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*** February 2019 ***


SGTreport** Published on Feb 21, 2019
"...hey friends Shawn from Sgt report here with a really interesting interview that I think you're going to enjoy very much but before we begin I just want to say a couple things first thanks to all of you who tuned in to my last interview titled they wouldn't lie to us about this I was nervous actually about posting the interview because it's such a controversial subject and I should have been clear in that video so let me be clear now I'm not a flat earther but I am a globe as we're told skeptic if NASA has lied to us about nearly everything which they've clearly done including the moon landings which they faked it's a hundred percent obvious now just look at the lunar lander they faked it and they could not broadcast live from the moon couldn't do it then can't do it now can't be done so to those of you who tuned in to that interview with an open mind thank you so very much ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"...I'd threw caution to the wind because I trust my audience I know how informed you guys are and how level-headed you are and you're even willing to tackle the most controversial infringe subjects so for the 12,000 likes and only one point two thousand dislikes thank you and for those of you who have contacted me privately and you're worried about my reputation because you think that subject is so fringe and so unbelievable but you didn't even listen to the entire interview you missed some very important facts including the fact that NASA itself has talked about in its own documents a Flat Earth model for those who missed it listen to this this is from a 1988 NASA document called derivation and definition of a linear aircraft model credit to lucid truth YouTube channel the name of the video the strange truth project listen to this and here's something interesting that I found at NASA's website

"'s a NASA reference publication from the late 1980s about the derivation and definition of a linear aircraft model let's go through this there's a lot of math but toward the end on page 30 the first sentence in the concluding remarks say this report derives and defines a set of linearized system matrices of a rigid aircraft of constant mass lying in a stationary atmosphere over a flat non-rotating earth I gotta ask why would this exist if we're supposed to be on a spinning ball NASA had already been to the moon several times and explored outer space in many ways by the 1980s so why would they need documentation cocking anything about a stationary atmosphere and a flat non rotating earth

" wrap this part up just by saying if we can't trust NASA if all they've ever done is lie to the people and deceive us in steel what fifty four fifty five million dollars a day why would we believe anything they say at all especially when the math of the globe as we're told doesn't quite add up as I said in the interview maybe the earth is far larger than we're being told or maybe it's something else entirely as Verner von Braun suggested on his tombstone and with that I want to also thank all of my patrons and I also very much want to thank sponsors like Patriot rates dot-com guys I know how supportive you are of authors that I have on your supportive of me in so many ways

"...... the main event guys I'm very pleased to have back on an old friend a good friend of mine Chris Duane you know his silver shield series of coins he's been a truth teller for a very long time we've been friends for a very long time essentially since the very beginning of my youtube channel and Chris was kind enough to send me a very important article just prior to this interview and here it is it's called stop the online conspiracy theorists be for they break democracy you can't make this up the establishment is panicked because we are winning in the public square so I'm thrilled to have Chris back on Chris joins us right

" Chris welcome back how are you man I'm doing excellent been a long time but uh it's always like any good friend we you know when you're aligned you can not talk to each other for months and then hit it right back off to where we were so it's good to hear from me again yeah I feel the same way and you know I reached out just because I saw that article over on Zero Hedge about more than 7 million Americans our 90 days are more behind on their car payments and that blew my mind used to be in the car business so we'll talk about the economy here in a second but let's go back to this incredible article from The Guardian stop the online conspiracy theorists before they break democracy

"...let me just read the first paragraph organized conspiracy theorist networks have launched an all-out information war across Europe at the heart of this is the Q anion movement it expanded from the u.s. to Europe and the UK at rapid speed hijacking political debates on social media as well as mass protests in the streets in recent months our new analysis at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue shows that European conspiracy theorists run increasingly sophisticated campaigns around critical junctions in national regional and global politics they even carried out on social media operations to influence voters in German state elections including the 2018 election in Bavaria

"...chris does this not sound eerily similar to the democrat talking points that the russians hacked our elections yeah no this is it's a bigger issue than just you know QA non I did a video place six or seven years ago called the three coming false flags and I said that there's three challenges to the current economic order and I define that as the anglo-american Zionist banking cabal that owns and controls the majority of the world and I said that there was three challenges

"...I said number one their unending unsustainable global generational debt base Fiat Ponzi collapse like this they've profited off of a mobile system built off of debt and to see and that this is going to end at some point and they want to point the collapse on to somebody else other than the obviously guilty parties that only control the Federal Reserve the ECB the Bank of International Settlements the big trillionaires that own and control this world

" they'll have some puppets fall guy for that I have my suspicions - it's going to be the second threat is the rising military powers of Russia China Iran the anti hegemon as I deal called with them and there's obviously friction going on with them because those countries did not benefit off of the current you know anglo-american Zionist paradigm in fact they suffered under it the Zionists were behind the Bolshevik Revolution they were you know the the British were behind the opium wars that destroyed dynastic China was there in these countries they these countries know what they were up against

"...the third in which is what I think we're most concerned with you know particularly uni is an information war and one in which that dissent is now online popular and unlike 9/11 that they pulled in basically the Nansen area our era of Internet I mean it really wasn't around then it wasn't as popular as it is now they're people haven't you know established themselves as being truth tellers back then and it wasn't until 2005 when loose change came out that I even considered that 9/11 was a false flag and here I was in the Marines activated for 9/11 my Marine unit was the first unit activated after 9/11 because of our proximity to Ground Zero

"...and it took me four years to even understand that I was played and that you know this is bad so specifically what we're talking about is the third leg of this three coming false flags where I would believe that the ruling elite they're not stupid that's one thing we cannot you know say that they're stupid that they're playing everybody against each other because they get power out of chaos and I'm a firm believer that listen to all and follow none because one thing I learned on all these online things is that there's a lot of like deceiving things they sound good they want to get involved in it and then it ultimately ends up being a trapper

" know discredited or you know so my guy gets involved with pedophilia or you know like they crane people or whatever and I'm a firm believer of this whole decentralized you know people just taking care of their own families be aware of everything like don't be you know stick your head in the ground be aware of everything and realizes the world is screwed up but at the end of the day your world doesn't have to be and I hasn't I caution people not to get so actively involved in these

"...I would think you know maybe QA noms real or not I have my suspicions that it's not but the idea that you get dragged into this and then they start plastering everybody with the same thing so like even in this article they take the QA naanum but then they're relating it to the lizard people and that there was a guy in the proud boys that stabbed his brother in the head with a sword because you know he was a trump supporter and thought his brother was a lizard like they'll frame everybody as that though

"...oh sure but let me just jump in and say that's conflation see this is what they do there so they do that in conflation yes and they're specialists in bearing false witness against their neighbor i think the single best recent example of that is jesse Smollett who literally made up a story that a child would make up like this is stop you should learn as a kindergartner that this is not ethical behavior you do not make up stories and cast aspersions against another person or group make up lies and stories to try to prop yourself up and make yourself look great that's what he did and then he went on TV and bragged about fighting back against these racist bigots that he hired

"...yeah so the whole thing was a false flag I think these people are specialists in false flags and they're specialists in bearing false witness that's what they do in this article just to put a finer point on it you're right they've conflated the nationalist movement that is now flourishing across Europe with the yellow vests protesting against Rothschild agent McCrone and his globalist policies and Merkel the Rothschild puppet in her globalist policies and what these people fear the most is truth and that's why they're changing their algorithm

" let me read the sub headline here on this article I missed it you're right this is where they conflate the movement of sovereignty and nationalism and liberty in the search truth with cannibals and aliens and lizard overlords this is the sub-headline cannibals aliens and clandestine lizard overlords thanks to algorithms such ideas threaten the future of Europe those are not the ideas that threaten the future of Europe the ideas that threaten the future of the European vision for a one-world government in the EU and these people being ruled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels is Liberty they fear

"...yeah they fear people who are informed and who recognized the puppet masters the Rothschild puppet masters the Zionists and the bureaucrats and Brussels the ones you just mentioned the Rothschild masters that's what they fear so they're changing the algorithms on YouTube so that interesting videos about this type of research don't come up in the search results and YouTube will no longer recommend them in the sidebar so this is a war against truth Chris oh absolutely and I think what they really fear and this is a line that I've used a lot I said that there there are only conscious individual solutions to all of these unconscious collectivist problems

"...the real weapon that we have is recognize that we are the source of power and that every time we watch their media every time we vote for their puppet that we timely Bank in their system every time we consumed with their corporations every time that we participate in any collectivist group we are giving our power to some you know some guy at the top who benefits off of it even the resistance movement I see a lot of these resistant movements that come up and go and you know

"...they get all these well-meaning people who donate money and time and effort and then you know get robbed in the end I mean I see that all the time so my solution has always been trust me i gone down the rabbit hole just as much as you have sean i if anybody's still new to this go to the Sons of Liberty I created a 46 our video lesson with 1700 powerpoints describing everything out there like I'm not ignorant to what we're dealing with but I found the most successful in the most meaningful way of resistance is simply recognizing the world is screwed up

"... but my world doesn't have to be recognized that I don't need to Bank inside their system I can stack silver I will never vote again because it's a rigged system I don't care who gets in Republican or Democrat when it comes to things matter the most the three pillars of their power is federal power you know federal oversight of the country there's no states rights so they're all both Democrats and Republicans agree on that central banking which is the root of all this evil

"...and the military-industrial complex those three things are what power is in the United States it's never up for ballot and didn't matter if Hillary or Trump out into power the banksters would have one who still would have had more debt than death so I recommend to people recognize the world screwed up but take active action in your life don't waste too much time you know getting into any collectivist groups and marches and all those stuff is it's it's a sham to waste of your time and energy

"'re far better off focusing on creating real friends real skills and real assets in your life and that is what they fear conscious individual powered people who don't need to beg at the feet of power that's what I find most attractive about what the truth movements going on yeah and you and I agree on ninety-eight percent of that the two percent where we disagree is I think that people can get out and march in the streets I'm just a little bit inspired by what they're doing in Europe with the yellow vests because they've made McCrone back off of his higher taxes his carbon taxes his move against the people because once these people marching the streets he was probably a little a little afraid he might he might get snatched and hung from a lamppost

"...and that's what these traders need to fear they need to fear the people alright so let me read this you could not have sent me a better article Chris just fifteen minutes before our call this is perfect they right across Europe conspiracy theorists that mix old anti-semitic tropes with new ones that demonize migrants and Muslims okay wait McCrone and Merkel have flooded their nations with these immigrants who refused to become part of the nation and are causing all sorts of problems that's why they're being demonized but I'll continue demonize you know

"'s even worse than that John would they Anglo American Zionists a destabilized moderate Arab regimes forcing these people to leave those areas they didn't just pick up and flood in there because its wealth and riches the the Greater Israel project is destabilized Syria and destroyed these nations they have nowhere else to go yeah that's a great point that is that's even a wider range of problem they're doing this on purpose yeah

"...that's right divide and conquer problem reaction solution I'll continue it says a recent study showed that a stunning 60% of Brits believed in at least one conspiracy theory oh my god Chris how you and I both know the world is run by conspiracies everything is literally everything in the lie the Federal Reserve was a conspiracy the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 a conspiracy those guys met in secret at Jekyll Island no further than that folks and then they don't even get me started pardon yeah and they own all the money as a result

"...yeah but missus can call the current that you can call everything called big corporations military I mean the whole world Bethenny you're right let's just look into that that would solve everything but they fear it they fear it and this is why they write pathetic articles like this I'll continue the ideas that a cabal of global elites run the world that there is a plot to replace white English natives with Muslim migrants and that the authorities are covering up immigration numbers are among the most commonly held conspiracy theories

" qa9 forums it's hard to overlook the holy mess of logical fallacies and contradictions its adherence link the mi6 Facebook and the Rothschilds to the Vatican Hollywood the Nazis the Illuminati and aliens in order to explain that climate change is a hoax the Holocaust never happened the world is run by pedophiles Satanists and cannibals and that the Queen is a direct descendant of Prophet Mohammed do you see how they conflated all of those important topics all of the most important topics conflated and put into this one jumbled piece of crap paragraph to try to scare people away from doing this research

"...that's how scared they are they are scared to death because we're winning the war the information war in the public square and so now they're cheating Chris their algorithms because they cannot debate us they cannot win in the public square yeah at the end of the day they can do whatever they want truth is slowly leaking out and I'll tell you where we win the war is when this global generational debt basically a Ponzi collapses because right now a lot of people are just simply distracted or frustrated or tired trying to keep a lot on this inflation wheel that keeps sucking well from us

"...and you know ultimately there's so many people benefit off of this and they think they do like well we can consume so much and we can do all this other stuff but ultimately stealing our lifeblood in to unsustainable amoral things like you know the the wars that we're participating in the societal Ponzi schemes and Social Security and Medicare is health care is getting so ridiculously expensive because of that and all of it could be just solved

"... if people recognize that the root of all these problems the wars diseases all the stuff really results from the money power being consolidated by these secret cabal this is not wackadoo conspiracy theory there are old-school money men that own the private central banks of the world that issue all the currency in the world as debt to us they own the world plus five percent four percent because it's a constant Ponzi scheme that they have to increase the amount of debt every year in excess the debt and interest accrued the year before

"... and because they have first access to this money they're able to run you know huge war campaign financed millions of dollars buy up some of the smartest minds and technology to serve their interests and when the Ponzi scheme collapses people will sudden be left naked and not know what to do and I think that's when the truth moment really has an opportunity to be the mature adults in the room and say hey glad you woke up now there's no more excuse to be ignorant you've suffered and you're going to continue to suffer until you start to recognize the power that you have inside of you that we don't need them they need us we don't need them

"...and the more that individuals recognize the world is screwed up and walk away from it I think that provides little bastions of security and strength at a very local level at the very least just for your family and hopefully in time if and I believe that the collapse of the global generational debt basically a Ponzi scheme is going to lead to the rise of gold and silver in particular as means of real wealth and we'll be able to buy and create a new conscious world when the old ones falling Asha's yeah let's talk about

"...let's talk about the economy right now I think this is a good Segway because people can empower themselves and you and I started these conversations back in what 2010 2011 we yeah I mean and no Silver's right back to as cheap as it was then pretty much and here's the thing though guys if you're listening to this message if you're listening to this conversation you unlike your neighbors and your colleagues and your friends who don't know anything about buying physical silver or gold you can empower yourself by getting silver so cheap right now it's unbelievable it's literally being subsidized this cheap price is being subsidized by the criminal banks

" there's an article on Zero Hedge that reads traders puzzled after gold surges to ten month highs is gold trading as a safe haven or a risky commodity it's not a risky commodity folks it's real money it is unencumbered by debt if you hold it you own it and you have real wealth and the same is true for silver is that about right Chris yeah absolutely first of all even though it's silver is that what $15 it's as cheap as it was when I bought $7 silver because there's at least twice the amount of money and debt out there so just because silver is at $15 it literally is like $7 silver in 2008 so is as cheap as it is then but the real value of it is that I look at it like this the whole world has quadrillions of dollars of digital illusions of wealth

"...everything is a future claim on wealth everything is a leverage bet on you know on a lot like that we can continue to consume we can continue to run our in debt and that everything's going to keep rising up at some point mathematically psychologically at all N and when all these digital Lucian's of wealth crashed what else is humanity going to be able to base value on if not gold and silver and that's where I don't necessarily think silver is just going to you know go up in value like we saw on the Bitcoin bubble I think that we're going to see the destruction of all the other aspect classes out there and particularly in real estate which is a digital illusion of wealth because it's funded by 30-year mortgages 4% loan liar loans

"...they're you know all these a way of subsidizing it and you know these these states and counties are taxing the crap out of them I believe when the collapse happened the value of real estate in particular is going to be devastated because there's not going to be the debt out there to be able to you know to leverage up you know the underlying economy 70% of our American economy is going to be devastated because will no longer be able to borrow money that we don't have by things we don't need to impress people who don't care

"...and when that economy collapses everything's going to start going down and I can't wait for the day that I can exchange an ounce of silver for you know a plot of land a couple of ounces of silver for a couple acres of land because I think that's the kind of ramifications that has to happen in this global generational debt based see a Ponzi collapse and I think that's when I you know you're going to be able to transfer your wealth from this paradigm to the next paradigm and for the people who don't get how cheap silver is or how rare silver is the best estimates of above-ground silver is anywhere between one and two billion ounces of silver

"...I'll let you know a little simple fact there's close to eight billion people on earth that's less than a quarter of an ounce to maybe a tenth of an ounce of silver per person if it was equally distributed and I know guys who have a ton literally a ton of silver which means and there's manufacturers and banking also stuff it's not evenly distributed so even if you have one ounce of silver you're literally putting yourself ahead of ninety nine ninety five percent of humanity that doesn't even know what real tangible wealth is anymore and I think that's going to be the key difference between people who are able to transfer their wealth from this paradigm into whatever the next paradigm is and trust me

"...Shawn I don't think we're going to come out of this next paradigm low or next collapse the way we did in 2008 because they have advanced AI robotics and they don't need our labor this will be the first point that in human history where the elites don't need our labor or even our consumption they literally can live like gods unto themselves just with the technology that they have yeah I don't think we're gonna emerge from this unscathed either at least those of us who don't own physical precious metals or land you have tangible assets and you know I started the conversation mentioning that article I saw just the other day so I contacted you made me think made me think of you immediately and it was the article stating that seven million Americans Chris are now 90 days or more behind on their car payments that blew me away because 7 million Americans out of the people who drive and can afford to buy cars that 7 million number is a huge number ninety days or more behind on your car payment that's skill yeah

"...and car payments are much higher than they were back in 2008 so people who don't know my story my family ran a very successful car dealership in New Jersey they still owned it but I I ran into like a real tough part where and I'm sure most of people listening to this it's tough knowing that the world is screwed up and then still participate because your job is based in it and I woke up unlike most people who you know usually wake up like when they're unemployed and start searching for conspiracies and understanding why you're looking for a boogey man to blame why the world screwed up

"... I actually was doing incredibly well I mean I was a millionaire at 30 years old I was wondering why everybody wasn't doing so well and I saw people from 2005 when I woke up to 2008 I tried to wake people up and stuff like that and as I'm watching this I was just watching people buying cars that they shouldn't be able to afford like you know you know we went from selling grand cherokees to you know Wall Street executives back in the late 90s because it was the only SUV in town that was well and now they're buying like $70,000 Grand Cherokee SUV

" they're nannies to drive their kids to school in the morning I was like it just seems like it was so much of a bubble and I watched car sales guys couldn't sell anything all sudden make a half a million dollars packaging up mortgages like there's signs out there to say that this does not end well and certainly the car bubble is one one part of it I think the student loan bubble is even scarier I think the mortgage bubble is worse and then we just hit what two hundred twenty two trillion dollars from the federal debt and that doesn't include all the state debt like California New York and Illinois or the city debt like in Los Angeles and Chicago and New York

" doesn't include the corporate debt it doesn't include the 240 trillion dollars of unfunded lie and doesn't include the global debt you know trying to increase their debt three times since the 2008 financial crisis this is a world floating on debt and it does not end well and the biggest thing further our listeners is debt is easy to take on when times are good but that's what kills you when times go bad so if you bought the car that you think that you're going to afford forever think about what it's going to be like when your job in you know

"... if you overextended on the house maybe it's time to pay off some mortgage maybe it's time to pay off the credit cards because the debt is what chokes you when the the like the economy gets knocked out yeah it's just insanity I mean I see these people driving around in these brand-new Yukon XL Zoar the you know the the Cadillac version of those giant Suburbans and I know those are ninety thousand dollars or seventy five thousand dollars and it's just so Mikey 110 I couldn't believe it it's absolutely absurd no wonder they're not behind on their payments it's absolutely reckless and absurd and I feel badly for them because I bet you they don't have any physical precious metals to their name either they don't have anything numbered they all they have is that yeah I call for

"...I think generational serfdom is what's coming I think at the end of the day the the they're in you know just with a I I try to tell people like we are within what 3 to 5 to maybe 10 years of the number one job in the United States trucking just being fully automated by AI like how far a while offer way of having you know Tesla trucks and driving around and then that that displaces all these people you know I know a doctor who will personally worked with the Watson team and now they have Watson giving more accurate diagnosis of pediatrics 98% they rank the AI does

" you have these students that go through Medical School and oil stuff they can be replaced by a I like that there's a a I art that's going on now you know like their that's the new craziest trend nail that a is creating art like this is a very scary predicament I think this is the last chance the average person is going to be able to attract historically significant wealth real because if you think about it if you have a thousand ounces of silver at any other point in history prior to the federal reserve's foundation before this debt based global Ponzi scheme started

