate who's in control of the Senate the Patriots we've already seen the power of the Senate remember the house tried to push spending bills that did not have any wall funding did they pass the Senate no they were shot down every single time

".... the Patriots are in control of the Senate so what does that mean for Pelosi if the impeachment process is gonna go nowhere it will never get through the Senate well it looks like from Donna Brazil's tweet they have many different stages of getting rid of the president and it looks like the first stage is impeachment the second stage might be assassination remember the line of succession Trump Pence and Pelosi I remember what Donna Brazile said well madam Speaker today president Pelosi shortly thereafter

".... so it looks like they're following their agenda but you need to remember the Patriots are setting all of these individuals up and they are blocked at every turn there's nothing they can do and this plan that we continually talk about it's in many different pieces they're hitting the mainstream media very very hard by leaking out fake information the mainstream media is destroying themselves over and over and over again

".... the house they're stuck there's nothing they can do they believe they have the power with all these investigations it will lead them no place the Senate is the firewall and we've already seen the power of the firewall so all of this is going as planned now Trump is letting the American people know why we need the wall how much was spent on illegals and he's hitting the people where it counts their wallet he tweeted out the following we are not even into February

".... and the cost of illegal immigration so far this year is 18 billion dollars almost 19 billion cost Friday was 603 million there are at least 25 million illegal aliens not the 11 million that have been reported for years in our country so ridiculous DHS now it's very interesting is when Trump continually puts out these stats I know the mainstream media likes to counter them and fact-check them and show that he's completely wrong but think about what he's doing and what they're doing they don't even know it

".... so when Trump puts this out there and he says we're not even into February in the cost of illegal immigration so far this year is almost 19 billion dollars yes the mainstream media might come and say no we've only spent 12 billion dollars let's just use that number we still spent 12 billion compared to the 5.7 billion that he wants for the wall it still shows that we're spending a huge amount of money on people who entered this country illegally

".... even if they say well it's not 25 million illegal aliens it's only 20 million illegal aliens there's 20 million illegal aliens in this country the mainstream media believes oh look we just put one on over on Trump there and we corrected his numbers no what they did was they put the numbers out there and most likely there is is wrong and his is right but it still shows that it's ridiculous and that's what it's getting out there and people are starting to wake up

".... now Trump is going directly at Schumer right now Trump tweeted out build wall and crime will fall and show this video which shows that Israel built this wall and it's 99.9% effective in keeping people out well Schumer funded Israel's wall but won't fund ours Schumer allowed money to go to Israel to build a wall and the wall works he just set Schumer up

".... now remember this brief 21 days of opening the government is to take the focus off of Trump and put it on to Congress because they're the ones who have to negotiate and work together to get this bill through so the spotlight is on Pelosi Schumer and the rest not on Trump anymore and he's giving Congress to work together for 21 days can you imagine if Congress can't work together for 21 days to put together a spending bill well we have a problem don't we

".... and this is what Trump is showing America remember Congress right now has like one of the lowest ratings and Trump is letting and speaking to the American people and only Annan's and he tweeted out the following I wish people would read or listen Thai words on the border wall this was in no way a concession it was taking care of millions of people who were getting badly hurt by the shutdown with the understanding that in 21 days if no deal is done it's off to the races

".... and then let me continue with the White House tweet at real Donald Trump if we don't get a fair deal from Congress the government will either shut down on February 15th again or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws of the Constitution of the United States to address this emergency will have great security now what's the emergency Congress can't work together that's one part of the emergency there's a caravan coming up to the border and they're ready to invade the United States that's the other emergency

".... think about what he's done he's completely boxed them in and trapped the deep state Bill Mitchell said it beautifully in a tweet no Pelosi is utterly boxed in either she caves on funding and appears weak to her caucus or she blocks funding and gets zero concessions appearing weak to her caucus either way Trump still gets the wall there is no direction in which Trump does not win think about what is happening here the spotlight is on them and no matter what he can build the wall he's free to do whatever he wants it makes no difference and look how they're going to look

".... so think about the entire plan right now when what's happening we have them leaking fake information to different sources the mainstream media is putting it out there then they're shown to be completely fake phony and false and this is happening over and over and over again this is being done on purpose to bring down the mainstream media Trump made it perfectly clear that the mainstream media is going to lose their entire audience because they don't tell the truth

".... and then you have the declassification the fisa and everything else with the discovery process with the investigations that is all happening and then we have the Senate and the firewall no matter what they try nothing can happen Mueller is trying to save himself the deep state is stuck right now this is all part of the plan

".... yes you see a lot of propaganda on the mainstream media yes it seems like they have total control they don't it's meant to seem this way to give them the idea that they're in power in the meantime he's taking the hammer swinging it and knocking them down each time and they don't even know it

".... let's move on to what is happening out in Venezuela we see already that Europe demands free elections in Venezuela what they want election snap elections in Venezuela they want the people to vote now what's very interesting is that the EU states identically raised pressure on Maduro all together at the same time saying the same exact thing their statements are completely identical and they were done at the same exact time so France Germany Spain all of them exactly the same time remember the deep state they've been trying forever to get Maduro out remember what Trump has done here

".... remember that he works with the deep state to make them think they have the upper hand remember Syria he bombed Syria and the neocons thought wow he's working with us he's going after Assad know that somebody was doing he was destroying the deep state infrastructure think about North Korea the neocons thought he's gonna start a war in the meantime behind the scenes he was talking about peace so what is he doing in Venezuela he's giving and who's pushing this Marco Rubio and the other neocons and we'll get into that in just a minute

".... Maduro who was saying that he wants all US diplomats out of the country well he kind of backtracked on this and it looks like he's allowing them to stay right now so let's go through this a little bit and see what's going on here the mainstream media nikki Haley the other neocons they've been pushing Maduro and trying to get him out there they've been placing sanctions making the Pape the people in Venezuela feel pain they want the people to feel pain to rise up and go after Maduro and we know in the past they've been talking about a military operation in Venezuela which Trump is not going to allow this to happen just like he's not going to bring in hundreds of thousands of troops into Syria invade North Korea with a hundred thousand troops

".... no he's giving the deep state what they always wanted he said okay I'm going to say the opposition leader is now the president let the people of Venezuela decide now remember Maduro was elected by the people they don't have ballot boxes down there the mainstream media was out there saying that Maduro was elected because he stuffed the ballot boxes with his name but they don't use ballot boxes in Venezuela what do they use well everyone is fingerprinted it's an electronic system

".... and to vote you have to place your finger on their system and your ID is then recorded so everyone is ID'd when they vote so there are no ballot boxes they made that up now Pompeyo was talking about article 2 3 3 of the constitution in Venezuela so what is article 2 3 3 what is it saying well it details the procedures for the case that the president becomes permanently unavailable which Nicolas Maduro is obviously not moreover the next in place if the president becomes unavailable is the vice president not the leader of the National Assembly the guy who Trump said this is the president he has no legal basis to claim the presidency right now

".... now they would have to have an election which the deep state world is pushing and the people of Venezuela would have to decide who is their next leader and remember there's no ballot boxes they have an ID system it's their fingerprint yes the United States doesn't have an ID system this is why they can manipulate the elections but Venezuela does

".... so Trump the Patriots knew that the deep state neocons we're going to make their move on Venezuela they've been trying for a very long time and we see all the same players calling for the elections Trump is giving them what they want just like with Syria North Korea without bringing in forces and starting a war now let's rewind a little bit and go back in time to Syria

".... remember during Obama's presidency a lot of the people in Syria they escaped because the Islamic state controlled most of the land in Syria and back then they had an election because they thought okay we had the Islamic state we captured most of the land most of the people are out of Syria let's have an election to show that the people don't want Assad as being president it's low and behold they have the election and guess what the Syrian people voted for Assad to be President

".... now the deep state thought well we inflicted a lot of pain on the people they've been in war for a long time they're blaming this on Assad and they will not vote for him they will vote for someone else it didn't work

".... let's look at North Korea Trump was out there tweeting like crazy that he's his nuclear button is bigger than kim jeong-hoon his nuclear button that if he tries something you know will strike back hard this was during the time while they were having peace talks in the background now we see the same thing happening if the people of Venezuela want change this is their opportunity so we have Marco Rubio the other neocons and the rest they're all out there and I'm just not talking about the United States I'm talking about Europe and everywhere else where they're putting a lot of pressure to have these snap elections if the people want change they will then vote for someone else

".... he's leading the deep state down a particular path just like with North Korea and Syria do you think he just did this just to do it what do you think there are individuals that he made deals with and said listen I will say this person is the president and the other European nations of course will follow along because they know that this is exactly what's going to happen but once I do this and there are elections no matter what the outcome is you'll have to stick by your deal with what I want

".... so look what Trump is doing right now the same thing with North Korea the same thing with Syria remember Bolton when he was out there saying the Syrian the the troops in Syria are never gonna leave unless Iran leaves completely fake phony and false

".... Trump once again is playing them leading them down this path now it doesn't matter at this point who win or loses we know that Maduro was elected we know that they have a fingerprint ID system that IDs every single person that votes so we'll have to see how this plays out but I do believe that they had chatter they had information that something else was going to take place in Venezuela and they cut that off way in advance made deals with certain individuals that he need to make deals with to move ahead with the plan

".... now the mainstream media was out there saying that Trump wanted to leave NATO and Trump tweeted out the following Jens Stoltenberg nATO Secretary General just stated that because of me NATO has been able to raise far more money than ever before from its members after years of decline and it's called burden-sharing also more United

".... dem and fake news like to portray the opposite and that's true they always like to portray the opposite of what's going on and what's really happening and Trump is always said listen we need other nations to set up why should the United States pay what we're paying here when other nations well they need NATO more than the United States and if they're that afraid they have to step up and that's all he was saying again the United States shouldn't be paying for everything for everyone if they want protection they need to pay

".... now we were talking about voting and Venezuela and stuff like that and Ken Paxton tweeted out the following voter fraud alert the Texas Secretary of State discovered approximately 95,000 individuals identified by TPS as non-us citizens have a matching voter registration record in Texas approximately 850 8,000 of whom have voted in Texas elections any illegal vote deprives Americans of their voice and that is true anyone that is voting illegally deprives every American of their voice

".... so we know that Trump the team the white hats they were investigating voter fraud and I want to go back to post twenty six twenty twenty six twenty one where an an on said will voter fraud in California ever be brought to light and Hugh said yes

".... watch California was deliberate now many of us thought it was the midterm elections but I think this is going to happen during the twenty twenty elections they were gathering the information not for the midterms but for the 2020 elections because we know the deep state they're gonna be trying a lot of different things and this brings us to post 26:10 and Annan says will voter fraud be exposed before January Q says no 2019 push voter ID based on verifiable Intel fraud 2020 Plus safeguarded

".... so it looks like in 2019 they might be pushing voter ID to control the voting in the 2020 election and I believe this is why Texas is out there already and maybe other states they're gonna be coming out saying okay here is the voter fraud documentation this is what we have to do and I think this is going to be presented maybe this year to get voter IDs in place for the 2020 election

".... but we can see the deep state they are backed in a corner no matter which way they go they are blocked and there the the the white hats cue the Patriots they're letting the deep state play this out they want them to play this out because everything they do destroys themselves this is all part of the plan everything that you're seeing is part of the plan ...≺≺ less

Grassley Strikes AGAIN!!! (How corruption Obama administration 1)

Truthification Chronicles ** Published on Jan 27, 2019
Key words: culture of misconduct by senior agency officials,favoritism and nepotism, forgoing of a judges signature, sexual harassment and solicitation of prostitutes,forged a judge's signature on subpoenas,to silence agency managers,forging a judge signature on 800 subpoenas

"....Hey, everybody, this is Deb with Truthification Chronicles and I've had a little bit of computer issues tonight so if I happen to disappear for a few days it might be computer related but I hope that's not going to happen anyway it just kept messing up when I was trying to make a video from my patrons and so I don't know really what's going on I need to work on it and try to figure out exactly what the deal is but it could possibly be the hard drive trying to give up the ghost I don't know we're gonna see anyway I'm gonna try this and I'm gonna try to keep it fairly short on this one because I don't know how the editing is gonna work because that program kept freezing up on me so let's just try this and see what happens this is one of the last things that chuck grassley did before he stepped down from being the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....and Lindsey Graham has now taken that position he's still a senator he still has two more years on his term and he is busy because now he's the Senate President pro-tem which means when the Vice President isn't there he steps in and he runs the Senate okay so anyway this is quite a thing that he left I mean he has really been focused on whistleblowers and doing investigations and I've got to tell you that there's been a lot of Investigations going on that we the people haven't known about they've just been in Congress and of course our media is not reporting on them so this is one that I'd like to show you because wow the more

" read his report the angrier you're gonna get following a nearly four-year investigation that included reports for more than a hundred current and former employees at the US Marshal Service Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley today and this was I believe says January 3rd but his reports dated the 21st of December release the memo summarizing findings of a culture of misc not noticed it's a culture of misconduct by senior agency officials

" this is inherent in the organizations and this is the u.s. marshals kind of an important organization wouldn't you say the alleged wrongdoing includes inappropriate hiring practices and nepotism the misuse of funds for lavish office furnishings ethics violations lacks accountability and poor management that resulted in thousands of employees thousands working with expired or nearly expired body armor

