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[4.13] NSA Q Proof / Assange / Trump & 5G / Anti-Vaxxers are Winning / Glyphosate Toxicology Report

Destroying the Illusion ** Published on Apr 13, 2019
"...what's up guys Jordan's seith reporting for duty on the Big Island of Hawaii I'm having a fantastic time swimming with dolphins presenting information to audiences and connecting with the people here but I want to take some time aside to talk about some things going on in the world I want to discuss the Julian Assange situation some things they're becoming a little more clear we had an interesting cue confirmation by way of an NSA tweet today I'll show you that and I want to talk about vaccines 5g glyphosate among some other things so thank you so much for watching ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... I'm gonna start off with our cue confirmation and NSA tweet and this is it right here it says congratulations to NSA's National Cryptologic school command and Diane who received the cyber warrior Woman of the Year award from the cyber security Association of Maryland so what happened is that in Maryland this was held at a casino on behalf of the NSA there was an awards ceremony when Diane won her award you can see the photograph that they just decided to take of all photographs right here right in front of the Queen card with the big ol queue right behind her head incredible thing was there was multiple cards there was a king card I saw there was a queen card so again of all places they could take this photo

"....they took this one slapping you over the face with their confirmations and if you remember month or two ago when the NSA released their reverse engineering tool Deidre what was the logo they used Fergie drew it was basically the H hand logo so all these confirmations and connections between the NSA and our beloved queue operation you know i retweeted this i posted about this we I tagged a bunch of those anti queue shells and it was absolutely hilarious to see their psychobabble word salad that they were spewing out in the comments there's nothing they can logically say to this there's nothing let the proofs let the truth speak for itself and we have another proof that happened today this one having to do with queues drops from exactly a year

"....go to the day shout-out to add on with logic for this one referencing his tweet he said exactly one year ago today Q posted Twitter down show you that drop and then today Twitter posted about their servers being down huh interesting one of many again one of many these proofs they're in the hundreds now it's incredible moving on into talking about Julian Assange so ok now that the dust is settling a little bit I want to offer you a little bit of my thoughts on this when I look at this whole Julian Assange situation from the way they arrested him to the way he got on the bus to the way that people are asking what they're saying about this various phrases come to mind specifically phrases that Q is said before like number one enjoy the show number two what makes a good movie great actors number three optics are important

" see what I'm gathering at here a lot of what I'm seeing from this doesn't feel like what's actually being seen on the superficial surface so for instance the way Julian Assange was quote arrested okay the way he was arrested all right they didn't put him in handcuffs they you know they drugged him out of the embassy it was a really weird way they dragged him out of the embassy they let him hold a magazine if he was you know actually getting arrested would they let him do that he should have his hands behind his back right and if anything did you see what was actually on the magazine it was a magazine of gore Vidal seen some incredible diggings into gore Vidal the past few days

"....some of his old work on this magazine Julian Assange was holding it said national security state and the way Julian Assange got on the bus the way he interacted with the media giving his thumbs up winking I mean he didn't look all that disheveled when he winked he was almost grinning as if he knew what was going on and it's of course cue saying we have the source so again like I said enjoy the show a lot of what we're seeing here is just kind of a play that's being made for us and I wouldn't be surprised if this is all in the plan to extradite Julian Assange get him back home get him essentially are arrested which could be safe in many ways shapes and forms get him home and then have him testify

"....okay I believe it was the Department of Justice Foreign Affairs Office its handling this they created a somewhat small charge against Julian basically a charge that would just get him extradited and back home and then get him to testify so that's what I think it's gonna happen very intrigued to see what Julian Assange it's going to say within the next couple months in the US of A here and also like I said the way these reactions are coming out about this Julian Assange arrest president Trump was asked about WikiLeaks and he said I know nothing about WikiLeaks it's not my thing

"....the way he trolls he just straight I mean he's a Gemini it's all doublespeak that these people do right not doublespeak in a bad way but sometimes you can double speak in a good way like Trump is doing here throughout what the 2016 election how many times did you say WikiLeaks WikiLeaks I love WikiLeaks and now he goes I don't anything about it it's not my thing you can tell that he just is doing this for the optics he doesn't want to actually discuss it because he want to let he wants to let the Assange arrest happen that process occur without any you know interference or messing around from him so hilarious to see all the optics this whole show of it all

"....but let's keep Assange in our prayers you know hope he stays safe during this whole thing very important for that source to stay alive moving on to rod Rosen Stein really quickly rod Rosenstein defending the Attorney General's handling of the Mueller report of all people rod Rosen Stein optics are important it raw is rod Rosen Stein a black hat is he a white hat I don't know and I think it's really really important that we don't know what side many of these individuals Rosenstein Mueller etc Iran some people are floating theories of white hat people floating theories of black hat gray hat you know we might not know now maybe in the future

".... hindsight will become 20/20 the picture will be a lot more clear but again I think it's very important that we actually don't know right now optics are important trust the plan moving on Trump this is great threatening to dump migrants into sanctuary cities Trump saying that all right sanctuary cities if you want illegal immigrants to remain free you can have them all Trump's giving the deep State the Democrats if you want to call it that I like deep state better exactly what they want dumping the migrants right into the sanctuary cities

"....if this happens there's gonna be a lot of people moving out of these sanctuary cities and it's gonna put the deep state's agenda on display right there and how terrible it's going to be so if you are in a sanctuary city stay safe protect yourself get out maybe if you can I hope this doesn't happen I hope Trump's threats keep them in check and make enough people realize like yeah we actually don't want that but if it does happen again stay safe guys and moving on to the FBI records vault here very interesting declassification from the FBI records vault

"....I want to make you aware of an Argentine declassification project so the reason I say this is intriguing is because if the FBI is disclosing declassifying documents and related to Argentina well Argentina has connections to world war ii a lot of those Nazis escaped Europe went to Argentina some of them could have even proceeded to go from Argentina then South to Antarctica and not just that there you go Antarctica connections with Argentina so these would be really interesting documents to scour I'm curious if there are any sort of Nuggets having to do with those things in there

" you want to go through them link to that will be below and again a lot of links to this stuff that I'm talking about all the notables will be in the description below so you can check that every time I do one of these videos moving on the last couple things let's talk 5g vaccines than glyphosate so first 5g Trump talking about 5g today saying it's a must-win race to develop the infrastructure so my thoughts on this now I have a lot of thoughts on this some of those thoughts are going to be for more in-depth content in the future but what I want to say right now is that I see a lot of people out there saying that somehow 5g has been turned safe or something that I've that effect right

".... they're kind of speculating or theorizing that and you got to understand the 5g that we're talking about here these particular band widths that they want to pulse microwave frequencies through they're not helpful they're harmful in fact you can't just magically whisk it to be not harmful to us it's very harmful to our DNA to our bodies to our minds to our consciousness okay but because of the particular 5g we're discussing here being harmful with Trump's saying it's a must-win race that doesn't turn me off because again optics are necessary

"....Trump doesn't I mean would it be smart for him to come out against 5g like that what would he be doing he would be alienating a whole industry probably a large voter base of his within the telecommunications industry and not just that but it is sort of a must-win race to develop the 5g infrastructure because I sort of look at it like the nuclear situation that happened with the Soviet Union you know Soviet Union was making nukes so America basically said well we're gonna have to make nukes too so they're not the only big kids on the block right and then if we both have nukes we can then not use them it's almost a race to have them

" you can make sure they're shut off right that's sort of what I think might be going on with this 5g situation in regards to how the Trump administration is is going about it they're saying it's must-win they are pushing to be the leaders in it so they can make sure that nothing bad happens with it and then they can make sure that well it's not utilized in harmful ways and then the other technologies the quantum technologies free energy quantum communications etc etc that don't use those particular harmful band Wits in fact they use almost a whole set of technology that's just separate from the Wi-Fi 4G 5g stuff that can begin to come out

" again long conversation we'll have more discussions on it in the future but don't worry too much okay try to think deeper expand your mind with the salt try to see the 3d 4d chess with these situations Vaccines saw this in CNN made me laugh it'll make you laugh too anti-vaxxers are winning the war on social media great I think it was just a week ago I saw a article posted in the mainstream media saying that anti-vaxxers are losing or they're you know a small contingency on social media so mainstream media contradicting themselves like they always do admitting that anti-vaxxers are just bad ass and we're smart and we use social media damn good and they're asking what's the CDC going to do about it

" know what the CDC is going to do about it nothing well actually there's stuff they're probably going to do about it I think this article suggested the CDC actually funding giving money to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to censor but what can they do about it better question they can't do anything about it ha the power of memes the power of human passion the power of the desire for truth that humans are finding beginning to have they can't combat that it's incredible they created these platforms like Facebook and Twitter to monitor us but we're utilizing these platforms these social media companies to wake up the world nothing they can do about it keep doing what you're doing it's having an absolute impact it's making a difference where we go on we go all

"....every single person matter don't doubt that okay and last thing I want to share with you guys here is a public health agency of the DHHS the Department of Health and Human Services so an actual governmental agency admitted today that glyphosate is very toxic carcinogenic they put out this toxicology report on it and strengthens the 2015 cancer assessment from another health agency so we have multiple government agencies here that are now saying that glyphosate is toxic remember glyphosate is the main ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup Monsanto the producer of Agent Orange producer of DDT now the producer of extremely toxic glyphosate

"....don't forget Monsanto also genetically modified corn and soy and canola and other crops and these genetically engineered foods are found in like 80 to 90 percent of all your big box store bot I don't even want to call it food it's really food like product it's chemicals that taste good okay so few lessons here number one read your labels okay it's important really to be very conscious aware of what you're putting on yourself and in yourself it's extremely important alright number two Monsanto big agriculture other big AG companies and big pharma companies as well they're awful they're just god-awful I know

".... I'm sure there's some sealed indictments waiting for some of those board directors and CEOs of these big AG and big pharma companies and not just that but Bayer bought Monsanto the other year I recently saw that Bayer is having some problems they had to layoff it's like four or five thousand employees so Q saying before many of these companies are gonna collapse under the weight of their own illegal practices I'm very happy about that I'm happy that companies like Bayer are finally getting sued over glyphosate I'm happy that pharmaceutical companies and say the Rockefeller Foundation are getting sued

"....he didn't know there's a billion lawsuit going on right now against the Rockefeller Foundation lots of lawsuits coming out which is great great news what I think's going on with the Trump administration is that big farm and bag at big AG are just too touchy for them to go openly against right now so they're letting the private sector take care of it they're letting the lawsuits rack up against pharmaceutical companies and Monsanto and big AG companies to take them down which is great

"....okay I mean any way that we can take down the deep state needs to happen whether it is from within the government or we have to do it in the private sector with lawsuits I would like to see the government the Trump administration do a little more on vaccines because of course we have that separate vaccine court system so it's not like we can sue the pharmaceutical companies for vaccines they might be able to be sued for other products but not vaccines

" I really hope that things get shifted a little bit there I think they will people are waking up to vaccines no doubt you know Trump and Q being the two top attacked topics in the mainstream media I would say anti-vaxxers are number three people are waking up and I just like this article said you know anti-vaxxers are winning the war on social media so it's great news people waking up all around people in government even waking up which we definitely need them to do and there you go that's all I had for you guys today we went through 5g vaccines cute confirmations Julian Assange stuff and there you go glyphosate so thank you guys so much for watching I appreciate you and there'll be much more content coming soon remember hit that like hit that subscribe make sure you hit that little notification bell I really hope YouTube's sending you guys those notifications nothing I can do about it if they don't but make sure you check this channel every few days to see if there is anything new I'll be catching you guys soon take care ...≺≺ less

The Patriots Have The [DS] Exactly Where They Want Them, MOAB Incoming - Episode 1840b

X22Report ** Published on Apr 12, 2019
".... the deep state they are panicking like there's no tomorrow you can see certain individuals out there that are tweeting that are commenting on bar about the spying commenting on Assange commenting on everything and you can see that these people who are screaming the loudest they have the most to lose if we look at Hillary Clinton and we look at what she's been saying about Assange she says he must now answer for what he has done what did he do well he downloaded her email and exposed her she said the following I think it is clear from the indictment that came out it's not about punishing journalism it is about assisting the hacking of a military computer to steal information from the United States government ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....and look I'll wait and see what happens with the charges and how it proceeds but he skipped bail in the UK the bottom line is he has to answer for what he has done at least as it's been charged the former secretary said to an audience now what's very interesting is these charges have nothing to do with 2016 have nothing to do with the election have nothing to do with Russia it actually has nothing to do with any of this so assuming that Assange is successfully extradited Julian Assange will stand trial in a courtroom in Alexandria Virginia where prosecutors from the Eastern District of Virginia will try to prove that he broke US law by goading Chelsea Manning into turning over hundreds of thousands of classified documents remember there is only one charge that has been levied against Assange conspiracy to hack a government computer and if he is convicted it's five and a half years in prison

" when we look at the Assange indictment prosecutors claim that after Manning had already handed over hundreds of thousands of documents to Wikileaks a Saund tried to help the former Army private and intelligence Islands crack a password that would have allowed her to access hundreds of thousands of documents however Assange never succeeded in cracking the password at least not from what the prosecutors are aware of what he did allegedly do was conspire with Manning to transmit the documents she had had succeeded in stealing while and this is key encouraging Manning to turn over more documents when she expressed reluctance

" to support all of this and to support the case the government has obtained chat logs from March 2010 showing Manning communicating with a mysterious individual who or alternately went by the handle o X and pre Association so the government believes this user was Assange after true transmitting the hundreds of thousands of war logs from Iraq and Afghanistan and detainee assessment briefs from Guantanamo Bay

"....Manning said her stash of secret documents had run dry after this upload that's all I really have left to which her co-conspirator replied curious eyes never run dry in my experience so the indictment also references a claim made by Manning to her during her court-martial that she had discussed the value of the quote anima detainee assessments with the person alleged to be a son so at this point they don't know it's Assange it's a mysterious individual and they believe it's Assange now that's very interesting so as for how they're in they're going to conclusively prove that Assange was the individual who corresponded with Manning on the jabber chat service they were using well that hasn't been revealed as of yet

