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*** January 2019 ***

Follow The Watch, The World Is Watching, We Know Everything - Episode 1782b

X22Report ** Published on Feb 3, 2019
"...the deep state they are destroying themselves with everything that they do and cue has always said you know why interfere with an enemy while they're destroying themselves and we can see just that but what's very interesting was that cue came back on February 1st and posted two different posts one of a jet plane and the other one about planned parenthood and Q continually says the world is watching and some Annan's were researching this and they came up with something very interesting which we're gonna get into in just a bit but first I wanted to start off with Snopes and they decided to quit as Facebook's fat checker and they decided that it was just too hard to do it was very difficult and they'd rather just blacklist or censor those individuals instead of proving that they are wrong or even though they might be right they're still going to be proving them as wrong ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....we also know that YouTube decided to push a new algorithm system out there to push down the conspiracy theories which they said oh it's the 9/11 the Flat Earth and many other things now again how do they determine this what is the criteria we really don't know but this brings up a question because how do they know what's conspiracy and what isn't conspiracy

" think about this for a sec there was an article and we talked about this before from the Santa Monica Observer saying that RBG has cancer now Snopes right away came out and said this is a fake story now YouTube would have seen this as a conspiracy because RBG doesn't have cancer now those videos saying that RBG did have cancer those would have been pushed down because they were conspiracy theories there was no proof Snopes did a fact check and the fact check says that is a fake story then we come to find out that she does have cancer so all of a sudden Snopes fact checker is not telling the truth maybe that's the conspiracy and all the conspiracy videos turn out to be true

" YouTube suppressed those videos Snopes with their fact-checking suppressed those new stores or blacklisted them and all those stories turned out to be true again I always go back to where is Snopes getting their facts who's feeding it to them because it makes a very big difference now you can see how this system once again is not going to work and again every time you try to suppress something or hide something from the people what do people do they search it out

"....this system it's not going to work just like they've tried you know time after time after time trying to get rid of all these individuals who talk about something completely different in the mainstream media it has not worked it as always fail because people will always seek out the truth they will always research they will always make up their own mind they don't need a master or a Ministry of Truth to tell them what's true or false they will do the research they will put two and two together and they'll say okay this mainstream media story completely fake

"....I believe this this is how an open society works that people decide what they want to believe in what they don't want to believe a master does not tell them what to believe people can make up their own mind people can research people can figure it out and you have this internal instinct of what's true and what is fake as you keep reading you start to realize yeah you know what this doesn't make any sense

"....because when you start to use what Q says logical thinking you start to say to yourself something does not fit here anymore there are many many holes in these types of stories and we can go through all the false flags and everything else and you can see all the different holes and a lot of them don't make sense whatsoever just wanted to give you an update on the Cummington event BNL news put this out there breaking news Covington Catholic High School lawyers have sent legal letters to the New York Times Maggie Haberman Washington Post CNN NPR Savannah Guthrie Andrea Mitchell joy Reed Chuck Todd the hill the Atlantic Kathy Griffin and GQ magazine seven lawyers are now working on it

"....and if you noticed a lot of these mainstream media outlets have one thing in common a lot of them are part of the deep state apparatus if you really look at it now Trump is predicting that Obamacare will be terminated through the Texas lawsuit now remember they couldn't get rid of Obamacare right off the bat and we know what Obamacare was all about that was about controlling the people making everyone dependent on the government and enriching the insurance agencies

"....because who wrote the bill I mean let's just review this for a second insurance agencies they decided hey let's make this bill up and you know what we can make a lot of money off of this how do we get those people into our assist well we penalize them we say there's going to be attacked so you must take insurance or you'll be penalized that will force everyone into it

"....but guess what many many people rejected it why because the cost of insurance was skyrocketing and you were not getting the benefit of the insurance because you were paying for a family a lot of money and I'm not talking about the subsidized people I'm talking to people that had to get the insurance on their own with no other money coming in they were very very expensive expect especially when you have a family of two three four five six then you had to take a deductible and it was completely impossible to maintain that type of insurance

" this Texas lawsuit is a group of 20 states led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel they're suing to repeal the Affordable Care Act they are arguing that without the individual individual mandate that was repealed in December 2017 tax bill remember this is something that Trump included because they knew if they repealed this portion of it then they'd be able to get rid of the rest of it and what they're saying in this lawsuit is that the Affordable Care Act is completely unconstitutional right now we know it's unconstitutional

"....we know that there were certain judges that were bribed that and push this through and we can see right now this needs to be repealed and it has to be destroyed let's talk about what has been happening with abortion

" RBG is at the center of all of this because if she is dead Trump will be able to nominate a new SCOTUS so Hillary Clinton started the movement New York Governor Cuomo and Clinton created a new bill about abortion and this is how it all started because Clinton called out and said listen we need to do something other states started to join Virginia Cathy Tran was caught on video explaining her bill this is where everything started to fall apart

"....the movement came to a screeching halt this video went viral and Cathy tran sit down her Twitter account she tried to explain the situation it wasn't working so governor Ralph Northam came to her rescue but he just made it worse with explaining that you can kill a baby that was already born and the doctors and the parents would make that decision and this is when everything started to fall apart

" remember they're doing all this because we do believe that RBG well she might be dead and they're pushing very very hard to get all these laws into place before maybe they announce it so since the entire movement came to a screeching halt and everything went south what do they need they needed a distraction so what happened all of a sudden a pic from a yearbook appeared of the appeared out of nowhere of the governor of Virginia in black face with Klu Klux Klan and his name is on the top of this page and he's trying to explain this away

" what they did was they created this distraction because what they were pushing started to really fall apart and they don't care if they destroy someone else that makes no difference to them so the news they tried to spin this first CNN when reporting on this they did the following during an Anderson Cooper segment they were talking about the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and they put in are next to his name to make it look like he was Republican

" no way was this just a mistake this was done on purpose now of course when everyone started to point this out they took down a lot of the videos but a lot of people save them and we have them today where we can see that yes this is what they tried to do and you can see that they were trying to just show this so everyone would think oh look it's the Republican that's doing this which was not true but once this came out it just got worse and worse and this is what the deep state actually wanted they wanted all eyes on this individual it's not the legislation it's this individual and this individual we didn't know anything about this and he's a bad man

" Trump tweeted out the following Democrat governor Ralph Northam a Virginia just stated I believe that I am NOT either of the people in the photo photo this was 24 hours after apologized to her appearing in the picture and after making the most horrible statement on super late term abortion unforgivable now mark the time here Trump tweeted this out at 4:30 9:00 p.m. on February 2nd then Trump tweeted out the following Edie Gillespie who ran for the governor of the great state of Virginia against Ralph Northam must now be thinking malpractice and dereliction of duty with regard to his opposition research staff

".... if they find that terrible picture before the election he wins by 20 points now this was at 5:01 p.m. February 2nd so Trump does what he does best he pushes what just happened and points out interesting facts then Hillary tweets out a little while later this is uncut this has gone on too long there is nothing to debate he must resign she tweets out 646 p.m. February 2nd so this is a little hypocritical of Hillary Clinton because what she's doing right now is she's trying to take all eyes off of the legislation all eyes off the abortion and or and putting all eyes on this governor who you know is dressing up in blackface with the Klu Klux Klan and trying to say see the he's the evil person that's the problem

" it's this individual and they're throwing him to the dogs that's what they're doing and who else joined in Pelosi and everyone else so we need to go back to post 1818 this is August 4th 2018 and Q gave us a picture of Robert Byrd kissing Hillary Clinton on the cheek now Robert Byrd he is a KKK member and

".... this is what Hillary Clinton said about Robert Byrd in 2008 first from my first day in the Senate I sought out his guidance and he was always generous with his time and his wisdom and as Secretary of State I continued to rely on his advice and counsel it's time to learn the truth Hugh says reconcile so it's funny that she's throwing this governor out to the wolves and saying it's him it's him it's him don't look over here and that is for a very good reason

".... now the governor is denying everything it's not me in the yearbook it's not me in blackface I'm not going to resign and basically he's staying in his position as of right now and they want this to be played up so all eyes are off of what just happened with their bills because that's where the problem is but they're trying to shift the focus on to this individual saying that he is an evil person maybe is maybe isn't but this is what they're using as a distraction

"....Ryan Saavedra tweeted out the following Kathy Tran proposes bill to allow full term abortions video goes viral outrage ensues Ralph Northam defends trend Northam doubles down after outrage Northam KKK blackface photo emerges Tran calls for Northam to resign you see what's happening here so let's recap a little bit first of all the photo was known it was not used during the elections it was held why because they knew eventually they might have to use this later on

"....remember CIA the intelligence operations the individuals in government they knew everything and they used certain information to blackmail people and if they needed to use this information later on to destroy them or to make them do what they wanted they pulled it out of their files this is what happened right now so when everything started to go south and the legislation was exposed the video went viral and when people started to talk about it when the governor tried to help the situation and just made it worse the movement was in trouble

"....remember this all revolves around RBG they needed this movement to go as as fast as possible lightning speed before they made the announcement they needed everything in place they're in trouble right now so right now they need to take the focus off all of this so they can regroup and try to refocus everything to what they want is it going to work no I think their plan has destroyed what they were trying to do and as qoe says why interfere with an enemy while they're destroying themselves

"....and that's exactly what they were doing here they ended up destroying themselves so we can see right now that people have woken up they understand what's going on here they tried to use this distraction and it is backfiring in their face but they're gonna keep trying but guess what it didn't work and their movement where they were trying to get all the states on board that isn't going to work either

" Trump is out there and instead of saying build the wall he has changed the slogan and is now finish the wall because the wall is already being built as we know the White House aides claim that Trump has 150 miles of wall that will either be finished or under construction by the end of 2019 so already the wall is being built and let's just finish it we're not pushing build the wall because the wall is already being built

"....we see the yellow vests in Germany we see hundreds are protesting new EU regulations again the yellow vests are spreading around the world this is not by accident this is a push to change everything and to put all these leaders in the spotlight we see the Venezuelan opposition leader is offering China investment opportunities once he becomes the leader of the country or if he becomes the leader of the country he is saying yes I will support all your investments and we can see them adorn right now he is calling for early elections

"....and we'll have to see what happens in how this turns out in Syria we see the serious constitutional committee is going to be created soon and we see everything is moving exactly as planned in Syria and eventually the troops in Syria they'll be completely out of Syria the last remaining Islamic state pockets that are there they will be destroyed and the mainstream media the deep state they can't do anything about this

" I want to go back to post 2675 and it shows two jets flying in the air and it looks like the Sun is either setting or the Sun is rising now the file name sis Kampf spec underscore Y is very peculiar in itself and if we look at a lot of Q's posts we can see that this is also part of Q's way of communicating because if you go back to like post 21 to 219 it says underscore 27 one underscore yes underscore USA 94 - it also says conf b ec z y zero five six underscore y and you can see a lot of these in post 363 post 333 what exactly it means don't know as of yet but many Annan's are looking into this to see if they can figure this out

"....another n and wrote the following since I was a photographer in the military I know we upload our photos to DVIDS and the media pulls our photos from this site therefore I look for the original photo and found it don't know if this helps or it means anything at all but here is the original and gave us the link to DVIDS hub net and it this is the photo now again we said this was the airforce f-15e Strike Eagles flying over northern Iraq early in the morning

" right there and then we know this is a sunrise and this was on September 23rd 2014 they were conducting airstrikes in Syria now what's very interesting is that since this is a sunrise we can say this is from dark to light we also know that Flynn changed his wallpaper on his Twitter account and he is going from dark to light and the Sun is higher in the sky so does this mean that the mission was accomplished while Q was dark during this period or does it mean we are now proceeding with the mission

"....and we're going from dark to light and targets are acquired and we're ready for the booms we'll have to wait and see another theory is that the f-15 refers to February 15th we know what February 15th is this is when the government shuts down and just like Dave janda I do believe the government shutdown was a test case and what did that show us it showed us that we the economy was not really affected by the shutdown

" allowed Trump to go through all the different departments see what is needed what is not needed and it showed a lot of different things and I believe this was a test case now I want to move on to post 2647 this is back January 5th 2019 q put up a image of a watch and a pen note and a notebook and below this it says will POTUS be at Camp David tomorrow when you're Delta matters of national security the clock is ticking then it says follow the watch

" I know Q shows the watch but another annan found something else that's very interesting now this is from NORAD NORAD and us NORTHCOM have complementary missions and members of our headquarter staff work to fulfill our homeland defense responsibilities the two commands operate within a common security environment and share common values understanding the urgency and importance of our duties in light of very real and present dangers

"....NORAD mission of the North American Aerospace Defense Command conducts aerospace warning aerospace control and maritime warning in the defense of North America us NORTHCOM mission the united states north and command partners to conduct homeland defense civil support and security cooperation to defend and secure the united states and its interest the NORAD and us NORTHCOM vision with our trusted partners we will defend the North America by outpacing all threats maintaining faith with our people and supporting them in their times of greatest needs their slogan is we have the watch

" let's take this a little further here in many of Q's posts post 2100 post 2462 post 2561 post 2566 post 2601 they say of many different things in all these posts but there's a commonality between all this it says the world is watching the world is watching and there's many many more posts than just what I just read here I just picked out a couple of them to show you that Q says this many many times so is this telling us that the watch is NORAD and they are watching everything the world is watching they have everything they're recording everything they know everything they know all the moves by the deep state they know exactly what they have planned and they're always watching ...≺≺ less

David Wilcock: Deep State Tribunals Underway, Tree-Fall Synchronicity

David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL) ** Published on Feb 3, 2019
"....hey there it's David Wilcock and I am bringing you an alliance briefing update and we have had quite a stunning synchronicity here on the eve of the public potentially getting new data dumps bigger than Edward Snowden bigger then on October 2016 for WikiLeaks potentially earth-shattering revelations this is according to Kim calm the same insider who knew what was going on before it happened with WikiLeaks he is saying that we are about to get stuff that will dwarf what we got in October 2016 ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....the whole trend of our society is already heading that way right now as I will tell you in just a minute here while my wife Elizabeth was in the kitchen writing an article about the fall of Kings this behemoth fell with this crashing noise in our yards you can see here sticks hit the window okay almost smashed into the house there's sticks all over the place the whole I mean it's just a huge mess this tree came down and the synchronicity of this is unbelievable because here's why

"....the subject of what we're talking about is the fall of Kings the collapse of corruption the ending of the old guard we are looking at right now tribunals that are in place we have very good intel on this from multiple insider sources that they have arrested right now key people in the deep state they already have tribunals going on in several locations in the United States and apparently Guantanamo there are prison barges taking people to Guantanamo

"....and what they've done is they have started with the mid-level people who were directly involved in child trafficking the sealed indictments that we've been hearing so much about are being unsealed people are being put on trial in secret tribunals these are military trials they happen quickly some people are getting the death penalty this is very serious it has not yet been authorized to be leaked to the public

" the people who are doing this think that they can make it stay secret for a year or two they're hoping it could take that long because remember the original mass arrest scenario I've been telling you guys about since 2009 was going to be everybody getting arrested at once but it turns out when the rubber meets the road the Alliance does not have the staff to do that they're gonna need to do it a little at a time

" it's gonna take them a year or two to get everybody now there are some factions there's one faction of the Alliance and this is a group opposing the deep state that represents the military the intelligence community and many other governments around the world okay that community doesn't want to tell us there's one faction that is worried about the mess but then there's another faction that says this is definitely gonna leak we can't stop the leaks they're coming out there's nothing we can do about it

"....Kim comm is the guy who did megaupload and he was one of the insiders who said what was coming with WikiLeaks before it did in October 2016 Kim comm with that insider connection is saying that we're going to get data dumps this year that are worse than anything we saw in October 2016 which of course is all the Podesta stuff all the pzg stuff you figure out what that means

" we're both writing articles I'm writing my article my wife Elizabeth is writing her article and she is writing about the fall of Kings now the tribunals are the bigger picture behind all this it's very exciting but she also focused in on spiritual leaders like the alleged John of God who were now calling John of hell why would we call him that if you haven't seen the news it's unbelievable here's a guy down in Brazil who supposedly is it Brazil I'm not sure but let's just say Brazil

"....okay she said Brazil she's not in her head I want to make sure this because if I make one mistake that's the only thing people get upset about right like oh my god I found a mistake okay John of God in Brazil I read this and I didn't really care what the country was because what I'm reading is just shocking me 600 women have come forward saying that this faith healer raped them okay

"....and it was always the same script you go in for the private meeting you go into a private room with the guy he makes you turn around and then he ballasts you so it's just disgusting but he says oh this is how you're gonna get the healing now if you haven't heard this you might be shocked it really is true apparently he raped his daughter since she was 10 years old beat her so severely after she got pregnant that she had an abortion

