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*** February 2019 ***

Gold Activated, [CB] Currency Will Enter Crisis Mode:Daniel Ameduri

X22Report Spotlight ** Published on Feb 16, 2019
"..hi and welcome to the x-22 report spotlight today we have every turn against Daniel a Maduri back in 2008 Daniel Cole for Dow 8000 the collapse of Lehman Brothers AIG in Washington Mutual during the mortgage crisis he helped people buy put options on countrywide mortgage these puts saw a gain of fourteen hundred percent you can check out all his work on or go to the YouTube channel future money trends Daniel welcome back to the spotlight ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"...hey thanks for having me on the show Dave hey thanks for being here and let's start off with what's happening in the economy right now and what's very strange is that Trump is out there he's tweeting he's continually out there saying he's bringing back jobs manufacturing jobs are coming back companies are coming back unemployment is very low and then we have the mainstream media they're out there saying ooh recession in 2020 everything's gonna start to slow and we're gonna see a recession in 2020 and things are gonna get really bad now we have Trump on one side telling us how great it is and then we have the mainstream media on the other side telling us how bad it's going to get what's your take on this

" know I'm torn about it because the fact of the matter is we know that Trump was right when he was a candidate that we were in a big fat bubble and we've got all this easy money sloshing around the system we've got a global slowdown surrounding and outside the United States but you know if you ask somebody in 2015 if we had gotten out of the recession the average person they felt like we were still in that recession but it did begin to change when Trump took office and you see that in the optimism numbers for businesses and the consumer optimism numbers and now you see it actually in the sales and stuff for the holiday sales and the different reports that come out about job openings versus the unemployed now we know these numbers are heavily massaged and the data almost completely can't be trusted at this point because it's so so cluster screwed

"...but I do believe that Trump has fundamentally helped the country with the rollback of regulations the tax cuts and some of these renegotiations that they've done directly with companies just to get them to stay here or through through the tariffs now it doesn't change the fact that we are living in an unsustainable economy and it is disappointing as somebody who's a supporter of President Trump that he's taking such ownership of it because the fact of the matter is is as much as we want to say this as normal and the economy's picking up we have to keep in mind we borrowed a trillion dollars to do this you know it's equivalent to me going out and buying a 200-foot yacht on credit

"...and everybody's like oh man Daniel is doing really good everything's great he's richer than ever and looking at me he's all I got but the fact of the matter is now I've got you know a 100 million dollar loan for this yacht or whatever it's gonna cost and I can't pay it back and that's essentially what the United States is so it can't pay back the money that's definitely not gonna happen so it's a matter of when do we hit the wall and I don't know that so is Trump helping he sure is maybe he bought us another three to five years if we're lucky because let's be honest nobody wants to go through a major financial collapse or reset it'll be very painful and very difficult on on millions and millions of people

" Trump has helped but I don't think it's as nearly as great as he as he thinks or wants it to be now he continually mentions that he has this magic wand what do you think this magic wand is I think the magic wand is is just not stabbing American workers in the back constantly with these globalist you know who basically purposely actually put the United States at a disadvantage trying to help the rest of the world recover from World War Two later trying to help the emerging markets emerge and and but these policies were never removed

" now you have countries like China or Europe or a country like Japan where they're able to take advantage of the United States and these very friendly trade agreements that were set in place to help those countries but they're no longer they no longer need help they're there beyond being even a competitor they're dominating the u.s. in many of our industries including some of the technology industries that are actually birthed from the United States but then stolen and and used in China illegally

" I think the magic wand for Trump is is first of all not sabotaging the American worker and actually having an advocate out there who's trying to defend the interests of the United States I am NOT a globalist I'm also not a nationalist but I do see that if other countries like Russia and China specifically have leaders and politicians that are out there aggressively trying to represent their people for the United States not to have that you know obviously it's gonna hurt the average person hurt the average worker and I think that is the part of the magic wand one part of his magical one

"...I hope that he sees in his re-election bid is that the majority of Americans support cannabis and we are having the jobs boom in California in that space in Colorado they're generating a quarter million a quarter of a billion dollars in just tax revenue this doesn't include all the jobs and the derivative jobs and now that it's legal in Michigan I think there there's a very realistic chance that President Trump might openly come out in favor of decriminalizing it because let's be real the Democrats are definitely going to be in favor of decriminalizing it

"...Trump's already said he's open to it and it creates jobs why not what kind of jobs does it create with decriminalizing cannabis there's all sorts of judge so you have your derivative jobs so people when they think of cannabis they think of like planting the crop and growing it which is one part so the tools to do the agriculture portion of it if we're able ever to export it or import that will that will be there will be more jobs in the transportation of cannabis there's jobs in the dispensaries the manufacturing of the gummies the health studies and health practices because some of it's just purely used for medical purposes

" there's a lot of jobs than of course there's also the velocity of money the cannabis person the person who works at a cannabis dispensary will then take that money to Chile is to ExxonMobil to the rent and it'll it'll actually help the economy overall one of the things I was speaking to a company that that does security for cannabis companies and I asked my goal why doesn't Budweiser have armed guards and he was telling I had no idea but he's like look when Budweiser has those trucks you see in on the street and they're making their deliveries at 7-eleven that's about a hundred thousand dollars of the product when you're transporting cannabis in that same vehicle that's 25 million dollars so it's a fascinating industry um I I'm I'm I'm fascinated by at least a few aches and I anybody's interested I have just written something at slash cash if you just go to futuremoneytrends com slash cash and basically it's everything you need to know about the cannabis space the different opportunities you can participate in but most importantly the dangers

"...because honestly most people are not making money in the cannabis space because it's so early still now we were talking about the the economy and Trump you know letting everyone know the economy's doing great he always tweets out that the economy is doing fantastic but we have the central bankers out there like the IMF and the ECB and everywhere else around the world it seems like they're talking about a global slowdown compared to the United States where we're looking at everything and everything is fantastic so why do we have two separate things going on right now the United States is doing fantastic the IMF and the rest of the European communities they see things falling apart it's it's combination of things number one we have the world's reserve currency

" people simply need dollar bills and wealthy institutions that want liquidity or looking for a safe haven they use the dollar over other currencies which allows the United States to do this borrowing that we were talking about that's keeping the economy propped up in exchange for all the goods and all the services that you need we just need to keep creating this paper money another thing is the world is ahead of us on socialism which is which is why you're seeing Europe in such shambles and and so many issues over there

" know socialism works like any experiment it always works in the beginning but there is no example of a poor country becoming wealthier prosperous or happy citizens from implementing socialism and then becoming great it's always the same story they become great with capitalism and oftentimes a combination of capitalism and democracy and then they hand the baton over to socialism it works for let's say five years ten years maybe twenty years but eventually it leads to where Europe is today where you have Italians 18 to 34 year-olds have nearly a 50% unemployment rate

" I think that's where Europe is really starting to deal with socialist policies that took that went into effect 20 years ago the United States I mean we suffer from a lot of that too when you look at like Social Security for example it's it's a totally bankrupted system but it's it's it's appeared that it's worked because it was sucking out of a prosperous economy and a prosperous free market that built the United States but you know this experiment lasted a lot longer than most socialist policies but in the end it's unsustainable it doesn't work and

" we're now we're now we're facing the consequence of a situation where aside from interest and our entitlement programs we have no money left we're borrowing money to pay for everything else now add on top of that Trump is ending the wars like in Syria now if we go back in time the neocons the deep state they were you know planning to take over the Middle East to make sure that all those countries you know used their oil and made sure that everyone sold their oil with the dollar now that Trump is ending the war in bringing troops home these countries will be able to sell their oil not using the dollar I mean is this going to affect the Federal Reserve the petro dollar system that was set up in 71

"'s a fascinating question because the United States as active as security for dictators and very cruel tyrants in the Middle East and they've had this arrangement in such a way as you just said the the 1971 where we provide security for these thugs by being thugs and they make sure the dollar is the supreme currency so it will be interesting to see if Trump can even accomplish this because what he's trying to accomplish and going against the military industrial complex that's the type of thing that makes presidents go away so it's you know I am concerned for him personally and I wonder what will happen and

"... you know a lot of people said Trump ran on this this non-interventionist policy and then he got into these things but I do get that if he went in there and did an about-face he might have been impeached day one because essentially all these politicians are all bought and paid for by the military-industrial complex and much of the world works in its stable order that we know today because of the military-industrial complex I'm not saying that's what we want or desire I'm just saying that is the current stability of the world

"...and I think the world could be much more free much more prosperous much more stable if we went to more freedom more individual SAR between less war but for now right now there's always a transition that's ugly and right now that stability is there so that is definitely one thing I'm watching and we'll see what happens with the US dollar because that's the ultimate headshot to the United States you don't have to EMPs you don't have to to bomb us you know to do anything you don't have to come up with superior technology and it was military all you have to do is attack the u.s. stall or head on

"...but you know thankfully no one's done that yet because China frankly and Russia they like the stability themselves so they don't want to rock the boat until I think everybody's kind of just positioning for the collapse of the US currency and but they don't think anybody actually wants it to happen anytime soon I mean think about it if you're you're Kim jong-un or you're in China or your rush or Saudi Arabia things are actually kind of working out for you if you're in power clearly so you're not looking to create massive volatility in the world

"...and who knows how much unrest now you mentioned that you know these countries they are hanging on to the dollar right now some countries are you know getting rid of their Treasuries their D dollar rising but one thing for sure is that China and Russia there are still purchasing a lot of gold and a lot of countries are repatriating their gold a lot of countries are purchasing their gold do you think they're preparing for the dollar to maybe go away or not be the reserve currency oh absolutely I think that is them in preparation of the inevitable

"...I think everybody knows it's gonna happen and it will I mean let's let's think about it even countries go away there are resets to currencies this is at you know if you're if you're planning out a country and you're looking at 10 years 30 years 50 years 100 years or even a thousand years you you can actually make very clear-headed decisions and one of the most crystal clear decisions you could make is that the US dollar is a temporary situation

" I don't know if it's gonna last six months or another 50 years we'll see you know a lot of people say it's backed by nothing I used to be one of those people but clearly it's backed by a hundred and thirty four bases around the world in these different countries it's backed by four thousand nuclear warheads it's backed by the Swift system it's backed by a lot of things actually now does it have any intrinsic value no but it is backed by a lot of things that would make it difficult to undo it there's not even really an alternative currency that's liquid for the world to move on to

" I think they're definitely making their positions because it's inevitable but I definitely don't think that China's buying gold because they think the dollar is gonna be gone next year now what about gold as a weapon because lately we've been seeing gold move up so if gold continually you know Rises increases what do people do with the dollar I mean how does everyone view the dollar if gold goes up to 1400 to 1500 then what happens you know I think we're gonna actually see that in 2019 where gold will go to 1400 in at least 1500 the bull market for the gold market it's all there the underpinnings my goodness this is going to be you'd forget about all the finance stuff if you were just focusing on supply and demand and the supply pipeline or lack thereof for gold

"...I mean there has been a major discovery 20-years gold is one of the biggest no-brainer investments you can make right and when it comes to how gold will be viewed as it rises I think that's certainly the canary in the coal mine so you're gonna start to get Western investors involved in gold if it starts to break new highs or new 52-week highs that's certain if if it really becomes a dollar issue though that's where institutions start to go into gold and there isn't a lot of gold but there's a lot of institutions and trillions and trillions of dollars of wealth

" as my friend Casey talks about it'll be like the Hoover Dam trying to go through a garden hose and that alone could cause gold to go to 5,000 10,000 an ounce just purely based on a reallocation of capital and it wouldn't take them it take much I was actually talking to rickroll yesterday and we were we was basically talking about like it's 1/10 of 1% or leave maybe even less than that of assets in involved in gold with these institutions if it just went to 1 or 2% I think historically it's highs like 4 or 5

"'re talking about I mean a lot of cash going into something where there's not a lot of it I just did a basically a report on this exact thing at slash gold where it basically goes over those these exact scenarios where you have either a monetary crisis or just a rally in gold which could spark a monetary crisis I mean you said gold go you know could go to 5,000 10,000 but let's say it goes to 2,500 3,000 4,000 won't people then say you know something wait a min Gold is moving up maybe I should get out of dollars and purchase gold and if this does happen and gold continually rises how do people view the Fed how do people view the US dollar how do I mean do people say well wait a minute what's going on here because normally when there's something like this happens there's something wrong with the paper currency absolutely and

"... if gold goes past 2000 there's going to be serious problems because and and I and as much of the gold bill as I am I don't want it to go down like this I've got a four year old a seven year old a nine year old I I too like the stability that we have at least for the time being and you know once gold crosses 2000 and it goes from a gold bull market to the mine ship will shift to fling out of a currency or fiat currency because let's remember gold is in a bull market and basically every fiat currency in the world except for the dollar although I think we're at the first stages of the bull market

"...the real risk is to all fiat currencies because if the dollar if if people start choosing gold over the dollar or see that there's a threat or risk in the dollar and start hoarding gold or buying gold essentially it's not it's not as if everybody's going to get out of the dollar and diversify into Swiss francs and remember and yen and a hold some gold no it's like they're gonna get out of the dollar and into gold and silver or other hard assets and that is when you could have a currency crisis right now we're not seeing that we're actually seeing the gold gold and the dollar rise together we've seen that since 2015 essentially both gold and the dollar are up gold was a thousand 41 it's over 1300 now