"....and we can see why they might have used this charge because it's going to take a lot to prove that it's Assange because it's not his voice it's someone typing into the chat system and this is going to be very very difficult now the indictment that the Justice Department filed against Julian Assange in the Eastern District of Virginia charges him with conspiracy to commit computer fraud like we said the conspiracy statute is section 371 of the Penal Code and the Computer Fraud offenses that were the objectives of the conspiracy are parts of section 1030 now according to the indictment Assange and Manning conspired in 2010

"....Manning was prosecuted by the own forces the Justice Department's indictment against Assange was not returned until 2018 eight years later now the five-year statute of limitations that applies to most federal crimes is prescribed for both conspiracy and Computer Fraud so how is the Justice Department able to prosecute Assange on in the diamond filed three years after the proscribed limitations period well it appears that the Justice Department is relying on an exception in Section 23 32 B of the penal code that extends the statute of limitations to eight years for acts of terrorism and sending national boundaries now conspiracy to commit computer fraud is a very serious offense and ahsan jizz is at the top of the seriousness range because it involves publication of defense secrets that endangered lives including the lives of our troops and there's no debt that the conspiracy transcended national boundaries

"....Assange was outside the US when he collaborated with Manning but is it really an act of terrorism and was it him now this is going to be tough because they're going to have to really prove all of this because the original statute of limitations ran out and they're trying to get him on this so when you start to put all this together it seems like this was put together to maybe fail in the end let's go back to post 874 and Q this is March 7 2018 right around when the indictment came out and it says Julian Assange have you learned to and eliminate el61 is l6 many people say it's maybe a chess move other people say it's something else we don't exactly know and it says use logic q then

"....if we move to post 1708 it says Julian Assange why does the UK government desperately want Julian Assange think source files the more you know so they know that he has the source or maybe not because Q has been saying we have the source that's interesting so is Q saying they have the source files and soon to have Julian Assange to help with the entire case that has to do with Clinton and many others maybe now something very interesting Matt Gaetz introduced a bill dubbed the pencil act and he called it the pencil act because Trump well he kept calling Schiff pencil neck now this pencil act is to remove Adam Schiff from the House Intel committee now this is the actual name of the pencil Act preventing extreme negligence with classified information licensed act or pencil act a nod to trump who recently called the democrat lawmaker little pencil neck Adam Schiff Matt Gaetz tweeted out the following

" I filed the pencil Act expressing the sense of the house representatives that congressman Adam Schiff should be removed from the House Intelligence Committee and his security clearance immediately revoked remember Adam Schiff simply cannot be trusted with classified or sensitive information he leaks he lies and you could see why they want him removed plus he's been misleading the American public saying he has evidence he has all this evidence that Trump colluded but he never produces it now let's go back to post 3177 this is March 25th 2019 and

" says why didn't POTUS fire Ron rosenstein-rodan citizen bold and brat kill brackets after reporting Ari offered to wear a wire why did Whitaker bar retain rod Rosen Singh to the end who signed off on the Muller summer report submitted by Bart yesterday we know that was Rod Rosenstein who signed fraudulent FISA warrants who appointed Muller as special counsel rod Rosenstein rod Rosenstein who has full control the Patriots optics are very important now q said this for a specific reason because rod Rosen stung he is behind all of this and we see that rod Rosenstein is now backing bill Barr so rod Rosenstein brought in Moeller was in charge of Muller

"....and he told Muller what to do signed off on the Pfizer warrants and is now backing bill Barr he said the following he's being as forthcoming as he can and so this notion that he's trying to mislead people I think is just completely bizarre Rosen sign said Trump tweeted out the following Democrats don't like the results of the Mulla report so now they're trying everything else at representative Doug Collins they should stop wasting time and money and get back to real legislating especially on the border and the reason why they had rod Rosen Stein stay in his position this is why Trump didn't fire him

"....this is why they allowed Rosen Ron Rosenstein to control Muller because they needed him to sign off and to show that he is the one that is handling all of this and now he backs bar in what he's doing because optics are very important now remember back in February 2018 Obama said the following that his White House didn't have a scandal that embarrassed us well it looks like that's all about the changing is changing because what just happened and we mentioned this yesterday former White House Counsel for brocco bomb attorney Gregory Craig was indicted by a grand jury in Washington for lying to the FBI and failing to register as a foreign agent

" naturally Obama saying he knew nothing about this but already we see there's a scandal the first one that has ever come out now this is interesting Trump said the following President Obama's top White House lawyer Gregory B Craig was indicted yesterday on very serious charges this is a really big story but the fake news New York Times didn't even put it on the page one of their paper rather page 16 at Washington Post not much better tiny page one News now why did Trump point this out everything that we're seeing right now is leading up to the D class oh I G and the treasonous crimes think about what the Patriots have been doing

"....they need to show that these individuals are corrupt we just can't you know release everything and everyone go whoa where did this all come from so what they've been doing over time is they've been letting this information out slowly so think about it Obama spied on me the Muller report is a witch-hunt Obama did have something in his administration where someone was just indicted a little bit at a time they're allowing certain things to come out and showing the public that Obama is not perfect I mean think about it Trump continually tweets that Muller investigation is a witch-hunt it turns out to be one but witch-hunt because the summary came out and it says no collusion no obstruction the full reports gonna come out and it's gonna say the same exact thing and also Russian

"....Russia didn't get involved in 2016 election Trump continues to tweet out about Comey Clinton Brennan shift Nadler and the rest continually pushing the truth that it was set up and there are many other crimes associated with these people Trump continually tweets out treason in all caps and the media goes crazy how dare you bar releases summary Moeller shows no obstruction or collusion deep state goes crazy media goes crazy we want the full report rod Roden Stein appointed Muller he controlled Muller because session recused himself rod Rosenstein hired manage and signed off on the report

"....Barr was asked if Trump was spied on Barr says yes didn't give evidence because they want the deep state to ask for it which they did the D class is waiting in the wings Trump signed the statement back in September 17 2018 Bar is going to release the d-class information once the Muller report is out new nests and meadows won't mages handed criminal referrals to bar nobody knows who they are not even those being investigated to allow the public to digest all of this they're letting this out a little bit at a time getting everyone used to this and showing that Trump has been telling the truth then Assange is arrested and taken from the Ecuadorian Embassy after seven years charges have nothing to do with 2016 Clinton emails

".... they have to do is hacking and they don't even know if it was him Assange has the source files the Patriots have the source they are needed now by the Patriots he is the key Obama's top White House lawyer indicted there goes Obama's clean record this is the beginning stages to pare to prepare the public to show that Obama is dirty that there was corruption there was spying there were scandals there was treason and as you can see they're dropping all of these little carpet bombs over time to prepare the public remember what Q told us that the public is gonna have a very difficult time accepting all this they're gonna get angry and I believe during this entire period of time they've been doing

"....and following this plan on purpose to get the public on the side of the Patriots to show that Trump was not just out there spouting off conspiracy theories that he was absolutely telling the truth Muller's investigation was a witch hunt Trump continually tweeted out there's no collusion there's no obstruction this is all fake phony and false it turns out it was it turns out that Obama did spy on him that they used FISA words which were illegally obtained and they bugged his office in Trump Tower they were bugging him in the White House listening in to his conversation Asians unmasking certain individuals illegally and from all the text messages

"....they were showing that all these people were going against Trump there was a coordinated effort a coup to take down the president what do you think they've been doing this entire time they've been informing the public very slowly and gathering all this evidence the drop the Moab the mother of all bombs you need to prepare the public for what is coming because remember the people that are sleeping they believe that these people are squeaky clean they believed that there was no Clinton email scandal there's no uranium one scandal that Obama did nothing wrong he's like a god and he had no scandals that embarrassed his administration

"....if you notice it's all falling apart now let's go down to the border Trump is now trolling those who support illegal immigration and sanctuary cities he tweeted out the following even the Democrats now say that our southern border is a crisis and a national emergency hopefully we will not be getting any more bad outrageous court decisions he continued due to the fact that the Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws we are indeed as reported giving strong considerations to placing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities only the radical left always seems to have an open borders open arms policy so this should make them very happy

" what is Trump doing he is trolling the Democrats he's trolling the mainstream media how did the mainstream media and the Democrats react to this you think they'd be happy he's gonna put these individuals in sanctuary cities might not be the same sanctuary cities as they were placing these individuals in but he will decide which are the sanctuary cities so right off the bat the washington post came out and said that Trump is targeting political foes White House officials have tried to pressure US immigration authorities to release detainees onto the streets of sanctuary cities to retaliate against President Trump's political adversaries according to Department of Homeland Security officials and email messages reviewed by The Washington Post

"....Trump administration officials have proposed transporting detained immigrants to sanctuary cities at least twice in the past six months once in November as a migrant caravan approached the u.s. southern border and again in February amid a standoff with Democrats over funding for the Trump's border wall and Nancy Pelosi came out through her spokeswoman and said the following the extent of this administration's cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated using human beings including little children as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable Adam Schiff took a break from whatever cable news program he was on and said the following power corrupts and absolute power results in dangerously Harebrained Schemes like this one in which people fleeing violence are cynically used as political pawns so why would any Democrat oppose this why would mainstream media be outraged over this why wouldn't they be fully supportive sending illegals in need of sanctuary to their own self-described sanctuary cities

"....we've been told for years by these people that illegal immigrants are net positive they supposedly commit less crime they don't do the jobs Americans won't do and provide value diversity the Democratic Party believes that so much that they refuse to do anything to stem the tide the media believes it so much that they run cover 24 hours a day for lacks immigration efforts so how is this consistent to now complain that Trump wanted to send them exactly what they claimed they wanted because he's going to send them to their cities the ëletís don't actually want their cities be coming home to masses of illegal immigrants they would like them to stay in the cities that they choose away from them they don't want them in certain areas and you can see that Trump is pushing the mainstream media pushing the Democrats to lash out at how dare you send these individuals to sanctuary sanctuary cities well isn't this what Obama was doing buses would roll in and pick up these individuals and he would send him off to sanctuary cities and the sanctuary cities would receive money the states would receive money and

" they're against this you think Trump is doing this on purpose absolutely he's pushing them to the edge so they don't want stronger border security and they don't want him shipping these individuals to sanctuary cities what do they want can't have it both ways and it looks like Trump has just cornered them and he's going to use this against them we see Kim jong-eun he is consolidating power in North Korea and this is one of the biggest leadership shake ups in years he's changing people's positions why because he feels more comfortable now and he's getting rid of those people that are not with him hmm sounds very familiar to Trump doesn't it we see half tours at Libyan army they have now claimed control of the GN a military base this is the UN government's administration that they placed in Libya

"....and it looks like there are more more countries coming out supporting NAFTA our Saudi Arabia Egypt and the RAF so it looks like everything that the deep state has set up it is now turning around and it looks like the people are taking back their countries and if you notice throughout the Middle East everything is changing the deep state they're being pushed out the people are being allowed to run their own countries now something very interesting happen there was an individual and it's a man he attempted to set himself on fire outside the white house causing the facility to immediately enter a state of lockdown now the video shows Secret Service escorting the man away from the White House after he tried to set himself on fire

" what's very interesting about all of this is that we've seen this before where someone came up to the White House and they tried to shoot themselves or do something and we need to go back to post 8:32 this is March 3rd 2018 a demonstration was made today in front of the White House it showed they can control innocence it was a direct threat this is not a game the mainstream media is creating emotional conflict this destabilizes certain minds to become susceptible to outside control what you see is 2% the war is real these people are sick watch the news this week so from this it looks like we're having the same thing happen again the deep state they're sending a message to trump

"....yes they can control innocence and the next time it's going to be much larger because they know what Trump is about to do they know what the Patriots are about to do what's coming the D class the OIG report the sealed indictments are going to be unsealed q has given us the placeholders those are going to be filled up and I believe that this was a message to Trump and the Patriots well guess what message received now it's the Patriots turn and you have to remember the deep state they play dirty they know that this is coming they know the D class the OIG reporting the rest is coming and we've said it before they're going to try to clog the news cycles

"....they're gonna try to figure out when this is going to happen they missed on the Muller summary report they produced their event a week ahead of schedule they didn't mean to do that they wasted ammunition then the Muller summary came out and they had nothing to block the news the same thing now with the D class the OIG report but this has to be much much larger because this is revealing what the Obama administration what Comey Brennan Clinton have all done this is much more damaging than just the Muller with summary or the Muller report and you can bet they're gonna try to do something much larger and I do believe that this was a message letting them know don't do it now remember Q the Patriots they're listening to chatter they're using angel fire against them and I do believe they know or they have an inkling of what is going to happen and they're preparing for it ...≺≺ less

There’s A Financial War Coming, We’ve Fought It Twice Before And Won - Episode 1840a

X22Report ** Published on Apr 12, 2019
" the central banks they've been in power for too long and there is now a move to bring down the central bank system we're on the cusp of a financial war and this is a war with the central bank system we've done this before we fought the central bank twice before and we won both times and we will win this time we'll be talking about that in just a bit but first when we start to look at the economy we understand that the housing market the housing market is imploding on itself I know the interest rates they have been kept the same and Trump is calling for the interest rates to be lowered to have stimulus reintroduced to try to keep the economic system going into the 2020 election and maybe a little bit after that he knows that this economy can only last for a certain period of time ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....and when we look at Wells Fargo we see that their entire mortgage origination it has been declining since right after the economic crisis of 2008-2009 and around 2012 everything started to fall apart for them and what we're seeing right now is that in the first quarter of 2019 the origination shrink again dropping to just thirty three billion down five billion sequentially and the lowest level since the financial crisis putting the X number in context just six years ago when the US housing market was actually solid Wells was originating four times as many mortgages or about a hundred and twenty billion dollars worth you can see that the system has been deteriorating for quite a while it's not because if Trump is not because the tariffs it's not because of any of this it has to do with the central bank system that were in they knew back in 2008 that this system couldn't go any further