"....and even worse he's got his own acolytes abducting women who are homeless and poor bring them into a prison camp where they are repeatedly raped they have children and those children are sold off for up to 40,000 euros to the highest bidder and then after 10 years they terminated the women killed them maybe because they were so traumatized that they would start beating their head against the wall or not eating any more or whatever we don't understand it

"....but these guys said oh we're getting tired of this we don't want to do this anymore and we don't want to lie about it anymore so it's so crazy that we have these types of stories coming out in the news because we told you you're gonna hear about child sex trafficking they're gonna be authority figures they're gonna be major players that you would never ever believe would do stuff like this she's writing this and as she does this gigantic tree that's like a hundred feet tall almost with a trunk that's like a foot thick just comes crashing down sticks are hitting the windows thank God it didn't smash the windows

"....our fence is totally trashed the landlord's gonna have to you know get a crew in here with chainsaws and chop all this stuff the point is I don't believe this is an accident this was a synchronicity this is something in which the inner world that we have is these articles suddenly becomes the outer world with something really big like this and it appears that there are energetics at play right now that are leading to all of these things happening you're gonna interrupt me during my video okay this must be good alright we'll make another cut

" we're talking about spiritual warfare here this is real okay what also is very bizarre I'm not saying that John of God is a hoax I'm saying the guy actually does do healings and what's so bizarre is for people to try to reconcile the concept that somebody could have these types of abilities and still essentially be involved in basically black magic as well now what's also very weird about the spiritual warfare component is that when they brought John of God in to be arrested and he's in the police station

".... first of all the letter zero or all kept appearing on the screen like somebody was pushing the key but nobody was touching it that freaked him out then the printer starts up like there's a ghost in the machine and it starts printing by itself that freaked them out then the freaking refrigerator explodes fire and smoke comes out then the guy who's coming in to transcribe the interview with John of Hell gets hit by a car and breaks his arm

" they actually mentioned this in the article of UK Daily Mirror this is a public thing and it's almost like the negative forces that were working through John of Hell somehow were able to make these weird chaotic telekinetic events take place now Corey Goode and I have talked extensively about the idea that there are negative Exeter s trolls out there that they have been a major part of what's going on

"....we heard this from William Tompkins we heard this from Pete Peterson I've heard this from several other insiders who don't want to go on the record such as Danny such as Jacob this is nothing new some of the ETS that are out there that our military industrial complex is very well aware of and has been dealing with for a long time are highly negative and

"....yes they do have reptilian skin vertical slit pupils they look like your biblical idea of the devil so it's a very interesting thing to contemplate how they have worked through different cultures different susceptible people at different times trying to find the way to get their agentive met which is to basically try to create as much fear and terror as possible that creates an energy for them that they can feed on called louche

" here we are talking about how this brought these rotten corrupt institutions like what's happening with the Catholic Church Cardinal Pell gets arrested and convicted of sexual crimes against children this just happened as well it's as if there's some sort of spiritual shift that is taking place so it's not just the deep state tribunals now that does appear to be real and as I was just saying a few minutes ago we are hearing that they don't think they're gonna be able to keep this secret very long because everybody leaks everybody wants to talk everybody wants to sell their story make an exclusive leaked it to somebody

".... I don't want to do any leaks I don't want to get in trouble for that but somebody's gonna take those leaks and run with it okay even if you're not supposed to but the point is we now are authorized also to say Corey Goode has told me that we now can tell you that I did meet in person with my wife Elizabeth three different people who are very high level Alliance people we know this we there was a binder that had all of their different intelligence certain certificates classifications it was huge

"....there were two whole boxes full of medallions and medals and coins that they get from all these different things we saw more than enough proof and the point is whether you guys want to believe this or not and I know most you do but there's a few out there who are really resolutely dedicated to just hate hate hate hate hate they can't handle this thing what we're dealing with is a real thing

"....there are hundreds of thousands of people involved in this alliance they are fighting and dying for you they want to preserve your freedom they want to keep us alive they want to stop the deep state they don't like child trafficking you don't have to like the current administration but the current administration in the United States is behind these arrests

" it doesn't mean they're saviors it doesn't mean that they're white light angels they got lots of problems I'll be the first to admit that human beings are inherently flawed but it doesn't change the needles are underway child trafficking rings are being busted those people are being arrested that's where they're starting right now before they work their way up to the higher level players

"'s all being filmed they are going to release this to the media in the future and we're writing about these literally civilization defining events and this giant tree comes groaning and crashing down right into our yard it's so freakin crazy this whole thing you can see the thickness of the branches it's not something that we expected I mean yes the tree was leaning so it's not exactly you can actually see it's two trees that came down right here

" the the fence is all smashed up we didn't know that this was gonna happen and the only other time that I had a synchronicity like this was with dr. Eugene mallove now he worked for MIT for infinite energy magazine actually no that was his other magazine he was a writer for MIT Technology Review and they wanted him to falsify the data I'm ColdFusion they had already announced the ColdFusion really works

" that's where you take palladium and drop it into deuterium which is heavy hydrogen and for some strange reason the palladium the deuterium react and create a lot more heat than there should be for that reaction so MIT had already announced this along with other scientists but then they wanted to retract it and so they told Eugene mallove we want you to lie for us and say that this study didn't work

".... but he already knew that it did cuz he was involved in it and so he resigned and then afterwards created infinite energy magazine in 2004 dr. Eugene mallove got together with Richard C Hoagland to go on art bells coast-to-coast a.m. and we were I was going to be in the show as well and we were gonna talk about how Hoagland was getting ready to go to congress with the technology he got from dr. mallove and that technology would actually be a little propeller that would spin just from the energy of your eyes looking at it

" normally there's nothing that could do that but this actually worked it's very strange and so right before we were getting ready to do this radio show like a couple days before I'm walking down the street in Anchorage Kentucky where I live with Ellen L research at the time and I look at this tree and I'm thinking you know what I'm gonna talk about the Illuminati on the radio f it I'm ready I don't care what happens I'm gonna talk about the Illuminati and right as I'm looking at this branch the whole thing just fell right from here right from where it hits

"....the tree it just it just broke right here and it just goes straight down all the way down and it was so big and so happy that the whole ground shook when it hit the ground now that's scared the bejesus out of me it made me realize that some type of positive force in this case not like the John Hale stuff okay this the positive beings can do this too it fell and it said David do not talk about the Illuminati on the air with 20 million people and then the next day I believe is when it was it was either one or two days later dr. Eugene mallove was bludgeoned to death literally the day before we're gonna go on the air

" he never appeared on the air with us and it was just Richard and art bell talking I really didn't even talk that much it was very somber Richard was all upset because they were really good friends and here's a guy who was the focal point for all the different alternative energy free energy groundbreaking disruptive technologies out there and he just got whacked I mean it was blatant

" there's three people who've been charged in the attack and so we don't really know like okay why did they do this why did the main guy who murdered him start sucking his thumb in a fetal position on the ground when he was caught and then denied it it's like a mind-control type of thing

" it's very strange stuff so we've been on the front lines for a long time risking our lives to bring you this information I was not intimidated after that even though it was obviously a hit I kept the going I've been doing this for 15 more years since that happened in 2004 so here we are writing about the one thing we've been waiting for all of our lives the final completion of this hero's journey that we're finally getting the results we want to have we're finally getting the tribunals the arrests

"....people are going to prison camps some of them are being executed because their crimes are so extreme as we're writing about the fall of the corrupt masculine the spiritual warfare that we are winning this gigantic tree came smashing now I don't believe that's an accident that's that's a real world and real life kind of synchronicity it's very intense and

" it sparked me to action I wanted to do a video for you guys to talk about this and I believe that we are seeing a mass consciousness effect let's go back real quick to the meditation effect what we have seen is thirty nine different scientific studies commissioned by the Institute for Transcendental Meditation where they get up to seven thousand people together meditating under one roof on pure consciousness then they all are able to somehow reduce world terrorism and fatalities by seventy-two percent

"....that means three out of four people in the world who picked up a gun and shot someone or would have committed a violent crime simply choose not to suggesting there is a collective field that our thoughts are all integrated with and this is just one of over a thousand references like that I have in my first book source field investigations which you may have read

" the point is there's a lot of good science on this it hasn't gotten enough publicity but we know we have a mass consciousness we know that there are mass consciousness effects and just like those 7,000 people meditating changed everybody's free will on the whole world they authorized something to happen they authorized a change in our basic free will so when women start standing up like in the me2 movement against Harvey Weinstein against Hollywood predators against these sickos these diddlers who are doing little kids which are totally innocent people they have never done anything wrong and they are being violated this must stop

".... there is no place for us to be arguing about who is right and who is wrong in the alternative community and fighting over the most piddly little things we need to focus on a common enemy who is much bigger than some bloggers I'm not gonna focus on other people in my community whether they're telling the truth whether they're lying we have really big dark stuff that we have to focus on this is the war the spiritual warfare is real John of Hell when they tried to bring him in all these dark occult telekinetic things are happening there are weird entities that were responsible for that taking place

"....we don't want this stuff to go on we need the changes to occur the tribunals are under way and they are not going to stay secret for very long there's a lot of exciting stuff going on I've only given you part of it the rest of it is going to be in my article so please go to divine cosmos calm you have to spell it with an eye not nice ODI VI n e cos mo s calm you can read that article you can read my wife's article as well and we have had quite the synchronistic marker for that epic event that we were writing about the tribunals which is what I was writing about the fall of corrupt Kings

"....which is what she was writing about all these guys are being exposed the truth is being revealed and you deserve to know what's going on because children will be saved lives will be saved rapes will be stopped and we will get the planet that we have always wanted that forums to us and so many ancient prophecies around the world I'm David Wilcock I support the Alliance and I support your efforts and getting this word across to as many people as you can because this is real and we all need to pull together to expose the truth thank you for watching ...≺≺ less

The World Is About To Change And Nothing Will Stop It:Jordan Sather

X22Report Spotlight ** Published on Feb 2, 2019
Key words: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Donna Brazil', Craigslist, look-alikes of RBG,FISA, Mueller had already exceeded the amount of years by two years that he could lawfully be the FBI director , prepping people to see nationwide arrests, CNN they had this thing on deep fake videos, get ahead of the story, they can claim oh as hackers using artificial intelligence no that's not Hillary Clinton or Bush admitting the 9/11, 1940s and 50s that's a long time that's 6070 years for that to embed Donald Trump only got elected just over two years , deep state control figuring out their secrets,20 trillion dollars unaccounted for in the Pentagon, space force, AAT IP, UFO, Kemp's trail , degenerative diseases, magnetic pole shift, zero-point energy, gold will destroy , we don't need gas in the first place with free energy,H R 25, H R 24, ..
"....thank you Dave appreciate you having me on yet again hey thanks for being here and let's start off let's start off with Q for a sec about why we haven't heard from Q in a while like Q went dark and I just wanted to get your take on why do you think Q is in the dark right now why Q hasn't been posting ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....yeah you know we've got a lot of stuff going on on the public surface we've got this shutdown that's been you know going back and forth there's a lot of drama with this shutdown and the border security as well we've got the changeover with the new session of Congress new house new Senate so I think there's a lot of things that behind the scenes they're just trying to wait to ease up wait to calm down

"....and then Q's gonna begin posting again this last blackout this last break we've seen from Q I think we're on day 15 now as we're recording this remya so day 15 which I mean before we've had what 30 day blackouts and we've had 20 day 10 days so there's been multiple blackouts that we've had and I think for many different reasons of course like we've been saying a lot of stuff going on with the shutdown and and change yours change overs of Congress

"....but then we have you know like Ruth Bader Ginsburg we're kind of all wondering where she's at if she's even alive what she's doing and we've got a lot of contenders opening up presidential bids saying that they're gonna begin running so there's just so much going on in the mainstream that I think they're letting that blow over before they begin trying to rally up the troops again and start posting through Q

"....since you mentioned Ruth Bader Ginsberg RBG do you think that she is in a coma do you think she's recuperating do you think that she's dead right now and they're holding her for a specific event

".... yeah so I've seen evidence for multiple of those theories there's the theory that she is dead and we have interesting dots to suggest that one of those being Donna Brazil's tweet about the cutest dog in the world named boo has died and this is a very weird tweet Donna Brazile linked a TMZ article in the middle of a night last week about the world's cutest dog boo dying the reason why this is evidence to suggest RBG may have passed away is because

"....number one her nickname was boo I believe it was her daughter calls her Bubba or boo so boo is kind of a nickname for RBG that's what a lot of these deep Staters nickname each other is boo and they have different colloquialisms to call each other not just that but back when George HW Bush died in December only about a week or two before his death was announced publicly was when we had James Comey put out a tweet about his dog Benji dying he said ah our dog Benji has died condolences blah blah blah

"....and a lot of people were thinking that's you know is that code speak the way a lot of these secret society members speak to each other is through the use of coded communication through twitter and through other public means so back then people were thinking that maybe James Comey was letting his friends know that George HW Bush passed away through that his dog Benji tweaked dying

"....well now we have Donna Brazile talking about the world's cutest dog boo dying and just very out of place tweet so maybe maybe RBG is dead already I mean shoo we haven't seen her in public for how many weeks now you gotta be wondering we need proof of life so could she be passed away maybe maybe she's still alive I saw one post from 4chan just it was either this morning or last night but it started making the rounds through Twitter and on the Internet underground you know and this was a post from an anonymous source on 4chan

"....that was claiming that they were close to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and they were actually at the hospital where she is being taken care of she's and they were claiming in this post that RBG is being taken care of at an undisclosed location secret location but she's basically in a comatose state and they're just keeping her alive right now for you know what of course their reasonings they don't want her passed away because they don't want a seat on the Supreme Court to be filled by Donald Trump

" they're keeping her alive for by any ways and means possible and this is very intriguing because there was even a photograph that was attached it was very grainy very dark some people did some photo editing on it and brightened it up a bit and I still can't really tell me personally if it was Ruth Bader Ginsburg but again you know that sort of fits the description of the situation we have here is RBG could very well be in a sort of comatose state because of course publicly publicly we were told that she broke a rib she's going through cancer surgery so she's having a really tough time regardless if she is alive she's having a tough time so it makes sense that she might be comatose due to some infection

"....and this said 4chan and on post ok evidence to suggest that we have evidence to suggest that RBG might have passed away already regardless she's somewhere and she's not currently on the Supreme Court and I think they're trying to like you mentioned earlier you know use her death as something strategic much like they used George HW Bush's death strategically to delay John Huber's testimony on the Clinton Foundation that week

"....I'd imagine that they are trying to utilize RBG's life and/or death in some particular way that strategic to deep state means and ends now what's very interesting and I don't know if this was a joke but in Craigslist there was an ad out and they took they took it down already but it's in the archives and still see it in the archives where they were looking for look-alikes of RBG to attend the State of the Union

" I don't know if this was a joke or are they really looking for a look for look-alikes because I don't think she's going to attend the State of the Union I mean if what you're saying is true and everything that we're receiving is true she will probably be absent from the State of the Union right or they're gonna clone her something like that or fill a stuffed animal who knows I actually did see that I did see that supposed Craigslist ad that like you mentioned can be found on archived websites now and who knows who knows if it was a joke if it was real

"....we on the State of the Union coming up that's now on February 5th which is that's only six days away so seven days away so yeah I'm sure that they are looking for a look-alike trying to get her resuscitated to at least bare minimum life levels to sit there for an hour - and then wheeler ah but who knows I'm extremely intrigued to see what's gonna come at the State of the Union yeah

" am i I wanted to switch over to FISA the declassification because a lot of people thought that Trump was going to declassify the FISA and the spying and everything and so far Trump has not Declassified any of this stuff now a lot of people are thinking well he's never gonna do it oh just like he's never gonna build the wall he's never gonna do any of this stuff which always turns out to be false but why do you think he's waiting

"....why do you think he's holding it back what would he what do you think the reasoning is I think I think the main reason that he's holding it back is because when he does declassified FISA and all that information I think they are trying to make it look like as little of a political show as possible

" for instance yesterday we heard Matthew Whitaker acting Attorney General state that the Mueller investigation is very close to being finished and I would imagine that they want that to be finished they want that to be through before they start declassifying things you know if they'd be classify it before that Russia investigation the Special Counsel was wrapped up then it sort of looks like this kind of politically motivated war I mean it sort of is

".... but you got to make it not look like that for the public right so strategy I mean the art of war I'm sure there's so many things going on that many of which we haven't the faintest clue of but FISA declassification that is a card in Trump's pocket right now that he can play he can definitely play but does he want to play it does he want to keep it there just in case are there other things you're trying to wrap up such as Mueller's investigation before that happens