"....I mean serious kind of an important thing here right thousands of employees had this faulty body armor really crazy anyway I'm not going to go through all of this because again I'm trying to keep it short but the 21 page memo and the accompanying four hundred plus pages of exhibits highlights numerous accountability failures by high-ranking officials including wasteful spending on lavish office furnishings contracts and costly but rarely used facilities inappropriate hiring practices such as favoritism and nepotism the use of subordinates to fill out applications for senior executive service positions the use of paid and unpaid leave to allow for full retirement benefits of individuals facing substantiated claims of misconduct insufficient sanctions for the forgoing of a judges signature on hundreds of subpoenas that one oh

"....I'll show you in a minute insufficient sanctions for sexual harassment and solicitation of prostitutes yeah using our dime their mismanagement of critical safety equipment that left operational employees with expired body armor and I talked about that actually in a previous video whistleblower retaliation he was really big on helping whistleblowers and I have a video on that about Chuck Grassley they called him that the patron saint of whistleblowers lack of candor to federal investigators and misleading erroneous and incomplete responses to Congress and then it goes on with some of the recommendations but this whole report is like huge okay

"....and the report came out December 21st that's why I said it's kind of weird that they said it came out today but it wasn't that press release was dated the third and then this was dated December 21st so I don't know I don't get how it works but anyway look at what this says that it was the committee began investigating allegations of wrongdoing at the US Marshal Service approximately three years ago throughout the investigation the committee identified a culture there's that word again a culture of mismanagement reckless spending favoritism and a general lack of accountability at the Marshal Service in what has been described by whistleblowers as a frat style of management senior officials appear to act with impunity

"....while lower-level employees are held to a strident standard according to the more than 100 current and former employees who have contacted the committee since early 2015 the actions of managers have a demoralizing effect on the brave men and women of the Marshals Service and thus tend to undermine the public's trust in America's oldest law-enforcement agency

".... if you go through this you can see some of the things that they were talking about this one is like a twenty two thousand dollar conference table and how about the speechwriter who received contracts totaling over a million dollars I'm in the wrong business I need to write speeches anyway and it also found that they had this assets forfeiture fund and they were using it kind of for whatever they wanted to use it for the assets that they had gotten there had to be forfeited from criminals

" they were using this for all kinds of stuff that they weren't supposed to be using it for and they got this training facility in Texas that was like big-time bucks that they were using it for and it was hardly ever used so again I'm not gonna go through all this but oh my goodness you just want to scream when you start reading it going holy cow these papal arches doing this with our money they should not be in charge of any money whatsoever this building $50,000 per year for that building in Texas and it wasn't even used

"....I mean it was just like really seriously and that they underestimated the monies that they were allocating for different things they were using the asset forfeiture for salaries which they weren't supposed to be doing they they could use it for salaries of people that actually were full-time working with the asset forfeitures but they couldn't use it for people that worked full-time doing that and that's what they were doing so they were using it for all kinds of stuff now let me go down here to page 8 I want to just show you something that I found down there so one more page

".... here this isn't typical Grassley style he pulls no punches and he says this is what they did wrong this is what they did wrong this is what they did wrong so it is typical chuck Grassley here a case in point is the u.s. MS response to the issuance of fraudulent subpoenas by a task force based in the Southern District of Indiana

" of course Indiana caught my eye there I had to look to see what it was a 2007 Oh IG investigation prompted by reports from a whistleblower uncovered evidence that a u.s. MS task force there had been routinely customizing an electronic subpoena template and pasting in a digital image of a local judges signature obtained from legitimate court documents in order to give the appearance of official judicial approval

".... they forged a judge's signature on subpoenas huh the OIG found that between the years 1995 and 2005 approximately 800 fraudulent subpoenas had been served by the task force that's in my state fortunately it's in the south and it's nadya up here in the north but Wow I mean really guys I can't believe that you're fortunate judges signature people need to be arrested for doing that isn't that what happened when you forged somebody's signature so what happened well hmm

" response to an inquiry from the committee about disciplinary administrative actions taken the agency explained that one supervisory deputy u.s. marshal who was involved received a letter of reprimand Oh oh goodness he got a letter of reprimand for forging a judge signature on 800 subpoenas

"....Oh Oh that person later was later promoted to the position of gs-14 supervisory criminal investigator oh yes let's put a letter of reprimand in his file and then promote him for forging a judge's signature Oh can you believe it I mean serious what's going on in our country to involve personnel retired after the OIG report was completed

".... but before any potential disciplinary action and two others retired without discipline being imposed after a panel did not substantiate allegations against them one of the latter received a promotion prior to his retirement oh my goodness this is a type of thing that Trump's people are working against now remember when they said there were eight hundred thousand government workers who were not being paid remember three fourths of the government was funded that is only one-fourth of all of the government

"....and those were the people that were non-essential who were working one fourth of our government Wow so this is why I know for a fact that Trump is working I know for a fact because he said it in the different meetings he wants his cabinet members to make big reductions in their departments

"....I understand there is going to be a big RIF it's just not going to be associated with the government shutdown okay they have to be two separate things they can do the riffing but it's going have to be separate from the shutdown itself that's a different type of furlough and so again I'm not saying it's not gonna happen it is gonna happen but there's a timing issue too and it really has to be something that comes after we get this wall thing taken care of the next three weeks are gonna be interesting because Trump has lob the ball back into their courts

"....and so the Democrats now have to do something about it if they don't it's gonna be so obvious to everyone that they're the ones causing the problem and it's not Trump and here's one with sexual misconduct on a detail they solicited prostitutes while on detail in Mexico and brought them to a taxpayer-funded apartment yeah oh just the more you read of this the angrier it will make you

"....I'm serious it's all about it it really just goes on and on and on and then this is 430 pages because his memo itself is like 21 but then the rest of it is evidence now I'm gonna just skip way down here to the bottom and on page 426 give me a minute Tara okay this is from the federal Managers Association the United States Marshals Service chapter 373 okay

"....and this was August 10 2017 when he wrote this to Chuck Grassley now he was talking about how yes they've got all these things going on we had the whistleblowers we know that some of them were retaliated against for blowing the whistle on the corruption and then down here he says the latest method by USMS agency leadership to silence agency managers who communicate with Congress is outlined in a letter dated August 3rd from the Acting Director to the national office of the federal Managers Association FMA

"....we believe the letter was designated to undermine and have a chilling effect on the viewpoints of our officer membership all federal employees organized to improve government operations and save taxpayer dollars regrettably the Acting Director did not first discuss his concerns with me or our officers before his staff presumably penned this letter

"....I haven't closed it for your review and it is down here at the very end you can read it I think it just kind of it's not real obvious what he's saying but local chapter 373 has been in existence for more than 10 years and until recently USMS leadership has had a cordial consultive relationship with the FMA chapter to include periodic meetings to discuss issues of interest or concern to its members we have viewed that relationship as mutually beneficial and collaborative working for the benefit of the agency and its employees and managers however recent events have prompted me to question whether continued interaction with the FMA will be worthwhile specifically since May 2017

".... there have been several widely disseminated email sent and outside meetings held under the auspices of the FMA local chapter which appear to be designated to undermine significant agency initiatives and to further the personal agenda of certain FMA local officers or officers we view these efforts to be contrary to the purpose of any positive consultative relationship or the mutual benefit of the USMS and those employees who are members of the FMA local chapter as such we question whether any continuing relationship with FMA is viable

".... basically that was telling this guy you know you're trying to do oversight and we don't like it so we're questioning it it was a very negative letter it really was so anyway that was the letter that he included you can read through the rest of his letter here which it's kind of long that's the whole thing it's 430 pages long I did not read all of it but I will put the links down below you can look at them and see what they have to say oh wow you know things were going on this grassley the more I find out about him the more impressed I am by this man because he was taken on some major stuff this has all been going on for two three four years and we didn't know anything about it

"....chuck grassley was in there fighting for us and so a lot of times I think our senators and our representatives are doing things that we're not aware of and they're really fighting for We the People or they're not fighting for us and they need to hear about that so keep track of what your representative and your Senators are doing make sure that you let them know when there's something important that they're making decisions on please let them know it can make a difference and you can always find out how to contact them by going to Senate gov for the Senators and house gov for the House of Representatives and

"....there's easy ways there that you can find about your particular senator or representative and then you can contact them usually through a web form I think it's really a good thing to let Senators and Representatives know even if they are not representing you that you can still let them know that you're behind what they're doing because Chuck Grassley has done a lot for all the people of the United States not just for the people in Iowa so before I go I like to ask you to click that subscribe button and the little bell icon so you can get those notifications because I have a birthday coming up in April and as a birthday present I'm really hoping to reach 60,000 subscribers by then so you can help me out it would really make my birthday wonderful if I could have 60,000 subscribers on that day it's gonna be tough there's not a lot of days left but we can do it right so I want to thank you again for stopping by and I'll see you all later ...≺≺ less

Sticks & Stones - Insects & Raid

SpaceShot76 ** 1/27/2019
"'s it going world Patriots it is Saturday January 26th 2019 and as you guys are all aware we had the raid at Roger stones house yesterday well lady conduct on Twitter at lady Q a nook bombshell the CNN reporter who was outside of Roger stones house this morning used to work for the FBI he was also the assistant to James Comey booms coming and guys ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....I just wanted to add that Lucy underscore Q had also sent this over or tagged me on Twitter as well I try to give as much credit as I possibly can but so much information flowing back and forth you guys get the idea right excuse me booms incoming let's take a couple looks or sneak peeks at the pictures one from hn and one from CNN here so the person on hn row the CNN reporter who was outside of roger stones house this morning used to work for the FBI he was also the assistant to but James Comey how about that

"....huh what are the coincidences of that guys Josh Campbell is a CNN law enforcement analyst providing insight on crime justice and national security issues prior to joining the network Campbell was a supervisory special agent with the FBI and served as special assistant to the FBI director during his 12 year career he conducted numerous high-profile terrorism and kidnapping investigations served overseas in multiple diplomatic and operational assignments and managed the bureau's interagency communication response strategy following crisis incidents

"....he received four FBI combat theater awards for his work embedded with military special operations and CIA teams abroad how the hell does a journalist get a combat theater award for basically going around and reporting what Special Operations and CIA teams are actually doing anybody has seen any of these people that are embedded they are protected like babies yeah sure let's give them some awards so thanks for that great information there

" now I direct you guys attention to May 4th 2018 in which q had dropped a April 27th 2018 link talking about how they're cleaning up the FBI and DOJ you know James for Vicky Jim Rebecca James Baker McCabe call me priest Papa blah cooperating witnesses if you guys notice right there as you can see in red Josh Campbell special assistant to James Comey fired DOJ a Daily Caller article and I am hitting the X on this stupid all new echo dot bill

"....this is not an endorsement of them at all CNN's decision to hire former FBI director James Comey he's assistant disturbes veteran members of the bureau former agents told the Daily Caller News Foundation wait I thought he was getting all these theater awards from the FBI right the relationship between former FBI agent Josh Campbell the cable news network in Campbell's seemingly close history with former boss James Comey have raised a number of questions from these agents over the propriety of Campbell's new job what can Campbell contribute

"....I don't think that he would be someone who could offer any type of really knowledge about what law enforcement analysts are because what is his experience said former Special Agent Jack Garcia a 26 year FBI veteran so remember guys they telling you always getting all these awards at CNN talking them up right something smells so bad about this whole thing Garcia and another 25 year veteran of the FBI noted to the Daily Caller news foundation that Campbell's mere 10-year career was largely marked by time spent at headquarters and that he lacked field knowledge to accurately represent the bureau Campbell's last job in the FBI was spent in a media relations role out of the Los Angeles field office media relations huh

"....shouldn't they call at the leak Department his last day at the bureau was February 2nd where his official flyer obtained by the Daily Caller reveals he understood his future role at the network as a position to quote defend the bureau CNN describes him merely as a law enforcement analyst I've obtained a copy of former commis assistant at Josh Campbell's goodbye flyer at the FBI it invites in 10 DS to celebrate his new endeavor defending the bureau as a legal analyst at excuse-me law enforcement analyst at CNN the flyer includes a photo of Campbell at the set of CNN new day in New York City despite his job posting at the Los Angeles field office at the time Campbell's online history reviewed by the D CNF shows a reverence for CNN and Comey

".... since joining CNN Campbell deleted his personal website which included numerous photos of himself with Comey in the site featured image it shows a photo of himself sitting behind the director during congressional testimony which Comey delivered after the after President Donald Trump fired him that looks like a steak I wouldn't say that's the picture they're talking about Campbell appears to have attended the testimony with his future CNN colleague and former US Attorney Preet Bharara isn't that interesting

"....there he is on the left side next to the girl with the red shirt or should I say pantsuit sure facing the right side Campbell's website also included a bio section describing his experience in the field claiming that he conducted numerous high-profile terrorism and kidnapping investigation served overseas in multiple diplomatic operational assignments so that's that whole thing I read in the beginning right there individuals who worked at the FBI during Campbell's time greatly dispute his characterization

" former 25 year veteran who asked the D CNF to remain nameless said Campbell 34 years old did the minimal amount of time he could before retiring any idea that he is some seasoned agent is ludicrous he just isn't that he sees himself as a star he hasn't been part of our Brotherhood he doesn't understand how we feel comments on Campbell's LinkedIn profile corroborate the described sense of anger by other agents Steve Lazarus Supervisory Special Agent bomb technician at FBI

"....Josh Campbell I doubt you would really enjoy our company in case you haven't noticed both the retired and active duty agents here have taken a fairly dim view of your political grandstanding good luck to you in the future but it's for the best you decided to leave Steve more CNN law enforcement analyst 25 years FBI James Timmy Flaherty was my LA SWAT teammate and hero he did at least one UC for me what happened to him stinks regarding the X agents op-ed I am troubled that the FBI hired someone who was unable to do his job without politics overpowering