"...if you had a thousand ounces of silver that represented ten thousand days of hard human labor because throughout the Bible throughout some - throughout the industrial revolution a tenth of an ounce of silver brother can you spare a dime represented a day's living wage for the average person out there and even two-thirds of the world today that lives off of $2 a day so I don't want to hear the average American staffer who's listening to your channel thing

"...I don't have enough money to buy silver or silver is not important it is important it can be vitally important when this all goes down yeah Chris remember when Judas sold out Jesus he got thirty pieces of silver this comes from Chora dot-com I'm not sure how accurate is but so thirty pieces of silver are about five weeks of money based on a six-day working week in terms of purchasing power each silver piece was probably worth about $20 so by Western standards that's about $600 today 30 pieces of silver worth about 600 and of course that's because Silver's been manipulated to be so cheap but Judas sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver folks

"...and you can go and get silver right now you could buy 30 ounces of silver for about 450 bucks 500 exactly worth in that because they were half shekel so it was only 15 ounces of silver oh my god Jesus and heaven help us all these language and you remember in the Bible Christian Gris is when he overturned the bank or tables in the temple yeah I mean that's the 10 ounce bar i have is jesus clears the temple I have my righteously divinely inspired Jesus kickin the banksters app and it's on my 10 ounce bar

"...but I did a video about the the half shekels and I said that if you valued Jesus's life and think about this is condemning somebody your friends to murder the most atrocious murder you betray him for 15 ounces of silver or what four hundred and three hundred dollars like nobody would do that but if you properly valued silver way I do at a thousand ounces of silver 15 grams I bet there are a lot of people who would sell their friend out for 15 grand you know what that's what I think the value of silver is you know what in our audience we have thousand dollars now ya know I don't disagree but here's the thing

"...I don't think our audience would disagree with this the people that would still sell out Jesus today for nothing at all are the hardcore leftist liberals who literally hate God and who will bear false witness all day long and who will literally make up stories to demonize another political group like Jesse Smollett these people have no shame and it really really astounds me it really does astound me and Jesse Smollett at the end of the day is gonna get what he's got coming because the whole mainstream media backed his BS story the whole mainstream media did no real research about it and asked none of the real questions that we in the alternative media were asking about his very suspicious story

"...this is mega country what in sub-zero temperatures at 2:00 in the morning in Chicago that's not mega country but he was allowed to come on ABC Good Morning America and they gave him soft-pedal questions because the whole media industrial complex is aligned against truth that takes us full circle with this article that you brought to my attention but I want to get back to silver real briefly a plug to my sponsor SD bullion if you guys want a great deal and silver click the banner at the top of sgt report and go and visit SD bullion but if you want to get chris's incredible coins you can visit the golden state mint and chris i have to give you so much credit because your coins are so ingeniously designed I love your new one this is great

"...the original resting bitchface RBF it's the bust of our favorite lady folks the Queen of England the woman and her family they're the dynasty behind so much pain so much turmoil so much murder and death you hit on it earlier the opium wars in China this woman the bust of this woman can you imagine the souls the lives the bloodshed on behalf of her and her Empire so yeah I new started begin mine it's going to begin my new series called obey queens beasts because I'm tired of this you know

"...Anglo worship of the the Royals they are horrible horrible people the British Empire is responsible for in over a hundred and eighty Nations there's only like 190 in existence and the British have invaded nine out of ten of every country out there they've they've had concentration camps they've had you know invasions and slave men and I mean everything and it's all profited that royal family they're not even British they're German that's right if Prince Charles brags that he's related to Vlad the Impaler the original Dracula and Prince Charles

"...I'll play the clip here is absolutely thrilled to be related to Vlad the Impaler the genie a magician I'm descended from Vlad be amazing so I Drive a bit of a stake in the country yeah there is very sick man in fact just as a side note I watched this movie called the favorite with Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone I saw and I go oh my god the ending was just you need I bleach I couldn't believe that they made a movie like that and ended it with some woman fingering the Queen and rabbits and they I mean it was but this is the kind of insanity that this is bred from like this is in Bray inbreeding and just you know this this idea I mean they're just sick people

" I can't stand like people buying government silver in general and in particular all the British silver out there with the Queen on it I'm like you guys are silver stackers and I don't know maybe it's just me but like how do you possibly support these government mints when there's conscious alternatives like what I'm doing and there's plenty other people doing this but why would you buy silver with the Queen on it so that's why I created the resting bitchface because I was like I need to just make people on you know unsee that this is something that they want to have on it so this is going to be a mock of the whole Queen's beast series where I'm going to highlight the British atrocities that have but they've committed in the name of the Queen and the name of the king and this is not this is one Empire of lineage that needs to come to an end

"...well I'll tell you what and we we can wrap this up here but I'll tell you what Chris you know what's astounding to me is that there's so many people in the UK in Canada in Australia around the world who still think that the Queen's power is ceremonial or mental and if you look at the silver coins coming out of the Perth Mint out of the Canadian Royal Mint or out of the UK Mint they all have the bust of the Queen on them this is not ceremonial power this is multi-generational wealth and power and that's why I didn't you get a video taken down of Trudeau pledging allegiance to the Queen

"...oh absolutely I played it I've played it actually I'll play it here he he pledged his fealty to the Queen and absolute silence about anything that he's privy to in her royal counsel I Justin PJ Trudeau do sullenly and sincerely swear that I shall be a true and faithful servant to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second as a member of Her Majesty's Privy Council for Canada I shall keep secret all matters committed and revealed to me in this capacity or that shall be secretly treated of in Council I keep playing and I keep putting it up and they can't stop us they can't stop truth but you're right these people the ornamental power comes from people like Justin Trudeau or McCrone

"...that's the ornamental power because the puppet masters above them if not the Queen of England are the Rothschilds or the other powers the banking powers involve warburg ship rockefeller these are legit families they own and control the world yeah and it just blows me away that so many people think the Queen's power is simply ornamental it's it's not I think there's still to this day the largest landowners not the largest landowners on planet earth you can't make this up yes it's just a stone uncle and that's why the Guardian and these other Mockingbird rags have to publish almost unreadable crap like the article you sent me because they're forced now to try to conflate all of these ideas all of these conspiracies like the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 that's the first rabbit hole people ought to go down and conflate all the conspiracies to confuse the public who still not awake

"...because they're petrified that so many millions of people across the world are waking up and I think it's great news I think it's the best news there is I did it I did a coin series that I think you know people could look into but these are conspiracies I mean that I think I called it never forget but like people should definitely look in the creature of Jekyll Island I think that was one of the rabbit holes that I went down with the creation of and that was G Edward Griffin spoke which is a fantastic book there's other one secret of the temple which I think was a better version of the story

"...but still another popular one 9/11 definitely there's a ton of information although when I went to go back and look at it I noticed a lot of the videos that I used to like rely upon to go look have been taken down so they're going down the memory hole but 9/11 absolutely and inside are not an inside job it was a false flag run by the anglo-american Zionist powers the Gulf of Tonkin incident that started the Vietnam War that two million Vietnamese and Cambodians and

"...I don't know how many hundreds of thousands of Americans died they the the admit the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened it never happened and yet that was the point that shifted America into that war the Lusitania incident another false flag they British the the Germans actually took out ads in all the newspapers surrounding New York knowing that the Lusitania was loaded with ammunition against the United States a new key neutrality of promise to Germany we were supplying all this ammunition on up on a private cruise liner Lusitania

"...the Germans knew about it they took out ads saying we're going to blow this up Churchill was in charge of the Lusitania and the Navy took away their Brit their British escort as they were military escort as they were coming there and demanded that the Lusitania go at half speed to quote save energy and meanwhile it made it a sinking dock and they tried to use that as an excuse to get the United States under war and our Secretary of State God who is the guy that did that Golden Cross William Jennings Bryan was the Secretary of State at the time and he resigned because he felt the powers-that-be wanted us to get into work and he knew that the Lusitania was a damn dirty incident and that the beginning of all this debt and death where they used these Wars to impoverished nations

"...and and and do this God the Bolshevik Revolution max max Warburg was behind that in the train of gold yeah that's what I was going to say I wanted to jump in before I forget see they don't like us talking about the actual conspiracies like the Rothschilds conspiring to murder Nicholas the second the Czar of Russia and his entire family including their five children which they did they conspired to murder him and his family and they did that is a fact these people have blood on their hands and see at the end of the day Chris

"...I didn't think we go this long but I love talking with you because at the end of the day we really do come back to spiritual warfare don't we because these people believe in a very very dark power that's why they operate like this because normal people are not wired to conspire and murder the families of those who oppose us we don't conspire to murder people but these people operate this way they operate with murder and they conspire and they do the most despicable things in these rags like The Guardian just conflate all of it right one thing

"...I don't know if you saw it was a little off topic did you see the movie Vice yes I did and Cheney was a demon yeah he eschewed his friend in the face and not go to jail or suffer any kind and then the friend apologizes to him sorry got in the way of your gun yeah but the thing that I got from that is that it doesn't take a very smart or talented person to rise to power right and you know how the game is played run these guys I mean I even look at Greenspan

"...ok Greenspan you know came in to the you know the scene being in Hine ran you know so loving guy understanding the gold thing and he got bought and paid for and he wasn't a very talented person they just made him into this thing and he seemed to do he served them well and they give him medals of Honor and all these accolades and all this other stuff so they use weak people to put in power and they manipulate them and if they go against them they destroy them and that's the game like you could either profit with us or you get destroyed

"...and I think the he is to recognize that you know there is a grand majority of psychopaths at the top of every power position because they are people who want to control and dominate other people the majority of humanity wants to live in love and do what they want to do but the people that rise to power ultimately are collectivists who want to control other people and make out for themselves so they'll tell you any lie anything to get you to go along with their game and that's where I reject all forms of collectivism

"...and I tell people to embrace listen to all and follow not embrace your individualism embrace your god-given talents and power and start focusing it directly on your life your family the real skills the real talent the real wealth that you have stopped chasing digital illusions of wealth stop voting in their elections stop um you know banking in their corporate system stop consuming things that you don't need and get real focused on this recognize the world screwed up that your world doesn't have to be yeah amen we should probably wrap this up

"...but I am sort of inspired to touch on I think my favorite sentence my favorite line uttered in the interview I just did with Marty Leeds and David Weiss when we talk about the world waking up when we talk about things like the Apollo hoax Verner von Braun said they would need to construct a rocket as big as the Empire State Building to get to the moon the Apollo moon mission Rockets were far far smaller and when we talked about all of these hoaxes

"...they've committed against humanity my favorite sentence from the interview I just did is this our consumer technology has outgrown their lies and I love that because it's so true just go look at that bogus lunar lander it looks like it was constructed in the backyard with cardboard in tinfoil and they're scared to death Chris because the world is waking up to all of their lies I am an epochal optimist so people tend to think of the apocalypse as the end of the world and in truth is it's the end of the lies it's the veil gets broken through and truth comes out you know the Book of Revelations about the ending of all this stuff

"...and I believe that we are heading and even the Age of Aquarius if you're kind of a new agent kind of person all these lives are eventually going to pass much in the same way that you know the idea that the earth was flat or the Catholic Church is omnipotent or slavery is okay or or you know it's not okay for you know black people to you know go use white this is the progression of humanity consciously evolving and awaking and slowly putting off the generational sins the unconscious generational sense of abuse and violence thinking that the world must operate through scarcity and and demon

" know possession of you know the worst in humanity that's how you get ahead I'm a believer that when this all ends all these illusions end we're going to see the power of abundance and working together and healing and making a truly abundant resonating world and I like to think that the people who are stacking silver are going to be the ones that fund that when all these illusions fail because I tell you what once the global generational debt base C upon C collapses so goes all these royal families the banking houses the trust in government the trust in fake money the trust in you know supporting the wars

"...and you know even our police departments my freaking local police departments got a hundred thousand dollar armored vehicle like well I don't even know what the hell they're doing with it you know all this money that goes to these unproductive unsustainable immoral things when we could just be living such a higher quality of life if we just rejected all this stuff reject the idea that we have to pay all these taxes to fund these wars or allow our politicians to get us into generational debt this will all end in at the end

"...I hope that your listeners understand that they have the power right now to get into physical silver to transfer whatever wealth that they have into the next paradigm and as a real purchasing power that silver can be massively leveraged into the next level of real estate or businesses or opportunities because the world's not going to end everything is going to be here but the operating system the debt and gas operating system is what's at risk and that's what they are most afraid of their lives they're an investment into this on sustainable paradigm is what they fear and then what they don't realize is that we have the power just to walk away empower yourself didn't get involved with your family find out your real friends get real jobs learn some skills that you think will be valuable do things that make you happy

"...and certainly stack silver because that I think that's going to be the most and easiest thing to do yeah absolutely I'll leave a couple links below this video guys so if you want to get silver from SD bullion you can if you want to get Chris's silver shield coins and the resting bitchface clean you certainly can do that and that's over at the Golden State Mint to get those right Chris yeah the resting bitchface is a just through the silver shield group I have like a private group of the hardcore silver stackers but I don't think the golden statement wants that on their site so they are very gracious enough to have never rejected one of my design if you go to a silver shield DICOM

"...there's a gentleman there whose aunt made an anthology is for 368 pages of all the designs that I've done I think it's over 200 design but the golden statement does exceptional work and they've never rejected a design and I've done some really controversial stuff and but they allow me to sell it on my own private site not put it on their site so the more public generally accepted designs and trust me there's still some crazy ones over there the mint sells but then my more controversial ones that they just don't want to be associated with are found on my social silver shell group which is just a private site okay very good well send me the link if you'd like and I'll put that in the morning

"...yes absolutely yeah great all right Chris well you know what I've Airy much appreciate your time you know what we've been friends for a long time and it's always great to reconnect so thanks brother yeah I trust me Sean like I have met a lot of the guys in the truth community and you and like Dave and Morgan and maybe one or two other people are the only ones that I know our hearts are in the absolute right spot you and I disagree on a lot of issues and I'm kind of glad we didn't touch on them today but I know your hearts in the absolute right spot and I really appreciate taking time to you know catch up with you oh thanks buddy I feel the same way about you and it's like fast friends you know it's like having that best high school friend maybe haven't seen that person decade but when you reconnect it's like stepping back in time I really appreciate it

"...I feel the same about you brother and guys thank you so much for listening you know how much we appreciate you a shout out to my patrons making a real difference for me since YouTube likes to D monetize almost everything I put up lately certainly the last six of eight videos with Ben T monetize so thanks for your support and guys for real news 24/7 the antidote to corporate propaganda visit us at Sgt and check out the Liberty milcom and the phaser comm as well thanks for listening god bless bye bye when you use Google do you get more than one answer or shoot it well that's above we we have more bugs per second in the world we should be able to give you the right answer just once ...≺≺ less

Alliance vs Deep State: The Final Showdown! David Wilcock Best Interview Ever! [Part 3]

Edge of Wonder ** Premiered Feb 19, 2019
"....we are in the midst of an overthrow of the deep state so everyone should be talking about this right why wouldn't the media want to talk about this why wouldn't this be announced why wouldn't you hear about it on the news that's what we'd like to know you're talking about multimillion-dollar entertainment deals and that is very suspicious sounds like they want a new definition of programming what is really going on with the government shutdown and most of all where will it lead we're talking about something really big here we're talking about what we've been waiting for all this time we could be going into some sort of emergency lockdown this is edging us towards a catastrophe and it can't stay secret for very long get ready for episode three the ultimate showdown with David Wilcock only on the edge of wonder ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....we we talked a lot about some of those tweets and then it kind of went through a bunch of different things what what else is there that you'd like to kind of let the audience know about what's going on right now and the things that have been dropping okay so another thing that I think is important was there was a personality who appeared on 4chan in May of the same year that Q and on came out and she was going by the name of Megha Anan I originally thought it was a man and then she actually figured out how to get in touch with me and contact me and I found out that it was a woman

".... she was very close to the president seemed like her involvement with him predated the election but that she still had some kind of important role as far as security she was very highly educated on what was really going on she wrote a lot of stuff on 4chan I covered this on my blog and in my conversations with her which again predated Q and in fact my widespread publication of her was only a couple weeks before Q started so I think it may have inspired the Alliance to see that information could be communicated this way anonymously and effectively

"....she was very excited about all of the human trafficking arrests that were being made and was telling me repeatedly how much she looked forward to when that announcement would finally reach the public and how much more of these rings were being exposed and defeated with all these covert operations going on I believe that this announcement from the White House on December 31st 2018 is the fulfillment of what she was looking forward to so I want to read you guys a little of this now okay so it says here national slavery and human trafficking Prevention Month presidential proclamation in February of 2017 I signed an executive order to dismantle transnational criminal organizations that traffic and exploit people now I'm going to skip ahead a little bit at my direction federal departments and agencies are ensuring full enforcement of our laws

" that those who seek to exploit our people and break our laws receive the full measure of justice they deserve now this is the key part guys look at this in 2017 alone the Department of Justice secured convictions against more than 500 defendants in human trafficking cases the Federal Bureau of Investigation dismantled more than 42 criminal enterprises that's a whole big network more than 42 criminal enterprises engaged in child sex trafficking the Department of Homeland Security initiated more than 800 human trafficking cases resulting in at least 1500 arrests and 530 convictions so guys that is huge

"....we're talking about the Department of Justice the FBI and homeland security three different agencies 500 defendants in human trafficking cases with the DOJ 42 enterprises child sex trafficking enterprises busted by the FBI and 1,500 arrests or more in more than 800 human trafficking cases for homeland security so so David is anyone talking about this who's talking about this right I mean why do you have to hear this from the White House's own website wouldn't you think that the media would be excited about at the FBI busting 42 child sex trafficking rings 42 different enterprises it's the whole ring okay and then apart from that the DOJ nails over 500 people and then apart from that Homeland Security nails over 1,500 people

".... and it's all this weird child sex trafficking stuff which if you try to talk about this on Facebook Twitter YouTube snapchat dead and gone so why wouldn't the media want to talk about this why wouldn't this be announced why wouldn't this be something that people get excited about why wouldn't you hear about it on the news you've got to swallow that bitter pill you've got to see well what the heck you know

"....if people in the media are complicit in these crimes then why would they want to expose what they themselves are up to and that's the real red pill that people don't want to take right now but it's there yeah that's it right it's like they haven't it they have an agenda right so whether the agenda is to hide what they're involved with or their agenda is hey I don't like Trump and I don't want to say anything positive about something that's gone on in his administration or whatever

"....I mean that's not objective news reporting exactly this is huge right well I mean in what people have to understand like for news I mean the object is you your objective you take what this side is saying over here you take what the side is over here and you just present that information and let the people decide but the media is working against the people there they're completely working and working against media

"....well yeah I mean they're not even they're not it's like they're just because they're they're just becoming the official mouthpiece for the deep state really I mean if the deep state doesn't want them to report something they don't report something I mean guys think about this for a minute right you got somebody out there like Ronald Bernard okay and he's still talking you should try to get him on your show you know he's he's still doing more videos but his classic one where he's speaking in I guess it's Dutch is is the one that everybody's seen he's personally admitting to his involvement in a satanic cult which he didn't realize was all that serious until they wanted him involved in child sacrifice

"....why don't you guys roll that clip because that's a very intense thing to see Mandeville camera moment to protect a child who knows damn fidelity talk mate handle offers in a battle that was a pregnant kyndra that were chief of heart yeah it cannot need consume they don't wanna clunk oh man I can't distort her it got sell for skin no ha what made him act and not attract to my show oh I felt so bad watching that like when I saw him just breaking down on that interview where he's talking about it I was like man this like not only why arnt isn't anyone seeing this but it's like it's it's so real right like everything in what he was saying was just so perfectly laid out about how it all works you know

"....and here's the thing guys if the FBI alone has busted 42 enterprises 42 different enterprises that are literally doing child sex trafficking any one of the stories of what the enterprises of what they were doing of how they were doing it of who was involved of how the arrest went down was it a SWAT team did they have machine guns did they have riot gear did they break into a house where their kids in handcuffs were they crying were they bloody it's a story it's a movie and that's something that would get viewers that is a big story and then you tie it together with Ronald Bernard

"....if the media was really just interested in viewership why wouldn't they go to the White House and say could you guys set us up an interview with the FBI because you announced this thing we'd love to know what what are give us like the five best stories that you've got not of these 42 child sex trafficking enterprises that you defeated just in that one year alone we want to hear the wildest stories that's going to resonate with our viewers to give them a vision of hope we want to interview the kids who survived if they're ready to talk we want to put them on the news we want to let people see how lucky these kids are if they survived we want to talk to the heroes talk to the FBI officers who made these arrests not an effing word nothing nothing gaping silence crickets