" it's all you know we need to be patient I know like you mentioned a lot of people out there sing never gonna happen why does he just do it why does just drop it now but you know we are just here watching the theater take place and we can't assume that we know better than these military generals are around Trump right now and and this whole plan taking course

".... now you mentioned Mueller do you think he's a white hat black hat because I know q1 said that Mueller is working to save himself where do you think Mueller fits into all of this you know it's it's not a black-and-white world we live in some people say he's a grey hat and I think that could be a good way to describe what Mueller's been doing it's very intriguing when I look at this Robert Mueller investigation because on the public level we're told that Mueller is investigating Trump and all the collusion and yada yada of course that's turned out to be a null point

"....but when you look at what's really come out of that Special Counsel investigation it's almost as if everything that's been going on is helping Trump protecting Trump in a way and we have many dots to suggest this when Mueller got to first got into the Special Counsel job one of the first things he did was close the Podesta group he closed the Podesta group that's that's very helpful for Trump and the administration and call it the Alliance if you will it's very helpful for them

"....not just that but a month ago we had news come out in the mainstream this general Flynn had interviewed 19 times with Mueller's investigation 19 times that's an incredible amount of times and not just that but general Flynn I mean if anybody knows where the bodies are buried in Washington DC it's general Flynn it's not just that but who has been who is Mueller been prosecuting and indicted course I Roger stone a lot of these individuals that many people believe are double agents or moles or foreign intelligence assets almost spies

"'s like Mueller is protecting Trump from spies and from infiltrators right so I mean if we're going to look at what Q told us or what the Trump administration told us through q is that Mueller's working to save himself the way I see it is that when Donald Trump sat down with Robert Mueller in 2017 before the special counsel was activated

"....and this was for the FBI Director position which interestingly enough hew also told us about this way back when Robert Mueller and Donald Trump met before the special counsel was activated to see if Robert Mueller could take over the FBI Director position which by law could not take place because Mueller had already exceeded the amount of years by two years that he could lawfully be the FBI director

"....he was director during the Bush years and the Obama years the FBI director for a long long time so Mueller legally could not be FBI director Trump knew that Mueller knew that so why were we told that they met for the FBI director position that's just very weird

" the way I see that conversation take place between them - in 2017 was that I bet Trump's at Mueller down and basically said okay Bob we've got the dirt on you we know you've done some shady things in the past whether you were blackmailed to do them whether you went along with them whatever the case is it's either jail time for you Bob or you're gonna help us you're gonna help us you're gonna head up this Russia special counsel for us you're gonna purposely botch it make it look like a because there is no Russia collusion and you're gonna protect us from these spies

"'re gonna take Flynn's testimony in the process once a month you know stuff like this so I personally think that Robert Mueller is a gray hat I think that he is much like you suggested working to save himself so he is doing various things for the Trump administration to actually help in this whole process you know every time Donald Trump says it's a witch hunt is a witch hunt

"....well Donald Trump always speaks with double meanings such as who he is that's his energy so if we're talking about a witch hunt who's the witch is Hillary Clinton the witch is that what this actual witch hunt is hunting very interesting very interesting looking at it all

"....yeah actually it is do let me ask you this do you think everyone that Mueller arrested they were all arrested with the idea that they lied or gave false information I mean if you look at stone if you look at Flynn if you look at Carter page if you look at Papadopoulos if you look at all of them do you think they're building something online because we know that Brennan lied to Congress we know Clinton lied to Congress you think they're trying to build this narrative that if you lied then you must go John I think Sarah Carter and and Sarah Sanders they all came out and said you know what about these people they've lied to how come you'll is not going after them and the mainstream media completely silent nothing

"....yeah so that's a very good point you know that's one of the one of the strategies that they could be utilizing this special counsel for sort of prepping people to see arrests for instance Roger stone getting arrested on CNN for the for the nation to see last week it's as if they are kind of prepping people to see nationwide arrests

"....and not just that but like you mentioned it's it's like Mueller is headed up this special council to purposely botch it to make people see the corruption they have to put it on display as obvious as they can you know so many people they're walking around with their fluoride stare and days confused they don't realize how deep the corruption is

" they have to you know by day I mean the the trumpet administration the white hats they have to put the corruption on display as openly as possible to make people see it and stand up against it and disavow it so that could be what they're doing with this special counsel

"....but now it's it's sort of a case-by-case basis cuz we were talking about Flynn you know I think Flynn purposely pled guilty even though he's likely not guilty I think he purposely pled guilty so this special counsel could get his testimony very very sly way of doing that but you know he's one of the greatest spooks in the world general Flynn so he knows what he's doing I think he purposely pled guilty for that but I think when we look at course I Roger stone may be a man of for these could have been individuals that Muller was prosecuting and indicted

"....because they are spreading misinformation you know if you've been following the cube movement for a while if any of your audience has you'll notice that Infowars has often said or claimed to be connected with foreign intelligence namely Mossad

" Jerome Corsi I mean if you look at his antics what he tried to do to the Q movement he tried to infiltrate it and totally subvert it and Roger stone as well so it's very intriguing that Mueller is sort of going after the Infowars crew it's like he's there to kind of put them on blast to put them in check and the Trump administration is saying you know you foreign intelligence guys you're not gonna be spreading any sort of misinformation anymore

" a lot of things a lot of different scenarios we could kind of theorize and play out with this one yeah there's many different agendas that are associated with all of this and you can see how it can go in so many different directions the other thing I wanted to ask you is I don't know if you saw this but CNN they had this thing on deep fake videos now Q warned us of this a long long time ago where you know you have one person sitting there you have the other person sitting there and you can make the other person's facial features and it looks like it's part of it

"....and Q told us to expect this in the future and I'm starting to see a lot of articles about these deep videos he even Adam Schiff was out there you know saying I think he was talking about women and people are putting their heads on porn stars and using them to bribe people but I'm starting to see a lot of this do you think this is an indicator that something big is about to happen because I see I've seen it in The Guardian I've seen it in CNN Adam Schiff mentioned it and all of a sudden it's hitting the airwaves like like a like a tidal wave

".... it's unbelievable absolutely absolutely agree with you they are trying to get ahead of the story here big time and the first time that the deep state published this sort of story through their mainstream media outlets was back in March of last year so about ten months ago now and this is when Q first warned us that the deep state was trying to get ahead of the story and they of course published this through the New York Times which is one of the main propaganda outlets that they utilize is the New York Times so that's when they first began sort of prepping the mainstream consciousness trying to warn them

"....and okay that was in March of last year we didn't hear too much about it but like you mentioned in the recent months especially the recent days and weeks they're trying to get ahead of this story more and more and more so they're running more articles about these quote deep fakes these faked videos that Oh hackers can use artificial intelligence on the Internet to make it look like whoever is doing whatever what they're trying to do is basically ingrain it into the mind of the mass public that if they were to see any video of for example Hillary Clinton or John Brennan or any or John Podesta even or any of these deep state folks hit the Internet

"....then that's the excuse that they've already been priming people to believe they can claim oh as hackers using artificial intelligence no that's not Hillary Clinton or Bush admitting the 9/11 is real or John Podesta and comet ping-pong or anything like that then they could claim its deep fake so they're totally trying to get ahead of this story by putting these articles out

"....and Q did mention that they're that they do have videos of like Clinton and all these people right yeah you know if this alliance if the Trump administration does have access to the NSA databases I would imagine there is an amazing amount of texts photographs possibly even videos of these deep state folk in heinous acts and will these come public you know I would venture to guess that not all of them will but a good amount of them likely will and these photos videos will implicate them and crimes against humanity

" the deep state is going to use all sorts of psychological warfare on the public to avoid that that's exactly what they're doing by trying to warn us about these deep fake videos or or prime the consciousness of the public to believe that they're going to be hackers or artificial intelligence not actually oh hey this is you Hillary Clinton this is you John Podesta for the world to see so I wanted to turn towards arrests

" many people if you look all over the Chambord you look over you know and anything people are like we want to see arrests we want to see arrests and we know that the executive order for courts-martial that one live january 1st 2019 we know accused talking about Gitmo Guantanamo and they're renovating the prisons why don't you think we've seen any arrests right now any of the indictments come to light because this is a skews continuously said this is much more massive than many of us could even reason to believe

"....and if you look at the timeframe of it not just the timeframe of since Q started posting but we're going timeframe of deep state-controlled periods so this goes back decades this goes back centuries millennia even and this is a worldwide phenomenon you know this swamp is not just located in Washington DC the swamp is worldwide and it goes deep and there's such a network of corruption that's been embedded in almost all the control systems of this planet

"....we're talking media we're talking pharmaceutical we're talking the defense industry we're talking you know what might be on this planet what might have been built on other planets in secret it's just it can go out the scope of it is just massive so patience is a virtue you know patience is a virtue here why haven't the arrests happened

"....well number one wants to say certain arrests haven't happened how many CEOs have we had resign and stepped down and board directors step away out of the public limelight what not you know we could have had some arrests behind the scenes we just haven't heard about quite yet it's very possible but then again you know what we're waiting for is of course the the population the whole mass public to know about these arrests for these arrests to be streamed on prime-time news for the whole world to know

".... I'm sure that's coming and we are truly at the final moments of that because in looking at again the big picture in this country you know we've got a lot of corruption in to this country since especially 1940s and 50s that's a long time that's 6070 years for that to embed Donald Trump only got elected just over two years ago q just started over one year ago so really this the the plan is that we've seen of the plan you know of course we've only seen Q in the public domain over the last year that doesn't mean they've been plotting and scheming and doing stuff out of the public eye for longer than that

".... but what we've actually seen and witnessed by way of Trump getting elected q coming on the scene etc etc these indictments piling up CEOs resigning Gitmo being fortified and whatnot this is just a fraction of time I mean it's it's it's really we are witnessing a small amount of what's been going on so you know it really wouldn't surprise me if we have to wait maybe a few more months maybe even into Trump's second term for some real fireworks to go off

"....but I really want people to look at this positively I mean we are living through absolutely amazing times right now we should be grateful we're just here to witness this period we should be grateful that we have q on the scene and that Trump got office period we dodged a serious bullet there so we are making huge headway making huge huge headway don't just focus on that pot of gold at the end you know this whole race that's going on we are 98 metres done of a hundred meter race here at the very final minutes so uh yeah we can't give up now we can't give up or lose hope or lose faith

"....because us us is singular humans here with our narrow perspectives we can't even begin to grasp the how much is really going on you know yeah I agree I wanted to switch to this space program because Trump is really pushing the space program here in the United States I wanted to get your take on why do you think he's pushing it so hard all of a sudden when it comes to ending the deep state control figuring out their secrets figuring out the information they haven't told us or they've hid from us

" is absolutely you will you we could call it literally the final frontier for that it's one of the biggest topics that the deep State has hid from us and lied to us about etc etc so what has the deep state lied to us about first then we'll talk about why the space force is so important second first of all we've got quite a bit of money quite a bit of money that has been Mis accounted for in the Pentagon recent estimates plot that between anywhere from six point five trillion up to maybe ten trillion some even say 20 trillion dollars unaccounted for in the Pentagon

"....okay where has that money gone that's gone somewhere slush funds offshore accounts maybe into secret black projects that's probably the most likely candidate right there is secret black projects not just that but we have technology okay if they're gonna siphon this money in to see projects well what are they building out to gather what they might be building out we can look at scientists and inventors throughout history that have been delving into Sciences that have been suppressed

"....say Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla was working on zero energy towards the end of his life he was working on even anti-gravity theories and Sciences we have meat team Townsend Brown who's another inventor and scientists in the early 1900's there he was basically making metal discs levitate and fly with just high voltage electrostatic charge so this wasn't a plane this wasn't an aircraft this was technology that could be used to create spacecraft you don't need wings you don't need air and Bernoulli's principle all you need is electricity and you can counteract gravity and propel an object and this was all being done back in the 30s and 40s

" and this is just two examples of many we could talk about viktor schauberger John Keeley Teahen me more a lot of different inventors in the early 1900's were researching free energy and literally different sets of physics than the mainstream science tells us ok I like to call it a cult physics occult meaning hidden or esoteric physics so they've cut deep states got a lot of money they've got hell of a lot of science pretty amazing science a whole different class of science than we're taught publicly

"....well we can then extrapolate here what they've built out we could basically call it a breakaway civilization if you want to I mean there's lots of evidence to suggest that there are deep underground military bases hundreds of them scattered just around this country let alone worldwide so when we talk about where has the money gone the money from the DoD

"....I like to say it's gone where did the money go it's gone way high up and way down below so it's gone to create underground bases it's gone to also create spacecraft that are incredibly advanced that could fly from you know here to the moon here to Mars and minutes even and that our triangular shaped disc shaped cigar-shaped craft this money is going to create a whole new infrastructure a whole new breakaway civilization

" with Donald Trump and this creation of the space force what I'm seeing is that the Alliance the white hats that are in control the government gaining more control of the government and of these corporations if you will I think this space force is being created to gain access to these programs because that's a difficult thing about these unacknowledged special access programs is that they have been so secret for so long they're literally kept outside of congressional oversight oftentimes they're kept outside presidential oversight the president isn't even let in on these unacknowledged special access programs on these deep black projects

" the space force is being created to not only gain access to these programs but then begin to disclose them because these technologies just like Donald Trump mentioned in his inauguration speech we're gonna in lock the technologies of tomorrow and unlock the mysteries of space kind of paraphrasing here but that's essentially what he said and that's what looks like the space force is being created for you know gain access to these technologies begin to disclose them

"....and that's the very important thing here that's why the space force that's why they're rushing it is because it's a battle for disclosure on one hand we know or the deep state knows that they are being outed they know that people are waking up they know they're figuring things out so the deep state they're disclosing some stuff by way of UFO secrets and secret government programs as well but that's a limited hangout disclosure that's a partial disclosure okay so the Alliance over here with Donald Trump and the military generals around him they know they have to disclose before the deep state does and in a more full way than the deep state will

"....because the deep state will only give a sliver of that truth it's what a limited hangout is a limited hangout is spy jargon that basically means you're gonna give up a tiny bit of the information so you can brush the rest under the rug and Donald Trump the administration over here they know that you know that the deep state is trying to pull that limited hang-up disclosure right now that's why you're seeing a bunch of articles in the mainstream about UFOs about this secret

"....UFO program called the AAT IP the a tip this is all a partial disclosure the deep state is doing to try to distract people from Q from these videos being released that they're trying to call deep fake from FISA being d-class all this stuff they're trying to distract with this limited hangout disclosure so Donald Trump the administration Q the white hats over here they're trying to create the space force so they can work to disclose these grand grand secrets in a more full way before the deep state does

".... if that all makes sense that's it's a very complex topic that I'm trying to give you the gist of here in five to ten minutes but uh hope I did well no I think I mean I get it hopefully everyone else does but a good I mean if they let this information out isn't this going to change our world the way we know it today we need it too we desperately need it too because when we look at the world when we look at all of these you know Kemp's trail geoengineering sprays over our heads when we look at the way our biosphere is crumbling and the amount of pollution that our earth is dealing with and when we look at our own bodies our own lives how many diseases that the general public has I mean autism is one in fifty one and thirty one in sixteen in some areas cancer is one in -

"....we've got degenerative diseases exponentially increasing I mean we need these technologies released for our own livelihoods and for the sake of our planet okay and it's gonna be uncomfortable I mean your audience my audience they are much more open-minded and aware and awakened than most but it's definitely still going to shock quite a bit of our audiences and especially the mass public that are far more unaware and ignorant than who's listening to us right now

"... it's gonna shock the heck out of them and they're gonna be angry sad this is gonna be all sorts of emotions flowing through them but you know that is a necessary event that just it needs to happen we have to rip the band-aid off because there's not much time we do not have much time not just because of the sickness within us and the plan but we are in the midst of some massive galactic changes going on

" might have heard the recent news in the mainstream about the Earth's pull shifting have you heard about that yeah yeah yeah and this is not a singular event and by that I mean this Earth's magnetic pole shift is galactic in nature meaning that we're going to see a shift of our star we could call it a micro Nova some of turn termed it a the solar flash or a galactic super wave coming in that you know a sends us here there's many different terminologies

"...we could use we could talk about it more scientifically or new-agey or whatever the case you know we could even go back to ancient scripture and see how they described the changes that we are in for right now but we are essentially we got a timeline here man we've got our poles shifting this could even manifest as a geophysical pole shift so not just the magnetic pole shifting but our earth even tilting and then tilting back so plus you add in the micro nova component micro nova essentially meaning like the Sun is going to give off a massive solar flare like a huge solar flare that will pretty much destroy our current EC electrical infrastructure

" this is why we need these zero-point energy technologies released to the public because we got to prepare we've got a got an upgrade our infrastructure quick so it can deal with any sort of solar flare cosmic ray impact pull shift you know this is this is as q says there's a 40,000 foot view and what we're talking about right here is far about far above that 40,000 foot view but it's this is reality and this is why