"....why do you think they had to have this crisis in 2008 they did it on purpose so they can introduce stimulus so they can do things they normally wouldn't be able to do they had to put fear in the people in governments around the world to say listen if you don't do something the whole things coming down and the fear worked they allowed the central banks to do whatever they wanted to do and the central banks knew they were going to have to create as much currency as possible and take this currency and give it to certain corporations and to other central banks and to other countries to keep the system alive because if they didn't do this their system and I'm talking about their system would fall apart they'd be exposed everyone would know what happened

" they took this opportunity to make a last-ditch effort to move their system someplace else and to make huge profits in the process and that's what they've been doing and we know that the system is slowing the IMF has been continually out there telling us that it's slowing and it's because of the tariffs which is false because if you go back in time and you look at the IMF and what they've been recording you see they make great projections but their GDP productions continually declined from 2008 to the present day the world economy never did what they said it was going to do instead the opposite was happening but now they're trying to make the case that it's because of the tariffs which is fake phony and false they're also out there saying that the global growth is slowing in many countries they're struggling with high debts well

"....why are they struggling with high debts because the system is based on debt and the only way for countries to survive is to take on more debt and if they don't have tax receipts coming in if they people don't have jobs how do you pay for this debt you can't so they have to borrow more which puts them into further debt the central bank system does not help a country does not help a people and of course Christine Lagarde is out there saying this is not the time for the self-inflicted economic wound of trade wars well what happens once the trade deals are agreed upon what happens when the tariffs are removed what is the IMF going to blame all this on multi-member

"....going back in time the mainstream media the central banks they are blaming the downfall of retail on the weather then they blamed it on online sales now they're blaming it on tariffs and trade well we're very close to a trade deal and when this happens and all of a sudden tariffs are removed they're going to be out in the open and they'll have nothing to blame this on now we know that Trump he is making the move to restructure the Fed he has two individuals Herman Cain Steven Moore you might not like them it doesn't matter because there's a reason why he's nominating these individuals because he wants the infighting to start and it's not ridiculous for Trump to consider nominating Herman Cain to the US Federal Reserve Board Kane has relevant experience and good ideas of course

"....the deep state in the mainstream media is out there and they're saying and this is coming from the Washington Post calls Cain's potential nomination a reckless move now the criticism of Cain can be summarized into three main points Herman Cain doesn't understand economics Catherine rampell a columnist for The Washington Post wrote last week nine nine nine that should be the Senate response if President Trump actually nominates his friend Herman Cain while she acknowledges that Trump passed phenomenas are competent well qualified professionals according to what standard I don't know that they're academics and that they fit into the mold maybe that's what she's going on

"....but we know that Cain is neither an economist nor banker and these are the two professions that traditionally have dominated the federal reserve Cain does not fit into this but Cain's life is a quintessential American economic success success story he's a native of Atlanta Georgia Cain was born into a poor family his mother worked as a maid and his father was once a show for from his humble background Cain went to college got a master degree in computer science from Purdue University and worked his way up from analyst to chief executive in corporate America one of his business accomplishments was the turnaround of the Godfather's Pizza chain in fourteen months when he was its president and CEO but there's more in 1992 came became one of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and was the board's chairman from 95 to 96 and of course he supports what the gold standard and right now they're saying the gold standard is absolutely ridiculous it's a ridiculous idea because many Americans are not familiar with the gold standard today so it is easier for political pundits and even some economists to dismiss the gold standard as a fringe I

"....but in 1800s almost all the nations in the world adopted the gold standard which guaranteed that the government would redeem any amount of paper money for its value in gold the beauty of the gold standard is that because there is a limited supply of gold it serves as a natural constraint on government spending and inflation the gold standard forces the u.s. to live within its means now the United States was on the gold standard for a hundred and seventy-nine years until August 15 1971 when President Nixon ordered the Fed not to redeem US Dollars with gold essentially ending the gold standard in the United States listened to Nixon in what he said back then the third indispensable element and building the new prosperity is closely related to creating new jobs and halting inflation we must protect the position of the American dollar as a pillar of monetary stability around the world in the past seven years

"....there's been an average of one international monetary crisis every year now who gains from these crises not the working man not the investor not the real producers of wealth the gainers are the international money speculators because they thrive on crises they help to create them in recent weeks the speculators have been waging an all-out war on the American dollar the strength of a nation's currency is based on the strength of that nation's economy and the American economy is by far the strongest in the world accordingly I have directed the Secretary of the Treasury to take the action necessary to defend the dollar against the speculators I have directed secretary Connolly to suspend temporarily the convertibility of the dollar in the gold or other reserve assets except in amounts and conditions determined to be in the interest of monetary stability

"....and in the best interest of the United States now what is this action which is very technical what does it mean for you let me rate a rat late arrest the Bugaboo of what is called devaluation if you want to buy a foreign car or take a trip abroad market conditions may cause your dollar to buy slightly less but if you are among the overwhelming majority of Americans who buy american-made products in America your dollar will be worth just as much tomorrow as it is today the effect of this action in other words will be to stabilize the dollar now this action will not win us any friends among the International Money traders but our primary concern is with the American workers and with fair competition around the world to our friends abroad including the many responsible members of the international banking community who are dedicated to the stability in the flow of trade

"....I give this assurance the United States has always been and will continue to be a forward-looking and trustworthy trading partner in full cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and those who trade with us we will press for the necessary reforms to set up an urgent Lee needed new international monetary system stability and equal treatment is in everybody's best interest I am determined that the American dollar must never again be a hostage in the hands of international speculators I'm taking one further step protect the dollar to improve our balance of payments and to increase jobs for Americans as a temporary measure I am today opposed imposing an additional tax of 10% on goods imported into the United States this is a better solution for international trade than direct controls on the amount of imports this import tax is a temporary action it isn't directed against any other country

"'s an action to make certain that American products will not be at a disadvantage because of unfair exchange rates when the unfair treatment is ended the import tax will end as well as a result of these actions the product of American labor will be more competitive and the unfair edge that some of our foreign competition has will be removed this is a major reason why our trade balance has eroded over the past 15 years now yes today the people don't understand gold many people don't understand gold so we're going to have to reintroduce this once again remember the plan of the Federal Reserve the plan of the central banks from 1913 on was to remove the idea that gold is sound money and brainwashed the people into thinking that their paper currency was the only way to go

"....the only type of currency to be used as trade and we know that this is not true cane is an unapologetic and outspoken conservative when he was a leader of the National Restaurant Association he criticized Hillary Clinton's health care nationalization plan he frequently disagreed with former President Obama one of his well-known criticism was hope and change is not a solution hope and change is not a job so the argument the deep state is making the argument that the mainstream media is making is that Cain and more cannot become federal board members they would ruin the independence of the fed because they are both Trump loyalties and would politicize future monetary decisions

"....but the point of having these individuals in the Federal Reserve is not to keep the Federal Reserve the way it is its to destroy the Federal Reserve and if it's not them it will be somebody else and you can see that the mainstream media and the deep State and the central bank's they're trying to push off and keep these type of individuals out of the system but it's not going to work now very interestingly The Economist is coming out and their article that they put out says the independence of central banks is under threat from politics and you can see that they're getting worried and nervous that the central bank's independence is going to be taken away which means they're going to be controlled and they're very worried about this

" Trump's coming more with the Fed has just begun like Andrew Jackson before him Trump is preparing to go to war with America central bank remember Trump installed a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office it's right behind his desk Andrew Jackson fought a bitter battle with his cabinet fired two Treasury secretaries mounted a campaign against the Bank of the United States Nicholas Biddle president of the Bank of the United States resisted Jackson and the bank war followed Biddle was Alan with Henry Clay and when Jackson beat clay in the 8th in the 1832 election he took it as a mandate to get rid of the bank which he eventually succeeded in doing the nation remained without a central bank from 1836 until Woodrow Wilson established the Federal Reserve System on December 22nd 1913

"....and remember this is the third central bank that we had in this country these central bankers continually tried to infiltrate the United States they're kicked out and they try and they try again serious observers and policymakers believe that trumps war on the Fed is designed to set the tone for a full assault after the 2020 election I do believe this that after the 2020 election this is when he's gonna go full out on the central bank system they believe he knows that neither more nor Kane can be confirmed but he wants to set up a battle that will arouse his base against the Fed Trump is setting the stage and the narrative to get rid of the Fed and he introduces this narrative very very slowly in the beginning it was tweeting out and contradicting the Fed contradicting the Fed a little bit more telling the Fed don't raise the rates when the Fed didn't raise the rates Trump said you know something maybe we should lower the rates

"....Trump playing the Fed when they load when they raise the rates that it hurt the stock market and this is going to continue on we are seeing the third war against the central bank it is happening in real time right in front of us that's why Trump took Andrew Jackson hung it in his hung the portrait in his office it was on purpose it was a message to the central bankers letting them know we are coming after you and nothing and I mean nothing will stop it ...≺≺ less

We Have The Source, Optics Are Important, PANIC In DC- Episode 1839b

X22Report ** Published on Apr 11, 2019
" we can see the deep state they are panicking ever since Barre came out and said yes I do believe that Trump was spied on and I do believe that this was a setup do you have all these individuals come out of the woodwork and say that this is crazy that bar needs to apologize that this didn't happen because already we have them on record explaining why this could have never happened and why it didn't happen and I believe that the Patriots wanted to get this out of them right up front here so this way they can turn around and use it against them later on and you can see these individuals most of them are speaking out all the same players they're all out there and they are just speaking out about this is ridiculous we don't call it spy and we don't do this but we'll talk about that in just a minute but first we see Michael a vanetti he was indicted on 36 more charges ranging from embezzlement to perjury ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"......yeah this was the guy that had stormy Daniels going after Trump also tweeted out that his children were going to be indicted and none of this ever happened so if he does get convicted on all these counts he faces up to 335 years in prison

" today out in the UK we saw Julian Assange he was arrested by the UK police now we have to ask the question why after seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy did all of a sudden they decided to come in and arrest him

"......well it's all about optics let's begin so the president of Ecuador Lenin Moreno he said the following today I announced that the discourteous and aggressive behavior of mr. Julian Assange the hostile and threatening declarations of its Allied organization against Ecuador and especially the transgression and international treaties have led the situation to point where the asylum and mr. Assange is unsustainable and no longer viable so remember what Morano said about Julian Assange that all of his transgression transgressions of international treaties how we broke international law

"......remember that because Q does mention this in later posts and we'll get into that in just a minute but first why was Assange arrested was it because of the dumping of Hillary Clinton's emails was it because he was involved in the 2016 election no that's not why he was arrested according to the Eastern District of Virginia he was arrested under a US and United Kingdom extradition treaty in connection with a federal charge of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion for agreeing to break a password to a classified US government computer Assange faces about five years in prison for his role in obtaining and disseminating classified information from then army intelligence analyst bradley manning who is now known as chelsea manning now according to the court documents which were unsealed the charge relates to Assange alleged role in one of the largest compromises of classified information in history of the United States

"......the indictment alleges that in March 2010 so this was back in 2010 has nothing to do 2016 he was engaged in a conspiracy with Chelsea Manning a former intelligence analyst in the u.s. army to assist Manning in cracking passwords stored on US Department of Defense computer connected to the secret internet protocol Network supernet s IP our net the US government network used for classified documents and communications Manning had a gender reassignment surgery after his arrest he changed his name to Chelsea in 2017 Obama overruled his Secretary of Defense ash Carter and commuted the sentence of Manning Manning had stolen and then disseminated more than 750,000 pages of classified documents and videos to WikiLeaks

" first of all the charges have nothing to do with 2016 but it has to do with 2010 just remember that remember when we talked about the Gateway Punnett reporter Cassandra Fairbanks and she filmed these individuals that were undercover in the car while these are the same individuals that actually did the arrest of Julian Assange very interesting but let's continue

" over the last two years the mainstream media has been speculating that Trump and Assange secretly conspired with this Russian collusion this this was their story so the conspiracy theory never slowed even after Roger stones indictment revealed that a Trump camp had no advance knowledge of WikiLeaks releases be they tried to find out from stone who also had no advance advance knowledge the deep state the mainstream media were trying to build the case that this was all linked together

"......but we know that stone had no actual contact to WikiLeaks and the president was not conspiring with WikiLeaks either so having Assange arrested under the Trump administration and then maybe extradited back to the u.s. removes the conspiracy that the deep state the mainstream media had created optics are very important

"......well played Patriots so why did Trump wait this long well first of all no more blocks the molar investigation is completed Barr is now in the driver's seat Trump was asked today what he thought about the arrest and he said I knew nothing about WikiLeaks it's not my thing and this is what he should be saying he knows nothing about what vici leaks has done yes he commented on the past he likes what they what they did where they dumped Clinton's emails and this is just like any other reporter getting documents information and producing a story

"......the president said he has been seeing what's happening with Assange but added that what happens next is up to who Attorney General William bar now logic tweeted out the following ask yourself if hashtag Julian Assange arrest was a hostile act do you really believe he'd be allowed to carry a gore Vidal book in his hands while being taken into custody and yes there is a picture of Assange being arrested and he has the book in his hand

" was this a this book a message to the people well first the title of this book is history of the national security state gore Vidal discussed the historical events that led to the establishment of the massive military industrial security complex and the political culture that gave us the imperial presidency here are some of his quotes I'm not a conspiracy theorist I'm a conspiracy analyst you cannot deprive somebody of life liberty pursuit of happiness because that is a right constitutional right

"...... we are the United States of amnesia which is encouraged by a media that has no desire to tell us the truth about anything serving their corporate masters who have other plans to dominate us America's history has fallen more and more into the hands of academics as for civil liberties anyone who is not vigilant may one day find himself living if not in a police state at least in a Police City so gore Vidal is part of the resistance

