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I follow Q, Q+, Qanon .... If it is just a Conspiracy Theory, then Trump may lose in 2020 .... Still, ... Let see ...time is the answer ... ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

I have bad feeling, experienced, and lived with the easy to become evil criminals as well as dirty mind of the idealists, socialists, communists, VC, globalists, dogmatists, fantasy mind artists, mind driven journalists .. as in history and in my real life ... who Tolstoy referred to as "the stupidity of the intellect"... Buddha said "the illusion of the mind" ... as we can remember when we are young, high school boys/girls ..... the ideology / beautiful never-come-true dreams always lead to arrogance, intolerance of the difference, emotion, easy anger, violence, tyrant, atheist, commit to fallacy of appeal to ignorance, and "Going by the End justify the Mean"...

Mr. President Trump like General Patton about secret plans, and the art of deception by Sun Tzu (The Art of War) ... (At age 13, Trump was enrolled in the New York Military Academy, one of the oldest military schools in the United States) ... why Q, Q+, Qanon disclose most plans ??? They prepare American and the world for a very very big event, as an earthquake, big holy storm ... that make no surprise, no doubt about the evil hidden /superior level criminals .... the shaking economic, environment ... the changing upside down society for the better lives ... (every century has a big war/big murders ... idealists vs. realists) ... When it happens the protest / opposition on the massive imprison may be dismissed significantly by Q info ... reducing riots ... save million lives ???
Q, Q+, Qanon do not need you to believe and follow them forever ... They just want people be aware ... Their disclosing will comfort / calm you when the Conspiracy Theory become the real ....

“Progress is the mode of man. . . . The general life of the human race is called Progress .... . . . When the condition of affairs was not ripe, when the insurrection was not decidedly accepted, when the mass disavowed the movement, it was all over for the combatants . . . . *** A people cannot by surprised into more rapid progress that it wants. . . . Woe to him who attempts to force its hand. A people cannot pushed around. Then it abandons the insurrection to its own devices . . . The insurgents become pariahs .... " Victor Hugo
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#QAnon, the scarily popular pro-Trump conspiracy theory, explained
Updated Aug 2, 2018, 12:31pm EDT
" ... The Russia investigation is a sham. It’s actually a cover story for special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump working together to expose thousands of pedophiles hidden in plain sight — including Hillary Clinton (and Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama), who will soon be under arrest. (Or perhaps already have been and are on their way to Guantanamo Bay.) ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

The GOP lost the Alabama special election for Jeff Sessions’s Senate seat on purpose — a plan devised years ago to reveal the use of fraudulent voting machines and, ultimately, take down none other than George Soros. Or the Rothschilds. Or the Illuminati.

And there’s no White House chaos at all; in fact, despite legal scandals and special counsel investigations and bile-laden tweets, everything, absolutely everything, is going just as Donald Trump intended it.

Welcome to QAnon, sometimes referred to as “the Storm.” It’s a conspiracy theory that’s swept social media and is starting to break into the mainstream, with Trump rally attendees in Florida on July 31 holding signs and wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “We are Q” and the conspiracy theory’s main catchphrase, “Where we go one, we go all...."

WHITE RABBIT NEWS ** Published on Nov 4, 2018

YouTube Q ...
Source: Court Records -
Source: Unsealed Indictments -
63,228 SEALED | 5,916 UNSEALED | 88,069 NON-SEALED @8:38 PM 11/24/2018


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QAnon links US Attorney with thousands of sealed indictments decimating the Deep State
Source: Court Records -!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ
Source: Twitter User - Shannon
Source: Twitter User - KathyMicale

Stealth Moves Behind The Scenes, Investigations, Control Moves To Senate - Episode 1736b

X22Report ** Published on Dec 9, 2018

"...he told this to a married couple from Virginia that the infamous internet conspiracy prognosticator known as Q Anon has been dead accurate about so many things adding... when you find out who he is... you're not going to believe it

" it doesn't matter if they say oh that's fake news it's it's not real it's still going into their subconscious that they heard something about it that there's something wrong with the Clinton Foundation because many people that are sleeping I've only heard good things and to hear that there's problems with it even with taxes and Bill Clinton komen commingling the fund that means something else on a higher level is wrong and what Q is saying is that now we need to get people used to the idea that something wrong something underhanded was happening in the Clinton Foundation

"...because when the hammer Falls it's it will be a lot easier so it doesn't matter if they're just discussing it saying that oh there's nothing wrong that really doesn't matter as long as people are discussing it and bringing it up that's the whole point so everyone is aware that something's going on even if they don't believe it at this point ... ...≺≺less ...

*** March 2019 ***

Loretta Lynch IN HOT OIL NOW After Rep. Doug Collins Just WENT ON LOVE & REVEALS This HUGE SECRET!

US Visual Politics ** Published on Mar 14, 2019
"....Fox News Alert newly released transcripts now reveal former FBI lawyer Lisa Paige told Congress that fired FBI agent Peter struck went into the special counsels investigation thinking it could end with president Trump's impeachment while potentially boosting his own career Paige also said the Department of Justice under President Obama pushed back against possible charges of gross negligence against Hillary Clinton in 2016 calling them constitutionally vague president Trump is following all of this he tweeted this morning the just revealed FBI agent Lisa page transcripts make the Obama Justice Department look exactly like what it was a broken and corrupt machine hopefully justice will finally be served much more to come joining me ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" Republican congressman Doug Collins of Georgia ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee great to see you again today I ran into you in the hallway at the Capitol yesterday what are you running into does this mean and in some ways is it possible that the president has been treated differently what does this tell us I think he has been treated differently this is not enough for a debate argument this is what we've been saying for over two years while we had Democrats making fun of us Democrats thinking it was nothing going on the transcript releases show an inherent two-tier system one in which Hillary Clinton gets the treatment that she got where there was actually a first concern that they were going to charge her and then with Loretta Lynch in charge before she recused herself made it very clear that that was not going to happen

"....and then we see it transitioning right end with his same truck you know corrupt Ron Burnham paging McCabe instruct and others who then go into the discussion with own president Trump through the Rush investigate that's what we see right now not to make this fallacious just to spit the facts and not to lose sight of the fact of why we would believe something that Paige would say about struck they were lovers they were close close and they were communicating on work devices that's how we got to see their text messages why is it that we're now just seeing these transcripts what's going on with the DOJ in terms of not releasing these things more contemporaneously well this is up to the DOJ to release these this is up to the folks in Congress

"....this is an investigation if you remember Harris it was going on in the previous Congress with both the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight Committee as well at the end of the Congress it ran out and with the Democrats taking over in the house they've chose to let this lot I've not chose to let it lie I believe that the accountability is needed here I believe that what was happening was was a result of an intentional effort by the DOJ to involve itself in a political process and not be the blind eye of Justice that we see that's why I'm releasing these I will continue to release these I would encourage people to follow us on Twitter or however and get ready because more are coming and what is it that you hope to show in terms of where the conversation is

" about that two-tier system that you're talking about which really is political and people would normally think that the FBI the DOJ there are no politics there well it shouldn't be politics there there's no Democrat Republican independent should disagree with me on this point DOJ and the FBI should be the blind eyes of justice making sure that the laws are falling the rule of law uphill what I'm wanting to show here is what we have been saying for a long time that people wanted to ignore and people dismiss that right now frankly Loretta Lynch has a lot of explaining to do why is she taking the law in itself and changing the standard to say well it really wasn't gross but maybe it was because of her relationship with Miss Clinton maybe it was later on when she actually got caught with a former president on the plane and then she had to recuse herself

" started way before then so don't give her a we don't need to give her a pass because of that this is one we're just trying to say that the same group not the entire FBI not the entire dieta but the same group you will find starting in 2016 going through the appointment of the Moller investigation it was the same corrupt bunch going to the same thing and you have bitch mr. struck who was thinking this was his ticket to maybe FBI director I don't know what but then we see this is a problem so what does justice look like in all of this is my first question and the second part of that would be have most or all of the people that you know were involved in all of this potentially gone now or does some of this still exist do you think at the FBI most of these folks are gone if we see in these the three that I just meant a two fired for causing one left after being demoted bruce laura is still employed by the department

"....what i've a scene here though when i go back to attorney general bill maher who had a lot of respect for and who said in his hearings that he was willing to look into this one that Senator Graham asked him are you willing to look into this because what we find later on in July of 2016 that year was the opening of a FISA warrant on Carter page this is an interesting development because it was the same folks using dossier materials and others we have to assure that our investigative groups in our security and our intelligence communities are not being used in political partisan ways this is why we got the FISA courts from the 70s and

"....why they should be here today this is an open and transparent process to say mr. attorney-general we're giving you this information let's make sure this never happens again and those that did shall be held accountable all right representative Collins from the great state of Georgia thank you very much Democrat congressman now ROG Krishnamoorthy sits on the House Oversight one of the committees conducting the Lynch interview so now I have someone in the Oversight Committee look I don't want you to drill down on your entire schedule but how is it that we leave important stuff till the end of the year up against the spending bill are you guys not working enough legislative days a year to get your jobs done first of all happy holidays merry Christmas to you and now you just like the Grinch

"....but I ask that question I mean you have all year Harris good to be with you I'm actually in the minority I don't call the shots I'm about as far from leading this whole schedule for are you're going to change it or are you guys gonna get more done during the year you're gonna work more days I hope we can be more productive in the Oversight Committee in January in January than we are now yes all right we'll move on so you know I think you would have to believe in coincidences is what Andy McCarthy was just saying and if you just kind of wrap it up if you believe that a former president

"....and and now former AG got on a plane together on a tarmac and had not guessed with all the staff around them that you know his wife's under investigation maybe you guys shouldn't do that surreptitiously on a plane how did Democrats see it it doesn't look good it it's a bad decision to meet with him on that plane I think that she said as much I'd go back to the Inspector General report that investigated this exhaustively the interesting thing that I found reading the report and hearing other witnesses that there were multiple witnesses to what actually transpired during this conversation apparently an inspector general general and interviewed all of them and he came to the conclusion there was no political bias he came to the conclusion after talking with the people who were on the plane yes including Loretta Lynch there was no political bias we're just on the plan in the handling of the Clinton investigation and that this particular incident this particular meeting on the plane did not materially affect the investigation interesting what what are we learning on the hill right now from from this hearing and I know from Catherine Herridge it's like it's just wrapped up

" you probably have gotten some notes from your own staff sure sure well the one interesting thing I can't get into the exact details of the questions and answers but one thing that I think your viewers should know is that she answered all the questions there weren't any attorneys interrupting and instructor or not not to answer questions so I think that's a good thing why is that good well I think that there was a free exchange of questions and answers both between her and Democrats and her and Republicans and

" I think that's always a good thing when you know everyone can have their questions answered all right it it is kind of puzzling to me how you can talk to some people who might have been on the plane and then you come up with the idea that there's no bias and I assume you're saying in the investigation both DOJ and and particularly the FBI I don't know how only the people on the plane would know that when we know that there have been problems leading up to this with text messages shared at the FBI among two people and lovers how many people on the plane would have been privy to that I don't know sure

" I've been a part of the vast majority of these interviews 17 18 I lost count and what I can say is that I have not seen evidence that would you know materially depart from inspector general horowitz's conclude that the entire investigation was not politically motivated one last thing she did end up deferring to basically the FBI's conclusions with regard to the Hillary Clinton investigation not only in July but also in October when Jim Comey reopened the investigation she wasn't part of that decision-making so I mean you know it's like she probably would have fired him the minute she got into office had she won I mean she wasn't happy and in any instance we started with Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from you let's end it there congressman for me thank you for joining me today appreciate your concept Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays remember when you were a kid and you got an ice-cream cone and it dropped at the cement right as you licked it that's how it must feel today I'd be a Democrat hi God here you think mr. Comey was going to deliver Donald Trump on an edible platter

"....and instead you get Loretta Lynch Kobe told under oath that President Obama's Attorney General asked him to call the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal a matter not an investigation roll it Francis the only other consideration I guess I can talk of an open setting is that at one point the Attorney General had directed me not to call it an investigation but instead to call it a matter which confused me and concerned me but that was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude I have to step away from the department if we're to close this case credibly it confused me too concerned me I would file that under Wow and it raises more questions than my question raising farm first when does the hearing on this revelation begin Lynch gave campaign language to Comey to cover up an investigation to help Hillary's campaign that's inappropriate

"....we're talking al franken in a mesh thong inappropriate but not illegal that's true and how great is it this is wonderful how great is it that Hillary is still causing the Democrats fits the Loretta Lynch thing is only an issue because she had to deal with the hillary matter hillary really is the democrats unrelenting mother-in-law who comes to visit with a least water so in a hearing meant to hammer trump the previous crew snailed it's like when a stink bomb goes off before you have time to throw it yet it's smelling bad the rest of the day which is what happened to Lynch Hillary

"....and yes even Comey his decision to obey undermines this persona of a folksy everyman just trying to do his job but it seemed he do just about anything to keep his job including look the other way interesting I do many John understand it want me to read it again let's do this thing again away but what are you accusing him of what a Mike using it they wanted to keep his letter Lynch I think that what she did is wrong he obeyed her in fact yeah Paula yeah her yeah because he want to be according to the testimony that's kind of what he implied he didn't like it it made him feel uncomfortable but because everything makes him feel uncomfortable Chris mean people make him feel uncomfortable no I get it but seven different when he talked about Hillary Clinton and yes he called it an investigation

"....yes he did he did but he didn't you know but he didn't question her he didn't feel that was inappropriate he didn't leak that why did we leak that they missed a big press conference that he gave talking about Hillary Clinton's email yes I know but he didn't clearly yes well inappropriate he didn't offer to resign like he did before this without a big deal great all right Jamie oh me questionably has a bad habit of placing himself in a position above everyone else he did it in this case he did it in the Hillary Clinton case he said I have deemed that no one here and he did it in oh four no one here is decent enough only I James Comey have the moral gravamen so that I can stand above all of this and make it and make a judgement and when he does he gets himself in trouble that having been said he did it with Hillary Clinton and then he did it with Donald Trump

"....I had to go outside the lines because I was the last honest man that has been a problem for him but in this case he roasted Hillary Clinton I know I did not talk about this interesting I found out now we just found out now which is obviously has something to do with the tarmac but that was gross what she did but yet the Attorney General did was gross but that's not unco me no well kinda no it's on her what did you miss the first part of the monologue but what he knows nor ting but he did know Barry oh yeah yo he he kind of did yes he did right when he said go yes should I just say this sure so today we this is an overall bad day for the Justice Department in the United States whether it's the Jeff Sessions Justice Department or the letter Loretta Lynch Justice Department the high road here is this the Justice Department says would be beyond reproach today

"....we found out that both Jeff Sessions and Loretta Lynch are below reproach period all right what do you think Kimberly uh you know I think it was yeah very bad day I think for Hillary Clinton bad day for Loretta Lynch bad day for Comey very bad day for commis you know forget Jeff session fine a bad name for justice Columbia professor that was not good for him Jeff Sessions bad day yeah not a great day for him either bad day if you're when you're handing out all these bad day cards Robert Royston president doesn't get a bad day card yeah I don't think that at the top of coma at the top at the table we thought it was so bad he should have got all the Queen and then handed the vegetation or type one up and then hit save draft KJ I love you I love you I do

"....but with that being said let's be real the beginning of Combes testimony starts with saying the president is a liar right which we find out to be true because he told Lester Holt in the interview that I indeed fired Jake owed me because of the Russian election not because of this memo not because of anything else that means our presidents a liar that's a bad thing way telling me up there's somebody in the White House that has lied this has got to be a first we net that breaking news sound to come in right we have to have a president this doesn't tell the truth every every another word I believe me every other word yeah I can't believe we know who elected we know who we elect don't believe them what we know who we elected ki thoughts Dana well maybe one thing so we talked about we mentioned oh for and

" fact I think it was Tom cotton the senator from Arkansas Alabama Arkansas thank you I'm who asked James coming to talk about in 2004 you went to the bedside of Ashcroft and all this stuff happened but it sounds similar right so it but here's a big difference George Bush didn't fire him because the aftermath of the consequences of firing items I actually never asked him if you wanted to fire me probably good but yes but there were there would have been consequences for it these there are consequences for things that you do the other thing is that he thought that was so bad that he thought about resigning and he didn't what they says right but here's my diary would you still be doing your job as FBI director meaning you wouldn't ever not no

"....I would still be the big difference to was that actually we were it was about a program for intelligence we're on a war footing and we were able to work with Congress in order to get the policy worked out and put in legislation in a way that everybody could except that's one of the ways that you handle things in Washington is kind of old-fashioned the other thing is is that the tarmac meeting with Lynch and Clinton I think this is there wasn't enough questioning about that in terms of how inappropriate did he think that was at the time we all thought it was high rating appropriate oh then how inappropriate might have been be you could see why people would ask why is it inappropriate for the President to ask everybody to leave and meet with the FBI director there are parallels here both sides enormous having a problem all right ...≺≺ less