"'s beautiful that we've all been a born we've all incarnated here because we get to witness it but we're also gonna have to get our hands dirty you know the mass arrests we're all waiting for that's not the end of it just the beginning that's the beginning that's when we get rid of the folks who've been lying to us and who have been not letting us change our paradigm here and then we start getting our hands dirty we get to work with these technologies and redoing our infrastructure and re-educating all of our friends and family and whatnot so uh yeah yeah

"...I kind of went off on a rant there but it was a good rant that I think people need to hear so it's much much bigger than many people really realize what we're in for right here yeah I agree and I want to finish up with the Fed because all of us I mean right in the beginning when Q came out Q talk about the Rothschild banks gave us a list of all the banks around the world

"...and then recently Q has been mentioning the Fed mentioning gold gold will destroy the Fed the Fed will be restructured why do you think all of a sudden Q is now mentioning the Federal Reserve whew I really hope we're in for a good 2019 where the Fed either gets ended or definitely gets restructured probably easier to restructure it first and then end it later but I think we're in for Sumeet fireworks this year and a few dots to connect with that Federal Reserve topic so like you mentioned q said this was during that QA on December 12th right this was about a month and a half ago now gold will end the Fed

" essentially saying that we're gonna go back on some sort of gold standard or precious metal backed currency that's going to prevent inflation prevent you know and help us cheapen our goods because that's a Federal Reserve was created in 1913 the buying power of our dollar is dropped like 99.5% so if we had a gold standard to back our fiat currency with and make it essentially not fiat anymore we'd have much more buying power you know that one dollar and fifty cents gallon of gas would should still cost like 40 cents if not less than then

"...and I mean we can talk about the reasons why we don't need gas in the first place with free energy but anyway back onto the Fed we also have a couple of House resolutions that have been introduced into the house but are sort of sitting there on the back burner meaning that there's been no other sort of motions or votes on these particular house resolutions and there's three

"... that I'm gonna try to remember off the top of my head here the first one this one was introduced last year about ten months ago in March of 2018 this one is called hr5 404 and this again it was introduced but there's been no action on that sense so it's almost as if they're waiting to do anything else with it putting it on the back burner HR 5 404 literally says the headline of this bill states that it is to make our dollar as a fixed weight of gold something that affects basically put us back on a gold standard give us a fixed weight of gold per paper dollar amount essentially gold standard

"... then we have H R I believe 24 and H R 25 those ones are recent those got introduced into the house in this new session of Congress this year I think they were introduced within the very first few days of the new house in session which would have been about three weeks ago but anyway H R o I'm trying to get this up top my head H R 24 I think said abolish the IRS and the income tax and H R 25 said something to the effect of restructuring the federal reserve again I'm paraphrasing but these I know they were 24 and 25 I know those are the numbers and they were huge I mean huge talking about restructuring IRS maybe abolishing the income tax

"...the Federal Reserve so we've got a lot of House resolutions right now that are kind of sitting there that I think again you know so many different aspects in play in this grand game right now maybe after the Muller investigation wraps up and then FISA gets D classed and a few of these folks these deep Staters start getting arrested then we'll start seeing a lot of the foundation a lot of these seeds that were planted within the last year to begin to fruit like these house revolutions to restructure the Fed like the space force you know getting created and other things as well so it's gonna be a fun year man 2019 is gonna be a great one

"...yeah I think so too Jordan I want to thank you very much for coming on the x20 Q report spotlight once again how can people see your work people can see my work Jordan Sater calm they can still go to destroying the illusion calm you mentioned that at the beginning but Jordan say third calm sort of my new website that looks a little better and a little more streamlined so you can go there destroying the illusion dot or destroying the illusion on YouTube if they happen to censor me again terminate my channel just drawing the illusion 2.0 on YouTube and then you can find me on Instagram Twitter and Facebook those are the main ones that I use aside from YouTube great I'll put all those links at the bottom of the video so it makes it a lot easier for people to go over George no problem once again thank you very much for being on the spotlight I really appreciate it thank you for having me on Dave anytime thank you you you ...≺≺ less

Patriots Over The Target, Incoming, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom - Episode 1781b

X22Report ** Published on Feb 1, 2019
Summary: aid off in the mainstream media , Cory Booker, presidential race,Jordan asking mr. priest AB, BuzzFeed and vice media Verizon Media Group Gannett Huffington Post well they're all laying off people actually vice CEO now cuts 10%, Booker released a 12 page confidential, Venezuela is selling their gold reserves to United Arab Emirates , the missile treaty with Russia,Catholic teens, radical abortion laws,
".... as we know cue has not posted for quite a while few went dark for a couple of days and then all of a sudden today cue came back and posted two new posts but during this period of time what we have been watching we've been watching the deep state completely destroy themselves at every turn it seems like they were making these moves that Trump the Patriots forced them to do and this is part of the plan and they got nervous they got afraid and what what do people do when they're nervous and afraid ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....they make mistakes and that's what we're seeing look at the abortion issue look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg look at everything that's been going on they keep digging the hole deeper and deeper and this was done on purpose and we're gonna be going over Q's post in just a bit but let's start off with BuzzFeed and vice media Verizon Media Group Gannett Huffington Post well they're all laying off people actually vice CEO now cuts 10% of its staff they're looking to get rid of 250 people

"....and we can see Trump was right there is going to be more and more people that are being laid off in the mainstream media people are starting to realize that they do not tell the truth and I think the propaganda machine is running out of funding because I think Trump cut it off remember Obama set up the propaganda machine and others

"....I should say and they were being funded now that funding is drying up we see Cory Booker he decided to put his hat into the presidential race but we need to remember that Booker well he's coming off a string of embarrassing scandals and we know that people are gonna take advantage of this

".... remember when Cavanaugh was answering questions during the hearing and Booker released a 12 page confidential 12 pages of confidential emails which turned out to be absolutely nothing it was a total dud he just kind of made it all up well people are gonna remember all this

"....but we need to remember something very very important q posted 2219 and said watch those announcing 2020 presidential running you cannot attack a political opponent none are protected none are safe and of course you can see there are many many people getting into the campaign race and it looks like they're trying to protect themselves somehow some way

" seems like the deeps a is throwing everything they possibly can at this and they're hoping that something sticks which I don't think it's going to happen we see that there's another leak from a transcript now another unsourced leaked of a congressional hearing transcript to the epic x highlights the testimony of former FBI director counterintelligence bill priest AB

" the question surrounds why congressional leaders including the gang of eight were not briefed about the opening of a counterintelligence operation into a presidential campaign the investigation began on July 31st 2016 Congress was not notified until early March of 2017 here's a snapshot of representative Jordan asking mr. priest AB the question

"....I guess what I'm asking mr. priest AB is who made the decision not to brief Congress in this particular instance mr. priest AB said mr. Comey now this answer seems to be directly contradicting the March 20th 2017 testimony of FBI director Comey now he said something completely different

" in the opening testimony of Comey he said Congress was not notified upon the advice of the Director of counterintelligence bill priest M however in closed testimony bill priest AB says Congress not was not notified because of a decision by FBI director James Comey so right there we have a problem now we're starting to see a lot of these little leaks come out and I believe this is from the White House getting us prepared for what is coming letting us know that yeah we have it all

"....and you can see how none of this makes sense when the truth gets out there Trump tweeted out the following Nelly or the wife of Department of Justice official Bruce or was long ago investigating for pay pS fusion members of my family feeding it to her husband who was then giving it to the FBI even though it was created by now stood and discredited Christopher steel illegal witch-hunt all capitals

" you can see how they're starting to put all of this together and they're continually dropping the carpet bombs one after another remember Q said this was going to happen before the mother of all bombs was dropped they'd have to let all this information and they'd have to let the mainstream media try to figure out how they're going to explain this all and that's what they're doing they're in a mad rush trying to figure out how we're going to cover this and what they're going to do is

"....they're gonna drop carpet bomb after carpet bomb after carpet bomb the mainstream media will not be able to handle all of this hitting at once they want to keep them so busy with all of this trying to cover up what they've done that as they keep releasing this information it's going to be a disaster for them

".... so we see that another piece of information was brought out into the open and the fake nudes implodes on itself what happened well the three phone calls by Donald Trump jr. to block numbers in June 2016 fueled a rampant media speculation that Donald Trump jr. was coordinating with his father and at the time it was candidate Trump over the substance of the Trump Tower meeting before and after

" took place so SSCI vice chairman Mark Warner and HP sei Chairman Adam Schiff both sold a suspicion narrative that candidate Trump and Trump jr. were organizing coordinating including with Russians special counsel Robert Mueller and his primary investigative asset Andrew Weissman fueled the Russian conspiracy speculation with targeted leaks to allies in the media however the truth came out investigators on the Senate Intelligence Committee have learned the identities of three blocked phone calls with Donald Trump jr. just before and after the now-infamous trump tower meeting on June 9th 2016

" this member this is coming from the Senate Intelligence Committee the Senate was the key the calls to block members which came on June 6 and after the meeting on June 9th were between drunk Trump jr. cell phone and two family friends NASCAR CEO Brian France and real estate developer Howard Lorber boom so Chuck Ross tweets out the following new evidence destroys atom shifts theory about Trump Tower meeting and of course as we know the mainstream media they're gonna go crazy

"....and they're gonna try to figure out a way how to cover this up which they're doing right now but remember this is just the beginning and you can see that there's been leak after leak everything's contradicting we can see that informations coming out about the Trump Tower meeting everything that Schiff and mortar said is now false

"....think about what is happening right now so Trump tweeted out the following just out the big deal very mysterious Don jr. telephone calls after the innocent Trump Tower meeting that the media and damn said were made to his father and he's at me were just conclusively found not all caps to be made to me they were made to friends and business associates of Don really sad

"....and Trump said this witch-hunt must end and I agree with him it has to end here I mean how much more information has to come out to show everyone that there's something wrong here that maybe the investigation should be turned around and in maybe we should start investigating the FISA applications the Clinton emails the destruction of the Clinton emails maybe the uranium one

" something very interesting because Trump continually says this and it seems like he might be setting up all these individuals when he continually tweets out or speaks about this now what he's saying is that rod Rosenstein a toward him he is not a Muller target now he continually says that that there are short assuring me they are telling me that he is not a target of this investigation but we know he is we he knows we know that this is a lie and I think later on he's going to use this against them I think that's what he's pushing for

" it's very interesting with this border wall going on with all these investigations faith in Congress now is at its lowest point Gallup did a survey 35 percent trust the government to handle domestic problems only 35 percent that means 65 percent don't 41 percent believe that Congress can handle international issues which means 59 percent don't believe it I mean this should tell you something I mean look at the border wall fight right now they know that the people in Congress are not working in the best interest for America

".... and it's starting to show up in these polls but Nancy Pelosi is out there and she is backtracking on this wall now yesterday we talked about the wall and Trump came out and said you know why don't we just call this a wall and I believe they were throwing all these terms out there because eventually when the wall is built they're gonna have to say oh no it's really a fence oh no it's not a wall they didn't build a wall they actually built a fence and this is exactly what Pelosi is doing she is basically trying to protect herself when everything starts to fall apart

" Q did tell us that red castle green castle they're going to build the wall and we know it's the US Army Corps of engineer now in Annan on January 31st took a picture and it shows someone in a yellow construction vest with red castle on the back overseeing the wall so another Q come from I do believe so now representative Eric SWA well tweeted out something very interesting and here's his tweeting it's Friday so call me crazy but I can't wait for next week on Wednesday our House Judiciary Committee will have the first hearing on gun violence in eight years

"....a new Congress is putting your right to be safe over any other rights hmm you're right to be safe over any other rights you mean over the Second Amendment right well because the right to be safe is the Second Amendment but okay so what does this tell us it seems that they're pushing gun control once again and they're trying to get movement they'll need to get movement to pass anything to get it through yes they might get it done in the house but remember the Senate was the key

"....the Senate is the firewall to get it through the Senate what do you think they're gonna have to do well they're gonna have to use maybe some type of an event so be ready for some type of false flag that involves a shootout maybe in a school again maybe someplace else a movie theater who knows Airport

"....we don't know but you can see that they're planning on this next week now what's very interesting is that the parkland Florida High School shooting happened February 14th of last year were right around that time frame now of course most likely they're going to use this to push the negotiations in the house

"....but you know it's going to stall when it hits the Senate they're going to have to do something to push it and we'll have to see how that turns out now the other day the mainstream media was pushing the narrative that the intelligence community was not in sync with Trump and we need to remember when Trump first came into office he was he was instructed not to deal with the intelligence community they were controlled by the deep state the old guard

"....there was Brandon clapper and the rest and they were still trying to push their agenda back then they're still trying to push it now but I do believe Trump and the Patriots the taking control of many of these different agencies right now and I think the mainstream media they were out there looking at the Senate hearing and they were picking and choosing what they wanted and they were reporting on what was being done there and Trump did come out against the intelligence agencies

"....but I do believe that since Trump had a sit-down with the intelligence agencies they might not be perfectly on the same page but I do believe the Patriots aren't in control Trump tweeted out the following just concluded a great meeting with my Intel team up in the Oval Office who told me that what they said on Tuesday at the sending hearing was mischaracterized by the media and we are very much in agreement on Iran Islamic State North Korea their testimony was distorted press

"....I would suggest you read the complete testimony from Tuesday a false narrative is so bad for our country I value our intelligence community happily we had a very good meeting and we're all on the same page now this doesn't mean that Trump is going to listen to the intelligence community he is still working with military intelligence million military intelligence is still in control because this is part of the plan

"....and we see out in Venezuela there are now stories that Venezuela is selling their gold reserves to United Arab Emirates some people are saying that Russia's involved with this Russia saying we have we're not involved in this whatsoever now but what's very interesting about this whole Venezuela coup is that Trump is giving the deep state what they want and for years the deep state and this is the countries of Europe the people here the neocons here in the United States they were pushing a regime change in Venezuela

"....and I noticed that Trump likes to give these individuals what they want during Syria he gave them what they wanted he fired missiles into Syria now they thought the targets who were the Assad forces to allow the Islamic state to gain more ground like Obama was doing but he flipped the table on them and basically they were hitting their infrastructure and destroying everything else

"....and it looks like Assad and Russia they were worn in the base was empty with North Korea he came out shouting at Kim jong-eun calling him fat boy saying our nuclear button was bigger than yours and if you don't stop it we're going in and we're going to take over the country here with Venezuela he called up the opposition leader and said you're now the president gave the neocons the deep state exactly what they wanted

"....the question again is why what's the endgame here is this opposition leader gonna overthrow Maduro we'll have to wait and see if the opposition leader does overthrow the leader well that would be the people deciding to do this but if the opposition leader does not overthrow Maduro once again the people decided not to rally behind this individual

".... but why again is Trump doing this maybe he's exposing those individuals who were neocons deep State and the rest how else do you know who is involved with what unless you expose them and see where their loyalty lays I think he did this with North Korea I think he did this with Syria and it looks like he might be doing it this with Venezuela

"....because look at the mainstream media outlets New York Times they are all on the side for regime change I mean they're going out of their way to report on this now the other thing that I see happening is reporters are asking all these individuals that talked about Russian collusion they were talking about how dare another country metal in the United States in the election they asked like Blumenthal they asked Pelosi they asked many others

"....well don't you feel it's the same exact thing the United States is meddling in Venezuela where we're meddling in their election and in their country and they couldn't answer actually Muslims just walked away so is Trump setting these people up exposing certain individuals well we can see there is a plan here

"....and I don't believe it's the plan of the deep state the neocons I think it's something completely different and if the people decide not to rally around this opposition leader well game over for the deep state game over for all these individuals

" it looks like Trump he is going to officially quit the missile treaty with Russia and they're blaming this all on Russia saying that they're not binding by the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty and I do believe that this whole thing has to be rewritten I believe other countries have to be brought into this I don't think it's just for Russia and I think this is just the beginning stages and remember trump is undoing everything the deep state has done in the past

" in the beginning it might look like oh this is bad but in the end you will see that it is good just like ending these wars out in Afghanistan and in Syria Trump tweeted out the following I inherited a total mess in Syrian Afghanistan the endless war is unlimited spending and death during my campaign I said very strongly that these wars must finally end we spend 50 billion a year in Afghanistan and we've hit them so hard that we are now talking peace after 18 long years Syria was loaded with Islamic state until I came along we will soon destroy 100% of the Caliphate but we'll be watching them closely it is now time to start coming home and after many years spending our money wisely certainly people must get smart Trump