"....his objectivity wasn't that what the FBI expected of us isn't that what they demanded of us wasn't that what they told us on day one of the Academy isn't that what the public expects from the FBI to be above politics isn't that what's gotten us in this trouble a politicized FBI a-hole it sure has isn't that what makes Secret Service agents protect any president with their lives America is better off with his departure oh you gotta love that so again I bring you back to show you all the FBI and DOJ people that were fired right we understand that there is extreme fatigue and frustration regarding the wheels of justice slow excluding motion and personal desire instead use logic and critical thinking based on situational awareness

"....undo a lifetime of evil and corruption infestation in the span of less than two years with a corrupt FBI and DOJ in place and look at all these people let er fire guys right FBI director deputy director chief of staff senior counselor general counsel director of counterintelligence deputy assistant director of counterintelligence office of special counsel n

"....ow guys also Peter stroke and Lisa page the lovers right I got I asked in a video about oh I don't know February March of 2018 if anybody has found even one email to suggest that these two are lovers I would like to see it I've seen ones where I'm just getting out of the shower I'll be there you know my perverted mind would say shower can I jump in or something you know something like that some sort of thing that people who are dating or having an affair might say to each other nothing along those lines have I seen yet and nothing has anybody brought forward now I could be a hundred percent incorrect

".... but I've done a fair bit of digging over those and I don't find anything like that at all and that was just a ruse so they could basically redact or classify the most damning of emails which I think we haven't seen yet right there was talk about assassinating POTUS or some of his family members

" very interesting stuff and why is this guy Josh Campbell who was a special assistant to Comey and he was fired why was he outside Roger stones house during the raid for a CNN obviously they knew and it makes me think maybe that there's still a rogue faction in this FBI that are going out doing things here

"....because Joe digenova said you know rod Rosenstein and Christopher Rea and even the assistant attorney general all knew about this so my question is did they know about it and if they did why did they let it happen and is stone a good guy or a bad guy

"....I welcome your guys comments I don't really you know I like to watch the guy that he's great I think he's funny the way he destroys you know the public narrative against Trump but we just don't know we don't have the full scope of things we can't comment on things that were not 100% sure of the only thing I will put the little caveat is that he was always on Alex Jones but then again he was on tons of shows too

"....right so it could be one of those things where he's on our side and we're looking to get the discovery package where they can then enter in certain things into the record some of the brilliant white hats and Anton's on a chin had brought this out key equals unlock the door of all doors info stone the force strength capable of yielding power to act on info key plus stone equals and then the next line signs off Q so the Anton says is stone

".... the key aka key stone he surely knows where the bodies are buried he has been in the game for a long time in today's day and age he had to have known that his emails and texts were being monitored there was no reason for him to lie he knew that his statements would be cross-referenced to emails and texts it feels like it was his intention to get indicted he is not going to go into that good night not without a fight

"....and he already said he's gonna plead not guilty and he's not gonna be steamrolled get the popcorn ready dirt on a ton of people is going to see the light soon also 5 : 5 equals 5 by 5 equals 25 let it be known that the stage was set on the 25th day of 2019 well very well could be and it also could be he's not on the good side we also have to look at that alternative as well

"....I welcome your guys comments in the section below of course as usual alright guys and this is on Newsweek may 1st 2018 nexium how is former Trump advisor Roger stone connected to cult allegedly led by aliceandmac and Keith Renier his old Roger we know he was a little freaky-deaky in his past right former Trump advisor Roger stone was previously one of several powerful political players on the payroll of Nexium the celebrity-studded self-help organization now at the center of a far-reaching criminal probe into sex trafficking and forced labor the controversial political strategist confirmed to Newsweek that he worked as a lobbyist for the group which was founded in 1998 for about two months in 2007

"....stone said he audited one of the organization's executive success workshop but was never officially enrolled adding that he never saw anything that gave him reason to think nexium pronounced nexium was involved in abuse no let me maybe true maybe not true they were very unhappy that I refused to take their course preferring to watch one of their classes one afternoon Stone said but I never saw any evidence that nexium was a sex cult alleged cult leader Keith Rainier was arrested in March on charges of sex trafficking

"....and forced labor T for allegedly creating the do s short for master over the slave daughters in Latin a secret sect of Nexium in which women were branded forced into sex and blackmailed if they tried to leave according to federal investigators Rainiers alleged second-in-command smallville actress aliceandmac also known as pimp Mac was arrested in April on the same charges both could spend life behind bars if connected so is Roger stone the person that's gonna take these people down

"....I don't know I mean if he was only there and he only looked at one class he only audited one class watched one class does that give him an insight into this group I don't know that it does I just thought it would be relevant to bring it up because I know a lot of people are floating this theory online so if it is as stated and he only really looked over one class and doesn't see anything that would show abuse I don't know how he would contribute to that investigation but politically he knows where all the bodies are buried

"....he's very well connected politically for many decades that's for sure alright and my buddy Hulka Nader from Patriot news had sent over a couple pieces of the indictment and he sent me a link to the whole indictment I'll leave the link to that in the description box but basically it's breaking down the whole thing about you know what stone did campaign official was directed stone about any additional releases and what other damaging information organization one WikiLeaks had regarding the Clinton campaign stone thereafter told the Trump campaign about potential future releases of damaging material by organization one stone also correspond with associates about contacting organization one in order to obtain additional emails during the Clinton campaign on or about July 25th 2016

"....stone sent an email to person one which I think they were saying on Fox News was jerome corsi with the subject line get to the head of organization one which would be julian assange the body of the message read get to Julian Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy in London and get the pending WikiLeaks emails they deal with foundation allegedly on or about the same day person one forwarded stones email to an associate who lived in the United Kingdom and was a supporter of the Trump campaign on or about July 31st 2016 stone emailed person one with the subject line call me Monday the body of the email read in part that persons one associate in the United Kingdom should see Julian Assange on or about August 2nd 2016 person one emailed stone

"....person one wrote that he was currently in Europe and planned to return in or around mid-august person one stated in part word is friend and embassy plans two more dumps one shortly after I'm back second in October impact plan to be very damaging the phrase friend and embassy referred to the head of the organisation one obviously that's Julian Assange alright guys so that's really great calling this person calling that person what's in the indictment

"....let's look at Ingraham angle from last night when mister York has a very pertinent statement it's not what's in the indictment it's what's not in the indictment for a buyer in New York yes you wrote a piece today about it's saying that it's not so much what's in the indictment they could have written that thing in like three pages by the way it's what's not in the indictment explain that to the fox viewers please well what's not in the indictment is an allegation that there was a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia to fix the 2016 election that's just not there the other thing that's really not there is evidence of any knowledge before of Roger stone about what WikiLeaks was going to do

"....the most looked at paragraph in the whole thing is that paragraph that says that on July 22nd 2016 which is when the Whitley quickie lease disclosures happened then the Trump campaign got in touch with Roger stone said what's going on this was after the fact suggests that there was not a collusion scheme in place and running when that happened so they're gonna basically make this look as bad as they can to President Trump on every other channel

" know except for maybe Tucker Hannity and Ingraham angle you're not gonna see the truth anywhere about this stuff alright guys very interesting stuff here in the matrix retweeted stormy Patriot at stormy Patriot 21 remember cue misspellings matter right DJ T misspells weiner just like they did in the IG report page 294 things to drop soon regarding laptop question mark thanking at Joan of America for helping connect the dots here hashtag mega hash tag Q and on hashtag Flynn 5 so let's take a look at this

".... if you guys remember at the page 294 there I know it's blurry I apologize but it says I mean Coleman told us that he kept regularly took notes in a journal Coleman's notes from October 4th contain the following entry number 1 Anthony Weiner WI e and ER then it says kill box si si spelled incorrectly and of course guys I have to bring this one up Weiner texting 15 year old sexually explicit federal search warrant iPhone iPad laptop an initial analysis of laptop thousands emails and then we have another line Hillary Clinton and foundation crime against children

" to the people who may be still reviewing this video who apparently took my video off of my page yesterday or maybe this morning because a lot of people saw yesterday but after about eight o'clock this morning that video was gone from my feed so this is the thing that you're trying to cover up crimes against children

"....all right it's not some conspiracy theory the Inspector General of the United States that's his report and within it it says plain as day as you can see Hillary Clinton and foundation crime against children all right so it's not one crime against one child that this guy sent his a picture of you know what of to these girls or this girl but rather absolutely Hillary Clinton and foundation crimes against children not a child children plural

" then we go to today if Roger stone was indicted for lying to Congress what about the lying done by Comey Brennan clapper Lisa Paige and lover nope not lover Baker and so many others what about Hillary - FBI and her 33,000 deleted emails what about Lisa and Peters deleted text and weiner WI E and E ours laptop and much more

"....oh I can't wait for them much more so why was this whole Roger stone raid why why now there's always something right it's always something that causes it and Dan bond Geno says you know whenever they do something like this look around the time if there was anything explosive that came out well I think we found something right all right guys this is gateway pundit always great job this one's by Jim Hoff update Mueller and FBI arrest Roger stone

"....because major FBI scandal out today FBI agent P ANCA linked to major FISA abuse scandal and general Flynn setup oh yes look at that yep I couldn't agree more every time the corrupt Mueller gang FBI and DOJ come out with a major news story it is strategically synchronized to cover up another scandal involving their corrupt actions

".... today's arrest the Roger stone is no exception now guys I bring up that last tweet by President Trump right because we're stuck in this little bit of a limbo right his Mueller trying to save his hide or is he just dirty as it comes and trying to get President trumpet at any angle he can so why would president Trump tweet that today it seems to me like he's in the driver's seat right

" could this be something that we're looking for for discovery you know when you go to court and you have to break out discovery they can bring out all sorts of information on the record is that what it's about or is it Mueller is just dirty to the bone and trying to get every little thing he cannot Trump time will tell right continuing on today the corrupt Mueller gang arrested longtime Trump friend Roger stone he was arrested early in the morning as the FBI always does another American attacked by the mobsters in the deep state due to his relationship with this president

"....but there is something more than a coincidental excuse me but there is something more than coincidental about this arrest this morning not only was CNN there to film the arrest as we showed proving again that Mueller mobsters are colluding with members of the deep state and corrupt media but there is something more over the past couple days the testimony of former FBI general counsel James Baker was released

"....Baker resigned and he too was a crook and involved in the deep state efforts to aid Hillary Clinton in her bid to become president and their attempted coup to remove President Trump after he defeated her in the 2016 election what Baker said was shocking especially his testimony surrounding the missing corrupt FBI agent Joseph P Anka according to Brian Cates at the epoch times the Baker testimony was explosive

"....Baker stated that the FISA Court was not alerted to the fact that much of the information in the survived surveillance warrant on Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Carter page was being provided by paid political propagandists employed by the Hillary Clinton campaign to continue receiving Trump Russia collusion propaganda from opposition research firm G fusion GPS and Christopher Steele who had been hired by fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC remember through Perkins Coie

"....the FBI established a back-channel always a back-channel right through former associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce or at the Department of Justice after every meeting with steel or would sit down for an interview with FBI Special Agent Joseph Pianka who would fill out official FD 302 interview forms to pass on the information within the FBI right didn't we find out though that they said initially they didn't think that he was being he was lying or he was being deceptive

" it says according to Kate's it seems something spooked the Spygate plotters into presenting an appearance of drawing back from Christopher Steele and fusion GPS while still Sarah Tippi ously using that political propaganda shop as a source for their ongoing investigations this back-channel allowed the FBI to hide fusion gps's and the Clinton campaigns role in providing much of the quote evidence being used to drive these politically motivated investigations of Trump and his associates

"....the point was to launder effusion gps's Trump Russia allegations through or to Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe and lead agent on the Trump case Peter stroked so it could be claimed the information was coming from a legitimate intelligence source instead of from paid political propagandists working for Hillary Clinton this means it's highly likely that when Bruce Ora's personal notes from his meetings with fusion GPS are compared with the official FD 302 interview forms that Agent P ANCA filled out following his interviews with

"....or they are not going to match when it comes to what the stated source was for the Trump Russia information for P Anka to write down on the 302 forms that this information on Trump Russia he was being given by or was still coming from the fusion GPS boys after the FBI had supposedly severed all ties with them would have defeated the entire reason for going to the trouble of establishing a back-channel in the first place isn't that interesting

"....and he talks about Brian Cates as tweets a whole lot of people assume the inspector general's office isn't really doing anything sound familiar guys if not look in my comment section for the last I don't know eight months so he the inspector general's office isn't really doing anything and maybe sort of kinda hasn't even interviewed P NK yet he says that's looking at this exactly backwards oh they interviewed him all right extensively but what they found was so explosive

"....all right for some reason I can't zoom in on this I'd have to hit the link and actually go to the tweet itself but what was so explosive says I have no doubt that at some point in the past year-and-a-half the DOJ inspector general's office sat Pianka down for extensive and detailed interviews about his dual roles in both the Flynn affair he and stroke interviewed Flynn and with the GF Eugen GPS back-channel to the FBI what he told them must have been incredibly sensitive since nobody has publicly seen or heard from P Anka all this time even though House and Senate committees have requested that the DOJ produce him for testimony whatever Inspector General Michael Horowitz investigators discovered in their interviews with P Anka