"......he's telling everyone exactly what we've been thinking and what we've been talking about and when Assange was being taken out of the embassy a lot of people think that he said UK resists so let's go to Q's post 1626 and and Annan put up a tweet from WikiLeaks and it says Democratic senators who demanded today that Julian Assange asylum be revoked in violation of international law remember them now this was back June 28 2018

"......and who signed this Robert mannan Menendez Richard Blumenthal Joe Manchin Dianne Feinstein Mark Warner Richard Durbin and many others and I believe that Joe Manchin said today that Assange belongs to us now their plan was always to get him to arrest him so what was the reasoning the Ecuadorian Embassy gave up Assange repeated violations of international law isn't this what this tweet says this is what they got him on

" I do believe the Patriots allowed this to happen we'll talk about that in just a minute under this Q says server or julian assange equals truth exposed seth rich

" they have julian assange let's move on to post 1842 q gave us a link the hill and it says WikiLeaks says Senate panel request a Assange testimony for Russia probe WikiLeaks is claiming that the Senate Intelligence Committee has asked its founder Julian Assange to testify as part of the panel's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election the organization posted a letter on its Twitter account dated August 1st that purports to come from committee leaders

"......Senator Richard burr and Mark Warner requesting that he make himself available for a closed-door interview with a bipartisan committee that staff at a mutually agreeable time and location this was August 11 2018 q says do you believe in coincidences we have the source post 23:22 q gave us the freedom of information website and it points to Marty Tory the Mad Hatter where he's discussing with Clinton that and this is on page 20 that they need to arrest Assange so Q has been telling us all along that they have the source the source is protected and these individuals

"......they wanted Assange arrested actually if you listen to what's going on right now it's all these people who are out there that are saying yes we finally got him because they do believe that they're safe they're not let's continue pirate king tweets out the following for such a notable arrest no ear pieces for comms no sign of armed officers minimal police presence no barriers no mainstream media nope resting from Assange not odd stage for your viewing pleasure and then we have the picture of Assange on the bus giving us the thumbs up

" a British judge is setting may 2nd for the extradition hearing after he was arrested so it looks like May 2nd is the date so the deep state believes that they are safe they got Assange he's arrested as qoe says why interfere with an enemy while they are destroying themselves

"......Trump is cleared of the conspiracy that he conspired with WikiLeaks on the Russian collusion because under the Trump administration he was arrested optics the source will eventually be brought back to the US the source has vital information and evidence Assange is extradition and show trial in the u.s. is how you get evidence into the official record this is just another piece to the puzzle

"......q posted today 33 12 to confirm all this q says if we are merely a LARP asking questions on the chance why are we being attacked daily by some of the world's biggest media companies social media companies deliberately applying censorship banning shills paid inserted to disrupt Media Matters blue checkmark coordinated attacks etc all for a conspiracy on the chance all for a LARP why is there a constant flow of disinformation being pushed our EQ example disinformation push Arie Muller is a white hat fake and false narrative think blockade when you can't attack the information directly you attack the source if that fails you create false misleading information to discredit

"......knowing select unaware followers would not take the time to self cooperate the claims same vehicle tactics used by fake news media logical thinking always wins nothing can stop what is coming as the targets turned to the other side the attacks will intensify we have the source so right there Q is telling us that they have the source

"......and I do believe that Assange is protected this was completely set up to make the deep state believe that they're in control of the source but in reality they are not and it looks like this was planned and everything that Assange was doing with the thumbs up with the book and everything else it shows that this was a planned operation

" former FBI agent Peter struck he could face serious charges for his involvement in actions in the bureau's probe of Hillary Clinton's use of a private server to send classified emails as well as the FBI's investigation into Trump's campaign so there are a number of individuals who are looking at Peter strokes actions and inactions and how those actions affected both the investigation he was involved in and this is coming from a US official with knowledge of the case struck is in hot water he's in trouble and I don't believe he's the only one there are many more now today we see a former Obama White House Counsel was indicted for lying this individuals name is Gregory Craig Craig was originally investigated by the Justice Department for failing to register as a foreign agent while working for the Ukrainian government however it looks like the statutes of limitation have since expired for the crime and it looks like they're bringing him up on charges for lying misleading statements just like Paul Manafort and the rest

"..... Craig was President Obama's White House Counsel from 2009 to 2010 so here we have the same thing happening they are in dining him on lying and giving misleading statements didn't Muller do this to all these other individuals yes they're using the same exact tactics on these people now since Barr came out and said yes I do believe Trump was spied on the media is in full panic and they didn't expect this to have but I do believe that the Patriots wanted this to happen to get them to use a lot of their ammunition and their talking points and again bar during this was not following the script and it took them by surprise we see that top Senate Democrats later called on Bill Barr to walk back his spying allegation

".....they are in full panic mode Chuck Schumer tweeted out the following adrià aj bar admitted he had no evidence to support his claim that spying on the Trump campaign did occur aj bar must retract his statement immediately or produced specific evidence to back it up perpetrating conspiracy theories is beneath the office of the Attorney General now think about what he said here that he didn't provide any evidence while he's not going to provide any evidence as of yet but Schumer is telling him that he must produce specific evidence to back up his statement and

".....I believe this is the trap that the Patriots have set they're asking for evidence they want the evidence show us the evidence to back up what you're saying think about what's happening here Pelosi completely freaks out accuses bill Barr of going off the rails for saying Obama admin spied on Trump and she said let me just say how very dismayed and disappointing that the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails yesterday and today bill Barr is the Attorney General of the United States of America not the Attorney General of Donald Trump no he is the Attorney General of the United States and he's following the rule of law

".....and he if he has information that they were spying and he has evidence and proof to back it up he's going to follow these leads and he's going to follow the rule of law we see Nadler he's also saying that Trump is playing a shell game and he's trying to divert attention from the real scandal no this is the real scandal Nadler you don't have a scandal you're making yours up former Director of National Intelligence James clapper berated attorney general Barr for saying that there's been spying on the president during the 2016 presidential campaign

".....he said I thought it was both stunning and scary I was amazed at that and rather disappointed that the Attorney General would say such a thing Richard Blumenthal came out and said AJ bar must retract his unfounded irresponsible claim that American law enforcement spied on the Trump campaign the only spies interfering in the 2016 campaign were the Russian ones wait didn't we just prove that there was no spying that Russians didn't hack the election that there was no collusion

".....hmm very interesting so then we have combing Comey told an audience at the Hewlett Foundation verify conference that he has no idea what the heck he's talking about he went on to say that the FBI conducted court-ordered authorized surveillance I don't consider that spying well it is when it's done under false pretenses when people lied about what the warrants are really about and withheld information to get those warrants then that turns into spying because you really didn't have a case so Trump continued the attack by tweeting the word treasonous in many of his tweets why would I be defending a fraudulent Russian witch-hunt it's about time the perpetrators of this fraud on me and the American people start defending their dishonest and treasonous acts how and why did this terrible event begin never forget

" it has now been determined by 18 people that truly hate President Trump that there is no collusion with Russia in fact it was an illegal investigation that should never have been allowed to start I fought back hard against this phony and treasonous hoax I think what the Democrats are doing with the border is treasonous all-caps their open border mindset is putting our country at risk will not let this happen and then Maggie Haberman tweeted out the following and she was responding to someone else's tweet and this is the tweet from Applebaum watching him play with the word treasonous is like watching a kid play with a bunch of fireworks we might all survive

".....Maggie Haberman said Trump is calling people treasonous with increasing frequency yes Maggie you decided to stay on the train cue asked you if you wanted to get off the train and it looks like you did not now McConnell was asked by Bret Baier on his thoughts about Bill bomb and said that there was already an inspector general at the Justice Department looking at the particular problem that was related to the deputy of FBI who was dismissed it's worth a look and this attorney general is within his rights to do that so there's someone already looking into it and the Attorney General has every right to look into this the individuals in DC

".....right now they are panicking and they're asking for evidence I mean it doesn't get any better than this they're asking the Attorney General to produce specific evidence what do you think Trump and the Patriots have been doing this entire time Huber Horowitz the shadow investigator that we don't even know of yet bill Barr the team that he's already assembled the sealed indictments all of this is going to be this specific evidence and it's going to be produced you asked for it here it is now what and guess what they're going to be stuck be careful what you ask for now we talked a lot about illegals coming into this country

".....we know Trump is pushing back on the deep State Building the wall but something very interesting the Eleventh Circuit US Court of Appeals ruled that colleges in Georgia are not required to admit illegal immigrant students now the decision further sparked a national conversation about the rights of dreamers as well as the legality of offering them in-state tuition benefits which usually allow students attending college in their home states to pay far less than their peers from different states now US Code 1623 which states that anyone who is not legally a citizen cannot be entitled to any benefit that is denied to a citizen of the United States

" some have questioned whether those here illegally should be offered in state tuition rates that aren't available to other students who are citizens currently right now there's 18 states who offer some form of a pathway for in-state tuition to those living here illegally now according to the National Conference of State Legislators these are the states California Colorado Connecticut Florida Illinois Kansas Maryland Minnesota Nebraska New Jersey New Mexico New York Oregon Texas Utah M Washington offer in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students two or more states Oklahoma and Rhode Island offer in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students pending approval from the Board of Regents

" think about this think about people who are citizens here why in the world would we be giving in-state tuition to an illegal alien why would they get any benefits listen if someone broke into your home just like they broke into the United States they jumped the border if there's a wall there they jumped the wall if they broke into your home they broke into your home would they be entitled to anything in your home no they wouldn't would you say hey you know what I know you came in here legally but since you're here you're allowed to take the TV you're allowed to take my books you're allowed to take my money that's in the safe over there let me give you the combination No I mean this is just unbelievable what's going on here

" in the last couple of weeks Trump has been denouncing for opposing more tax payer fund for Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria Trump has put the blame squarely on the corrupt political leadership of Puerto Rico and highlighted that Puerto Rico has received more relief funding than Florida and Texas combined the real problems facing the people of Puerto Rico have nothing to do with Trump it's about rank corruption in which the people of Puerto Rico are the victims and the corrupt Puerto Rican political class are the villains for decades

".....Puerto Rico has been governed by a patronage system centered on the 78 mayors across the island who are truly the real political power in Puerto Rico many of the mayors have been more than happy to cut deals that allow them to stay in power even if it means failing to actually do their jobs like collecting property taxes utility bills and fees for basic services current estimates indicate there is a pool of 3 billion in uncollected property taxes according to a recent US Treasury report there are hundreds of thousands of properties on the island that are either unregistered or improperly defined because the Puerto Rican titling system hasn't been updated in nearly 70 years even worse

".....there is a pool of billions of dollars by some estimates in the neighborhood of 10 billion in uncollected water bills electric bills and tourism tax dollars who wins in the system the politicians and the politically powerful who can cut a deal with elected officials and Trump is absolutely right they're taking this money and they're pushing it into different areas and it's not going to the people it's going to the corrupt politicians and it's not unlike the money that goes to Planned Parenthood where that money is siphoned off and it goes to other places it's not any different than the money that is being sent out to Afghanistan or tip many other places where we never see that money once again it's the same thing over and over and over where does this all this free money come from how come there's no checks and balances well again you have the central bank the government can borrow more and more and more of it

"..... think about it if there was gold and we had a set amount of gold guess what the government can't do they can't borrow this would make it a lot tougher this would reduce corruption again we need to go back to the central bank and once again there's many people that don't want this system to end because it benefits them extremely extremely well they make a fortune off of it what do you think a lot of these politicians that enter government they enter you know making a hundred and seventy or 180 thousand or whatever it is but they come out to be Multi multi millionaires afterwards does that make any sense what job do you know where you go in making a base salary and you come out to be very very wealthy not many and especially not in the government

" senator Ted Cruz he's threatening to regulate Google Facebook and Twitter / anti conservative bias so we have newness now he's bringing up lawsuits we have Ted Cruz now threatening to regulate Google and the big tech giant's because they're talking about censorship they're talking about there's two sets of rules here and there is a problem and this is what he tweeted out what makes the threat of political censorship so problematic is the lack of transparency the invisibility the ability for a handful of giant tech companies to decide if a particular speaker is disfavored and he's absolutely right and we can see that everything now is starting to come together the blocks are all gone

".....Trump and the Patriots they are free now to pursue the plan full speed ahead we have panic in DC bar mentioned that there was spying everyone in DC is freaking out Assange now is finally out of the embassy the deep state thinks they are in power here they have control thank God we got rid of him he's going to be sent to jail what they don't know is that the Patriots are controlling everything that happens and he is the source and once he's brought to the United States what's stopping him from giving all the evidence everything that he has over to the Patriots not remember what Q says in the post server or julian assange equals truth exposed seth rich it's all happening people panic in DC thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared thanks a lot [Music] you you ...≺≺ less

Something Big Is Coming, The Hunters Move In On Their Prey - Episode 1838b

X22Report ** Published on Apr 10, 2019
"... the deep state they're starting to realize that everything that they were doing and everything they had planned and all their blocks their fireballs everything that they had Colette's all coming to an end and the mainstream media and people who believe the mainstream media they're starting to realize well wait a minute something else is going on here they're starting to realize there's investigations happening people are putting two teams together to look into spying I mean was there really spying and they're all starting to wake up remember the mainstream media has been publishing article after article after article that Q is a conspiracy that what Q is saying is not true we're a bunch of crazy nut jobs that are violent and they're comparing Q followers to you know the mob boss and everything else and they did this on purpose because they knew eventually the truth was going to come out and they were trying to get everyone to stay on their side but what's happening is is that everything that these individuals believed is starting to fall apart little by little it's amazing what a couple of months can-do and putting the right players in the right positions what type of an effect it has when they start telling the truth and people they cannot believe what they're hearing ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