"...if you look at the dollar index it's been a straight shot up since 2015 so that is an interesting thing but of course as you know on your show and with all your guests we are in just ridiculously unprecedented times where you've got negative interest rates and quantitative easing and so many strange things happening in the economy it doesn't surprise me that we do have an anomaly here where both the dollar and gold are going up together and the stock market's going up with it if gold goes up what about like the European nations what about the central banks the IMF the ECB

"...I mean the ECB is and negative interest rates right now and if gold starts to move up here in the United States and we see it you know say manipulation is completely stripped away and we see gold move up what happens around the world then think that question people just rewind it for a minute or 30 seconds and just listen to you don't you'll realize why there's such suppression in the gold market they can't really allow this to happen this is kind of a 9th any two outs runner on 3rd situation for the central banks they are going to do everything that can to suppress the gold price

"...they're gonna do everything they can to shake people's confidence and scare people either into fee currencies the US dollar anywhere but gold because if gold becomes something where the entire globe doesn't I mean look at look at what happened with Bitcoin you know it's gone from you know pennies all the way as high as twenty thousand gold in the 1970s one from 35 to over eight hundred dollars we just saw palladium go from a few hundred bucks to I think it's at fourteen hundred dollars right now these things can occur

"...and they can occur fast what's interesting about gold is that it's been suppressed so when you look at what's happening with the ECB they're already in a mess so a higher gold price of two thousand honestly you could talk you we could be looking at central bank's going into tailspins here and if that happens unfortunately I know people want people want gold at five thousand some investors but honestly guys that will totally suck if gold goes to five thousand dollars you will be cashing out your gold or converting it into other assets and the world will be a mess so hopefully we don't see gold five thousand hopefully there's some sort of smooth transition I've always suspected that usually what we're all thinking is not what's gonna happen right

" what do people think we're gonna shine is gonna sell the dollar there's gonna be a dollar something else something that we're not seeing will be the most likely scenario of course we have no idea what it is because we're not thinking about it but all these scenarios that we're thinking of that's that's definitely probably not going to be it so one thing I thought of you know who knows maybe on the eve of the dollar crisis the Federal Reserve and the president and the Treasury secretary come out and institute a new currency or maybe they're in talks already with other countries about some sort of multi currency you know six currencies and gold in it

"...I mean I have no idea we don't have any idea right but there is a reason why China and these other countries are buying physical gold and it's and you know it's an unproductive asset it's purposes protection and preservation why is China and Russia and these other Eastern central banks buying gold that's the big question because they're not buying it because it pays a yield they're buying it because they're worried about something you Trump could use gold to either bring down the Fed or take over the final Trump is a big proponent of gold

" can see how he continually contradicts Jerome Powell who's in the Fed do you think eventually he might try to nationalize the Fed that's a great question I don't know if they'll try to nationalize it because as you know both the Republicans and the Democrats just like the military industrial complex they're gonna do everything they can to protect the Fed and for Trump to do that they might call that you know something where he's he's overreached on his powers they might come against him and even impeach him

"...but it is interesting that that Trump does like gold he's talked about gold before I know you received gold as payment from APMEX who was a one of his tenants so he's actually received gold as payment as money and of course he loves gold if anybody just Google's his contour is a suite in Trump Tower Dorris all Gold's beautiful but no I don't think he's gonna nationalize the Fed unless we were in an absolute crisis and state of an emergency otherwise we have to keep in mind the Federal Reserve is in charge of creating money you know you have empires you have money and you have religion those are kind of the three things that have motivated people and kept people in line and within coordination of homosapiens

"... the Fed is in charge of one of them and I would I would say that they're probably the strongest one so if anything I think the Fed just gets rid of the president I mean let's be real before why would why would they ever get nationalized when they could simply raise the interest rates to 4% and collapse the entire US economy let me ask you this do you think Trump is controlling Jerome Powell

"...huh no I think he's doing his best now if he had gotten a real insider from the Trump administration to do it then I would say maybe maybe there's some good guy you know I know I forget what his name was there was a guy years ago he would say Greenspan was a good guy and he was like undercover and uh you know trying to fight for the good guys and you know I don't know if that's true or not but uh I don't think Jerome house one of those guys he doesn't come from the Trump circle he doesn't come from the libertarian circle there's no evidence of that so I don't think he's controlling him

"...I do think there was political pressure but we also don't know we you know everybody says that Trump won against Jerome Powell we don't know what his next move is on the Fed side maybe drums you know say you know what let's let Trump have this victory because in a year from now I'm gonna raise interest rates three times in a row the economy is gonna be in deep recession stock market will be at 10,000 by the time the November election comes around in 2020 that could be a scenario that the Fed is thinking that hey let this guy have his win right now

"...but couldn't Trump use that against them because I mean look what happened when Jerome Powell was raising the interest rates Trump continually tweeted out look every time the Fed raises rates the stock market comes down this happens they're ruining the economy so if Jerome Powell decides you know afterwards to raise the rates and Trump continually points at Jerome Powell saying listen every time he does this he's destroying my economy I made the economy great and every time he raises it it destroys the stock market it destroys you know other things and when everything is all said and done everyone will be staring at the Fed going why did you do that why did you destroy the economy

" know and that's brilliant of Trump to put it out there in such a public debate you know I they Trump just like China's buying gold I think Trump also in his heart of hearts knows that this thing is a ticking time bomb and yes he's gone full throttle on it and he's trying to perhaps create a better infrastructure for us for when we ultimately have a reset or maybe he really does believe that you can fake it til you make it and maybe we'll just grow our way out of this maybe he believes that I don't know but you know if if Trump has made it publicly that the Fed is the bad guy I think it's smart of him as a politician because he is already shifting the blame to the Federal Reserve and I would agree with that actually in that assessment

"...I mean look let's be let's be honest the feds got us here and if the Fed adjusts the interest rates too quickly we're gonna be right back into a severe maybe the worst recession ever because we're more in debt than ever do you think it's possible to get rid of all this debt that we have I mean its trillions and trillions of dollars

" I've talked to two congressmen I'm not gonna mention their names one was a Democrat one was a libertarian Republican I bet everybody can guess who that was and both had the same answer that everybody in Congress knows that the debt is a huge problem but they also know that there's nothing they can do to fix it and that comes from two legislators one of them is active right now in DC and he was a Democrat I mean he wasn't some fiscal hawk or anything or Ron Paul libertarian he was a guy who hated Trump

"...and I was sitting there talking we were talking about the cannabis market actually and you know I asked him about that before we left I said what do you think about the national debt and he said you know our filling on it amongst ourselves is that we're just gonna have to keep driving until it goes off a cliff and then we'll be able to do something about it so I think most politicians they actually have just accepted that until there's the big crisis the big one there's just nothing going to be done

" in their mine unto between now and that big because people are desperate for a help they're just gonna keep going and pushing forward on this because the alternative to try to fix it is too painful and just not an electable situation see no one's willing to all come together and hold hands and step off the bridge together so Republicans as much as they want to fix it they're not going to do it as much as the Democrats may want to fix it they're not going to do it because whoever tries to fix this is gonna blow the whole damn thing up and no one wants that on their hands

" what do you think we are headed now I mean we're coming up two more in 2019 right now we're coming up to 2020 we have the elections once again do you think it's possible that Trump will be reelected once again and where does he go from here once if he is re-elected because I know when we started out we about the mainstream media how they were saying there was a recession during the election year and it looked like they might have you know wanted to blame him for the economy failing if he wins or loses where do we go

"...I think Trump has set himself up for a fairly easy win here and a serious electoral college victory a landslide electoral college wise because the fact of the matter is is he has helped bring a lot of jobs back and has created an environment if nothing else the optimism and the cheerleading

"...I know people don't think that means anything but you know the wealth effect of having somebody's 401k higher or their home prices higher is that same wealth of fact that Trump is doing to all these businesses where you're cutting tons of regulations back you're cutting their taxes and it's causing in businesses to be more optimistic giving them their own wealth effect of hiring more employees and creating creating more things and reinvesting in the business

" I think Trump will win a reelection electoral II probably by a landslide for nothing else that these states like Michigan the states like Ohio he has delivered on much of what he promised and his base is not gonna let him go Rasmussen has them at 52% right now I think Obama was around 49 or 50 during the same time in his presidency and this is despite having an onslaught of news that is always negative always crazy but if but for the media they've played their hand too much you know Trump will blink and they'll say he's signalling white power

" now they're not even taking credibly which is actually kind of a sad thing right because you know you want a media in any country but now they've exposed themselves to be so over the top that nobody takes them credibly I mean I even have people friends of mine who are Democrats who hate Trump even they roll their eyes at this now I mean it's gotten it's gotten crazy it's gotten old you know that it's it's it's just an unfortunate thing I guess it's forward we're fortunate that they've been exposed but it's unfortunate that the countries and in the disarray it's in and the media has just completely written themselves off and they're completely not relevant anymore ...≺≺ less

Phase III, Rats In DC Panicking,Pain,Event Warning [10] - Episode 1792b

X22Report ** Published on Feb 15, 2019
".... Trump declared a national emergency today and we can see that the deep state Dems they're gonna try to stop this in any way they possibly can but what's happening right now is that DC is panicking and we're gonna be talking about this in just a minute but Alexandria Ocasio Cortes she's introducing a bill looking to stop Trump's emergency declaration now of course she's going to introduce this bill in the house but we need to remember the Senate was the key ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... the bill will be blocked the bill will not be able to move forward and everything that they try it's going to be very very difficult and we'll be talking about a lot of this later in the report because Q has been dropping a lot of breadcrumbs and I integrated everything with what Q has been doing with the report but before we get there something very interesting is happening in Venezuela Maduro came out and he said that his foreign minister recently had secret talks in New York with the US special envoy to Venezuela he said that while New York his foreign minister invited the Washington dc-based envoy Elliott Abrams to come to Venezuela privately publicly or secretly if he wants to meet just tell me when where and how and I'll be there Maduro said

" what's very interesting is that it looks like there were talks before this now the first talks were very aggressive the second talks set of talks was a little bit more relaxed and I do believe that Trump has Bolton Pompeyo Rubio out there doing what they do best continually pushing for regime change in Venezuela and this is keeping the mainstream media very very busy so two senior Venezuelan officials who are not authorized to discuss the meetings publicly said the two encounters between Abrams and foreign minister Jorge Razia came at the request of the US

".... now we know the neocons the deep state they don't normally request meetings they don't like to negotiate what they like to do is say hey either you do it our way or that's it we attack you we have regime change we've seen this time and time again now venezuelan saw this meeting as a sign there is room for discussion with the americans now we need to remember trump he likes to negotiate and if we go back to north korea remember in the beginning when we had all the mainstream media outlets we had all the different individuals in the government we had all these people saying that we were going to war and trump and kim jeong-hoon going back and forth it seemed like we were actually headed in that direction and they were calling each other's names and they were talking about all different things it seems like we might have the same thing going on in Venezuela

"....and I what I think is going to happen in the cut next coming days or weeks we will see Maduro out there calling Trump names we've already been seeing that Trump might lash out against him with tweeting Rubio Bolton Pompeo they'll be doing their part to push the regime change in Venezuela during this time everyone will be monitored those individuals that are trying to sneak weapons into Venezuela those individuals that are doing other type of operations covert operations they are being monitored as this happens the Patriots are watching the CIA and other players the mainstream media will continue a report on how Guido is gaining ground in the meantime talks will be happening behind the scenes remember Trump is a negotiator he looks at the gray areas he's not just black and white like the neocons in the deep state operatives

"....and we can see already that the mainstream media they're continually putting out articles saying that Guido's opposition it's building he's doing this he's doing that but lately I believe the mainstream media is starting to catch on and starting to realize that this might not happen because at a Bloomberg and out of the New York Times we have articles that are coming out saying that the opposition it looks like they might be losing steam and it looks like this movement might not go anywhere so I do believe the mainstream media I believe they're catching on to the strategy that Trump uses and they're starting to realize that this whole thing in Venezuela might not be what it seems

"....and I do believe that Trump needs to create peace in Venezuela because this was another hot spot and he needs to collect as much evidence as possible on what they're doing out invent well just like they did in Syria just like they did in North Korea and if you notice we're seeing peace throughout the region we're not seeing war we're seeing peace actually in Syria US forces withdrew from key base in northeastern Syria and this is the city of Qamishli so already we're starting to see troops they are withdrawing from Syria even though the mainstream media doesn't want to admit this and they keep saying it's not happening it actually is happening

"....let's get into some of Q's posts here we have post 27 11 and q put up red castle green castle the picture and under this it says you will not win Pelosi you didn't think the largest military spending bill in history wasn't going to indirectly include funding for the wall did you now under this cue put up an article from Fox News and it says Trump will sign border security bill declare national emergency White House says and Q says an ins knew last March do you believe in coincidences at what point is it mathematically impossible hashtag winning big Li Q

"....let's move on to post 27 12 and there's a picture of a frog with Q in the eyeballs and under this it says hashtag winning big Li and how under this is has credit to an into deciphered read Greencastle why must we communicate this way think national security laws hue q is letting us know that the communication needs to be done in this fashion it's necessary otherwise it would violate national security laws giving us clues is allowed and with those clues we can put the pieces together and figure out the messages this is not illegal this is why Q just can't come up and tell you what the plans were because of national security purposes now we know that Trump has declared a national emergency today and