"....and that is very suspicious yeah completely completely and it's it's like you know we can obviously do that ourselves and that's something that we would love to do but at the same time it's like what but it's like as much yeah we would definitely do that but it's like why isn't the media doing this this is like it shouldn't just be us a YouTube channel I mean this should be the mainstream media on television and everywhere right I mean exactly what you said they like the violent they want sex and violence

"....I mean yeah this sells everything that they push and yet they're silent on it I mean there's a perfect point not to mention I mean just just from a strictly business perspective you're talking about multi-million dollar entertainment deals you know you you could take the story of one example of a criminal enterprise being broken you profile the FBI agent who did it you get into his backstory how he was fighting with his wife his wife kicks him out he's drinking himself to death he finds this case it's a case for him to redeem himself he saves those kids the kids are crying he's got the kids in his arms he's walking out as the buildings on fire because there was a bomb that went off inside is a safety by the traffickers you know and they killed themselves he gets the kids out of the fire

"....that's a movie man that's a hundred million dollar movie why is nobody selling those movie rights why is nobody angling for those deals because you can't talk about it they won't let you talk about it it's gonna be banned because they are complicit right are the people involved in Hollywood connected somehow I mean then these questions come up right I mean I'm not saying they are because like I don't have I'm not saying that but I mean that this raises these questions because if the things that are actually going to make money I mean what was that documentary we watched you can only get it on Vimeo

".... it's called an open secret open yeah an open seat David abuse should be required viewing they call people who they know be victims you have an adult who is manipulating the child for all y'all out there who have not seen an open secret you can go and see that on Vimeo yeah and only there because what happened was there was another one another movie that came out also called an open secret that's on iTunes the original one is not anymore and they purposely tried to shut down they tried to dumb down what was on the original open secret with this other one so that people wouldn't find it and watch it

"....but what's in that is so revealing and it literally touches the very tip of an iceberg and then just these questions come out like I I made my mom watch that documentary and after she was like oh my gosh it was like yeah right mind-blowing we are in the midst of an overthrow of the deep state and what I find really interesting with these new briefings that we've gotten and I do want to make sure we get a lot of this in before we're concluding this taping this is dense stuff to take in it's it's an overwhelming psychological load to reacquaint yourself with the truth

" there are briefings that are coming in which tell us some very interesting things so there's a couple of cue tweets that I want to alert you guys to and that's the next thing so let me just pull it up here real quick I'm gonna get it right off the cue site I want to read these to you and flag two important cue posts before I discuss what the briefings are saying okay you know and also real quick while you're looking for that they you know what was so fascinating is the the it was the Emmys right that just happened no the golden glow the glow globes yes

"....the Fiji water in the background and then like they're giving the shots to the you know everyone was freaking out like oh they're pushing this agenda of the the vaccines but we looked at it and we're like whoa they're like getting a dose of their own medicine because it was like okay you guys here's all the like these famous actors and everything so let's just go out and give all of them administered all of them like these they're vaccine shots

" know William Dafoe looked like because I couldn't say no they had no choice but to do it doesn't matter like wait a minute I I haven't seen this are you saying that they actually vaccinated celebrities on the Golden Globes yeah you haven't seen this yet yes Gold David this is this is amazing so first first when all the actors show up show up they had this woman holding Fiji water like on a tray the entire time and she's is she's almost like photobombing each every single photo every actor if you don't know what that means recently in Fiji there they arrested a huge what you're saying like a huge thing of sex traffic network of like sex trafficking and whatnot in Fiji

" everyone was saying this was and this was also people are saying why they couldn't find a host because it looked like the Alliance kind of took over so this woman with Fiji waters in the background of all these things then in the middle of it these these the doctors came out and gave shots to all the actors who are attending this event you had to put a white cloth on your head if you didn't want one of the vaccines and and and they played the clip that says where you go one you go so so so during Jeff Bridges they had like a tribute for Jeff Bridges in the middle of it they show white squaw the movie and they show the Belle from the movie

"....and it says where we go one we go all so all of us are just like what like the Alliance totally took over the Golden Globes yeah yeah so so let's talk about that real quick guys which is the movie white squall is one of the leads that they a view in the queue stuff do you wonder remember I told you in our previous video that a lot of the Alliance is the Navy that it's Naval Intelligence it's the Marines

"....I forgot to mention last time that Army Intelligence has been involved in this Coast Guard has been involved in this and some aspects of the Air Force as well so they are not exempt from the Alliance it's just that there's overall it seems like there's more trouble with the Air Force and the other branches there's more trouble with certain federal agencies like the CIA than some of the other agencies but anyway white squall is this movie starring Jeff Bridges where he's the skipper and he brings these people together

"....and they have this experience these these young men working on this ship it's totally indicative of like service in the Navy and there's this Bell and they have this message on the Bell this is where we go one we go all and that film is like you know some some of your people probably already know this but I just want to put it on the record the whole entire Alliance operation seems to have been geared to a large degree to get you to watch this movie and I watched it with my wife about a month ago and this includes the fact right if because you guys are both seen the movie this white squall the namesake of the movie is that these guys are out there

"....and they are you know dealing with various problems the boys end up going to port they are drinking they're having casual sex some of them have to get like a shot for some kind of venereal disease they got one of the boys dies all of that becomes secondary to what happens where they are on the ship together and they get this really awful supernatural weather attack of this storm which literally just looks like a gigantic tidal wave is coming towards them and that's called the white squall

"....and then there's supposedly oh that's a conspiracy theory those things don't even happen we don't even know if this is true but the storm the white squall the storm hits the ship and it just wipes them out people die people get you know the ship is completely destroyed and then there's a trial in which Jeff Bridges as the skipper is called to court and they are trying to hold him responsible for all the losses all the damage the debts and what it really comes down to is did he do the best he could was this an unavoidable thing and

" I believe whoever's running the Alliance that this was a critical movie for them therefore you have Trump when they announced the beginning of the mass arrest operation the mast sealed indictments what does he say it's the calm before the storm the calm before the storm directly referring to that movie the cue catchphrase where we go one we go all directly referring to that movie and they knew that the effect of this operation was going to be a storm that there would be something that would happen that would basically challenge the whole country and the world like never before just like that white squall does and that there are gonna be trials afterwards

"....and that there's gonna be hearings right and then the question is going to be did the Alliance do the right thing to protect the planet to dismantle these human trafficking rings to stop child sex trafficking cannibalism pedophilia all this crazy stuff from happening did they do the right thing was this the right decision and so yes that movie is critical so now that you guys have told me this you're literally saying cuz this is a first I've ever heard this that they played clips from that movie at the Golden Globes

"....yeah and they actually they showed the part were on the Bell where it said where we go one where we go off where we go on we go yeah what was the context like when did they show this what you had originally said bridges had a there was a tribute to Jeff Bridges and they're showing various different movies that he was in and that happened to be one of the clips that they shot when you put that together with the Fiji yeah and the vaccines that's when you're like something is going on and I'm sure there's a lot more that we just missed I guess there was like an arc arc way that represented something -

"....but you know but this was just the things that we saw right away and then on top of that you have Trump recently tweeted out that thing that said I forget what the context was but he spelled scot-free wrong and everyone is making fun of him but that movie was made by scot-free Productions which which was the same spelling that's the trump hat so it just goes along with like all of like really what's going on and like you just said the calm before the storm and and just to make this point

"....I mean he he's purposely spelling things wrong when you look at what he spells wrong and the words that he uses and you go look for that bird er yeah bird like actually means something that people need to know about and then everyone just thinks he's an idiot and he's really just telling people the truth through his tweets that's great so let me get this out about these two specific Q posts okay so the first one is from January 5th 2019 where they are once again bringing up the antifa flag and they're showing that it is literally almost exactly the same as this flag from the 1933 paramilitary wing of the Communist Party of Germany anti-fascist eeesh action

"....and then the 2017 paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party of America antifascist action same Flags same words and this is apparently the deep state trying to do some sort of weaponized left military resistance to the Alliance trying to get people to actually pick up guns that they would be given and this is something the Alliance is really worried about when they start to make announcements so anyway it says right here January 5th 2019

"....this is post number 26 45 on Q anon pub it says complete blackout by the fake news media ask yourself why are they afraid of us Patriots engaging in the same tactics to deliberate left old guard engage in form organizations such as an tyfa to combat and silenced fascism any such deviation from the controlled narrative do the actions of those Patriots abroad destroy the fake news narrative where the majority agrees with the policies of the liberal left and that's of course talking about the the yellowjacket protests happening in France right then they say all in capital letters

" we will not go silent into the night we will not go without a fight do you believe this movement and the worldwide events are simply a coincidence divided you are weak together you are strong we the people we the people have the power e o active where we go one we go all now EEO active Ito is executive order now that's very important because that's January 5th the executive order that they appear to be referring to is the one that amended the court martial guidelines showing that as of January 1st 2019

"....they could put these deep state traitors on secret tribunals and try them as if they were military people so they said the executive order is active but then we have another one that happened a lot more recently as the time of this taping it's actually the second two most recent one that's available right now at the time we're doing this January 13th 2019

"....and it says right here in post number 26 72 on queue and on pub second line down below the link it says G J testimony underway in several states that's grand jury testimony those are the tribunals the testimonies the grand juries the actual trials are underway in several states and it says then attempts to block / protect themselves will fail this goes far beyond political corruption and Sedition what is the law governing the removal of a sitting congressman or woman or a senator lights on meaning everything's being exposed

" they're actually talking about if you read this it's saying congressman Congress women senators being exposed in tribunals happening now in multiple states several states grand jury testimony underway so here's the thing what is really going on with the government shutdown why is it been shutdown for so long this is edging us towards a catastrophe it's it's TSA workers not being able to get a paycheck and walking off which already is starting to cause very serious lines and delays at major airports if that goes on much longer air travel would screech to a halt

"....then you have prison guards prison guards who don't want to go to work because they are federal employees they're not getting their checks even worse is you have people receiving benefits you have people receiving food stamps welfare EBT cards they're not getting their money so this actually creates a very intense crisis in the country some people are not going to notice this as much it doesn't affect them as much but the point is what we're hearing and I want to make sure I get this on the record the briefings are saying that they have started they mean the Alliance have started to reach out through various trusted people to multiple different alternative media outlets

" these various alternative media outlets they could be YouTube guys like what you're doing or girls they could be people writing articles etc but these people are starting to get insiders coming to them and give them leaks and they're not doing this with just a few people this is multiple leaks to multiple different parties we don't really know exactly who's getting the leaks but that tweet that I showed you earlier says get ready for a big data dump and the Intel that we're getting is that we could be going into some sort of emergency lockdown which could be martial law or it could just be a national emergency declaration something like that [Music]

"....but it does appear that we are in the final stages before some sort of announcement gets made it has something to do with the light being shined on remember what said in his tweet deep state actors will be exposed FBI CIA this kind of stuff will be exposed let me get back to those quotes again really quickly he said get ready for the next round of leaks monumental stuff 2019 will reveal so much more Department of Justice exposed FBI exposed fake news exposed

"....we're talking about something really big here we're talking about what we've been waiting for all this time and it can't stay secret for very long it's they are trying to run these tribunals in secret and their plan is that they might take as much as one or two years to run through everybody because they don't have enough staff to grab all of the people at once that's a very important point there's not enough personnel to go and and snag people unseal the indictments bring them in for trial

" they have to kind of let things go slowly and there's a part of the Alliance that wants it all to stay secret they don't want this to leak out they don't want this to go public they think they can just kind of keep this quiet for one or two years but there's another part of the Alliance that absolutely is going to leak it out and they're very concerned about those leaks so I want to be clear even if you hate Trump even if you hate anything having to do with the government the warning that we're getting is there could be the two-week disruption that we've all been hearing about for so long you want to have two weeks worth of drinkable water

" want to have the ability to heat your house in case you don't have electricity you want to have two weeks of food and that really just comes down to a very cheap thing of going out and buying brown rice millet quinoa which is grain similar to rice get different types of beans you want to have some variety but you can store the beans you can soak them overnight and then boil them up you can boil your grains and you can survive on that stuff you're not gonna have a lot of fun but you get some spices you get some extra virgin olive oil this is what they're telling us we need to have we need to have two weeks of feminine hygiene supplies two weeks of toilet paper two weeks of fuel two weeks of drinkable water two weeks of food and I would highly highly recommend that you take this seriously

"....I actually did it I went out and I bought $150 worth of rice millet quinoa garbanzo beans pinto beans lentils mung beans we got some oatmeal you know just try to get some variety I got a whole thing of salt just so to make sure I have enough salt whole thing of olive oil I get a whole big thing of ghee butter you know so I have that too and we don't want to be foolish enough to assume that none of this stuff is true and get caught off guard because there is gonna be some hardship in the short term there's going to be a biting through it could get to the point where we have those types of disruptions in our personal lives Q has said they expect to keep the internet running

" the idea of a total internet shutdown blackout they apparently have counter measures in place to avoid that from happening so I just wanted to get that out before we say anything else stay tuned there's just so much there I think you just went over but I'm just keeping it kind of quick because we want to move on definitely to hear what you're saying next this whole thing where you're describing right now about you went out and you know saving two weeks of food and whatnot first question is why do you think there's some people in the Alliance that want to keep this under wraps it seems that this would be a good thing to let more people know what's going on if these arrests happen and

".... the second question is I guess what would be the circumstances that this blackout would take place would this be like the Alliance doing something to arrest people or this be like the deep state retaliating in some way in doing this it seems pretty unlikely let me just say this first it seems pretty unlikely that there will be a power blackout on a mass level that part of it they seem to have compensated for one of the briefings that we got was that just like I had leaked previously and I even talked about this with you guys

"....I believe that they that the Cabal had the deep state had explosive charges that they planted in these bridges on the interstates that go over big chasms so they could essentially decapitate the country the governors of every state were told that this was used in case of foreign land evasion so like if if for some reason tanks came in from an invading foreign power they could blow these bridges and prevent them from getting any more inland

"....and so that's actually a typical war strategy but the problem is they have these temperature and pressure gauges that technicians have put in there totally innocently where it looks at the barometric pressure the amount of humidity inside the concrete holding up a bridge allegedly to make sure that it doesn't crack and that it doesn't come apart but what they don't know is that those devices have explosive charges in them and are run on GPS and can be remotely detonated

" not only is that the case but there's a whole bunch of this kind of stuff that the deep State had created they have you know low yield nuclear bombs that could be put underneath airports put underneath power stations put underneath water stations so that basically they could just wipe out all of our infrastructure and so part of this coordinated military operation

"....the greatest coordinated military operation in human history from what we're hearing is that there are alliance people ensuring the security of power plants whether it's hydroelectric plants whether it's nuclear power whatever the type of power is ensuring the security of airports ensuring the security of sewage facilities water facilities the major power transformers major power lines the bridges of so they've they've got all these people in place very undercover in plain clothes with advanced systems where they have identified these various weapons that were going to be used the weapons have been neutralized the deep state will not be able to bring down the power grid to bring down travel to bring down communications to bring down water to bring down sanitation

"....thank God they have thought this through far enough that they've got all those protections in place so you better believe when they flip that switch when they tell us the truth when the announcements are made there's so many countermeasures in place to prevent this thing from getting too bad now with that being said no plan survives battlefield so there probably will be isolated disruptions somebody flies a drone in and the drones got a bomb on it or who the heck knows what they're gonna do but there probably will be some disruptions then they also are expecting armed resistance groups like an Tifa that will start handing guns out to people train them for 10 minutes on you know how to racket it and shoot it you know

"....there's the safety and you can't you know you can't fire until you rack it once so you get a round in the chamber all this kind of crap they're expecting that there's gonna be some skirmishes that there's going to be armed conflicts with radicalised left there's gonna be armed conflicts possibly with militia types if they don't really understand what's happening definitely some degree of armed conflict with deep state military paramilitary you know paid contractors security guards all this kind of stuff so it could get a little rough and we're not again though we're not expecting widespread power outages but we are expecting that there could be a temporary hold on you know being able to use major highways major interstates they may tell you that they want you to stay home you may deal with a situation where air travel and highway travel is temporarily disrupted which means disruption of goods and services which means that people do panic buying at the grocery store the shelves get emptied out of beans rice water

"....this kind of stuff if you actually read the FEMA site on preparation by the way they actually recommend for the sake of simplicity that your number one best bet is canned food get it all this variety of stuff that is in the can because then all you got to do is crack open the can and eat it you don't even need to cook it as long as you have a can opener you're good to go I take this really seriously the government shutdown is unprecedented the silence over that announcement about human trafficking arrests and child trafficking arrests is is unprecedented why wouldn't the media cover this

" I'm not saying to be afraid but I'm saying you want to be prepared now to your second part of that question why in the world would anybody in the Alliance not want us to know the truth and this is the thing you guys need to understand everybody's dirty the Alliance is not a bunch of white knights they're not a bunch of Boy Scouts and angels this is an uprising from within the deep state itself against the deep state the deep state runs by making sure that no one ever gets into a position of authority unless they are black mailable unless they have dirt on them that would be so embarrassing that they would never want it to come up and look at what they're doing with Trump

"....Trump is being attacked on every side and yes a lot of it is upsetting and it drives me crazy when people online attack me for even mentioning that there could be anything positive about this administration and there are a lot of them because nobody is clean nobody is in a position to be like a Hollywood hero in an action movie everybody's got weird stuff everybody's got compromising information everybody's done things they regret everybody's done things they don't want people to know and that's why a lot of these guys in the Alliance are really concerned and

" the key word here is clemency we need to allow people to be heroes we need to have heroes in the CIA we need to have heroes who are Templars heroes who are 33rd degree Mason z-- heroes who have been there in the room when the depopulation agenda was being discussed heroes who were originally part of those plans heroes who were involved in tasking weather control satellites to create earthquakes in vulnerable regions for specific purposes heroes who were involved in domestic spying heroes who aided and abetted paramilitary groups that conducted Wetwork assassinations on enemies of the deep state

" have to let people come forward you have to let them be heroes why because now they're turning around their story you look at somebody like Corey Goode you look at somebody like Pete Peterson they've all done things that they don't want to talk about they've all been involved in things they greatly regret there isn't one insider I've ever spoken to who is clean they were sick and tired of looking the other way at the evil that they were partaking in the evil that they were forced to partake in they do not want these things to go on they do not want the deep state to continue to be in control so even if you want to look at it as I've said before as warring factions that are negative which is the only way some people are going to be able to handle this

"....we have taken you to the edge please watch your step you got less negative and you got more negative less negative would be the kind of things that we're seeing Trump getting attacked for but you're not seeing Trump getting attacked for pedophilia cannibalism human sacrifices satanic rituals you're not gonna find a picture of him in a robe with black candles on a sacrificial altar holding a squiggly dagger okay that's not what he was doing but she can't assume that just because Hollywood has tried to present this idea of The Lone Ranger

"....and The Lone Ranger wears the white mask and the bad guy wears the black mask and it's really simple it's really easy to understand and this was so beautifully portrayed at the end of one of the classic Alliance films of all time the second Captain America film Captain America the Winter Soldier they go through the whole movie they exposed the deep state brilliantly in the middle of the film they talk about Project Paperclip bringing Nazis over to the US integrating them into our intelligence community which in the movie

"....they call Hydra but it basically represents the deep state and at the end there are arrests and at the end you have people going on trial and nobody's clean everybody's got dirt on them but then what Scarlett Johansson's character says is you still need us you need the CIA you need the FBI you need us to keep you guys safe you're not gonna put me in a prison you're not gonna put any of us in a prison you know why do enlighten us because you need us yes the world is a vulnerable place and yes we help make it that way but we're also the ones best qualified to defend it so if you want to arrest me arrest me you'll know where to find me [Music]

" there's a lot of cold feet there's a lot of people in the Alliance who don't think anybody's gonna say what I just said or that that will be believed we are in a society and this is done by design the deep state has made the public so reactive right there's so many things that you can't say anymore without getting in trouble even you know like when we were kids the term Eskimo was just a term for people up there now saying Eskimo is considered racist if you read Huffington Post you have to say into it or Alaskan native

"....there's so much of that kind of stuff right it's like so many examples I don't even want to get into them because just even saying what they are people will be offended I try to give this a similar scenario when people are talking is like people have this issue with Trump and I'm like there's old I always tell people there's a big difference between someone who's running their mouth on Twitter because that's what they accuse him of all the time and someone who is a playboy in his in his life as a young rich playboy right