The First Wave Will Bring About Unity & Change, T [-6] And Counting - Episode 1814b

X22Report** Published on Mar 13, 2019
".... today we see that Facebook Instagram whatsapp they're all having a huge problem today their system went down a lot of people complaining about it a lot of people are not understanding what is going on maybe it's it's down for maintenance well it's kind of strange that Instagram whatsapp and Facebook would all be down for maintenance at the same exact time something doesn't make sense there does it this most likely is a test this is not a coincidence actually Q confirm this with a post and we'll be getting into that in just a bit ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....but remember we are now counting downs we are t-minus six days and Counting now remember when once we hit the countdown of zero this is not going to be the D class this is not going to be the OIG report certain things need to happen before that point what I think Q and team in the Patriots what I think they're doing right now is they're releasing information a little bit at a time to make the deep states wet and to make them panic and make them do things while they're panicking and a lot of things that are going to happen like unsealing indictments and things like that that is going to happen in the first wave and this is going to make these individuals you know freaking freaked out and they're not going to know what to do but the d-class the OIG remember we need the Mueller report and we know that the Trump is not going to do this until the very end

"....this is this will be the last hand he plays everything leading up to that and there's many different countdowns is going to push the deep state further and further back into the corner and once they have them exactly where they want where there's no escape that's when they're gonna hit him hard and they want these people to panic I mean look at Pelosi already she's saying okay it's not worth it we're not going to impeach she could have never impeached there was no crime there was nothing that Trump was doing wrong they didn't have that two-thirds vote in the Senate and they know this but she knows what's coming

" let's start off with Paul Manafort he was sentenced to an additional 43 months in prison now originally they thought he was gonna get something like between twenty and thirty four years or something like that but right now his total sentence is about 90 months or 77 and a half years and we need to understand something very important about Paul Mann afford first of all Paul Manafort was a plant how do we know this well if we go back to post 1508 Q reminds us that the plants need water manna fort was a plant in Trump's administration this post 1508 this was back in June 15 2018 and it shows mana Ford and below it Q says plants need water they put manna fort there on purpose remember a lot of people originally in the Trump administration

" wasn't people that he chose they told him who he was going to have in his administration this is why he's been getting rid of people because most of these people are completely corrupt but let's move on let's move on to post 1774 and on July 31st 2018 Q says rod rosin sign exonerated men afford for the same charges eight years ago this was already known and remember if we flashback Podesta brothers were tipped off to a file the Department of Justice disclosures weeks before Manafort arrested for the same exact crime so they went ahead and they filed their application for fara to protect themselves

"....manna fort well it looks like he wasn't that lucky so we see right now they're trying to play this up they're trying to make it seem like manna fort has been put into prison because of Russian collusion well there was no Russian collusion this had to do with crimes way before Trump manna for it's not a good guy now Pelosi like we said before she's saying there's going to be no impeachment Trump tweeted out the following I greatly appreciate Nancy Pelosi statement against impeachment but everyone must remember the minor fact that I never did anything wrong the economy and unemployment are the best ever military and vets are great and many other successes how do you impeach a man who is considered by many to be the bet to be the president with the most successful first two years in history especially when he has done nothing wrong

" impeachment is for high crimes and misdemeanors this is why they never could have gone through with this this was just the deep state pushing this propaganda out there to make it seem like they're about to do something and remember the Senate was the key it was the firewall for Trump so let's move on to the national emergency now remember we need to remember something very important Democrats and Republicans a lot of them are not for Trump a lot of them are corrupt so just because Trump is with the Republican Party doesn't mean everyone is with him there are many individuals within the Republican Party that want him out they don't want him at all

"....I mean think about McCain think about Rubio think about Paul Ryan think about the rest and this is why Trump is out there trying to tell the Republicans you need to vote on the national emergency you need to think about it in a certain way this is what he tweeted out Republican senators are overthinking tomorrow's vote on national emergency it is very simple simply border security no crime should not be thought of any other way we have a major national emergency and our border and the people of our country know it very well and we know that there are certain individuals that are going along with the deep state yes on the Republican side and Trump is saying listen do what's right for America this is not about sides this is about protecting the country

"....but some of these people are so corrupt they can't see anything past their own corruption Trump tweeted out the following Democrats will have a unanimous vote on a 20% issue in opposing Republican senators tomorrow the Dems are for open borders and crime again he's exposing all these people because every time they vote against stopping criminals from entering the country stopping drug traffic stopping human trafficking stopping gangs Terrace and whatnot they are showing their true colors that they don't care what comes into this country and every time they say oh no it's for the newcomers know if you are a newcomer you go through the proper channels someone who illegally sneaks into the country is not a newcomer you don't know anything about them I wonder if Pelosi and the rest will allow their doors and their gates to be opened to allow these newcomers to come into homes and sleep in their house

"....why do you think they have a wall they might some might not have a physical wall but they have a door which is a wall that is a wall and you open the wall and you vet the person before you allow them into your home isn't that what the United States does please go to the entry point we're now going to vet you wait a minute you're a gang member you have all these crimes listed against you you're wanted in your country would you let someone into your home with that type of record no do you think any of these individuals would let them in their home with that type of record no and I challenge them if they want illegal immigrants they want the newcomers guess what why don't we put them in their homes until the courts can go ahead and decide if they belong or not

" you think they'd go along with that absolutely not you know why because they know who they really are out in Venezuela we see Maduro is requesting the assistance of Russia and China to investigate the blackout and most likely this was a neocons CIA operation to black out Venezuela cause chaos and hopefully smuggle arms into the country or have something else done we've seen this before this is nothing new they're following the same script and like I said before Trump the Patriots they're monitoring the entire situation and I do believe they are in the process of getting rid of those operatives within the country calling back those people that were in the embassy actually

".... if you look at what the CIA and what these intelligence organizations have done across the world they've done this in many countries actually in Spain their National Intelligence Center CNI and the Spanish police they've linked a February 22nd attack on the North Korean embassy in Madrid to the CIA on February 22nd at approximately 3 p.m. 10 masked men carrying fake weapons broke into the embassy tied up 8 people put bags over their heads and proceeded to beat thee and interrogate them for 2 hours one woman was able to escape through a second-floor window and police were called after neighbor heard her screaming when officers arrived at the Embassy a man opened the door told them that nothing was going on minutes later two luxury vehicles sped out of the embassy according to the report the getaway cars belonged to the diplomatic mission or abandoned in a nearby street

" according to these reports at least two of the ten assailants have been identified and have connection to the CIA I wonder what their real motive was in the North Korean embassy do you think they were trying to stage something so the talks don't continue with Kim jong-un and maybe blame this on South Korea on who knows who hmm maybe we see out in Syria the CIA is conspiring with the Islamic state commanders in northeastern Syria supplying them with fake documents and then transferring them to Iraq they're getting rid of their paid mercenaries in Syria they're helping them escape we know that the CIA the Obama administration they helped their paid mercenary army in Syria and now it's a mop-up operation they need to get these individuals out of there and you can see from what is happening around the world these intelligence organizations they're responsible for a lot of a lot or they're responsible for these endless wars that we have been going on for a very long time in Afghanistan in Syria in Iraq in Libya in Lebanon in Somalia in Sudan unit Ukraine you name it they're responsible they're the ones who created these ridiculous endless wars

"....let's get into Q's posts and Q's posted 3035 gave us an FBI chain of command for the mid-year investigation and this is a diagram of the chain of command in the FBI when they were investigating the Clinton email scandal and Q gave us a link to justice dot gov and this is the office of the Inspector General US Department of Justice oversight integrity and guidance a review of various actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in advance of the 2016 election Q wrote the Clinton connection where are they now Q is referring to this diagram where it shows bill priest AB Randy Coleman reporting to John clack Lyon Michael Steinbach they report to Andrew McCabe mark Julie Giuliano and those two individuals reported to James Comey Lisa page reported to Andrew McCabe mark Giuliano Jim rebecky was chief of staff for James Comey Jim Baker was the office of general counsel reported to Andrew McCabe mark Giuliano and you can see this is the whole flowchart of the entire thing

" Q says where are they now well Comey McCabe Baker rebecky pre stabbed struck and the rest all fired Q continued Lisa Barsoomian equals Ron Rosen Stein's wife yes Lisa Barsoomian equals representative representing Bill Clinton yes she represented him in a court case Q gives us the script document assistant Department of Justice rod Rosenstein 'z conflict of interest wife represents Clinton in federal court Hugh says Mueller with brackets all bold connection to uranium 1 and Russia yes gave us a document Congress gov this is h3 seven-four-zero congressional record House April 27th 2018 let me read a portion of this I hoped that because he seemed clearly to be a person who should never have accepted the job as Special Counsel that he was recusant bolide to be the Special Counsel on anything involving Russia and certainly not the Trump campaign and Russia yet rod Rosenstein as a Deputy Attorney General who had been involved in the Russia illegal attempts to gain control of u.s. uranium and they knew that Russia was committing crimes to try to get our uranium

"....and Muller was the head of the FBI and he was the lead law enforcement person overseeing the operation there was an informant within the system that was providing information to the Justice Department to rod Rosenstein and Muller yet they put the kibosh on the investigation and crimes that were being committed to get us uranium if they had not then the sale of us to rhenium that would end up in the hands of Russia would never have been allowed to go through CCF I u.s. that approved sales that are sensitive to our security they surely could never have approved the sale if Rosenstein and Muller had just been honest and opined that there is an investigation to Russia's illegal attempts to get our uranium but if they had spoken up about that I don't think there is any question that the Clinton Foundation would have never gotten a hundred and forty five million in contributions from people involved with the uranium sale and it is quite likely that Bill Clinton would not have gotten five hundred thousand to speak for 20 minutes from Russia

".... the Clinton connection pay-for-play spiderweb Q post 3036 the Gateway pondan put up report Attorney General Barr gave Mueller permission to indict Trump's three adult children and Jared Kushner and it went on to say a report at the spectator on Friday claims dirty cop Robert Mueller met with attorney general Bob Barr and the two agreed that president Trump's children should be indicted the report goes on to say that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his 13 angry Democrats also want President Trump to be indicted

"....but that bar pushed back on this so Q says RiRi drop this is Muller and brackets and caps sealed indictments installed DC prior to rod Rosenstein loss of power sealed indictments DC blockade last resort installed post sessions departure and Whittaker assumption sealed indictment count DC post sessions departure sealed indictment count DC pre Whittaker assumption power of bar can a sealed in diamond be pulled post filing yes did POTUS just install a rogue Attorney General who allows for the indictment of his children based on false pretences bar Senate vote fifty four to forty five to unicorn's exists

" the article is saying that Mueller is getting ready to indict Trump's children there's only one problem with this Mueller would have to present his case to Barr he would have to show evidence to back everything up the problem with this is there is no evidence and Mueller has nothing to back it up at all so let's say Mueller did file the in diamonds in DC against Trump's children bar would have to take a look at it and follow the rule of law and he would see that there's no evidence most likely bar would then pull the indictments or send them back to the grand jury so let's go to post 25 12 now in post 25 12 it says Mueller will face charges are uranium one he's working to save himself there is no way that he's going to give these indictments over to bar and bar is going to agree to them and say okay let's move forward with these

"....because Mueller he is working to save himself right now and most of the stuff that he's collected is absolutely worthless and it would never pass any of the checks and balances and he knows this post 3037 queue gives us a Twitter link to representative Doug Collins it says today the link and as Doug Collins Don House gov for its last page will be placed in the record so the American people can read the transcript of Lissa page interview before the Judiciary Committee we went over this yesterday and there's a lot of good stuff in there showing that yes Obama Department of Justice ordered FBI not to prosecute Hillary Clinton

"....let's move on to post 3038 Q says and these are arrows pointing to the word to side in all of these sentences decide for yourself be free from outside opinion decide for yourself be objective in your conclusions decide for yourself be true in your own beliefs decide for yourself be open to following the facts decide for yourself be strong in defending your beliefs decide for yourself be resistant to blindly accept in fact lists statements decide for yourself be free those who attack you those who mock you those who call you those who control you those who label you do they represent you or do they represent themselves in some form mental enslavement the great awakening freedom of thought was designed and created normal not only as a back channel to the public away from the long-standing mind control the corrupt and heavily biased media to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individuals thought breaking the chains of groupthink

"....but more importantly aid in the construction of a vehicle a ship that provides the scattered free thinkers with a starter new social networking platform which allows for freedom and of thought expression and patriotism or national pride the feeling of love devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland an alliance with others with other citizens who share the same sentiment when a non-dogmatic information becomes free and transparent it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable when you are awake you can stand on the outside of the stable groupthink collective and have free thought free thought is a philosophical viewpoint which whole that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic reason rather than Authority tradition relevant revelation or Dogma

"....when you are awake you are able to clearly see the choice is yours and yours alone trust and put faith in yourself you are not alone and you're not in the minority difficult truths will soon see the light of day where we go one we go all post 3039 jew gives us representative Jim Jordan tweets the first one why did Adam Schiff say that his talks with Michael Cohen were limited to inviting him and allying any concerns about threats to his family but not mention the 14 hours his staff spent prepping calm before the hearing why did Adam Schiff fail to disclose that he met with Glenn Simpson whose dossier opposition research was funded by the Clinton campaign in Aspen why did Adam Schiff falsely claimed in his memo that Bruce or hadn't communicated his relationship with Christopher Steele to the FBI prior to the 2016 election why did Adam Schiff try to block Congress from learning that Clinton campaign pay for the dossier under this

"....Q says change you can believe in for word greater together betting on America we don't quit winning the future we can't wait in America economy built to last Q post 3040 Q gives us a meme and this is all the individuals Clinton Obama Holder Podesta clapper Lynch all behind bars and it says now that Russia collusion as a proven lie when do the trials for the for treason begin under this it says promise made promises soon to be kept as POTUS made a statement assertion that didn't end up being proven correct change we can believe in when they go low we go high let freedom ring

"....let's move on to post 3040 one Q says the unsealing of the first several and diamonds will bring about unity and change change that we can believe in returning power to the people returning the rule of law to our land we stand together we stand together as Patriots post 3042 Q gives us the video of Trump about draining the swamp this is when he was running for election we've seen this many many times before and he repeated the link 12 times now if we go back to the previous picture of all these individuals behind bars and you count the number of people in this pit in the picture it shows 11 but we need to remember and this is imposed 2568 Q told the annan ad brennan to the graphic and update so when you add brennan in it's the number 12 and that's how many times Q posted the link and if you notice at the end of the youtube link it ends with the letter Q who signed this post the president Q plus

"....let's move on to post 3043 Q gives us a link to 333 our deep revolution gives us a link a video link to Hannity and on top it says Hannity is a hashtag Q Annan Q army hashtag the Great Awakening hashtag where we go 1 we go all take a listen to what Hannity says in a two-tiered justice system that's all about to change justice I can tell you and report from my sources tonight is on the horizon stay tuned with us now under this post it says justice in all caps Q post 3044 Q gives us a drop which is three thousand five this is the tweet that trump tweeted out back in march fourth 2017 and it says terrible just found out that obama had my wires tapped in Trump Tower just before the victory nothing found this is McCarthyism

"....under this Q gives us a Twitter link and this is to Joe Meaux 23 this was at real Donald Trump 3 for 2017 everyone called him crazy below is a transcript from Lisa page Barack Obama ran a banana republic coup attempt plain and simple so under this gave us this graphic and here is the transcript from page mr. Ratcliffe let me move on to the text message on September 2nd of 2016 it's a series of texts that you exchanged with Asian struck and at one point you text him yes because POTUS wants to know everything we are doing miss page oh yeah I don't see where it is but I know what it is yeah mr. Radcliffe okay and you know the context of what it is miss page it is this is in the context of mr. Radcliffe well first of all so is POTUS I'm assuming that's miss page President Obama mr. Radcliffe President Obama okay Hugh says do you believe in coincidences this is a confirmation that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower and was spying on Trump

" an Annan starts to pull all of this together with a graphic goes back to cues to Trump's tweet on March 12 2019 and circles presidential her a sirs this points to Obama will be indicted then this is pointed to post 3041 the unsealing of the first several and diamonds will bring about unity and change change that we can believe in and then the arrow points to obama behind bars in post 3040 and down below Q wrote change we can believe in when they go low we go hi this is then pointed to what michelle obama said and this is on CNN politics michelle obama when they go low we go high slogan absolutely still stands then the Annan points to post 3039 change you can believe in forward greater together betting on America we don't quit winning the future we can't wait in America economy built to last let's post let's move on to post 3045 gives us a Twitter link to representative Ratcliffe and the Twitter link says lisa page confirmed to me under oath that the FBI was ordered by the Obama Department of Justice not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information gives us that part of the transcript mr. Ratcliffe