"....Trump did mention during his speech that this has been done many times before pret is presidents have declared national emergency for nearly 50 years Barack Obama declared 13 national emergencies 11 of which continued to this day and some of them include swine flu the Flint water crisis Iran and you can see that some of these were they really a national emergency the Flint water crisis this was located just in one state it wasn't really national but he included us as a national emergency the swine flu I don't really know if that was a national emergency at the time but no one objected to it they were okay no one had a problem with it and it seems like people have a problem with Trump declaring a national emergency at the border

"....and Trump came out and he kind of told everyone this is what the deep state is planning take a listen I really appreciate you being here so the the order is signed and I'll sign the final papers as soon as I get into the Oval Office and we will have a national emergency and we will then be sued and they will sue us in the Ninth Circuit even though it shouldn't be there and we will possibly get a bad ruling and then we'll get another bad ruling and then we'll end up in the Supreme Court and hopefully we'll get a fair shake and we'll win in the Supreme Court just like the ban they sued us in the Ninth Circuit and we lost and then we lost in the Appellate Division and then we went to the Supreme Court and we won that

" was very interesting because yesterday they were talking about the ban because we have a ban it's very helpful Madam Secretary is that right without the ban would have a bigger problem we have a ban on and as you can see he laid out exactly what the deep state will do and eventually what will happen is Trump will win let's move on to post 27:13 and an on-set got eyes on someone in China early today thanks Q for all you and your people are doing to unite our world we owe you more then you know Q says we only go public and we want the target to know so the an and ask the question Q responded that they wanted the target to know they were being watched the world is watching their operation

"....let's move on to post 2714 q put up a picture of all the different individuals that have been fired and Q says memes are important mod attached re FBI only re last drop re fired if nothing criminal treason verse Julie elected president occurred why then did majority of senior FBI leadership get fired or removed what do they all have in common what do they have in common they were Clinton's protection the firewall the offensive line so they're all connected to Clinton to protect her q went on to say the Department of Justice later two more departures imminent so one of them might be Ron Rosenstein who is the other we will see very very soon

" 2715 inanimate up is safer talking to Washington Post a good thing and under this it says more importantly why is the Washington Post leading the attack verse q who owns the Washington Post Bezos who funds Amazon the CIA who targeted the NSA re surveillance exposed prevent uranium one Iran why are we attacked daily by the largest news companies on the world now that is a spelling error Q meant to say in the world and in the next post says this is just a spelling error it's not code for anything use caution hi follow account targeting to direct deep in narrative mob as method to remove now I interviewed Jordan say there I know him I have a interviewed him a couple times on my other channel which is the x22 reports light channel if you didn't know I had another channel and we know that the Washington Post most likely will spin this story to make Jordan look like he's absolutely crazy but you have to remember who owns the Washington Post what's their agenda their agenda is to spread propaganda to make all of us look like we're absolutely nuts

"....oh pose 2716 Q refers everything back to post 2715 and said spelling era by mistake on the move q and we just mentioned that post 2717 gave a link to a Twitter account the Justice Department and it says welcome back to the Department of Justice attorney general bar effective today Muller reports to bar now brackets bold coming weeks Q so what's coming in the next coming weeks well we're gonna see a lot more stuff happen post 27:18 Q gave us a link to a Twitter account

"....and the Twitter account is to run the race this is a national emergency when public at 314 exactly and basically what run the race is telling us is that there's a picture of the watch from a previous post that shows the time at 3:14 national emergency went public exactly at 3:14 and Q is just saying and this was a post back from January 5th by the way and it was a pic of the watch q says how is this possible on the same day as bar confirmation what a coincidence defied the word plan this was all planned out post 27:19

"....Q gave us another link to a Twitter account normy woke AF and this is a screenshot of Trump and under it it says the Great Awakening and Q says what a coincidence we turned publicly pace picking up Q so take a listen to what Trump said about the Great Awakening with this strategy we are calling for a great real awakening of America a resurgence of confidence and a rebirth of patriotism prosperity and pride so is this a coincidence that bar is now in office we have a national emergency and Trump says there's a Great Awakening coming no this has all been planned

" it's time to bring the pain let's move on to post 2720 now there's a an Annan who put up the screen grab and cue is just recognizing at red pill 78 and Normie woke AF for posting a fox headline which showed Trump calling for the Great Awakening that's all that is right there so we're gonna move on to post 2721 Q puts up a picture of the Punisher and this means pain is coming post 27:22 it says no mercy no bargaining a traitor's justice pain which P - a - I - n letting you know pain is coming post 27:23 puts up a link to a video and this video has Tucker Carlson talking about how the Department of Justice held meetings on how to oust President Trump almost what they call a coup d'etat

"....and Q says this is a truth push the truth is coming out and everyone's gonna know what really happened here post 2724 Q put up the following a traitor's justice phase 3 panic in DC rats everywhere for those who decide to save the taxpayers some money there is no escaping God letting us know that we're in phase 3 right now and this means pain is coming that justice is coming that arrests are coming because every all the legwork that was done before was a setup to allow them to arrest these people to put them on trial that's what this was all about he needed to set everything up we only have one shot at this so they had to put all the pieces together remove the protection and get everything ready to go

" if we go back to post 1297 this is April 29 2018 and back then this is from q+ q posted this from q plus it says the next phase will bring justice we are in the next phase here we go this is being done with each phase and this is why when people say oh nothing's happening because you can't have anything happen unless you set everything up yes the goal is for arrest the goal is to bring people to trial but if you don't have the protection removed if you don't have the Supreme Court justices if you don't have the other judges around the country in place how do you do that they tried it with Clinton and guess what her protection blocked everything

" if everyone was calling for arrests back in 2018 or 2017 you know what would happen they would have blocked it all and nothing would have been done think about what Trump is doing now with the national emergency you already explained that they're going to sue it's going to the it's gonna go to the Ninth Circuit Court then it's gonna go someplace else then it's gonna end up in the Supreme Court because it's temporary court what does he have there he has control he has the majority all the other court systems he doesn't so you can see that we just couldn't have arrests that would be impossible everything needs to be put into place and he's still not just Trump but the Patriots they're still working on that

"....remember the deep state is deep and wide but what's very interesting and this is at post 27 25 remember Pfizer works both ways they're monitoring all these traders they're hearing chatter now Bill and Hillary's public health will begin to rapidly deteriorate why because they're closing in on all these individuals they realize oh this is getting bad really fast and out of judicial watch they just received documentation which reveals FBI cover-up of chart of potential violations of law by Hillary Clinton so they announced that they received 186 pages of records from the part from the Department of Justice including emails document documenting in evident cover-up of a chart of potential violations of law by former State Secretary of State Hillary Clinton these newly obtained emails came in response to a May 21st order by US District Judge Reggie B Walton to the FBI to begin processing 13,000 pages of records exchanged exclusively between struck and page between February 1st 2015 and December 2017

"....the FBI may not complete review and production of all struck page communications until at least 2020 three days after then FBI director James Comey z' press conference announcing that he would not recommend prosecution of mrs. Clinton a July 8th 2016 email chin shows that the special counsel to the FBI's executive assistant director in charge of the national security branch whose name is redacted wrote to struck and others that he was producing a chart of the statutory violations considered during the investigation of Clinton's server and the reasons for the recommendation not to prosecute

" right there and then Judicial Watch got them and this is why Q is telling us that we're hearing chatter of Bill and Hillary's public health beginning to rapidly deteriorate and let's not forget about uranium one and all the other things post 27:26 Q says be alert next 10 days false flag attempts may be carried out an attempt to change narrative negative optics in brat and brackets high possibility of multiple day coverage event forcing pause on news C something with an arrow pointing to say something now this is very interesting and

".... I'm going to tell you why because I received an email from YouTube on February 13th saying that one of my videos they were restricted now and the interview was with Stephen Len Minh this was back in 2015 so it has been on the spotlight channel for three and a half years or so around approximately that time period with no problems then all of a sudden I get an email that it is restricted what was this interview about this interview was about false flags false flags happening in multiple cities last time something like this happened we had shootings in the country

".... remember when all of a sudden YouTube started to restrict or give strikes too many YouTube channels about shooting events I had one on x-22 report and on the spotlight channel they had to do with Sandy Hook and other things and all of a sudden a couple days later we had something happen so it looks like and this this really surprised me when I got this on February 13th and I said to myself okay something is going to happen and it's funny that cue came out and is actually saying the same exact thing

" in New Orleans we see that the Office of Homeland Security emergency preparedness is seeking 200 volunteers to participate in a full-scale exercise simulating a complex attack on a parade hmm this is very interesting because we know that there is usually certain events that happen after drills or during drills so what we're seeing right now and cue is letting us know something might happen will it happen we don't know but with YouTube bringing down or restricting a video this is very interesting

"....let's move on to post 2727 and Anton said I don't think anyone is surprised got to the bottom of the pit to harm another human being by the way they do hang them high and cue said the following gave us a link to the hill and this says the Senate passes bill to make lynching a federal crime and Q says in the past what was the punishment for a traitor well it was lynching isn't it strange that they're passing a bill to make it illegal to lynch do you think they know what's coming Q says coincidence no it is not

" 2728 in Annan a link to a video and this is the same video that we saw before about how there was a coup d'etat and under this the Annan said Department of Justice held meetings on how to oust President Trump why hours after the election did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private and highly secured guarded meaning an ins knew it beforehand and under this it says you have more than you know it's all their future proofs past so an an and realizes that yeah this is all connected these people went into a room they had a secret meeting and they planned a coup d'etat and guess what it failed

" 2729 cube puts up a link to that missile that was fired and it says remember the cover story for this helicopter coincidence Air Force One to Canada to North Korea bigger than the 25th amendment attempt to remove depth of this is very serious so let's go back in time here Trump left Canada and arrived in Singapore on June 9th 2018 the missile launch was June 10th Trump men with Kim on June 12th the missile launch was a false flag by the deep state to start a war so running the race put up this great graphic showing where the missile was launched and this was around the Seattle area and it was brought down as it flew near Alaska around that area

"....and it was brought down by the Patriots before this missile was able to reach the area of North what they were trying to do is they were trying to maybe hit Trump and start a war and Q is telling us that this is bigger than the coup d'etat with the 25th amendment this is much bigger and this is much much more serious than people even know and remember there was a cover story about this whole entire thing post 27:30 inanimate up wife a burned amputee veteran here we are ready we are with you we will continue to fight Godspeed q plus plus plus Q says your husband answered the call as a brave and selfless Patriot we are forever grateful for his service and sacrifice to this country may God bless you and your family honor and respect q

" 27:31 q put up the following y hours after the election did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private and highly secured guarded meeting under this q put up think mccabe number two in brackets in bold interview re meeting the 25th amendment think rod Rosenstein wear a wire attempt to entrap using the 25th amendment number two accounted for identification remaining coming note border open contacts same drop border has more importance than what is publicly disclosed and

"....trump tweeted out the following trying to use the 25th amendment to try and circumvent the election is a despicable act of unconstitutional power grabbing which happens in third world countries you have to obey the law this is an attack on our system and constitution alan dershowitz at tucker carlson

" lisa Crowley tweeted out the following she said looking over all drops wondering if the seven traders who met to discuss the insurance policy were Hussein Hillary Clinton Lynch Comey McCabe and struck with Ron Rosenstein being the seventh person cooperating together support from Schumer Pelosi Schiff plus six classified names and UK mi6 and she's referring to post 436 this was on December 22nd 2017 and it could be these individuals most likely they are

" 27:32 put up a link to Fox News and this is Michael Goodwin Andrew McCabe is a national disgrace and we owe him a big fat thank you cue says dark to light the orders came from the highest office in the land this is the office of the president which Q is saying the orders came from Obama post 27:33 gave us a link to Twitter this is from seven flamingos and it says the following interesting posed by at US Army this morning fad is terminal high altitude area defense an anti-ballistic missile defense system for short medium and intermediate-range ballistic missiles and gives us a picture of the post 27:29 with fad saying this is what brought down that missile that was fired

"....pose 27 34 and Annan put up yes the f-15 plain pic q posted and everyone thought that this might mean February 15th so what happened today February 15th national emergency was to clear today what other things happen today well let's go forward post 27:35 q put up that entire post of Ruth Bader Ginsburg about who's treating her illness all the laws that she passed and things like that and Q says be prepared for more fake news this info claiming we stated death we carefully f15 now the f-15 stands for February 15th which was national emergency also it has to do with RBG coming back into the picture

" q never said that our BG was dead Annan's like myself and others we were looking at all the evidence and speculating saying we have not seen her there have been no pictures of her so is she dead or alive but Q never said this so we were trying to get proof of life because we wanted to see a picture now news articles continually said that oh she attended a concert but there was never a picture but people were hugging her and they saw her but there was never a picture there were pictures of the concert that was going on but we didn't see pictures of her the mainstream media is reporting that RBG was back at the court in private conferences but again there are no pictures

" does this mean she's that are alive we don't know but the news is reporting that she's back in the Supreme Court and Q is just telling us that the mainstream media is gonna make it seem like Q is crazy and Q called for her death which q never did this hew gave us hint that something was going on with our BG gave us clues that something was going on with our BJ but never said that RBG was dead and I believe coming also from the Santa Monica observer who said that she had cancer and Snoop said that was a fake story Santa Monica observer also said maybe she'll be retiring sometime this year we'll see if that happens so two things happen on February 15th the national emergency and RBG returns

"....yet again we don't have a picture I say we wait for the picture for proof of life so the rats in DC are panicking we can expect some type of an event in the next ten days we all should be on the look at to move the narrative away from everything that's going on because what's going on right now we are in phase three which means the protection is being removed to more Department of Justice individuals are being removed soon the Mueller investigation comes to an end and the report is then put out there the report will show nothing the Patriots will have an open playing field to d-class and start to move very very quickly all the pieces before hand are all set up everything is in place and now we have the national emergency where the wall is being built listen everyone thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared thanks a lot ...≺≺ less

EL CHAPO Names Names of Politicians...