" if he's bringing the troops home from Afghanistan he's telling the American people that these are ridiculous endless wars we're spending a huge amount of money do you really think we're going to war in Venezuela absolutely not he knows what the deep state is up to he knows what the neocons want why do you think the Senate right now certain individuals are trying to stop the troops from coming home

".... because they want the troops there they have an agenda same thing with Venezuela now very interestingly general Flynn changed his background it looks like it's a sunrise and the Sun is higher in the sky dark to light it means change is coming and it's happening right now now q came out and posted two posts 2674 linked us back to a previous post and this is what it says is back in November 3rd 2018 D party con when you can't raise money organically through party individual donations voter base you steal it from the American taxpayer and give it back to yourself in the form of campaign contributions

"....example one Planned Parenthood 1.5 billion provided in taxpayer funding over three year period case one Planned Parenthood spent 30 million disclosed will estimates close to 65 million in taxpayer subsidies to influence the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections conclusion should it be legal for tax payer D+ R+ i Democrat Republican independent funded organizations to donate massive amounts of money to the D Party in an effort to sway an election democrat insider term t walsh rebury drops Soros and taxpayer funding your hard-earned tax dollars at work vote vote vote now below this queue says last post before going dark are e Planned Parenthood and brackets bold what events follow that post coincidence an ins understand so what events did follow this

"....well we saw a fake new smears of the Cummington Catholic teens we saw the push on January 7th of rover suede that was in jeopardy because of our BG she had cancer she had an operation then they said they haven't she had pneumonia she canceled events in January and February and no knee no one has seen her

" they're very worried that she is not coming back and Trump would be able to put another individual in her place so Clinton made the call and said ok we need to start working on abortion bills so New York signed an abortion law allowing full term abortions Virginia and others they filed along and they did the same we saw the March for life and at the same time the fifth District Court of Appeals paved the way for Texas to strip Planned Parenthood of medical Medicaid funds

"....and Trump it looks like he's going to include radical abortion laws in the State of the Union address and you can see all these individuals that were pushing these abortion bills a lot of questions are coming up and a lot of things are going wrong for them and it looks like q the Patriots they're sitting back and watching this a lot has happened then q post 2675 and it shows two fighter jets

" looks like it's during dusk and they're flying off someplace with jet with their thrusters at full throttle here and you can see it in the picture now this is a pair of US Air Force f-15e Strike Eagles they're flying over northern Iraq after conducting air strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant targets in Syria this was September 23rd 2014 this is a Department of Defense photo now this photo was used many many times before

".... this is not the first time we've seen this photo this photo always is B it's always being used in all the articles when we strike different areas in the Middle East for example Israeli missiles hit Damascus Airport defense talk com that picture was shown us attack on pro Damascus forces attempt to support terrorism that photo was shown US aircraft strike Syria military convoy that showed oh that photo was shown so as you can see the photo is being used over and over and over again so what is Q actually mean by this

".... does this mean the Patriots are about are about to strike at the deep state does this mean the Patriots are now over the target and ready to let loose well that brings us back to 26 68 for things that are going to happen and q back in January of January 11th of 2019 just put boom boom boom boom it looks like the Patriots are ready it looks like something is about to happen ...≺≺ less

Trump Just Projected Into The Future, Did You Catch It - Episode 1780b

X22Report ** Published on Jan 31, 2019
".... Trump was doing an interview with the Daily Caller and he was talking about RBG and he said something very interesting which he hasn't said in a very long time I seen since December where he hopes RBG gets better or well very soon and it seems to me that he might be projecting right now and we're gonna be talking about that in just a minute but ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....first I wanted to start off with Senator Lindsey Graham he wrote a letter to the FBI director Christopher ray requesting a briefing on the FBI conduct during the raid and arrest of Roger stone and he wrote this letter to the FBI wanting an explanation on why they did this in that way and he's asking the following questions why was it necessary to arrest mr. stone at his home in early-morning hours rather than working through his attorneys to permit him to surrender voluntarily why was the manner of mr. stones arrest consistent with the arrest of and procedures for the arrests of similar charged individuals

" right now Lindsey Graham wants some answers why was this done this now it looks like a federal judge in Florida ordered the public release of dozens of documents kept under seal during BuzzFeed's lawsuit over the steel dossier District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro ordered the documents we made public by February 8th more than 40 records using the case are listed in the order on gaara's decision was will shed light into the discovery process during the defamation case which included depositions with dossier author Christopher steel and the founders of fusion GPS the opposition research firm that hired steel

" we'll have to wait to see what these documents and what they have in them and what it tells us so it looks like they're ordered to do this by February 8th let's see what BuzzFeed does now it looks like within the Muller team there's another investigator that comes under scrutiny right now and this is Jean Erie she is a former Justice Department lawyer who joined Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team she is also previously represented the Clinton Foundation in the past she was a partner at Wilmer Hale law firm she represented former Obama security adviser Ben Rhodes

"....and we can see right now that she is on the team now you can see there's a conflict of interest here and there are problems with Mueller's team from the beginning but of course we know this is what they've done and they've done it on purpose and they placed certain individuals on his team and Republican lawmakers they are putting Mueller and his team under the microscope

"....House Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert good lot held the hearing with FBI director Chris of Ray and he brought up this issue and they want more information on this but we know why the deep state did this we know why they placed Mueller there to block everything that Trump is trying to do they knew eventually that Trump was going to order a declassification they wanted Mueller there so they could block it and say he's interfering with the investigation

"....but Mueller has his own problems because he is involved in the uranium one deal so he's there trying to save himself because as we know he met with Trump beforehand and we know it wasn't to take on the FBI Director position because he wasn't allowed to because he served too many years in that position so the question always comes back to why did he meet with Trump

"....and I think we know why now Trump he's gonna be nominating three judges to the liberal 9th Circuit Court and he intends to nominate Daniel breasts Daniel Collins Kenneth Lee to the San Francisco appeals court which is going to pose a problem for the deep state operatives that control that Court and you can see what Trump is doing he is placing individuals in all these different areas to start to take control one step at a time

"....remember at the deep state has been in control for a very long time Trump has been in office a little over two years but the Trump and the Patriots they are pushing hard and they are working very very quickly to put everything in place now Trump said that more US troops are being deployed to the southern border but argue that yes we need a wall

"....he tweeted out more troops being sent to the southern border to stop the attempted invasion of illegals through large caravans into our country we have stopped the previous caravans and we will stop these also with a wall it would be so much easier and less expensive being built now a lot of people are out there saying well look we're able to stop these caravans without the wall

"....yes but we need to remember Trump is continually spending a lot more money bringing down the troops to keep these individuals back it would be less money if we had the wall and we let the border security do their job it would be an easier job for them so yes he needs to bring the troops down there every single time we see these caravans moving up to the borders and they need to put up these makeshift walls with barbed wire and everything else to keep them back so that argument is kind of out the window that everyone is trying to say well we don't have walls now and look we're keeping them back

"....well that's because we have troops down there Trump continued with his tweeting large sections of wall have already been built with much more either under construction or ready to go renovation of existing walls is also a very big part of the plan to finally after many decades for properly secure our borders the wall is getting done one way or the other Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee are wasting their time Democrats despite all the evidence proofing caravans coming are not going to give money to build the desperately needed wall

".... I've got you covered wall is already being built I don't expect much help now the mainstream media and deep say they are continually using all these different words for the wall it's a fence it's a slanted fence it's just a makeshift barrier it's not really this it's not that and they're doing this to confuse the public so when they have to give where they have to explain why this was built they can say well it's not really a wall it's a fence and we always said no to the wall but what they did was they built a fence so Trump said let's just call them walls from now on and stop playing political games

"....a wall is a wall now if we put steel slots that are 20 30 feet high along the border and nobody can get through it's a wall it keeps people back it doesn't matter if it's concrete it doesn't mean matter if it's solid steel it doesn't mean doesn't matter it's a wall that keeps these individuals back and we can see that the deep state the Dems they're trying to wordplay and make it seem like oh no we didn't agree to the wall you see we never gave in and you could see why we need the wall

"....night cameras they spotted illegals trying to get into the country this was tweeted out by CBP Arizona camera operatives observed a group of a hundred and twenty three illegals crossing the vehicle barriers near Yuma last Friday and they're continually apprehending one to two hundred Central Americans per day it'd be a lot easier if there was a wall it would be a lot harder for them to get over the wall but we know the wall is just not to keep the illegals out it's to stop the deep state drug running human trafficking and the rest

"....because we know they use these funds they make their money by having this all come over the border and they understand that if a wall is built guess what their funding is cut off and they know this now the clock is ticking down on the amount of time Congress has left to come up with a deal and so far it's not going well mark meadows tweets out Democrats insisted for a month they were ready to negotiate on border security when government reopened it's been nearly a week and we have yet to see even one dem compromise counteroffer to the multiple proposals from POTUS this is not a negotiation one side isn't negotiating

".... now if you've been following me for quite a while we all understand how the deep state operates they are like the Sith in Star Wars they only see black and white they don't see the gray area and what they do is you either do it our way or that's it we've seen it in Syria receivin we've seen it in Ukraine we've seen in Iraq we've seen it in Lebanon why do you think we had Wars there why do you think we had regime change there because they said either you do it this way or that's it there was no negotiation

" mark Meadows continues amazing parley 24 hours into conference talks and speaker Pelosi announces no wall money in a bill this is a total and open refusal to even negotiate on something fundamental to secure borders stop pretending Democrats are negotiating Democrats aren't even pretending but we have to remember Trump really holds all the cards and Bill Mitchell explains at speaker Pelosi could have gotten a good deal for dreamers in exchange for the wall but know her pride came first actually her other agenda came first

"....Trump will get his wall and Nancy's base will get jack squat proud of your great leader now Democrats think about what was offered for the wall if there is no deal Pelosi and team will get nothing and Trump will build the wall Nancy Pelosi said that there is no money for the wall she's on a different agenda and we all know what that is but we also need to remember something very important people are starting to wake up and they're starting to realize that Nancy Pelosi is not even negotiating she doesn't care about border security she doesn't care about helping the American person she doesn't want to give in on any of these offers that Trump is making

"....and it seems like she doesn't even care about the dreamers as they call them but if she does fold they're going to use that word play where they gave in but they didn't give in to the wall they gave in to a fence or some type of barrier to try to save face but it's not going to work because what Trump is going to build he's going to build a wall he's not gonna build a makeshift barrier he's not gonna make a fence that swings open it's going to be a wall doesn't matter if it's still slotted doesn't matter if it's solid concrete doesn't matter if it's solid steel it's going to be a wall and there's no way around this

" it looks like Makran he is coming down hard on the yellow vests and it looks like there's a free speech debate that is brewing in France and what they're doing right now is they've come up with this ante hooligan bill which is expected to secure approval next week it grants the police greater powers to identify and detain potential troublemakers from demonstrations so this is an anti mask bill and they're saying that people cannot wear masks because they want to identify them with what facial recognition

" here we already Charles de Corson from the centrist UDI Party told Parliament the law was extremely dangerous he said is as if we're back under the vici regime the Nazi collaborationist regime of the 1940s you're presumed to be a resistance so we throw you in prison wake up wake up colleagues the day you have a different government empower a fire a far-right government and you're in opposition you'll see that it's pure madness to vote for this text of course many of the protesters they're wearing gas masks to protect themselves from tear gas they want these mass removed so they can see and identify every single person

" see what's happening here I know everyone thought of facial recognition is gonna be fantastic to stop the criminals no it was always developed and always and was always gonna be used for the people so they can identify and round up those individuals if something like this happens and we can see it being played out right here

"....we see there are major protests in Venezuela right now Trump tweeted out large protests all across Venezuela today against Maduro the fight for freedom has begun and we'll have to watch what happens in Venezuela I do believe that this is a move by Trump and the Patriots because think about what has been happening in Venezuela for all these years the deep state has been trying to get in there for a very long time and if you look all the European countries all the deep state actors they're all out there saying yes yes yes this is what we want

"....and it reminds me of Syria once again when Trump was bombing Syria giving them what they wanted remember Obama they wanted him to do this Trump went ahead and did this and confuse them completely they always wanted to go into Venezuela they always wanted to have a riot they always wanted to push Maduro out so guess what Trump did here we go let's do it but again it's not for the reasons everyone thinks

" very interestingly Saudi Arabia they confirm there's a hundred billion seized in a corruption crackdown remember in Saudi Arabia there was a coup and they overtook the deep state operatives now with the murder of Khashoggi what the intelligence organizations the deep state what they tried to do is they tried to switch this back but it didn't work

"....the government right now has summoned 381 people including witnesses as part of a crackdown settlements were reached with 87 after they confessed to the charges against them eight people refused to settle and were referred to prosecutors for further charges the Attorney General refused to settle with 56 people because of existing criminal charges against them seized assets recovered included real estate companies in cash the government believes the crackdown was necessary as the Kingdom embarked on a raft of mbss economic reforms

" we need to go back to Q's post let's go back to post 83 this is November 4th 2017 and Q wrote simplified Alice and wonderland Hillary and Saudi Arabia references Hillary Clinton in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Saudi Arabia the bloody Wonderland post 24 2014 I norges 31st 2018 q gave us a a screenshot of August 15 2018 and it says Saudi Arabia access closed to pedophilia human trafficking and the rest and there many other places that are closed

" know Epstein Island Haiti North Korea and the rest so they should cue the Patriots they shut it all down and we need to go back in time when the coup was happening Saudi Arabia they arrested all their corrupt Prince's they even down to a helicopter were corrupt officials were trying to escape Saudis also ties with Hillary

"....because remember this is where everything was happening it was all shut down and what they're doing right now is cleanup work remember Trump the Patriots they are now cleaning up the deep State around the world everything that they put into place that is what they're doing now Q has always told us that we're watching a show and we are definitely watching the show but we have to remember this show is scripted and directed by the Patriots

"....Burn Notice tweeted the following out start of the thread is anything really happening for those following us and world politics it must be accepted that we are in a weird time of civilization let me focus just on Trump's tweets my favorite was Co Fifi Co V Fe Fe and the mainstream media went crazy over this because they thought he misspelled it

"....and if you read some of the articles it says oh it comes from a Samoan language and they were trying to make heads and tails of it and this is what Trump does to troll the mainstream media but CoV Fe Fe is a chart to 884 it was introduced in the house on 6:12 2017 this is the communications over various feeds electronically for engagement Act of 2017 this bill amends provisions governing present presidential records revise the definition of documentary material to include social media revise the definition of presidential records to include any personal and official

" media account defined social media as any form of electronic communication such as website for social networking and microblogging through which users create in online community to share information ideas personal messages and other content and he did this on purpose he has been misspelling on purpose and we know a lot of the misspelling there are certain codes that we figure out

".... let me continue Trump seems to love to facilitate tremendous ridicule CoV fe fe was so brilliant because it preserved every tweet as a presidential record what is funnier is that Cove Fifi Act of 2017 was moved by the Democrats Trump has nicknames for every villain crooked Hillary cryin Chuck Schumer leaked and James Comey little Adam Pocahontas Peter struck and his lover you can add many others if I missed any Trump has developed a cast that rivals a TV sitcom to say that nothing is happening is a statement of ignorance what is happening however requires some speculation and hard research

"....I am very sympathetic to those who still rely on mainstream media to confirm things this is the great awakening and we are all awake at different times Trump was very clear going into the election what he was intending to do to those who we call deep state he is ambiguous and crass now but he wasn't before he was elected now you need to watch the video that will get him elected

"....and we've watched that before and he lays it out for anyone uncertain about what Trump is all about the Al Smith dinner speech clarifies everything this is the greatest cleverest and funniest speech ever in the context of a future takedown listen carefully to every single word must watch now if you want to see this you can come to the x-22 report scroll down in this report all the way to the bottom

"....and look for Burn Notice number six and the link is there but this is a speech that he gave and he was calling out the Clintons the Vatican and everything else pretty much telling you what he was going to do back then number seven this is the greatest troll speech ever let alone by a would-be president his rhythm and presentation is quality stand-up comedy watch it and agree when crowd boos the email scandal reference

"....Trump says I don't know who they're angrier at Hillary you or I number eight Trump goes on mercilessly 12:26 everyone knows of course Hillary Hillary's belief that it takes a village which only makes sense after all in places like Haiti where she has taken a number of them abuse thank you Trump didn't roll like this to then to do nothing number nine fast forward to now Trump said he would appoint a special counsel and take down the deep state

"....Trump is waking people up how he's doing it by exposing blockages he is calling for people to wake him up to fix the judicial system the shifts this shifts consciousness there is much confusion many are unsure about alliances and loyalties and whether Trump is in control this lures us into judgment of someone without evidence to not fall into the trap our Authority is to accuse the evidence the more we shout the more we now everyone is still looking to the media to confirm victory