"....okay so let me if I can I know I'm testing your memory but when you say advice you got from the department you're making it sound like it was the department that told you you're not going to charge gross negligence because we're the prosecutors and we're telling you we're not going to miss page that is correct under this Q says the tarmac meeting days later this is in brackets bold James Comey no charges are appropriate how did Hillary Clinton obtain sap special access programs on her personal servers access to s AP ci is recorded in a local-access register or in a computer database where are the records I'd n of specific SAP s CI on the server provides a target roadmap to review access logs to that specific program what process and/or SEC clearance would be required to walk away terminal clear with SAP SEI material electronically did a foreign state gain access to the server yes that a foreign state gain access to the SA PSC I material on the server yes

"....and annan explains taking classified out of the skiff physically requires you have documentation and a secure means to transfer it if you want to bypass the security protocols then that info must be clone diverted real time to an off-site server from there anyone could access it pay to play or just walk in with an external hard drive and take what they wanted either way you must have someone in IT Pro set all that up for you foreign or domestic and you need to have special clearance where would this come from from the top-level Q gives us an article from the hill FBI contradicts Trump claimed that China hacked Clinton's private email server this was on August 29th 2018 let me read a little portion of this the FBI said that it had found no evidence about Trump's claim that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server was compromised by hackers working for the Chinese government

"....well it wasn't really hacked they had access in a brief statement the bureau said the FBI has found no evidence that the servers were compromised the statement follows the president tweets earlier Wednesday claiming without Evans that Clinton's emails have been hacked by China this is what trump tweeted out back then Hillary Clinton's emails many of which are classified information got hacked by China next move better be by the FBI Department of Justice or after all of their other missteps Comey McCabe struck page or FISA dirty dossier their credibility will be forever gone he also tweeted out report just out China hacked Hillary Clinton's private email server are they sure it wasn't Russia just kidding what are the odds that the FBI Department of Justice are right on top of this actually a very big story much classified information

" the intelligence community's Inspector General had found that a copy of every email on the server was being sent to a third party and that a third party was a known Chinese public company that was involved in collecting intelligence for China let's continue Q says if the top FBI chain of command for the mid year investigation were all fired does one conclude the investigation was not conducted properly yes we know that the investigation really didn't happen does one conclude all statements made by the FBI think no hack of server as a single example could be false Q then says take a moment and think about what that means gives us kill brackets and then the word treason Q and if we go back to what Trump said in his tweets and what the FBI said

"....Trump is saying that the servers were hacked so if the servers were hacked it means that China hacked into Clinton's server without her knowledge but the FBI has found no evidence that the servers were compromised hmm it seems that Trump just trapped the FBI and Clinton so if the servers weren't hacked they weren't compromised how did China get the information were they given access well we know parts of the emails were sent to China and it looks like Trump trapped the FBI remember the FBI back then was protecting Hillary Clinton so they had to say because Trump was out there saying that China hacked the server they had to say it wasn't hacked so guess what there was nothing taken so he actually trapped them in this case and it's going to work in his favor later

"....on post 3046 gives us everything to 3045 and gives us the FBI chain of command of who is involved remember all these people the protection of Hillary Clinton completely gone let's move on to post 3047 gives a Twitter link to real Donald Trump this says the just revealed FBI agent Lisa page transcripts make the Obama Justice Department look exactly like it was a broken and corrupt machine hopefully justice will finally be served much more to come Q then says trolling is fun panic is good panic increases the rat population paid shield brothers majority of time on top of POTUS Twitter feed how is that mathematically possible given volume coordination between chills and Twitter at Jack pointing an arrow he or she who laughs last nobody is safe basically saying they have all the shills and paid trolls out there hammering Trump at every turn and telling Jack Jack Dorsey we'll see who has the last laugh

"....let's move on to post 3048 Q Jesus post 1945 and post 1906 and these have to do with Xbox Live going down and we know that they used Xbox with their texting feature to pass messages back and forth and once Q posted something about this all of a sudden Xbox Live went down now what's very interesting is that this is coming out of the mainstream media cube put up a link from USA Today Facebook Instagram and zap they all went down today and Q says how much more obvious can any of this be think life log dump so it looks like there's a lot of records that are being dumped on these platforms and it might have brought both of these down also they might be running tests to see if they can shut it down and stop the communication for when the news comes out

"....but it's very interesting that all of a sudden this just happened now I want to leave you with Diane Feinstein this is a tweet from the dirty truth and this is about military tribunals of US citizens and the dirty truth tweeted out the following military tribunals of US citizens has come up in another hearing

" really sounds like people at senator Feinstein are starting to get worried take a listen to how panic she sounds military commission is appropriate for US citizens accused of terrorism in the United States I don't know that I ever specifically a pined on that question I don't know whether you did or not I'm asking you the question I don't think it would be appropriate for me to answer that kind of a hypothetical that's something that could come before the courts well I'm not sure that's a valid reason that a trial by a military commission for a US citizen accused of terrorism could be held by a military commission as opposed to a court so you're saying you don't have an opinion on that subject I'm saying that you know that kind of a claim that military commission would be appropriate inappropriate is something that someone who was contesting that procedure would then file in a court and I don't think it would be appropriate for me as a nominee to a court to opine on that case that's open question let me move on and

"....she sound very very nervous and wants some answers of why there would be military tribunals now we know that the countdown is continuing and queue has been telling us that there's going to be indictments that are going to be unsealed and this is going to start the ball rolling and I think people are going to be shocked people are gonna say whoa what is this and Q is telling us this is going to bring us together so we'll have to wait to see what these are but I believe this is the first batch and I believe we're gonna get these type of carpet bombs being dropped down or tactical nukes being dropped down each time each one of these countdowns to make the deep state go further into their panic attacks and make them do things they normally wouldn't do and make them worried and afraid

"....and we're going to see this begin in six days and this is gonna go on for many many days where we see these type of drops and I think this is all being built up to corner these rats so there's no escape and when Trump plays the last hand there's going to be nothing for them to do remember all of these drops leading up to the declassification to the OIG report and everything else it has to be done to educate everyone here in this country Q has told us that yes there's going to be a small portion that will never ever wake up they're so brainwashed that nothing will ever break you know bring them out of the sleep but the majority of the people as more and more these drops out and these are not just fake drops these are actual facts that will be coming out maybe the first one people will say yeah I don't believe it but after the second the third the fourth people are going to start to question it people are gonna say okay what is going on here

"....because more and more facts are coming out now we're seeing arrests something is going on here let me look into it and by the time Trump D classes and the OIG report comes out people we'll then believe and it will be a lot easier to bring the country together and to show who are the traitors who has committed treason and everyone during this period of time would have done a lot of research checking into this and becoming aware of what was going on if Trump D classed right at the beginning no one would have believed everyone would have just shrugged it off now things are very very different and you can see how this has been planned to make sure that when all of this comes out people are on the same page and what is the mainstream media gonna do they're gonna be trying to figure out how to explain this no one is going to believe them ...≺≺ less

Why Communism is the Deep State's Mind Control Cult [Ep1]

Edge of Wonder ** 3/8/2019
"..welcome to the edge of wonder we're your hosts I'm Rob and I'm bed we'd like to welcome everyone to a very special series we've put together on communism and while it might not seem like it this series is over a year in the making touching the very essence of everything we've been showing you guys with a deep state and how they operate and function in the shadows deep state you say communism you guys are just conspiracy theorists right you might say that's true except literally everything has been so carefully tracked with this communist specter that by the end of this series you're going to feel like your lives have been turned upside down ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"..we know because ours has been we've been there yeah and this five to six part series will take you through what communism and revolution really is the history of secret societies only revealed through the emergence of communism how the deep state uses socialism to obtain its ultimate goals and the death tolls and destruction of communism in the West and the east as with every series we hear at edge of wonder produce we hope that this series sheds light on the true history

"..we as the human race have gone through and empowers our audience to research what we've provided on their own because we're team so without further ado here's our series on communism well and let's start like who hears heard of Hitler I'm probably everybody robbed right he's only the most evil arch-nemesis known to man right so when everyone hears the word Nazi what do they think of these days other than conspiracy theorists it's basically the worst thing you could call someone isn't it if someone doesn't like someone

" they call them a Nazi I mean chump gets called a Nazi all the time by kind of underrated people who have no idea what the word Nazi really means or as a way to throw shade at someone they want to wound but why is being called a Nazi one of the worst things you could be called of course there was the genocide in the eugenics and mass murder targeting a group of people right I mean it's fully awful it went down in history is one of the greatest lessons lesson every country hopes not to repeat but has anyone thought why this is when the Nazis finally lost World War two

"..there was a denazification movement yeah there were public trials of Nazi war criminals and the cleansing of fascist ideology now because of that the very word Nazi is tied to a sense of utter shame as we speak today after all these years there's still a hunt to bring former Nazis to Justice George Soros so why do we bring this up today doing a little data crunching about 18 to 21 million people buy it in the Holocaust of course the true number could be higher depending on where you source this number

"..but we can all agree it's fairly accurate let's look at a quote from Hitler did you know that Hitler claimed to be the real fulfillment of Marxist ideology he said I am not only the conqueror but also the executor of Marxism of that part of it which is essential and justified stripped of its Jewish Tomic Dogma multiple sources have referenced this quotes anyone out there know the death toll from communism a conservative estimate of the death toll of communism is a whopping 94 to 100 million people and when we say conservative we mean it the cover-ups from the Chinese Communist Party from their communist famines and Cultural Revolution could estimate the death toll well easily over 200 million people or more 200 million people

" the question remains why when someone hears the word Nazi it communicates a sense of shame but when we hear the word socialist or communist people still think it's a good idea and this my friends is where the rabbit hole gets ever deeper here's a quote from how the specter of communism is ruling our world by the epic times although communists have fallen from power in the former communist countries communism has never been tried for the crimes it committed on a global level why is communism been so relatively untouched when the death toll and murderous nature of it had been well-known throughout the world is there a deeper reason for this

"..let's go back to our conspiracy theory guide book called bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz spring Meyer heard of it yeah I mean we thought so as I have said numerous times Hitler was of the Rothschild bloodline a common practice among the top 13 families is to have an important child secretly or quietly without fanfare and adopt the child out to another family the child then takes on another last name which hides the genealogy did you know that the families in the 13 bloodlines funded communism the Rothschilds and other top satanic families in a lesser way financed a Jewish Mason and devote Satanist named Karl Marx to write his Das Kapital

"..the Satanist controlling key Masonic groups along with other groups they controlled got communism started the original idea came from Satan and was given at a feast of the beasts in meticulous detail to those highest in the Satanic hierarchy whoa wait wait wait wait so what is socialism and communism then and why is it so important is it just the surface political ideology or do the quotes allude to something else there's a very important principle here and we've said this throughout our deep State series

".. it doesn't matter if you all out there don't believe Satan exists the deep state does certain families in the 13 bloodlines even leave a place for Satan at the dinner table and you can find this symbology in a lot of pop culture Karl Marx is known for his works the Communist Manifesto and the Das Kapital but Marx produced a lot of poetry too which show the progression of Marx completely giving himself over to Satan thus becoming his instrument in the human world the fiddler how so I plunge plunge without fail my blood black saber into your soul

" at God neither wants nor whisks it leaps to the brain from hell's black mists till hearts bewitched till senses real with Satan knife struck my deal he chalks the signs beats time for me I play the death march fast and free Marx wanted to take revenge on God he said in one poem called invocation of one in despair invocation of one in despair I shall build my throne high overhead cold tremendous shallots summit be for its bulwark superstitious dread for its Marshall blackest agony you could just take this to be some poetry if we weren't all extremely aware of the rituals the deep state performs in blood and if we didn't hear the quotes from the bloodlines of the Illuminati about communism connection to their plans

"..Marxist role was to establish this cult but why what is communism really when communism was first created the word Satan was regularly used in its doctrine there were a number of people in groups involved in its promulgation the Communist Church was created by John Goodwin barneby here's a quote about barmy the struggle for communism declared Barbee was apocalyptic bound to end with the mystical reunion of Satan into God the communist Church gave way to a belief system called Christian communism which was completely openly satanic

" if you try to look this up online now however it gives you the modern understanding of Christian communism where Christians have to answer to the communism not the Christian God have to dig into the genesis of this philosophy to find the truth as the discussions flew back and forth on the form communism should take Marx's Communist Manifesto was complete the word Satanism was not used and atheism was used in its place atheism this the spiritualisation of men was the exact power-play that would both allow communism to be spread and the key factor in eliminating man's connection to the divine does everyone here know the deep state's goals there are many it's not just one

"..some people say it's to control money some say it's to control power and consolidate power some say it's to create the new world order some say it's eugenics under the pretense of atheism there is no God no Satan no spiritualism and it's all superstitious thousands of years of civilization and history would be dissolved in addition people would lose all property and all sense of self and we don't mean that in the good way individualism was completely removed nothing was yours so in a nutshell the easiest way to mind-control a society is to take away their culture have them believe in nothing and that became from nothing spiritual

"'re talking about thousands of years of deep state experience with mind control from different esoteric practices to history manipulation to the darkest arts being pushed into a theology that would undermine humans and allow the elites goals to become a reality 150 years in the making the ultimate evil Specter [Music] lies hatred and struggle provisions destroyed [Music] the deep states cult communism so don't believe us marks work was based on Hegelian philosophy where did have galleon philosophy come from Hermetic tradition

"'s a quote from Marxist org hay goes library included hermetic writings by Agrippa Fame Bruno and Paracelsus he read widely on mesmerism psychic phenomenal dowsing precognition and sorcery he publicly associated himself with Nona cultists like Franz von bother he hangul stated in his lectures more than once that the term speculative means the same thing as mystical he believed in an earth spirit and correspondent with colleagues about the nature of magic he aligned himself informally with hermetic societies such as the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians even Hegel's doodles were hermetic as we shall see in Chapter three

"..when I discuss the mysterious triangle diagram triangle diagram literally every avenue you take with communism Hall leads back to one form or another of mystic arts secret societies and Satanism it's safe to say the people we surround ourselves with in life influences right so have you ever wondered what the people marx hung around with had say let's take a look at a couple quotes from them hi and who was a close friend of mark said i called the devil and he came his face with wonder i must scan he is not ugly he is not lame he is delightful charming man let's okay McCall Bakunin was a huge influence on mark

"..he says this about the socialist revolution quote in this revolution we will have to awaken the devil in people to stir up the basest passions our mission is to destroy not to edify the passion of destruction is a creator of passion if you understand the philosophy of Hegel which stems from Hermeticism this quote makes much sense their philosophy revolves around God coming into creation when he created the world so then what were they trying to do Marx believed that to fully spite God he would recreate through revolution everything and hence become God himself

"..this is clearly stated in his own poetry but what is more fascinating is that the communism they decided to push suppresses the very beliefs that they came from so what are their goals and why the machine of communism is a revolution when there's no revolution communism would even cannibalize itself to keep the revolution going many people think the word revolution is a good thing but the revolutions communism pushed were based in violence forcibly overthrowing people monarchies religious entities and government leaving millions dead then you might be asking well what are the goals of communism

"..a snapshot of the objectives can be found in the Marxist planks of the Communist Manifesto one abolition of property and land and application of all rents of land to public purposes to a heavy progressive or graduated income tax three abolition of all rights of inheritance four confiscation of the property of all immigrants and rebels five centralization of credit in the hands of the state by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly six centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state seven extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state

"..the bringing into cultivation of waste lands and the improvement of soil generally in accordance with a common plan eight equal liability of all to work establishment of industrial armies especially for agriculture ix combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equitable distribution of the populace over the country 10 free education for all children and public schools abolition of children's factory labor in its present form combination of education with industrial production wait wait so no property so I can't have anything that's mine at all

"..I can't go buy a house and put all my stuff I bought in their extreme tax most of my money that I worked for isn't mine tell me where that money is going in whose pockets exactly I can't give or donate to anything I feel strongly about now I just have to give all of my money to whatever elite person is in charge exactly and wait there's more no family inheritance nothing can come to me from my grandmother immigrants that's people leaving the country get everything taken away well so much for leaving if you don't like the way their governing things centralization of credit

" the state has all monopolies and all the money it's not your money it's the states the state the people overthrowing everything we could go on from here but you guys get the point right communism isn't freedom communism is a gang and the rights of people would go into the hands of the people at the top of the food chain which is the exact thing the people in communism feign to be fighting against here are a few quotes from the epic time series the dark origins of communism Lenin would later push a similar concept under his idea of partisanship there were those who supported the revolution and those who did not and the ones who did not support it were marked for destruction