" a lot of people are still holding their ears stamping their feet pretending that this is not happening but what's happening here is the hunters those are the Patriots they're moving in on their prey and all these investigations that were kept in the shadows in the dark they're all coming to light and people are starting to realize that something else has been going on that there might have been a coup that there might have been spying on a president-elect and a president and Trump was just not out there just talking and sounding crazy he was telling the truth and this is all going to come to light and these people they're not going to know what to do with all of this and it's coming very very quickly I mean think about what has happened in the last couple of weeks we had Barr put into position we had the summary of the Muller report now in their week we're gonna have the Muller report come out Barr has already told them what to expect that there will be certain sections that will be redacted because of the law we're following the law you can't really argue with what you need to follow the law you mean you would like me to break the law no that's not possible so following the law he's going to release this report people are going to see no collusion people are going to see no obstruction

".....yes the mainstream media and the rest they're gonna try to make a really big deal out of this but you can see they're already trying to get ahead of what is coming and we'll be talking about that in just a minute but I wanted to head out to Ecuador right now there's a little update on Julian Assange the gateway pun and put this out and yesterday we talked about how there were police officers staking out Julian Assange spying on Julian Assange well it's see that the Spanish police they are now investigating an espionage operation against Julian Assange and it looks like it was made possible by the Ecuadorian government that had given him asylum at a press conference we see that Kristen ran fencin and now say there was a three million extortion attempt against the publisher a group in Spain had obtained a trove of photos videos and even legal notes from the surveillance cameras that the Ecuadorian Embassy is crawling with Ralph Anson explained that the group was demanding they pay up or else they would start shopping

".....the spy material to media outlets he also showed the media examples of the invasive materials the theft of the materials would not have been possible if the Ecuadorian government was not aiding the spying and the persecution of their citizen and Refugee as of right now Julian Assange he is safe he's still in the embassy he did not leave but it looks like there were certain individuals trying to make a buck out of all of this we see the New York Times right now they are trying to get out in front of what is coming and something is coming something big something huge we all know what it is how can we tell well whenever a bombshell is about to drop on the corrupt intelligence community the New York Times does a quick narrative dump to get out ahead of the story when you read the New York Times story about the Inspector General Michael Horowitz FISA investigation and a G bars review of Department of Justice and FBI activity they drop the following two paragraphs

".....the Inspector General is also scrutinizing another early source of information for the Russia investigation the people said mr. Horowitz investigators have been asking questions about the role of Stephan halper another FBI informant and his prior work for the Bureau agents involved in the Russian investigation asked mr. helper an American academic who teaches in Britain to gather information on mr. Page and George Papadopoulos another former Trump campaign foreign policy advisor so the New York Times is now saying that FBI agents asked help from an intelligence asset Stefon helper to go gather information on Carter page and George papadopolis six months ago the New York Times was calling people conspiracy theorists for pointing out how the CIA and the FBI were using overseas intelligence officials to run up against the Trump campaign now they're trying to get ahead of the story they're trying to get head of what is coming and they're putting this information out there it's just amazing because they know what's coming now representative Doug Collins has released the transcript from former FBI chief legal counsel James Baker during his first day of testimony to Congress on October 3rd 2018

" Baker was part of the FBI small group who claimed to be somewhat skeptical of the manner in which the FBI investigation was taking place James Baker told Congress during his testimony the investigation was highly unusual and this is the tweet from representative Doug Collins the transcript of James Baker first interview with at judiciary GOP is now available to the American public to read the full transcript visit the link that he gives in his tweet and if you like to see that link just go to representative Doug Collins Twitter account you can see that link where you can come to the x1 to report com click on the report scroll down and you'll see his tweet there but this brings me to post 20 to 30

"..... now an Annan posted a YouTube video that Q put up and it says panic in DC James Baker testifying against Comey now Joe digenova said the following and this is coming out of this video as I've been saying for two years there's been a brazen plot to illegally Azana rate Hillary Clinton in the email case and then if she had lost to frame Donald Trump and that is exactly what these texts are about whether or not mr. struck and Lisa page and others are indicted is certainly a question people can debate but let me just say I know there is a grand jury underway testimony is being taken about struck and Paige McCabe and others involved in the case and the reason we know it is that James Baker the former general counsel the FBI has turned state evidence is fully cooperating with the Inspector General and with the federal grand jury and I can assure you mr. Comey has been very silent in recent weeks and the reason is very simple he knows he's going to be indicted Hugh says panic in DC re Baker confirmed note IG involved Huber AG Horowitz Storch

".....let's move on to post 23 23 so in this post that gives us that video once again with D Genova and down below Q says did James Baker just testified behind closed doors rod Rosenstein that's in kill brackets and bold all caps and James Comey coordinated to a point Muller what a wonderful day so Doug Collins just released the transcript of James Baker so now the public gets to see what Baker was saying so Sean Davis tweeted out the following the top lawyer at the FBI testified to the house that it was his professional opinion that Hillary Clinton violated the law in the way she structured her secret email server and handle classified emails through that system and here's the part of the transcript mr. Ratcliffe okay you told the inspector general that the conduct of Hillary Clinton and her associates was appalling with respect to handling of classified information correct mr. Baker said I believe that's correct

"..... mr. Ratcliffe said okay and you still believe that mr. Baker yes mr. Radcliffe all right I have the reason to believe that you originally believed it was appropriate to charge Hillary Clinton with regard to violation of law various laws with regard to the mishandling of classified information is that accurate mr. and this is redacted you may answer mr. Baker yes mr. Radcliffe all right are you a reasonable prosecutor mr. Baker not anymore I'm not a prosecutor anymore mr. Radcliffe were you a reasonable prosecutor mr. Baker I think so right there and then Baker at the time thought and believed that Clinton should have been prosecuted and here it is for the public to see so the hunters are now on the hunt

".....Paul Sperry tweets out the filing the proverbial shit's gonna hit the fan next month when Senator Graham formally launches his investigation of the FBI investigations and IG Horowitz releases his long-awaited report on FISA surveillance abuses so think about this for a second remember James Comey from yesterday in the video where he doesn't understand how Trump is going to investigate the investigators and what would this prove this would prove that you weren't doing your job that you were covering up for someone and breaking the law and he knows this and he's panicking so out of the Gateway pundit we find out that there are these newly released FBI court documents that confirm James Comey was indeed a witness in the Muller investigation and his trump memos were of interest in the special counsel probe the FBI and the special counsels office have determined that disclosure of the Comey memos could reasonably be expected to be adversely affect the pending Russian investigation the Comey memos are his contemporaneous notes about incidents that are of interest in that investigation

" according to the court filings that were released commis memos contain classified information contrary to commis claims including the name which was redacted of the confidential source the FBI used against Trump the documents also suggest then FBI director James Comey again his coup against President Trump because he didn't like his foreign policy decision making a couple weeks ago US District Judge James Boas burg in Washington ordered the FBI to turn over commis Trump's memos both clean and redacted versions by April first now the FBI they were trying to push back because there was a date of March 1st and they said no we can't do this saying the memos were still redacted and classified and should remain under seal to avoid interfering with the Moller you know investigation well the mother investigation has ended now

".....and now they can release it the blocks are gone the firewall is removed everything is fair game so let's go back in time a little bit so FBI or former FBI director James Comey personally signed off on three FISA applications to spy on trump campaign adviser Carter page one of the FISA warrants Comey signed off on was after he met with President Trump on January 6 2017 at Trump Tower with the intent of putting the incoming administration under a cloud of suspicion with an investigation in criminal leaks to the media Trump fired Comey as FBI director on May 9th 2017 and Comey immediately went into overdrive to launch a special council probe into the president as revenge Comey admitted during a congressional hearing that he gave portions of his memos to a friend to lead to the New York Times in order to prompt a special council investigation into Trump for obstruction of justice and these memos they were classified commies in a little bit of trouble

" Attorney General William Barr he is being questioned he was questioned yesterday he's being questioned today an attorney bar was questioned today by Republican lawmaker Robert aderholt about potentially fraudulent Department of Justice and FBI submissions to the FISA Court to gain a title one surveillance warrant against us person Carter pay in a deliberate response AG bar stated the office of the Inspector General has a pending investigation of the Pfizer process in the Russia investigation I expect that we we will complete it in probably May or June I'm told more generally I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around all aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016 so the response that aj bar gave it seems like he's taking personal interests in the events behind the july 31st 2016 origination of the crossfire hurricane counterintelligence operation and it looks like and from all indicators it looks like bars review is going much further than inspector general Horowitz taking the review all the way to the origin of the intelligence community operation

" this is very interesting so let's continue here so during bill Bohr's testimony today on the hill he was asked about spying on the president take a listen to his response a political campaign is a big deal it's a big deal generation I grew up in which is the Vietnam War period you know people were all concerned about spying on anti-war people and so forth by the government and there were a lot of rules put in place to make sure that there's an adequate basis before before our law enforcement agencies get involved in politics or violence I'm not suggesting that those rules were violated but I think it's important to look at that and I'm not just I'm not talking about the FBI necessarily but intelligence agencies more broadly so you're not you're not suggesting though that spine occurred I don't well I guess you could I think there was a spying did occur yes I think spying did occur well let me my question is whether it was predicated adequately predicated and I'm not suggesting it wasn't adequately predicated but I need to explore that

"..... now it seems to me that billboard didn't want to give too much away but he did say that he does believe that spine did occur on the president and on his campaign and you can see the Senators the government officials their reaction they just sat there and they just were like wait what they can't believe what they're hearing what's happening right now is that we are witnessing the shadow investigations they're all coming into the light and again a lot of these people are going to be shocked and surprised Paul Sperry adds the following breaking I G Horowitz has been investigating whether fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson who commissioned the discredited Trump Russia dossier for the Clinton campaign failed to register with the Justice Department as a foreign agents for Russian interests so everything that they did to Paul Manafort and everything else it's all going to be used on these individuals

".....think about it these individuals did they register as a foreign agent most likely not and we see already they are going to use the lying did you register as a foreign agent everything that we're we saw happen in the past is going to be used against them because how do you counter this what do you say well it's good for them but not good for these people no there's no way to explain why they shouldn't be following what was already done to the people with Muller well you got these people online then we can get these people online these people didn't register as a foreign agent well we can get these people who didn't register as a foreign agent

"'s all coming full circle now and Trump was out there and he completely unloaded on the deep state and the Muller probe of the 18 angry Democrats take a listen well the mullah reports interesting after 35 million dollars with 13 increase to 18 angry Democrats people that truly hated Donald Trump truly hated Trump they found no collusion whatsoever with Russia but I could have told you that and so but most people and so good of everybody that voted for me which was a lot of people so after wasting all of this money and all of this time with people that were haters people that worked on the Hillary Clinton Foundation people that were absolutely haters of Trump they found no coalition what has been found during this period of time are the illegal acts of getting this whole phony investigation started and hopefully that's where people are going now that's where people are going and it's very interesting it was an illegal investigation major it was an illegal investigation it was started illegally everything about it was crooked every single thing about it there were dirty cops these were bad people you look at McCabe and Co me and you look at Lisa and Peter struck these were bad people and this was a an attempted coup this is an attempt to take down of a president and we beat them we beat them

" the Muller report when they talk about obstruction what we fight back and you know why we fight back because I knew how illegal this whole thing was a scam and what I'm most interested in music what a most interested in is getting started hopefully the Attorney General he mentioned it yesterday he's doing a great job getting started on going back to the origins of exactly where this all started because this was an illegal witch-hunt and everybody knew it and they knew it too and they got caught and what they did was treason what they did was terrible what they did was against our Constitution and everything we stand for so hopefully that will happen there is a hunger for that to happen in this country like I have never seen before including all of the millions of people that voted for me what they did was disgraceful there's never been anything like it in the history of our country well I like Herman Cain and Herman will make that determination Herman is a wonderful man he's been the supporter of mine for a long time he actually ran a very good campaign and that's up to Hermann my Hermann is you know he's already sat on one of the Fed boards

".....and he's just somebody I like a lot as to how he's doing in the process that I don't know you go through a process but Herman is a great guy and I hope he does well now Stephen is an excellent guy he's a wonderful person people don't know him he's a wonderful been with me from the beginning he's a brilliant man and frankly there's only one person that's running it you know that is it's me so as you can see Trump he's out there saying listen this whole thing was illegal they found no collusion it was a waste of time these are the people that started it these people should be put into jail these people were bad

".....we can see at this point Trump is continually out there pointing the finger at these people preparing the public getting everyone ready for what is coming and we can see that the mainstream media they're a little nervous they're a little afraid here they're trying to get ahead of the story Comey is out there he's a little nervous Clinton's nervous Schiff is nervous Nadler is nervous all these individuals are wondering how can we get out of this because they were in control before they are no longer in control they're trying to fight off what is coming trying to explain why all this happened and why they shouldn't be indicted why they shouldn't go to jail and why they shouldn't be charged for treason

".....think about what they're going up against right now and you can see the real panic and I wouldn't be surprised in a couple of months we might see some of these people just completely disappear and run off or try to run off now the mainstream media they are pushing their agenda about separating children at the border and Trump posted a video showing children separated back in 2014 and said one word which was truth and what Trump was showing was that this policy was put into place by Obama back in 2014 he built the cages he separated the children and now the mainstream media they're trying to spin this they're trying to explain away why Obama did

" Sam vinaigrette a former top advisor to the Obama administration says president Trump policies of separating children from adults when they illegally crossed the us-mexico border is much worse than Obama's policy of separating children from adults when they illegally crossed the us-mexico border wait what what he's saying is that Obama separated the children to keep them safe Trump is separating the children because he doesn't want them safe does that make any sense no this was the policy that was used in the past Trump is actually separating the children because we know these individuals were told to come up here with children and a lot of these individuals these are not their children