"....they are keeping a very tight lid on it and that's what we want right we don't want leaks in this sort of investigation all right another tweet Pianka has now been revealed to be at the center of the beating heart of not just one big scandal in the FBI but two big scandals the at general Flynn prosecution and the secret fusion GPS FBI back-channel of course they've got him under oath on both of these Cates believes that P Anka has some very damaging goods on the entire Russian collusion scam which may all be connected to uranium one the Iran deal and other real Russian collusion actions taken by the Obama White House

"....this is why he was not interviewed by Congress because they all know the Dems would leak and mislead any information from these investigations today's corrupt actions by the Mueller gang which was created as a result of the criminal acts taken by the FBI and DOJ to set up Trump related individuals is just another action by the very criminal and corrupt deep state to prevent real news from getting out hang in there Roger stone

" looks like you're unfortunately just a pawn in the deep state's corrupt and conflicted game to unseat President Trump very well said that's why he's a writer and I'm not right very well set and you know guys a lot of you I know are on my side and I know you're hearing a lot of shills but there are some people on the fence and for the people that are on the fence

"....I would say you need to look into this type of reporting the hill gateway pundit Judicial Watch they're gonna tell you the truth MSNBC CNN and Fox most of the time will not tell you the truth unfortunately guys so you know this is like you know I like I don't know movies I guess you could say like Mission Impossible type movies not specifically the Mission Impossible but like action thriller spy stuff so I'm loving every minute of this but at the same time you know it does have real-world implications and to the people who cannot see how bad they are against Trump how bad the mainstream media is how bad you know even everyday people who are listening to this crap and believe it they really really believe it

" keep repeating something enough times people will start to believe it so you know I I would encourage you guys as much as you might not like to to maybe hit some threads on Twitter and YouTube videos that are left-leaning and hit him with some facts give them a link to that Inspector General report that seems to work pretty good for me but these are the things they're gonna need to see very interesting times we are living in here guys we've never had a president that has been more hated by the mainstream media period and there has to be a reason we have laid out numerous times over the last year guys they are absolutely complicit in the deep states doings so I look forward to the next move in this chess match and I will bring you any information that I do find guys appreciate you tuning in and until the next video thumbs up like subscribe peace [Music] ...≺≺ less

Tactical Move, [DS] Trapped Themselves, The Power Of Military Planning - Episode 1775b

X22Report ** Published on Jan 25, 2019
" the deep state they don't even realize that they were trapped this was a tactical move that Trump used today and we can see this is military planning and its finest and we're gonna explain exactly what happened today and why the deep State has just trapped themselves and remember this is all part of the plan everything that you're watching is one gigantic show and it's already been planned out and they have contingency plans if the original plans don't work they always are prepared and ready and I'm talking about the Patriots but let's start off with the Covington event and there was a lot of agendas associated with this but what's something very interesting is that ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....Pat Sibley owned he is the White House general counsel and he graduated from Covington Catholic High School back in 1984 I don't believe this was a coincidence that Nathan Phillips went up to the Covington Boys and started to beat a drum in the face of these boys because they were trying to get these individuals to do something and when they didn't do what they wanted them to do they had to make up different things oh he was smirking he made a funny face he stayed quiet but all of this was going to be used for getting at the next SCOTUS hitting Trump

"....because we can see already that his White House general counsel is from Covington graduated in 1984 so this had a lot to do with this this was not a coincidence but we can see the mainstream media they are reeling from this and they're trying to to control the narrative but it's failing at every turn everyone is calling them out on it and what they're saying right now doesn't even make sense they're just trying to push an agenda that doesn't exist anymore

" what's very interesting is that Paul Sperry reports that the BuzzFeed article was from Felix Sater he was the informant that gave this information and he tweeted out the following criminal opportunists Felix aider FBI Mueller informant dossier source II and BuzzFeed deep throat pitched Trump Moscow to high school pal Cohen after Trump announced chemisty in 2015 I figured he's in the news his name is generating a lot of good press hashtag no collusion and we can see that all this stuff that's happening this was all pre-planned

"....remember Trump patriots q they've been planning for a very long time the deep state already knew what was going on why they were pushing Trump into this position and what was going to happen and they were trying to plan for this for a very long time this is not something that just came up and they decided hey let's spy on him now they put a lot of these insurance policies into high gear to make sure they were able to stop him but we can see that the Patriots the military that was behind that still behind Trump they outsmarted them all

" today we saw a raid on Roger stones home they raided his home in full gear CNN was there during the raid and exactly how was CNN there how did they know this was about to happen it doesn't even make sense so stone was arrested at his home in Fort Lauderdale he's being indicted by a grand jury and charges brought by special counsel Robert Mueller we see there's dramatic footage from CNN they were just lucky they just had this you know reporters $0.06 to be there and they caught everything on camera

"....and they had a raid his home in the middle of the night with flashlights guns and made it very dramatic it looked like a movie and that's exactly what they wanted to do now this was absolutely too perfect and Trump actually tweeted out greatest witch hunt in the history of our country no collusion border coyotes drug dealers and human traffickers are treated better who alerted CNN to be there

"....and again who did tom Fitton as always says maybe at judicial watch Freedom of Information will uncover how CNN found out about the stone raid so tom Fitton is already on this so how did they know about this and who sent them there like that well most likely Rosenstein and Mueller remember

"....Mueller is working still for both sides he's trying to save himself but he has the deeps 8 on the other side so I believe he's playing both sides right now when we look at what was really going on here we see something very interesting it turns out that commis special assistant Josh Campbell works for CNN as a law enforcement analyst and most likely he was the one that got the information and tipped off the reporters to go and sit outside the house

"....and of course CNN reporter David ShoreTel told CNN hosts he and he had an intuition to get to Roger stones house and set up his camera crew before the pre-dawn raid I mean really no there are no coincidences

"....this was pre-planned and they wanted they wanted this televised the deeps tape wanted this televised for shock value to let everyone know that look were coming for Trump you know why because Mueller has nothing they know this and they're trying to use propaganda to distract everyone from what is really going on here

"....John cardio tweeted out the following commis former assistant Josh Campbell works for CNN and they just happen to have a van at Rogers stones house at 6:00 a.m. tom Fitton says curious mueller indictment of stones details clinton communications with and pressure on wikileaks about emails will clinton operation be investigated now remember Roger stone mana Ford and Cohen and the rest they're all part of other investigations

" Sarah Sanders she came out and said the stone indictment has nothing to do with the president Roger stone was fired from Trump's campaign back in August 2015 a month we look at the indictment what do we see the indictment against Roger stone makes no allegation that belong time Trump associations conspired with Russia or WikiLeaks instead stone is accused of lying to Congress about communication he had with Trump campaign officials and other associates of associates about his efforts to find out what information WikiLeaks had during the 2016 campaign

"....the indictment appears to undercut some of the Democrat back conspiracies of vast conspiracy between Trump team and Russia to hack and disseminate email stolen from the Democrats the special counsels indictment of Roger stone contains no allegations of conspiracy to conclude with Russia or to steal emails from Democrats and it appears to undercut some of the logic behind Democrats collusion narrative so right

" special counsel Robert Mueller is accusing stone of lying to the House Intelligence Committee now senator Sanders asked the question I wonder when the FBI will be raiding the homes of Hillary Clinton James Comey and James clapper for lying because they raided Roger Stone's home for lying

"....we know that Hillary lied we know that James Comey lied we know that clapper lied they all lied but Mueller is not going after them very interesting so let's think about this for a second what is Trump in the Patriots what are they doing let's use logical thinking here the entire plan revolves around trapping the mainstream media and the deep state and using their tactics against them

"....when you see these events they are done for a reason let's think about this for a second what is Mueller done so far month he's arrested some people let's look at some of these people George papadopolis former Trump campaign foreign advisor arrested in 27 July 2017 and pleaded guilty in October 2017 to making false statements to the FBI Paul Manafort Trump's former campaign chair was indicted on a total of 25 different counts by Mueller's team related mainly to his past work for Ukrainian politicians and his finances

"....he had two trials scheduled and the first ended in conviction of eight counts of financial crimes to avert the second trial man first struck a plea deal with Mueller in September of 2018 though Mueller's team said in November that he breached the agreement by lying to them Rick Gates a former Trump campaign aide and manna forts longtime jr. business partner was indicted on similar charges to Manafort

"....but in February 2018 he agreed to a plea deal with Mueller's team pleading guilty to just one false statement charge and one conspiracy charge what means he lied Michael Flynn we know that he knows where all the bodies are buried Trump's former national security adviser pleaded guilty in December 2017 to making false statements to the FBI which means he lied and we know why he lied

"....because they were spying on him when he was speaking to kiss lyac and he got caught up in that but at that at this point that really doesn't matter because he's working on a different investigation because he knows where all the bodies are buried Michael Cohen guess what he lied Roger stone he lied do you see a pattern here that all these individuals are getting caught up in lying

"....go back to what Sarah Sanders said when is Muller going to raid the homes of Clinton Comey clapper for what lying think about this for a second the deep state especially the mainstream media they are being pushed in a certain direction and they will not be able to get out of this

" you see what they're doing the mainstream media is going along with this saying yeah if they lied guess what they're gonna be arrested they're gonna be indicted and they're gonna have to stand trial and Muller has done this with all of these people now when it's Clinton's turn when it's clappers turn when it's commis turn and the rest and they're raided because they lied they can't say anything about this

"....well they're gonna try but they already agreed that this is okay just like Muller raiding Cohen's office they just opened the door and now the mainstream media can't say this is not a loud now as Trump's going to use that maybe maybe not but you can see how they're pushing all of this in a certain direction they want the mainstream media to hook on to these things because they're going to use it later on

" DHS they're ending catch and release the Department of Homeland Security will turn away asylum seekers at the United States Mexico border implementing new protocols that require illegal immigrants to wait outside the US while their claims are being processed the updated DHS migrant protection protocols which addresses the humanitarian crisis at the southern border the Department stated the new policy will allow review of claims made by immigrants while I wait outside the US border

" remember the catch and release program that they were using before encouraged illegal aliens to enter the United States under false pretenses and exploit the broken immigration court system nine out of ten asylum claims where immigrants cited credible fear from Central America were considered fraudulent according to federal immigration judges so the catch release it is done with right now and actually

".... if we go back to November 18 2018 to Trump's tweet he said catch or release is an obsolete term it is now catch and detained illegal immigrants trying to come to the USA or from proudly flying the flag of their nation as they ask for us asylum will be detained or turned away Dems must approve border security and wall now so why is this new policy necessary

"....well the illegal aliens they used and and they knew to use this because of Obama and Soros and the rest they used these loopholes in u.s. immigration courts to enter the US as family units and most times under false pretences criminal traffickers ask illegal immigrants to travel with unaccompanied minors so they can they can game the system if the migrants arrive on US soil and turn themselves into Border Patrol agents they're usually released quickly because of the children further they are given a notice to appear in court and disappear into the fabric of America and they can't find him anymore

" this is why there is a policy change right now now let's talk about the wall and what Trump has done Trump he's ready to sign a bill that will open the government for three weeks 21 days and it seems that a lot of people think that he caved on the wall well really did he he opened the government for three weeks after three weeks the government shuts down so let's go through this tactical move

"....and let's see exactly what has happened now Democrats and Republicans will need to operate in good faith both parties will have to work together for the benefit of this nation if we make a deal it will show the American people that we can put the country before parties this is what Trump said right now when he broadcasts us out to everyone he is appearing on all networks talking about the wall and why we need it reinforcing why we need the wall using examples story stats to get the American people on board

" that's number one he was able to get air time most of the time the network's don't want to broadcast what he has to say about the wall so he says he reached a deal says he has a very powerful alternative but he didn't want to use it at this time and this is the national emergency so he's letting everyone know if you don't come up with a deal I can just use a national emergency now since we are not in a shutdown is the State of the Union back on on January 29th most likely

"....yes what would be the reason for not having it the government's open everyone's gay paid we don't have to worry about anything guess what he'll do at the State of the Union he will repeat the same information once again and add all his accomplishments this is something they didn't want him to do what else did he just do he just got the people on his side fed workers are getting paid he reopened the government remember there were four votes and the Dems did not vote to pay the workers

"....they voted it down each time remember what Pelosi and Schumer said this was their negotiation tactic open the government and then we will discuss the wall woo they just trapped themselves Trump open the government for 21 days now and it's all over the mainstream media Pelosi and Schumer now must discuss the war remember they weren't discussing it at all but they said this on camera and they've said this many times open the government and we will discuss the wall

"....well it's open now 21 days the mainstream media and the deep state they're estatic they think they won there's no wall well this is for 21 days the spotlight right now is on crock Congress not him anymore remember what he said Democrats and Republicans they'll have to operate in good faith they'll have to work together to show America and the world that they can put the country before parties

"....the entire spotlight is off of Trump on Congress for 21 days they have to come up with something Pelosi and Schumer said listen we will discuss and negotiate the wall if you open the government boom so let's say Nancy and truck they decide they're not gonna do it this will show the American people that they're putting their interests the illegals interests before the American people's interests unbelievable he also has the national emergency in his back pocket

"....he can always use it when using warfare tactics it is in your long-term interest to give the opposition the illusion of victory so Trump just put the spotlight on them using everything that they said against them believe me you're gonna start to see their faces they're gonna start to realize holy crap we were just trapped we have 21 days now the country is looking at us they're not looking at Trump anymore