"..the idea that society should be divided into only two factions with no middle ground can still be found in today's political conflicts quote the French Revolution leaders preached collective good to justify the use of widespread violence the idea of the people invoked by these revolutionary dictators did not refer to the people of the country but instead the people of the system they aim to create for the sake of these people to be created by the revolution no crime was too great a new atrocity was true gruesome when many people think about communism they think that it started in Russia but that's not true and we'll be getting into this in the next episode

"..communism exploded into existence after long years of unrest in France in the CBS show what Catholics believe father William Jenkins in a 1980 segment of the TV show had this to say quote while the French Revolution called for principles of liberty equality and fraternity the concept of total Liberty they proposed is best described as total anarchy during the reign of terror he said Robespierre and his fellow revolutionaries slaughtered many French peasants he said based on the extremist logic quote people here had never seen a violence like this before people here had never committed a crime but they had to die

" that France could be transformed into a socialist society unquote socialism you say doesn't everyone now seem to be preaching that the results of socialism in every instance took the rights away from the people and allowed anarchy and death to rule in its place this isn't us just saying this this is the historic truth we'll be getting into the results of revolution and socialism throughout this series revolution has left millions dead strewed about in the streets and the fields even communist members themselves well let's wrap this up all this talk about communism but what's the real meaning behind it and its purpose

".. we know the Illuma donkey were somewhat involved right and that usually when they're involved there are deeper more subversive things going on behind the scenes so is it just that communism came about due to surface circumstances and philosophies let's look at a quote from the epic time spectre of communism again while there are many parallels to be found there is one crucial distinction that is often overlooked the Nazis aim to eliminate the Jewish people but the goal of communism goes beyond physical slaughter people of faith do not consider physical demise to be once true death since the soul goes to heaven or is born again in the cycle of reincarnation the Communist Party uses killing as an instrument to plant the seeds of terror and the minds of the people forcing them to accept its evil ideology through the destruction of morality people's souls are fated to damnation the Communist Party aims not just to destroy man's physical body but also to destroy his soul

".. the deep state school isn't just to eliminate our physical bodies it's to herald in the apocalypse and murder people's souls and the ideology they've chosen to do this that spread all over the world is communism the early stages of communism is called socialism socialism goal is only communism socialism goal is not to stay socialism as we'll show you throughout this series the deep state believes order comes from chaos and wanted to smite and defeat God their goal is literally create hell on earth they are trying to force the people of the world to disbelieve in the divine and hopes to drag people to hell ridding the world of mindless eaters while they can live in peace with only about 500 million to 1 billion or so

"..left their so-called alien satanic gods would become rulers and gods and the Cabal would rule and enslave the rest of the population under them so now that we just said this do you think we can't prove everything we just told you in the next episode we're going to reveal exactly how secret societies were involved in communism creation and how the luma donkey came about we have it so exactly and perfectly sourced that it's undeniable and through that we're going to explain to you the true story of these secret societies and how they came about who would have thought that communism would be the exact thing that would reveal the truth behind secret societies stay tuned for the next episode about communism and Illuminism things are just heating up in this series and as always there wouldn't be any version of this where evil comes out on top so remember there is a light at the end of this tunnel and it's all our jobs to create that educating ourselves about this deep state cult is everything we need to dismantle it and dismantle it we will until next time we'll see you out on the edge without my blood black sable into your soul library cool the Hermetic ...≺≺ less

#WalkAway - Brandon Straka, "Why I left the Democrat Party"

#WalkAway Campaign ** Published on Jun 29, 2018

Stage Is Set, [DS] Ammo Depleted, Wait For It, Trump Card - Episode 1806b

X22Report** Published on Mar 4, 2019
"... the deeps say they are using every piece of ammo they have and what the Patriots are doing they're letting the deep state do what they do best they are basically destroying themselves think about it the Senate the house and once the Mueller report comes out it's going to show no russian collusion but the deep state the Dems they're still pushing that there's investigations going on into every aspect of Trump's business dealings which has nothing to do with anything you imagine other presidents going through this no because this is unheard of this makes no sense they're Russian collusion story fell apart ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" they're creating a new story based on what nothing they're creating some sort of crime that really didn't exist why because they have nothing else they know what's coming they know that Trump is going to be playing the trump card and once he does they're done for now during CPAC Trump talked a lot about a lot of different things and one thing he did talk about was this new executive order where he was going to require universities to support free speech now first of all why do universities need to be forced to go along with the Constitution going back in time universities well they allowed free speech on campus that was the whole thing people were able to speak freely

"...but during the Obama administration and going back in time they shut that down they didn't want people speaking out freely actually they made zones where they said this is a free speech zone this is where you can speak so he said okay I'm creating this executive order and if you don't allow free speech you're not gonna get federal funding for grants take a listen to what he said in CPAC today I'm proud to announce that I will be very soon signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal research now

" you can see the crowd was cheering they gave him a standing ovation why because he's protecting the First Amendment actually every American should be protecting the First Amendment free speech not free speech in zones and we talked about this quite a bit going back when Obama was president when they created these free speech zones when in an event occurred or we were talking about it in colleges and once again there's nothing in the Constitution that says you must have you must be speaking freely in a free speech zone

" you can see that this really shouldn't be but it seems like he needs to push this right now because the deep state was trying to get rid of a constitution try to get rid of our rights trying to get rid of everything the founding fathers put into place but the deep state they're not finished they're still pushing their agenda the House Judiciary Committee they fired off 81 document requests in their sweeping investigation of Trump of his inner circle and some of the recipients of the WikiLeaks Julian Assange and RA Michael Flynn Flynn jr. Michael Cohen Steve Bannon Trump Organization Trump's sons you name it

"...they're just bringing everyone in for what reason well they'll find something now Molly spoke to Jerry Nadler on November 7 2018 on the train and she tweeted out yeah today the following on November 7 2018 I sat across from representative Jerry Nadler on the Amtrak as he discussed his big impeachment plans which he planned to present not as impeachment but as holding Trump accountable media know and support this she continued media will help Schiff and Dems seamlessly transition from two years of Russian collusion allegations to other investigations because the media is just as complicit in Russia hoax as Democrats

"...and so they need the transition just as much as Schiff and Dems do yes the media was working with the deep state because the CIA controls the media and all these individuals were working together now their entire Russian collusion story well it fell flat and now they're trying to move away from it why would anyone believe them at this point actually Tom Fenton broke it down the left abused the IRS to target its opposition the left then abused the FBI Department of Justice CIA's state to target its opposition and now the left abuses Congress to target its ops opposition with eighty demands for documents shut it down

"...oh it will be shut down and we'll be talking about this all into the q posts coming up at first I wanted to go out to Venezuela here because one Guido he is now back in Venezuela and guess what Maduro he did not arrest him even though the mainstream media was out there and I know bolton said oh if Maduro comes in and arrest them there's going to be swift action Maduro I don't believe was ever going to arrest this individual this again is not an elected leader he was not sworn in by the Supreme Court the government and he didn't go through the election process think about if Clinton today decided to say listen I'm the president right now I don't care if you elected for truck you elected Trump I'm gonna step into that position would that be allowed no

"... it's the same thing in Venezuela and actually Venezuela they have the voter ID system so they don't use paper ballots Maduro wasn't stuffing the paper ballot box they weren't doing any of that stuff so what we're seeing right now is the deep state the neocons they've been pushing this for a very long time what are the Patriots doing they're monitoring gathering evidence Bolton and the rest are out there keeping the mainstream media and many others very very bit see think about all the players that are busy in Venezuela Rubio and many others while the real work is being done behind the scenes

"... now Bolton came out and he mentioned the Monroe doc now this pissed off Russia and Lavrov went off on Bolton the question is what is the Monroe doc well the Monroe Doctrine was outlined by President James Monroe in 1823 it proclaims the Western Hemisphere as an exclusive zone of Washington's interests and regards any interference in the Americas by any foreign powers as hostile act now I don't know how well this is going to go over with many nations across the globe because all they have to do is they just have to point out what the US did out in the Middle East what they've been doing in Africa and I'm not talking about Trump and administration I'm talking about the deep state the intelligent operatives Obama administration and all of those what they've been doing in the past

" Trump he's not a war monger he wants peace this is why he's in North Korea right now talking about peace this is why he's withdrawing the troops from Syria this is why he's withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan he's reversing everything the deep state the intelligent organizations have been doing for a very long time and this is a lengthy process it's not that easy just snapping your fingers because they have deep state operatives in all of these countries in North Korea Libya Syria Venezuela you name it Ukraine you name it and it's very difficult to remove all these individuals at the same exact time

" Trump has been going from country to country using the military against the intelligent organizations against deep state actors removing them one at a time and the fake news media continually pushes out propaganda I mean Trump just tweeted out today about North Korea and he said the military drills or war games as they as I call them were never even discussed in my meeting with Kim jong-un of North Korea fake news I made that decision long ago because it cost the u.s. far too much money to have those games especially since we are not reimbursed for the tremendous cost Trump stopped these drills a while ago

"...remember the mainstream media and certain individuals in government they believe he failed in the talks with kim jeong-hoon or others are happy that he didn't have any type of peace deal what's going to happen I do believe is that Kim Jong hoon most likely is going to write a letter to Trump because he does trust him and all of a sudden Kim jong-un is going to say let's talk remember Trump is going to be put in individuals right in North Korea to work with Kim jong-un and he's going to use this to his advantage to show everyone Kim jong-un came to me and all of a sudden they're going to have a deal on how North Korea is going to D nuclear eyes

"...and then Trump is going to remove the sanctions and once again he's going to show up the fake stream media let's get into some of Q's posts now this is posed 2935 and q put up a link Fox News and this is Nadler announced a sweeping document requests says Trump obstructed justice now we just talked about this about the 80 or so individuals asking for the request of the documents and then Q went on to say when the original insurance policy expires this is brac kill brackets bold caps Mueller and you must attempt to protect those in harm's way by reapplying blockade Plus maintain leftist hatred and fake news narrative you

" the deep state right now they're panicking they need to continue the narrative they created a fake news narrative to keep their insurance policy going this will not work the D class will bring down the house and all fake investigations once the D class is out there they will be scrambling to protect themselves from the tact cool nukes that will be dropped all around them and these individuals they will be running for cover pose 29:36 q says at what stage in the game do you play the trump card so first of all what is the trump card a valuable resource that may be used especially as a surprise in order to gain an advantage play when do you play the trump card when the other side believes they have the strength they feel confident that they hold the winning hand you play this card at the end of the game

"...Trump the Patriots they plan this out there waiting to throw down the trump card and once they do guess what it's game over post 29:37 q says why have there been no arrests because the Patriots they're gathering evidence letting the deeps they believe they have the power that they're strong but cueing the Patriots they're tracking their moves why have specific dates been mentioned only to see no action remember Q gives us real information and disinformation because the deep state they are watching the board's so Q uses this to the Patriots advantage so why didn't we see certain action because this was used to throw the deep Sadoff they waste ammunition because they heard these dates they heard something was gonna happen so they used their ammunition to counter it and then nothing happened this was planned and the second benefit of this is that they believe that when Q mentions these dates nothing happens so they start they start to let their guard down a little bit

"...Q says defined game theory game theory is the study of mathematical models of strategic interaction between rational decision makers it has applications in all fields of social science as well as in logic and computer science originally it addressed zero-sum games in which one person's gains result in losses for the other participants q and the Patriots have been using game theory against the deep state Q puts out the real information and disinformation at the same time then they watch the deep state operatives and they see how they react and they gather evidence they track their movements

"...hew says why must this information be provided because sometimes you need the deep state to make certain moves that benefits the one putting out the information Q says define public purview the scope of the influence or concerns of something do we let our enemies walk through the front door define plausible deniability that is the ability of people typically senior officials and a formal or informal train of command to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damn about action committed by others in an organizational hierarchy because of lack of evidence that can confirm their participation even if they were personally involved in or at least willfully ignorant of the actions

"...she says why is it important to first clean house within the FBI and Department of Justice well Jeff Sessions clean the house to set the stage for Whittaker Whittaker then set the stage for Barr they cleaned house to remove the protection of Clinton and many others why was it important to first clean house within the ABC agencies like the CIA the FBI and the rest to shut down the operations to get rid of bad actors to allow the Patriots to work without being monitored so they can monitor these ABC agencies what are the duties of the FBI

"...the mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against terrorists and foreign intelligence threats to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United State and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal state municipal and international agencies and partners and to perform these responsibilities in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the public and is faithful to the Constitution of the United States hew says

"...what are the duties of the Department of Justice to enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic to provide federal leadership inventing and controlling crime to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all American q says one does military intel have jurisdiction jurisdiction when it affects national security of the United States what vested powers does POTUS have military Intel verse ABC agencies in the matters of a national security homeland think umbrella surveillance

"...what agency does the FBI report - it reports the Attorney General and the Department Director of National Intelligence what is the role of the Attorney General q says the mission of the office of the Attorney General is to supervise and direct administration operation of the Department of Justice including the FBI Drug Enforcement Administration bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms explosives bureau of prison office of Justice programs and the US Attorney's and US Marshal Service which are all within the Department of Justice

"...hew says does the Attorney General oversee the firing of FBI and Department of Justice senior mid lower-level staff yes how many FBI and Department of Justice were fired and forced out many does Russia recusal prevent bloc Attorney General from this responsibility no session is the one that removed a lot of these individuals what time period did this occur during sessions time who appointed and tasked Huber sessions who appointed and tasked the OIG sessions who was the Attorney General Sessions zero leaks none this is in kill brackets in bold transfer from a g1 to a g2

" we have the sessions who resigned Whittaker took over his spot and then bar came in so everything sessions and Whittaker did they transferred that over to bar why might that be important Q says sessions Whittaker gave all behind investigations all the work to bar and bar has not been recused so he can handle Mueller the entire Russian investigation how do you avoid politically motivated attack obstruction attempt to block obstruct Muller optics are important when our optics not important think Whitaker defines stage set sessions and Whitaker set the stage for Barr who recently walked on stage to take command bar what stage experienced

"...this person have many many years he worked in the Department of Justice before under Bush think Bill Clinton impeachment as the stage been cleaned and cleared for the next performance yes if the stage is clean can the performance begin yes how my transparency this is in brackets and bold and caps d-class fit into this dialogue define thesis statement a thesis statement usually appears at the middle or end of the introductory paragraph of paper and it offers a concise summary of the main point where a claim of the essay research paper etc it is usually expressed in one sentence and the statement may be reiterated elsewhere what benefits does this provide Barr

"...this is not simply another four-year election this is a crossroads into the history of civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaim control over our government potus logical thinking q so Q is laying it out letting us know all the different positions how this was set up why the stage was set and this was a methodical plan moving ahead step by step with military precision there were a lot of things that had to be done to set the stage

"...pose 2938 q says ask yourself a very simple logical question what is a FISA warrant application well each application for one of those surveillance warns called a FISA warrant is made before an individual judge of the court the court may allow third parties to submit briefs when the US Attorney General determines that an emergency exists the Attorney General may authorize the emergency employment of electronic surveillance before obtaining the necessary authorization from the FISC if the Attorney General or their designee notifies us notify as a judge of the court at the time of authorization and applies for a warrant as soon as practicable but not more than seven days after authorization of such surveillance as required by 50 USC 1805

"...if an application is does not denied by one judge of the court the federal government is not allowed to make the same application to a different judge of the court but may appeal to the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of review such appeals are rare the first appeal from the Fiske to the court of review was made in 2002 Q says is a highly confidential safeguarded product of the United States government yes if a product of the US government how did you K Australia know what was listed inside of the package it was given to them by the Obama administration think call to POTUS to prevent d-class sources and methods

"...if the US government requests UK Australia plus 2 to spy + campaign insertion on an American presidential pre nominee + POTUS elect is there a chain of command to approve such Authority yes paper trail of the train of command an umbrella spy metadata yes if not tasked or targeted under 5i what legal authority exists to engage the targeting none Fink newness statement not enough normal collection gathering reporting oversight 5 I did the dossier provide the bulk data anchor for the spy campaign yes was it real No

"...what entity paid for the research dossier Clinton opposition candidate what US ally completed the collection of false data UK why was it important to use sources within the UK versus us to navigate around US law to spy on people how do you circumvent US law well you use other countries in the 5i5 eyes what other anchors were provided to Fisk in order to gain the warrant d-class will show was the other data collection process worse than the dossier yes why didn't Fisk require in-room presentations of the data prior to sign off who signed apps one through four and this would be Rosenstein Comey and the rest who traveled to UK Australia post election of POTUS