"....stop and think about what I just said above who are we granting authority to confirm our reality reread the above question this is a life-changing insight the mainstream media may never confirm our victory what even defines a victory in this war there have been so many booms but still many Patriots become Restless with a lack of action

"....POTUS is now fighting our expectations as well as a deep state two enemies really so let's change gear and look at the real issues here we are in the Great Awakening all else is a distraction therefore we must ask who informs our reality where does your information get its information where does your intuition agree with your reality you are being given what are we awakening into do you really know a new realm of right and wrong a new ruler over us a political party that better reflects my beliefs new colors in the rainbow correct theology seriously folks

"....what is going on here on earth and you can see that this entire show is scripted and directed by the Patriots I mean if you listen to what Burn Notice says Trump has laid out the caste for us and letting us know what is about to happen now there is so much panic in DC and we can see it by the way Brennan is tweeting out

" former CIA chief turned Twitter troll John Brennan attack Trump over the weekend Trump reacted to Mueller's indictment of Roger stone and asked what will be done about Comey Brennan clapper and others for lying to Congress so this is what Brennan was replying to if Roger stone was indicted for lying to Congress what about lying done by Comey Brennan clapper Alicia page and lover baker and so many others what about Hillary to the FBI and her 33,000 deleted emails what about Lisa and Peter's deleted texts and weiners laptop much more

" Brennan he exploded and tweeted out the phone now we read this tweet before but let me just read it again so you can get an idea of where this is all going your cabal of unprincipled unethical dishonest and sycophantic cronies is being methodically brought to justice we all know where this trail leads if you utter incompetence is not enough to run you out of office you're increasingly obvious political corruption surely will then he followed up with this one your refusal to accept the unanimous assessment of US intelligence on Iran North Korea Isis Russia and so much more shows the extent of her intellectual bankruptcy

"....all Americans especially members of Congress need to understand the danger you pose to our national security so as always Brennan is projecting because he is the one who perjured himself in public testimony about the dossier and you can see with his emotions running very very high he's scared

" Paul Sperry he reported the following and this is via real clear investigations in his may 2017 testimony before the intelligence panel Brennan and fanuc Lee denied the dossier factored into the intelligence community's publicly released conclusion last year that Russia meddled in the 2016 election to help Trump chances to victory Brennan also swore that he did not know who commissioned the anti-trump research document even though senior national security and counter intelligence officials at the Justice Department and FBI knew the previous year that the dossier was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign

"....Brennan's fingerprints are all over the spy gate scandal so Brennan's fingerprints are all over spy gate Brennan plus GCHQ Brennan Plus fusion cell plus Obama briefs Brennan plus struck an ICA Brennan plus congressional briefings on dossier Brennan plus Harry Reid pressuring Comey Brennan plus Nellie or and on and on and on Brennan is scared he knows what's coming

"....and you can see by his tweets he is in full panic mode now what's very interesting is that there is a call out there and the Kohl is over Roe vs. Wade and abortion and it seems like Hillary Clinton kicked this all off now we read her tweet once before but let me read it again this is January 7th 2019 our democracy is broken how Stratman Kratz first bill HR 1 would help fix it call your representative now and ask them to support automatic voter registration restoring the voter Rights Act and lessening the influence of big money in politics this also led into Hillary going along with Cuomo in New York and pushing abortion rights

"....this whole thing was kicked off and that looked like that was the signal and then since that time we can see that in Virginia in Oregon in New York which we just met they're all pushing abortion bills now a video clip of a Virginia lawmaker Kathy trained she was out there and she was explaining the bill and this thing went viral

"....because when she was asked you know can you kill the baby at full-term she said yes you can and people were taken back by this and this started the whole ball rolling but you can see that they started to push the abortion bills now for Virginia governor he's defending the bill Oregon governor is supporting yuna's universal government visits for all newborns and their parents

"....I mean this is getting a little crazy here so what is happening why is there such a push why do we see all this happening right now well let's go back a little bit we know that RBG well she went into surgery we haven't seen her in a very long time they said the she had pneumonia she's canceled her engagements in January in February Donna Brazile tweeted out strange menaces about a dog named boo who was 12 years old which is about 84 years old in human life

"....and Trump hasn't tweeted anything about RBG since December 22nd 2018 where he said wishing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a full and speedy recovery but just lately Trump was being interviewed and I do believe this was an interview on The Daily Caller and it went something like this Trump wished Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg good health and said it was likely the person he nominates to fill the next vacancy on the court would come from his previously release list I hope that she's healthy I hope she's happy I hope she lives for a long time Trump said

" he's out there telling everyone that he hopes RBG is healthy she's happy and she lives for a long time but he's also saying that he's going to pick a person to fill her position and its most likely going to be from the previous list now this is very interesting if she's healthy healthy she's going to live a long time why is he going to choose someone he wouldn't have to

"....woody that brings us back to post 26 71 cue said on January 11th 2019 and remember that Donna Brazile tweeted out on January 19th eight days later about the dog named boo and cue says in post 26 71 if a woman is selected as the nominee does that eliminate the wrap-ups mere re sexual assault what other tactics might be planned to blanc and/or force name removal why is the senate important who controls the senate 53 247 enjoy the show

" when you start to put all this together and you read what Trump said that he wished Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg good health and said it was likely the person he nominates to fill the next vacancy on the court would come from his previously release list back in January 11th Q has told us that what happens if a woman is selected his previous list included a woman Barrett and she was religious Catholic and they started to write smear articles about her it looks like Trump might be projecting right now letting us know what is about to happen we'll have to see how this all plays out ...≺≺ less

Trump Signals The Economic Agenda, Gold Standard - Episode 1779a

X22Report** Published on Jan 30, 2019
"....hi and welcome you listening to the x-22 report my name is Dave and this is episode 1779 and today's date is January 30th 2019 and the top of the episode is Trump signals the economic agenda gold standard now before I get started I wanted to talk about Trump you might have heard in the news that President Trump is withdrawing 2,000 of our boys and girls out of Syria just a while ago he took an 11 hour flight and darkness and total secrecy could go out to Iraq with first lady to visit the troops there he said were no longer the sucker folks was his storming declaration with President Trump ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" out in the UK we see the deep state the central bank they are really pushing very very hard to make sure they get their way and we talked about fear-mongering before and they're just continuing with this I mean they're saying if the UK does a hard brexit basically No Deal Britain is going to look like a post-apocalyptic Australia from Mad Max and Britons will have to battle it out just like in Thunderdome where they need to get food medicine supplies fuel and things like that

"....I mean this just sounds crazy well it is the notion that reverting to the World Trade Organization rules on trade would cause anything beyond a transient disruption to supply chains is ridiculous on its face what they're doing is they are scaring the people they are scaring the Predators they don't want this Agreement to go forward without the EU the central bank in control of what it says

"....and you can see that they're just pushing their agenda by scaring everybody this is what the central bank tongues now why are they pushing fear whenever a central bank pushes fear or demonize maybe gold cryptocurrency or anything like that always think mirror now a study was done by several UK universities that concluded that a No Deal brexit could lead to thousands more deaths by 2030 the reason get this rising fruit and vegetable prices could lead to a spike in unhealthy eating

" when you read the headline it sounds like oh my god as soon as this happens everyone's gonna die I mean this is what they're reporting here what do you think is gonna happen if the central bank doesn't get their way why do you think the central bank is fighting so hard to make sure that they stick to their deal because if or when the UK decides to separate themselves they're afraid that the UK is going to prosper

"....remember right after the referendum they said it's going to be a complete and utter disaster the economy is going to crash nothing happened this is what they're most afraid of they're afraid that if the UK does well without the EU without the central bank other countries are going to start to catch on that is their biggest fear

"......remember the deep state the central bank's what they normally do is they push fear to convince everyone in doing it their way and if you don't do it their way well then they come up with events and other things to force you into doing it their way but what this shows us is something very very important and we see it's spreading around the world this was just the beginning this referendum to go up against the central banks

"....we see the yellow vests we see the people around the world they're waking up this is the the biggest nightmare the central bank's the deep state could ever imagine the people waking up now here in the United States Trump the Patriots with cue they've been waking up the people very very slowly trying to get them used to the idea that we have corruption we have treat treasonous individuals in the essent

"....I know many people that have been looking at this for a very long time you already knew this but think of the thousands hundreds of thousands millions of people that never knew about this and the reason why they're doing this is because they're preparing a transition preparing to reset the entire system and to point the finger at those who are responsible for putting us into this place that were in today and that is a central bank deep state system

" Trump right now we discussed many times before he's bringing back jobs now ADP they reported that manufacturing jobs they have surged the most since 2012 and it looks like more and more manufacturing jobs are coming back to the United States now something very important the mainstream media the deep state the Dems they continually tell us that this shutdown well it hurt the economy it hurt the jobs are heard everything

"....Mark Zandi chief economist of Moody's Analytics said the following the job market weathered the government shutdown well despite the severe disruptions business continued to add aggressively to their payrolls manufacturing jobs increased having the government shutdown really doesn't affect the private sector that much yes I know there are businesses that are connected to the government but most of the businesses around the country are not and they're not really affected by a government shutdown

"....and this just shows us once again that the government shutdown really did not have that much effect on the everyday person yes there are certain agencies within the government that are going to be affected because they didn't get paid but overall no one really felt any difference if the government was open or closed except for the mainstream media out there making it a really really big deal

" here in the United States we know the economy is deteriorating q has been telling us that the deep state the central bank the bad guys in the central bank they were preparing to bring down the economy in 2020 by raising the interest rates and we know that Trump completely took control of the Fed

"....yes Powell Trump working together and they figured out this plan and they knew that there are certain individuals that started out where they were raising the rates and they were gonna eventually bring down the economy during the election time this is why the mainstream media was out there reporting that in 2020 that's when we're going how the recession I mean all of a sudden they know exactly when the economy's gonna rip itself apart which is kind of unbelievable unless they had insider information almost like that Roger stone raid

"....but anyhow we see right now that housing sales they're still declining now remember there are two things happening in the economy there's a people's economy and there's a statistical economy Trump can keep the statistical economy moving along stock market GDP unemployment you name it it will look great the people's economy on the other hand well this has been struggling and people have been struggling right now us pending home sales they have crashed to the most they we've seen in five years home sales they dropped about 2.2 percent month on month

"....and they were expected to have a point five rise this is the lowest in 2014 this is the twelfth month in a row of annual sales declines and the biggest annual drop in five years and you can see the trajectory that homes have been declining yes when you raise interest rates when houses balloon out of control where you can't afford them and wages don't go anywhere you're going to have a problem

"....and Trump is fighting against time right now because this economy that were in is a gigantic illusion was created by the deep sate the central bankers and they were hoping to show that the economy was doing great but it fell apart because of Russia North Korea whatever they were going to use at the time to bring us to war well now the central banks are exposed

" everyone can see what is happening and I'm not just talking about the Fed I'm talking about the central banks around the world this is why they're starting to reverse course a little bit because they're trying to hold on a little bit longer and why do you think they mentioned the date 2020 yes we have the elections at that point in time and they were hoping that they can hold everything off until that time and then maybe bring us into a war say Trump collapsed the economy and then move ahead with their plan

"....but Trump q they told us they already knew the plan now Trump his administration foreign Lee formally gave Congress a list of its proposed changes to its trade policy and these requests will put the u.s. Mexico Canada agreement on trade into effect the list is the first step in getting Congress to approve the trade deal that would replace the 1993 North America free trade agreement which is NAFTA replacing NAFTA has been a major goal for Trump

" US Trade Representative Robert LAN Heiser told Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley in a letter I look forward to working with Congress to implement this important important agreement and the list says the deal will change the rules of origin for when autos and auto parts can be imported duty-free the letter also states the deal will set tariffs quotas for agricultural products from Canada including dairy sugar peanuts including leg winch transitioning the u.s. out of NAFTA among other changes

"....Grassley was conscious regarding the administration's proposal he said this is an important step required under US law to implement the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada Congress has to carefully consider the agreement and work out the details before it can be ratified and we need to remember cue said something very very important trust Grassley and we can see that we are transitioning out of NAFTA which is another globalist trade deal if you see what Trump is doing right now he is moving away from the globalist system

" today the Fed decided not to raise rates and when asked the question you know did Trump's criticism factor into your decision Powell completely dismissed this and this is what the central bankers the bad guys and the central banks are worried about they're worried about governments taking control over the Fed Powell is playing it cool no no I decided that we weren't going to raise rates even though the economy is doing fantastic stronger than ever

".... the stats look incredible better than ever we're just gonna hold off right now why do you think he's doing that well first of all Trump has the magic one second of all they knew the plan they knew the plan to bring down the economy in 2020 they need to stop this because if they allow this to continue and Trump continually criticizes the Fed well guess what the economy will come down and Trump would not be able to finish the plan to get rid of the Fed

" they need to get past this hurdle again we need to understand that plans always change the deep state is and the central bankers the bad guys in the central bank they're always going to try to make a move one way or another now Trump tweeted out something very very interesting and we went over many of trumps post and he does believe in gold he believes in the gold standard and he once said you know whoever control the gold controls pretty much everything

"....and he tweeted out the following our economy right now is the gold standard throughout the world now gold standard he capitalized the G and the S and he wrote at Ingraham angle so true and not even close so right now Trump is telling us something that the economy is headed towards a gold standard what is Q told us Q has told us that gold is going to bring down the Fed and

"....I want to go back to HR 54 o for this is a bill which is in the house which is March 22nd 2018 and that this is this was submitted by mr. Mooney of West Virginia and the bill states the following to define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled we see this bill we see HR 24 HR 25 all the bills are prepared and ready they're just sitting there and just because they're sitting there doesn't mean there's not going to be any type of action later on remember to move a bill like this you need something to happen where it calls attention to what is happening

" if the economy comes down and Trump was blaming it on the Fed he could say the Fed was responsible for bringing down the economy because they raised the rates which I think they're going to do after the election and then Trump could say why were they raising the rent the the rates while the economy was doing so well it makes no sense maybe we should find out what else the Fed has been doing because it seems like they're working in the opposite direction of what we're trying to do here

"....oh wait here's audit the Fed and that's how it begins that's all that needs to happen and when you get the American people together and the economy crashes and Trump is pointing the finger at the Fed guess what people start to wait because you're hitting them in their wallet

" in the next report when we talk about Venezuela we need to remember something very important we need to remember gold oil Venezuela has gold and oil q has told us that gold will bring down the Fed so is Trump moving to re-establish relations with Venezuela because of gold and oil now I don't mean we're going to invade Venezuela that's not how Trump works the question is he needs to clean up what the deep state has done just like with North Korea Syria he's working on Iran right now and now Venezuela remember the deep state they have strongholds in many many countries we're in the process of cleaning all of this up ...≺≺ less

1.30] Fusion Free Energy / Deep State UFO Disclosure vs. Space Force / Satellite's Mapping Earth

Destroying the Illusion** Published on Jan 30, 2019
"....what up guys it's January 29th and I'll be splitting up today's videos topically in this one we'll be talking space technologies UFOs and disclosure by way of all that good stuff so let's get started

" first article I want to show you comes by way of engadget com and it says here whisper laser tech sends audible messages to specific people it can beam tones music and speech to someone's ear from a distance interesting and this comes from researchers at MIT quick note on MIT I'm seeing a pattern with that institution and that pattern is that they're looking to be used as the limited hangout institution that's bringing out a lot of these secret technologies into the public domain ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" this is on one hand a good thing they're admitting a lot of these technologies exist but of course there's a lot of information they're not telling us it's a controlled false flag disclosure if you want to call it that I have another article I'll show you in a minute and explain things a little bit deeper but in this particular news article it says researchers from MIT have discovered a way to send highly targeted audio signals directly to someone's ear at a distance using laser beams the system works using the photo acoustic effect and this would allow a message to be sent to an individual rather than just anyone who crossed the path of a laser

"....Wow what does this make me think of this makes me think of the voice of God technology sometimes called the voice to scold technologies and the voice of God technologies have been in existence for decades they've been publicly admitted again for some ten fifteen maybe even twenty years and of course once we hear of certain technologies making into the public domain you can make a good guess that they've been in operation and kept in secret projects for much longer than that

"....okay so this discovery finger quote discovery by MIT isn't really in discovery it's more so of an admittance of these certain voice of God technologies I'll link up a video I've done it on before maybe link some stuff below where you can look up on how that voice of God Tech works basically they send acoustic waves into somebody's mind they can hear them they can also be subliminal not hear them consciously but maybe unconsciously and alter the consciousness of the individual right there's various things they can do with these voice of God Tech

" MIT it meeting it here and MIT being used again as a sort of limited hangout disclosure bringing out bits and pieces of truth into the public but a whole lot of stuff they're not telling us and it says here this actually coming from MIT news itself mit continues progress towards practical fusion energy in series of talks researchers describe major effort to address climate change through carbon free power