".....a lot of these people are human traffickers and they're not coming here for asylum they're coming here for jobs and other reasons that's why they were told to come up here if you go back to the reports that we did before we were covering all this way before that this even came up it's amazing how we're going full circle where the mainstream media hit all of this and now the truth is being put out there and you know what they're doing they're taking what Obama and the rest have done all throughout the years and they're turning it around and putting it on Trump saying it was him it wasn't us

".....I mean think mirror here isn't this what the central bank does is this what government officials do they always do the opposite of what is really going on the Patriot Act is not really for Patriots the Affordable Care Act is not really affordable for the people the central bank is not helping the people they're making it worse for the people removing gun guns from the population is not keeping the population safe and now they're trying to say hey this is Trump this had nothing to do what happened in the past yeah it does because they did this all along now Judicial Watch they discovered something very interesting about Mexico and how Mexico is receiving 33 billion dollars and actually Trump mentioned this and said this needs to be stopped

".....and I think this is next on his agenda and I think this is why he was out there saying that Mexico was going to pay for the wall so President Trump he said he would block money transfers to Mexico to fund a much needed border wall Mexicans in the u.s. sent a record thirty three billion dollars in remittances last year and a big chunk of it flowed through a government government program operated by the Federal Reserve this means that amid an onslaught of illegal immigration the US government is largely responsible for the billions in remittances flowing south of the border from illegal aliens now figures that were released by Mexico central bank show that a hundred and four million transactions were executed in 2018 nearly six million more than the previous year now you the United States facilitates the process with a program called direct to Mexico launched by the Federal Reserve

" President George W Bush came up with the idea found the 2001 us-mexico partnership for Prosperity to provide low-cost banking services to illegal immigrants and facilitate the procedure for those sending money home in his first year 2005 remittances to Mexico top twenty billion and the Federal Reserve reports double-digit percentage growth for the past several years remittances are transferred through the Federal Reserve's own automated Clearing House linked directly to mexico central bank Banco de Mexico the Trump administration should eliminate it because it undermines our nation's immigration laws and it is a potential national security nightmare marketing materials target immigrant workers in the US regardless of their legal status as well as banks credit unions and other financial institutions

"..... the program is promoted as the best way to send money home offering more pesos for every dollar American financial institutions are charged sixty-seven cents per item to transfer money from the United States to Mexican banks ensuring a highly competitive rate the Federal Reserve also provides participating those financial institutions with spanish-language promotion materials to help get your message out the marketing materials also include the number of Mexican migrants in the US with no distinction between those here illegally or not so when the program was created the Federal Reserve officials acknowledged that most of the Mexican nationals who send money back home are illegal immigrants so a Mexican issued identification is the only requirement to use the government banking service a colorful brochure promoting direct to Mexico or to help immigrants who don't have bank accounts and assured the best foreign exchange rate and low transfer fees

".....a frequently asked questions section posed this if I returned to Mexico or am deported will I lose the money in my bank account the answer no the money still belongs to you and you can easily be accessed at an ATM in Mexico using your debit card in short the u.s. created this special banking system specifically for illegal aliens and tens of billions of dollars have streamed through it gee I wonder why the illegals want to come up to the United States they're siphoning money out of the country and into theirs so Trump he can stop all this and I believe he's in the process of doing this now

"..... I think he's taking one step at a time and I believe he's going to amend the Patriot Act to block wire transfers from Mexican nationals using companies such as Western Union and others so when Trump said yeah Mexico is gonna pay for the wall I mean if he just stops this that's thirty three billion dollars yeah Mexico Mexico would have paid for the wall and I believe he's going to be getting to this because remember he knows that this is going on he said he's going to block this but I think he's dealing with other things first we see that queue is back online and queue post and now I know there was a lot of individuals out there saying that queue is dead he's never returning it's funny queue disappears and goes dark for a certain period of time

".....and he's Q has done this many many times before Q monitors likes to see what's going on likes to see what the deep state the mainstream media what the trolls the shills what they're putting out there and then Q comes back because there are a lot of shills and trolls out there saying that Q is dead Q is never coming back I'm Q and everything else like this so Q is back and Q and gave us a link to Fox News and it says bar testifies spying did occur on Trump campaign amid reported review of informants role and Q said one word in all caps panic the truth is out there so what comes next the mullah report is going to be coming next week the mainstream media is gonna try to spin this ship is gonna try to spin it now there's gonna try to spin it

" there and Shifa gonna scream that they want the unredacted they want bar to break the law and they're gonna try to push this and this will all die down and then people will see the truth that there was no collusion there's no obstruction this was a waste of time then the fun begins what do we have next well we have the D class we know the mainstream media is gonna try to get out ahead of all of this they're gonna try to spin what's coming New York Times has already started and the deep state they're going to plan some type of an event to clog the news cycle because once they get word or they think they they understand when the D class is coming this is when they're going to hold the event just like they thought

".....the Muller summary was coming on a certain Friday well they kind of messed up and they used their ammunition and had the event a week early I believe Q is going to do the same thing give some disinformation have them think it's coming this time or some other time and they're going to use ammunition to try to clog the news cycles then Q the Patriots will wait and release the D class we know the oh the OIG report is coming sometime May or June and if we go back we McHugh says when do birds sing in the spring most of these individuals are gonna do a couple things here either they're gonna run I don't know where they're gonna go there's no place to hide or they're gonna commit suicide or turn on each other and sing like a bird what comes after that truth then justice

".....and we know that these individuals the mainstream media many of these people those who are not singing or running or committing suicide they're gonna lose all credibility the mainstream media is going to lose credibility look what happened when the summary came out they were defending everything they did when the D class comes out when the OIG report comes out and it shows that yes they did spy on a President Obama responsible Brennan was responsible when the investigators come out with the evidence that Hillary Clinton sold out this country that she hid information on her server and allowed other countries to access her server

".....and she's brought up on treason charges what is the mainstream media going to do they're going to lose all credibility their world is gonna come crashing down on the right I think many of these reporters these announcers of Scripps you know where they read the script they're gonna have a huge problem I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them have nervous breakdowns and this is going to be a total disaster remember going back many many q posts a lot of people are going to have a difficult time with this they're going to hear the truth are going to reject it they're going to be angry they're going to be angry at the mainstream media they're going to be angry at everyone and they're gonna be at a point where they don't know what's true what's not true

".....and they're gonna try to make sense of all of this because it's very difficult to come out of this deep sleep and then realize that everyone that you believed in was lying and they were hiding all this and these individuals are traitors they're treasonist and they were selling secrets to other countries and they were telling people all this time that wasn't true America is gonna go through a turning point but it will be good for the nation it will bring people together it will unite people because we will know who the enemy is we will know who to point the finger at I mean we all know but the other people will start to realize they'll start to understand and then we can use the phrase we the people where we go one we go all ...≺≺ less

The Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived, We Have It All:Harley & Bill

X22Report Spotlight ** Published on Apr 6, 2019
"....hi and welcome to the x-22 reports spotlight today we have two guests harley schlanger and bill binney harley is an historian a national spokesman he's been covering the financial industry since the 80s for LaRouche PAC that's the Roush PACOM we also have bill Binney bill is a former highly-placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency turned whistleblower he retired after 30 years with the agency and I am very happy to have and honored to have both on the x-22 report spotlight harley bill welcome to the spotlight thank you good to be with you days hey thanks for being with me today and I wanted to start off with what is happening with the Miller report we know the summary has come out and we know that the House Nadler Schiff and the rest are making a huge deal they want the full report unredacted they want everything hardly what is your take on why they want the entire report ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....I think the main point is they're very disappointed that there was no collusion reported by Muller that the obstruction charge was pretty much passed on by Muller and the people who are demanding this have been part of a soft coup against the president since the time of the election and they're not going to stop especially Adam Schiff and I think the danger here is that there are some things that didn't come out in the report that have to be corrected and I don't mean in terms of Trump I mean in terms of Muller's findings and Bill is certainly the person to talk about that in terms of the continued assertion that there was Russian hacking that was the beginning of the whole case

"....but I think more importantly the there some people are saying let's just put it behind us and I think in the case of the kind of criminal activity that was done against President Trump the lying the corruption inside the Justice Department that if you don't investigate it fully and bring the perpetrators to some form of justice then they'll just keep doing this bill you know you certainly have a lot of experience with these people what what is your view is that pretty much how you feel yeah I kind of liken it to an alcoholic you know if you're if you can't admit you're an alcoholic you can't fix it so if we can't admit that we have a problem here with our with our own government working and violating the constitutional rights of other parts of the government and trying to subvert the entire governmental process then and

"....we can't admit to that then we can't fix it and it's just going to surface again and just continually fester under under under the visual sight of basically most of the population of the country but it'll still be there you know it's like it's like this subverting property of the bureaucracy and I call them I I likened them to the Praetorian Guard because after all if you think about it for a minute especially with the intelligence a disease they're the ones who feed all the information into the decision-makers right that means the president and all of his cabinet ministers and so on

" they control what information they get to see so it's like they can shadow block or anything they want that they don't want them to see in other words that might influence their decision in a certain way that maybe the bureaucrats in the in the Praetorian Guard don't want to happen so that's the way they can control that and actually manipulate the leadership of the country well you think that's one of the reasons you think that's one of the reasons that Brennan and people like that are so upset that Trump questions the integrity of the intelligence agencies

"....absolutely yes and in fact these are the people who need to be investigated I mean along with you know the investigation shouldn't stop Russian in Russian interference should be looked at in terms of the steel dossier and how participated in that whether it was the DNC the FBI the DOJ and and you know basically the intelligence people so that was all part of a mmm you know the DNC paying for it originally and also mi6 from Jesus from the British side that that's the equivalent there at CIA you know they they also the guy who my steel was from mi6 so you know that's kind of a connection international connection then he relied on some Russian Russian people to help pull together that and create the the fabricated dossier which has never been verified by anybody so that's a direct interference into our entire process that started the investigation that started all this participation and and arguing about the Russian interference y

"....ou know for the F Pope for Trump when in fact it was against trumpet as far as I could see and the one thing that most people overlook is that the initial connection to Brennan was through the GCHQ which I'm sure you're familiar with they came over and said they were picking up strange indications of Russian interference do you have any thoughts about that no but you know I just think that the I really you know in this case I don't really trust the process here in terms of who was doing what to subvert the first of all the campaign for Trump's campaign actually they were looking at him long before the campaign but even during the campaign and after it

"....I mean those kinds of things were going on and and for example in relationships between NSA and GCHQ they each do things the same things for one another and they all share their data and it's all NSA basically has become the stories facility for the worldwide bulk collection of data on every citizen in the world including all British citizens and all US citizens so they are there it is this is not just metadata by the way they tell you that but that's a lie it's also content you know phone transcripts digital communications like emails and file transfers and chatter and short messages across the phones and things like that all that and also financial transaction holding store with all the exposure of that they haven't pulled back at all have they no they haven't no in fact they're talking about you know mmm the recent article

"....I think in York Times came out so they they're going to stop this you know bulk acquisition of metadata on phone calls from the from the telecom companies basically well that that is not the only source of that information the major source of that data comes from the upstream program which is the fiber optic taps on the lines around the world and and they have a hundred taps inside the United States alone on the Fairview program and that's collecting all the metadata and content simultaneously so they could really throw away their their metadata program or even the police the targeted requested data in the prism program from the companies involved in that program so you know that they don't really that was basically to cover up and make sure that they got everything that that was possible so that if they miss something in upstream

" know they could pick it up from the records from the telecommunication companies or service providers that was the way to fill in the stuff they were missing but they don't really need that now because they've got so much going on in terms of taps on fiber lines all over the place you know it's not that I don't think that I'm missing very much at all with all that capability how did they not pick up had there been a Russian hack that occurred well see that was the basic evidence from that's why first of all that the director of NSA said that the NSA is moderate confidence that the russians hacked that was in the ica the CIA and FBI had had high confidence and NSA only had moderate now what that tells you first of all the only one that matters in that deal is NSA FBI and CIA don't have anywhere the capabilities to the NSA does so their NSA is the one looking at all these networks

"....and if any packets were transferred from the DNC to anywhere in the world they would have at least one packet no that's all they need to know where it came from and where it went you know so the point is if the NSA had those packets they would have absolute confidence on who act and who did and where it went and anyone and when they did it and how much they got so it's not a question of not knowing the fact that they didn't know said they didn't have packets said that the hack did occur that's what I that was my initial impression back in August of 2016 and that's what I was saying at the time and then bill you did the real forensics on a couple of occasions I think it'd be very useful for you to just summarize what you discovered from looking at this question of hacking versus an inside job yeah first of all the the first thing they threw out there was goose for two he came up like in I think 15th of June or somewhere around there of 2016 that said yeah I'm I were here I acted for the Russians you know and

" any City act the DNC so we went on the assumption and say okay let's look at the data and he put data out there for us to look at that was his big mistake okay when he did that now some of us could look at this and turn all the bits around and see what it really meant what was really true and what wasn't so when we looked at it we we saw that the the transfer rates of the data coming for for the C because every file he put out they would put out a file with a dimension a name and a dimension the number of characters in the file and then a timestamp then the next file number of characters and a timestamp so that you could you could calculate the numbers of characters passed over the difference in time so that gives you the rate of transfer so we calculated the rate of transfer for every file ultimately and when we came up with this was I was doing with Duncan Campbell in the UK

"....and then that with that we came up to the highest rate of 49 point 1 megabytes per second and so we immediately in back in July of 2017 we sent out an initial note from dips the veteran intelligence professionals for sanity saying you know the rates of transfer they told us that this was not a hack it did not go across the Atlantic and so on and we hadn't we had a number of the individuals inside the depths who thought well it could be it could they still believed it could go at that rate that's because they were looking at their local networks where you could have a very high speed transfer like gigabit lines you could easily transfer that data for short distances but you don't have a gigabit line across the Atlantic to Europe