"... why were security privileges removed from select formerly active individuals treason sedition corruption at the highest levels of government worldwide how do you repair a bridge without closing it down q let's move on to post 29:39 this is an article from ABC and this says prosecutors major criminals behind the badge with Utah's US Attorney's drug illegal immigration violent crimes these are the big issues in Utah and while you may not think they impact you they do that's why the US Attorney's Office in Utah has added six new prosecutors to its team in this week's behind the badge report we meet a couple of new prosecutors and talk to the US Attorney

"... the primary focus is the violent crime team in child porn and child porn cases Q says sometimes reading between the lines provides more information Huber says every one of the prosecutors is already handling about 20 cases and they added on what six more they reigned from domestic terrorism to court authorized wiretaps of criminal organizations to child pedophiles and those who would exploit our children criminal aliens big fraud schemes read between the lines this is happening across the United States so the next post is twenty nine forty and Hanan posted the sealed cases filed from november 30 2017 to February 28 2019 and there's 80 2324 sealed indictments

" that's about 5,000 on average per month and this is really out of the ordinary q says the following thank you anin note not all are USA verse other areas nothing to see here and you can see there are a lot of indictments now some of the indictments have nothing to do with those individuals in the kill brackets so there are some that are out there that have nothing to do with that but Q is letting us know that yes that is true post 29:41 there's a twitter link this is ted Lieu and it reads unlike the narrow scope of Mueller's investigation the House Judiciary oversight mission is broad did @potus commit any crimes or misconduct our investigation will either exonerate Trump or it won't we will follow the facts wherever it may take us so right there in a statement did he commit any crimes so that's like looking at every single person United States going let's look for a crime they committed

"...this is ridiculous nope there's nothing out there the same that they committed a crime Q says read the comments though still sleeping by the narrow scope new narrative shifts so if you read the comics comments they're still buying this crap if the scope memo was never unclassified version - how do DS make this statement while the classified information has been passed to them and the mainstream media remember there's leaks that go on to help these individuals out hashtag fax matters

"...q post 2942 Q gives us a link to Fox News Hillary Clinton says country is in full-fledged crisis during speech in Selma to mark Bloody Sunday while Clinton did not specifically mentioned Trump in her speech she said that racists and white supremacist views have been buoyed by the current administration and mourn that civil and voting rights were under attack in the u.s. Trump says full-scale attack March Madness prepare cue think about what she's saying she's warning that civil and voting rights are under attack remember if they don't have the voter fraud they can't win and they realize voter IDs are coming and this is why she's saying that

"...there's a full-fledged crisis in this country now it's a full-fledged crisis for them post 2943 queue puts up a Twitter link from ted Lieu it says we cannot avert our eyes to the evidence plainly before us my statement on the Judiciary Committee massive investigation into a trio donald trump and his associates I commend chair Jerry Nadler for his leadership and look forward to working with him ted Lieu is claiming they have evidence but the Senate house and Mueller report will say there's no evidence so basically they're just putting it out there that they have incredible amounts of evidence

"...and they really don't Q says more statements made evidence without presenting facts again we go back to the propaganda definition that the deep state continually uses the mainstream continually uses they push out propaganda they tell you how they have all this evidence they have the proof and then it never can show you anything Q says if evidence existed under broad scope number one would Mueller have the authority to pursue and then Q gave us a link to justice gov appointment of special counsel to investigate Russia interference with the 2016 presidential election and related matters

"...Q pointed out a specific area of this the special counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confined by then FBI director James Comey Komi in testimony before the house permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20th 2017 including any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of the President Trump and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation and the other matters within the scope of 28 CFR section 600 point for a because no evidence existed and/or was found by special counsel Mueller with scope number 2 enacted an attempt to go outside of the Intendant engagement absolutely gave us another link to document cloud

"...and this is rod Rhodes and Stein's memo the link is the redacted second memo from rod Rosenstein this memo redefines the scope of Mueller's investigation the memo mentioned specific people in crimes why is scope number 2 classified and only the Attorney General the Deputy Attorney General and select few others read at Terminal only if evidence existed why did our + D members of the Senate conclude no direct evidence exists so there's no direct evidence but they went to scope number 2 they already knew this was going to happen they knew there was going to be no evidence whatsoever

"...and they knew they were going to go to the next scope which was number 2 and they redacted parts of it so no one saw what they were really going after except a few select gave us another link to NBC News Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia so the original document from Justice gov which lays out what the city the special counsels supposed to do he the special counsel was supposed to investigate Russian collusion they found nothing they made up through Rosen Stein's memo new scope because they knew they were going to find nothing

"...let me continue when will Americans wake up to the deep part econ that has continually pushed what pushed without facts without support and supported and further pushed by the media arm of the D Party fake news media that's in bold caps kill brackets reading the comments on these tweets further demonstrates the seriousness of media brainwashing in our country whereby statements are considered facts without the need to provide proof groupthink control the narrative

"...if enough people state the same thing without providing evidence and/or support does it become factual to those caught in the loop national crisis queue so a lot of people they just hear these things they hear the headlines they hear these Senators these House of Representatives come out and say we have a huge amount of evidence and they just believe it and there's no true nope don't proof or anything to back it up when they hear the mainstream media repeat it over and over and over they just believe it without asking for proof

"'s time to ask the mainstream media and all these individuals to prove every single thing they say and if they can't present it we don't believe it 2944 in a non said confirmed typo confin'd is confirmed q says yes I meant confirmed 2945 it says we are q and it shows Trump walking up to the pulpit when he first was elected and shows the crowd it was full there give us a Twitter link to Ted little once again and he says you should update your t banner pic to properly reflect the crowd size when the event actually started

" ted Lieu has the picture of the crowds with obama and the crowds would trump and shows that trump didn't have the same crowds and of course this picture was taken before everyone got there and it says have you ever witnessed a public all-out attack by the opposition party against the President of the United States those who would normally and the shadows are forced into light panic Patriots in control and again he's showing fake information on his Twitter account opposed 2946 gave us a Twitter link to Meet the Press now this Twitter this tweet was deleted and let me read to you what it says and remember just because you delete something it doesn't really mean it's deleted on the Internet

"...this is from Meet the Press latest Senator Mark Warner tells Chuck Todd that lawmakers have found enormous evidence of possible collusion between president Trump's orbit and Russia's during that election on hashtag MTP hashtag I felt Sunday NBC News so Q says enormous evidence really let's see it let's see this enormous evidence that you have this again is propaganda

" 2947 in an on put up the post by q which is post 2946 and the tweet by Trump shows 702 702 Q says at what point is it statistically impossible then we move on to post 2948 and it says in brackets in bold 7 seconds we are getting closer to 0 how is that possible close proximity yes q and the president are very close to each other and they time this post 2949 and an on says says page doesn't exist on Twitter when tried the link and this is Meet the Press that was delete deleted and Q says the power of the people the tweet has been deleted q suppose 2950 and Annan put up a meme and it says Tran Investigation Agency CIA bakery division blessed are the Baker's under it it says Keck Q I go to click on Meet the Press link and it says the page does not exist the deep state is taking down evidence as fast as you are posting it nothing to see here you are the news now Q says

" 29:51 Twitter this is Bill Slater and it's a gif of Clinton on a rocking chair in straitjacket in an insane asylum it says impeach written all over the walls and Trump is looking in through the window and laughing Obama is in the room with her and this is just a funny meme post 2952 this is a Fox News video this is representative David Devon Nunez and it says Michael Cohen is testifying in a private setting with no classified information so Devon newness is saying listen he's not giving out classified information why is he behind closed doors there's no reason for him to testify behind closed doors because he has nothing classified this makes no sense why because they're just gonna make up stuff out of the closed-door meeting

"... post 29:53 a Twitter link Mark Levin show and it says see you tonight thanks on life liberty and leaven Fox News at 10:00 during Trump's CPAC speech he mentioned the Mark Levin show and again on the schedule and this was about this new individual who says walk away and then in the next post 29:54 it's the YouTube video of this individual and the channel is called hashtag walk away campaign this is Brandon Straka and he was a Democrat then he started to realize what the Democrats were really about started to do research and now he says listen I can't be with the Democrats I can't be with this party I see what they're all about and I'm walking away and he goes into his video explaining why he's walking away and why others should be walking away Q says the Great Awakening

"...posed 2955 and annan says and asked the question can someone explain this Whitaker ship Q said he was taking on a new rolling Department justice now quit suddenly and under it says you have a short memory annan he did remain on and in the senior role as stated by the Department of Justice gave us a link to Politico and it says Whittaker Justice Department attorney general counselor is leaving duration stated question mark why are key positions always interchanging logical thinking by oneself clarifies easy to answer questions q now if we go back to post 2766 back then q actually says Whittaker remain Department of Justice senior staff question mark again q never said he's going to be there forever so with the question mark it says how long will Whittaker be there well he was put into a different position and now he's leaving does that mean he's not going someplace else to help Trump no

" 29:56 and Annan says remain then go but we really liked him q q says departure from the Department Department of Justice doesn't mean he's not on the team and still in the game by our analogy an actor in the movie q so he is still doing something behind the scenes he's still an actor in this great movie and what Q is telling us is that they're holding the trump card the trump card is going to bring down everything and they're waiting for the exact moment to play the card this has all been planned out think about what the Patriots have done within two years they gathered all this evidence removed Clinton's blocks got all these sealed indictments without any of it leaking they have all these investigations going on with no leaks whatsoever sessions when he was in his position he was able to remove individuals to push forward the in investigations

"...Trump remember is out there any contradicts or he makes fun of sessions or he makes fun of other individuals that he used that was part of the plan he's doing this on purpose to confuse the mainstream media this movie this show is still going on it's not that he dislikes sessions sessions was needed for a certain part of the movie and Trump is continually keeping the idea in the mainstream media that he's very angry with sessions and sessions did nothing think about the optics of the entire situation people think that Trump is angry at sessions for doing nothing that he wasted all this time

"...but in reality behind the scenes he was getting rid of key players starting other investigations the mainstream media thought he was doing nothing and again they're used to leaks they're used to getting information there is no information out there this is why the trump card is so important because it's not just about the D class it's not just about the OIG report it's about the indictments it's about the arrests that are coming it's about the investigations that have been going on for the last two years think about it for a second the deep state thought wow they got nothing on us nothing's happening so they go about their business covering up certain crimes creating new crimes they're being monitored they're collecting evidence

"...remember the sealed indictments the sealed indictment is allowing the investigations to move forward and they're watching them they're collecting their information what better way to trap someone but to make them think they're not being investigated and when the trump card is thrown down the deep state they will have nothing left do they have Russian collusion anymore no what are they really have what they're looking into the personal business dealings of Trump that's well they have there's no crime there's nothing and that will come to an end as soon as the truth comes out this is what they're most afraid of ...≺≺ less

[3.1] Netanyahu & Trudeau Problems / World Bank / NXIVM / Antivax Censorship / Denver Airport

Destroying the Illusion ** Published on Mar 1, 2019
"...hey there folks checking in with you here on March 1st with the news topics of the day we got some political news from around the world Trudeau and Netanyahu we're both in some deep shit we've got some stuff on nexium on the World Bank a lot of things on vaccines again it's getting really Orwellian out there guys and then a few other things as well so let's do it alright guys ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"... let's start with the political news around the world Netanyahu the Attorney General in Israel is preparing to charge Netanyahu with bribery and fraud and what's interesting here is they have some upcoming elections so this may or may not interfere with those you know so my eyes this is very very good news a lot of people see Israel as this beacon of light and they don't really realize that they have a deep state infiltrated they're just as much as we have here in America rogue intelligence agencies political puppets corrupt figures

" I'm interested to see where this goes and not only Netanyahu and Israel but Justin Trudeau in Canada Trudeau refusing to resign over claims that officials interfered in bribery prosecution so what essentially has been going on there is that the former Canadian Attorney General testified before a Canadian Justice Committee a couple of days ago and accused Justin Trudeau of trying to bribe her to stop the prosecution of Canadian corporations she made her first public comments on the scandal at that Committee hearing and the Guardian even the Guardian is calling this the biggest crisis of Trudeau's administration

"...they actually had some people from Canada message me about this and saying that this is blowing up they're so stuff going on in Israel stuff going on in Canada having to do with Attorney General's former attorney generals you know storm global and ask you said big booms coming within the next three weeks I don't think that's just America I think that could be worldwide now moving on to talking about the World Bank so this is huge right here the Supreme Court of the United States has rejected World Bank claims of complete legal immunity ruling that one of its arms can be sued in relation to lending activities this is huge

"...the 7-1 ruling could also open other American based international organizations to the threat of lawsuits over financing overseas development and there's already some lawsuits look like in the planning stage about to be filed against the World Bank especially in India about DC based firms that were proxies of the World Bank funding damaging projects over there so India is beginning to sue the World Bank and this article is also stating that this could open up a lot more lawsuits against the World Bank unfortunately as it says in this article here the ruling does not reportedly affect either the United Nations or the International Monetary Fund as they have complete immunity in their charger charters but the World Bank is now open to be sued

" what's mind-blowing to me about all this I didn't even realize that the World Bank the IMF the UN were all immune to being sued that was ridiculous to me but uh as it looks here you know UN IMF still immuned but World Bank open to being sued more good news going on there and then more good news lots of good news in this one a little bit of bad news we'll talk about that more guys with vaccines in a sec but nexium case so there was a status update hearing for the next seam case in Brooklyn just today actually and the attorney said that they are working to file more indictments within the next few weeks in regards to the next name case don't know who don't know

"...if anybody's gonna be a rat you know there's lot of great area here that they left but the indictment is said to come within the next several weeks and there's gonna be another update hearing scheduled for March 18th so again timing this with that essentially countdown that cue gave us you know March 18th new indictments in a row of Nexium World Bank open to being sued we've got political puppets around the world getting some heat on them big booms big booms coming for sure

"...and I got my eyes on this nexium case most definitely now getting on to vaccines so Adam Schiff yes that Adam Schiff wrote an open letter to Amazon today and remember he actually wrote an open letter to Facebook a week or two ago really calling on Facebook to censor anti vaccine content now his sights are set on Amazon so he wrote this open letter and then he made this tweet here earlier today it says I'm concerned by recent reports that Amazon accepts paid advertising with deliberate misinformation about vaccines whether those reports are true or not we don't know but Adam Schiff is using this angle here to call on the social media companies to censor says every online platform including Amazon must act responsibly and ensure that they do not contribute to this growing public health catastrophe

" Adam Schiff shilling for his Big Pharma corporate masters as of course many of these political and scientific puppets do but what did I say my video yesterday if you watched it you know if you didn't watch it make a little card pop up go see it what I said about vaccines is problem reaction solution the deep state is saying there's a problem they're blaming the social media companies for letting what they call of course conspiratorial or misinformation content go so they can then censor them if they blame the companies all it's quite an excuse to censor correct well check this out only hours after Adam Schiff put this letter out today boom

"...CNN reports right here anti vaccine movies disappear from Amazon after CNN Business Report the CNN business report is what I mentioned my video yesterday I featured it and then again here Amazon apparently started removing anti-vaccine documentaries from its prime streaming service VAX vast was one of them a couple of other movies that were unavailable as of now apparently so exactly like I said the social media companies are taking the blame this is purposeful when it's not really a social media company is just the fact that so many people are googling searching this stuff that's why it's spreading like wildfire

"...but the mainstream media the politicians they are blaming the social media companies so they social media companies will censor more it's exactly what we're seeing Pinterest Facebook Amazon all censoring as Vox here is writing just today Pinterest Facebook YouTube are cracking down on fake vaccine news Amazon is as well and of course it's not fake vaccine news it's real vaccine news the stuff that they don't want you educating yourself with the truth about vaccines so getting really Orwellian out there

" know make Orwellian fiction again right I wish we need to really you know try to game their algorithms share this information as much as we can without being censored and get the list of what is censored you know you take the most flak when you write over the target what they're censoring that's exactly what we really should be reading you know they don't burn books anymore to censor content they just swipe it off the internet so getting crazy out there but you know I was mentioning yesterday about how at least Arizona in Texas are trying to fight mandatory vaccines

"... there's state bills going through Arizona and Texas right now to actually make exemptions easier to get that helps support health freedom as opposed to like Washington Oregon and Minnesota that are trying to make vaccines mandatory we'll check this out Arizona lawmaker calls mandatory measles vaccine communists amid fight to control outbreaks of course that fight to control outbreaks will not be helped by more vaccines what it'll really be helped by nutrition better sanitation just healthier vaccines won't do it luckily in Arizona there's some freedom fighters truth tellers there that are trying to fight mandatory vaccinations