" check this out so this practical fusion energy this is essentially the mainstream way of saying free energy without having to say free energy of course because when you say free energy or zero-point energy you get a lot of ridicule you get a lot of discrediting they don't want to open themselves up to that so they have to sort of rebrand free energy and they're doing so by calling it Fusion

"....they're calling it fusion and they're claiming that they want to create a prototype fusion device with a net power output within the next 15 years and they're saying that this is going to be an over unity device it's going to create more energy than it takes to run it ie free energy okay

" again if you research in the truth communities conspiracy communities if you research the hard core truth on the underground you know that free energy devices inventors have been building them for decades if not a century already problem is many of these inventors have been suicided paid off blackmailed their devices have been taken classified warehouses burned down many of these stories over the past century okay

" won't hear about this stuff through MIT or through mainstream universities or the mainstream media so again MIT here is being used as the limited hang out the partial disclosure the SIOP deep state disclosure they're normalizing these concepts they're bringing it out to the public for false reasons with ten percent misinformation they're saying we need to combat climate change and these free energy technologies are going to be discovered not have been discovered

" see what I'm saying so MIT here whether these scientists are just unaware they've been caught up in textbooks their whole lives and they aren't open-minded enough are courageous enough to research some other things outside of their narrow domain or maybe some of these MIT scientists are bought and paid off and they do know they're lying you know we can't really assume these things

"....there's a lot of smart people in medical institutions scientific institutions major universities etc they're very smart they're great at memorizing things and regurgitating that information but they have a very difficult time with holistic thinking piecing dots together because of course even Ivy League universities don't teach their students how to holistically think connect dots see bigger pictures like that

".... so a couple thoughts I haven't all that be careful be very careful of these limited hangouts that look all beautiful and wonderful and revelatory and brand new great discoveries they look like that on the superficial surface but when you get a little deeper you realize there's a whole lot they're not telling you we're not done talking about limited hangouts here in this video get to it a little more Seck but next article I have for you guys says here more Americans believe in global warming speaking of that global warning speaking of that climate change but they won't pay much to fix it

"....well you damn right I won't pay a goddamn dime to fix clova warming or climate change many reasons why number one how much of our tax dollars have been taken by the government and swiped away mismanaged unaccounted for whatever the case I mean how many billions trillions of dollars just from the Pentagon then you have HUD the Housing and Urban Development then we have our tax dollars you know the kafir' accounts at the end of the year who knows where that goes lots of money that have gone to bank accounts slush funds projects that we don't get any access or knowledge of

".... so why do we need to pay a dime to fix what they're calling global warming which on second hand is a farce in and of itself now I'm not saying the climate isn't changing there's a lot of changes going on with our earth a lot of changes going on with our solar system our galaxy in general but our humans the cause of this climate change is carbon dioxide the cause of this climate change I would disagree there's a lot of much bigger reasons that things are changing

"....and they're very important they're very important understand I mean our electric universe is changing our solar system is changing our poles are shifting lots of things going on but it's not carbon dioxide causing these changes and us as humans shouldn't be paying any sort of tax dollars to be combatting this climate change we need a unlearning and relearning a whole renewing of our consciousness to be dealing with these changes going on

" let's get to that next article says here out of the Atlantic I always like to say the name of the media organization before I talk about it so you know what angle they're likely to be taking with all this but the Atlantic deep state propaganda itself it says when a Harvard professor talks about aliens huh when a Harvard professor talks about aliens well when a Harvard professor talks about aliens I'm probably not gonna listen like I was mentioning earlier even Ivy League institutions suck

"....and in fact many of the Ivy League institutions such as Harvard Yale skullenbones Cornell even not Ivy League but many of those top colleges like Stanford and MIT like I was just discussing they are used by the deeps date for pol NT of propaganda in so many different regards among so many different topics whether it's health whether it's technology physics whether it comes to extraterrestrial life especially

"....and if they're tasking a Harvard professor to talk about aliens I'm already scratching my head thinking that there is some sort of puppet master behind the scenes pulling some strings with this Harvard professor or he won't be telling us the full truth of course because he's tasked not to do it he doesn't know whatever the case is but this is just uh it's a drip drip it's really nothing compared to what's out there and you can find elsewhere on the Internet

"....and then speaking of limited hangouts let's get back into that discussion here with the hill they're writing I mean there's yet another article coming out of the mainstream media about this what they're calling quote secret UFO program run by the Department of Defense it's called a tip a

"....a tip stands for the advanced aerospace threat identification program and this article here by the Hill says UFOs were not the only thing that the eight tip program was studying and many of these articles that are slow leaking they're being slowly leaked out one a day basically one a day through different outlets I'm seeing over the past few weeks they're slowly leaking this story out to the public because we want to keep it in people's minds they want to keep this a tip program this quote secret UFO program in people's heads

"....and these recent articles in the past couple of weeks have been talking about how this a tip program was studying traversable wormholes and stargates and dark matter energy multiply extra dimensions warp drive all this sort of stuff okay now there's a massive massive backstory to this secret UFO program this a tip program I will be doing a whiteboard video on it sometime this week because it's a long conversation but in short basically what I'm gonna tell you here I'll explain in future videos is that this is a limited hangout essentially SIOP disclosure

" was started by Harry Reid I mean just look at that name you're already thinking corruption yeah so there's some sort of motive deeper motive behind this that they're not telling us okay it was started by Harry Reid it's got John Podesta's involvement Tom DeLong's involvement Robert Bigelow from Bigelow Aerospace involvement CIA Air Force and involvement just a lot of shady names questionable organizations a lot of things that make you scratch your head okay

" is a limited hangout disclosure to distract the public to bring a lot of these sort of secret space program technology extraterrestrial ideas into the forefront but of course they're only gonna bring you a sliver of truth and that truth itself is gonna be out of context anyway and then most of it is gonna be miss information is gonna be a whole lot they're not telling you and with this secret UFO program there's a whole lot they're not telling you these papers written for itself are all mainstream science mainstream physics you know

".... it's not even really truthful physics and even these recent news stories like this one in the hill here is saying that the DIA released a list of 38 research titles pursued by the program in response to a FOIA request well in fact these 38 research titles have been public knowledge for almost a year at least six months almost a year now and the DIA didn't necessarily release them to the public this isn't new news

" they are spinning this whole thing out of context just to falsely disclose these things like I said much more on this in the future okay next story let's get into a private company launching satellites what's called the largest fleet of satellites in human history to photograph the earth this is interesting this private company is called planet labs and they've put out 300 small satellites into space three hundred satellites enough to take a picture the entire land mass of Earth every single day

"....whoa okay let's back it up why do they need to take a photograph of the entire land mass of Earth every single day what are they gonna be photographing who are there gonna be photographing who are they photographing for it's a private company I don't want a private company with satellites over our heads photographing the entire land mass of Earth every day if it wants to okay

" there's that second of all I'm intrigued to see what might come out of this this is the first time I've heard of it this article is ran January 27th here on CBS News 60 minutes even so what disclosures might we see come out of this particular news story right if they're gonna be photographing the entire land mass of Earth might they photograph something like ancient structures ruins maybe something in Antarctica maybe something that hasn't been publicly made note of but this is the way they're going to publicly make note of something they the deep state has kept secret for a long long time

" huh what would we learn from this I'm interested and not just that but who might they be spying on lots of things to ask about this particular story and be wary of with it so those are my thoughts on that and the last thing I want to touch on here is the space force so few different things I've been seeing by way of the space force we haven't heard much about it in the past month or two because of course the government shut down a lot of different things going on but I'm seeing sort of contradictory stories being pushed about the space force on one hand I'm seeing many news outlets reporters say that the space force push is slowing down

"....Politico here is reporting on that they're saying the Pentagon's new space development agency is reportedly only two months away from becoming a reality but one senior defense official tells us progress on the space force itself has slowed to a crawl among the leadership shake-up at the Pentagon so they're saying the space force push is slow down over here defense news. com is saying a space for skeptic will guide its fate in HASC shake-up HASC stands for the House Armed Services Committee that's a committee in the House of Representatives and they have basically a new head of that HASC his name is Adam Smith out of Washington and he is against the space force he doesn't want it to be created

" this is where the stifling the stalling is occurring it's occurring in Congress it's occurring within the bureaucracy of the Pentagon space force is having a difficult time coming to fruition but we do get some good news by way of that space force it says here space just this morning just found it White House is drafting over a proposal saying that the space force under the Air Force is under a is only a first step a separate Department is not off the table

"....and the White House is drafting a policy memo a draft space policy directive that President Trump looks is expected to sign in the coming weeks orders the Defense Department to establish a u.s. space force as a sixth branch of the US Armed Forces so that space command or that space core that was going to be put under the Department of the Air Force it's still going to happen but this policy directive here the president Trump is expected to sign is essentially saying that that's not the end of it that space core under the Air Force is still they're still going to try to create that space force that fully separate branch of the military essentially

" that's good news as we've heard of through President Trump he's very adamant about the space force being created as we've heard through Q space is coming back in a big way space force is very important and the space force is being created because they are working to gain access to many of these secret programs these off-the-books programs they need to gain access to them and then they need to begin to disclose them we're essentially in a race for disclosure because over here we have the deep state working on disclosure with their secret UFO program their eighth tip program that they're bringing out to the public through the mainstream media

"....the deep state is trying to disclose right here so we need the white hats we need the Alliance to work their angle of disclosure this is why the space force is having such a tough time why so many folks are against it the deep states against it the Pentagon bureaucracy is against it but then we have the white hats the Alliance the good guys in the military and in government for it because they know that this is a battle for disclosure against the deep state they need to gain the upper hand in it and start disclosed gaining access to these programs and then disclosing them at a faster rate than the deep state is

"....ok so that's where I'm gonna leave you guys with this one space force it's not ended it's not off the table it's very good news I think after within the next few months you know after the shutdown the State of the Union these this border wall gets built then you know the news cycles will change the space force will come back into the picture it's definitely not done we've got this deep state disclosure by way of the 8th tip program that's going on I'll do much more work on that and then a lot of weird stuff coming out of MIT you know this this whole year is gonna be pretty crazy it's gonna be very muddy waters we're gonna get a lot of things that look to be brand new discoveries very great but there's gonna be of course a lot of stuff we're not told so my goal here through these videos is to help you wade through those muddy waters see what they're not telling us ok and help you guys understand the big picture or the backstory behind a lot of these disclosures thank you for watching ...≺≺ less

Fed Is Our Greatest Enemy, It's Time To Get Back To The Constitution And Sound Money

X22Report Spotlight** Published on Jan 30, 2019
".....hi and welcome to the x-22 report spotlight today we have our returning guest David Modell David is the head of research for bonds and gold at portfolio Wealth global that's portfolio wealth global comm you can see his work on YouTube Twitter and I am very happy to have David back on the x-22 Report spotlight David welcome back to the spotlight I'm very happy to be back thank you sir hey thanks for coming back and I really appreciate it and let me just say the economy is crazy out there with the stock market what's going on especially with China now ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".....yeah what's very interesting with China Trump tweeted out the following China posts lowest economic numbers since 1990 due to US trade tensions and new policies makes so much sense for China to do to finally do a real deal and stop playing around Trump now why first why is China slowing down and why are they reporting these economic numbers let's start off with that and then we'll get to the second part of what Trump isn't talking about a real deal so why do you think China is slowing right now

".....yeah China is slowing because it has gone okay it's been so dominant for so long that it really has nowhere to go but down you can only be on top kind of like the dollar can only be Qing dollar for so long and it's on its way down China has nowhere to go but down because there's so much competition going on in the world everybody wants to be number one you can only be on top for so long look China is an economy that has to grow at six or six and a half percent per year that's not sustainable forever if it has the numbers just came out it's had its weakest group economic growth in twenty eight years it's it's risking civil unrest mass unemployment and just general problems you have to go through when you have 1.4 billion people to govern and you need to find employment for all of them in this very centralized economy

" what they're doing is they're going to keep stimulating because they have to they must and obviously they're under a lot of pressure to end this trade problem with the you here's what I expect I expect a solution and a resolution for this problem sooner rather than later this will benefit both the US and China this is Trump's third year in office he wants results okay so you can get reelected of course and because China really needs this as well all right so yes there's a slowdown right now but I believe there will be a resolution and if people want to learn more we have a report portfolio wealth global comm forward slash fed it's a report on

" know the Fed versus Trump and what's going on there Trump is obviously trying to divert attention from this China problem and create some kind of enemy that people can hate and that's the Federal Reserve which I'm not a huge fan of myself so I can see why he would hate it the Federal Reserve is tightening when it shouldn't be tightening it's raising rates at an alarming rate the only reason they're trying to do this is because they're trying to orchestrate a market correction so that rich people can buy at lower prices before this us-china trade deal happens

".....and it will happen all right another point I want to emphasize is that China is D dollar rising also this is big when they stimulate they're going to create more of their own currency which is what they need to do if they want to change the reserve currency role of the dollar which will happen in about four to five years out when their GDP eclipses that it will happen it'll eclipse that of the US so yes China is slowing down but it will become the number one economy in terms of GDP in the world this will happen also I predict that in 10 years from now China and India will be bigger than the US

" look the world is changing we have to ignore the noise about China slowing down right now we have to look at the bigger picture the middle class is dying and this is one more nail in the coffin for China to be so bold as to stimulate in this way they're basically telling the rest of the world we're not in the dollar game anymore we're going to do our own game we're going to increase our own currency supply just like the u.s. did from the 1970s onwards there to create the us created this nanny state a debtor nation where people are forced to use these deteriorating dollars

" China is creating currency war that's what they're doing that's where they're gonna continue to do they're doing it with their ally Russia which is buying a lot of gold I'm sure people know that China buying a lot of gold Russia buying a lot of gold so it's important for people to stay educated on this we're gonna cover it in the newsletter throughout 2019 we also have a report portfolio wealth global comm forward slash gold playbook gold playbook because in this report we're gonna highlight everything people need to do to get behind and understand regard to this gold is gonna be big we can talk about it if you want to if you're worried you need a safe haven start reallocating now do it right now

" you said that India China they're gonna be bigger than the US what do you mean by bigger than the US bigger in terms of GDP bigger in terms of growth they're already huge in terms of population yes there has been a slowing down of the population growth in India and China but look we outsource like it or not it's the truth we outsource so many jobs we're losing so many jobs in the United States too

".....yes Automation but also outsourcing which has not slowed down you've got workers over there who work longer they work for lower wages they don't get the benefits that we do it's a huge economy we just can't compete in the way they can ethical or not doesn't matter it's happening they are a growing economy we are a slowing economy can we do anything about it

".....well right now we have to look at other if you're a millennial if you're a baby boomer whatever age you're at you're gonna have to start looking at jobs and careers and we can certainly talk about that today if you want to areas where you won't get out sourced you won't get replaced by automation okay even if you work no matter what you do I have you seen McDonald's where they have the kiosks now

".....yeah okay so even those low-paying jobs in this so-called recovery and people can't see it but I'm using the quote fingers right now around recovery okay the so-called recovery in the United States did not really happen and we could talk more about that but China and India you could talk about the temporary noise the temporary slowdown in China but they are growing they are having a better standard of living compared to us where the middle class is evaporating very quickly and our jobs are going over there

" they are expanding while we are contracting unfortunately now you talked about that the Chinese D dollar rising the rush Russia is the dollar rising and you talked about the Fed which I want to get into in just a minute but first you mentioned something about this recovery that never really happened and I just wanted to read out these tweets now this one is from September 2018 from Trump president Trump would need a magic wand to get 4% GDP this is coming from Obama I guess I have a magic wand 4.2 percent and we will do much better than this we have just begun fast forward to January 21st 2019 Trump said last year was the best year for American manufacturing job growth since 1997 or 21 years the previous administration said manufacturing will not come back to the US you would need a magic wand and he said I guess I found the and he made this all caps magic wand and it is only getting better Trump now this magic wand you talked about this is really not a recovery do you believe that he figured out a way to boost the economy by maybe manipulation or something like that I mean what is your take on these tweets that as he's talking to Obama

".....yeah you know it's optimistic this magic wand thinking but there is no magic wand and this is true regardless of who is in the presidency because they don't really run look there's a globalist syndicate that runs the world not just the United States behind the scenes it doesn't even matter who the president is so it's that's why I don't make a lot of specific political statements because that we could have a puppet we could have a face all right but that doesn't even really matter there's something going on much deeper than that and that's being controlled by a deep state which is much deeper than anything that we see on the surface