Annette Cividanes ** Published on Feb 14, 2019
".....the most notorious drug kingpin in the world is going away for life federal jury in Brooklyn convicted Joaquin Guzman better known to the world as al topo on all ten counts of his indictment those include engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise conspiracy to manufacture and distribute cocaine heroin meth and weed firearms charges and conspiracy to launder drug money the trial went forward under near lockdown and that makes sense wherever chapo goes violence follows and wherever he's imprisoned he tends to escape inside the courtroom prosecutors from the Eastern District of New York offered a staggering range of evidence including wiretap phone calls intercepted text messages and Chapo's own handwritten notes ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" it wasn't surprising that the jury found him guilty what was surprising was that it took them so long six days of deliberations part of the delay may have just been that the jury wanted to be thorough with such a complicated case with so much evidence but the other factor is the count one of his indictment was incredibly complicated with 27 different violations for the jury to consider Jews presumed guilty this was not a case where we had a defendant presume that it said he was presumed guilty

".....I don't Chapas defense lawyers tried to frame the government's case as a personal crusade against a popular villain and they said afterwards the case was tried in the media why did you take it if he knew it was a losing game you know what maybe I'm just a fool and and I feel that in America I don't get to choose my clients all the time I have to to take people as I see them and I have to fight to the death for people that perhaps other people don't want to fight for and I'm proud of that I was in the courtroom for almost all 44 days of the trial and

" was usually a circus reporters were lining up as early as 2:00 a.m. in freezing temperatures and snowstorms to get one of the coveted seats inside the courtroom in the end there were some legal nuances the jury asked review testimony for more than a half dozen witnesses and for a while there it looked like the government's slam-dunk case might be falling apart the jury sent word that they had reached a verdict and the government got one of its biggest victories and maybe it's only victory and the war on drugs that it always seems to be losing this conviction is a victory for the American people who has suffered so long and so much

".....while Guzman made billions pouring poison over our southern border choppa looks stunned as the verdict was read he turned and locked eyes with his wife who flashed him a thumbs up and fought back tears as he was escorted out of the courtroom choppa won't be sentenced until June but we already know that he's going to get life with no parole because it's a mandatory sentence under count one of his indictment he's almost certainly gonna spend the rest of his days at ADX Florence a federal supermax prison in Colorado known as the Alcatraz of the Rockies the prison already houses another powerful Mexican drug kingpin along with spies terrorists and gang leaders inmates at Florence are isolated from each other in solitary confinement and have limited contact with the outside world

" prisoner has ever escaped then again they'd never had an inmate quite like Al chopped [Music] I'm coming to y'all on some breaking news that hasn't actually broke yet there was a source at the El Chapo hearing before he was sentenced there's a source there that is actually somehow linked and now it's been all hushed up that El Chapo during his sentencing hearing exposed the politicians that he gave millions and millions and millions of dollars to dirt during their campaigns Hillary Clinton

".....there is a war on Hillary Clinton's foundation Jelena Saad connected and found through emails that actually El Chapo had supplied iller e with 15 million dollars while she was Secretary of State [Music] that's true though my lease in every success and was [Music] this is along the same lines of when holder was the Attorney General and Obama was president during fast and furious when they gave you all of these machine guns to the cartel uncle Asian fast and furious and Obama administration program that met thousands of assault weapons fall into the hands of pilot Mexican drug cartels guns found at over a hundred and seventy crime scenes including the murder of a u.s. Border Patrol agent anyone be held accountable

" what's happening here is this as we're getting a connection this league found out that that during this hearing that they were there that El Chapo named off Hillary Clinton he named off Nancy Pelosi he named off Adam Schiff and there's more but what happens is once this started happened and supposedly they shut the court doors look guys this is about our burst agnus this is this is stuff that I didn't even connect things to but you have the wiki links connection the Fast and Furious connection you have actually el chapo himself announcing the politicians he gave money to and this hasn't broke yet this is something that's gonna be huge huge FBI get on this get Nancy note this is why they don't want to border it pay to play it's pay to play the cartels have the Democrats all in their pocket

".....this is all about to be exposed bad god I'm gonna put this on record right now you know El Chapo get in life in prison doesn't mean that he's gonna be in there for life I want you to understand that El Chapo has given millions and millions of dollars at 15 million exact as of wiki links found in the emails and all of that of El Chapo given up to 15 million dollars to the Hillary Clinton Foundation also he's given lots and lots of money to the Democratic Party it's pay to play it's keeping the borders open it's it's the Democrats and El Chapo and the cartels being hand in hand in the whole drug trafficking drug trade and drug business and the control of our southern borders he's given money in regards to Eric Holder Obama Nancy Pelosi

".....we see videos of Nancy Pelosi with E with the president of mech sicko whoo El Chapo gave up to a hundred million dollars to a shocking allegation in the El Chapo trial these self-proclaimed right-hand man of Joaquin el chapo guzman is claiming government corruption went as high as the President of Mexico his name is Alex of twenties and he was cross-examined on his third day of testimony and at one point he claimed former Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto asked al Chapo for a two hundred and fifty million dollar bribe the country yes yes so he claims El Chapo actually negotiated that down a little two hundred million dollars but he's a businessman so apparently that money was hand-delivered allegedly that money was hand-delivered

".....when P&A Nieto was about to take office so he was a the president alike so if when t'as also told the court that El Chapo paid the Mexican military up to twelve million dollars to kill members of rival cartels the former Mexican president has repeatedly rejected claims of corruption since the trial began previous testimony accused several members on his team of being involved with the Sinaloa cartel Enrique Pena Nieto says that he has done nothing but actually bring crime down in Mexico so it's all coming together but the Democratic Party in the sentencing of him getting life in prison and not the death penalty but getting life in prison opens up the ability to probe El Chapo on all of his connections to American politicians when you have the puppets like George Soros as puppets like Hillary Clinton Nancy Pelosi Obama Eric Holder the Attorney General I forgot her name who was on the tour man

"..... I don't even care about that these are people that were controlled by George Soros but you have the ability now for El Chapo to be able to ran out unload on all of these Democratic and even Republican politicians that may have been involved and what happens is this we find out one day on the news that El Chapo has been killed in prison we know were given a story on whatever that will work but you have to understand this El Chapo now and this is even prior to this video is way way way better off dead than he is alive I'm putting this on record now because once El Chapo gets into prison there's no there's they have no choice but to put a hit out on El Chapo in prison and make sure that he is dead and he's quick and he's better dead than giving then then and

".....I want to say this to the FBI I want to say this to Donald Trump I want to say this to all the white hats up top you get El Chapo on record of putting down everybody from what I gathered he already has from what I gathered he already has unloaded on Adam Schiff Hillary Clinton Nancy Pelosi and this just gets it fueling quicker it gets it fueling quicker now they're like oh shit I'm saying this now get as much from El Chapo as you can I'm probably sure you already are he's already unloaded the beans but I'm telling you now at some point we're gonna find out we're gonna hear it on the news El Chapo is pronounced dead in prison it is because they will put a hit out on him it will be another dead body from the Clinton Soros foundation ...≺≺ less

Mike Pence ?

Annette Cividanes ** Published on Dec 28, 2018
".... hello everyone my name is torie Smith and I monitor a child trafficking operation which has 4140 main locations in the United States one of them is here in Indiana which has been open for 27 years now and then they have a multitude of other locations like the basement of the UN building in Manhattan where children are gang raped and murdered on a routine basis your husband mrs. pence has murdered 48 children by choking them to death during right now you've known about this since the eighty eight's child that he's raped when you found out that he had raped 88 children your decision was to aid and abet him to protect him to help him to continue to rape more children ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....and I'm doing a direct appeal to you because I want to know what have children done to you that is so horrible that you think that they should be gang raped and murder for you and your husband blender why what could a child possibly do to warrant this type of behavior Karen pence you're no lady you're an accomplice murderer you should just get the hell out stain filthy though by appeasing

"....back to you our free TV I'm buddy of some pretty major massive dumps here that are coming in around really important stuff to do with the corruption in our government and the war that Trump has declared on the Luciferian deep state government in our country it's gonna be tough to hear so I'm just going to lay it out there and this is the news people we are looking at a major trader in the White House and that trader is Mike Pence I've known this for a long time and I've been waiting to find the more clarifying details on it and I've recently got them through a researcher journalists and FBI witness named Timothy Holmes Seth

" he has been working on uncovering CIA and FBI related child trafficking rings for years about a dozen years it looks like and he has been harassed almost murdered finally vindicated by a court both in Indiana and Minnesota I believe in the last several months and what he's reporting is absolutely true now other people have been saying this about Mike Pence that he is involved in these child trafficking rings so it's really important that we pray and and really attempt to protect Donald Trump

"....and the Trump team in their efforts right now they did declare war with that executive order it's really important for people to understand that the cue and on posts are true the deep state takedown is true and this is happening in real time in Indiana is a major hub of satanic ritual abuse child trafficking and child pornography I've already known this because I have been researching ritual abuse child trafficking and child pornography for close to thirty years and I know many many survivors I know survivors from the state of Indiana from the state of Minnesota and the state of Florida and many other states and that's just some of them

"....there are tunnels a network of tunnels that go underneath Indiana several other states this is a there are tunnels period people all throughout our underground in this country and other countries there's a whole second layer of civilization happening underneath our feet it's about the Illuminati and the underground cities that they've built the underground tunnels that they've built okay because it's in plain sight it's all around us and people need to be aware of what they're doing and why they're doing it there don't think that this is for military purposes okay let's not be naive why would they need to hide this underground for military purposes this is a bunker for them okay

"....they are of the beast and the Beast system okay they also underground that this is where they perform their satanic rituals not just in basements anymore and you can see evidence of the of the underground cities they'll even acknowledge it but they say it's for military purposes okay don't drink the kool-aid for military purposes we need military underground isn't the purpose of the military to stay above ground and to save people oh the purpose is to put them underground right okay when people are doing things in secret nothing good comes of it right people are doing things and hiding from everyone else so nobody can see it don't believe this well it's for national security they're hiding it because they don't want our enemies to see what we're up to they're hiding it from you okay on our soil on American soil are hiding it from you the citizens of America okay

"....there's no military bases underground this is an entire networking agenda that they have and they use the underground tunnels in this underground system you know to do all of this satanic ritual abuse to do all this trafficking of illegal things okay and also because they're going to be hiding down there and who has access to this underground world oh the government does not the civilians the citizens who quote-unquote elect them what's important to note is that this is all corroborated by evidence that's gone through Minnesota in and IANA quartz hello QN on Patriot's if you're watching Q n on videos you're probably one of the good guys as you know several recent executive orders on trafficking in essence pizza gave peda gate in the light crimes against children have been issued by President Trump

"....I'm going to be discussing Mike Pence for about eight years I've been under organized assault a group that calls itself the deep state when they call me using voice changers from telephone numbers I've been threatened my children have been threatened my grandchild has been threatened with kidnap I've been raided by police with guns and bulletproof vests I've been arrested I've been put in jail I've been run off the road attempts have been made to plant drugs in my car and my brake lines cut and so forth and so forth and so forth all documented with the local corrupt police in East Grand Forks Minnesota

"....I was recently vindicated by a Minnesota Court that made a decision based upon evidence I turned over to the court regarding CIA baby sales if you want to learn more about who I am you can visit my website right into action calm here's the deal the President of the United States has declared war whether whether or not you realize that or not the president has declared war has issued several executive orders now to the average person they might think well those are just executive orders now you could just assume right at the top of those executive orders declaration of war because President Trump has declared war on the Luciferian shadow government in our country

"....I have to say this president Trump has balls bigger than John Hancock now here's the issue and here's the problem what do you do if your country and or your leader has declared war but his right-hand man is with the enemy president Trump's right-hand man is vice president Michael Pence and that's what I'm going to be discussing I've been getting a lot of feedback on vice-president Mike Pence and a lot of people are are on the fence about him so if you're on the pence fence this information is for you developing this to provide essentially provide a compass so people can navigate the subject of Mike Pence right

"....first of all number one Indiana is a shadow government hub for trafficking that involves the US military let me qualify myself in July of 2017 I petitioned the Minnesota Court memo warns Attorney General Jeff Sessions of VP pence and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi after Minnesota Court rules on international child trafficking evidence so all eyes are on the white house watching and expecting their acknowledgement and rapid action for our children well Julian Assange came out on Tuesday on Twitter and said the deep state is planning to depose Trump and replace him with Mike Pence

"....who's Mike Pence supported Obamacare who's Mike Pence supported the free trade agreements who's Mike Pence supports a lot of liberal agendas that does not match the reasons we voted for Donald Trump and who's Mike Pence I believe he lied and contributed the takedown of general Flynn we only have Pence's word for things flynn bean team player thinking he'll be brought back at a later time which i think he should be but we only have Pence's word for what happened between he and Flynn