" next story here let's talk about an actress being found dead months after hinting at alleged pedophile ring so her name was Natasha Jade think I'm getting that right Natasha she was a former Playboy model and over the last year she has been pretty vocal she mentioned on live TV in her social media account about high-level pedophile rings operating with journalists entertainers sports stars several big-name clubs pretty huge allegations to make public like that back in April she even wrote a tweet that said warning I'm not going to commit suicide I'm not gonna take too much cocaine and drown in a bath or shoot myself so if this happens it wasn't me save this tweet

"...she wrote in Spanish so she's been letting it fly and yet what happened the other day she was found dead guess what from an overdose I believe they said of cocaine Wow save that tweet I'm sure saving that tweet she said I'm literally not gonna take too much cocaine or drown in a bath and she gets found overdosed on drugs huh outing pedophiles you might end up suicided be careful out there everybody this is very real and would this happen if there weren't high-level rings like this hmm careful careful out there guys

"...she is one of many that has of course been suicided to keep the truth shut all right next topic moving on to the Denver Airport really weird stuff coming out of there so as you know when it comes to the Denver Airport there's all sort of odd shit there I mean you're driving into the airport there's a giant blue demon horse statue that's looking you in the eyes with its beady little red demon eyes it's it's really weird then we have the murals there you've got well recently they're doing construction of the Denver Airport and they have signs on this construction that's literally joking about aliens UFOs the Illuminati underground bases like truth and plain sight and they're laughing at you they're laughing at you

"...we'll look on the Denver airport's official Twitter it says on our 24th birthday Denver not only got wiser it also got weirder so they took the gargoyle statues that were there and they were doing this prank on people they were making the gargoyle statues talk and people were looking at this you can see they're taking videos talking to it but the Denver Airport I mean hashtag Illuminati hashtag conspiracy

"'s like they like to put the truth in plain sight and they laugh at you they laugh at you for not being observant enough not connecting the dots they laugh at the mass public this is like the six stuff that the arrogant secret societies our societal engineers do and there's actually a lot of deeper spiritual reason as to why they do this truth and plain sight stuff all has to do with free will basically tacit consent by them putting the truth in plain sight and us not realizing it not realizing what they're doing that essentially by their rules allows them to rule over us like this

" it's really important that we voice our know that we see this stuff and start speaking out about it right that all spins the wheel of karma so anyway a lot more to be said about all that gets very deep in conversation but uh truth in plain sight very important concept to understand and then lastly Pentagon sending Congress the proposal for the new space force so there we go Pentagon sending the proposal to Congress for the establishment of the six brenth branch of the military the space force can't wait can't wait to see of course if that gets passed there's been a lot of opposition to it for good reason on the in the deep State sighs good reason the Trump administration wants to bring it out as well on the other side of the fence but we'll see we'll see if this goes through Congress and we'll see if it gets established eyes on this one as well so that's all I have for you tonight guys thanks for joining thanks for watching I'll be back soon peace out you [Music] ...≺≺ less

*** February 2019 ***

Stealth Moves, Enough Evidence, Ready To Prosecute, Enjoy The Show - Episode 1798b

X22Report** Published on Feb 22, 2019
".... now we can see the deep state they are projecting that the Muellers report is going to be a nothing burger they are nervous they're afraid they're panicking their firewall is now coming down and it's starting to look like we have more than enough evidence to prosecute we'll be getting into that in just a moment first I wanted to head out to Venezuela and talk about what has been going on there we know that Guido he's pushing for the humanitarian aid to come into the country Maduro right now is closing the borders with brazil in many other countries making sure that nothing can come in from the neocons the deep state ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....and we know that this is not just humanitarian aid there's weapons there's bullets and things like that I do believe that Trump and the Patriots they are monitoring the entire situation gathering evidence understanding who is on what side and they're getting a clearer picture of what is going on and there's different agendas associated with all this for one if there was a snap election today Maduro would win and people are scratching their head saying are you crazy the reason for that is because queue has already let us know that Venezuela has a voter ID system

"....and we also reported that their voter ID system is a fingerprint system they don't have ballot box where they can be stuffed and things like that they actually have a system where they identify each and every single person and queue did give us the list so if there was another election Maduro would win just like he's done in the past now I believe Trump and the Patriots they already knew this they knew that if there was an election this would all be said and done and they went ahead and said listen we are now looking at Guido

".... he is going to be the president and we want all the other nations to join in on this not every single nation has many of them said absolutely not I mean Mexico Russia China and many others we know the deep state they've been pushing to get invent into Venezuela very very hard for a very very long time just like Syria just like Lebanon just like Libya just like Iraq just like Ukraine they're doing the same exact thing now I do believe that Trump the Patriots they're tracking all the neocons just like they've been tracking page struck watching them do the drops and things like that

"....they're watching them and how they move the weapons around where their suppliers are because what better way to gather evidence than to watch in real time what they're doing and gathering all that evidence so I do believe they are tracking the movements of these people and it makes it a lot easier to identify on what side you are on I believe we have bad actors in Venezuela and I believe this is the mission to flush them out now the other side effect of this is that Trump by just recognizing gwido he has now gotten the Latin vote for the 2020 election

"....I mean he gave a speech in Miami and he said you know socialism is not gonna happen here in the United States and the Latin community is rallying behind him this was a power play and there is really not a humanitarian problem in Venezuela and people are saying what what do you mean well Russia and also China they've been supplying humanitarian aid to Venezuela medicine food ashlee Maduro thanked Putin for supplying humanitarian aid

" right now that whole story doesn't make sense and we can see there's another plan going on just like North Korea I mean everyone thought we were going to war just like Syria everyone thought he's bombing the the Syrian forces and he's allowing the Islamic state to move free in Syria but actually the opposite was happening now it looks like on the border where they're trying to bring the humanitarian aid in it looks like there was gunfire and what they're saying and this is coming out of The Washington Post that Venezuelan soldiers just opened fired on the civilians near the Brazilian border

"....well let's think about this and let's think logically here because we've heard this story before remember Ukraine in the in the made on when everything was happening and people said that Yanukovych ordered the police and you know other individuals to fire on the public and then we come to find out later on that it was snipers and it had nothing to do with the ANA Kovich this was part of the deep state back then the intelligence operation

"....I do believe this is the same exact thing happening because if we think logically why would Maduro fire on his own people he needs his people to be elected it's almost like saying Assad asked his own people he tortured his own people and then the people went ahead and re-elected Assad the story never made any sense this is the same exact story something doesn't fit and also it's coming out of the Washington Post

" you have that but they're using this to push their agenda and I do believe that Trump of the Patriots they're monitoring the entire situation gathering intelligence because why would they start a war in Venezuela when they ended wars in North Korea Syria they're in the process in Afghanistan talking about peace we're gonna see Yemen that war is gonna be coming to an end I mean one thing at a time the deep State they've started many many wars they wouldn't start another war while they're ending wars that did deep State started it's not in Trump's nature to start wars he doesn't work like that he rather see peace

" I do believe the Patriots they are trying to take control the situation I do believe behind the scenes there are talks going on that we will find out about later we see out in Syria Trump is going to be leaving a small peacekeeping group of about 200 troops in Syria after the April 30th deadline to withdraw all forces now Lindsey Graham he is the one that pushed for this

" we have to think back and go back in time because Lindsey Graham and McCain they were both involved with the terrorists in Syria the paid mercenaries Lindsey Graham knows all about this because we know from the past Lindsey Graham McCain there are many many pictures with them with the terrorist groups so the whole cover story behind this is that Trump is talking to Iran about the safe zone but we know that Russia or at Putin actually told her one there's going to be no safe zone there you have to go through Damascus if you want to set something up so the safe zone is not agreed Syria or Russia and

".... I believe this is a cover story because I think there's another operation inside Syria to get rid of the other deep state operators within the country before they can leave completely and will actually later on see this group leave once their mission is complete this is not about Oh helping the Islamic state or helping anything else I believe this is a clean-up operation that they need to remove certain individuals certain deep state operators within the country

"....let's get into Q's post this is post 2848 and q gave us a link to the Miami Herald and the title of this article is federal prosecutors broke law in Jeffrey Epstein case judge rules so the federal prosecutor under former Miami US Attorney Alex Acosta broke the law when they concealed a plea agreement from from more than 30 underage victims who had been sexually abused by wealthy New Yorker hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein

" instead of prosecuting Epstein the US Attorney's Office negotiated a non-prosecution agreement or NPA which gave Epstein his his accomplices and his Palm Beach and private island guests immunity from federal prosecution if he met the terms of the deal the NPA was was also sealed which had the effect of keeping Epstein's victims on afford about the plea negotiations occurring between federal prosecutors and Epstein's team of super lawyers until after his lien sentencing in 2008 that was a violation of law

"....the court is simply ruling that under the facts of this case there was a violation of the victim's right under the crimes victims right act to know about this so two of Epstein's underage victims known as Jane Doe one Jane Doe two filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida after the 2008 surprise sentencing on the grounds that they were never given an opportunity to express their position to the plea Thursday's judgment affirmed their claim of course this is 11 years later the ruling noted that the FBI had given Jane Doe 1 a standard crime victims right act or CVR a notification letter in September 2007

"....the letter promised a reasonable right to confer with the attorney for the United States in the case and to be reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving plea but from the time the FBI began investigating Epstein until the plea deal was finalized the US Attorney's Office never contacted the victims about the plea or even told them a plea was under consideration so you can see how they worked around this to get him off

"....and Q says equal justice under the law or rigged system rigged system being a clinton donor really pays off so q is letting us know that those days are over nobody is above the law and he's pointing out that this was done on purpose and they were able to get Epstein a lighter sentence now the White House is looking into the Acosta role in the Epstein case right now so we'll have to see how that all turns out post 2849 Q says hate hoax by small at this is in brackets all caps and this is also in brackets and bold false flag designed to pass anti licking law gets wall-to-wall fake news coverage real hate and this is in brackets in bold

".... real violence and fascism carried out by members of antifa get zero coverage reconcile one equals one question mark when will the FBI conclude their investigation into an Tifa if q is asking this question it's going to be very very soon what happens at the phone records of smollett leaked who did he talked to multiple times prior to turning himself in

" there were calls coming in trying to stop the indictment and this is when the two nigerian brothers were ready to testify so it looks like someone with clout called to try to get rid of all of this plan Q says political forces at work absolutely enemy of the people now let's take a look at Cory Booker's tweet right after the attack the vicious attack on actor Jessie Smollett was an attempted modern day lynching I'm glad he's safe to those in Congress who don't feel the urgency to pass our anti-lynching bill does act designated lynching as a federal hate crime I urge you to pay attention

" they had this planned the bill was just waiting and they needed an event now very interestingly why all this was happening Jessie small let had recently hosted an episode on lynching for the documentary series America divided Jessie small left appeared in a documentary that specifically touch upon the topic of lynching last May you think this was all planned around everything they thought it was gonna go a completely different way and they thought oh wow we're gonna pass the lynching bill Jessie small that's gonna become a hero we're gonna have this documentary we're gonna plaster that all over

"....the place showing that America is divided showing the lynching and everything else but the whole thing didn't go in their favor so the question is why did the deep state choose him why because he has a big following as a big base and they could use this to their advantage so what did they want to accomplish well we know they wanted to pass the anti-lynching bill because the punishment for treason is death by lynching

" they definitely wanted that they also wanted America divided and I believe they want the American people angry angry at Trump angry at his supporters and they were hoping they were going to push people to the edge what edge well think about what they've done in the past in many different cities where they tried to start race Wars the deep state likes to keep the people divided they like us fighting amongst each other this could have started a race war

"....think about Jesse small its base how big it is and if a coal went out they could have had an t fo or other groups or paid individuals to start this up I mean Jesse would have been responsible for getting people hurt and killed and this would have been horrific and the deep stay plan well it didn't pan out for them it backfired so I wonder if the police were tipped off and given info to look in a certain direction to stop all of this hmm maybe countermeasures were involved in this whole thing

" here's a tweet by Tiffany Fitz Henry that breaks it down breaking the president of time's up resigns so just to recap me too becomes time's up Jesse and Kamala go - times up rally Jesse stages lynching hoax Kamala passes anti-lynching bill with cory booker Jesse goes to jail time's up president resigns amazing and for all the talks of Trump being a racist

"'s a tweet by Trump we are here to honor the extraordinary contributions of African Americans to every aspect of American life history and culture from the earliest days of this nation African American leaders pioneers and visionaries have uplifted and inspired our country and you can see he's meeting with all these individuals where did the term races what why is he a racist it makes no sense whatsoever let's move on to Q's next post post 2850 gives us everything from

" 28:49 gives us a link to Fox News and this is Jesse small let's alleged hate crime hoax sheds light on similar phony accusations now we went over many other hoaxes a couple reports back but here are the highlights here x-drake student kissy Ram guilty of lying about racist note former Drake University student kissy Ram 19 pleaded guilty in January 2019 for lying about a racist note she originally claimed had been shoved under her dorm room door in Des Moines Iowa

"'s another one a New York woman adalah Lewis falsi claimed teens yelled Trump 2016 found hateful note and the next day she told police the tire of her car had been slashed and a note left behind red go home a police investigation discovered that Luis alleged confrontation with teenagers never occurred and that she had written the note herself and put it on our car

" what Q is saying is these things are fake and phony Q says noticed a trend by liberals Plus DS fake fake fake they will stop at nothing to regain power hashtag wake up America Q proposed 28:51 Q puts up a picture and it says according to the mainstream media on the left it has fringe and it has it looks like a family of children and the husband and the wife all wearing Q shirts and they look like your everyday family and then on the other side they have normal people and it's people dressed up in costumes with different color hair saying resist and Q says memes memes and more memes yr memes so important

"....memes bypassed the social media censorship algorithm because the social media platforms their systems they cannot read the graphics yet Q has been telling us about this a while back in many posts post 2852 gave us a Twitter link to clever burger ate and shows a picture of what the media wants you to believe is happening

"....and it shows a Democrat black individual sitting at a food counter with a bunch of white people with Magga hats surrounding this individual but what's really happening is the black individual with the maggot hat is a Republican sitting there and all the Democrats are surrounding him so the opposite is happening hashtag truth hashtag facts matter

" 2853 queue gives a shout-out to never-give-up wall and gives us a twitter link and it says hashtag stop crimes against children hashtag queue anning hashtag dark delight hashtag where we go one we go wall hashtag pain is coming hashtag D class now hashtag Magga hashtag deep state and the picture of the meme is patriots have no skin color and it shows everyone holding hands black white asian you name it and it says cue hashtag we stand together hashtag united not divided hashtag where we go on we go all

"....opposed 2854 queue gives us a link to forbes the title of this article is the top four reasons california is unsustainable the fourth reason California's infrastructure deficit that vast state water project was designed for a population not much greater than 25 million today on any one day California verges on a nearly forty million people within its borders and is projected to reach 50 million if not higher in the last 50 years however California's infrastructure needs have been ignored

"....number three government debt how much in debt are the California government's well that's hard to know according to a January 2017 study California state and local governments oath 1.3 trillion as of June 30th 2015 the study was based on a review of federal and state and local financial disclosures in other words that 1.3 trillion in debt is the amount to which California governments at other studies believe it to be more indeed one study says it's actually 2.3 trillion

"....and a recent Hoover Institute stated that there's over 1 trillion in pension liability alone or seventy six thousand eight hundred eighty or per household number two california's taxes and regulations when you consider the california legal system and its regulatory system inclusive inclusive of the world's most comprehensive global warming law california is likely the most regulated state in the country if not the world california also is among the highest taxed states in the nation

"....California has the highest income tax rates the top rate is thirteen point three percent the next closest top tax rate is Oregon of nine point nine percent however Oregon does not have a sales tax California has the tenth highest sales tax what is remarkable about California income tax isn't just that it has the highest rate it is how little income it takes just above fifty two thousand to qualify for a California rate of nine point three given the high cost of living in California

"....that means many Californians are subject to that rate on the other hand for more than a decade less than a hundred and fifty thousand of California's thirty five plus million people pay half of all of its income tax a highly imbalanced system number one the California governments you would think all of the above would have government officials deeply worried so much so they would cut back everywhere they could if you thought that you'd be wrong very wrong

"....California spends nearly two hundred billion a year on a budget and even more off budget in the form of programs paper bonds ie debt financing as for the pension debt of that nearly two hundred billion in the most recent budget less than two billion was allocated to paying down the pension debt more than that was spent this year on high speed rail project currently estimated to cost seventy billion

"....and which no one seems to want q says they know what's best for our country Pelosi Aero californee Rep since 1987 waters pointing to California rep since 1991 Schiff California rep since 2001 Feinstein California rep since 1992 Harris Lu under this is says lead by example California estimated two trillion in debt homelessness population on the rise highest tax rates in the country undocumented immigrants in California verse nation uncontrollable state government spending