".....because we can get Meyer down in these day-to-day politics and the noise as I call it but meanwhile there's a war against the middle class going on by the elites by the globalist elite and the syndicate that's running things all right case people haven't noticed already the middle class is evaporating it's gonna be gone by 2022 it's already pretty much gone in this so-called recovery we've been talking about yeah I stand by that 20/20 to mark that year

".....there will be no middle class you'll either be in the 10% that's wealthy or in the 90% they grind it out every single day throughout your life and have most people have no savings or minimal savings live paycheck to paycheck America's stagnating in terms of wages the cost of living is going up there's no turning the clock back now because there's so many cheap labor countries out there China India we talked about that

" there is no magic wand the only thing the US can do is create incentives for companies not to outsource not to automate America needs to have a financially educated population which doesn't have right now I know that because I'm a former elementary high school and college teacher and they had no financial education which is why I'm doing what I do now at portfolio wealth global people go to school and they learn absolutely nothing of any importance they don't learn about the Constitution they don't learn about rights basic rights people don't even know what the law is or what the rights are

".....look if you want a strong America forget magic wand thinking if you want a robust economy we need to go back to fiscal responsibility we need to go back to the Constitution it's more relevant today than it's ever been all right so you got to get back to the basics forget about the tweets forget about the noise get back to America as it once was and as it can be again we got to get back to the Constitution and basic rule of law

" I agree with that we need to get back to that and I mean you mentioned the Fed you and we mentioned the Chinese and right now we're seeing craziness you know around the globe we say I mean the brexit we have the Chinese mess we have FedEx and other companies warning about their dismal earnings and the debt crisis continually is increasing every single day and the end payments well they keep on increasing every single day oh

".....yeah now what's very odd to me about all of this is that since Trump came into the presidency we have better GDP numbers the unemployment is down and the mainstream media is now reporting and they have a date and time for this which is kind of strange they're telling us that 2020 is going to be a recession and there's many mainstream corporate media articles about this where they say yes 2020 there's going to be a recession New York Times did at Washington Post and the rest now how would they know that we're gonna enter a recession in 2020 if we go back to 2008 Bernanke said there was they're not forecasting recession in the year we had a recession but the mainstream media knows we're gonna have a recession in 2020

".....I mean is that even possible well whenever the mainstream media knows something you can actually fade that you can go against it and be more successful than than most people so I actually love it when the mainstream media says something I can use that and then just do the opposite I'm gonna surprise people by saying that first of all we're already in a in a bear market all right there's a recession that's actually going on in the markets and in the economy for for the average worker for mains for mainstream society not for the global elites of course who are orchestrating this

".....yes right now if you look at the US equities markets there is a sucker's bounce going on not today in particular but since the beginning of 2019 and if people buy into it if people buy into the narrative that the economy is strong if they actually believe those jobs numbers that you talked about which is not the real unemployment figures by the way if they're gonna regret it if they try to invest

" if they believe in it so I expect the weakness in the economy in the markets to go on for at least four to six months perhaps further now in the second part of the year going into 2020 I actually instead of a recession I expect real solutions from the China trade deal to come to fruition and then if you're investor you can regain your confidence in the global economy because that's what's going to happen and I think we'll see this big blow off top at that point I call it the last hurrah a euphoric top four stocks in 2020 which then will lead to a sell-off then it will lead to the collapse

".....but it's been said this is I didn't make this up but bull markets die with euphoria okay they don't die when everybody thinks it's gonna die it doesn't work like that that would be too easy now the other scenario that could happen is we could see a steep correction from here back into bear market territory I don't think this is as likely but we could have a mini recession or a slowdown going into the election which would change the election results and if a new president is elected then we'd start seeing a new bull market okay

" look there's so much uncertainty right now that the game to play no matter what you're into is diversification stocks could rally on a trade resolution or they could slow down if the fed continues raising rates it could get a lot worse with all these crazy contrasting scenarios going on right now you got to diversify and you got a bargain Heights so if there's something that's really cheap like a standalone company don't buy the whole index please don't buy the S&P 500 right now you have to look at a standalone company you can either find in the general markets or in the commodities markets

".....I'm a big fan of gold or in the cannabis sector which i believe is going to be very strong going forward that's what I'm looking for we're covering these opportunities in the newsletter portfolio wealth global comm I'll give you an example right now something actionable we covered Walgreens okay the biggest pharmacy in the world we covered it at sixty three dollars a share and it went over $85 but we had a recent correction it's back to $72 where it is today

".....we're still up more than 10 percent since the summer but I still think this is a great allocation we're not selling our shares I think this is the sort of company that has a bright future it's revolutionising the entire pharmacy business so that's what I mean by a concentrated position one company don't just buy the whole index this is not index buying time secondly I like the opportunities in the cannabis sector right now I just want to mention that this is important I think this is a recessed proof business in the u.s. it's not even legal yet federally speaking and the biggest growth is going to come ahead of it

".....there are a lot of ways to play that I think their investors have to understand that for the next year whatever you get into the name of the game is diversification not concentration don't go to bullish in any asset class you got to have a spread between a number of safe havens we have a report on that portfolio wealth global comm forward slash safe havens we'll give you a list of five safe havens we really like and we cover in the newsletter

".....but whatever you get into don't just buy the SPS don't buy the Nasdaq don't buy the Dow diversify be your own fund manager don't believe the narrative will a recession come of course eventually but don't try to time it this is not the time for that so before you mentions the Fed I personally do not like the Fed I speak out against the Fed and right now the US isn't a huge amount of debt I mean every year we can see that the debt continually rises in the the tax receipts that are coming in

" can't they barely can cover or can't cover the interest payments on this debt and if the debt continually rises we're gonna have a problem now very interestingly Trump has been contradicting the Fed quite a bit he's been outspoken about the Fed and Thomas Massey has introduced a bill H R 24 which is audit the Fed of course and there's another bill HR 25 which is basically abolish the IRS

".....yeah now you talked about China and you talked about the Fed and how China rush Rd dollar rising do you think these other countries and I do believe that this dollar is not really the people's dollar it's a central bank dollar it's a debt note

".....yep do you think they're preparing to move completely away from the central bank and maybe Trump his administration maybe actually audit the Fed and take it over because if you look at his past tweets and you look at the past he is not for the Fed whatsoever actually he's for gold yeah so do do you think that we are headed to a point where the Fed is going to have to you know tell everyone what they've been up to by this audit bill maybe getting through and finally we can see transparency in what the central bank has we been doing

".....I would love to see transparency and I agree with Trump on that point he has called the Fed his greatest enemy and I think it is our greatest enemy I would love to end the Fed and the IRS don't know if that's gonna happen anytime soon especially the IRS but if we can weaken the Fed if we can weaken the IRS if we can keep them out of our pockets and out of our lives that would be great because I like the way you mentioned that they are debt notes

".....yes both US Treasuries and the dollar really the United States government has had the privilege of using debt since 1944 in some capacity first they cheated on the gold standard as I'm sure your listeners know and they didn't mine or purchase gold in order to keep that ratio at 35 to 1 and when your government you can do a lot of stuff without getting scrutinized or audited of course the average person will get audited if we don't pay our taxes speaking of the IRS

".....then we're screwed but the odd the the auditors are fine it's you know we get the short end of the stick every single time so the people in power they don't get audited they get to do whatever they want they're above the law you got the central bankers the financial elites like Tim Geithner saying that he doesn't even file taxes

" you got this division between the common people and the elites The Syndicate as I like to call them and so the elites are the ones printing the currency unfortunately they do it through the central banks they do it by stealing money from the Pentagon and destroying the documents like they did in 9/11 this just keeps going and it's gonna continue to go on I don't see the Fed ending at least this year or next year probably because the mainstream media keeps people so oblivious to what's going on

".....fortunately you're here and I'm here to help remedy that now when the US creates currency from 1971 onwards they've had the privilege of doing this with low inflation low inflation ramifications generally speaking because they export half of it so yeah the US dollar has seen a 1 and a half percent per year reduction in value on average since we D pegged from the gold standard 1971

"..... and the real problems are going to when China Japan Russia all those holders of Treasuries and the dollar they're gonna dump it they've been dumping it they're gonna stop buying our debt because they don't trust us anymore and can you blame can you blame them at this point with the debt that we have approaching 22 trillion dollars and growing so even if look even if they keep buying Treasuries at the same rate it still won't be enough because now we're looking at trillion-dollar deficits not 500 or 600 billion dollars like it once was

".....the US will need to compensate for that by printing more currency of course that's what they know how to do they're not exporting the currency they're printing they're just going to keep it abroad and you'll have greater money velocity higher prices this is huge we have a report-- portfolio of global calm forward slash crash where you can learn more about that but look you got to prepare

" don't expect the Fed to end anytime soon because most people are not educated like they should be that's why I'm gonna keep reporting on it you're gonna keep reporting on it I'm sure this is a very serious situation don't just hold your money in dollars you want to have some dry powder ready I'm not saying don't have any cash at all but if you're all about the Fiat right now if you're just rolling it up in a mattress realize there are better ways to go there's precious metals there are other allocations

".....and if you're in the Treasury bills forget it then you're gonna get wiped out so this is a very serious situation prepare now so you mentioned gold and I just want to go back to a tweet from Trump this is September 6 2013 and he said remember the golden rule of negotiating who he who has the gold makes the rules hmm

" which is very interesting because if you look at his other tweets going back to 2011 2012 he likes gold a lot now if if that if if the debt continually increases and we enter a recession and I'm thinking back to 1929 when we went into a recession depression you know they asked for gold and then they revalue gold you think the same thing is going to happen where if we go into recession and it turns into some type of depression do you think that

".....I'm not saying they're gonna confiscate gold but do you think gold will be revalued to build confidence because we know that China's accumulating a lot of gold we know that Russia has been accumulating yet a lot of gold and a lot of countries have been repatriating a lot of gold so you think that is a possibility and also just add to that

".....yeah and Iran because of to avoid sanctions there D dollar rising they're loading up on gold Turkey Pakistan India China like you mentioned Japan all hoarding gold accumulating gold it's funny how China doesn't always announce it at first but yeah they've been hoarding a lot of gold and you know do they know something we don't or perhaps we do but just the mainstream press doesn't report on it the the central bankers and the the elites The Syndicate don't want us to know about it

".....look when there was a recession in 2008-2009 gold went down and then came right back up much faster than the US equities markets do so and certain things need to happen for gold to rise it'll take more than just perhaps one factor to be in place there needs to be an environment where there's first of all a rising inflation trend which we haven't seen for a while we saw a rising inflation from 2009 to 2011 and gold went up we saw from 2000 to 2008 gold went up we saw from 1971 to 1980 and gold went up so in other times when the u.s. issues debt denominated in its own currency but brought but bought 40 percent of the time by foreign investors it exports inflation out

".....and so check this out in 72 currency 72 different currencies you're seeing all-time highs for gold right now but in the dollar you're not seeing it so if you have an international portfolio like I suggest everybody has remember we talked about diversification it's good to have some real estate holdings in other countries and other jurisdictions and if you own gold in other countries if you convert that to real estate you're making a pretty good move right now because that's at all-time highs in the u.s. not so much

" it's important to understand when you denominated in dollars it's not a phenomenal trade right now but it is up fivefold since the beginning of the century whereas the S&P hasn't even doubled since 2000 so gold really has outperformed stocks in the past 18 years handily for buy-and-hold investors at least now for gold to rally in the US

".....yes the recession could could be a factor but there needs to be higher inflation which it's starting to do to do now there needs to be a lowering of interest rates as well that's key we haven't seen a concurrence of both of these factors in quite a while number of years between 2011 and 2015 we saw a lowering of interest rates but you didn't see higher inflation that's a thing

" you're seeing higher inflation and you're seeing a slight raising gradual raising of interest rates now when the Fed starts to cut interest rates either this year next year inflation keeps on going up because there's a lot of economic activity in the US right now a lot of Millennials getting into the workforce you're gonna see both of those factors together and then then gold can rally big time

".....I know we've heard about gold at two thousand five thousand yes it can reach these levels right now just in the shorter term I have a $1,700 price target I believe this is definitely possible so when you say a 1,700 other price target I mean when are you talking about you're talking about this year next year yeah no this year for sure it's breaking out of a range it had a fantastic fourth quarter of 2018 despite what a lot of people got out at the bottom at the short-term bottom unfortunately and it's too bad for them because if you really believe in gold you have to understand its value at not only a crisis hedge but as a real form of one of money one of the few that really exists

".....and has had staying power unlike fiat because all fiat eventually goes to zero I know I didn't make that up but that is its true value its intrinsic value also you can play it through silver by the way you don't have to just get in the gold I'm a huge fan of silver for silver it's important you have to realize when stocks do poorly which I expect silver really shines no pun intended when that happens

" in a bear market silver has more of a bid because people are looking to diversify into commodities and out of stocks which I don't blame them so if there's a bear market in 2019 the we'll play right into gold and especially silver you'll see silver go much much higher with regards to precious metals generally I think there's an accumulation period going right now for people who want to own the underlying commodity not as much for gold shares talking about

" know mining stocks exploration development stocks unless the markets do really poorly now if they do we're gonna see an excuse mcgrath see another 2016 situation where gold and silver stocks did extremely well but again these are very risky types of investments you got to be super careful with that don't put more than one into one or two percent at most of your portfolio into each trade in the mining sector and use a stop loss please whatever you do if you own the physical as a form of insurance not as a trade just own enough of it that you can feel comfortable

" you can convert it for lifestyle expenses no matter what happens well look gold silver stocks bonds these are all things you can buy when you have money and there's a problem most people don't even have enough money right now to buy these things it's a serious problem in ten years of economic expansion the rich have gotten richer the middle class and the poor have gotten screwed by central bank or monetary policy low interest rates zero interest rates the government has not invested in the economy it's unsustainable

".....there's a total neglect of the working class in America the corporation's are outsourcing we talked about that automating and meanwhile these corporations are super profitable they're sure shareholders are doing just fine for the average American fifteen million American 15 million Americans working for minimum wage right now seventy five million working for thirty thousand dollars a year or less and that's pre taxes

".....they don't own stocks they don't have bonds they don't know the first thing about gold and silver what we need is a renaissance of the working class in opportunity better opportunities for the average working American the average Joe in the average gain out there like you and me we need businesses coming to the surface and stepping up we have a report about that

".....if people want to learn more portfolio wealth global calm forward slash money for slash anyway of all the reports on one page where people can learn about that about the Renaissance that's coming in the working class about how you can invest even if you don't have a lot of funds right now it is possible you need the financial education don't count on the CNBC's and the MSNBC's of the world to educate you on these things because they're not gonna tell you about it

".....I agree and I just want to go back to gold where it's gonna hit 1,700 won't this expose the Fed and the dollar I mean if gold I mean we saw a gold move up it was like 2010-2011 - like 1900 very close to that I mean hit 1900 yeah gold moves up and it moves up because what is it around 12 something very close to 13 yeah if it moves up another $400 won't that expose the dollar the Fed because gold is the enemy of the Fed

".....yeah and gold is the anti dollar it's the anti fed it's the ultimate power in the hands of the people and so I'm looking forward to the exposing the expose of the Fed and of the worthlessness of the dollar and of the money printing and of the worthlessness of their debt notes their Treasuries they're all debt notes dollars - its trust in the dead you're when you hold a lot of dollars and when you hold Treasuries you're believing the promise the consistently broken promise of the Fed

".....and that's true of any country when you when you hold their Fiats and when you hold their their bonds you're believing that they're gonna repay well America does not have a sterling reputation when it comes to repayment of debts so I don't recommend holding either one of those as I've mentioned and yes it will expose the Fed a $400 price increase in gold will show everybody what really has value gold and silver have been around as a form of money for over 6,000 years that's not gonna stop anytime soon

"..... whereas fiat currency it is temporary 1971 was the worst year ever and the biggest mistake ever it solved temporary problems back then because the government was worried about what if everybody called in the there were more and more it's floating around in the world back in 1971 it was increasing as a form of currency globally and yes you could you could redeem it for gold back then and the US government was worried

".....Oh what if all these nations called in their dollars for gold and so they depict it well that may seemingly have solved a temporary problem but it created a much bigger one where the dollars are worthless or heading toward that gold on the other hand is doing fine it is breaking out of a range for patient investors for those who didn't sell at the short-term bottom in 2018 when they didn't run out of patients because it wasn't a tight range it is breaking out of the range it's come on how much longer before it breaks through 1300 and that is such a key psychological level once it breaks through that in a decisive way

".....then those other barriers will be nothing because yes it did go up to 1895 and change and it could certainly reach that again again these are all psychological barriers to be broken I believe it will happen this year or early next year portfolio both global calm forward slash gold playbook if you want to learn more and again if you want some leverage on that get silver if you want even more leverage with more risk granted try the mining shares David thank you very much for being on the x-22 report spotlight ...≺≺ less