"....Pence is no friend to this president he is no friend to the American people and now we've got Julian Assange agreeing with Dave Hajus in the common sense show and I'm telling you people you don't want to believe it you think you've landed in Camelot you think the war is / you think you can stop prepping you think all is going to be well the war has just begun and Mike Pence is an enemy of the people and Donald Trump needs to try to marginalize him for the remainder of his presidential prize presidential term isolate him keep him out of the loop and not allow him to be involved in a decision-making home

".... all my workers I'm Benny watch them your host and mmm I've been watching pens for quite some time now and I was really hoping that I was wrong about him but I'm not because right here you're gonna watch him get a note from one of the deep state and put it in his pocket right behind terms back watch this go down he's gonna get ready to shake this girl's hand see where he gets a note now watch this it's in his pocket right back see the note right there on his hand there and then he puts it in his pocket yep see how he did that with his arm bit right there put it in his pocket Trump is deep state I mean not trumpet

"....Pence is deep state he's a pedophile he's a petty bore I think that the P and Q means pence and that was just done right behind our president's back as I've said he's already tried to overturn him with the 25th amendment at the senior funeral lip lip reader said that he told Obama that he thought he was going to be President sooner than later so I hate to bust you guys his bubble but this guy right here is no good he is with the deep state and this is who Trump's with every day and and Trump's got to know I mean if we see that Trump's got to know so we're gonna go back right there right there you can see it in his hand when you keep walking like that okay it's hard to catch it but it's there right there do you see that no right there right there and he's gonna put it in his pocket in a minute stuck in his pocket right behind chump so please play pray for our president because this right here is trying to kill him and take the throne so please pray and Whitney Pence out of there like first year JFK jr. needs to step it ...≺≺ less

Robert David Steele 02/09/2019 — RAND PAUL

Robert David Steele ** Published on Feb 9, 2019
"...for real we did a partial one back I don't know how many years ago now but he's he's really close to getting this past but now they're trying to stall it because the politicians don't want to be on record voting no against it and so they're just trying to stall it completely I think if Donald Trump wants to get more Republicans elected he should pick up Rand Paul's initiative and go with it not only do we need to audit the Fred we need to nationalize the Fed and we need a constitutional convention or convention of states at some point down the road right now the public is not smart enough for that we have dumbed them down and fattened them up for 25 years 50 years actually ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" Donald Trump needs to become the great educator and he can't do that he will not become the great educator unless he has both an election reform act and an open source agency that gives him the Trump studio in the truth Channel and the two-way dialogue so that we can get 200 million Americans into a truth network that cannot be censored or manipulated right now hashtag Google Gestapo I coined that term hashtag Google Gestapo has just had a massive purge of conservative and progressive voices everybody who is questioning the official narrative on false flags deep state fake news has been purged and Donald Trump has said nothing this is a title seven discrimination monopoly antitrust lawsuit that is waiting to be put together and

" I tell you on the one hand I think Donald Trump has really done some important things and another reason why he fired Tillerson was because he was not supporting the Korea unification and he wanted long-term basis in Syria because Tillerson is an oil man and he wanted he wanted his rail to keep the Golan Heights which is on top of oil and he wants to play favorites on the gas pipeline through this being argued between the one from Iran to the Mediterranean to the other bottom line here is Donald Trump has done very well with the 1% he now needs to pivot and embrace empower listen to and use the 99% and that's what he's not doing that's why the guy in Pennsylvania lost

"....the guy in Pennsylvania lost because Donald Trump and the GOP did not cut a deal with the libertarians the libertarians cost the Republicans the election in Pennsylvania well don't you think do you talk about the education on the truth Channel we need to educate the people don't you think just auditing the Fed right there would go a long way to weaken people up it's gonna take three to four years taught at the Fed this is not something you can do overnight plus other people have already done audits and and you've interviewed Kathryn Austin Fitz who's certainly one of my heroes and she has been representing the professors that have been auditing the 21 trillion dollars and more that's just out of the Department of Defense in HUD

"....this is how effect what's a whole nother deal cold is a Donald Trump is got all of this under control and he's actually gonna take that money back I was told by a person that I can't quote the other day that Donald Trump is going to take back so much money from these people who are looking at give the money back or go to Guantanamo this is the choice they're looking it has to be like that well he's going to take so much money back that I was actually told the United States would become a creditor nation rather than a debtor nation

"....I also believe Trump is very seriously considering a debt Jubilee for the three trillion dollars in debt that is focused on individuals student debt small business debt family credit card debt and elderly help that Donald Trump has the power to wipe out all three trillion dollars of that debt overnight that would change their circumstance no thank you I mean America would be in the streets celebrating the greatest president ever this is a no-brainer particularly if he does it on the 4th of July well

"....and he also needs to deal with the pension scam you know the fact that all these people are ready to lose their pensions when they didn't fund the pensions like they should have it's not just that they didn't fund the pensions it's legal in the United States of America to transfer your pension obligations to a shell company and then have it go bankrupt that's legal okay it's easy there is so much that needs to be fixed I mean we now know for example the Atlantic is one of my favorite journals although it's very wrongheaded on many things but the anok monthly has published an absolutely superb essay that makes it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that corporations are not people and that the Supreme Court law that says that corporations are people is based on outright lies that needs to be brought forward as a court case

"....and that needs to be reversed corporations are not people period yeah that messed up everything when they did that well let's get into something that's really important to both of us to you know close to my heart and that's pedophilia and you yeah and you are involved in an international commission on pedophilia can you explain that well let me let me take that in three parts number one I'm not sure how I really got enthused about the importance of pedophilia except that I vaguely connected it to a very important way of taking down the deep state

"....and I've been working pedophilia for several years now and and I remember distinctly I was in the JFK Art Center whatever you call it here in Washington talking to some people as I was delivering something to the President and I brought up pedophilia and they looked at me like I was an insane person this was back in the days of Denny Hastert and the kids being given VIP tours in the White House where they get to take off all their clothes and and be molested by people in the White House they just couldn't believe it well pizza gate changed all of that because of pizza gate I started nurturing a book by West Point graduate Joaquim Hagopian called pedophilia Empire Satan sodomy in the deep state

"....and that's free online and it's being read all over the world and now it's starting to be translated he just released chapter 15 on Hollywood every chapter is free online and also an Amazon Kindle the tiny URL is pedo Empire that brought me to the attention of some people that we're creating a judicial commission of inquiry which is not a law enforcement body and it is not a basically it doesn't have legal standing inside of existing jurisdictions but it has its own international natural law legal standing and it is a Commission of Inquiry it is led by Sir John Walsh a Branagh a Duke in the Australian who's who

"....and I am I have been asked to be the chief counsel and I have accepted William Binney and Steve Arnold and our know Roy's are three of our technical directors and this should be a wake-up call for the elite because that means that I have at my disposal capabilities superior to what NSA and CIA have I can get into all of these internet circuits and all these telephone circuits and so forth within the law that's the distinction between thinthread by bill Binney and NSA bill Binney and thinthread are within the rule of law and they say is way outside the rule of law so long and short of

" is we have set upon ourselves a task to do in one year what no government anywhere has done our starting number is 8 million children per year disappearing that's twenty two thousand a eight million children a year we want a document as close as we can toward 8 million a year are these in fact the missing numbers then we want to document what happens to them pedophilia is not just about child kidnapping or even child breeding

"....there are lowlifes in America that our breeding children as a cash crop they're literally getting pregnant and selling the baby and there's a very high demand now for fetuses people in the satanic circles like to eat fetuses this is just beyond belief but it's there so child kidnapping child cash crop child slavery child sex abuse and now you get into the really dark side of it beyond child sex abuse is child murder their average life expenses expectancy we believe is two years except for the ones that are being groomed to take over the hire networks um two years

" child murder put them in an incinerator in New Jersey so the New York people don't have to get their hands dirty or child ritual murder Cathy O'Brien's got a great book out transformation of America she might be one of our witnesses in London and child I mean this is even i-i've even read about where they have a child get pregnant and they deliver the fetus fresh on the floor of the ritual environment to eat the fetus within minutes of its coming out of the womb

"....I mean this is how sick these people this is this because they can its impunity its arrogance it's satanic evil and it's very best and then the last third of child abuse is body harvesting drinking Adrenaline's blood because they've been terrorized before they've been killed harvesting their bone marrow which is an anti-aging device and harvesting their body organs which is another anti-aging device this is probably the darkest thing I'm ever going to touch in my lifetime and far exceeds anything I ever saw it

"....CIA this is the ultimate evil and and it's particularly evil because Scotland Yard and Interpol and the FBI and the 18,000 police jurisdictions across America are turning a blind eye to this because people just can't fathom that this is what's going on cuz that's how you know I think that's one third of the reason one third of the reason is because they're actively complicit one of the neat things one of the the upsides of having all of the emails and phone calls across America for the last ten years is we have every dirty cop every dirty prosecutor and every dirty judge online we've got it all and

" if we're serious we can do it if we're serious we can do it I think it would take five years this is a long-term harvesting project I mean right now NSA can be harvested you know at the hundred to a thousand level if you really want to get ten thousand dirty cops ten thousand dirty prosecutors and ten thousand Dirty Jobs judges that's a three to five year project do you think Trump really wants to do that because he can I don't know I don't know I really pray that Donald Trump wants to clean up American make America great again

"....but if he doesn't pay that from the 1% to the 99% he will be lucky to finish out his term well let's finish it off with whatever you want to share with listeners trump 2.0 i absolutely believe in donald trump i absolutely believe that Donald Trump has the possibility of winning the Nobel Peace Prize for uniting the Koreas and demilitarizing denuclearizing the Korean that Donald Trump has the right instincts I'm not very confident about his present staff set up including many of his cabinet members but he has the benefit of the doubt what I want from Donald Trump is what I have outlined in trump 2.0 spots of the election Reform Act sparks of the open source agency have a trump channel have a Trump studio have a truth Channel and literally re-engage Americans I want to take Trump from 27% to 70% with veterans in the forefront well if you can do the things like we were talking about cleaning up corruption he will be there overnight ...≺≺ less


Operation Freedom** Published on Feb 12, 2019
".... let's talk about what President Trump is doing and his team is doing to melt the media now many people believe that when Donald Trump tweets when Donald Trump makes statements that they're just off the cuff they're not I truly believe that there is a method if you want to call it to his madness couple headlines media industry loss losses losses about a thousand jobs as layoffs hit news organizations this week reaffirmed just how dire things have gotten within the industry with about 1,000 jobs in the media lost as a result layoffs announced at BuzzFeed Huffington Post and Gannett the nation's largest newspaper chain BuzzFeed announced what at this past week it would layoff 15 percent of its workforce or about 220 employees ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....Verizon announced it would cut 7 percent or approximately 800 jobs from its media division which includes brands like Huffington Post AOL in Yahoo News and Gannett also slashed dozens of jobs and newspapers across the country another headlines from Zero Hedge Digital Media bloodbath continues new vice CEO cuts 10 percent of staff shifts focus following mass layoffs at BuzzFeed The Huffington Post Gannett and Verizon media group last week vice media has become the latest trendy news media darling to announce deep cuts to staffing levels the cuts which will be distributed across all departments at every level will total roughly 10% of the company's workforce

" every there are mutten that actually some folks in the mainstream media actually reported some of this but no one has really looked at wait why why is the media melting like this what's happening well I did a little research on this and here's what I've come up with let's go back to December 23rd 2016 now remember whenever we get around the holidays this is where these deep state players love to jam legislation through that is out of the news cycle December 23rd 2016 Donald Trump has been elected president he hasn't taken office yet Barack Obama is still in the Oval Office statement by President Obama on signing the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2017

".... this is December 23rd 2016 today I have signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2017 this Act authorizes fiscal year 2017 appropriations principally for the Department of Defense and for the Department of Energy national security programs so what does this have to do with the media my administration strongly supports the bills structural reform of the broadcasting Board of Governors so-called BBG remember that broadcasting Board of Governors which streamlines BBG operations and reduces in efficiencies while retaining the long-standing statutory firewall protecting against interference with and maintaining the professional independence of the agencies journalists and broadcasters and thus their credibility as sources of independent news and information

"....remember that CIA program called Project Mockingbird where what they did is they infiltrated all major news outlets to get the agenda across the deep state yeah headline from Zero Hedge this is December 26th 2016 Obama quietly signed the counter countering disinformation and propaganda Act into law why late on December 23rd 2016 with the US population embracing the upcoming holidays and oblivious of most news emerging from the administration by design Obama quickly signed into law the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act which authorizes 611 billion dollars for the military in 2017 but while the passage of the NDAA and the funding of the US military was hardly a surprise the biggest news is what was buried deep inside the provisions of the Defense Authorization Act

"....what was hidden in the authorization was the countering foreign propaganda and disinformation Act though in early June 2016 quote a bill to implement the u.s. very own de facto Ministry of Truth had been quietly introduced in Congress as with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight the countering foreign propaganda and disinformation Act of 2016 marked a further curtailment of press freedom and another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information introduced by congressman Adam King Kinzinger and ted Lieu you know the and they've been pretty prominent actually in this whole oh the fake Russian hack narrative a whole government approach without the bureaucratic restrictions to counter foreign disinformation and manipulation