"....there's a big difference between the kinds of activities that go on with that head pedophilia and child sacrifice and all of these things it's like if those things are going on and we're so uptight about Trump why in the world aren't people looking at these crazier things right so what you were talking about is no one is clean basically right is a lot of times people are always they want to just jump and accuse people all the time of these things right or or people have everybody has a past he said I think that you've brilliantly said like we all have weird stuff right like that's the quote of this episode basically you can't look at what someone did in the past everyone deserves a chance to do something right right now

"....because everything leading up to today was a big bag of cats so with that said we have to look at what people are doing right now what what people are saying right now what actions someone can take to take a step towards undoing all of this crazy if we don't do that if we can't be open-minded enough to do that then we as a society have a huge problem because everyone is is doomed sure and bear in mind that this has happened before in history there was an anti and base Sonic revolt in the late 1820s and early 1830s

"....and as I told you guys before in our previous episodes which I've watched a bunch of times I love it you're doing a great job thank you guys that I honor both of you and your team it's awesome I'm very happy to be doing this so when we see a book like light on masonry by David Bernard as I said before this is a book that was published during hearings that were taking place in state court rooms in New York State in the 1830s where you had Masons from all different degrees coming forward sharing the actual written words of what they were doing as their oaths these trials were about the idea that some dark and sinister group was using this society to infiltrate to have the cloak of secrecy to unfairly favor their own members against other people who worked hard and should have gotten that job because they were more qualified they were unfairly giving themselves an advantage

"....they were controlling the police controlling the judiciary controlling the military controlling the media controlling the government on the local level regional level state level federal level controlling corporations controlling all aspects of society it all came out and in those trials in the 1830s you had people who were very deeply involved on the wrong side of it originally who came forward and they became heroes because they spoke out on favor of the country and on favor of their own people and

" this is what we have to go through again there's a lot of people in the Alliance who are really concerned about this because it's gonna be a feeding frenzy when you see what happened with the me2 movement which apparently the Alliance was behind that I can tell you from being involved in showbiz that right now if you want to try to get an entertainment deal you have to be so clean they don't want you to have a tweet that you said 20 years ago that could be construed as damaging they don't want you to have any any litigation going on in your life they don't want you to have anything that could possibly cause trouble they are so careful because it's such a mess and

"....there were so many people who were guilty there's all these new rules and restrictions even around things like filming like for example they don't want you to they don't want actors to actually french kiss each other to use the tongue when they're kissing anymore you know just because they're so worried about sexual harassment and you know germs being spread and you know ethical questions about well this actor is married then why are they making out with this person in this movie you know they're trying to basically like you know cut down on the sex scenes almost entirely because of this kind of stuff

" we're in a different era here and the people in the Alliance who want the truth to come out are not gonna let this stay quiet so it's a very significant point that we don't really know when or how this thing's gonna unravel we just know that it will and we know that we are being told to imminently immediately prepare for the need to have two weeks of food in your home that is a very very important point join us for the next episode where we talk about the Paradise fires will also discuss seismic events that occurred whether control and manipulation only on the edge of wonder you know we've got all of these I could forgot my point actually ...≺≺ less

Barr & Placeholders Activated, S/M Blackout, Think EAS - Episode 1795b

X22Report ** Published on Feb 19, 2019
"... it is not going well for the deep state and they're trying to control the narrative and cue has been telling us that they're trying to make it seem like well what happened with mccabe with Comey and the rest it was isolated to the Department of Justice and FBI but we know better we know that this went much much further than that all the way up to the Obama administration and we can see that everything that they tried to do to control the narrative with Russian collusion with the investigations into Trump it is all coming to an end and they are in a deep panic ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... we're seeing from Q right now that everything is going active everything has been activated and we are now in the process of moving forward with indictments arrests the declassification and everything like that and we'll be talking about that in just a little bit but first I wanted to go to Jesse's small app and it looks like things are getting worse and worse for adjusting investigators now suspect that the Nigerian brothers now first of all the Nigerian brothers they're saying hey listen we're not Nigerian we're born in the USA but those individuals who were paid by Jesse Smollett to take part in the fake attack are also behind the suspicious letter sent to small at early in January

".... now CBS local reported the following Smollett received a letter containing white powder January 22nd the letter was mailed to Chicago's since bass studios where the show Empire is filmed the letter prompted a hazmat response cbt says the white substance was later determined to be aspirin the note was crafted with letters apparently cut out from magazines to form words to piece together messages contain racial and homophobic threats directed at small at a magazine is one of the pieces of evidence retrieved from the brothers home last week during a search conducted by CPD investigators also recovered a book of stamps when asked about the letter in a televised interview last week Smollett said on the letter it had a stick figure hanging from a tree with a gun pointing toward it it also had manga reference to Trump's campaign slogan make America great again written as the return address

".... the whole thing was staged and the letter was not getting the traction they wanted so they took it to the next level so right now this hate crime was a complete fake phony false attack now we've seen this before and the mainstream media reports on these type of attacks like they're real let's go back in time a little bit now days before Election Day an african-american church in Mississippi was torch in an arson attack the words vote Trump were written on the building

".... a local police investigation determined a member of the church had staged the attack a Molden Massachusetts man said in November 2016 two white men threatened to lynch him and and told him it was Trump country now the story was debunked by police days after the election an Asian female student at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis said she was verbally harassed by a white man who told her to go back to Asia she said she fought him off then was put in handcuffs by police officers who came to the scene well the police said they have no record of any of this

".... there's no such incident that same month a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette claimed two white Trump supporters violently assaulted her took her hijab off her head and robbed her the story was later deemed untrue in 2017 a female student at st. Olaf College in Minnesota reported finding a note on her car would shield that contained a threatening message police said later that she made up the story after an immigrant own business in Charlotte in April 2017 investigators found a note that stated Trump is our nation builder for white America police later arrested a black man named Curtis for furor no for this crime

".... the same year a black male student at Kansas State University said his car was vandalized with racist messages the school canceled classes and protests erupted on campus the alleged victim Dornan Tereus Williams later admitted he vandalized his own car and age the incident last September a black woman from Long Island New York said a trump supporter verbally confronted her and she later found her car tyre had been slashed and a note on the car that read go home she later admitted to making up the story following the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre in late October

".... someone vandalized a Brooklyn synagogue with Nazi slogans the suspect was later identified as a gay black man who had worked with the City Council on anti hate campaign in November Gauhar college found graffiti on campus of that contained Klu Klux Klan and Nazi marks as well as the names of black students a black student was eventually found to be responsible so the mainstream media continually reports on all these things and many times they don't say that these are fake and most of these actually all the ones that I read to you they have turned out to be fake

".... the same thing with Jesse Smollett now what's very interesting Don Donald Trump jr. was on Instagram and he posted that he doesn't believe the attacks on Jessie Smollett are real he believes they were staged Instagram immediately told him to delete his post or they would suspend his account so he went ahead and he deleted his posts we come to find out that Donald Trump jr. was absolutely right the whole thing was staged so what is Instagram say now Instagram says oh this was an error we removed these we told him to remove him and it was a mistake

".... we don't know how this happened they know exactly how this happened they thought it was real they thought he was pushing conspiracy and they blocked him it turns out that he was telling the truth and everyone else was lying and this is the problem with people controlling what you see that people guess what they can think for themselves that people can determine if it's real or fake let them do the research we don't need a Ministry of Truth

".... now McCabe he is in some hot water he is going down and the deep state is trying to make us just look at McCabe and most likely Co me that's it because they want the FBI Department of Justice isolated tom Fitton tweeted the following big struck page doc show more collusion to protect Hillary Clinton voter fraud crisis thousands of aliens illegally voting plus a trail Donald Trump is first president in 70 years to take a border security seriously mark meadows tweeted the following andy McCabe's interview last night only furthered what anyone who has been truly investigating already knew senior intelligence were bent on retaliating against trump for personal reasons and they were willing to throw out any rule or break any protocol to do it

".... Trump chimed in and tweeted the following remember this Andrew McCabe didn't go to the bathroom without the approval of link of leaking James Comey he continued the witch-hunt in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in American political history work in the first occasion in which of the US government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election presidential Victor Davis Hanson and got caught at Fox News

".... now Q has told us in the past that there are going to be corporate bombs that are dropped and these corporate bombs were to wake up the American people this is why Q is out there this is why the alternative media is out there and this is why Trump continually pushes letting the public know what's going on now even though most of the mainstream media would not like to repeat his tweets they use his tweets maybe to make fun of them but he doesn't care as long as the message gets out there and even if they're countering his argument his argument is based on facts theirs are based on propaganda

".... so when the d-class comes guess who's gonna be holding all the fact cards Trump the Patriots now Judicial Watch they announced today it received 215 pages of records from the US Department of Justice revealing former FBI general counsel James Baker discussed the investigation of Clinton related emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop with Clinton's lawyer David Kendall Baker then forwarded the conversation to his FBI colleagues the documents also further described a previously reported quid pro quo from the Obama State Department offering the FBI more legal attache positions if it would downgrade a redaction in an email found during the Hilary Clinton email investigation from classified to something else

".... all records of communications including but not limited to emails text messages and instant chance between FBI official Peter struck an FBI attorney Lisa page were captured all travel requests travel authorizations travel vouchers and expense reports of Peter struck have been captured by Judicial Watch all travel requests Travel Authorization travel vouchers and expense reports of Lisa page have been captured by Judicial Watch on October 28 2016 the day that Comey sent a letter to Congress regarding the FBI's discovery that the Weiner laptop contained Clinton's emails Hillary Clinton's personal lawyer David Kendall within hours emails Baker requesting a call ASAP about Lacombe e letter the emails show that a conference call for the above senior officials was set up for the next day by Peter struck two days before the election on November 6

".... Comey sent a second letter reporting that the FBI's review of the Weiner laptop material would not change his conclusion that Hillary Clinton should not be prosecuted Judicial Watch has all the evidence of what took place and how they tried to stop this and how they made it possible not to prosecute Hillary Clinton the truth is coming out now asked you would say this can't be stopped now today we see there was a video of RBG and this was out of TMZ and you can see her shuffling through the airport her head is held up high and she's wearing a brown jacket with a scarf black pants and shoes now what's very interesting Annan started to look at this and said wow this is very interesting because a picture going back April 2018

".... so that RBG had a very difficult time raising her head up the other thing was which was very interesting is that she's wearing the same jacket the same exact scarf the same exact pants and the same exact shoes so in April 2018 she has the exact same outfit on as the individual in the February 2019 now I'm not saying this isn't or is RBG we're just saying that this is very suspicious we also need to understand that there wore ads placed in Craigslist looking for a duplicate

".... now I'm not saying that this really is an RBG but it seems that she can walk now with her head completely straight up and she's wearing the same exact outfit from almost a year ago which is kind of strange now Trump took a swipe at California and remember cue is continually telling us to look at California Trump went after California's trouble high-speed rail project claiming it's a lot more expensive than the wall

".... he tweeted out the following the failed fast train project in California where the cost overruns are becoming world record-setting is hundreds of times more expensive than the desperately needed wall and I remember cue told us that there are a group of families that run California and they siphon off a lot of the money I wonder where a lot of this money has gone well Trump was exactly right when he said once he declared national emergency he was going to be sued his administration was going to be sued and that's exactly what has happened six states filed lawsuits challenging Trump border emergency

".... and the states are California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Hawaii Illinois Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York Oregon Virginia and what's very interesting about all these states they're all Democratic governors and a lot of these states are the states that Q pointed out to us yesterday where Clinton won so this is very interesting but again this is not going to stop the wall from being built

".... remember when we spoke last time national emergency funds are just a portion of the wall Trump has about five billion extra to start the wall and keep the wall going while this plays out in the court system and you know what's going to happen it will reach the Supreme Court Trump will win the ruling now Trump was in Miami he was giving a speech and he called out Maduro saying he was a Cuban puppet and he also condemned socialism in a speech aimed at I believe the elite in this country

".... and Trump was out there and he was giving the speech saying that to those who would try to impose socialism on the United States America will never be a socialist country and I do believe this was directed to all those individuals that are pushing socialism in this country now out in Haiti we understand there's unrest there we know that access has been closed off and we know that the Clintons ran their operation in Haiti where they weren't really giving their money to charity a lot of it was for getting children in this country

".... but a very bizarre story has emerged that there were individuals five heavily armed Americans that have been arrested and are being detained by the Haitian government they were caught in possession of automatic weapons pistol satellite phones and drones among the group were three others including two other foreign nationals a Serbian and a Russian and one Haitian now these are paid contractors that were in Haiti now was this a cleanup mission where these individuals sent by the clintons by the deep state don't know as of yet but this is very very interesting

".... we see that Washington and Baghdad they agreed to withdraw the US troops from Syria into Iraq and they're gonna say that this is going to happen around the 1st of April so there are already plans to withdraw the troops from Syria and the Iraqis are saying no problem they can come over the border and move into Iraq let's get into some of Q's posts imposed 2793 Q says chatter uptick re how to effectively prevent crosstalk re anti narrative across all social media online platforms ability to prevent crosstalk narrows coms only to fake news which provides for more control over what is released to inform the public

".... a series of scenarios is currently being conducted this is in bracket in its bold game the system to test response risk and calculate results censorship when this is in bold and brackets added layers of inserted code through keyword targeting in bio history and comments plus individual platform mods has failed to curtail the problem China Russia Iran fake takedown hacks a select platforms for maintenance is one scenario being game played this is in brackets in bold zero day countermeasures in place example this is in bold and brackets example

".... think emergency alert system think white house controlled new are teen news website think white house controlled new video stream platform think here should this occur immediate steps will be taken to classify each as public utility essential public services to gain appropriate government regulation control why do we make things public to bring it out into the open so the public can control it so big tech is testing scenarios to prevent anti narrative crosstalk across social media platforms

".... so the deep state is in process of trying to regain the narrative how do they do this censorship social media blackout why they can't allow the truth to be revealed they can't have the public waking up if the public is awake they can't put it back to sleep this is their biggest fear cue is telling us they have countermeasures emergency alert system new RT new website new video stream platform if they push censorship Q says they will classify the platforms as public utilities Q has warned us about blackouts in the past in past posts if we go back to post 61 this is back November 2nd 2017 as discussed we've anticipated Twitter and other social media blackouts rogue agents programmers they were going to blame it on rogue agents and programmers post two two nine eight Twitter has been given the green light to blanket censor all content deemed to threaten their survival election

".... Google Facebook will follow expect calms blackout attempt POTUS Twitter rogue employee excuse welcome to the police state post 2168 Q gives us a link to H in patriot fight says main points of interests only it will serve as the main hub of all communications once all other sites tref tracking collapse 8chan only letting letting us know that 8chan

".... if all else fails this will be the place you get your information post 2794 in an incredi to graphic and showed how the London drops went down showing how cute pointed this out and how future proofs pass so this graphic shows Lisa page Peter struck in London and shows how Q was surveilling these individuals do what they do best their covert operations so under this it says this was a great proof an ins our months ahead of the news queue says the Corinthian Hotel so Q let us know that the meeting was the Carinthia hotel but we knew this already from past posts

".... post 2795 in Annan asks a question they are getting super desperate Q responded with a link to news guard tech now let me read a little bit what news guard is if you don't know what it is it says restoring trust and accountability news guard uses journalism to fight false news misinformation and disinformation our trained analysts who are experienced journalists research online news brands to help readers and viewers know which ones are trying to do legitimate journalism and which are not this product is going to protect from fake news

".... so don't worry we will tell you which is true and which is fake you don't have to think you don't have to use logical thinking you have to question anything this is a deep state product they're trying to control the narrative this is a little extension plug-in that goes onto your browser and it gives you a little green check mark if everything's a-ok I mean let's take exact let's take one example just a small app news guard said this was a true story because it was on all the mainstream media outlets but it turned out to be fake

".... so what happened to these journalists who were supposed to research all this well it looks like it didn't work of course it didn't work the deep state controls it and Q says yes they are and he answered the question they are getting super desperate they created this thing I believe Microsoft created this to show you what was real and what was fake so they are becoming very very desperate here

".... post 2790 in and put up a map of the area surrounding the Corinthian Hotel the arrow shows the traffic camera that is used to track page and struck while in London and under this it says right next to where the traffic cam pics were taken let's move on to post 2787 Q then gives us original pictures of the hotel one in the day one in the night and Q is showing us yes we have control over these traffic cams post 2798 put everything from 2797 and gave us one more photo at night of the hotel and it looks like this one is either from a car or from across the street move on to

".... post $27.99 in Annan says I did a search using TinEye and found zero results now TinEye is a website that you can put the image URL into the box and it will search to see if this image was used before and then you can sort it and say okay listen this image was used back in 2018 so this is not an original image Google does the same thing if you look up at the top right hand corner you'll see a little camera that says image and you can do the same thing but I find 10 I to be a lot better q says always zero results what does that tell you that the pictures that Q is continually giving us they are original

".... let's move on to post 2800 in Annan points out the camera that is used to watch the hotel to watch struck to watch page and shows a picture circles the camera and says this is the view that the camera is picking up post 2801 Q says pick a network any network search Q Annan now Q did all the legwork for us and gave us links to every level a lot of the mainstream media outlets and already hooked in the search for Q Annan and if you click on any of them it shows you how many articles they have of Q Annan and one of them I clicked on was Washington Post and has had many all about QN in there about how it's a conspiracy theory and things like that so all these mainstream media sites show cumin and articles and how Q is a conspiracy

".... so if Q is a nobody and he's a conspiracy why bother with all these articles why should the mainstream media care because if it's a conspiracy who gives crap they wouldn't care they would only care if Q is real and the truth is being pushed out into the public domain this is the only reason you would write all these articles out there about Q if it's true and they're trying to control the narrative of Q an and to make people look away but it's not working let's move on to

".... post 2802 Q put up the previous post of 2681 and it gives us the countdown 30 45 60 90 and it says blockade removal rod Rosenstein removal goodbye number one oversight of Mueller or removal one through four removal bar installed so what we've come to learn is that Ron Rosenstein will be leaving in mid-march so from this point to mid March is about 30 days so is Q talking about that the time clock has started and rod Rosenstein is now removed and bar is now in could be so let's read what Q wrote under this timeline attached what has since occurred while we know bar was installed rod Rosenstein he'll be leaving or left the other people that were in the batter's box they were removed and the Clinton blockade is completely gone future proves past track and update think calendar

".... pose 2803 q put up look for placeholder updates at patriot fight indictments arrest and d-class will force worldwide coverage leaks bribery collusion re media will force resignations will follow up criminal prosecutions we now have Attorney General bar in place q is letting us know that we can expect action from the department justice these will sync with the placeholders that Q set up it's telling us to look at these on Patriots fight once this begins we will see worldwide news coverage indictments arrests and prosecutions etc or the mainstream media trying to spin this absolutely will we see resignations absolutely

".... post 2804 Q put everything up from post 2803 and said first place holders this is in brackets in bold o IG report d 'class other release facts are e 18 US Code Chapter 1 1 5 treason sedition subversive activities this brings me back to the Annan who put up the order in which the entire operation is going to go down the placeholders are from the bottom up and we reported on this yesterday the OIG report then the d-class then FISA 5i moving up

".... so 18 US Code Chapter 1 1 5 treason sedition and subversive activities there are many subsections to this it's treason miss prison of treason rebellion or insurrection seditious conspiracy advocating overthrow of a government registration of certain organizations activities affecting armed forces generally activities affecting Armed Forces during war recruiting for service against United States and listen to serve against the United States you think any of these fit yeah they do

".... post 2805 q put up everything from 2804 gave us a twitter link to call me Komi likes to talk in code and this is commis Tweep every time you assault and stereotype a person you've ripped the social fabric every time you see that person deeply and make him or her feel known you've woven it david brooks 218 new york times is right that we all need to be weavers if we are to heal our beloved country q says drop put you on notice direction to bunker down stop talking or risk being assaulted a woven elaborate nest will not save or protect you nor will the CIA further provide you with actionable intelligence cold on the outside traitors justice q

".... so the deep state they watch the board's Comey watches the board q acknowledges that call me tweeted when the drop was made the tweet is a coded message to all other traitors according to q the deep state is trying to isolate this coup to the FBI Department of Justice so Comey McCabe they must stay quiet and take the blame if they start to speak out and point fingers at other people well they'll be 187 which means they'll be killed

".... they are now on the outside and it's cold out there post 2806 hew gave us the picture of all these individuals behind bars and it says now that Russia collusion is a proven lie Wender the trials for treason begin now it's very interesting is that mil spec ops monkey took the filename of this photo and did a search and it came up with WikiLeaks and Clinton emails