"....Trump looks like the hero I open the government everyone's getting paid everyone's getting their back pay and he wants them to negotiate like they promised military planning at its finest now something very interesting happened today comet ping-pong Pizza all of a sudden caught on fire now comet ping-pong there were a lot of reports out there about this being a pedophilia type of establishment where they really weren't ordering pizza and of course the mainstream media they called it conspiracy and whatnot but all of a sudden it caught fire and some of the people inside come with ping-pong

"....they said that it looked like it was deliberate one man saw the curtains in the back of the restaurant restaurant suddenly burst into flames he pulled them to the ground while employees doused them with fire extinguishers and he also said this looks very very suspicious now were they trying to burn this down to cover up everything because when the walls start to close in around all these individuals they can't allow all of this stuff to be operational they have to shut it down and then we've seen this before in other events where they destroy the entire buildings they bulldoze it they cover it up

"....and you can't investigate anything anymore so I do believe they might be using this tactic right now out in Afghanistan we see US officials are holding talks with the Taliban and they're on their fourth day right now is only planning for two days but the talks are going pretty darn well and it looks like they're trying to reach an agreement for peace so what do we see happening here we see in Syria the troops are being withdrawn there's going to P piece they are North Korea we're seeing peace there we're seeing Afghanistan peace talks are going on there and we're starting to see that troops are going to be coming home from all these different regions Afghanistan they're talking about withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan

"....the deep state they're losing their grip on all these different areas and is becoming very very difficult for them and what Trump and the Patriots are doing is they're removing the power and control from the deep state from one area from one spot to another and as they continually do this they have nothing to do they can't push events they can't try anything they can't do anything so the deep state they're in trouble their backs are against the wall right now and as the Patriots continually dismantle their entire network of intelligence operatives all over the place it's going to be very very difficult to keep control and they're losing control very very quickly and what Trump and the Patriots are doing they are setting them up slowly carefully using everything against them and you can see how this is all being played out ...≺≺ less

Jordan Sather Exposes Secret Space Program - Disclosure 2019

Edge of Wonder ** Premiered Jan 22, 2019
"...On today’s Edge of Wonder We welcome back Ben and Rob from the ‘‘Psychology of Woke’ event where they got to talk with Jordan Sather, and a few other familiar faces We’ll do a 2 part sit-down with Jordan and talk about things like … the Secret Space Program…. otherwise known as the SSP So If there is a SSP, why is it secret? What is its mission? And what on earth does this thing cost? Could this account for the missing trillions from pentagon budgets? And what exactly IS the relationship between the Secret Space Program and Military Industrial Complex or MIC? ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....Looks like we’ll not only need the millenium falcon to get to the edge of this wonder…. we’re gonna need Rob Solo, Ben Skywalker and their furry friend and guest Jordacca as we depart… for the Edge of Wonder! Welcome to Edge of Wonder, guys we're here with Jordan Sather, you all know him from all of his research on Q and all the great things he's been doing for the community, we're lucky to have him on the show today, Jordan thanks a lot for being with us, thanks for having me on, appreciate it, thanks guys

"....It’s great having you. So just to kind of let everyone know what we were doing, we were at psychology of woke also waking the collective, it was kind of a small group of people that got together, and all of us talked during this weekend, we actually talked in person, in person for the first time, all of us not just on camera, but ours was way better than yours, mine sucked, they got more laughs than I did, people were just like stone-faced. But actually he has shocking stuff, he really did. just the way you present is just so on point, you're just really I just think you're awesome, thanks man. Also Billy Carson was here, Dylan Louis Monroe who actually created the Q map, the deep state mapping project,

"....yeah he's the graphic designer for that, yeah and then Michael from Qnn, which is a new Twitter kind of Q, he's got his Instagram and Twitter feeds he puts out a lot of info on, yeah he's been doing great, he's only been going at it for a few months now, and I mean he's having a huge effect which is great, so yeah Qnn, the letters nn on Instagram if you look those up, you'll find him pretty quickly, and Bizzie Gold, she's a sponsor of this whole event, and she does buti yoga actually at her studio here, and the break method, and the break method yeah, she's got multiple multiple avenues as she’s going down, so she's a fireball, she really is, she's got her hands full, she's an awesome person, and she's trying to create as much change as possible so that's why she brought us here this weekend,

"....and we were all at that wonderful event speaking talking with, it was smaller 30 40 people I think were there, yeah but it was awesome, all of us being able to present, it was awesome meeting these guys, and being able to actually get some work in, and hang out with them for more than I think this is the second time we’ve met, we’ve met at 11:11, oh yeah the disclosure fest at DC, and that was cool being able to hang out with these guys, but there were so many people there, and so much stuff going on there, we talked for like two minutes, two minutes yeah, Let's go into something really cool that I know everybody out there will be dying to hear about, it's the secret space program, what's that, it's a great question, but if it's secret, how are we talking about it right, The NASA secret space program, so it’s really this kind of paradox right, well that's the point right, the point is for us to talk about it and educate the public and let the world know about it, so it doesn't become secret anymore, because the thing is about these programs,

"....these projects that are kept secret by corporations, and by quasi-military like groups, you can't really say corporations of the military, because it's groups or individuals within corporations or military, they keep it secret, but these people these secret societies, they have control over these black projects, these secret projects, there's so much money that goes into them, there's all sorts of technologies that they keep from the public, they suppress, and that they swipe right into these projects, so it's a necessary subject to discuss, and it is deep, and it is mind-blowing, it is so expansive ,

".... that's kind of a testament to the waking up process, a lot of people say, I've been red pilled or on woke, past tense as if they did it and they're done and they're a changed person, no never-ending process right, yeah it's never-ending, it's like once you start really waking up, I mean the rabbit hole just gets deeper, and then you start finding things that you're just like oh my gosh, let me ask you a kind of more technical question about this, because you mentioned that these are funded projects right, so how in your opinion, because this is a big issue, the money that goes into these space programs would have to be in the trillions of dollars, billions and trillions of dollars right, how do we as a group actually track that, so that's a good question, it's never, first of all it's never actually been tracked, so back in the 80s, there was a report that circulated around the Pentagon called the Spinney report,

"....and the Spinney report came from a dude named Franklin Spinney, he was a budget analyst in the Pentagon, and he started going through these ledgers, and he started seeing that they didn't add up, they weren’t adding up for him, so he started finding that there were billions of dollars wasted that he couldn't account for, and this Spinney report his superiors tried to hush it, but the reports circulated around it ended up on the desk of Senator Chuck Grassley, who's still in politics right now, like 30 40 years later ,

" it ended up on Chuck Grassley's desk and he saw it, and he essentially forced this report out into the public domain, and Franklin Spinney testified in the Pentagon, he actually testified in the same room that they held the Watergate scandal, oh wow, and so it was big, a lot of cameras there, initially the superiors were trying to just hush his testimony, do it in like a back office with no cameras and no media, but luckily Chuck Grassley said no this is huge stuff, and pushed him into a much bigger room with the media there, so it ended up exploding into the public domain I think, Spinney even ended up on the cover of Time magazine for it,

" this is when the idea of pentagon waste of waste within government budgets started, it was back in the eighties, and then fast-forward a couple of decades, we had of course Donald Rumsfeld the day before 9/11, two point three trillion dollars unaccounted for, and the next day, two planes took down three towers somehow, and everybody forgot about that, fast-forward another 15 years in 2016, we had a report released from the inspector general's office, this is actual government report , kind of shows you how there's good and bad people in the government trying to get secrets out, but this dod IG report stated that the number of unaccounted for funds from the Army's budget was six point five trillion,

" we're talking billions of dollars initially in the 70s and 80s that start getting taken out, it just grew and grew and grew, to now I mean some estimates are as high as 10 trillion 20 trillion of going both in and out of the Pentagon, so we can think of the Department of Defense budget is like this giant slush fund that's never been audited, they say that their excuse is we can't audit it because it's too big, there's too much manpower involved for that, so we just we can't do it, so that's been their excuse for decades not to do it, and there's just so much money that corporations and who knows what is using the DOD budget for, and then when you talk about the technologies that exist on this planet, well when were they getting the technologies, back in the 50s 60s, then they started to see wow this is what we can do with them, then it makes sense in the 70s 80s, they started taking as much money as they could, build it out, but on a good note in 2018 last year,

" was the very first time ever that the Pentagon had been audited, the first audit ever was completed last year of the Department of Defense, now it's funny that we have a new administration that's a lot of people say it's fighting the deep state, well they audited the pentagon, that's good news there, they've been very hush about their findings of the Pentagon audit, but I think of course that's not to scare the public, and they have to be very careful in how they disclose a lot of this stuff, so I think we're gonna start seeing a lot of information trickle out to the public of old money they found in these ledgers and these back corner offices of the Pentagon,

"....I think one report just came out last week where they said they found 27 billion dollars in this account that was just sitting there and never used, so of course 27 billion is a lot of money, I mean yeah just give me one of those billions, it's like a hundred bucks for every American man, that seriously is more money than most countries even have totally collectively, right in one account, just hanging out, and then I mean that's just a drop in the bucket compared to all the rest of the money that's been slush funded around, also I mean you're saying in your speech the other day like, they found they found that they were spending like $15,000 for a toothbrush,

"....that's how they slush fund this money out, when many of these corporations give their proposal to the government, they completely over exaggerate the cost of things, so if you've ever seen the movie Independence Day, the original one Will Smith, yeah so the iconic scene when they take the president after the aliens invade, and they take the president to area 51, the president's like this actually exists, and then his chief of staff in the movie says, yes sir like you can see in the movie there, they're actually keeping the president out of the knowledge,

"....that's how a lot of these programs work that called unacknowledged special access programs, because only the people in them know about them, anybody outside of them, they don't hear a word, so anyway in this movie, president they take him down to area 51, and he's looking around the labs, he's like how do we fund all this stuff, I don’t understand, where does all of this come from, how do you get funding for something like this, and then one of the supporting characters in that scene he goes, you don't really think they spend $40,000 on a toilet seat do you,

"....right there truth in plain sight for the whole public to see, what they do is they completely exaggerate the cost of basic stuff, and then the rest of that money is what gets funded into in whether it's their bank accounts or their projects that they want to develop out, and speaking of disclosing a lot of this information, we have the first audit ever which is good, we just mentioned that they have to be very careful in how they disclose a lot of this stuff, because they can't shock the public, they have to be very tactical with bringing a lot of this info out, I did find it interesting that about two or three months ago, there was a report circulating around it, it was in the mainstream news as well of the Air Force spending $1300 on coffee cups, coffee cups, those coffee better have been made out of gold,

"....I don't think they were, pretty much right, so bit by bit drip by drip, I think there's good guys in levels of power within the government corporations etc, and they're working to get all this info out very tactically, they're telling the public bit by bit that there's been a lot of money taken in, this is how it's taken, and I think soon we're gonna start seeing information coming to the public domain about where it went, we have the space force of course, efforts to get that created, we have the qanon intel operation that is out there, that's giving us bit by bit piece by piece information as to what's going on behind the scenes,

" yeah I'm pretty excited to see what they've built, and keep my hands on one of those flying scooters, anti-gravity black triangles right, I want a hoverboard but I don't want the Channing Tatum rollerblades from Jupiter Ascending, this is Jordan Sather reporting live from lower Earth orbit, That’d be awesome, Edge of Wonder at edge of atmosphere. See you guys, it’s not flat. actually reading into all of this, this is kind of interesting, because I mean this is what the flat earthers argue right, We don’t have this technology, space is fake, NASA is fake everything, and earth is flat. Do you wonder?

"....but I mean this is what the military would be for right, always being in way ahead of the public domain, so I mean even since I was younger, I mean I had a family member who was in the military, and just my understanding was always that the military was always 30 years ahead of whatever the public is now, it's probably like a thousand years ahead, well you can see that with GPS right, so GPS has just started becoming popular in what like mid 2000s or something,

"....yeah late 90s early 2000s, and you talk to people in the military though, and they were using GPS like way back in the day, and then that's how they were getting around in deserts and stuff like that, and none of that information was spread to the public, those are around satellites by the way, you can't have satellites if the earth is flat, let's look up at the moon, so it's interesting to see that sort of information or another good example is energy technologies, we're still using fossil fuels, and we have space shuttles that still need rocket fuel to get up into the atmosphere,

"....and yet you look at a cellphone, geez how fast a cell phone come out now, we've got iPhones with touchscreens, and I mean just what ten years ago, it was like flip phones with buttons that could hardly get a signal, and that design is still the same rocket design from the 1960s, ridiculous, on airplanes right, still using these principles, because I remember seeing in the 80s, like they came out with Concord in the 70s or whatever, and it's like oh in the future and the future airplanes coming into the 2000s will look like this, and they're more kind of like these spacecraft looking things,

"....but yet we're still flying in the exact same planes that my grandparents flew in when planes first came out, there's like no difference except those seats are smallers, there is no industry that ever says if it ain't broke don't fix it, totally none, so today they're always developing, and why are airplanes cars, why is this so ridiculous like, and yet we have quantum computers now compute in other dimensions, but I don’t have a hoverboard and I’m pissed, every single time I fill my car with gasoline, I'm just like where's my magnets, so it's just observing just using logical deduction of the situation, it's like there's stuff out there that we're not getting, and what happens is they only let out the bits and pieces of technology and sciences that they can utilize to control us with, or make a buck with,

" in the black projects like you just mentioned, they can be 30 40 100 years ahead, who knows, this project that project this program, but they only leak out little bits of what they discover if they can utilize it to make money and control, and it's not going to let the public advance really as to a point where they're gonna lose control, so they're very tactical with what they bring out, but luckily with the internet and whistleblowers and testimony and things like that, and the internet's ability for us to share all around, the secret space program are not so secret anymore,