"....the bill would test the Secretary of State with coordinating the Secretary of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence and the broadcasting Board of Governors oh oh there's that BBG thing again to quote establish a center for information analysis and response and quote which will pinpoint sources of disinformation alternative media guilty analyze data and intrude dystopic manner develop and disseminate fact-based narratives to counter effrontery propaganda in other words to confront and to to take on to counter the truth we're gonna hire these propagandists in the bought off lamestream fake media

"....and you'll wonder why I call it bought off it's right here fast-forward to December 8th 2016 when the countering disinformation and propaganda Act passed in the Senate no but then Oh what happened it was quietly inserted in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act conference report this is a bill that further chips away at press liberties in the United States and which sets the stage for future witch hunts and website shutdowns purely as a result of an accusation that one media outlet or site is considered as a source of disinformation in propaganda and is shut down by the government the legislation establishes the legislation establishes a fund to help train local journalists

" know Rachel Maddow Morning Joe Nita Brzezinski Oh Anderson Cooper and provide grants in Khan contracts to who nongovernmental organizations civil society organization think tanks like the open society you think run by George Soros private sector companies oh like ABC of Disney Verizon yeah media organizations all the above and other experts outside the US government with experiencing in identifying and analyzing the latest trends in foreign government disinformation techniques

".... it will also empower a decentralized network of private sector experts for Nijo Nika right Anderson Cooper Rachel Maddow Shep Smith and integrate their expertise into the strategy of making progress and process just like that the US Ministry of Truth is officially born Wow so why are these media organizations melting if they've been funded ah did a little more digging for you here's what I found out

" fiscal year 2018 Trump's first budget guess guess what he cut guess what he cut he cut the funding to the BBG Obama's little propaganda arm that he shoveled in there right before he moonwalks tout of town right well they still in town actually a dead did that mansion that has a wall around it imagine that why why would he need a wall when we don't need a wall on the southern

"....I don't shocking hypocritical yeah Trump in his first budget cut the BBG this propaganda arm in the media by how much sixty three million and then he doubled down this past year and cut it by another twenty four million and that folks as Paul Harvey used to say is the rest of the story the reason why the bought off lamestream fake media is melting all these layoffs why they're just imploding is because what President Trump and his team have done behind the curtain in cutting their budget which was hidden in the National Defense Authorization Act for an organization called the BBG

"....and you're not gonna hear a word of this from the bought off lamestream fake media because they've been sucking in all your tax revenue to fund their propaganda thank you for joining me today you can always join us 24/7 at Dave G and accomm the radio show two to 5:00 Eastern every Sunday it's a live show it really is phenomenal guests phenomenal analysis 24/7 at Dave GN dot-com the free side and also the subscription side thirty cents a day nine dollars a month

"....I believe one of the biggest bangs for the buck in all the internet as we sign off every segment Dave janda signing off dream big and dare to fail and if you get the chance please go back and watch I put it as a featured video on my youtube channel about adoption abortion in the future of our country one last point operation freedom YouTube channel and Dave janda com are the only platforms where I provide original content all these other channels that have stolen my content please don't email me and say why have you changed your voice why is there just a picture of you why is it just your name there's a it's because it's an unauthorized channel it's a fraud there are fraud channels that are ripping me off and they are monetized when this channel is not

"....Thank You Tube for that so if you want to file a complaint file it with YouTube on those other channels because there YouTube is the one that's allowing them to maintain their fraudulent foundation of putting my name my picture version of my voice on those platforms and they're not authorized until next time thanks for your time Dave Jen - signing off dream big and dare to fail ...≺≺ less

You Gotta Watch This Before 26th Feb 2019 ! The Biggest Secret They Don't Want You To Know

WORLD NEWS 7 ** Published on Jan 26, 2019
"...put the story in a framework in ten minutes this morning I was told that I was going to be the first speaker and tell the story before it's been told the strange things happened at one of these events but this is an impossible task but here goes in 1940 the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC decided that the that Hitler was going to lose the war and that they should start preparing for the next Empire an American Empire and it was to comprise all of the area that Hitler had coveted including the United Kingdom all of North America New Zealand Australia and much of the southeast Pacific Rim and they've been working at it ever since they have linked forces with other organizations since including the Bilderbergers post-war organization in Europe which is the most secretive and one of the most powerful if not the most powerful organization in the world today ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"...and then the third the try lank trilateral commission which was formed after Japan began its ascendancy and these three have been working together and I call him in my books the three sisters they are the sort of the root of what I now call cabal and other people call it the Cabal as well the Cabal comprises the banking cartel the oil cartel the big transnational corporate Asians the intelligence agencies many of them but including the CIA the FBI the NSA and a couple of foreign ones of the mi6 from the UK and the Mossad from Israel and a huge slice of the American military

"...and they are the Cabal and they have been running the United States for the last half century to the point where presidents have been little more than Talking Heads and the Congress hasn't had a clue as to what was going on after World War two who was sane operation called Operation Paperclip which was approved by President Truman to bring Nazi scientists to the United States to help presumably in the Cold War that would ensue President Truman agreed on the condition that none of the scientists were to have been active members of the Nazi Party the Armed Forces who were doing the invitation

"... the Army in particular paid no attention to the president is a former Minister of National Defense I know how that works and they recruited the ones that wanted they gave them new names new histories and high ranking jobs in the United States in the military and civil establishments they're working on missiles and and new new weapon systems of various kinds well then after the cry - crashes at Roswell - UFO crashes at Roswell July the 4th 1947 one of the machine was sufficiently intact to be recovered and they began back-engineering that before long they moved the operation to Nevada

"...and the president then was Eisenhower and he wanted to know what they were doing out there and they wouldn't tell them so he threatened to send in the first army from Colorado they capitulated and allowed him to send for trusted members of the CIA to visit Colorado and see what was going on and what was going on was exactly what they really expected and that is the back engineering of one of the vehicles from the Roswell area I don't think there's been a president since well actually Truman who has really been in the loop totally President Eisenhower vented his frustration in his final speech to the American people at the time he was retiring from public life

"...he said beware of the military-industrial complex and the problem is we have paid no attention to him and I witness who had worked in the company of President Eisenhower said what he was really concerned about was that the et file had fallen into the wrong hands and that's what he was really concerned about and I wish he had said it but that's I guess when the cover-up really got underway it in earnest well a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then this cabal their endgame is a world government they're calling it the new world order which is unelected and accountable only to them that's what they're doing and they're well on the road to do it and you know there were smart they said we won't do what Hitler did and try to take over all this world these countries by military means

"...we will do it by using our brains and using the monetary system to crush the various countries till to the point where the people will be glad to accept a military government and we will use trade agreements which are not really trade agreements but which are in effect transfers of power from the people the elected people to the banking cartel and the transnational corporations and they put a thing in the trade agreements which is called the dispute settlement mechanism and it actually works this way that if any government like a provincial government in Canada or a state government the United States does something that affects the profits of potential profits of a foreign company

"...they consume the Government of Canada for lost profits or even lost potential profits can you believe they have more rights in Canada the Canadian citizens and of course it works the same way with the United States it's wrong in principle - final words the reason they don't want us to know what they're doing is because of too many of us knew what they were doing they might not be able to get away with it and the reason that you don't read about it is that if you get a copy of daniel estulin most recent book he was the writer of the true story of the builded bark burger there are several pages chapter and verse that show that every major news outlet in the english-speaking world is controlled by a builder Brooklyn

"...thank you very much and I'm a former Minister of National Defense for Canada this disturbing message is for the several million Americans and others who are kind enough to listen to the 22 minute presentation at the citizens disclosure hearing in Washington in May 2013 and for anyone else who cares deeply about the future of their country and the planet Earth the US is in grave danger strangely the peril is not from foreign enemies but from animes within

" I beg you to listen to a summary of the major problems followed by some suggestions as to how the US might be recaptured by loyal Americans to the enormous relief of friends who've been watching helplessly from the sidelines the stakes couldn't be higher so I spent the 15 months following the Washington hearing feverishly writing a new book incorporating what I think every American has the right to know and must know to end the incredible naivety observed at the citizens hearing the name of the book is the money mafia

"...a world in crisis most of my friends both American and Canadian tend to agree that the world is in a state of crisis but very few are aware that the problems are not natural phenomena they have been engineered by a very tiny elite group of rich ruthless and power-hungry people who have been deliberately keeping the majority of decent hardworking taxpayers totally in the dark the iron veil of secrecy is now nearing the end of its seventh decade when World War two ended little attention was given to Operation Paperclip under which hundreds of Nazi scientists were brought to the u.s. given new identities and then appointed to important jobs in the military and elsewhere

"... some of them would have been aware of UFOs of the et presence from their experience and working with them in the 1930s the American military began to take the subject more seriously after retrieving one of the vehicles that crash near Roswell New Mexico on July 4th 1947 and decided to back engineer its technology which was light years more advanced than anything that we had known on Tuesday July the 8th 1947 at 11:00 a.m. mountain time Roswell airfield commanding officer Colonel William Blanchard announced in a press release the recovery of a flying disc that was the truth later that same day at approximately 4:30 p.m. Central Time

"...Brigadier General Roger Ramey commander of the 8th Air Force and Blanchard supervising officer presented to the press an alternative story he claimed the army had recovered a rawan target device suspended by a neoprene balloon that was a lie in fact it was the cornerstone lie of what was to become a cult of lying and disinformation that is still United States policy today 68 years later my brief address to the citizens disclosure hearing

"...I said that the United States and much of the Western world is ultimately controlled by an unelected unaccountable cabal its apex is the banking and financial cartel followed by the oil cartel the CEOs of the largest and most powerful transnational corporations major intelligence agencies including the CIA the FBI and the NSA and a major slice of the US military their collective power and influence is incalculable and it is their plan for the US and the rest of us that is so alarming their plan is an empire greater in size and power than any empire before

" they call this the new world order which ironically is the same name Hitler used for the smaller Empire he imagined one sure thing the new world order will end all pretense of government of by and for the people it will be a dictatorship of by and for a small minority of the rich and privileged elite much of its power lies in the privately-owned banking system why monarchs and politicians allowed a private cartel to become the monopoly supplier of new money we will never know but this power is almost absolute and can determine the fate of Nations and their people

"...a system where nearly all money is created as depth and debt that has to be repaid with interest but where no one creates any money with which to pay the interest is a dead end that leaves debtors with no alternative but to borrow the money to pay the interest and go deeper and deeper into debt is so while they absurd that a grade 10 student would only need a few minutes to recognize it as one giant Ponzi scheme thanks can invest five million dollars and leverage it to create one hundred million dollars in loans that have to be repaid with interest in effect they skim ninety five percent off the top of every loan

"... that is the reason I call them the money mafia monetary form is the most urgent of all essential reforms and my book contains a specific formula that the brave Occupy Wall Street protesters could have used to advantage when asked but what do you suggest what they lacked was the answer to that question if about 99 percent of the population don't understand a deception that has been responsible for the Great Depression of the 1930s the terrible recessions of 1981 82 1991 and the Great Recession of the 21st century

"'s not too difficult to understand why there are so many skeptics about UFOs and their occupants even though several species have been visiting planet earth for thousands of years the crashes near Roswell New Mexico that I referred to earlier were in a sense watershed events in Canada Wilbert Smith a senior officer in our federal Department of Transport of which are later became minister wrote a top-secret memorandum to his boss based on information he had received during a visit to our embassy in Washington the memo dated November 21st 1950

"... read in part as follows a the matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States reading higher even than the h-bomb the flying saucers exist see their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by dr. Vannevar Bush D the entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance a control group of 12 seniors civilian scientists and military officers was established by President Truman

"...they were known as the majestic 12 or mj-12 which issued a memorandum that included how to respond to UFO sightings by saying that they were a natural phenomena such as plasma or swamp gas or that the observer might have been imbibing too much Jack Daniels bourbon nothing could be further from the truth under the Eisenhower administration much of the physical engineering was transferred to underground facilities in Nevada and Arizona meanwhile much of the control was transferred to civilian agencies in order to create plausible deniability as to its existence

"...when President Eisenhower wanted to take a look at the restricted areas he was denied access it was only when he threatened to send in the first army that it was agreed that he could send three confidants to look at the secret areas 51 and s4 they reported that the Roswell vehicle was indeed being back engineered by United States forces President Eisenhower was so distressed by the situation that he included in his farewell address to the nation that his fellow Americans should be aware of the military-industrial complex which according to one witness was his way of saying that the et file had fallen into the wrong hands

"...indeed it had it was under the control of the military-industrial complex otherwise known as the financial intelligence and military wing of the all-pervasive cabal which has seized control of the United States and much of the balance of the world beginning with Eisenhower not one of the presidents of the United States has been given completely honest advice by his civil military and intelligence advisors nor fully briefed on the et presence and technology the military-industrial complex adopted a strategy of Perpetual warfare to enhance its own power and profit

" is inconceivable that this plan was discussed and approved in advance by any American president Wernher von Braun the German rocket scientist who came to the u.s. at the end of World War two told my friend dr. Carol rosin who worked with him that they the military-industrial complex in order to maintain perpetual war had to have an enemy first it will be the Communists he said then it will be the terrorists and finally it will be the ETS