".... now people are getting different results some of them are Clinton email to Jake Sullivan and Huma others are getting Iran nuclear deal but it looks like it might be tied in to and Q might be letting us know that this all has to do with the Clinton when he's showing us this picture of all these individuals behind bars let's move on to

".... post 2807 this is in brackets in bold topic taxpayer theft insider versus outsider retain control vers lose control kennedy was an outsider he was an assassin he was assassinated this is in brackets and bold the word assassinated reagan was an outsider this is in brackets and bold assassination attempt POTUS is an outsider this is in brackets and bold and caps classification high what this tells us is that there's been attempts but the details are highly classified

".... so an Annan said well let's look at what happened here we can see there were many attempts on POTUS for those who may not be aware poison in UK nuclear missile launch from sub nutjobs jumping over the White House fence rogue SS agent with unauthorized gun death device planted an oval office LV attack might be on that list 16 events so far I read somewhere and likely other attempts not reported the deep state is an out of ammo yet

".... so it looks like in the past they've tried many many times Q continued and said how much money cash was sent by the Fed to Iraq Iraq war then gave us the link to the Guardian Reuters CNBC and it was billions how much money cash was confiscated from the Iraq Central Bank so if you look at the Guardian it says the u.s. sent 12 billion in cash to Iraq and watched it vanished if you look at Reuters it says u.s. end pallets of cash to Baghdad if you look at CNBC it says New York Fed's 40 billion Iraqi money trail if you look at Fox News us paid Iran 1.3 billion two days after 400 million cash transfer

".... so it looks like there was a lot of cash that was sent out to Iraq and then sent to a Rann let's continue how much money cash was confiscated from the Iraq Central Bank none example not intended for public awareness if it worked in Iraq why not replicate it in Iran how much money cash was sent to Iran well we know Obama sent one two three billion dollars who controls the distribution of funds who accounts for the funds who has access to the funds who really has access to the funds to funds return in the form of political donations yes

".... so the Obama administration the deep state they have control over all these funds they return back to these individuals and they are used for different purposes one of them is to get elected and it's most likely sent to their foundations to funds return in the form of masses donations to foundations and/or Institute's yes do funds return in the form of offshore bank accounts for future payments payoffs yes replicate environment green aid assist etc all these different organizations

".... they are working with the deeps they the elite to funnel the money no honest control in place no checks and balances in place no safeguards in place threat of an outsider becoming president loss of control q then gives us a link to the YouTube video where Trump is speaking saying he's going to get rid of the deep state trillions of dollars at stake controlled by group of special interests illusion of democracy welcome to the real world that's in brackets and all bold

".... we cannot afford to lose this rare opportunity to right the wrongs we the people must reclaim what is rightfully ours we must rise we must fight god bless the United States of America post 2808 q gives us a link to YouTube and it says in an invasive queue proofs and that's what this video is about q says thank you patriot moving on to

".... post 2809 gave us a Twitter link to NBC News and this states new exclusive Trump admin launches global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality and dozens of nations where it is still illegal to be gay and Q says but fake news pushes the narrative that POTUS is homophobic no he is not this is fake news hashtag wake up America q why would Trump be pushing this individual out to all these countries to help the situation again the mainstream media has been pushing fake information

".... post 2810 q is referring back to that video of coop roofs says start from the beginning small sampling of proofs Patriots in control you are the news now q post 28:11 and Anna respond to the previous posts or should I say shill and this individual said in control of what nothing that's what Q then put up a link to military and shows the military planes and others doing things in the military and says are you ready shill survival of the fittest q and there's a lot of shills on these hm boards and they continually post and post and post and most of them are absolutely ridiculous to try to get people away from the q boards I think they make more and more people come to the q boards because they want to prove them wrong

".... post 28:12 is a picture of Trump at his inauguration the crowd is there and it says we are Q as you can see we are getting ready to go live one thing we need to watch is that the deep state they're getting ready to shut down anyone that tries to push the truth Q is telling us they have counter measures in place to combat this so once the truth starts coming out you're gonna see many many articles you're gonna see the mainstream media going crazy trying to spin this in a completely different way

".... you also might see a lot of channels go down at the same time trying to censor all these people actually YouTube just changed how they give strikes to channels and we'll have to see how that goes moving forward we also know that Twitter Instagram and the rest they have no problem or in facebook they have no problem bringing down or deleting posts at will I mean we saw it with Donald Trump jr. where Instagram said listen we're getting rid of this and they pretend it's a mistake so you're gonna see a lot of posts where people try to post or maybe their accounts become suspended when they're trying to tell the truth but don't worry the message will get out there and we have all different ways of getting this message out there ...≺≺ less

Something Big Is About To Happen, [DS] Trapped And Desperate - Episode 1794b

X22Report ** Published on Feb 18, 2019
" as we can see the truth is coming out and the deep state they are in a panic and they are becoming very very desperate you smell the fear they understand what is happening and Q has been dropping a lot of bread I mean more than I've ever seen before and we're gonna be going through part of that today we'll do the other part tomorrow but let's start off with Christopher steel here he won't meet with the Senate Intel committee and it looks like those on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence they are not satisfied with Christopher steel with his written response they want him to appear in front of the committee ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"..... now I know why he's afraid to do this because everything that he has done it is completely falling apart around him the whole entire Russian collusion the dossier everything that we've been hearing for such a long time and everyone believed in it and I'm not talking about the Annan's I'm not talking about people who are looking listening to the alternative media I'm talking about the rest of the public that had been listening to the mainstream media they're scratching their head saying wait wait a minute the Senate came out and said there's no Russian Kalu

".....Adam Schiff is out there saying well maybe there isn't Russian collusion and it's not criminal but we're gonna have to take the investigations into the house their narrative is falling apart and they don't know what to do they're becoming very very desperate here because they realize that once the d-class comes out and the truth comes out that's it for them and everything that they tried to do to take Trump and and push them out of office it's not working

".....I mean they're still trying they're still trying to make a case for this but it's not going to work now this is very interesting because the mainstream media has been reporting that Ruth Bader Ginsburg she's back in court and they told us that she attended a concert but we have not seen any photos I mean the last article from the New York Times the headline says Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returns to work at Supreme Court they showed a picture of her but this is not a current picture this is an old picture

" this is actually a picture from November where is a current picture this is very odd that they do not produce a current picture of her either at the concert or in the court system or at least some place so people will say okay there she is usually when you hide something like this and you don't put out a current picture something is up so so far still we have no proof what's the weather and this is strange that there are still no pics very odd

" we see the IMF they are discretely prepping for massive aid packages for the day after Maduro is removed from his presidency and we understand that the IMF from WikiLeaks they are weaponized by the deep state and none of this is coincidence and we know that Trump started the ball run rolling with saying that one Guido he is the new president of Venezuela once again we know this is not how it works

".....but I do believe that Trump in the Patriots created this movement on purpose and he continually points at Venezuela saying listen we don't want to be a socialist country like Venezuela he warns against it actually when he was giving this speech he was saying that United States will never become a socialist society but we need to think of the deep state we need to think of the Dems this is actually what they wanted

" we understand that Rubio Bolton Pompeyo they are pushing this very very hard and we know that Rubio is behind a lot of this and I do believe that Trump of the Patriots they are monitoring all these individuals just like they did with McMasters just like they did with mattis just like they did with every other person they watch they observe and they record and they collect evidence they need to understand who they can trust and who they cannot trust

".....they might have ideas they might understand that maybe we should not trust them but putting everything into action allows everyone to see exactly what is going on and I do believe Trump of the Patriots are gonna continually push this till the very very end and I and we've heard in the past that Maduro is in secret meetings with the US and I think this is going to happen where Maduro the president they come to some sort of an agreement and you need to think back to North Korea and Syria I mean there was at one point in Syria where Trump was firing missiles into Syria

".....and the mainstream media even some alternative media's they were all out there saying oh my god he's doing exactly what the neocons were doing what the deep state was doing they're gonna remove Assad we're gonna be bringing troops in there and actually the opposite happened the same thing with North Korea it looked really really bad and it looked like he was pushing very very hard to start a war or do something and then all of a sudden everything was turned around with a snap of a finger

".....and then all of a sudden Trump started to remove certain key players after that after both because they started to realize who can we trust who can't we trust and I believe this is exactly what is going on right now now out in Syria we understand that the Islamic state they were paid mercenaries they were created by the deep state that was their army they used to invade Syria take out Assad they also control Qaeda al sham al nusra and the rest

".....and Trump recently just tweeted out the following the United States is asking Britain France Germany and other European Isles to take back over 800 Islamic state fighters that we captured in Syria and put them on trial the Caliphate is ready to fall the alternative is not good one in that we will be forced to release them the u.s. does not want to watch as these Islamic state fighters permeate Europe which is where they are expected to go we do so much and spend so much time for others to step up and do the job that they are so capable of doing we are pulling back after 100% Caliphate victory

" think about it the Islamic state these are paid mercenaries Trump is saying listen take back your fighters they belong to you and if you don't take him back and do something with them we're just going to release them and they're gonna be pretty darn angry and they're gonna head up to your area so already the Islamic state their area that they can control right now is around 700 square metres at the height of the Islamic state they held or they controlled an area the size of Great Britain and ruled over 10 million people now they rule over nothing so because of Russia because of Trump and the Patriots they were able to get rid of the deep State Army the paid mercenaries in Syria

".....and we're seeing the troops they are withdrawing from Syria they're gonna be withdrawing from Afghanistan actually we're gonna see a lot of troops coming back to the United States get into some of Q's posts here this is post 27:54 Q gave us a map of the United States and we have green states and brown states the brown states allow illegal immigrants to obtain a driver's license which means they have a valid ID to what vote

" Q also gave us a Twitter link to T Hawk 23:05 v 136 this is a picture of all the country this is full or partially democratic countries that require ID to register to vote or cast a ballot on Election Day in all districts so when you look at this you can see there's Iceland Sweden New Zealand Denmark Canada the UK and the only out of all these countries the United States is the only one that doesn't require a voter ID and under this it says it's very simple without the illegal vote DS lose previous illegal immigration high population verse D win by county provided example -

".....why do DS push for illegals to obtain a driver's license does having a driver's license make it easier to vote yes it does in those states it makes it easier because you have an ID so Q gave us a link to n CS l org this is an article states offering driver license to immigrants let me read a little bit about this 12 states and the District of Columbia enacted laws to allow unauthorized immigrants to obtain a driver's license these states are California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Hawaii Illinois Maryland Nevada New Mexico Utah Vermont and Washington issue a license if an applicant provides certain documentation such as a foreign birth certificate a foreign passport or a consular card and evidence of current residency in the state

".....Oregon enacted s 833 that provided driver license for unauthorized immigrants in 2013 but the following year voters approved a ballot measure 88 that spended the law by 67 to 33% so what states provide DLS which is driver's license to illegals California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Hawaii Illinois Maryland Avada New Mexico Utah Vermont and Washington what checks are in place within each of the DL granted States to prevent 2 3 4 5 times voting none compare vers 2016 presidential election results

" if we look at the map we see green and brown states the brown states are the states that offer driver license to illegal immigrants what do you notice Q says Clinton won the states that allow driver licenses to illegals do you believe in coincidences memes are important hashtag facts matter queue post 2755 Q put up everything from post 27:54 and under this put up a picture of another map and this is blue states and red states so Q posted this map of the electoral college voting in 2016 what is it show it shows that the states Hillary Clinton won these are in blue the states Trump won are in red Q is letting us know that those states that allow driver's licenses to illegals and those states that are sanctuary states these are the states that Clinton won

" post 2756 an an on put up the following and asks a question ask you if the black population is waking up and says why do DS want to control the black pop why do they intentionally keep poor and in need because there they can control them why do these project racism on a daily basis against ours Republicans why do black elected officials do the crazy talk on behalf of DS how do DS cover up the historical facts of forming the Confederacy so down below this Q says that the black population they are waking up and it says date posted early October 31st 2017 prior to the black population awakening why did we emphasize as important when are you when you are awake we can see clearly Q

" the Dems tried to control the black population and the beginning of Trump's presidency but it failed and the black population is now waking up and they're starting to understand what has been happening here close 2757 put everything from 27:56 and said swap we for you now if we go back to the prior post q says when you are awake we can see clearly so Q is saying listen swamp we for you so it reads as follows when you are awake you can see clearly Q said on the move

".....Q is basically letting us know that there was a grammatical mistake in that sentence post 2758 and Anand put up two posts by Q and noticed something very interesting the posts were a minute apart and they coincided with Trump's tweets and they were less than a minute apart and under this it says yet another blatant Q proof double zero Delta Trump team is with us today friends Q says we love our memes don't we folks and actually this is Q plus which means the president just responded post 2759 in Annan put up Trump's tweet put up Q's post put up Q's post and Trump's tweet and this is the breakdown of the times of the tweets and the posts q posted at 1:28 p.m. Trump tweeted at 1:28 p.m. yes there are a couple seconds after this but they got it down to minutes Q posted at 1:29 Trump tweeted at 1:29 there a couple seconds apart but this was very close to zero

".....and it says to zero deltas guys - under this it says Q plus means the president confirmed yes his tweet and Q they are very very close seconds apart two seconds three seconds post 2760 an Anna decided to create a side-by-side graphic of the maps so we can see the picture more clearly and this is the states that allow driver's license and the electoral college map and the places where Clinton won and where Trump won

".....and put them side by side Q says you are the news now that we understand what happened in the election post 27 61 in an and created a graphic to make it easier to see the Q proof this shows the latest Q Delta by Trump and Q and previous one from February 10th so this is a whole entire graphic showing the 0 Delta showing how close it is and this is mathematically impossible to do it this many times and under this it says 0 Delta from today and the last 0 Delta the annan confirms there has been 16 total now 4 0 Delta posts for Q and Trump under this it says thank you patriot

".....q post 2762 q says think about what separated both maps two posts instead of placing both in the original at what point is it mathematically impossible q is letter letting us know that the maps were separated on purpose to show how Q and Trump are completely in sync they did this on purpose post 2763 another annan showed both graphics next to each other where it had the green and the brown and the brown was those states that Clinton won in that allowed driver's license and the blue and the red showing you know the electoral college and Q says good stuff

" 2764 and Anna decided to make a gif showing the map as it overlapped the other map so it's going back and forth and q said great work Patriot slowing will further highlight it and means moving very quickly right now but if you slow it down you can see it it overlaps absolutely perfectly post 2765 Q post 2444 letting us know the Senate meant everything and it says we've got what we needed Thank You Patriots Senate means everything think judges Supreme Court and cabinet D class overrides all potential house blockades POTUS has ultimate authority shift to Senate Judiciary oversight from house two now occur stronger position and held in reserve for this scenario

".....lower chamber house used as two-year starter upper chamber Senate will be used next to two-year closer military planned no impact on going investigations team is stronger Pro in brackets and bold under this q gave us an article and the article is Graham calls McCabe comments beyond stunning as he threatens to subpoena former FBI chief was this planned

".....yes it was the investigation that are being started in the house as an insurance policy and to keep the Russian collusion story in the mainstream media well they're gonna be coming to an end and when the D class occurs q is letting us know that these investigations they will completely disappear and they are not a threat post 2766 q gives us post 2681 with the countdown 30 45 60 90 and in this post discusses other things like bar whitaker huber

".....and q gives us an article to Politico and it says Whitaker to stay at Justice Department following stint as Acting Attorney General Q says Whitaker remains Department of Justice senior staff yes senior counselor and the associate attorney general's office yes planned yes so Whitaker is staying and now we have a Jermel bar of course we already knew this because Q told us this in previous posts

" 2767 Q put at Snowden what happens when Russia gives you up will the CIA protect you sleep is important now if we go back in time to early Q post we realize that snowden was pushed out onto the mainstream media to almost everywhere and they wanted us to think of him as a hero he was not snowden was a clown a CIA asset his mission was to discredit the NSA so the CIA would rule as the intelligence organization and rule over all of them

"..... if we go back to post 731 q says what if snowden was still a clown why would it be important he was in russia learn post 27:56 when did Stoughton breach NSA and publicly released crippled Intel gathering ability on the NSA NSA was the target and looks like Q is saying listen when all this starts to fall apart the CIA is not going to help you and you can see from this post Q is saying sleep is important what happens when Russia gives you up well it looks like he'll be heading back here and he will be in trouble his protection will be gone

" 2768 Q puts up pictures of Jessie Smollett with the Obamas with other individuals showing with Camilla Harris showing the connection between all these individuals put up a article by Fox News and this is Cory Booker withholding judgment on small atcase after calling it attempted modern day lynching now Q says Harrison Booker applying political pressure arie Chicago Police Department are a small at false-flag case they are trying to push pressure but it looks like it might not be working

".....what Bill did the Senate recently pass our eel inching the Senate on Thursday cleared legislation to make lynching a federal crime who were the authors of the bill the in the bill was introduced by Kamala Harris cory booker tim scott what false flag event took place just prior to the passing of the bill just say small at attacked and a noose was found around his neck did the false flag event involve a noose yes they needed to push the new bill this is what the deep state does they use events to push their bills

".....q says did the false flag event sway senators in the decision to prevent fake news attacks are a smaller case well this is what they hope for they hope that the fake this false flag the fake news would sway senators did fake news contact many senators prior to vote seeking out prone a in attempt to coerce using small a case as a foundation for possible future smears what is the mathematically probability of these two events occurring within the same time period mathematically impossible what is the relationship of small @ and booker and harris they know know each other will rahm emanuel get involved i don't

".....we'll have to wait and see with a chicago police department cave under pressure hopefully and not it doesn't seem that they are right now because it's coming out that this whole thing was a complete hoax these people are sick hashtag wake up america q and we can see that this whole thing is backfiring on these people CNN's Anna Navarro well she deleted her tweet about Jessie small at attack her tweet read as follows I saw Jessie Smola in Miami last week I can't believe this happened it is sad and disgusting and deplorable Empire star just a small @ beaten in homophobic attack by manga supporters

" why did she delete this if this was true she deleted it because it's turning out to be a hoax and they're trying to hide what they were tweeting out Nancy Pelosi tweet deleted her tweet also her tweet read as follows the racist homophobic attack on Jesse Smollett is an affront to our humanity no one should be attacked for who they are or whom they love I pray that Jesse has a speedy recovery and that justice is served may we all commit to ending this hate once and for all

".....why did she tweet delete her tweet if this is all true it turns out that it's a hoax so it's we're finding out that Jesse Smollett paid for the rope the Nigerian brothers were paid $3,500 before leaving for Nigeria and were promised another 500 as soon as they returned back to the US according to sources just say Smola and the two nigerian brothers rehearsed the Magga attack sources said one of the brothers held the rope and pour bleach while the other wore a plain red hat and yell races and homophobic slurs at Smollett Smollett also had the Nigerian brothers purchased two red ball caps from uptown Beauty supplied to wear during the attack so they would appear to be Trump supporters

" was reported Saturday night that the Chicago Police Department is no longer looking at Empire State just say Smola as a victim in this alleged assault but rather as an active participant it's all falling apart so what is just a small that do well he's refusing to be questioned by the Chicago Police Department and has hired the services of a crisis management firm amid reports he staged the attack last month you think he's guilty of all this absolutely it is falling apart around them

"..... post 27 69q put everything up from post 2768 all the pictures and everything and down below gave us a quick history lesson 13th amendment polish slavery 100% Republican support 23% Democratic support 14th amendment gave citizenship to freed slaves 94% Republican support 0% Democratic support 15th amendment right to vote for all 100% republic support zero Democratic support Q says iron D post 2770 Q says how do you infiltrate the mainstream media example1 ABC news exec producer Ian Cameron married to Susan Rice national security adviser to Obama who's saying CBS News CNN journalist bianna vidal vanna married to Peter our Orszag director of office management budget under Hussein CBS News President David Rhodes brother of Ben Rhodes national security adviser under Hussein ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman married to Jay Carney White House press secretary who's sane mainstream media equals arm extension of the D party nothing to see here q

".....the D Party and the mainstream media are related in some form or another post 2771 gave us an article from Time calm most influential people on the Internet Q says they knew the reach then think about it now so when you scroll down this article you see that one of the individuals is Trump the other individual is Q and Q is saying well when this article was written back then think of the reach then think of it now it's that much bigger post 2772 inanimate up a picture of Trump that was in the time article put up the picture of Q that was in the time article then gave us the individuals that Q just mentioned about who's married to who and what network they work for and gave us a picture graphic so we can put all the pieces together and see all these individuals