"....if you can't fix your own home state what makes you think you can fix the country if you're living in one of the 49 other states you should learn from the lesson that is California if you're living in California there is always the lesson of how Michigan came to be governed by a more centrist government of course they came after the failure of the prior government for now however for all its concerned for substantial food and products California is on high-speed rail to unsustainability hashtag facts matter

" we know that Trump has been out there criticizing California the high-speed rail and he's asking for the money back because they did not complete the high-speed rail in time so he's looking to get the money back will California give it back well right now they're saying absolutely not we're not gonna do it but Trump might be able to use the nuclear option where he says listen these were the terms of the deal he didn't complete the deal you owe us the money back

"....I don't think this has ever happened before I think the government gives out money I don't know if the government ever takes back the money we'll have to see what happens post 2855 q gave us a Reuters article and it says North Carolina's orders new US House election after tainted vote and it reads North Carolina's Election Board on Thursday ordered a new election for a US House seat after official said corruption surrounding absentee ballots tainted the results of the 2018 vote that has embarrassed the Republican Party

"....hew says welcome to the Democratic Party they will stop at nothing to regain power time to adopt i d-- law now the democrats they're using this to say the republicans cheated and we need to have a recount of this vote we need to redo it really what they're doing is they're destroying themselves in the process in their pursuit to gain power they're pushing exactly what they don't want they're proving to everyone there is a problem and we need to fix the problem someway somehow

"....yes they're trying to gain power this is not going to really help them but they're really destroying themselves in the process because all they what we have to say is listen you told this was a problem north carolina there's a problem over here here maybe we should have voter ID and remember going

"....back to post 2755 q gave us a list of all the countries that have voter ID united states is not included Netherlands Germany Austria United Kingdom Spain France Venezuela Romania Greece you name it they all have it except the United States very interesting pose 2856 this is in brackets bold soft push of new narrative example give us three Twitter links this one is from Kim stressful conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff is looking for something new anticipating a Muller let down rights at constr a soul

" there was a Wall Street opinion article the article says he is shifting to Phase two of collusion the other Twitter link is New York Times opinion a concise Muller report would mark the end of the beginning not the beginning of the end the other Twitter link is from Rob Reiner from what I understand about the complexities opaqueness and length of counterintelligence investigations I'd be surprised if Muller was able to uncover the breadth of this conspiracy more digging will have to be done but there will be crimes and we better get to see them

" the Democrats the deep state put this special council in there to investigate he had two years to investigate this was their boy and they're saying that he didn't do a great job well they picked him they knew what he was going to do you mean the whole thing was fake Q says what happened to the Mueller hype it just faded away remember all the indictments that Mueller was gonna come out with I mean

"'s some of the headlines Mueller's new indictment points to collusion with Russia never happened Mueller is putting together report in the obstruction case that could be as damaging to Trump as an indictment so in the past when Mueller was investigating they're saying they has all this information has all the indictments he has all it's gonna take him down and now they're backtracking on all of it and Q says what happened to the Mueller will take down POTUS threats at John Brennan

"....well John Brennan said that Donald Trump sees the walls closing in and feels increasingly desperate amid Mueller probe while that's not happening either John Brennan boy were you wrong you thought you were in control you were not Q continues was Mueller the insurance policy also known blockade designed to limit restrict POTUS ability to enforce the law absolutely traitors this is caps bold and in Kill brackets new talking points being pushed backing away from Mueller as the savior re excuse a excuse be excuse see why our new investigations by Adam Schiff this is in brackets bold being started

"....if as he stated for almost two years evidence exists that ties POTUS to Russia they need an insurance policy a firewall and they need to keep it in the mainstream media they are protecting themselves right now if they had evidence do you think it would have leaked absolute they would have leaked that out right away if they really found Russian collusion it would have been all over the mainstream you if they had evidence would they be backing away playing down the Mueller report about to be released no

"....Q says first they pushed for a special counsel now they claim the special counsel didn't look deep enough if this pass if the special counsel report is classified how do they know where who when why and how deep each case they already have the information they knew mueller found nothing it was fake and that information was already leaked to them

"....if the Special Counsel report is classified how do they know the conclusion of the report already the info was leaked to them already so they could prepare they already knew that there was nothing there our new investigation is designed to be an insurance extension yes designed to prevent POTUS from cleaning house

"....yes attack on political opponents who is are actively conducting leading investigations into the president for XYZ charges beyond Mueller for XYZ reasons zero evidence to support obstruction trap yeah that's what it's there for brackets bold caps SD NY opening private investigation for the sole purpose of finding a crime so there is no crime there is no evidence so they're opening an investigation to try to find a crime evidence the support none evidence presented none does SD NY report to AG bar watch the news Maxine Waters and this is in brackets all bald caps

"....MW Maxine Waters opening new investigation into the finances of POTUS and/or his family yes they're trying to find something this has nothing to do with this has gone way beyond Russian collusion this has gone to the point where they are in such a panic because they know what he's about to do what Trump the Patriots are about to do and they're all guilty why did the DS state things will calm down if we retake the house prior to the midterm Allah because they thought if they retook the house they would be in control they would handle the investigations that were going on they could start new investigations but they didn't realize that that wasn't the key

"....yes they can push bills but the Senate could block them hmm I don't think they realized that was their plan to retake the house in order to chair each respective committee in order to start new erroneous investigation and attempt to retain the blockade yes retain the insurance policy yes retain the optical illusion that a crime was committed absolutely retain the narrative yes retain debase outrage yes retain debase obstruction yes retain debase support to blot POTUS agenda

"....yes if you know your opponents move what advantages that does present if you have the truth on your side what advantages does that present if you have full control of the US military what advantages does that present if you have complete authority to D class what advantages does that present if you have the support of the American people Patriots what advantages does that present we the people have the control then we are controlling what happens now not the deep state

"....q says do not trust the fake news media you are the majority Mueller then pointing to D class pointing to OIG pointing to truth pointing to justice q just gave us the timeline the Mueller report will come out they then will de classe the OIG report will come out the truth will be spread across the country across the world then justice the Great Awakening you are the news

" q post 28:57 q says we thank you for your service Bo that's board owner we thank you for your service Vols that's volunteers we thank you for your service bakers we thank you for your service Annan's god bless each and every one of you Patriots one and all Pepe is proud and has never been more popular and that is the frog that is on the 8chan that h and it's eight the number eight chan the on the boards

"....their post 28:58 Q says re conservative attacked on UC Berkeley campus and what happened there was there was an individual and activist that was assaulted on the campus during a recruitment drive and this individual came up and started screaming at this individual and then punched him in the face for no reason

"....and Q says the attacker equals member of local aunty Fay chapter joined April 2018 they shall see and do not hit directly to jumps downstream required so Q and team are using facial recognition technology and they have identified the person who assaulted Hayden Williams on the UC Berkeley campus Q is saying that the this individual is a member of the local nt4 chapter who joined in April of 2018 and it looks like they're going to press charges and give the identity over to this individual so they can go after him

"....oppose 2859 q gives us a Twitter link and it says Q Annan in Delhi India and it says me wearing the Q shirt in a literature festival later questioned a panel of security experts around hashtag deep State got an unexpected response and this shows these individuals wearing one individual wear in the Q shirt and this is coming from Clark Prasad and Q says our reach is a direct threat to their control with the largest news companies in the world attack us daily if we weren't a threat to their narrative control you attack those who threaten you the most

" this is truly a worldwide movement and we are seeing that people from all different countries are wearing the cue shirt this is not just a little tiny fringe movement it's much much larger pose 2860 q puts up

"....a tweet by Donald Trump this was back in April 15th of 2018 it says Comey throws Ag Lynch under the bus why can't we all find out what happened on a tarmac in the back of the plane with Wild Bill and Lynch was she promised a Supreme Court seat or a Attorney General in order to lay off Hillary no golf and grandkids talk give us all a break and within this we see there's two posts and this is from February 6 2018 that says public interests keep high s's in brackets in bold uranium one FBI informant a 1 DWS packy Intel MB tarmac meeting the other one is from April 15 2018 side-by-side graphics are important to be clear Loretta Lynch was promised a Supreme Court position of rbj coordinated plan

"....RBG big problems down below it says the deal of a lifetime Brack kill brackets bold tarmac meeting not planned according to Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton security reports indicate United States Secret Service security detail Bill Clinton FBI security detail Loretta Lynch planned for meeting so Q is telling us that they have the security reports from the Secret Service and in their notes in the logs they keep it was planned so this was a planned meeting for a specific reason let me continue Supreme Court / Loretta Lynch deal presented by Bill Clinton

"....what actions did James Comey take days after less than a week after the tarmac meeting James Comey announced that the FBI would not recommend an indictment against Hillary Clinton q says returning to the news q post 2861 gives us everything from post 28 60 and says just another coincidence we dropped Loretta Lynch was offered a Supreme Court On February 6 and backed up by POTUS on April 15th enjoy the show

" it shows that Q and Trump they are on sync and they're working together now I want to leave you with this tom Fitton of judicial watch is ready he has evidence and if he is not the stealth investigator he really should be this is what he tweeted out let me suggest that Obama and Clinton need finally to be questioned about their collusion their shady little dossier the leaking and the unmasking targeting at real Donald Trump great speech subjectively speaking at CPAC last year be sure to join us at CPAC next week take a listen to what tom Fitton said of judicial watch

"....good afternoon good to be here again Judicial Watch is your watchdog in Washington we uncovered the Clinton email and play to play scandals at most everything we know and most everything we know about the Benghazi and IRS corruption scandals and by the way the Clinton email scandal isn't over the Clinton email pay-for-play scandal is it Obama scandal a State Department scandal a Justice Department scandal and an FBI scandal it's a shady corporation scandal it's a foreign potentate scandal Owen

"....yes it's a Russia scandal because we know Hillary and Bill took Rush the cash and wanted to cover it up what better way to do that than with a secret email system Judicial Watch just forced the State Department to admit there was classified information on the laptop of Anthony Weiner including the identity yes Anthony Weiner including the identity of a CIA operative you know I know we talked about special prosecutors but enough of that I don't want new prosecutors I want prosecutions stolen and destroyed records violations of national security laws you name it Judicial Watch has compiled more than enough evidence to justify the lawful arrest of Hillary Clinton boom ...≺≺ less

Alliance Strikes Back Against Deep State: David Wilcock Exclusive Interview [Part 4]

Edge of Wonder ** 2/22/2019
"....these huge explosions whoa what the hell is that ma'am so what was your reaction every time I heard one of these explosions there was this big blue flash of light sounds pretty far out David this sounds like science fiction this is real this is crazy thousands of people around the world that would agree if this was a military strike it says significant as Hitler bombing London but is this phenomenon directly affecting anyone a lot of people have been displaced a lot of suffering has taken place is there any scientific evidence emerging related to these bizarre occurrences ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" have seismologists definitely saying we don't know what the heck this is it's worldwide it's really weird it doesn't make any sense and as you guys know a 17-second pulsation so you're asking why would Q tell us this and what is this indicating let's give a warm welcome to David Wilcock on episode 4 the alliance strikes back only on the edge of wonder [Music] so I want to give you guys a big high-five also for bringing on dr. Michael Salah and yeah virtual high five right there okay that was awesome yeah that was that was amazing what was insane was hot like Ben and I were literally speechless at how both of you guys just totally correlated almost the exact same information and almost played off one another without even planning it

"....I mean there was no planning to that it just happened right yeah yeah it was it was amazing it was amazing it actually I just now thought of it was this event that happened in New York with this power grid do you know like we because we kind of get into with Michael Salah a little bit but I was just wondering real quick your take on this if this had anything to do with what the crazy blue light break it down if you have any info mm-hmm you know it's it would be fun to speculate that there was something to that but I would actually have to say in all honesty I was at I was in Virginia Beach for hurricane Bonnie I had a house on 22nd Street in Virginia Beach we had the entire picture window at the front of the house

"....I was just renting a room in this house at the time 1998 I think the entire picture window got basically wallpapered with dirt and fragments of leaves it was so crazy the wind was so strong the hurricane was so intense 22nd Street was one of the biggest traffic streets because it's how you get in to the shore area there was no traffic on this street it was all blocked and I hated the traffic noise it was so amazing to not have any traffic noise for a while so I go outside because I start hearing periodically these huge explosions boom boom

"....I was like whoa what the hell is that ma'am and every time I heard one of these explosions there was this big blue flash of light and what I found out is that when these little power transformers these kind of cans that you see up at the top of a telephone pole when they explode there's this electrical fire there's this electrical discharge and as they are caot they give off this blue light and so it was very weird to be outside and to start looking at this and you know of course the wind is blowing and you're getting stuff in your eyes but you try to keep your eyes open and you hear this explosion over here and then you see this big blue flash there's an explosion over here big blue flash

" I do believe in that case that if there's a cascading failure of a bunch of Transformers at once that they all kind of melt down at the same time you get a bunch of these blue flashes so I don't think it was UFOs I don't think there was anything unusual about that sorry to burst your conspiracy bubble now dude we don't care whether it's a UFO or not I just kind of want to dig down and find out what's going on right well and also it's kind of interesting that that you're just saying it is what they're saying it is you know because it's like that way it just makes it sound more real

" know you I guess relating to just you as a person you know if you're if I guess if it's always like oh it's always a UFO it's always this it's always that you know then although although there were videos taken either before or after the event of strange unexplainable lights in the New York sky which is one of the reasons why people I just need to push I guess that that is one of the cases that happen when I surveyed the data it really did look to me like it was a cascading rippling multiple transformer meltdown so you have one blowing and then it's blue and then there's another one blowing a little few seconds later another one blowing

"....and they're all kind of flickering at different rates and it gets brighter and it gets dimmer and it's all just this big big meltdown of transformers that's that is really what I think it is and nothing else so sorry no don't be sorry so I want to get to this new information because I think this is really amazing stuff now so on September 8th 2018 I wrote this article on divine cosmos calm I recommend everybody go there and apparently they are because it's got two million one hundred seventy eight thousand 546 views right now unbelievable 682 comments

"....yeah and honestly this this stuff started to happen after I did these videos with you guys and with third phase of the Moon so there's a lot of people out there paying attention to this and I really am grateful that ever but he's picked up on my articles and is starting to read them it's it's amazing the number of hits that have come in now but anyway this said the title is stunning new briefings spy satellites down deep state arrests finally imminent so you go to my website divine cosmos comm you click on that link under David's blog

"....if you don't if you can't find it just click on David's blog first it'll be there yeah or it's gonna be on the sidebar if you read my latest articles in there we're talking about these weird weird tweets that we're coming I'll call them tweets for now that weird posts from Q at like the end of August beginning of September where they list off a whole bunch of satellites right and they got like Corona and they got Snow White and they say Corona this is that now offline Snow White this and that now offline okay

"....and we were trying to figure out what are these satellites about and why would Q tell us this and what is this indicating and it appeared that it was a shadow communications network for the deep state that they were using to be able to talk to themselves but they were using for mass surveillance and I do believe all those things are true however that blinding of those satellites apparently also had other geopolitical significance in that some of these satellites and other satellites that were apprehended thereafter were the critical components in the Deep States ability to control the weather to create droughts to create volcanic eruptions earthquakes to create tsunamis to create hurricanes to steer the path of a hurricane to create tornadoes

"....this sounds like science fiction but what you need to understand is that weather is simply the result of high pressure and low pressure so when you have a high pressure zone it then moves to where a low pressure zone is AB so if you can zap a microwave beam into a particular part of the atmosphere and heat it up it's just like how you don't want to put something metal in your microwave oven right because it's gonna start smoking and sparking and then it's gonna catch on fire

"'s very very dangerous you can't put anything alive obviously in a microwave oven it will heat from the inside it will explode it's horrible imagine what happens if you take a hugely powerful microwave beam and beam it into the atmosphere in a particular area and you triangulate it to be like a certain altitude let's say once you've done that once you've microwaved that area you get a high-pressure zone which means that now it's going to want to move to where the low-pressure zone is so you can use satellites to create high pressure zones to steer weather patterns to create weather

"....and this appears to be the source of this weird drought in California and there are other examples of it around the world there's other cities that have been greatly greatly crippled particularly South Africa like Johannesburg where it's been so scary they're literally counting down to day zero where people will have to get water from rationed spigots that you have to stand in line to go get your bucket filled and this isn't a major civilized Western society where they will cut off the water to your house you turn on the sink nothing happens you flush the toilet nothing happens you can't take a shower you can't wash your clothes and even if you want to drink water you have to go out to one of these places where there's a authorized faucet and fill up your bucket

"....this is real this is crazy and thankfully because of various conservation methods they've been able to hold it off but I have lived most of my time in California I'm back in California again for the winter at least and so in this world of living on the west coast you can't imagine how horrible it is with these droughts and with how much they've raised the price of water they have these warnings blaring in your face about you can't use your water they're even trying to pass laws now where you can't wash your clothes and take a shower on the same day