" far the plan has been unfolding exactly as forecast the Cabal sometimes referred to as the shadow government has been in control when Sarah McClendon veteran White House reporter asked President Bill Clinton why he didn't do something about UFO disclosure Clinton replied and I quote Sarah there's a government inside the government and I don't control it and a quote imagined the President of the United States and commander-in-chief of the armed forces isn't cleared to know what his troops are doing well with the end of the Cold War

"...the Pentagon wrote a new defense plan popularly known as a project for the new American Century it was very far-reaching and involved conquest of much of the world by financial or military means whichever was easiest the document which very few people were aware of admitted that it was so far-reaching that it might be too much for Americans to swallow in the absence of some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor

"...well Lady Luck appeared to be on their side in the form of September the 11th 2001 a mature foreign pilots trained in the US allegedly hijacked planes and flew them into these sides of the World Trade Towers one and two and then into the Pentagon later in the day the buildings collapsed President Bush declared war on the terrorists and invoked the provisions in the North Atlantic Treaty under which an attack on any one country is considered to be an attack on all the reaction was unprecedented since the outbreak of World War two

"...and the later attack on Pearl Harbor the english-speaking world in particular was incensed and a high percentage of Americans were prepared to nuke the perpetrators defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld soon announced that quote that means war against Iraq and a boat even though there was absolutely no evidence of Iraqi complicity none whatsoever although most Muslims and in sympathetic to the u.s. in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 as soon as the bombs started dropping on Baghdad moderate Muslims by the thousands were so outraged and overcome by hate that they opted for a terrorist response from that day

"...on it would be difficult to find a terrorist who did not have made-in-the-usa edged on his or her soul now more than a decade later the situation becomes even darker as the truth about 9/11 begins to emerge from a burial ground of the controlled press we find that high officials in the George W Bush administration knew of the attack weeks in advance and made no effort to prevent it

"...on the contrary the evidence points to complicity when we find that not just two nor three buildings collapsed nor four nor five or six but seven some if not all had been rigged for controlled demolition but that isn't all a new weapon of mass destruction was used that reduced the concrete and steel to dust before it reached the ground if you have any doubts about this get a copy of dr. judy woods book entitled where did the towers go 500 pages of meticulous evidence

"... the unfolding story reveals the greatest mass deception in history with the most universally negative consequences far more important than the long lineups for security checks at airports we have been stripped of our civil rights one by one including I regret to say habeas corpus reversing 800 years of progress country was set against country religion against religion words like peace and negotiated settlement which have been possibilities before 9/11 were lost in the jungle of lies

"...the Cabal also known as the military-industrial complex was not interested in the just settlement it wanted perpetual war and that was what is heinous deception achieved it also robbed the once great United States of America of its last vestige of moral leadership worse by invoking NATO it transformed a defense alliance into a us-led task force and by recruiting former countries from the Soviet Union an obvious provocation to Russia it has managed to create rumblings and a new Cold War

"... the danger lies in the fact that the new world order is not limited to old boundaries and concepts of empire and we seem hell-bent toward a third world war horrible beyond human imagination it must not be allowed to happen almost every president since Eisenhower has been under the control of the Cabal and President Obama regrettably has been no exception before he was sworn in as a new president

"...I saw a picture of his economic advisors and I said oh oh the same old gang who permitted the bush recession nothing will change then when the president persuaded innocent allies to join in a second unwinnable war in Iraq and a senior US military commander confirmed that it would take several years to win it was obvious that President Obama was playing the military-industrial Alliance game and that it would be the only winner extreme Islam as an ideology and it can't be killed by smart bombs

"...most Isis recruits begin as young idealist who are repelled by the way the world is being run and are looking for a better way any effective strategy must be to win their hearts and minds and not just to kill them and make them martyrs to a cause step number one is to convince President Obama that the policies of his predecessor benefit no one but the arms manufacturers

" all non-muslim members of the coalition should withdraw from the war against the Islamic state and begin to reverse all of the wrongs committed by the West in recent years Hayden or Levin President Obama is the only person in the world with the power to lead a penitent the United States and it's misled allies in the moral and spiritual revolution essential for a world of peace and justice where the human species has a fighting chance to survive the transformation has to be reversible before the next u.s. presidential election which could be the point of no return

"... ultimately the Muslims must be allowed to settle their own problems before 9/11 Iraq was a Sunni dictatorship that treated as she had brothers and sisters badly the u.s. depose Sam Saddam Hussein and established a new Shia majority that treated a Sunni minority unfairly the seeds of further conflict were born the Muslims must resolve their age-long differences as Christians and of different denominations have recently been able to do perhaps the United Nations might be invited by the Muslims to convene a meeting of both temporal and religious leaders in search of a better way of settling grievances and differences meanwhile is time that all the Abrahamic religions Christianity Judaism and Islam kissed and made up

"...I was in my 80s before I knew that Allah was my God my guess is that the majority of Christians are equally ill informed and the Israelites should start treating Palestinians as the blood brothers that they really are and as if he's inferior beings it is wise to remember that the original covenant with the Creator applied to all of Abraham's children and not just to the favored few the bottom line is that the use of drones suicide bombs and crushing military superiority on the part of Christians Muslims and Jews are all prohibited by their holy books

"...the next step is to just persuade all the major religions to practice the one principle that they have in common which is to treat others the way they would want to be treated if the roles were reversed universal practice of the Golden Rule would transform the world I get hundreds of emails from decent Americans and like-minded individuals in a dozen countries who want nothing more than the end of militarism and a massive shift in priorities toward universal peace and justice quite a few are involved in small projects that are making a significant difference at the micro level

"...but most of them are realest and recognize that the Cabal doesn't want peace and justice it wants power wealth and Empire so what can an individual do in the face of unprecedented power and wealth the Cabal headed by the banking cartel has almost unlimited financial power but we the people have the numbers and must combine our limited power to form a critical mass that can move mountains there is no guaranteed formula but an educated guess would be that if five million decent and determined Americans got a copy of the money mafia a world in crisis read it carefully

"...and then actively supported the comprehensive action plan set out in it a miracle could happen each one of the five million would have to write a personal letter to the president their senator and the Congress person demanding action forthwith and each of the critical areas in the same spirit of bipartisanship that would be expected in a war to save the world which is exactly what is at stake I am NOT going to repeat the list of the essential reforms here except for a few key items the US should play a leadership role in ending the private bankers monopoly to print money actually it isn't really money it's just credit created out of thin air

"...a computer entry and restore some of the power to the people that is rightfully theirs President Obama can mint two trillion dollar platinum coins to get the ball rolling while legislation is prepared to take over the Fed and establish a 100% publicly owned central bank a central bank of the United States there cannot and will not be peace and justice on earth while the Fed continues to exist speaking of justice if President Obama really wants a place in history as a friend of the 99% rather than the 1% he can fast-track the trans-pacific partnership into oblivion even the name is a lie

"...there is no way it is a partnership it should be called the trans-pacific power grab by a small and heat group who want to feather their own nests at the expense of other people's rights to run their own affairs for their own benefit so the choice is yours mr. president to decide if it will be the people or the Cabal there must be full disclosure of what the Cabal in the u.s. shadow government have been doing since World War two to what extent has the extra-terrestrial space and weapons technology been back engineered

"...and is it true as the late been rich former CEO of Lockheed skunkworks has said and I quote we the u.s. now have the technology to take e.t home and of quote the extent to which there has been collaboration between the Cabal and the ETS what species what motives were there agreements signed and if so for the terms of the treaty or treaties lived up to to hear the truth emerges of continual lies and darkness will require either that the National Security Act of 1947 be rescinded or suspended with a general amnesty so that decent Americans can tell the truth without fear of retribution

"...a kind of truth and reconciliation process will be required then there are the positive benefits that must be pursued the President must issue an order that would release the secret patents on exotic energy and make them available to the world the secret technology in combination with the flexible financial system will make it possible to convert from an oil economy to a clean economy in seven years it will provide billions of new jobs worldwide and help close the ever widening gap between the haves and the have-nots simultaneously a project should be started to restore our oceans before the food chain has been permanently broken in addition worldwide programs of force preservation and reforestation should help provide the carbon sinks essential for greater stability in weather patterns

"...speaking of changing weather patterns full disclosure should give us a better idea of how much weather patterns have been altered by government tinkering due to restraints of time space and expertise my book makes no mention of either chemtrails or the high frequency active auroral research program known as HAARP but from what I have heard and read from credible informants I would say that they are Satan's illegitimate Siamese twins of death and destruction if so they should be terminated at once and relegated to the nether world from which they came and before the people of the world become aware and launch a ten or twenty trillion dollar class-action suit against the United States Air Force

"...his contractor's associates and suppliers a visit to the battlefields of world wars 1 & 2 in November of last year affected me profoundly the slogans were everywhere never again we had seen the horror of man's inhumanity to man which was sorted beyond belief yet as I reflected on the real world to today I thought that the millions who gave their lives had died in vain even before the Second World War was over a group of greedy self-centered men were plotting the next round

"...and they have been working assiduously at their plan the same symptoms of mass unemployment poverty and seeking military advantage have been replicated but the next time we will start off with weapons of mass destruction just in their infancy then the next time it is not just supremacy that is at stake although there are some who think so it is the survival of the human species that is at stake God will not be mocked ...≺≺ less

Robert David Steele on Zionism, the Middle East and Central Banks

PanOrientNews TV ** Published on Apr 7, 2018
" name is Robert David Steele I'm a former Marine Corps infantry officer former spy for the United States of America and I am the champion for open source everything engineering which will lift the five billion pour at ten percent of the cost of the failed Western economic paradigm what is that means you know you think you are following right now well I think it's combination of cryptocurrency a post Amazon post Google internet that cannot be manipulated and extending open source everything engineering to the entire world starting in the Middle East so was to create peace we basically have got to stop wars and we've got to stop waste there have been always kind of wars in the Middle East and some wars are any question about why these wars are going on and as a result all country was destroyed such as Iraq what what do you think that the reason for that ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....although I recognize the book by Peter Dale Scott on the deep state I am the foremost spokesperson calling out the deep state all wars are bankers Wars all wars are about making a profit for the 1% by consuming the 99% Iraq was a banker's war all wars also have a very strong Zionist component Israel is doing everything it can to destroy the Middle East including Syria it has stolen the Golan Heights from Syria which have oil under them and it has stolen water from Jordan for the last 30 or 40 years one of the things that open source everything engineering does is it education publishing the Russian international affairs council website to the effect that the American public is the center of gravity for peace

"....right now all US media including what we fondly call the crap news network CNN are lying to the American public it is absolutely essential that we create a truth channel and unfortunately Russia today and Press TV are not doing the job we need a truth Channel can explain the truth to the public about every threat starting with poverty and disease and environmental degradation and every policy from agriculture to water everything we're being told today is a lie banks lie governments lie corporations lie religions lie we need to connect the public to the truth on every topic you mentioned and it's right it's trying to destroy the Middle East

"....and I'd be glad to elaborate on that let me also point out that Zionism has been destroying the United States of America I have written a relatively famous article now called Zion ISM in America seven strikes and Counting since that article was published and it starts with the USS Liberty at least another five strikes have been documented by other people the American public god bless Donald Trump is now very very aware that Zionism which is not Judaism

"....Zionist bad Jews good Zionism is the enemy the deep state is the enemy banks are the enemy I believe the American public is now ready to throw Zionists out of the United States of America let me give you just two examples that have recently come to public attention there is legislation before Congress that makes it a felony a major crime to criticize Israel and call for a boycott of Israel every member of Congress who has co-sponsored that legislation is likely to lose the next election people will no longer tolerate putting Israel first the second major example we have 23 states in the United States that will not give citizens disaster relief or a contract with the state unless they sign a loyalty pledge to Israel which is to say they sign a pledge that says they have never boycotted Israel they will never boycott Israel in the future this is Israel first not America first across 23 states

"....these are the kinds of things that all Americans are now starting to understand so I believe that there is a major need for educational push toward the American public we need to all agree that Zionism is the enemy so-called I hope Israel stands right behind Netanyahu who's about to go to jail and come out dead Netanyahu's days are numbered and that's a good thing I believe that Netanyahu has been blackmailing our non mil Sean in New York City and that it wasn't bribery from mil Shanta Netanyahu it was actually blackmail from Netanyahu Dayanara and mil Sean I believe Netanyahu's days are numbered and I believe he is going to go to jail

"....and I believe that in the United States of America you are going to see a sharp reduction of Zionist influence Donald Trump in my humble opinion is not actually captured by the Zionists he's playing chess with the Zionists when Donald Trump said that the embassy would move to Jerusalem he knew that was not possible among other things Jerusalem is not part of Israel Jerusalem and Henry Seidman has written very ably on this Jerusalem was explicitly excluded from the Land of Israel by the United Nations agreement that enabled Israel to be formed

" is technically and legally impossible to move the United States embassy embassy to Jerusalem and Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson knew that that was a play to get everybody angry at Israel and it worked Israel is arming and training the Kurds in Syria and the Kurds on the borders of Iraq and Iran Israel is very much behind creating Kurdistan it is probably a good thing for Kurdistan to exist eventually but it must be done in a way that leaves turkey happy it is not something that the United States can impose by Fiat Israel is also funding false flag operations they funded the sarin gas false flag attack by the white helmets that was organized by General Herbert McMaster who I consider a trader in partnership with Senator John Brennan I mean Senator John McCain another traitor