".....and queue under this says the world is waking up to the truth expect the tax to dramatically intensive fry and cross all platforms and that's exactly what's going to happen because when the truth comes out what do they do they try to squash the truth and they attack post 2773 and Annan found another tweet that showed another coup proof Trump tweeted out the following the Mueller investigation is totally conflicted illegal and rigged should never have been allowed to begin except for the collusion and many crimes committed by the Democrats witch-hunt under this it says new POTUS tweet one minute delta-q says to the Annan three today what are the odds of that Q odds are mathematically impossible

" 2774 Q says graphic requests 3q POTUS 0 Delta Q in Annan responded to Q and created the graphic to show the tweets to show the post to show how all this has come together and how Trump Q are posting and tweeting pretty much at the same time and under this it says well done Patriot important to note q drops just prior to POTUS something big is coming Q what that is we don't know as of yet post 27 76 q post a discussion between mueller and bar bar to mueller bob show me the evidence and reasoning for why this investigation was started and still ongoing Mueller two bar with regards to the present we have found no links or ties to any foreign entity entity etc bar to Mueller mandate was clear verify and investigate reports of possible foreign collusion between President and Russia what justification existed to effectively launched a massive domestic foreign surveillance campaign against the president president-elect president and members of his transition campaign team

".....Mueller Tabar steel dossier along with media cooperation of those findings bar - Mueller was the steel report a trusted and verified report / Intel to continue especially considering the funding party was the opposition party Mueller Tabar those facts were never taken into consideration Fisk granted authority to conduct based on conclusion presented bar to Mueller was Fisk made aware of all details surrounding the dossier Mueller Tabar no we believe there was urgency placed on the authentication given the gravity and timeline of events that those involved negated to populate fully bar to Mueller why were efforts made to continue investigating the president interrupts his official capacity in governing if the only doc presented was unsubstantiated and unverified why were questions and threat of subpoena communicated to the president if no factual foundation existed all charges thus far are unrelated to the original mandate

".....why are you still active and pursuing a crime if no verifiable evidence or evidence through discovery exists bar to rod Rosenstein what justification did you have to effectively expand the mandate not report that expansion to Congress in order to seek a crime outside of Russian collusion what specific reasoning and or facts exist to justify the appointment of a special counsel to begin with / the law why did you recommend two sessions that he should recuse why wasn't the mandate budget and regular updates provided to Congress upon request

".....why is everything kept confidential and under inappropriate classification was the purpose of the investigating to find a crime verse investigate evidence of a crime class 1-9 9q

".....boom it's great having an attorney general that wants to get to the bottom of all this and guess what the deep state they can't say anything because the Attorney General was voted on he was put into this position by the Senate hmm the Senate was the key

" 2777 put everything from 27 76 and down below said disregard any misspelling on the move q post 27 78 put everything from 27 76 and put up a Twitter link William Bar is arriving at Justice Department that desperately needs an infusion of credibility rights at Kim's trestle and there's a link to the Wall Street Journal this was a tweet by Trump under this it says do you believe in coincidences the kitchen is hot

" Lisa may Crowley she tweeted out and explains what it means by the kitchen is hot a hot kitchen is the area of the kitchen where all the food undergo final prep just before serving it's the stage where meals are cooked plated and garnished just before serving the guest customer bar is the chef and justice will be served

" 2779 here we have 3 0 POTUS 0 Delta graphics once again under this it says excellent graphic seconds matter mathematically impossible 17th now I do believe this brings us to the total of 17 zero Delta's which happened on February 17th and we need to remember that Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet so this Annan put up the 17th one post 2780 an Annan put up a tweet from CNN former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe says president Trump's own words were among the reasons top officials decided to open a counter and probe and obstruction of justice investigation into him under this it says classic deflection the dog ate my homework evidence of a crime is what you need mr. FBI not disliked and biased to open investigation

".....q says dead cat bounce nothing can stop this so now McCabe is trying to backtrack trying to say oh we did this because of Trump because of what he was saying no you need an actual crime I mean they were investigating because they didn't like the president they didn't like what he was about guess what he's getting caught up in his own lies he's gonna start to panic well he's already starting to panic because he already let the truth out the deep state is trapped they're desperate right now

" 2781 an animal the movie posters and it says enjoy the show and it says 45 coming soon tormak with clinton and a plane coming soon FISA gate coming soon Trump 2020 coming soon sanctions are coming coming soon and under this Q says impressive most impressive q post 2782 q gave us this graphic of the four families three generations and these families control California and they are brown Pelosi Newsom and Getti and Q says example California and brackets in bold gave us a link to California matters org and it reads as follows

".....a long dominated geriatric quartet from the San Francisco Bay Area Governor Jerry Brown Senator Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been slowly seating power to younger political strivers three generations of corrupt California families who have controlled San Francisco to enrich themselves and these individuals their families they're all married to each other crazy and under this it says what families run California under this it says they're all connected it looks like it's just one big family and because they married each other wealth power influenced this is in bold and brackets it is rigged the more you know

".....pose 2783 q gave us a link to Breitbart the title of this article is CBS Lara Logan on media bias unless you seek out Breitbart you won't see the other side Lara Logan foreign correspondent for CBS 60 minutes at Breitbart news offers the other side of news media relative to what she described as mostly left-wing and partisan Democrat news landscape in the US and abroad she offered her remarks in an interview published last Friday with mic drop podcast hosted by retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland whittlin characterized US news media as absurdly left-leaning and supportive of Democrats further describing the status quo of American news media left-wing and partisan Democratic bias as huge effing problem and a disaster for this country

".....q says it takes courage to speak to truth these days Q and Q before this and that post showed us that a couple posts back that the people running the mainstream media they are part of the Obama administration they're married to the top executives of these news organizations

" 2784 gave us a link to Guardian stop the online conspiracy theorist before they break democracy cannibals aliens : destin lizards overlords thank to algorithms such ideas threaten the future of europe and it went on to say organized conspiracy theorists networks have launched an all-out information war across europe at the heart of this is q Annan movement it expanded from the u.s. to Europe and the UK at rapid speed hijacking political debates on social media as well as mass protests in the streets in recent months our new analyst at the Institute of Strategic Dialogue shows that European conspiracy theorists run increasingly sophisticated campaigns around critical junctions and national regional and global politics they even carry out social media operations to influence voters in German state elections including the 2018 election in Bavaria

".....Q says what does fear look like it looks like this they're putting out articles the counter queue annan 30 million used queue annan across censored platforms incorrect much more the Great Awakening where we go one we go all they can't stop this movement remember a couple posts back it is almost like V for Vendetta the truth is coming out the propaganda it can hold up to the truth

" 2785 in amp and Annan posted the article from the previous post to show the media biased and went down and showed everything here and showing the media bias to all this and if you like to read this you can come to the x-22 report or you can go to one of the queue sites which is also listed on the x-22 report below this it says repost bread six six nine eight queue says read between the lines mainstream media left research for yourself trust yourself no one news location will provide unbiased content wake-up facts matter you are the news now

" 2786 queue put up a twitter link from trump trump quoted don bungee no this was an illegal coup attempt on the President of the United States this is at at Fox and Friends don bungee no on Fox and Friends true the President of the United States the commander in chief agreed that an illegal coup was attempted against him stop and understand the gravity of acknowledgement do you believe nothing will happen Q says nope we're entering phase three now something big is about to happen

".....Q says do you believe no one will be prosecuted here comes the hammer the prosecution's are on their way POTUS making statements for no reason no he's been dropping carpet bombs all this time on purpose to get the public ready for this how do you injure it introduced the truth to those still sleeping a little bit at a time allowing people to wake up d-class coming the message must be direct bypass the non reporting of truth facts by fake spin the narrative news q so Trump tweeted out the following

".....after two years and interviewing more than 200 witnesses the Senate Intelligence Committee has not discovered any direct evidence of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia he continued Wow so many lies by now disgraced Acting FBI director Andrew McCabe he was fired for lying and now his story gets even more deranged he had he and rod Rosenstein who was hired by Jeff Sessions and other beauty look like they were planning a very illegal act and got caught there was a lot of explaining to do to the millions of people who just elected a president who they really liked and who has done a great job for them with the military vets economy and so much more this was the illegal and treasonous insurance policy in full action

".....let's move on to Poe's 2787 and Annan posted a tweet by James Woods and this says if these actions were directed against a sitting Democrat president this would be a Watergate level story in the national media by now was there an attempt by an acting da G to weaponize the Department of Justice and presidential coup d'etat under this q says the following attempt to isolate at FBI Department of Justice they're trying to isolate everything to only the FBI and the Department of Justice do you believe q says the FBI Department of Justice act alone no they did not act alone we know this for a fact it was the Obama administration it was the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

".....if Hillary Clinton directed and financed the dossier in order to obtain the bulk so-called evidence in order to generate circulate news articles then Yahoo and obtain a Fiske sign-off is that reasonable to think that members of the Intel apparatus State Department White House foreign allies etc were also involved the biggest scandal in our known history a new word for treason will to be invented this is in brackets bold all caps

".....why does Hussein continue to proudly state his administration was scandal-free defined projection he's trying to let everyone know nothing happened under his administration the scandal went all the way up to his office everything was kept behind the curtain so now the curtains gonna be pulled back and we're gonna see all the corruption in his administration 20

" 27 88 how can entity known as only Q faceless nameless fameless' etc begin to ask questions on 4chan now HN and build something of this magnitude how can this same Q entity grat garner such a massive amount of worldwide mainstream fake news attention attacks how is it possible this Q entity can forecast future events or know when the POTUS is about to tweet how is it possible future proofs past re information provided how is it possible this Q entity an entity who began by merely asking questions on fortune HN was able to fill in the blank predict what was coming

" remember plans change it wasn't exactly when we thought it was gonna happen but it did happen think logically people are craving truth people are craving transparency people are craving equal justice under the law people are craving good people are craving right people are craving true freedom people are craving safety and security people are craving fill in the blank proofs negate falsehood conspiracy attacks those who attack him an agenda or remain plugged into the biggest disinformation campaign to be ever witnessed

".....ask yourself why are liberals always angry why do they curse why do they slander push fake labels races excessive sexist anything with issed ATS etc why do they create emotional outbursts when challenged why are they violent why do they form mobs packs why are they incapable of listening to other side fascists when you don't have facts to support your argument present logical reasoning you must resort to the above tactics it's like a child when the child doesn't want to hear what you're saying what do they do they stamp their feet and they cry and they scream

".....the narrative is designed to keep people in constant state of fear thereby forcing anger rage violence emotionally unstable people are easier to control they want you divided divided by race divided by class divided by religion divided by political affiliation divided as human beings divide you divided you are weak together you are strong when you are strong you think for yourself when you're strong you challenge what you are told to believe when you are strong you are awake when you're strong you are no longer controlled trust yourself trust that you are not alone trust that there are good people right beside you fighting for what you know to be right god bless you all where we go on we go wall

" 27 89 put up the definition for patriot a person who loves supports and defenses or her country and interest with devotion a person who regards himself or herself as a defender especially of individual rights against presumed interference by the federal government traitor a person who betrays another a cause or any trust a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country under this it says fellow Patriots what you are about to learn learning should not only scare you but intensify your resolve to take back control freedom the information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal and corrupt pure evil abuse of power that Hussain administration undertook in joint efforts with domestic and foreign dignitary's gave us a link to that trump video where this speech will get him elected how he's gonna take down the swamp where we go on we go all get ready we're taking back our country

" 2790 gave us a picture of the American flag but if you look at a file name of this graphic it says God bless the United States of America underscore prepare get ready post 27:91 and Annan said the following dan coats out forced sued source equals Trump friend chris broody under this it says and this is from Q interesting this leaked already q q wonders how this info got out there have been no reports in the media and q has not mentioned it yet and how does this person know

" 2790 to put up a link to hill to the hill and it this is a tweet actually from the hill and it says warn officials have a duty to invoke 25th amendment if they think trump can't fulfill presidency so she is panicking and they're saying well they should invoke the 25th amendment if they think he can't fulfill his presidents remember Senate was the key they need two-thirds of the Senate it will be blocked they're trapped Q says fear is real something big is coming they know what's coming they are panicking there is panic in DC there's fear pain is coming to all

" Lisa may Crowley she tweeted out the following notable from the boards and and suggests reading the placeholders from the bottom up believe this is the sequence of what's to come now in Annan decided to take all the placeholders and say this is the order we believe this is going to happen and this is oh I G report finding oh I G FBI Department of Justice media o IG report foreign assistance Oh AG report foreign inserts Oh IG report FISA abuse and so on the next one is the D class the next one is the v I publication and FISA publication the next one is acts of treason foreign acts branch termination

".....and also those who are leaking the next one is Supreme Court ruling challenges the other one is Supreme Court ruling us a verse deaf Appeals the next one is the indictment tracking then the other one is indictment tracking for civilian and non civilian and this is the order the Annan believes this is going to happen once everything starts moving where everything starts to come out so you can see that DC they are panicking they are trapped and something big is about to happen ...≺≺ less

[DS] Out Maneuvered Again, Truth Overshadows Propaganda - Episode 1793b

X22Report** Published on Feb 17, 2019
"...the deep state they have been outmaneuvered once again of course if you listen to the mainstream media and everything else you really don't see it because they don't reveal that part of what happened with the wall and everything else we also see the truth is now coming out and it's overshadowing the propaganda of the mainstream media and we'll be talking about all of that and a little bit but here's a story about just say small and sure a lot of people heard of this already that's been going on where he claimed that two white Trump supporters violently attacked him at 2:00 a.m. in the streets of Chicago when he was walking home from a subway with a sandwich in his hand

...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....Smollett told the police the attackers were white hurled homophobic and racial slurs at him while they beat him poured bleach on him then put a noose around his neck strangely mr. Smollett still had the rope around his neck when the police arrived to his apartment to take a report on the attack which is kind of crazy why wouldn't you remove it and said he left it there why did he leave it there because it looks a lot better when you're faking something now what's very interesting his whole entire story is falling apart and it looks like it really is two nigerian brothers that agreed to help him pull off this hoax

".... now the Chicago police they've been investigating this and Fox 32 reporter Rafer Weigel said that the Chicago police sources confirmed detectives were able to show that the Nigerian brothers they were the persons of interest and the police questioned them they bought the rope found around Jesse small its neck and an Ace Hardware store and the whole thing was planned out so it looks like this whole thing is turning out to be a hoax it was staged and we're seeing according to reports police released the Nigerian brothers based on new evidence in the case and these two individuals they also appeared as extras on the show Empire

"....this is a show that he is in and it looks like they might have flipped on him and now he's trying to figure a way out of this and I believe that once the truth starts to really pour a lot pour out he's gonna be in quite a bit of trouble now the Chicago police they're really investigating this they're not part of the entire fake story they're really looking into this and they're finding out yet it hasn't gone down the way he said it did and what's very interesting is Donald Trump jr. tweeted out the following

"....and you really have to think about this and think logically he said shocked I really thought Magga folks who are all over downtown Chicago were waiting with a rope bottle of bleach to ambush a rich guy at 2:00 a.m. in -4° because those are conditions where all people go out for a subway rather than order seamless seems so real and you can see at this point that everyone is looking at this going yeah this whole thing was a complete and utter set up but the mainstream media they went along with the story they repeated it over and over and over to make everyone else believe it

" it's falling apart without investigating any of it they just went ahead and said yes we believe you without really looking into proof and of course they're trying to turn everything around and say that manga supporters they're dangerous well now it's turning out that these people are liars and they'll do anything to blame anything on Trump

"....we see Muller is in panic because McCabe came out and he admitted that the deep state was trying to plan a coup d'etat against Trump and of course she's trying to walk this back and trying to figure out a way to get out of this but the truth is already out there so McCabe James Comey Ron Rosenstein and the top officials of the Department of Justice were actively strategizing how to remove the duly elected president of the United States in a third world Banana Republic

" know what this is called a coup d'etat and q has been telling us that treason is punishable punishable by death and this is why the Senate was pushing a bill to reverse or make lynching illegal now in response to this news the Mueller team released a debunk smear on Roger stone they wanted to change the story they wanted to change the narrative and the Mueller deep state hacks released documents on Friday they claimed that show that Roger stone was communicating with WikiLeaks Julian Julian Assange and WikiLeaks they denied all collusion with Roger stone Donald Trump jr. jerome corsi Michael Flynn and any other Trump official during the 2016 election

"....and late last night Roger stone responded saying the Friday report was a recycle report on an innocuous twitter direct message that were already fully disclosed to house investigators and then the judge came in and put a gag order on Roger stone so they are pan King right now Schiff is panicking he's signalling right now that the mueller findings won't be enough now we know that NBC came out and they were projecting into the future saying that the Mueller report is going to show nothing Schiff is projecting out there saying that the Mueller report is going to show nothing and that they're gonna have to take on the investigations themselves of course we know why

"....they're doing it it's their insurance policy they know there's nothing here what they're really afraid of is that the truth is going to take them down and the truth is coming out and it's getting closer and closer to home and shift came out and said we're going to have to do our own investigation and we are or certainly be very interested to learn what Bob Mueller finds we may have to fight to get that information and he's blaming this on the new Attorney General because they feel that he they're not going to give them all the information

"....well no the reports going to be made transparent to show that nothing ever happened he's trying to set up a scenario of where they are gonna say oh we didn't get everything that's why we have to have this investigation they're trying to figure a way out of all this to protect themselves remember Schiff met with Glenn Simpson and everyone starting to talk about this what was he doing there what did they talk about actually Maria Bartiromo tweeted out the following

".... happening now we now find that Adam Schiff met was Glenn Simpson last year why did he fight telling us who paid for the dossier he should hold himself to the same standard he should recuse himself from Russia probe just like everyone else that had to recuse himself he's involved he should be recusing himself but he won't because he needs to protect himself now we know that nikki Haley is retiring as UN Ambassador she's a deep state operative and Trump decided to pick Heather Nuart as the new UN Ambassador

"....but it looks like Heather is having second thoughts right now at least that's what they're claiming saying that the past two months have been grueling for my family and therefore it is the in the best interest of my family that I would draw my name from consideration now I wonder if something's happening where the deep state is putting pressure on her and she's nervous and afraid and decided that you know something this is not for me but the State Department confirmed another nominee would be announced very very soon

" we'll see how that all plays out out in France and many other parts in Europe we see the yellow vests they are continually protesting right now this is the 14th week and this is happening all over the place now macrons government they have arrested 8400 yellow vests protesters you think they're trying to quiet the situation down but there's always a problem with this the more you arrest the more people that come out and you can't win against this but this is what the deep state likes to do they like the silence everyone

" out in Haiti we see Haiti continues to be gripped by civil unrest and mass protests demanding that the president stepped down over charges of corruption and rampant inflation under his watch now I'm wondering if this has to do with queuing team with their investigations with what has been going on in Haiti with the Clintons and if we go back in time to post 1832 this is August 10th 2018 remember queue has been posting about Haiti about Hillary Clinton even showing videos of Donald Trump during a dinner speaking about Hillary and Haiti and the children and you can see Hillary's face she's not too thrilled with what Trump is saying but in this post hew says the following read read ROPS re Haiti at some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street pure evil the world is watching and

"....if we moves the post 1884 this is where q back in August 15th gave us a list of all the different countries where access has been closed and one of them has been Haiti so it looks like something might be happening in Haiti right now and this might have to do with Clinton with the operation down there with the investigations because we can see that everything is starting to ramp up right now we see out in Afghanistan we see about a thousand troops from Afghanistan they're gonna be pulled out of Afghanistan now they're saying that this is an efficiency effort they're saying this is part of removing some of the troops not a drawdown but we're gonna be starting to remove some of these troops and I think this is wordplay

" the deep state and all these individuals you know look at this and say okay what's going on here but I think what they're doing is they're actually starting to pull troops out of Afghanistan and we're gonna see this pick up over time we see Syria is acute accusing US forces where they brought in helicopters and they picked up these large boxes and they're saying that they are full with gold this is all the gold that the Islamic state terrorists stole from different areas within Syria now is this the deep state taking the gold it might be because remember

"....the the Islamic state inside of Syria they were living off of the stolen oil they were at some points where they said they're going to go to a gold standard in Syria they were collecting old artifacts art gold they were just stealing from the country this was the deep state and I wouldn't be surprised because I remember in Ukraine once the coup d'etat happened in there and they had regime change all of a sudden these planes that were you know dark in color flew in in the middle of the night and took gigantic boxes and many people suspected that it was Ukraine's gold and then later on we came to find out that they were missing gold I think the same thing is happening in Syria where the deep state is capturing there a gold and they're stealing it from the country