" I don't know if this is a stupid question or not, but like what it's the relationship between secret space programs and for instance like the military- industrial complex, right so the military industrial complex is sort of an umbrella term, let's talk about city states right, you've got the Vatican is a city state in Rome, it's its own like country basically within Rome, it's not actually incorporated into Italy, kind of like DC or something, exactly DC is another one and the city of London,

"....yeah these three areas are all city states within their respective nations, they all have obelisks and wonderful enough, so we have all these three areas essentially, Vatican London and DC, Vatican is the deep state's religious control arm, the London is their financial centre, and they use Washington DC basically America as their military arm, so for a century now, the deep state has used America as their military pawn to expand their empire around the world,

"....I mean we've been at war basically perpetually forever, so that's the idea of the military-industrial complex, it's this umbrella term that essentially you have the military, and these corporations these defense contractors working with it, that they just build ungodly amounts of equipment, and then like we were just talking about, they charge so much money for the equipment, take the rest of the money, and there the military is used as pawns, now the military is not all bad, most people in the military there's they don't realize what they're being used as, there's a lot of good people in the military, they're waking up to it, they're figuring out the truth, they're trying to get it out, general Flynn,

"....yeah yeah totally, and there's definitely some bad individuals in the military, to the Rogue Intelligence Agency the CIA etc etc, I'm not gonna cough now when he mentioned the names, I was like I’m not gonna do that, there's a few I can mention though, demonetized censored terminated, so the military industrial complex is just like another term for the deep state, I guess you could say, it's just kind of talking about more so the military industry corporations that work with it, so in that military industrial complex, it's just umbrella out, there's so much more, and there are efforts from the military industrial complex actually going into space and stuff like that too,

"....I mean absolutely, they do try to control a lot of things in space, can you tell us a little bit about that, totally so this kind of gets into the discussion of the technologies okay, so we're talking about, we talked about how much money is going into these projects, who's it controlled by, why it's so secret, but let's expand that reference frame, and talk about okay what is possible, so back in the early 1900s the first half of the 20th century, we had Nikola Tesla, who is of course working on wireless electricity transmission, and even delving into alternative theories of gravity and things like that, we have so many more people aside from Tesla,

"....we had Thomas Townsend Brown, who was doing experiments making large metal disks levitate with just electricity, high voltage static electricity levitating big disks, his research ended up in the military industrial complex, same with Tesla's, funny thing about Nikola Tesla though, you guys know who was tasked to take his papers, we do, you do? You guys said it on your channel? Yeah we have, Donald G Trump, Donald Trump's uncle, yeah because the interesting thing is that he went to JP Morgan first right, Tesla did, to get funding from him, but when JP Morgan found that that Tesla wanted to give it for free basically, like I don't really want money from this, this is like something that we can all benefit, JP Morgan pulled out,

" his only option was go to John G Trump, all the banking interests, and well John G Trump was tasked by the FBI to go into his apartment, and find his papers when Telsa died, By the way I live right next to that building, really, and when we do our Telsa episode do you want to come over, and we're gonna rent the room out and do it from the room that you lived in, are you serious, yeah yeah I'm not joking at all, totally so I would make a trip across the country just to do that for that absolutely, let me know, definitely do that for sure, we've been wanting to do this for a while,

" actually when I saw you present the whole thing with Tesla, that was my idea, I think we should get Jordan, We’ll go to Tesla's actual hotel room, and we'll do an episode, we should see how close we could get to Montauk, oh you guys should see the building, well actually we can either take a train trip, or I can drive us out to Montauk, and we can just chill there for a couple of days or whatever, we could take like a week and do different like, New York montauk one?

"....We could do all of that, that'd be awesome, anyway so we have Nikola Tesla, we have T Townsend Brown we had Viktor Schauberger, he was an Austrian engineer who was essentially forced to work for the Nazis, and what he was doing was finding out how rotation of electricity induces counter gravity, so Viktor Schauberger had a device called the repulsine, and this repulsine was a vortexing water into a small basically funneling it, so it started out with the large vortex, it went down into smaller point, in a vortex when you get into a smaller rotation, you speed up, interesting the water actually would speed up, and viktor schauberger was finding how vortexing water and very specific sacred geometrical ratios angles would be able to induce counter gravity,

" the Nazis got wind of what he was doing, and of course and so those are just a few names of many others who were getting these sorts of sciences technologies and understandings, and this is back in the 1930s of 40s 50s, so right that technology then going into the black projects, whoever was in control of these black projects back in the fifties and sixties, were like wow okay this is what's possible, we don't want to tell the public because we want to make a lot of money with gasoline and power lines, but of course with these individuals and their sociopathic minds, they're gonna build it out, they get access to that sort of science, they're like let's see what we can do with it, Stay tuned for more from the edge.

"....Also you combine what you're just saying about Tesla and all those guys with the Roslyn crash and different ways of them hiding technology that we were finding from different crashes going on, totally, and now you have a big technology soup there, right so there's multiple ways, I mean there was earth-based scientists like Tesla and Schauberger that were getting this technology, there was crashes that occurred, Roswell and 47 the Battle of LA incident over Long Beach in 1942 or 43,

" there was multiple crashes that went down, and they found the crashes and took them into their black projects, and try to reverse engineering them, so there's reverse engineer craft, there's earth-based individuals, you could get into some people who maybe have channeled this information, like Maria Orsitsch from the Vril Society in Germany, so there's multiple ways they were getting this information, went right into these secret projects, it's a kind of backtrack with with Maria, the Germans had her, and she was like this really intuitive psychic medium, she was working in, yes before World War 2, in the 1920s and 30s,

"....she actually had a group of girls, Orsitsch was working for her virl society, and she was channeling this information, almost like Tesla west, Tesla says it's not me, it's I'm downloading this information from some sort of source, Orsitsch was doing the same thing, and I'm not sure, but Maria and Tesla might have had some sort of small communication with each other, yeah so I think they did actually, maybe some written letters or something like that, you had a great quote from Tesla during your speech, which we’ll show here presenting this and whatnot,

" was about basically that Tesla was saying was that all of his information comes from the divine essentially right, and that he's just a conduit, yes and we all have that sort of ability, so Maria Orsitsch in particular, she was channeling this information that she claimed came from a non terrestrial race, specifically a race coming from the system of Aldebaran, that star and they were wanting to give humanity information on how to basically build craft for space travel, and when you get into the science of zero-point propulsion systems, It’s the same thing as zero point energy free energy, so they go hand in hand, so essentially these beings or this race wanted to give us a step, help us evolve more, so it was for peaceful purposes, the Virl society was doing their channelings,

"....but of course the Nazis caught wind of that, much like they caught wind of Schauberger’s research, they were trying to get everything they could, and they forced Maria to work, or with the tool society and the Black Sun and more of those dark cult secret societies in Nazi Germany, yeah and I think the important thing to note was that she was really trying to do everything on peace, it wasn't like she agreed to be with the Nazis, just really forced her,

"....I believe from reading Dr.Michael Salla's great research that Hitler and the Nazis came to some sort of a pact with Maria Orsitsch and the Virl society, and they said you can continue what you're doing, and we won't bother you, but we're essentially gonna get your research, and it was like that's rough, she was submitted into into doing it for them, so yeah so speaking of Dr. Michael Salla, we just interviewed Dr. Michael Salla, and he just had this whole thing about Tesla,

"....but what he was saying, yeah these radio waves that were communicating with another et race, and that was the real reason why he was being shut down, it was that he actually made contact, and JP Morgan and all of them freaked out , and was trying to shut all of this down, And then that's how kind of like John G Trump kind of became a little bit more interested in,

" gotta wonder if Donald Trump's uncle had access to these papers, exactly, what got passed down the family line, what do they know, and also when it comes to this space force, in my opinion what the space force is for is that all these black projects who are in the hands of secret societies, and the current administration, the current administration they can't get access to that, they can't get into control over these projects, so I think the space force is being created as a way to not only gain access and authority over these programs, but then start disclosing them to the public,

"....and this kind of goes back onto that technology conversation we were just having back in the 30s 40s 50s ,there was all sorts of ways, that this military-industrial complex was getting this science and technologies, but then into the 60s 70s 80s, even all the way up to today, then they started developing it right, and the testimony from William Tompkins comes to mind here, he was working for a secret think tank back in the 1950s and 60s for Douglas Aircraft Company in Southern California,

"....and he was literally designing spacecraft carriers essentially for the Navy, back in the 50s, And this is all in above majestic if you haven’t watched it, on above majestic, and I've interviewed William Tompkins, an interview with him is on my channel, and there's all sorts of great interviews of him out there on other radio shows and channels as well, but Tompkins is, I mean if we had a program being designed in the 50s and then put into operations, it said in the 1970s or 80s, they called this program solar warden, and we're talking anti-gravity electrogravitic spacecraft carriers that are kilometer long, basically the size of an aircraft carrier on the sea but using the electric rivet drives out in space,

"....and William Tompkins isn't the only one who has evidence and testimony of this, you can look into the hack of Gary McKinnon back in the year 2000, Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA computers, because he was interested in finding free energy and UFO research, he believed the government was covering it up,

" he actually think he was living at his mom's house in the UK at the time literally, but hacked into NASA and according to Gary McKinnon's testimony, he saw spreadsheets that said non-terrestrial officers, it had one of the spreadsheets I believe he saw said fleet to fleet transfers, and then had a list of nine or ten ships that didn't say USS but said USSS as if there's an extra s that designated space in there, and the non-terrestrial officers had like colonel this, lieutenant commander this something this, and then there were even photographs that he was trying to download,

"....but of course it was near 2000, the speeds back then were hardly anything, so it was like a very grainy image that was getting a little clearer as it was downloading, but while he was hacking, they found somebody was hacking in, and they cut his service out, and then I believe about six months later, he gets a knock at his door from defence in the UK, and said you need to come with us, and his story Gary McKinnon’s story actually hit mainstream headlines, there was a band member of Pink Floyd believe it or not who did a charity song for Gary McKinnon, and Gary MacKinnon's name was mentioned in the Parliament in England, so this sort of stuff is, they call it the biggest hack of all time,

" of course maybe that was said a few years ago, we've had pretty large hacks these days, but also it wouldn't take six months for the feds to start knocking on your door, Now we know exactly where they were, probably wouldn't be feds either, we have taken you to the edge, please watch your step,

" we have multiple accounts of just this one program called solar warden back in the 1970s 80s, then we have a photographic testimonial all sorts of evidence about black triangles called the tr-3b that were in existence back in the 70s and 80s, some say that those were owned and operated by the Air Force, maybe the National Reconnaissance Office the NRO, so I would imagine there's multiple secret space programs plural, maybe the Navy or the CIA or the Air Force or quasi corporate military groups, Lockheed Boeing TRW in concert with these governmental organizations all working on these secret spacecraft, working on psychic technologies as well, consciousness assisted technologies, we're viewing all sorts of stuff like literally Star Trek type realities, and funny enough,

"....again Dr. Michael Salla dug this up and report out about it in one of his books, but according to Salla’s research, the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry actually had contact with I believe it was Leslie Stevens’ dad, who was an admiral in the Navy, so and this was back in 70s, so could it have been that Leslie Stevens got information from those around him was slipping it to Gene Roddenberry to make Star Trek to start disclosing these things or telling the public, so it's I think for decades there's been kind of this shadow war for disclosure, and now of course that war is getting out into the public domain, it's getting hot, we've got q, and now you know the story of Spock,

"....actually one of the one of the things I wanted to mention, that one of the things that blew me away most in the above majestic film, gotta check that out if you haven’t is when they were describing the similarities of making a craft that could exist in the ocean, it's more similar to space than trying to make a craft that can exist in our air here, because the same qualities that you'd need to exist in the ocean are the exact qualities that you'd need to actually fly through space, so those submarines that they were building are actually the same type of craft at the beginning that was actually going out into space,

"....and now it would really make sense that the Navy was the one actually partly involved in some of those projects that were actually producing these craft that would go out there, I thought that just like totally blew me away, cuz it makes so much sense, exactly there's a couple things to be said about that, number one when you think of a submarine, the what we would call , individuals that are trained to work on that submarine, they're trained to be in an enclosed area for months at a time, submarine going under the ocean, so they're trained to do that, and not only that but a submarine is of course airtight, so according to the evidence we have, it's actually been said that when these black projects first started getting their hands on technologies back in the 40s and 50s,

"....they wanted to test them, they actually retrofitted a submarine with these electrochromatic drives, and sent a submarine into space, and that was the first, that was the first craft, the first platform that made it into space was a submarine, and not just that but when you're thinking of using electricity to counteract gravity, you're doing so in the etheric medium in the source field essentially, which is a fluid field, it's everywhere, it's kind of like water, it's kind of like water, so the fluid medium that when you're in it, it's everywhere around you, so these electrogravitic drives that essentially create this bubble in space-time around this craft, whether it's a triangle or a flying saucer or some of these crafts are cigar shaped,

"....the reason they have to be this shape is because they're working in a fluid, the fluid of the ether, so it's even the way not just the individuals are trained to be on the craft but how the craft moves in that fluid is very similar, so you ought to be able to hear the stories about USOs, unidentified submerged objects, then we have UFOs unidentified flying objects,