"....and all that so that's where it falls down and so so we said okay if you believe that we're gonna try and test it so we did we tested it from Albania Serbia the Netherlands and the UK to see if the transfer rates and the highest we got for that we're from between data centers in New Jersey and London and that was 12 banker bytes per second that's less than 1/4 the necessary transfer rate that we already calculated from the files that goose or two had put on the web so that that told us that was not a hack but all those downloaded the speeds coming down for those files all matched with a with a thumb drive on a computer that was all compatible with that

" we basically said hey this is this is basically a local download and not a long-distance hack which was getting back to what guseva 2 was claiming that it was a hack from Russia that's what's false so and then later on when we looked at the data that goose were to put up he put a set of data out for this 5th of July of 2016 and another set that GoodData but if you looked at the two data sets and only looked at minutes and seconds you could merge the two files without conflict so in other words the in the in the files for the fifth of July were filled by the data from the 1st of September which meant that goose virtu was playing with the data he had one download splitted into two and did a range change on the date and the hour into one and just put it out as two different dates and said here I act him once and they couldn't stop me

".... so I act them again you know but in fact that meant that he was playing with the data he was playing with us he was manipulating facts and ish and and data and trying to bamboozle us basically so a little bit of disinformation and that said that this whole thing for gustav r2 was a fabrication and yet that's what Rosen's time based some of his indictment on you know that's another that's another fabrication that was that part now the other part came out when we decided to say ok once WikiLeaks had posted the data for the DNC that is the data that they originally did for you know starting I think in late late June early July and that data was what we now focused on to look at and we had some other people helping us in the UK and it turns out that when you looked at that day this is the DN C data itself this is the stuff they claimed that the russians hacked and gave to wikileaks this is the data that WikiLeaks posted okay so we're looking at the data link that WikiLeaks posted that was the DN C data the Hillery stuff in the DN C stuff

" yeah and we looked at like five hundred files there and each of those files had had a property that showed it showed last modified time for each file well there were five hundred files and all 500 of them that we looked at ended in an even number that is that the random probability of something like that happening you see if you modify something you have an equally chance of having it end in an odd number or an even number you know at a time like oh one or oco-2 seconds or whatever or three or four so all the their own

"....they're all even all 500 so they're in time probability that happening was one chance in two to the 500th power which is like a really small number it's even it's the orders of magnitude better than DNA matching by the way so that's well the good but at any rate so that says there's a program doing this now what is the program the program is comes like it's a fat file transfer result or in the property that is file table allocation when you read it to a data storage device like a thumb drive or a CD ROM so that showed that the data was downloaded not across the web but onto a storage device and then transported a distance whatever that distance was before WikiLeaks had it to post

" the Podesta emails that WikiLeaks posted did not show that fat property so we knew WikiLeaks was not doing that so it was a case then of where did the where did this download occur and since NSA says absolutely nothing about it then we and we basically infer the download occurred with somebody on the speed net 4 we're on the network that allowed them to access the DNC servers so it looked like it was an inside job for us I mean Mueller obviously avoided this as far as I can see he didn't say anything about this so this is really a major problem for him to assert make any assertions about a hack because it says that is the down-low well where did the download occur you know and he has to prove where it is otherwise that even any lawyer worth of so say hey there's evidence of a download

"....and it looks like an inside job so why why are you accusing the Russians for hacking to get it when you can't do that this is a property that says it's not an act bill that that brings up I think a very important question that I'd like your thoughts on and then I'm sure dave has some questions also but given what you just went through that whether it's gusoff or whether it's the inside job download obviously there was a lot done to pull off this coup why do you think the what you sometimes call the shadow government or the deep state made so much effort to stop Donald Trump

"....what do you think is behind this for me it's several things first of all he's not an insider a truck president Trump is not you know didn't come from the inside of the existing bureaucratic structure he's not a politician right he's not a Democrat I mean it's not really a politician Republican but or a Democrat so he's not he's not a politician so he's not from their arena either and also he doesn't need money's got his own money he's not he's not you know influenced by money so that means if this guy's a real threat especially if he starts doing things that make them look really bad that is them being the politicians the politicians who have basically got us to where we are in all kinds of messes like you know 22 trillion and debt endless wars

" know all kinds of infrastructure not problems not dealt with all kinds of problems the border not dealt with all the kinds of things that politicians have failed at doing if he starts succeeding it that he's going to make them look like garbage and so they've got to stop in any way they can so they try to you know getting gang up on him and try to divert his attention to other things so he doesn't succeed when in fact he's not focusing on that doing the right thing starting to do the proper job and making sure that things happen and that they succeed and that's the way that's what exactly what these people were so afraid of and I would say they're coming in and making them look really bad and that's what he's absolutely done they'll actually win one more question I'm sorry just get this out because it follows the trend

"'re developing clearly what you reported on the downloading is crucial and I know you offered to present it to Muller and he showed no interest I think it's really important and I'd like your thought on this that there be a full investigation of the Justice Department networks the FBI the Democratic Party Brennan people like that and the connection to the British the steel dossier and so on in other words what I'm calling a time of reckoning do you think that's necessary oh absolutely it is otherwise it's gonna continue I mean you know if you don't face this problem and fix it it's going to continue and fester Andrea's that's going to resurface

" you have to deal I mean I you have to when Obama came in he said he didn't want to look back that's because he wanted to adopt all the things that they were doing you know and that's what he did and he doubled down on someone like the spine you double down on that and you know so so that meant all this stuff was continuing all these criminal acts that are going that on the background in violation of the Constitution and any number of laws and so you know if you don't face that it's always going to be there under the surface and then come pop up now and then whenever it's whenever the shadow government once the wants to do something

" know so it's absolutely important to face the problem and fix it and the only way to do that is to have a deep investigation into all this through you know some some other I don't know if you want a special prosecutor but certainly a some kind of Commission that is it has to be transparent not the 9/11 elimination wasn't transparent you know definitely declassification of all files the release of all and in turn Iran short stuff absolutely the FISA Court stuff is that kind of the key to get started bill I wanted to go and and talk about Hillary Clinton's email because you worked in the NSA I mean she deleted a lot of her email did the NSA were they collecting and and and do they have the missing email the answer is yes I think they do because you know they had the taps I mean I've got a list of all the locations the tap points inside the United States I know where they are to the building because I got it through Google using Google on the web yeah for both the the Fairview and stormtrooper grams those are those are AT&T and Verizon those are the two companies involved in that's their network

"....and those are the tapping points on their fiber lines so it doesn't matter that she deleted them they I mean Trump being in the position that he's in he pretty much I'm assuming knows almost everything well you see that's where it comes into point where this praetorian guard doesn't necessarily tell them what they know this is where that comes in so when you when you when you had that kind of information and you don't want I mean that's why I was saying to director pump air when he was at CIA that they that these Intelligence Agency in the zone was lying to him and the president and the US public

"....they're not telling them the truth I mean these people have this data and I know they do so I mean there's no there's no excuse for them not not coming out with it and saying you know this is really what happened and when they don't say that you know they're lying to you well I mean I'm ember in the beginning that he wasn't going to use the intelligence report he was going to depend on the military intelligence I mean is there any connection between the military intelligence and NSA where they might be working together they are in fact you know it's

"'s an NSA CSS for example CSS is combined security service that means the Army Navy Air Force and Marine components of sickened there all fall under NSA that's why the director of NSA is a general three-star now a four-star I guess so but that's why he that's why it is military because that military commands are under our underneath his administration so I mean if we look at it from that point of view I mean do you think the military is feeding him that information I do not know if that's true although they certainly would have the opportunity to be able to see some of that so it would be possible for them to see that kind of thing

"....and and and report it for example in in I think they have about 2000 transcribers doing phone call transcriptions of high-priority phone calls what that are assessed by algorithms and presented to him that's down in Fort Gordon Georgia and they had a prior priority scheme for who all these transcriptions the human transcriptions of phone calls otherwise the evidence I've been seeing so far says they're doing it with you know programs like drag and you know the kinds of programs that exist to do transcripts and they're there there they can get you up at least an 80% accuracy

"....I think of the transcript of a phone conversation once you get to that level you can use algorithms to prioritize and highlight certain ones that you want to push to people to do a full transcription of I mean that's why Tim Clemente that former FBI agent could say that about the you know the phone call between that tsarnaev brother and his wife before the attack the bombing in Boston that's why he could come on CNN and say after that that that should they were investigating the questioning the wife about that conversation if she didn't tell the truth they had ways of getting back to it well the ways they have getting back to it is they've got the audio stored for a period of time

"....and they've also got these Trant these these transcripts and I'm sure they prioritized that for a for a human transcript of the data to get a more complete accurate translation so you know I think that that's just that's just an example of what they're doing with voice and the taps inside and outside the United States all around the world so when one question for you because this is where you got in trouble with the NSA is that with all this capability are we safer because of their ability to find terrorists and threats or is this more directed at just keeping tabs on all of us

".... it's it's more directed at keeping tabs on everybody and and Google including getting a leverage on everybody because that gives you knowledge about everybody and you could look into if somebody's doing something you don't like you can look into their data and see if there's anything that you can use to leverage against them I maintain that's what they did with Jim ricin and Jim rose and The Associated Press Eliot Spitzer

" know get rid of him because he was going after the bankers freaky frauding people and so you have to get rid of those people protect the bankers things like that and so that's what this kind of capability of collecting everything gives them also it gives them leverage on all the parliaments members of Parliament's of every country in the world you know tapping the phones of the angular angular Merkel Chancellor Merkel and things like that and all the other leaders of the world gives you insight into what they're thinking and and what they're planning so that's the kind of thing that this kind of information they're interested in getting

"....and you know that's the way they're approaching doesn't that get if you had the capabilities do these electronically do it in bulk for the entire population that's even better I mean I always look at quote from Wolfgang Smith a former East German lieutenant colonel in the Stasi East German Stasi he said about the NSA program he said and it was published I think it in Washington Post in Markman in 2013 summer of 2013 he said up for the about the NSA program

"....he said for us this would have been a dream come true so I mean it tells you what we're doing we are becoming I mean we're doing to ourselves what the terrorists want it done but could never achieve and we're destroying our own democracy and Republic and we're also infecting and destroying that all the other democracies at work because all of those are following our lead bill this idea of declassifying documents whether it's 9/11 documents Kennedy assassination all the records that are kept that were kept by Muller and the Justice Department FBI and so on are those available I mean are those is it really possible to do a declassification that would be useful for prosecuting these perpetrators oh absolutely and and

"....I brought this point up with the the director of CIA pomp Pompeo when he was down there and he said that all its classified data I said yeah but you know to take for example the exceptions in history like JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy Kennedy and Declassified the u2 photographs of the intermediate and medium-range ballistic missiles in Cuba the Russian missiles and that was a very sensitive talent keyhole type program so when when they when he did that I mean that that because we were in a position where it was very serious situation we were actually at DEFCON 2 MIT perhaps even going to nuclear war

" he did he did that and then again Reagan President Reagan after the Korean airline shoot down EDA classified all the data relative to that and and and had it introduced in the UN just like President Kennedy they had that evidence in the UN well I mean that was the those transcripts were actually the the recordings of a Japanese collection of Russian air-to-ground and control of the fighters where they Russian directly saying the shoot the fight that they were they were ordering the fighters to shoot down the airplane the KL an airline

" those are the cases where you have serious situations and they they classify whatever evidence there is necessary and a classification be damned it's too serious you know well I look at the same thing this is our republic it's in danger of being destroyed by these these processes and so this is an extremely serious problem so if there's anything there that's related in any way FISA Court submissions anything they should declassify and make it public and then let the public make a decision as to what should be done not these not don't let it up to the praetorian guard and the bureaucrats and these in these agencies or or any of the advisors or a longtime people involved in government because there you have a vested interest in perpetuating that the current situation

".... you need to have it out in the open where everybody can see what's really going on and then we can make an informed decision right now we can't because they're not keeping us informed we're being lied to well what do you think people have to do to make sure this does happen because clearly the the Praetorian Guard as you call it is not going to self expose and it looks as though the president is saying that he wants to declassify Nunez and a few congressmen are saying they're going to declassify bar could certainly make an order but do you think this has to become part of a demand from the population

"....I mean how do we get this thing moving yeah that's I think we have to get that and and the first of all the only person that's able to declassify things in order that is the president he is the head of being agency in the a of the entire administration the administration sets the rules for classification so he sets the rules you know it's executive order 13526 I always point to section 1 point 7 which says you cannot have these things anything that's evidence of crime fraud waste abuse corruption if you have evidence of that you cannot keep it classified you must declassify it and that that those are the things that are signed by the president so he determines what what the classification rules are and he can say I want these Declassified and order it it doesn't and and anybody can object but he still has the it's his it's his authority to be able to do that

"....and he's the only one that has that that's why I said you know back when when Rosenstein issue that indictment I mean he his indictment had a bunch of records of GRU agents coming in to a certain point and looking going from one point to the other in the dnc Network and some people mistakenly thought that data came from NSA I said no you that's not NSA data and that's very simple anything anything that excuse me that that NSA does is classified so if they're going put that NSA data in there and they have to redact it because it's classified

"....otherwise it's wrong scientists automatically did he's done he doesn't have the authority to do that by the way only the president does so if he did that and it was from anything it was classified then he's in he said he's violating criminal acts out of the code 18 codes of the the United States government so he's he's basically violating the law committing felonies so and I know that that that they wouldn't do that so this is basically data from a third party like CrowdStrike or something you know if somebody is feeding that data into them saying this is the truth when in fact the FBI never had control that data

"....they didn't have continuous control of the evidence to show that and so it won't hold up in a court of law bilk can the president go back in time like you mentioned 9/11 JFK can he go back and read the information and say oh look there was a crime of so he can do that guys he can do that he can do anything he wants to he's got this his his authority he has the authority to do that well I think the key thing here is that first of all I want to commend you for the work you've done Bill and with the VIPs and the efforts you've made to get this story out obviously the media doesn't want to cover it you've been given very little coverage when you did the original VIPs report there was an effort by I think was Patrick Lawrence