" this might be going off to Israel this might be going off to the coalition forces but again they're taking the spoils from Syria remember at the deep state they always tried to push their goal and they never quit they just regroup and try again and this is why Trump is going after the source of the problem you need to go after the source because you got to make sure that they have no funds to operate without funds they can't do anything and think about how he's doing this in Afghanistan shutting down the poppy fields in Syria oil convoys wiped out using the petro dollar in all these Middle Eastern countries that's coming to an end soon he'll have Venezuela taken care of the border in the United States with all the human trafficking the drugs and everything else coming over the border that's gonna be cut off piece by piece he's cutting off the funding of the deep state

"....what's next well the main source the central bank but you have to but you have to understand he needs to do one piece at a time and he needs to make sure that these are all in place before he goes after the big kahuna which is the central bank let's get into some of Q's post this is post 27:37 q put up a link to Fox News and this article says DHS official board security bill does not contain amnesty poison pills and if you read down part of this article it says major alleged poison pill that may be misunderstood is a clause requiring the federal government to confer and seek to reach mutual agreements with local governments before building any warm

"....the Center for Immigration Studies which favors lower immigration levels tweeted that the spending bill would give local governments in the Rio Grande all of which are heavily Democratic the ability to veto the fence if those blue municipalities don't agree with DHS the fence can't get built but the DHS official told Fox News on background that the exact language in the budget confer and seek to reach mutual agreement nowhere requires a federal government to actually reach an agreement before building fences rather it just requires DHS to consult with local governments

"....something DHS already generally does today so there's no problem with this and then Q says be careful who you follow q because many people are out there they're giving out wrong information trying to use fear to scare people that Trump was taken but we're gonna show how actually Trump outmaneuvered the deep state in all of this post 2738 q put up a picture of our US Army Corps of engineer red castle green castle under this gave us a Twitter link to schedule 45 and the tweet says the following after declaring a national emergency president at real donald trump is briefed by the u.s. army chief of engineers commanding general todd d semaa knight on the status to date of the border wall and all future construction to begin along the southern border

"....the pic shows the army chief of engineers working with trump Hugh says the following army chief of engineers all future construction how long of an ins known fake news attacking us daily these are predictable stupid nothing to see here Q and Annan's knew this all along all the way going I think it's all the way back to March when we first found out when this was first deciphered post 2739 q put up a Twitter link to carp a Duncan and this is a video showing how Trump battles the fake news media now the original video was taking down Trump retweeted carp a Duncan's video and there were complaints because REM song everybody hurts was used in the video and they said it was copyright violation so carp a Duncan created this new one and the other video was completely taken down by Twitter

"....and Q went on to say on the daily Q where Trump is continually winning against the fake news pose 2740 in Anand put up a tweet by Devon Nunez and it says didn't the Russians meet with dem Clinton operatives before and after the meeting and below this it says new evidence refutes Adam Schiff theory about Trump's tower meeting Don Jr's mysterious phone calls were not with his father and we know this was with a race car driver and another friend so this brings us to post 2043

"....where Q is talking about Loretta Lynch and what she did to help create a Russian collusion story and Q says the following you have more than you know why did Loretta Lynch Attorney General of the United States and that's in all caps bold in brackets kill brackets grant special entry to Natalia Vissel nits Kia Don jr. set up meeting so let's go back in time this is this is from the hill Department of Justice let Russian lawyer in to us before she met with Trump team the Russian lawyer who penetrated Donald Trump's inner circle was initially cleared into the United States by the Justice Department under extraordinary circumstances this revelation means it was the Obama Justice Department that enabled the newest and most intriguing figure in the Russian Trump investigation to enter the country without a visa called immigration parole

"....why was Natalya barred from entering prior to this is what Q is asking well Natalya applied for a visa to represent her client back in October 2015 this is way before the presidential election and everything else her client was Dennis cat seeif the owner of prevas on holdings this company was being sued by US government the visa was denied for Natalia however she wasn't admitted into the u.s. until June 2016 because of her role in the previs on case in fact when US Attorney Preet Bharara of mahat n' specifically refused Antonis request that the Justice Department authorized her trip via a mechanism known as parole which allows the Attorney General to temporarily suspend immigration requirements on a case-by-case basis

" this Russian lawyer Natalia she was denied a visa two or three times now this is coming out of Reuters Mijares office has recommended immigration paroles for Natalia on three occasions when her client Katzie EV was being deposed in the u.s. in the previs on case but in March 2016 Mijares office said no in a letter to provisions u.s. lawyers prosecutor said such paroles aren't appropriate for foreign lawyers asking to help us counsel prepare for appellate arguments or to attend appellate proceedings since neither cat CF nor Natalia are required to appear as witnesses in person at this stage of proceedings we do not believe that the immigration parole is appropriate because she didn't have to appear as a witness

" there was no reason to let her into the country she was not needed so after she was denied many times as she wasn't required to appear as a witness in person why did Loretta Lynch allow her in queue says if you have no real evidence of Russian collusion you must attempt to manufacture it so Lynch allowed Natalia to enter the u.s. the stage was set the meeting place time was coordinated the tower was bugged all to set up Don jr. at Trump Tower meeting as Q says if there's no Russian collusion what do you need to do you need to manufacture one the Pfizer warrants were all used to spy on the Trump administration or those associated with the Trump Organization and not foreign individuals five eyes were also used during this so all these fires are warrants and everything that Obama and his administration set up it wasn't to spy on the foreign individuals they use them as the excuse to spy on the Trump Organization

"....and this is why they unmasked all these individuals to catch these individuals in some type of Russian collusion scheme to catch them in lies and to set them up let's move on to post 27:41 q puts up a Twitter link 3 3 3 Rd revolution and the tweet says the following another one in Jersey City New Jersey now this is a pic of a bus stop with where we go 1 we go all and this message is sprayed on the bus stop and Q says bigger than you realize well what he means by this or what Q means by this is people are waking up to the truth every day Q says the purpose of fake news attacks slow gross reach well the purpose of the fake news is to stop the spread of the truth to stop this message

"....let's move on to post 2742 Q gives us a Twitter link to sense a common and this tweet is the letter Q sprayed on the doors of the Scottish Parliament and Q says similar to below so Q gives us a link to a YouTube this is the movie V V for Vendetta Q is letting us know this is the same type of movement the media puts out propaganda with the help of the clowns V is spreading the truth for all to see and it's the same thing that Q is doing referring us back to V for Vendetta or the matrix

"....the same thing post 2743 gave us a link to a Breitbart article and it says Nolte networks refused to cover Senate no Russia collusion report Q says how do you know when the media is biased and pushing a knowingly false fake narrative disinformation campaign designed to buy them more time by attempting to con enough people in order to remove the duly-elected POTUS in order to save themselves from prosecution enemy of the people and of course the mainstream media is not going to come out and broadcast that Sennett found absolutely nothing yes they did make mention of it but they refused to cover the entire report instead they're focusing on in on Adam Schiff

" when Muller comes out with his report they're gonna push the focus away completely because they don't want anyone to know that there's been no Russian collusion whatsoever their entire story falls apart then post 27:44 queue puts up but the Lord is faithful and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one God is our refuge and strength and ever-present help in trouble and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one and what Q is doing he's quoting different parts of the Bible post 2745 Hugh gave us a link to Fox News and this is former top FBI lawyer to trump cabinet officials were ready to support the 25th amendment effort information waterfall buckle up traitors traitors as in brackets all bull Q and we went over this a little while ago there was a coordinated effort for a coup d'etat rod Rosenstein involved commis involved McCabe's involved all the same players are all involved and this is treason they are traitors

"....the Senate is pushing the bill to make lynching illegal this is all being done on purpose because they know what's coming what do you do with traitors well it's the death penalty and from this information that's coming out that they were planning a coup d'etat well this is treason they're traitors and you can see where this is going opposed 27:46 q responds to the annan who wrote the following former top FBI lawyer to trump cabinet officials were ready to support the 25th amendment effort former top FBI lawyer James Baker in closed-door testimony to Congress detailed alleged discussion among senior officials at the Justice Department about invoking the 21 amendment to remove President Trump from office claiming he was told Deputy Attorney General Ron Rosenstein said to trump cabin officials were ready to support such an effort

"....during his testimony Baker acknowledged he was not directly involved in the may 2017 discussions but testified over a two-day period in October that mccabe and page came to him contemporaneously after meeting with Rosenstein for an input in the days after Comey was fired by the president Hugh continued they were removed when was page removed from the investigation what month July 20 2017 early one was scary Moochie hired July 2017 late are e the scare Moochie model 5x5 those who left majority did not have a choice all remained pro Magga and loyal to POTUS

"....why are we attacked by pro Magga because they're not really pro Magga they're put in there by the deep state the establishment runs deep and q just confirmed that logical thinking q now they were planning on having Carter page prosecuted by Mueller but investigators were looking at the FISA applications if Mueller proceeded it would have brought the deep state methods into the public spotlight and this is why they really didn't move ahead with all of this and they started to back off because they started to realize what was happening here

" 27:47 Q gave us and this is the briefing statement by President Trump on border security victory and it reads as follows I will never waver from my sacred duty to defend this nation and its people we will get the job done president Trump securing our border president Donald Trump is following through on his promise to secure the border with legislation and executive action the funding bill contains robust resources and additional provisions to secure the border and strengthen immigration enforcement

"....the bill provides one point three seven five billion for approximately 55 miles a border barrier in highly D interes drug-smuggling areas in the Rio Grande Valley where it is desperately needed 415 million will go toward addressing the humanitarian crisis at the border by providing medical care transportation processing centers and consumables president Trump successfully rejected efforts by some to undercoat Immigration and Customs enforcement's ability to uphold our laws and detain illegal aliens including criminals ice funding support nearly 5,000 additional beds to detain illegal aliens and keep criminals off our streets Customs and Border Protection will receive funding for 600 additional officers this bill will help keep deadly drugs out of our communities by increasing drug detection at ports of entry including opioid detection staffing labs and equipment including funding

"....and Homeland Security appropriations the administration has so far identified up to 8.1 billion that will be available to build the border wall once a national emergency is declared and additional funds have been reprogrammed including about 601 million from the Treasury forfeiture fund up to 2.5 billion under the department defense funds transferred for support for counterdrug activities up to 3.6 billion reallocated from Department of Defense military construction projects under the president's declaration of national emergency addressing the crisis of hand

"....President Trump is taking the necessary steps to address the crisis at our southern border and stop crime and drugs from flooding into our nation cartels traffickers and gangs like the ms-13 gang have taken advantage of our weak borders for their own gain immigration officers have made twenty two hundred and sixty-six thousand arrests of criminal aliens in the last two fiscal years this includes aliens charged or convictions of approximately 100,000 assaults thirty thousand sex crimes and four thousand killings tons of deadly drugs have flooded across the border and into our communities taking countless American lives thank you gave us another link to the statement by the President and it says today I have signed into law HJ resolution 31

"....the consolidated appropriate Act of 2019 which authorizes appropriations to fund the operation of number agencies in the federal government through September 30th 2019 now at the end of all this we're gonna sum all this up so let me just continue with the post right here post 2748 and annan responds to Q's post 27:46 with the following the scaramouche e play temp hire to remove embedded untrustworthy staffers Spicer Priebus temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted think Whittaker and it's in brackets bold all caps next week jus response to the Annan with post 26 24 68 the scaramouche e play and repeats what the Annan said confirming that yes he is correct 27:49

"....and Annan put up part of the briefing statement by the present here is the section that the end and put up numerous provisions purport in certain circumstances to condition the authority of officers to spend or reallocate funds on the approval of congressional committees Division B sections 702 706 716 a B Division II section 403 409 division G section 188 405 406 these are impermissible forms of congressional agra dies Minh in the execution of the laws other than by the enactment of statutes my administration will make appropriate efforts to notify the relevant committees before taking these specified actions and will Accord the recommendations of such committees all appropriate and serious consideration but it will not treat spending decisions as dependent on the approval of congressional committees so under this it says see all restrictions are off now

"....this is the interesting part where Trump says the following but will not treat spending decisions as dependent on the approval of congressional committees and under this it says trust your president q remember all of this has been planned for let's move on to post 2750 and anand says Trump's statement is brilliant deep state loaded the bill with multiple facets to block and his White House statement just released systematically points out section by section where they tried to block him and he countered that by citing presidential and constitutional authority shall we play a game where we go on we go all now the deep state they loaded the bill with land mines and we heard Trump say I'm gonna look through here for all the land mines once they found all the land mines he created these executive orders which countered each one so what they tried to do did not work s'

"....pose 2751 and Annan said I trust POTUS and I trust the Lord the Lord is leading POTUS of that I am certain q says the Lord is leading us all good verse evil Post 27:52 and Anna responded to q 1q posted the two links of the president's statement and border security victory these phrases below imply that Trump plans and following his constitutional rights no matter what he signed in the consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019 the Act which authorizes appropriations to fund the operation of a number of agencies and the federal government through September 30th 2019 my administration will treat each of these provisions consistent with the president constitutional authorities with respect to foreign relations and my administration will continue the practice of treating provisions like these as advisory and non-binding and my administration will make appropriate efforts to notify the relevant committees before taking the specified actions and will Accord the recommendations of such committees all appropriate and serious consideration but it will not treat spending decisions as dependent on the approval of congressional committees

"....q says you are the news now so let's talk about the border and Trump and what all this means q and the other Patriots they were able to put one over on the deep state winning big lis first let's look at the Bradford file and the tweet Carter the border is a crisis Reagan the border is a crisis Bush 41 the border is a crisis Clinton the border is a crisis Bush 43 the border is a crisis crisis Obama the border is a crisis Trump I declared a national emergency Democrats what crisis so almost every president before Trump has been saying the border is a crisis and finally Trump said I declared national emergency and then all of a sudden they say what crisis is ridiculous so during troubles press conference Acosta from CNN tries to use stats to show why the border crisis is not an emergency Trump did not fall for it he shut down Acosta right away said he was fake news but CNN they continued with their agenda using stats

"....well while talking about the border security and they brought on a former Border Patrol chief and they were hoping by using their statistical information because you know CNN is fact driven they would trap this individual with the statistics and guess what happened the opposite happened take a listen roll chief mark thanks for being with us first your reaction to the president declaring national emergency to find his border wall look from from my experience as a law enforcement in border security aspect not from some political ideology right or left in my opinion

".... the President had no choice Congress has failed that continue to fail this bill was a failure with respect to doing what the men women the experts have asked the tools and resources they need this bill was a failure they left the president no choice but to do what he's doing and I support and real quick your last guest but with all due respect he can't speak for the men and women United States border patrol

"....I can I was there and I feel very comfortable speaking for them right now they are applauding this president he is listening to the especially with the facts of the drugs coming through the ports the president is right I know you support the wall so let's just take piece by piece here is this a national emergency when you consider southern border arrests have dropped dramatically over the past couple of decades they're going down not up yeah so that's a false narrative

" first of all listless let's take that apart real quickly one of the reasons that they've gone down is cuz we've applied a multi layer strategy of barriers technology in personnel which is what the the experts are still wanting which Congress didn't do the other element of that was the Congress did just do that in the the border security passage the spending bill the president just signed in fact it was twenty three billion dollars total when it comes to border security with the barrier piece being one point three seven five billion of that exactly and that's the key part

".... they didn't give them resources they're not giving them enough technology in between the ports and they're not given the physical barrier on it which is the key element of that multi-layer strategy which in part in the past has reduced the illegal immigration that you talked about and want to twist around in Yuma Arizona 23 miles of physical barrier technology and personnel the illegal immigration went from 150,000 to 15,000

".... it works we need more of it and experts will tell you they need more of it and Congress is not listening to them but you know while still won't keep people from crossing just this week you mentioned Arizona CBP put out this video showing migrants using a ladder climbing over the wall that's already at the border in Arizona yeah exactly another false narrative

" look at that wall that wall is an ineffective law that wall needs to be replaced and upgraded and in another part is know no one has ever said that a wall is a hundred percent effective that's the false narrative I'm sure it's going to be defeated but it's still 80 to 90 percent effective it still worked when was the last time a 99% effective strategy it all of a sudden you say doesn't work of course they're gonna get over of course they're gonna get under but overall it's effective I hear what you're saying but is it an emergency on the issue of the drugs we're about the facts first here at CNN the president said it's wrong that it's a lie that most drugs come through ports of entry

"....sure we do know there are drugs that are coming as well across the border in between ports of entry but it's de it's customs and border statistics that tell us otherwise do you have a problem with the president misleading the public on this again maybe he's twisting the facts here there's a there is some we know of drugs coming across in between ports of entry but that's not the majority so that's false so actually your previous guest is twisting it so let's listen break that down a little bit

" the statistics we're talking about those drugs that are actually interdicted and if you include so if you look at meth heroin cocaine and fentanyl the majority comes this interdicted comes into port but if you throw in marijuana which a lot of people don't want to talk about pound-for-pound the overall drugs more are actually seized in between the ports the other element that no everyone ever talks to especially on this show is the fact that the border is 60% porous meaning there's not enough technology personnel or infrastructure to adequately safeguard the border 60%

"....uh we don't know what's getting through so the experts will tell you for every pound of narcotics that seized in between the ports there are countless that's getting through that we'll never know so the president is right on that I really appreciate your perspective thank you mark Morgan for joining us as

" can see these people on the front lines they know exactly what's going on and they blew all these statistics completely out of the water to show that that was a fake agenda mark Meadows says the following that renegade GOP lawmakers will fail to derail Trump's border emergency he tweeted the following given Congress will try to block this executive action I am seeing speculation Congress could override a POTUS veto with GOP votes they will not the votes will not be there there is a broad GOP plus American support for POTUS taking legal constitutional action to protect families so you can see not just on the Democratic side but on the Republican side there are those that are part of the deep state that don't want this to move forward they're trying to stop Trump at every term

".... it's the same thing that we see out in Syria and all the other places where they don't want him to bring troops home they're fighting against all of this because they're involved with the deep state and we can see that Trump went ahead and he decided to use Obama's previous national emergency' on Mexican drug cartels to get some funding for the border walls so back in 2011 Obama issued an executive order blocking property of transnational criminal organizations Obama cited his authority as granted through the Constitution to invoke the international emergency economic Powers Act 50 USC 1701 and the national emergency act of 50 USC 1601 the latter is the same legislation that Trump is citing to get funding for the wall to achieve his immigration reform goals that executive order targeted a number of criminal organizations including the Mexican Los Zetas cartel and an ally of the ms-13 gang Trump has regularly called out as a danger to Americans

" he's using Obama's executive order in all of this and he did this on purpose so Trump knew there were landmines in this spending bill and they prepared for it so the president when he announced his national emergency and also put together the border security in the statement by the president other things he basically did the following those passages in the spending bill he signed that restrict his authority are null and void because they interfere with executive functions under the Constitution

" everything that they tried to do he completely countered them so the White House did not make one executive action as we can see in reality they made three only one of which involved an emergency declaration first the White House announced they would be funding 601 million in mall construction from the Treasury forfeiture fund relying on 31 USC nine 705 this does not require an emergency declaration we can use the 601 million dollars second the White House announced they would be funding 2.5 billion in wall construction under 10 USC 284 this does not require an emergency declaration

" now Trump has 2.5 billion plus the 601 million and has nothing to do with the emergency declaration finally the White House announced they would be funding the 3.6 billion under 10 USC Section 2 808 this money does require an emergency declaration so according to the White House this money will be spent sequentially so the section 9 705 money will be spent first then the 284 then the 2 808 money so depending on how fast they can begin construction they will have to spend about 5 billion including the 1.3 billion in fencing appropriation before any of the emergency money is ever tapped

" while the deep state is distracted with their lawsuits with national emergency and we know the Trump came out and said oh they're gonna sue them and there's like seven different lawsuits going on right now the Trump team will begin building the wall using all the other funds while the mainstream media the deeps eight are very very busy fighting him in court for this money that they're not even going to use yet because they're gonna go through all the other money first

" guess what's gonna happen the wall will be built and by the time they need that other money everything will be settled out and Trump will get his way because he's abiding by the Constitution and they don't have a leg to stand on and the wall will be almost done think about what's happening here he outmaneuvered the deep state he has all this money without touching the national emergency money they put one over on the deep state

".... post 27:53 queue gave us a link to t boots and take a listen to what this individual has to say because I think it says absolutely everything we need to know really man I don't understand I was not Republicans out there causing all this destruction you know burning up the streets blocking roads things like that the Liberals you know these are the same people that are against the Second Amendment because they want to decrease violence and the body should have guns the same people that are anti-abortion because they want to save lives and you're causing all this destruction just because your candidate lost