"....and well I mean one of the biggest bases supposed to be outside of California there right, near Mexico where there's like an underground area, and I think you can Google Maps now, you can see that on google earth, it's like this massive shelf and then it looks like there's pillars in this entrance not just underground but under the continental shelf, out in the ocean it goes underground, so who knows how real that one is, but there's testimony that we have from military officers back in the 1960s that essentially said that deep underground military bases dumbs are being created around the country

"....but not just that, we have dumbs that could be out in the continental shelves that are classified, so there's been stories for a long time about these sorts of stuff existing, so I would have doubt if there are secret bases out under the water that not just normal submarines can get into but who knows what they keep there, very very interesting, they keep a lot of these craft, a lot of these spacecraft underground,

".... I have to say where does all this missing money go, way up high way down below, and it's tough for people to think, well how do they fit the spacecraft underground, would they need some giant opening to fly, but when you're talking about the physics, the actual sciences of how these craft operate, they literally dematerialize, and they can re materialize elsewhere, so they don't need to fly through anything, it's not linear space they're moving through, they can be in the upper atmosphere, de materialize and then just boop point-to-point pop-up underground, the base coordinates if you know what you're doing,

"....yes it's essentially like a like a coordinate, and even when they're traveling planet to planet, all they need is the resonance or that the frequency of that specific planet, they use their little computer systems to type in essentially that like IP address, it's like an IP address, they go from the IP of Earth to the IP of Mars, point to point, we've heard that for quite a while actually that kind of technology that really exists, some people might be hard to grasp, at the very beginning of this conversation we had, that's kind of why I mentioned like the awakening process isn't a one and done thing, like back in 2012 13 14, before I had heard of the secret space program, I was into UFOs, I was into free energy, and I believe in this, I was researching it,

"....but my perceptions, it just wasn't expanded enough to comprehend a secret space program and a lot of this stuff, then in 2015/16 we had some whistleblowers come out, we had a lot more information hitting the public domain about secret space programs, it was like wow, then you can see the big picture a little more clearly, and just as you keep going through a lot of this information, it starts to make a lot more sense, so yeah, I mean a lot of people in the public domain, they're like how do these craft, where do these crafts go, where are they hidden, how are they built, or does the money go,

"....but there's so many pieces that they’re out there, this information is out there you can find it, but of course the educational media authorities that we go to, they don't put the dots together for you, so it's up to us and well it's up to the viewer, the people the researchers out there, people who are curious to take it upon themselves to inform themselves, but it's also very helpful for us as citizen journalists to utilize social media to put information out there and help with that, if the last 40 minutes left you wanting more, then don't miss part two with Jordan Sather, and we'll discuss some of the mind-bending physics of our electric universe on the Edge of Wonder, truly wondrous. Don’t put that one on Youtube there but hey guys. ...≺≺ less

Decoding the President's tweets

John B. Wells The ONLY Official CTM Channel ** Published on Jan 22, 2019
"....hello friends around the world and welcome to the program caravan to midnight Def Con 2.0 the Friday night edition a message came in from a caravan er and it went something like this these are the broad points what's going on Robertson's with your crew Jan does with hagman's crew people are saying Q is nonsense you say it's real what the hell is going on best regards whoever sent ya I get you okay number one Q is real and we're about to speak with a real Anan I have named him at Dallas for after a after an historical road mile marker just to the west of downtown Dallas and what an appropriate place for this show to emanate actually well considering the whole roe v-- wade and John F Kennedy thing ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....I say again I thought it was a city then I found out it was actually a market only to come to the conclusion I'm pretty sure it's Illuminati central an Illuminati a central substation more stuff underground than there is above ground you can't believe this place it rocks I'm hoping that that improved bail rocket belt will show up at any time so I could just Peter Pan out of here if the need arises now here's the thing I was watching that the pundits last night speaking with the Fox hosts and of course one of them couldn't resist saying well he just thinks mr. Trump is being immature by canceling her trip this is where mainstream media even the Fox people and look I'm not a cheerleader for Fox I'm not a shill for Fox but of the easily accessible general cable news sources they seem to do the best work because MSNBC CNN excrement is complimentary clearly controlled by the deep state which is what it's a three-letter outfit starts with a c

"....and the derivatives that's my opinion based on a source who has never missed never been wrong on anything that the source has communicated to me so it's all about well she wanted Cass to stay the Uni address was her excuse for cancelling the State of the Union address it's too dangerous but now we know that Nancy Pelosi presents herself as a leader ain't believing him you know she's got me doing it just thinking about her behind that mask of whatever label you want to put on it lurks a person who in my opinion nefarious is complimentary this person in my opinion has gone all the way to the dark side

"....and I think that she's a completely evil avaricious person that would throw you your family or baby's your dog your cat and your pet parakeet it dead into the weeds as easily as most people would be curate and I mean it so what's all this about it's not safe then what happens DHS and Secret Service say you're talking about we've got this where there's plenty of security so the president turns around and cancels Nancy's overseas trip well who is going on the trip where were they going where did they plan to be at certain times q and on is real and I have an anon with us now Dallas for is with us and why don't we what I see this is what this is what's meant by get to the news and the information the facts behind the story

"....behind the story headline I do not understand at this moment why so many people about all of them in mainstream media however credible or however much credibility they don't have it's all just surface fluff they're afraid of something are they afraid of one another like Seth rich by the way who really killed Seth Ridge let's talk with D for right now I'm gonna stay out of his way pretty much he is information rich and he has assured me that these will be easily digestible however large bites you're gonna want to hear this this is in my opinion

"....look I don't go out on the clothesline unless I know I'm going on the clothesline if I'm going out in the clothesline with this conversation I'm alright with it because nobody else is touching it nobody in broadcast media is touching it which leaves the public completely ignorant so without further ado here he is Dallas for good to have you back on thanks for coming thanks for having me how are ya I'm doing alright this is really disturbing you know people have been having dreams this is strange again a clothesline and

"....the woowoo line they're different and now I'm going a little bit on to the end over hand on the woowoo line between the you know top floors of the 80 storey buildings but then not really people are having dreams just a rash of airplane dreams and you have to wonder if it's I believe the consciousness and awareness is rising and rising but more than that I'm thinking that either you know I say if you want a new idea read a really old book right well I'm thinking that if you want to evolve go back to the beginning and see where ancient cultures were as far as operating on them

"....and Zardoz they called it second level which is not the level that we're sitting on right now it's the one where you're being it's the place you're being can go and learn and know things that in this primary dimension here it won't ever come out because we're too busy staring at a screen and being spoken to by somebody who's really not gonna give us the actual facts it'll be accurate but it won't be truthful so go ahead rocket

"....okay well it's a lot to digest I think first of all coincidentally and we didn't talk about this but I had a dream last night and generally speaking I don't talk about them for a whole lot of reasons they have they tend to be or judicial yeah faith-based right so it's not something that I like to talk about out loud but last night's dream was particularly interesting I was watching a Soviet aircraft do a barrel roll and do some crazy flying and then pull out at the end and land on a runway right in front of me

" I don't ever dream about airplanes and I never dream about Russian airplanes in particular I'm familiar with the Asian and having spent my formative years as I was starting out my career in aerospace so but I have not ever dreamt about an airplane and that's the first time I ever did but so we can come back to that in a minute because I posted something on Twitter today on this topic and and I got some really interesting results and I think they all tie together with what we're going to talk about here in a minute so to answer your question what's happening in the queue and what is happening in the news we have got a number of very significant things that the United States has never seen before

"....we've got a constitutionally mandated State of the Union report that the president gives the Congress for many years in this country it was delivered in writing basically because it was difficult to travel but when things when the steam engine got involved and trains got involved people were able to attend and thus it became a big PR event and there's a you know as you were mentioning there has been a tit-for-tat battle going on regarding optics but I think that there's something else at play and it matches up with what the Q is let me take you back in history a little bit we've covered on the previous show that there was an event that happened in the 2016 election that was documented in March of 2020 18

"....what was documented in March was Department of Homeland Security had taken a look at that election and thrown in another 12 million votes in favor of Trump in a way from mrs. Clinton that precipitated an executive order on September 14th the finally documented on the 18th that executive order mandated that the Department of Homeland Security would work in conjunction with the NSA and they would deliver a report surveilling the entire 2018 midterm election that report was due on guess which date December 22nd

" let's pick up the other thread that you mentioned a minute ago this the shutdown's government shutdown on the 21st of December President Trump sent out a tweet at 4:30 1:00 in the morning does the man ever sleep though and it's no I don't think he does actually then shut down today if Democrats do not vote for border security so the president is essentially calling out the Democrats on at high noon and of course we know what happened we are currently in and shutdown we are on day 28 of the shutdown yesterday

" that that test was failed and what's interesting about that test is 11 days later Nancy Pelosi per the requirements of the United States Constitution sent a letter to the President on January 3rd that said the Constitution established the legislative executive and judicial branches as co-equal branches of government to be a check and balance on each other the Constitution also calls for the President to quote from time to time give the Congress information of the State of the Union and quote and that she set the date for that State of the Union address to be January 29th 2019 that would be this year

"....and that would be Tuesday the 29th now what's interesting about that date that she set forth there is that we're gonna find in just a minute or two that not only did Nancy Pelosi never intend to go to the State of the Union event but that she intended to sucker-punch the president but was there a larger piece at play we're going to take a look at some circumstantial events that happened in the same timeframe and then we're gonna draw them all together and tie it together with the voter irregularities that were documented in the 2016 and now the 2018 election cycles

" on the 16th of January this is just a few days ago the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to the President and she said a variety of things but essentially disinvited the president to the State of the Union address specifically was and I love in the United States Secret Service was designated as the lead federal agency responsible for coordinating planning exercising and implementing security for the national special security events by a public law 106 Docs - five four for December 19 mm

"....however both the US Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security have not been funded for 26 days no that's so it's three days ago or two days ago with critical departments hamstrung by furloughs he continues sadly given the security concerns and unless government reopens this week I suggest we will work together to determine another suitable date after government has reopened for this address for or for you to consider delivering your State of the Union address in writing to the Congress

"....ah very twenty-ninth thus denying him the venue that has been given presidents since event of radio really it hasn't been missed since this is the first time in American history the House of Representatives speaker disinvited a president to come and speak well yeah that's what it got my attention immediately as who does this person think she is to even suggest such a thing unless they're but let's for a moment let's consider her dis invitation that occurred on the 16th this is just two days ago and her invitation on the 3rd which is the number is worth 13 days before that

" in response to that Steve Scalise who was shot in 2006 17 June 14th of 2017 he was shot by a Democrat supporter who had been agitated by those on the left calling for violence against Republicans no matter where they are if you see him in a restaurant a few days later Maxine Waters is famously quoted as saying you you harassed them you don't give them peace you don't let them sleep you get in their face you don't give them peace this victim of leftist violence said shut down Nancy's decision to shut down the State of the Union was never about security it was about of the obstruction of the real Donald Trump plain and simple

"....and then this is in response to Kirsten Nielsen's tweet from and she works at the Department of Homeland Security the organization or the organ of government that's responsible for security for the State of the Union she said Department of Homeland Security and the United States Secret Service are fully prepared to support and secure the State of the Union we thanked the server for their mission and focus and dedication for all they do each day to secure our homeland

" before we dive into that let's stand back and look at what this shutdown is all about the shutdown is about stopping illegal invasion forces or illegal aliens from flooding the southern border that's important because as we've been documenting on our show daily there are murders happening across the border kidnappings rapes theft drug smuggling you've got every form of criminality invading from the south and you've got the speaker of house mysteriously inexplicably saying she can't possibly spend or depart with five billion dollars of not even her own money to finish this wall yet at the same time she's completely willing to go on a 200 million dollar junket air travel for herself her family and all her friends to Europe isn't that interesting

".... it is interesting how many people are actually going at taxpayers expense well we're gonna get to that in one second but ultimately 93 to answer your question 93 people 93 now she didn't just ask to go you know travel to Europe and meet some some NATO commanders although that's what they're putting out in the press this morning know they were going to the head of the European Union the head of the European Union is in Brussels she was going there to meet with clearly NATO commanders those meetings had been set up and she was bringing seven Democrat leaders with her in addition to her entourage or her family and friends but more than that she actually was going there to go to Afghanistan which is in a declared state of war

"....and what is does not show up in her response or in the president's response to her which you're going to go over in a minute was the fact that she wanted to take US military aircraft into a war zone for a purely publicity stunt related reason now I think it's important that our men and women service people in the field receive every form of support they can from their elected representatives even though their vote was stolen

"....I don't believe their votes were counted in the last election cycle there are too many examples of votes being thrown away from US servicemen overseas and the u.s. service people overseas who have had their votes stolen I'm sure that they would find this to be problem since that's what they're over there supposedly fighting for mm-hmm but that being said the just to reiterate the point and let's finish up the thread of the State of the Union and what this letter represented Brody Levesque wrote CNN this is a quote this is a tweet that was sent out on the 16th at 11:05 a.m. and just an hour after Nancy Pelosi her letter to the president disinviting him

"....and it says CNN Kate buidling a bull Dean rather asks House Majority Leader quote the letter sounds like she's asking but isn't she just telling him unquote representative Hoyer then responded the speaker is the one who invites the president unquote then Kate from CNN says so the state of Union is off Boyer responds the State of the Union is off

"....she disinvited him she didn't this is the spokesman the spokesman saying it's off it's not it's not postponed it's off now that's very interesting now five hours later five and a half hours later in Georgia an ISIL that would be is lamech state terrorist was busted the bust happened and we'll listen to a piece of the of the press conference that happened immediately after but when he was busted he was busted with automatic weapons he was busted with improvised explosive devices big ones he was also busted with anti-tank weaponry you know where they get room and what he did what he was what he was busted for was for targeting the White House