"....and former CIA director John Brennan who is probably a paid Saudi Arabian agent and is also a traitor I think Donald Trump knows all of this he's keeping his enemies close the bottom line here is Israel is trying to manipulate the United States into putting a hundred and fifty thousand American soldiers into Lebanon and Syria and it is absolutely imperative that the American public be educated so that they refuse to allow this to happen no

"....when I say Netanyahu's days are numbered I think Netanyahu is finally gonna go to jail and that's a good thing but I also want to say to people that they need to understand that many of my colleagues in the Mossad and many of my colleagues in the Israeli government all hate Netanyahu they hate what is being done to the Palestinians the jeno sighting of the Palestinians I believe that most Israelis are good people trapped in a bad system and one of the reasons that Netanyahu needs to go to jail is so that people understand that the Zionist policy is not the policy of the people of Israel nor is it the policy of the people of the United States of America

"....Israel's days are not numbered but I do agree with Shlomo sand who talks about the invention of the Land of Israel and the invention of the Jewish religion there are a lot of lies in Israel's history to include the fact that Israel was not there before Palestine Gandhi said it clearly Palestine is to the French is to the Palestine says Francis to the French we need to push the Zionists back to Tel Aviv I would like to see Gaza and Jericho linked in a Palestinian land and

".... I would like to see Jerusalem become an international City at the same time that we take diplomatic immunity away from the Vatican there's no reason for the Catholic Church to have diplomatic status I'm at the very beginning of studying the roots of religion but I'm reading a very very good book now that suggests that the Roman catholic religion was actually created by caesar

" was a way for rome to manipulate the masses the turn-the-other-cheek and render unto caesar is essentially the world's first major propaganda operation to convert a whole bunch of people into anti-semitic obedient servants of the roman empire why would you put the Catholic Church in Rome if it was supposedly the enemy of the Roman Empire I think in fact it was a servant of the Roman Empire now Judaism is in some ways an invented religion with three major sects the Chabad supremacist cult left Germany in first-class train compartments escorted by the Abwehr they were given the royalty treatment by Hill by Hitler and they set up base in the United States

" have the Ashkenazi Jews who are the most virulent negative portion of the Jews and they're also not Semitic they're actually from the kazars from Eastern Europe and then finally you have the American progressive and Reform Jews the majority of the Jews Netanyahu's one of Netanyahu strikes as he just told the American reform and progressive Jews they could piss off that the Orthodox Ashkenazi Jews own Jerusalem and every Jew had to pay obedience to the Ashkenazi Jews I don't think so who knows where's the next problem is and how could be the solution

"....I do have a solution okay good the future the Middle East in many ways depends on defeating Zionism and keeping the United States out of the Middle East I am heartbroken I've been to Lebanon several times and it used to be the Paris of the Middle East I like Lebanon very much but I think the public needs to understand that the United States as Martin Luther King said is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world we are the ones who are creating Wars and terrorism every single day to include drone assassinations that murder 98 percent innocents

"....I think the future of the Middle East is bright because I believe that Putin Shi Shing ping and Donald Trump have an untaught I believe that these three men understand that their generals are dangerous and I believe that eventually we will see a world at peace that integrates my ideas about how to lift the five billion poor with open source everything engineering I know how to give every Somali a two-story cinderblock house with free energy unlimited desalinated water and a little aquaponics farm for five hundred dollars per person paid once once

".... this is knowledge that is being repressed by governments that are corrupt because these kinds of innovations do not profit the bank's the only profit the people so let me say in conclusion that I believe that Russia Turkey and Iran need to create a multinational decision support center an open source agency based in Istanbul which is a neutral place and they need to poke focus on educating the American public educating the European public

".... the European leaders sold Europe out at the Barcelona agreement in the 1990s they took bribes to agree to allow unlimited Muslim illegal immigrants into Europe in order to breakdown the nation-state and destroy ethnic solidarity in each of those countries so for me education is the key to peace and the key to prosperity what I'm not seeing is I'm not seeing Turkey Iran Russia China and others talking about how do you create public intelligence public decision support so that you can stop governments like the United States from being a rogue state that creates Wars and terrorism because it's profitable for the banks

"....I am a loyal American citizen I will never betray my country or my Constitution I believe that Jordan has been too accommodating to the United States of America I believe that Jordan needs to understand that it's about to run out of water because the Israelis have stolen it Jordan needs to drill down and block the Israeli pipe that is sucking all the water out of the Jordanian aquifer they've been doing this for over 20 years Jordan is about to run out of water because the Israelis have stolen it

"....I believe Egypt is going to be central to the future I think that the Ottoman Empire the Persian Empire and the Egyptian Empire need to rise again and they need to come together and create a rational plan for turning the Middle East into a paradise the Dead Sea has already been brought back to life we are growing figs and limes in the Dead Sea just by returning to natural agricultural patterns there is no reason why there can't be unlimited desalinated water using free energy that resurrects Yemen and resurrects Somalia and turns the desert into a paradise all we need is leaders with imagination integrity and intelligence and that right now is a problem

"....I'd like the United Arab Emirates I think they've got some really enlightened leaders and I read a book once called City of Gold there is just some really good stuff going on there but they have one big massive failure they are not doing holistic analytics true cost economics and open source everything engineering the investments that are being made by the leaders in the United Arab Emirates are investments into the old Western economic paradigm which is broken they need to invest in the open source everything engineering paradigm which is ten percent of the cost of the Western paradigm for instance a John Deere tractor two hundred and fifty thousand dollars an open-source tractor is twenty five thousand dollars and can be repaired in the field by the farmer

" I would like to see the UAE understand my ideas which led to my being recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize and I would love to have a chance to visit the UAE and explain these ideas to a great university which could have the kings and the leaders supporting it and they could create an open source everything Innovation Center which would then make the UAE a center for the new rise I mean the Library of Alexandria and all of these things that were great in the past the Arabs can rise again I was brought to Japan to talk to some very decent people about cryptocurrency and about creating the next Internet

"....I believe that Japan and China are now starting a new relationship and I'm very excited by that I believe that there is a possibility of the United States of Asia and I'm very very interested I had discussions in Thailand with senior advisors to the king of Thailand the new king of Thailand and one of the things we've talked about is a Seon nationalizing all of the central bank's the time has come to nationalize all central banks and put them in the service of the public not the service of the Rothschilds in the Vatican and the Chabad juice

" mean is and bangs now are under the control of those parties you mentioned the central banks of every country in the world are under the control of the Rothschilds the Vatican and the Chabad Jews the leaders of these central banks are handpicked and approved by the Rothschilds

"....the same is true of most bankers for instance the major leaders of Morgan Guaranty and Citibank and Goldman Sachs and so forth these people are all approved by the Rothschilds the Vatican and the Chabad Jews they are not elected they are not selected on merit they're selected on the basis of being loyal to the deep state these days in sight well

"....I have recently defined the difference between the deep State and the shadow government people need to understand that the deep state is above governments the deep state essentially consists of the Rothschilds and the Vatican including both the black Pope and the white Pope as well as the Chabad Jews they use the Freemasons in the Knights of Malta at the highest levels as their fixers and they use world banks as their managers

"....most governments have two parties that are elected by 30 percent of the public the other 70 percent of the public is disenfranchised the politicians and the military leaders and the bankers at the national level are the best of the servant class they comprise the shadow government but they are not the deep state they are the servants of the deep state we think Japan stands in relation to the American bases

" know it's um let me divide that into two parts the first is I believe that the era of secessionism is now here I think Scotland will be independent of the Commonwealth of England I believe Ireland and Barcelona the Catalan region in Spain I think secession is in the air it is a natural right of people to declare their own government and therefore while I have no standing here I respect the right of the Okinawan people to request independence

"....let me say that I think the Okinawan people have been severely imposed on by turning Okinawa into an American military base I served in Okinawa I was in the Lima Company 3rd battalion 4th Marines with the current Commandant of the Marine Corps Bob Miller we need to get all of the US military bases around the world closed we need to end the vassal state status of Japan Germany and Italy as well as Korea we should close all of our military bases we should bring all of our troops home we need to rebuild America's military from the bottom up

"....most people don't realize that the US military today is 50% waste 90% profit and it cannot win wars the United States military could not win a war against China or Japan today it barely won a war in Iraq if US states leave Japan and South Korea at least China will fill the gap according to most analysis here and Japan is very much concerned about that so-called expansion of China then don't you think United States has a responsibility to maintain kind of balance in this region the United States has no responsibility and no obligation in Asia

"....the United States should be a respectful visitor in Asia China and Japan will find their own way Indonesia is going to be a major player going forward Indonesia is the largest and richest Muslim nation on the planet I see the a.cian countries less Singapore which is an agent of the British Empire I see the ass country's developing a robust post Western economic paradigm

"....China is not going to fill an American military gap China has already beaten the United States strategically that story is told in a book by my friend Parag Khanna called connect ography while the United States has been buying a military that can't win war China has been buying ports and roads and high-speed rail everywhere so China will be the next superpower in the area basically I'm doing the same expansion according to most reports let me say that China already is the superpower

"....and China has been the superpower most people don't realize that the Chinese diaspora is the backbone of Asia it was my privilege to grow up in Asia I grew up in Vietnam as a child in Thailand and the Philippines and Singapore I've had many visits to Japan which I've enjoyed tremendously I've never been to China I would like to go what I have seen is that the Chinese diaspora the Chinese people in every country in Asia are the absolute essential unifying backbone for United States of Asia for a federation or a confederacy if you will not a federation not an imperial power but rather a confederacy where there are shared responsibilities one of the things that needs to happen in the future

"....and I think China and Japan could lead in this area people need to understand the true cost of goods right now everything that is being created in China for sale in America is extraordinarily wasteful including smartphones which killed Chinese people with leukemia we need to move toward a sustainable economy that is local in nature we need to get rid of the mega agriculture mega pharmaceutical mega mining all of these very large foreign companies are simply raping and looting each of the countries in Asia that needs to stop joining everything okay

"....let me say first that banks are a massive form of legalized crime there is an excellent book by mato be called Griff topia that talks about how banks basically create money out of thin air for the 1% they just create a billion dollars for themselves out of nothing they just say we have a billion dollars and everybody believes them and then they lend this billion dollars to people and charge interest so they're creating money and earning interest they don't deserve banks are a complete fraud this is one of the reasons why I think cryptocurrency is going to do so well

".... it's also one of the reasons why I think governments need to understand cryptocurrency because that's the alternative to fraudulent banking countries need to take responsibility for their currency they should not be allowing the Rothschilds and the Vatican and the Chabad Jews to control their economy as one very famous banker said one day I don't care who makes the laws if I manage the money I'm making the laws

" mentioned of course you'd like me to spill my guts and tell you secrets let me tell you that I'm an old man I have forgotten all the secrets and I will never betray my country I will however tell you that the two most important skills in spying are listening and typing for every one hour of meeting there is four hours of typing spying as a bureaucracy spying is also a fraud

"....the United States CIA doesn't know anything in fact when I created the Marine Corps intelligence command I found out that the CIA didn't know anything about Burundi or hi et or Somalia that's when I created the discipline of open-source intelligence my most important soundbite back then was don't send a spyware schoolboy can go the problem with the CIA is it doesn't know anything it actually relies on foreign liaison the spy services of other countries to give them stuff which they then pretend to have stolen they don't know how to tell when other foreign services are lying to them they don't really have a very effective decision support capability they're more of a spending pool one of the things that I've done is written eight books two of them with forwards by US senators

"....talking about the future of intelligence it's very important for public's to understand that intelligence properly done is about decision support and ninety percent of decision support should rely on open sources and methods I have a concept for an open source agency that I would like very much to be understood in Turkey and Iran as well as Russia China and Japan an open source agency allows a country to become a smart nation

"....President Putin has said he wants a post Google Internet by August of 2018 his secretary stir Foreign Affairs has said that Russia wants to work with China to create a post Western economic paradigm I believe that 2018 is not only the beginning of the end of predatory capitalism virtual colonialism and unilateral militarism by the United States is an agent of the British Empire I believe that 2018 is the beginning of universal access to knowledge that cannot be censored or manipulated that's going to cause some dictators in Arabia a problem

"....but they can work with this and I believe that we need to have Russia and China and Iran and Turkey and Egypt particularly engaged in a conversation how do we create a post Google internet how do we create a post Western economic paradigm in Arabia so that everybody has free energy and unlimited desalinated water and free education through a free internet with free cellular traffic this is going to happen the leaders that lead will benefit the leaders that don't lead will be gone

"....I believe that Donald Trump was an accidentally elected president he was elected because the crimes of Hillary Clinton became too obvious to the American public and he wasn't ready to be President it's taken him a year now he's done some great thing but he's also been severely compromised by his generals by his bankers he has nine Goldman Sachs bankers in the White House this is insane oh but Donald Trump god bless him is a disrupter and everybody needs to understand the Donald Trump is much smarter and much more clever than people realize

"....I recently reviewed fire and fury which is the book that seeks to show that Donald Trump is mentally unstable that's absolutely not true I reviewed other books that show that he is attentive to detail that he is very disciplined he is very personable he knows what he's doing but he is working he is surrounded by the deep state in the White House and everywhere he goes I believe that the future of peace and prosperity rests on educating the public and using open source everything engineering to bring the public up to a position of wealth at ten percent of the cost of the Western paradigm my name is Robert David Steele you can find all of my ideas for free online at Robert David Steele com I am available but I only travel business class because I'm too large for economy ...≺≺ less