"....see that's the problem with this country you can't always get your way everybody wants to be politically correct quit being crybabies ain't nothing free you ain't no slave you don't get your way so you lie like a two-year-old burning up people's stuff destroying the streets making people late for work man I'm glad I don't live in New York City or Washington to Oregon because I would run one of y'all asses over you are outrageous man you are the exact reason why Donald Trump won the election because we're tired of you crybabies you didn't earn anything none of you put on a uniform but you're quick to disrespect the flag not want to say the Pledge of Allegiance now I want to recognize the Bible but you want everything you didn't fight for anything but you want it it doesn't work like that you know

"....I think it should be all these people out there that want to protest and burn stuff up I don't think the cops should protected obviously when people look at the flag and say that's not my flag Donald Trump is not my president didn't you know what then obviously this ain't your damn country leave find another flag find another president go to Mexico I really don't care but quit tearing up stuff quick cause of destruction and preaching peace cuz you're contradicting yourself I'm Deon Alexander American first and everyone ...≺≺ less

Robert David Steele Update (February 16, 2019) — MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND GOOGLE’S GESTAPO

Robert David Steele ** Published on Feb 16, 2019
"...and I'm here today lucky to be with Robert David Steele and Robert why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself to our audience today all right the short answer is just look up Robert David Steele you'll find my website at the top I finally was able to get rid of the Wikipedia troll page which was very deliberately defamatory incomplete and just absolute trash um I'm a former Marine former spy recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 author reviewer top reviewer across 98 categories with over 2500 posted reviews ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... um and I have three things I care about a truth Channel hashtag gun rigged election reform and burying the pedo files excellent excellent well I wanted to jump in today with some information you put up yesterday regarding on the forced psychiatric treatment of Lipan okay and I was hoping you could just talk about that for folks a lot of people probably haven't even heard of this yet and this is absolutely of course you know totalitarian psychiatry well it's not just I mean lepen is the most obvious example

" in the United States Alex Jones is being prosecuted persecuted in violation of the First Amendment and violation of title seven in Thai in violation of universal access I am really disappointed in the Attorney General for not basically cracking down on what we call hash tag google Gestapo which I've personally experienced hash tag google Gestapo consists of Amazon which bans books Facebook which bans people Google which manipulates polls and trends meetup which cancels hash tag on rig and conservative groups that are paying 77 thousand a year while its sponsors co-sponsors with the anti-defamation league

"....the Zionist secret police it co-sponsors with them a thousand 87 hash tag resist groups for whom the fees are waived so beyond meetup you then have Twitter and you and then you have others today I add PayPal PayPal has just canceled Alex Joneses site the way that they canceled WikiLeaks these tech companies should not be in the business of censoring dissidents and I'm just now reading an excellent article that points out that the technical companies are not just censoring conservatives they're also censoring progressives who are dissidents against the Democratic Party corruption that is co-equal to the Republican Party corruption

" what we have here is a in effort to stigmatize the censor to manipulate to silence to violate all voices that are calling into question the official narrative and calling into question the deep state calling into question America subservience to Zionism by the way I don't think our president is subservient to the Zionism I think he just has to handle them laughs um but for me what really is going on here is is the Democrats lost the election and they're now trying to use Silicon Valley to essentially mount a coup d'etat

"....I think it's going to backfire on them I think what's been done to lepen and to Alex Jones and to others is going to lead to a huge number of people moving forward into the election that might otherwise have stayed out because people are starting to realize that we are moving toward a true tyranny of the extreme left Communists and they're actually working for the banks

"'s not like they're socialists there are no socialists of the Democratic Party they're all uber capitalists only they are disguising themselves yes the good news the good news here is I think that America is at a tipping point

"....I think Donald Trump has some announcements to make that will change a lot of people's perspective the media by the way the mainstream media and hashtag Google Gestapo they're all completely covering up they're covering up the demonization of the courious which is moving in they're covering up the rapid advance of the economy they're covering up the radical decline in illegal immigration and crime associated with illegal immigration Twitter now bans people from using the term illegal alien who the hell is Twitter exami that I can't see illegal alien

"....and oh by the way I'm a Latino who was born in the United States with a mother who legally came to attend Adelphi college where she met my father in Brooklyn Polytech okay this is just absolutely outrageous so I think we're at the we're on the cusp of a whole bunch of people left-right white black of all kinds and stripes coming together and realizing that we are being screwed by the deep state through the US government which Donald Trump is trying to handle and through the technical companies including PayPal which I think all need a replacement

"....and one of the things I've got going right now is two billionaires of approachment because of my past year on video with people like you and Greg hunter and Hagman and admin and so forth and they've asked me how do you build an alternative internet I said you start in China well and tell me about that that's really it's well it's actually very clever Alibaba we've we've for the last six months we've been studying I have two CTOs and for the last six months we've been studying how to completely displace hashtag Google Gestapo

"....and today we added PayPal and stripe to the list of companies to be displaced reddit is already there Wikipedia is there is now closing down people the dare to use the word Sandy Hook in fact the latest WordPress update I don't recommend I have no direct knowledge but I have been told it might have a call home feature that reports websites that uses banned words now I've had this discussion with my CTO it is impossible to artificially intelligence the problem it is impossible to automate the process of censorship

"....okay it's also unfortunately very possible for the Zionists to gain the system the old Zionist method of getting people banned was to have 12 to 24 Zionists report someone as a hater or as a racist or whatever or in the case of my website they reported my website is being pornographic okay and Kaspersky and Norton very quickly realized after I threatened to sue them that that wasn't the case

".... I have one major legal lawsuit out which I expect to win and I'm dealing with some other people on the side in interesting ways bottom line here is I have personally experienced the way in which hashtag Google Gestapo both digitally assassinates anyone who dares to question the party line 9/11 truth whatever I somewhat protect it because I'm the chief counsel for the Judicial Commission of review on human trafficking and child sex abuse you absolutely do not want to be on my short list of people to be investigated

"....and so I'm feeling in a very comfortable strong position nobody can take away my money I'm not like Alex Jones nobody I mean the only thing people can do is assassinate me and they're welcome to do that I would love to die for my country but bottom line here is I think that I and about 22 million others that we've already got enrolled are going to come out with a new system

"'ll be built around bitch shoot and BitTorrent it will have text messaging and email and file sharing and this is the really cool part each email and each phone number or text will authenticate a person's US citizenship and voting status so that you will know that you are talking with a US citizen qualified to vote that's our first group that we're going after and it's a little late in the game

" we're probably not going to be as successful as we want it to be because the money was slow to move but by 2020 I think we will have a hundred million people in the world wow that's amazing well it's amazing if it happens right sure and I was this check that are you in goods with William Binney on this project is that William Binney is one of the people I rely on and if the money comes through thinthread will be used to index the larger internet thinthread is is literally a hundred times better than Google or Bing or any other search engine

" gets it all including down into the dark web all these search engines like Google guy mean Google was started on the basis of three crimes CIA funded it they stole Yahoo search engine and and Alta Vista was killed by HP stupidest thing I ever did um so these people are very very shallow one of the things we're looking at is that the public has access to 1% of 1% of 1% they have access basically to 1% of the published stuff which is 1% of the written stuff which is 1% of the known stuff and so one of the things that we're thinking about with this larger system is how do you connect not only dots the dots and dots to people but people to people such that you could literally create new knowledge

"....we're also looking at paragraph level citation analytics which is something Doug Engelbart conceptualized an open hypertext document system so that you can monetize by the paragraph so we're literally going to completely bypass Thomson Reuters and Elsevier and all of these sleazy companies that have been screwing scientists and academics for years one of the reasons I'm planning to go to Russia is to talk to the lady that runs site huh as well as the head of mail are you who is the Russian partner to Alibaba Alibaba is my way of burying ...≺≺ less


SGTreport** Published on Feb 16, 2019
"....hey friends Sean from Sgt report here with a very important update and the precursor to that update is just a couple of new items from Q this one post to 731 y hours after the election did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private and highly secured guarded meeting and why didn't Hillary Rodham Clinton give a concession speech I think it's become very clear why that happened thanks to Andrew McCabe more on that in a second and we'll dig deep into post 270 36 from Q about Ruth Bader Ginsburg but real quickly the great awakening has gone global host:2 741 from q links to this tweet a where we go one we go all add in Jersey City New Jersey and this a cue painted on the Scottish Parliament's front door the Great Awakening which President Trump also just made mention of has indeed gone global and it has the entrenched elite absolutely petrified ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... now for the main event what does it mean to have a nation how does one have a nation without a border how does one have a nation without sovereignty how does one have a nation when traitors in our midst want to destroy everything that makes a nation great the enemies of our republic have made themselves known here's one Adam Schiff who is pressuring face book and other social media platforms to remove anti-vaccine information facebook says it will look into removing posts promoting conspiracy theories about vaccines following complaints from representative Adam Schiff

"....the company told Bloomberg on Friday that it's exploring additional measures to best combat the problem of fake news and conspiracy theories being promoted on its site which include numerous groups and message boards dedicated to spreading theories concerning a non-existent link between vaccines and autism friends as I've covered in many videos in the past the link between vaccines and autism has been established and it is the government and Big Pharma that has worked hard to cover it up dr. Zimmerman declined our interview request and referred us to his sworn affidavit it says On June 15 2007

"....he took aside the Department of Justice or DOJ lawyers he worked for defending vaccines in vaccine court he told them that he discovered exceptions in which vaccinations could cause autism and

"'s another traitor Andrew McCabe whose full interview with 60 minutes will air this coming Sunday night but in the sneak peak he openly admitted that he and a group of deep state insiders met privately to discuss ways to topple our president using the 25th amendment the suspicions of many are confirmed by one of the players in it the Department of Justice discussed trying to remove the president using the 25th amendment was your reaction to that well if that's true it is clearly an attempted coup d'etat a revelation about which President Trump tweeted trying to use the 25th amendment to try and circumvent the election is a despicable act of unconstitutional power grabbing which happens in third world countries you have to obey the law this is an attack on our system and Constitution and

"'s another traitor Ruth Bader Ginsburg if we can all agree that a mother and father are central to the well-being of their offspring and that healthy families are central to the well-being of a society and by extension an entire nation then we must agree that the destruction of the traditional roles of a father and mother and the destruction of the family will in turn lead to the destruction of society and thereby an entire nation and therefore we must agree that anyone behind the move to destroy the family and the nation is by very definition a traitor to that nation

"....well new cue On February 15th reminds us just how despicable Ruth Bader Ginsburg is and cue urges us to remember her history and recalls ex bias in the u.s. code published in 1977 by the u.s. Commission on civil rights which called for the sex integration of prisons and reformatories so that conditions of imprisonment security and housing could be equal arguing that the perpetuation of single sex institutions should be rejected this is the same woman who in the same book called for the sex integration of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts because they perpetuate stereotyped sex roles and

"....she insisted on sex integrating college fraternity and sorority chapters and replacing them with college social societies this evil woman caste constitutional doubt on the legality of Mother's Day and Father's Day as separate holidays and she actually called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to people who are less than 12 years old on page 102 this traitor to families and therefore traitor to our nation asserted that laws against bigamists persons cohabitating with more than one woman and women cohabitating with the bigamist are unconstitutional

"....and if you wonder why these people continued to push for open borders and don't applaud at the State of the Union when President Trump announces the arrest of human traffickers and more than 1500 sadistic traffickers have been put behind bars [Applause] Ginsberg wrote that the man act which punishes those who engage in interstate sex traffic of women and girls is quote unquote offensive and said such acts should be considered within the zone of privacy

" can't make this up and perhaps this is why Q has said these people are pure evil and here's the part that will help you understand how the left has gone so mad as to now openly brazenly blur the lines between men and women boys and girls and claim that there's no sexes at all only gender fluid identities Ginsberg listed hundreds of sexist words that must be eliminated from all statuses among words she found offensive were man woman man made mankind husband wife mother father sister brother son daughter servicemen longshoreman postmaster watchman seamanship and to man a vessel and she wanted he she him her his and hers to be dropped down the memory hole and replaced by he she her him and her his and federal statuses must use the bad grammar of plural constructions to avoid third-person singular pronouns

" it any wonder the leftist universities are now uninhabitable by thinking people some schools to protect sensitive students offer them a special room called a safe space and if you wonder how it is that now New York State has passed into law the ability for a woman to get an abortion in the ninth month right up until the moment of birth it was Ginsburg who condemned the Supreme Court ruling in Harris versus McRae and claimed that taxpayer-funded abortions should be a constitutional right

"....they don't want orders they don't want family but they're more than happy to allow women free abortions on demand the ninth month these truly are the traitors to our country these are the people that want to destroy God's law and replace it with the law of man and with the laws of man comes the tyranny of evil men and women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and now the president Trump has declared a national emergency to try to get a border wall built it is the enemies of our country that will again make themselves known in their efforts to block the president's move to build a border wall to secure the sovereignty of our nation

"....and I'll leave you with this which was sent to me from my friend Louis over at small gold it's Democrat bado O'Rourke who says if he could he'd knocked the existing wall down right now where nobody is in Texas dan Crenshaw who's a new member of Congress is the very outspoken in favor of the President's agenda on the border particularly right and he wanted to ask you he tweeted this I'm just asking it's not he didn't text me you know would you if you could would you take the wall down now here yes if you have a wall absolutely knock it down I'll take the wall I take the wall down

"....they want to take all the walls down it's what they specialize in they want to take the walls down that separate men from women they want to take the walls down that separate boys from girls they want to take the walls down that separate adults having sex with children it's why I made the video called 12 perversions because Tom DeLay warned us they want to fast-track and legalize 12 perversions including bestiality and pedophilia I just want to get this right so you you

" are aware of a Justice Department memo where that says there will be an effort to to legitimize or legalize bestiality pedophilia and presenter as you put it perversions that's correct so as we part ways I want you to remember that it was Ruth Bader Ginsburg who listed hundreds of sexist words that must be eliminated from all statuses and among those words that she found offensive were man woman husband wife mother and father is it any wonder we now have little boys like Desmond being paraded out on good morning America I mean you're one of the youngest and first drag queen flash kids and celebrated if the innocence is stolen from the children there is nothing left to save

"....I can't believe that this kid at two years old said I'm a homosexual a two-year-old does not know what a homosexual is this kid was coached there's no ands ifs or buts about it a two-year-old should not know what sex is a two-year-old should not understand the meaning of sexual if the innocence is taken from the children there is nothing left to save thanks for watching thanks for your support and for real news 24/7 visit us at Sgt the phaser calm and the Liberty milcom god bless bye-bye when you use Google do you get more than one answer or shoot it well that's above we we have more bugs per second with it in the world we should be able to give you the right answer just once ...≺≺ less

Inside 9/11 - 7 Facts (English version)

inside911films ** Published on Jun 19, 2012
"...the attacks of 9/11 are still in question many remain skeptical about what happened that day and who was responsible bin Laden and al-qaeda or someone else the official version presented by the mainstream media is based on explanations of US authorities and the 9/11 Commission report released in 2004 on the contrary there still exists several alternative theories a number of them reasonable others merely absurd besides any theories ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"...there are proven facts seven of them shall be presented here in the days leading to 911 observers see significant insider trading at the stock markets a strong indication of foreknowledge certain people are betting on falling stock prices of companies that will suffer from the attacks later on example the bets on falling stock prices of the two involved Airlines United Airlines and American Airlines generate return of over 400% in just one week in total about 16 million dollars official explanation all these trades had harmless reasons there wasn't any insider trading regarding 9/11 the investors had no conceivable ties to al-qaeda

"...problem financial experts from the University of Zurich Switzerland published a detailed study in 2011 proving that insider trading occurred shortly before 9/11 on the other hand the details of the investigation of the Security and Exchange Commission on this issue have never been published the names of the individual investors remain secret till today

"...on 9/11 two towers of the World Trade Center in New York are hit by planes and collapse later on but in the course of the day a third skyscraper the over 170 metres high world trade center 7 also collapses totally symmetrical precisely in its own footprint without being hit by an airplane official explanation according to the final report of investigation on this published in 2008 the collapse of World Trade Center 7 was caused by fires which were started by falling debris of the two other collapsing towers

"...problem never before or after 9/11 did a steel-framed high-rise building collapse in this special way because of fire also a damaged building especially one being higher than hundred metres never collapses totally symmetrical precisely in its own footprint when it falls then it naturally turns to the one particular site weakening first exception the building is crashed by controlled demolition meanwhile there are substantial indications for this suggestion a group of scientists around the American Physical Steven Jones and the Danish chemist niels harrit has proven the existence of a highly effective explosive in the dust of the crashed towers an international association of more than 2,500 professional architects and engineers demands a new investigation of the attacks in this respect in total four planes are hijacked and rest

"...on 911 none of them is intercepted by a fighter jet official explanation the military didn't expect the suicidal hijacking of inbound flights therefore the air defense had to be improvised on that day problem the US air defense tested the hijacking of inbound flights by suicide terrorists in several exercises before 9/11 the air defense hadn't to be improvised it followed tested protocols nevertheless both fighter squadrons starting where the attacks were directed to the wrong direction exactly in the important minutes by whom and

"...why is still not investigated the tape recordings of the communication between fighter pilots and air defense command wire the flights were deleted or lost after 9/11 precisely on the morning of 9/11 a wide-ranging exercise of the air defense is taking place its name vigilant Guardian part of the exercise is a virtual hijacking to be tested exactly while the real hijackings occur in this same hour a simulation team inserts virtual radar signals on the screens of the air defense while the military officers there are trying to wrecked on the real hijackings also the air defense can't see the radar signal of the first hijacked plane or through its clearly visible at the same time on the radar screens of the civilian air traffic controllers not taking part in the exercise official explanation none just the general statement that the exercise had not obstructed the reaction of the air defense

"...problem the air defense has completely failed on 911 not once not twice but four times in a row the role of the exercise in this failure is still unclear and was not part of the official investigation the third hijacked plane on an 11 takes off from Washington and will be directed into the Pentagon right there the distance between airport and target is just a few miles nevertheless the plane starts flying about 250 miles to the west before turns to the opposite direction exactly at this turning point is a small zone of poor radar coverage a so-called radar gap that's why the plane is disappearing for a while from the screens of the air defense right before the Pentagon the plane is maneuvered in a further very precise and skilful way it makes a sharp 330 degree turn while losing altitude extremely fast at the same time and then crashes with top speed exactly in the first floor of the Pentagon official explanation nun

"...problem how should the alleged hijackers have known that the radar gap existed where it was located and when they would have arrived there what sense did it make for them to fly a detour of roughly 500 miles finally the huge skills of the alleged pilot whose flight school teacher said he couldn't even fly a Cessna safely before 9/11 appear almost incredible all anomalies mentioned could easily be explained if the plane was remotely controlled but this was never officially investigated the alleged hijackers with Mohammed Atta at the top have never been conclusively forensically identified the remains of most passengers of the four flights were identified by their DNA found at the crash sites but not the remains of the 19 alleged terrorists allegedly their relatives hadn't provided DNA samples for comparison to the FBI's investigators furthermore the flight manifests were only partially published and are inconsistent with acclaimed hijackers official explanation nun

"...problem just this after 9/11 no one claimed responsibility for the attacks nobody announced any political demands official explanation Oh bin Laden has claimed responsibility for 9/11 in a video

"...problem immediately after the attacks bin Laden made it clear several times that he had nothing to do with 9/11 the video where he allegedly claims responsibility was published only three months after the attacks by the Pentagon and independent translation made on behalf of German public television concluded the video had been mistranslated in the critical statements furthermore the FBI admitted in 2006 that it had no reliable evidence connecting the lab to 911 his responsibility for the attacks remains an unproven allegation till today

"...the journalists in the mainstream media are not less intelligent than other people but they're also not more courageous imagine you where a journalist for big TV station and would get to know these facts the scientific proof for insider trading before 9/11 the indications for controlled demolition of the towers the lack of evidence for the connection of bin Laden to the plot what do you do you know for sure once you question the official theory seriously you will be named a conspiracy theorist you also know at this moment your career will actually be over colleagues and bosses will separate from you possibly you even lose your job if this worth it do you want to risk getting in serious financial trouble just because of his story or wouldn't you Reza like to wait to one of your many colleagues there's this first step and

"...then follow such thoughts are unpleasant for everybody for journalists they mean that he accepts to give up on its professional ethos just for material safety nobody likes to think about such things for a long time one rather tries to avoid this inner conflict that's why the journalist starts looking for evidence supporting the official theory he doesn't want to investigate the alternative theories he wants to refute them if they're wrong then of course everything would be fine again as strange as it might seem there's a natural tendency to repress all facts contradicting the official theory one doesn't want to deal with them that's the situation today you ...≺≺ less