".... there's all these things about watering your lawn they don't want you to water your lawn everybody's like tearing their grass out and putting in natural succulents and pebbles and stuff like this so the scope of this California drought and how bad it is it's not just about the fact that water has gotten expensive that water is starting to be rationed that they're worried about all this it's the wildfires as we talked about before do you wonder who wonder

" it appears that perhaps the last big move the last big military strike that the deep state was able to conduct before they really lost the ability to do this kind of stuff a weaponized natural disaster was the California wildfires in our video we talked about before we don't need to go through all that again but what I didn't say to you guys last time is that that wildfire started the Wolsey fire started three days after I moved back to Los Angeles for the winter in Topanga

"....okay I watched that smoke I watched that fire and when we ended up on a mandatory evacuation I said I've been through this before I've done like five of these it's no big deal we'll be home in a day or two it was eight days that we couldn't go home the fire was so massive if this was a military strike it says significant as Hitler bombing London there are massive parts of Malibu that are just completely destroyed most of the houses completely destroyed

"....and I've spoken to some people involved in real estate other people have tried to stick it out and if their house survived they don't want to sell they want to stay there it takes so long to rebuild after something like this that people end up selling they end up leaving and they end up selling it a horrible discount some of the other news that's come up since the last time I spoke to you guys is the people are finding out that their insurance does not cover their house

" isn't being reported on a widespread level but people are not covered they're not getting their house rebuilt a lot of people have been displaced a lot of suffering has taken place and just bear in mind that the severity of this appears to have been intentional as we said but the really cool part is that and this is where I was referencing your interview with Michael salla which again five stars all the way on that the Alliance apparently has now gotten control of these weather control satellites the deep state no longer is going to have the ability to do this drought

"....and I'll tell you what I didn't even want to tape today with you guys as you remember because it's been raining for so long in California I had an ant infestation in in my recycle bin and so there were so many ants I said I just can't deal with this man I'm just gonna put it outside and that was like three days ago that I put this white plastic bucket outside okay that bucket has got like a foot of water in it just from the rain a foot there's so much water falling in California now

"....there's rivers running down the street I'm walking my dog I'm trying not to get all this drinkable water in my shoes right I mean arguably drinkable if you ran it through a filtration system I've lived here since what 2006 I guess there's never been any rain like this since about 2008 maybe 2009 at the latest this used to be the norm you get these long long rain showers that would go on for days and that's most of the rain that California gets down here in the Southern California region for the whole year it fills up the water table it fills up the reservoirs it eliminates any problems with drought the ground is hydrated everything gets irrigated all the plants are happy everything's happy right

"....that's happening it's an amazing but it sucks right because it's been raining for so long you know you got a walk the dog twice a day unless you want floor sausages just being honest right my dog doesn't want to go outside in the rain she doesn't like it I'm wearing a wool hat wool wool jacket I don't even want to deal with the umbrella it's like whatever I just put on the wool you know cuz the wool repels water I go out there and I'm walking my dog in this stuff

"....hey everybody this is David Wilcock and this is Los Angeles Southern California on February 21st where this time last year we were getting 88 degree heat spikes we were having to run the air conditioning and the Alliance has told us that they have gotten control the weather modifying satellites that the Cabal was using to create this drought that lasted for seven or eight years in California and I was saying a couple years ago at conscious life Expo and a thing that went viral on the Internet

" will know when the deep state has been defeated because it's raining in California and this level of rain is not an accident it is a validation of the Intel that we got and some of the Intel that Michael salad was talking about regarding the Alliance getting control of the weather satellites so that is so awesome that I just even though it really sucks to have to deal with a whole week of non-stop rain I'm so grateful for the rain now in a way that I never would have been before because it is like the drought killer

"....but I want to do this one other thing with you guys to reiterate what dr. Michael Salas said because you know I have a huge audience and they might be watching my videos with you guys and not realize that you guys are doing a lot of other interviews that they should be checking out as well because some people just they type in my name and they don't care what channel it is so and I said this on Jimmy Church I want to say this with you guys to please do not support pirate channels please don't just type in my name and any old channel that's got a David Wilcock video that you just start watching it because we have an enormous problem with thievery

"....there's channels that are just taking my stuff re uploading it they do this all the time the only work I'm doing that makes it onto YouTube is either on my own channel which is David Wilcock slash divine cosmos official or it's slash David Wilcock 333 I did one big interview with third phase of the moon I've done a couple big interviews with Collective evolution

"....we probably are gonna get one with secured team ten that's been in the works and then radio shows the Jimmy Church radio shows with coast to coast and then you guys and that's it so if it's not one of those it's a it's a pirated video please let us know report it so we can get these channels taken down because it's not good there this is part of the Deep States campaign they are constantly uploading old stuff radio shows I did 10 11 years ago and then titling it with a new date to confuse you so that you don't know what's new you're frustrated because they load it up with all these ads

"....okay up until recently I didn't even have ads on my YouTube channel and the only reason why I did start using ads is that that's the only way I could get Content ID validation so that they will actually take down things that are stolen I would have preferred not to have ads on my channel but you know I make actually a halfway decent amount of money from it as I've discovered you know it's like $2,000 a month basically so that's great and I'm happy to have that income now and nobody seems to really care about the ads anymore

".... it's just part of watching YouTube so you just hit skip and life goes on so I've kind of dealt with that you know I'm not I'm not averse to the ads anymore because of the protection that it gave me stay tuned with all that being said let's get back to this thing with dr. Michael Salah because you guys had some really amazing information he said some things I honestly didn't know he gave me some great research leads that I actually wish I had when we did our wildfire series

"....dr. Michael Saleh leaked information to you guys that came from Corey Goode and other sources that I also have access to where he said that in the immediate aftermath of the California wildfires we had this really strange worldwide seismic event and it did get picked up by Drudge Report they had Drudge mated the headline I guess it was on November 30th strange seismic event worldwide ripples and it's gonna take me writing an article which I am gonna do it's in process it's I've been working on a long time

"....anybody who tries to say oh this has all been explained it's just reverberations it's just a typical earthquake no it's not the original articles when this thing first happened on November 11th you have seismologists definitely saying we don't know what the heck this is it's worldwide it's really weird it doesn't make any sense and as you guys know a 17-second pulsation that repeats again and again and again all the articles at that time we're talking about it they're saying this is really weird this never happens it's not supposed to be worldwide and it's never supposed to be this rhythmic and regular

"....well guess what 17 in the letters of the alphabet if you count a equals 1 B equals 2 C equals 3 when you get up to 17 what letter is it guys q oh do you think there's even a possibility that that's actually on purpose yes that is the Alliance telling us those who are paying attention that they have gained control of the weather control satellites the earthquake technology the weather technology the drought technology and what did do they beamed these pulses inside the earth and what they didn't expect though was that it would create these worldwide reverberations

"....and another thing that I don't think Michael salla had available when he did this originally was that this actually caused a number of the deep underground military bases or dumbs right D um bs a number of them got destroyed as a result of this worldwide ripple and I don't think the Alliance wanted to do that a lot of innocent people died from that so I don't think they're gonna screw around and do this again that was a one-time deal

"....but it's amazing because we very likely are not going to see these weaponized natural disasters anymore that was the very likely the final strike that the deep state had against the people using the weather like a military tool now that doesn't mean that because of the accelerating earth changes that we're not going to have more earthquakes more hurricanes more droughts etc but what it does mean is that these weird precisely timed events where they have a mass shooting and then in you know like one mile away or something is where the wildfire starts and it burns down all the celebrities houses in Malibu like they're sacrificing their own which is a classic trick that you hear about it in the Avengers

"....the latest Avengers movie where the guy asked to kill his own daughter to gain the powers of the universe same thing in the skinwalker Legend and Native American lore where in order to become the shape-shifting like werewolf or something that you have to kill your own child and then you get this ability somehow so I don't even know if that's true but the point is it's part of black magic to sacrifice your own

"....and I also think and we didn't really get into this in that video that we did before that it was a message to celebrities to shut the eff up that they don't they know that they're about to be defeated they know that this is all about to go public and they do not want people opening their big effing mouth and so they take out as we talked about in our previous episode Paradise California appears to be an area for authorized human extraterrestrial immigration if that sounds crazy just go back and watch the video

"....we're not gonna do all that again but then equally important is the celebrities and another thing I wanted to say real quick about the burning down the celebrities houses on purpose is there's a there's a cabal trick that goes back to the era of the pirate ships the pirates which is basically Templars wearing disguises you know they used this piracy to interdite and seize all these gold shipments going from South America to Europe

"....and they got so much of that gold themselves they became very wealthy very powerful which allowed them to finance their operations to infiltrate and control Europe and eventually America as well so those pirate operations that were taking place the origin of the term false flag because they would raise the flag of whatever country was coming appeared to be that country then at the last minute they jump on their ship they kill everybody

"....let's say they did a false flag operation let's say the Portugal is coming and they all got uniforms from dead Portuguese soldiers and they raised a Portuguese flag let's say the Portuguese come right and but in this particular case they didn't they didn't see this coming oh man the Portuguese have got lots of guns they got lots of muskets they got lots of you know cannons ready to fire we lose we meaning the Pirates lose this battle okay we lost that ship these people are sore losers it's part of their religion that they will burn down that ship that they had already seized rather than let it get back into the hands of the people they're fighting even if it costs them their own lives

" if they do a false flag if they look like Portugal Portugal pulls up in the ship and they lose that battle Portugal is not going to get that ship they will burn their own ship down they have it already set up they got all these accelerants inside the ship that they will set on fire it goes up in flames Portugal doesn't get anything they dive off the ship they hope they can swim to safety but they're probably gonna die they don't care they would rather die than be exposed and be brought to trial and

" what they say one of their expressions is that they will fight until they get the quick drop and the sudden stop meaning they will literally keep fighting this war right up until they are hanged which is the quick drop and the sudden stop as your head goes off to the side so part of what I think they might have been doing with California with the Southern California Woolsey fire is before the alliance can go in the Hollywood get Hollywood celebrities to talk about this stuff

"....they want to burn their own place down it was a last move they could make is so typical with their agenda so I just wanted it's a lot of stuff I'm sorry I talked so long I just want to drop all the Sonny guys you know real quick I want to kind of go back to this Paradise fires because there was like so many polarized comments coming in from people that were there like some people were saying yes I mean actually we got a lot of comments saying like yes this is the weirdest fire I've ever been in some other people were kind of saying like

"....oh no this is you know this didn't happen this way or whatever with the video you found actually had this woman going through paradise California showing burnt trees but the trees literally had holes in the ground where the trees were like they were completely like it like the tree was disintegrated completely and then only the hole where all of the roots was left like that crazy yeah it's you literally disintegrated the tree there was no evidence of the tree left and then other people were talking about like how hot how hot the fire has to be in order for that something to have hearts to melt the cars melt but also the trees yeah

"....because that's why they said some of the trees are left because they say that the fire needs to be very very hot to burn a tree completely so what you guys would say I am heard just before this is all new to me you're saying that the trees are just burned down inside the ground like what or like disintegrated it's more like disintegrated like there's not even a tree is just a literally a hole in the ground where the tree was yeah video and photographic evidence really strange another thing that

"....that is really amazing that I gotta give dr. my salad friends for the lead that he had referred to on his website Exopolitics org regarding leaked government document that he has been doing an extensive amount of forensic work on other UFO researchers have I happen to have not come across it before until I read this after watching your video in which it is reported from this government document appears to be a briefing that like the president states would get just sort of like a you know kind of a lower level need-to-know thing but not really at all

"....the full scope of what's going on I go to the document and from reading it I can immediately tell this is real people want to try to pick apart my little details that they just can't really accept the truth of something like this but the document Wow it is describing human looking as the terrestrials being provided with authorized immigration into the country

"....and they use the term paradise not to saying that they're gonna leave here in this California but the thing that they see the earth like a paradise would they want to live in Paris so there's there's now adopting the trail as well to suggest that this was a further innovation that paradise being a place for these people is a further iteration of a government treatment that's very very interesting so that's another part of this article that I'm working on it alls gonna come out on my website hopefully the next couple weeks make sure to join us next week for the epic finale to this exclusive series with David Wilcock

"....we even get to hear some of David's personal experiences and we think it's high time to discuss the great awakening only on the edge of wonder apparently this deep state type of stuff what they were looking at was trying to kill America by the fact that almost all of our food is grown out here and if there's no water and there's no rain and there's no food and some of the briefings I got were that they were concerned about how their countries meaning these European elites they had to suffer during World War two

"....but that America didn't take the hit and so part of why they were using these very advanced microwave beam technologies from satellites from ground-based stations and other means was to try to dry out California look at what happened with the wildfires which appear to be deliberately set that's all other story but now it appears that sometime shortly after the California wildfires the alliance regained control of the weather control satellites this is a very sizable event we have had so much rain in California it is crazy in fact there was an article just last week saying that an atmospheric River with five Mississippi rivers worth of water was coming in over California in just one storm

" not only do we not have a drought anymore but now the media immediately changes their fear porns tactics to say oh well now you got to worry about this biblical flood because there's gonna be so much water that it's gonna overwhelm the reservoir and then all these square miles of land are gonna be completely destroyed well look this is a good thing it's a good thing that we have this water but it is so freakishly bizarre that here we are and this has happened I mean we were I went to take a shower I walked the dog this morning it was sunny it was okay and now we get this snow now you got to understand I've lived in California for thirteen or fourteen years now this basically never happens

"....and we actually had news not too long ago earlier this week that Las Vegas had snow so I want to be clear that the briefings are telling us this is because the climate is springing back the Cabal the deep state they have lost control of the weather modifying satellite technology the HAARP ground-based technology so we went from this weird drought where it literally never rains it's like mathematically impossible to all we're getting now is quote-unquote crappy weather but we'll take it because we need the water but still in my whole life I've never seen something like this happen

"....I mean these are these are sizable flakes you can see them on my jacket here just the chunks of snow coming down and how how thick they are and they're consistently falling and it's been going on like this I I was in the shower when this started so I was worried that I might not have enough time to jump out here and do this now I will say there have been a couple of times in the past that we've had hail where you get these ice pellets that does happen occasionally but snow I've never seen

"....I cannot ever remember having a snow storm in California I've been here for I think 14 years so this is really exciting it's really unprecedented and it is another proof that the climate is back under the control of the earth and we're getting this weird artificial spring back from it California has been messed with for so long to try to kill off our food supply that this polar vortex has moved down over the continental US and so everybody's been having these weird problems I'm sure you are aware of this these crazy 50 degrees 55 degrees below zero temperatures in the heartland of America

"....this is all part of that process the polar vortex is slipping down the part that would normally be over the North Pole is coming south to try to heal the climate from this very prolonged man-made artificial drought so it's crazy and is cold and uncomfortable as it is to be out here right now I am very happy for this I wanted to stick a stake in the ground and make a landmark of this occasion and we'll share this in an upcoming video

" this is another really important point the way that I was because we have we were lucky enough to be able to rent a place that has multiple fruit trees we have some peaches we have plums we have pluots we have this persimmon tree right there we've got some citrus we've got some lemons some key limes this is an almond tree the the squirrels always get the almonds I've never had an almond from this tree the fruit kind of looks like a it's it's sort of roundish oval and flat and got a greenish hair on it anyway what's been happening every year with these weird drought problems is that they'll crank up the heat really high

"....and I know this is man-made because it's so obvious with all the briefings I've had and all the knowledge it's available if you look for it they would crank up the heat to the high 80s you'd get this prolonged burn I mean I literally remember in February being in my bedroom and having to turn on the air-conditioning because it was so freakin hot then the trees are like oh it's springtime let's bloom then what they would always do and I watch this year after year and it made me cry I had such a feeling of futility somewhere around right now actually the end of February you would get the one big rainstorm and it would come down so hard that it would literally pound the blossoms off of trees so to give you an example I tried to plant some new stuff here before the drought started I planted these lemons and I also planted a couple avocado trees the one year that my avocado tree tried to bloom the flowers started to come out and then we had this crazy hailstorm and the hail literally knocked all the blossoms off

" one good hailstorm could easily knock all of these blossoms off the tree and so this is part of how the game works the population control agenda they get the trees to flower then they send in a wicked storm that knocks off the blossoms you get a significantly reduced crop yield and eventually there's just no water and everybody's fighting over it so all of this has changed but again the climate is very unpredictable here we are in a snowstorm first time in my entire life I've seen snow in Los Angeles and I'm just giving you an insight into the greater agenda what's going on here beware the edge of wonder listener beard Oh doom lest it be your doom ...≺≺ less