"....he was going to attack it with explosives to blow it up and anti-tank rounds to get anybody who tried to get away now this happened of hours after Nancy's comment that there isn't enough security now let's let's stand back and look again at the larger picture for a minute Nancy Pelosi and seven Democrat leaders are bound to Europe the head of the European Union at the same time that an Islamic state terrorist is targeting the White House and intends to attack the White House at the very same moment Nancy is due to be in Brussels

"....that's interesting what is the president said during the shutdown he's not leaving his post he won't want patien he is staying at the White House isn't that interesting so you've got the president and the vice president holed up at the White House holding down the fort while Nancy and ninety three of her best friends and family are out spending the taxpayer dime in Brussels what happens if that guy had been successful who would be the president United States if these two were rubbed out Nancy Pelosi it would be Nancy Pelosi

".... isn't that interesting even worse than done Hillary because she's not as smart I it's so troubling what this is now what Q is said coming back to Q for a minute you just said that the depth of what they intend is so dark that we can't those who know cannot sleep and that their their intent is going to be from going from operating in the dark to operating in the light there is no coincidence that the very same day that the DHS and the NSA reported him on the 2018 midterm elections to the president

".... in a report that is still not been seen by the American public that the shutdown occurs that they want to hit the borders open what does that report say there's all kinds of speculation but since they didn't try to stop it and since we know and we reported on our show back in September the two days after the ill are in November two days after the election was over a United States submarine the USS Jimmy Carter rose off the coast of Broward County

".... this is a spy submarine the only one in our fleet when this thing raised off the off the coast it was raising off the coast of the most corrupt congressional district in the world I mean some of the more notable things that have happened recently down there include a school shooting the elevation of a mr. David Hart the infamous behavior and activities and looking the other way of a share of Israel the submarine is off the coast of what state Florida Broward County it rose just adjacent to the Broward County Election office just off the coast

".... why Florida Florida just features in all of this stuff going all the way back to Bush eight we are we are digging deep on this when we don't were not quite ready to report but let me give you a hint of what we're finding what we found so far I can at least document everything I'm gonna say about it well we can come back to it if you want to stay okay you're not done on this investigation but here's how bad it gets Broward County is a collection point for votes from the American southeast and it is a data point through which the vote is sent off shore for tallying it is bingo offshore in Ireland

".... it goes to Ireland or that Chinese company I'm not gonna tell you the name just yet because I want to make sure I'm absolutely correct I appreciate the it's a Chinese company and it's related somehow to Huawei so how is the vote handled that's what we're investigating it looks like it's sent offshore that's what the evidence looks like we're right now and it also looks like that even if it's not sent offshore you've got a US spy submarine with the most sophisticated platform in the world for espionage and observe ation sitting off the coast of Broward County at the same time

".... the NSA has reported to the president three days earlier that this is a that this is the center of electoral malfeasance now that report was delivered on the 22nd the very same day that the shutdown began and what is that what is the content of the shutdown why is it being shut down the government's being shut down because the Democrats don't want a wall okay now we know that the the Democrats particularly are fighting this border wall real hard because it will obviously slow down the traffic

".... what traffic human traffic and the kids and so forth for prostitution and murder of ritual murders are lots of fun a lot of perverts think and of course the dope and the money that feels this kind of nefarious activity now we see one 27 bodies found in Arizona when the story flirts first hits the web it's just under 27 bodies found in Arizona then it turns into 127 bodies found in Arizona in 2018 big difference

".... emotionally so I'm wondering is it me or did these headlines get altered redacted or otherwise not even redacted that would be the opposite tarted-up a little bit to sound a little bit you know over the course of a year 127 bodies no big deal but all of all at one time or a short period of time that that's real trouble so what about the Arizona bodies all together over the course of the year first of all let's answer the question directly over the year number one number two let's look at the behavior of the deep state that's pitching the story all right there

".... they're confronted with the fact that we're becoming aware and awake to what it's really going on and all the death that's happening around forget the you know since the first of November roughly 10,000 people in this collection of drug deaths murders rapes Mayhem's all this add it all up it's about 10,000 dead mericans so far 300 per day Justin Fenton all alone dying and

".... so when you add this all up that's a pretty big story and the deep state wants to thwart that story so what they do is they say something that they're gonna control the narrative and try to siphon it out to blunt American interest in this absolute horror of a story we're losing more people per year than we're lost in Vietnam I mean the entire engagement not just per year and and that's that is a big story and the American public cares about it the deep state wants to wrest control from that and say it's not a big deal

".... thus they say hey look over here 230 people died oops wait a minute no it's 227 oops wait a minute it's not 227 it's 227 over a year oops wait a minute the year before is 228 forget the fact that all these people are dead and forget the fact that these are all illegal aliens that are trying to invade the country dying in the desert yeah it's no big deal that's why we don't want the wall

".... yeah so this is just a it's another construction to control the narrative when they manage and and massage the the information cycle but we're not going to get confuse let me give me an example just a few minutes ago while you're talking about Arizona I received a no and I'd like to show it to you because I think it's important and it describes this shutdown and it also describes Nancy Pelosi's trips and other things in a way that is eye popping

".... and potentially if it proves out to be true the largest trees in this country has seen since Benedict Arnold betrayed George Washington that's how big let me show you this look at this it comes as a picture I'm looking while you're talking and I'm wondering okay why is this guy sending me this this is from an another anonymous but I'm looking at this picture and what do you see what's the first thing that comes in your mind when you look at this well there's a blanket in the background with his with his chin on his fist

".... and in the foreground here the photograph are a bunch of burger containers from appears to be McDonald's okay I said I saw two roughly the same it's also in the context of the White House and if you stop and you think about it you know what was Abe Lincoln famous for is basically navigating the United States through a period of civil war and I mean every assassination so so

".... but let's look a little further into this president Trump the morning after this picture was taken this was taken on the evening of the 14th with the Clemson Tigers but he tweeted about it the next morning let's look at his words maybe yeah here we go president Trump said at 8:58 11 and the morning the 15th of January 2019 great being with the National Champion Clemson Tigers last night at the White House because of the shutdown I served the massive amounts of fast food I paid over a thousand hamburgers etc within one hour it was all gone great guys and big eaters that's from the president United States why on earth would a president send an I mean

".... it's interesting that he had the team there I didn't know they were there but sports when we're talking about a government shutdown and 800,000 people being thrown out of work and not only that the deep state and the Democrats basically belittling the deaths of Americans the country over and saying we don't need a wall why is this important and it's it's this let me take you through one of the things you get used to looking at

".... when you're looking at Donald Trump tweets is he misspells words sometimes and the misspelling is really interesting and it helps us focus on where we need to look for where the obvious body is that we need to find sometimes he capitalizes words that shouldn't be capitalized let's scan this real quick and see what we can see the shutdown is an event it's a significant event shutdown should be capitalized national champion Clemson Tigers again should be great beginning of the sentence no problem fast food

".... yeah they got my attention to the capital Evans yeah huh let's look at the picture again yep yep lots of fast food there certainly next week just continue reading through a thousand hamburgers et cetera this is a two days after he misspelled hamburgers and Matt wrote birders ber de RS and then he deleted it no no no no seriously I get it go ahead keep going birders is a reference to someone who worships Lucifer mmm and behaves lower than Lucifer to make to make a good entree with the boss now 1000 is also a reference to another deep state element were the George Bush famous or rather infamous thousand points of light speech if you remember it

".... yes now let's go one step further going back to the image Abe Lincoln with his hand you know his hand under his chin he navigated the United States through the very troubling waters of a civil war that was very bloody and costly President Trump if you believe everything he says I try to look for holes in what he says and I find a hard time actually finding any hole in anything he's said he's trying to prevent a civil war and he's standing in front of F F in the queue that means false flag as it does

".... Abe Lincoln as he was known is spelled a B E in Nancy Pelosi's letter she said she couldn't go because it was too dangerous at the White House and the Secret Service didn't have all their people in place because of the shutdown which turned out to be not true and we learned yesterday with a trump response that she was heading instead on a personal junket with nearly a hundred people in her odd family and friends mostly to where Brussels Afghanistan and Egypt a the e in Afghanistan Brussels and Egypt is Donald Trump saying in this picture that was taken on the 14th before Nancy Pelosi Center letter a false flag from the person heading to a de Afghanistan Brussels in Egypt

".... you good one let's read this again and decode it let's say that that's the case hypothetically because the shutdown unserved the massive amounts of false flag over a thousand points of light all within one hour they were all gone great what does that part mean arresting where they were all gone arrested a wonder arrested reckon arrested

".... yes I think so and then read this within one hour it was all gone great guys and big eaters what could that possibly mean in the queue and you'll forgive me for taking you down this memory hall but the queue is very nefarious here in that we look at and have investigated the deep state Luciferians and what they do they sacrifice humans in service to their god Molech they are great men and women they are very famous men and women

".... yeah our big eaters something's going to cry woowoo on this one but it's not it's not really beyond the pale it really isn't why would somebody crouch down hamburgers absolutely worth of ten billion dollars would probably have on a know two or three hundred dollars what the hammers who cares who cares how much this cost it's it's it's peanuts next to what this man is up against in doing and he's standing in front of the President of the United States that beat down a civil war before he was assassinated

".... and what did earlier we learned that this this ISIL character to Bill are too lil the the man who was captured in Georgia who was plotting to blow up the White House with IEDs and to fake it finish off any stragglers with rocket-propelled grenades Joe Jalal - head II he has been planning this since August of last year is you just pumpers - even yes that somebody was going to attack the White House take out mr. Trump and mr. pence and leave Nancy Pelosi

"....they're ready to exceed the scepter and the coronation is that too much of a stretch it will be four so well it's happened before yes it has it happened before John what taking out presidents and having somebody else step in yeah you might have been around for one of them anyway well John Kennedy assassination where they took out him and his brother Bobby the Attorney General isn't that interesting it is interesting young and who ended up taking control of the presidency after the president was out of the way

"....well that would be the criminal Lyndon Johnson where was he deep steak oh absolutely he was going to G he was so deep that he defines the deep state he was on his way to prison over the various murders committed by Mac Wallace his henchmen and over these deals that he did with people like Billy Saul Estes and with Bobby Baker people like that so you're describing precedent you're describing an organization that is still in power and in play

"....and you're describing a situation where there's at least two dozen examples of leftists calling for the death of the president they even had a play to that effect where they stabbed him to death on stage and and other events where the idiot Kathy Griffin with the holy his head or whatever her severed head yeah

" know and she's still not locked up so I guess I guess what I'm saying is this this means that if this is a correct conjecture this it doesn't is this isn't a proof but what this is is this is a this is a flag that says hey look over here and what what we should be looking for we should be looking at who exactly was on Nancy Pelosi's entourage who was in it I think what leaders exactly what she'd do to meet with where actly was she's supposed to be and when how does that itinerary match it up against the ends of to law exactly when and where would that have been well

" just as an investigator that's where I would go next at this point I don't put anything past anybody that's in the deep state there's too many people like Seth rich who paid the ultimate price thinking they couldn't possibly go that far Michael Hastings Tom Clancy there's there are too many dead bodies littering the path of people who didn't believe that they could go that far

"....well it's like the Russians say when it happens to you then you know it's true Oh Russian proverb says an easy one isn't it yeah at some of that's some very very good analysis very good it's it's amazing how you know any kind of mainstream media frankly even though I like some of them and I don't like some of the things they cover even Fox News it's just infotainment nothing more they're not going to talk about things like this not ever where the Woodward's and Bernstein's are we then I mean the people have a hunger and have a desire to get to the bottom of it

"....well if we do it could save the Republic it'll be messy but it'll be a lot Messier if we don't because they're business as usual just gets bloodier with every passing year and their absolute absence of any conscience whatsoever over what's happening to these kids these young women primarily and and all the various murders or that are associated directly with the UH with the drug cartels mean the truck drivers a mix or starting to armor their trucks because the cartels are just uh pulling out their aks or whatever they got and um through some gun store up in the United States right to see where they're going fast and furious you pasty where they're going so that's why we let them come in and buy the the weapons that's why we told the gun dealer we should just let him let him buy other weapons we want to see where they're taking him

"....what I mean who would believe such a nonsensical story to begin with but the American public swallowed it and moved on if they can't understand it immediately they move on and that's what the deep state counts on thanks for the update I was one hell of an update for Friday it really was but I think that 90% of it maybe more is just spot-on I mean thank you welcome see you later all right so how about that folks what do we what do we think say what I think I think I'd like to read you something real quick communism has never concealed the fact that it rejects all absolute concepts of morality

"'s scoffs had any consideration of good and evil as indisputable categories communism considers morality to be relative to be a class matter depending upon circumstances and the political situation any act including murder even the killings of hundreds of thousands would be good or could be bad it all depends upon class ideology we could be talking about the ruling class couldn't we are those who fancied themselves members of it to go back to souls and it'san and who defines this ideology ah the whole class cannot get together to pass judgment right a handful of people determine what is good and what is bad but I'm gonna say that in this very respect communism has been most successful it has infected the whole world with the belief in the relativity of good and evil today

"....many people apart from the Communists are carried away by this idea among progressive people it is considered rather awkward to use such words as good and evil communism has managed to persuade all of us that these concepts are old-fashioned and laughable but if we are to be deprived of the concepts of good and evil what will be left nothing but the manipulation of one another we will sink to the status of animals you're watching this programme on ...≺≺ less