"....and the nation to get the story out and he was just blasted by everyone so yeah so I commend you for continuing that and you've done some interviews with LaRouche PAC you spoke at recently at a Schiller Institute conference I actually wanted to ask you about at your presentation at that conference you shared the podium with the Russian diplomat from the United Nations mission and I thought that was kind of interesting given that according to John bolt and the Russians are our strategic adversaries while President Trump keeps saying he wants to work with the Russians given your experience and in the intelligence community you think we can solve this problem and actually sit down and cooperate with the Russians but absolutely I mean look at it this way

" know back when Obama was president and they well you me for that like when the Soviet Union broke up there the original agreement the verbal agreement it wasn't signed in paper but but it was a verbal agreement that the Ukrainians would turn over all their nuclear missiles to to Russia to manage that so they would divest themselves of nuclear missiles and in return there we we agreed that that we would not move NATO further east toward the Russia well when in fact that's exactly what we did and then finally we went in to do regime change according to you know when Hillary Clinton was in the in the State Department why we had the people from State Department

"....I figure the name the woman who said it but she said yachts is our guy you know Victoria Nuland Vic nori Victoria Nuland was getting reports from Christopher Steele who was in Ukraine at the time he was filing reports on how to make the coup that that's part of the influence not of the Russians necessarily but of the Ukrainians do today at any rate you know when we said that you know I was looking at saying well if you're gonna invite Ukraine into NATO why don't you also invite Russia so be inclusive not exclusive don't treat them like an enemy by excluding them and moving me you know NATO right up to their border

"'re basically making them say making them look like we think you're the enemy you know which which is what we want everybody to think so we can have a Cold War and create and swindle the public atom or trillions of dollars for the military-industrial complex you know that backs up the shadow government and they all work together to do this so my point was a why are we being so exclusive why don't we be inclusive then maybe we can work together and make a much better world out of it you know Bill is our big bill I just wanted to go back to the DNC server for one sec do you have any knowledge or any information on who actually downloaded the information to maybe a thumb drive or something like that

"....I don't but the British ambassador Craig Murray said he met somebody who involved in that transfer of data and he met them on the campus of the University here in Washington hmm so whoever that was that he met must have been a part of that transfer and their made than other people too so I'm sure there were others because some of it seemed to have been electronically transferred like the Podesta emails because it didn't show the fat file font format so it didn't imply there was a storage device involved with physical transport for any period of time you know before the posting hmm so it looked to me like that mmm from that point of view there was some electronically transferred and some done by the DNC side was done by downloads to a storage device and some kind of transport for them

"....Harley do you have anything else where can people find your work so they can if they want to read this read more about this people can go to LaRouche PAC comm and get an interview that you did with Jason Ross which was very illuminating that's but is there some other place people can find your work the articles we publish the articles on this the transfer of data and also the fad format and so on we publish those on consortium news the mainstream media hasn't picked it after all of course because you know nobody wants to know what the truth is here because it makes everybody look like they have to eat a rather large a rather large crow that they've been building up for over several years you know so

"....and I keep and you know the thing they fail to understand is as long as they attempt to perpetuate that that lie for that manipulation and fabrication that crow only gets bigger so and eventually you're gonna have to eat that bigger crow Dave one thing I would say is that nourish pack weird we're going after this time of reckoning we're putting out more material every day on the corruption that was involved in the Muller report and the selection of a special counsel what the FBI was involved in and so on I've written extensively about it and

"....if people are interested you can go to you actually send send an email to me personally and I'll give you a link to our to my blog where I cover this you can send it to Harley SCH at and your listeners know I respond to their emails so please don't sit back as bill is saying if they're not stopped they'll do it again and it may be Venezuela it may be Taiwan against China Bolton is trying to screw up the whole deal with North Korea so this this crowd is very active they're very angry that Muller did not deliver

"....and they're not going to stop so we've got to stop them so again feel free to send me your your questions or get a link to my blog at Harley SCH at listen Harley bill dad you want to say something bill yeah I was going to say that when it comes to Venezuela we we in dips have a there's another article coming out from us very shortly talking about why we should not consider any kind of military action and so on

" you know that should be out shortly but again we're trying to advise the president not to pay attention to Bolton and all the people who are war mongers and trying to get us to do some crazy stuff killing people everywhere let's just mind our own business I mean the people down there and you know in Venezuela they know what's going on like the guy you by what he's doing is alienating everybody down there so let him do that and you know eventually they'll get rid of them we don't have to go in and kill a lot of people make sure that happens so you know and so I think we we've got we've got an article coming out basically addressing that kind of issue bill Harley thank you very much for being on the x22 Report spotlight I really appreciate it thank you very much ...≺≺ less

They Thought They Were Safe, Nobody Could Touch Them, They Were Wrong - Episode 1831b

X22Report ** Published on Apr 2, 2019
"....the deep state they thought they were safe that nobody could touch them but they're completely wrong and what we're seeing right now is that their investigations that are happening all over the world not just here in the United States and I believe all these investigations going to come together in the very end and there is going to be many individuals that are going to be indicted and they're going to stand trial and we're starting to see a lot of this already queue is already letting us know that Ukraine is doing some sort of investigation into Hillary Clinton manipulating the elections Ukraine was involved but there are other investigations going on in Ukraine and I believe the focus is not Russia but it is Ukraine and we're starting to see a lot of things come out of Ukraine a lot of people that are implicated with Ukraine in criminal activities ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

"....but before we get to that I wanted to go to Trump and healthcare and we know Obamacare was ruled to be unconstitutional and Trump came out and said listen I'm gonna postpone the plans for the great healthcare plan that I have until after the elections he tweeted out the following everybody agrees that Obamacare doesn't work premiums and deductibles are far too high really bad health care even the Dems want to replace it but with Medicare for all which could cause 180 million Americans will lose their beloved private health insurance

"....the Republicans are developing a really great health care plan with far lower premiums cost and deductibles than Obama care in other words it will be far less expensive and much more usable than Obama care vote will be taken right after the election when Republicans hold the Senate and win back the house it'll be truly great health care that will work for America also Republicans will always support pre-existing conditions the Republican Party will be known as the party of great health care meantime USA is doing better than ever and is respected again and I believe he is waiting until after the elections because I don't think he has the votes right now

"....he doesn't have the house he has the Senate but he needs the house and I don't think it's going to work without having both because there are still those individuals that are part of the deep state system that don't want Obamacare out of the picture they make a lot of money off of Obamacare the insurance companies make a lot of money off the Obama care insurance and they don't want to see this go and a lot of these individuals have investments in these companies now Biden is having a huge amount of trouble here first we had this woman that came up and said listen he grabbed me by the shoulders you know rub me in a weird way and it wasn't nice now another woman from Connecticut claims that Biden touched her inappropriately and rubbed noses with her during a 2009 political fundraiser in Greenwich Connecticut

".... she went on to say it wasn't sexual but he grabbed me by the head he put his hand around my neck and pulled me in to rub my nose with me when he was pulling me in I thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth I never filed a complaint to be honest because he was the vice president I was nobody there's absolutely a line of decency there's a line of respect crossing that line is not grandfatherly it's not cultural it's not affection it's sexism or misogyny and we can see that the mainstream media they're out there protecting him we see certain individuals or protecting him and he's running into a lot of problems right now but I don't believe that this is his main problem I believe his main problem is going to be in Ukraine along with Hillary along with Obama and the rest of them

" do you remember back when Ukraine was in the middle of regime change the US and I shouldn't say the u.s. to say the deep state spent five billion of the people's money to push the riots in Ukraine to overthrow an elected leader and then put their own person into power well this was part of Obama's John Kerry's Biden's plan and they pushed their agenda in Ukraine when everything was all said and done guess what Vice President Biden's son hunter Biden accepted a position on the board of Ukraine's largest private gas firm so the vice president's son joined charisma Holdings so now he was on the board of marissa now that's not all john kerry's family friend also join verismo holdings

".... now this is just kind of weird so this was John Kerry's stepson that joined the board and Joe Biden's son joined the Ukrainian gas producer so both of them are on the board remember that also Ukraine admits that their gold was stolen from them forty two point three tons of missing gold it was taken from the Central Bank and going back in time I mean we reported all of this but going back in time we remember planes landed in the middle of the night and they loaded up boxes and boxes of something which I would assume was the gold the question is where is all this gold today think about it where is the gold from Syria where is the gold from Lebanon Libya Iraq Ukraine who has it - the Patriots have it

" is this the gold that Q is talking about we don't know let's continue so two years after leaving office Joe Biden couldn't resist a temptation last year to brag to an audience of foreign policy specialists about the time as vice president and he strong-armed Ukraine into firing its top prosecutor in other words with the video cameras rolling Biden described how he threatened ukrainian President poroshenko in March of 2016 that the Obama administration would pull 1 billion in US loan guarantees sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency if it didn't immediately fire the prosecutor general viktor Shokan

" the question is why did they push so hard to get rid of the prosecutor hmm was it because they just didn't like him no there's another reason Ukrainian officials said that yes parts of the information the part of the story that Biden told was true but he didn't mention something very specific the prosecutor he got fired was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into net into the natural gas firm verismo Holdings that employed Biden's younger son Hunter as a board member US banking records show hunter Biden's American based firm Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC received regular transfers into one of its accounts usually more than 166 thousand a month from burry smih from spring 2014 through 2015 during a period when Biden was the main US official dealing with Ukraine and it's tense relations with Russia

" the general prosecutor's official file for the Burris MOU probe shows and identifies hunter Biden business partner Devin Archer and they're from Rosemont Seneca as potential recipients of money now today this case has been reopened and it looks like the Ukrainian police agency that investigates corruption has dragged its feet sand gathering evidence and they're looking further and further into this to see what really happened and Biden should have to answer these questions because it looks like they're were covering up what they were doing out in Ukraine and remember this is not the only investigation if we go back to post 31 24 remember John Solomon tweeted out the following Ukraine opens probe into foreign effort to influence US election to help Hillary Clinton so we have multiple investigations going on in Ukraine which should tell you something that there's just not investigations going on here in the United States there are investigations going on around the world and all these pieces are going to start to come together I mean think about uranium one investigation think about the Clinton email investigation

" we have the Biden investigation then we have the Ukrainian investigation into Hillary trying to manipulate the elections for her I mean this is just unbelievable now it looks like the Federalists they have filed a Freedom of Information request to get the emails from the FBI to CNN on the day of Roger stone raid and it looks like they're having a little bit of a problem here because the FBI right now doesn't want to hand this over now of course we know CNN was tipped off we know it wasn't journalists gut instinct that brought them to the right location at the right time to be the only news organization to film this and it looks like at this point the FBI is stonewalling the Federalists but we'll have to see how this all plays out because I believe dude'll Judicial Watch is doing the same thing

" it looks like Nadler and team they are pushing to get the Muller report the full report without Reid actions they want everything they want the docs they want the information they want the underlying documentation they want it all and they want it now they can't wait and Trump went on a Twitter storm he tweeted out the following in 1998 representative Jerry Nadler strongly opposed the release of the store report on Bill Clinton no information whatsoever would or could be legally released but with the no collusion Muller report with the Dems hate he wants it all nothing will ever satisfy them Robert mola was a god-like figure to the Democrats until he ruled no collusion in long-awaited 30-million Muller report

" the Dems don't even acknowledge his name have become totally unhinged and would like to go through the whole process again it won't happen there is no amount of testimony or document production that can satisfy Jerry Nadler or shifty Adam Schiff it is now time to focus exclusively on properly running our great country so Attorney General Bill Barr has told Congress in a letter on Friday that the special counsel is assisting him with Reid actions prior to the releasing the report to the public Jim Jordan came out and said listen this is why parts of the report need to be redacted this is what he said he said you got the chairman of the Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff saying go ahead and make public classified information and then you have the chairman of the Judiciary Committee saying go ahead and make public grand jury material now that's scary this is where they're at because the Muller report was not the bombshell they had hoped it would be but when you have the head of the Intelligence Committee the head of the Judiciary Committee saying make public material that's not supposed to get public that's not consistent with the law that's just wrong just plain wrong so again understand that this report was not only what they hoped they had hoped first the Cohen hearing they had was a flop then the Miller report comes out and it's not the bombshell they hoped remember what bill Barr said special counsel Muller found no and knew and diamonds no sealed in diamonds no collusion no obstruction as definitive as you can get

" what they're saying is we want to find something we have to find something because we're so committed to getting at the President and not focused on frankly doing what's best for the country and that's what they're hoping for they're hoping if they get this report they can comb through it and find something because they were promised that something was in there remember they're working off old Intel who's in control the Patriots and I believe George papadopolis sums all of this up he said the following in a tweet the Democrats have absolutely no idea what they are wishing for in terms of releasing the full molar report it will detail all the Western intelligence operatives and US allies UK Australia Italy involvement in trying to set up Trump and his guys nothing Russia and I do believe that Trump is out there saying you know all right you really want it

"....but look at this but look at that and he's hemming and hawing and he's saying listen I'll do whatever Barr wants I think they want the Dems to beg for this report I mean think about the strategy let them beg let them beg let them beg when they receive it and it shows everything the opposite of what they wanted and it shows that US allies were involved I do believe they're gonna say what does it say please read it out to the public be completely transparent this is what you wanted and guess what they'll do they'll say no we can't allow this to go out no we're not going to read this out loud to the public we don't want the public to see this that's what's going to happen because Trump is baiting them the Patriots are baiting them into this every time Trump in the Patriots make them beg it's on purpose because they know it's going to be the opposite of what they think they're getting there their whole entire narrative is based on old Intel there were no leaks there was no information remember the old Intel said Muller is gonna find something and he's gonna produce it and give it to you that's not happening

"....we see representative Doug Collins released testimonial transcript of bill pre step right on schedule make everything transparent that has been happening let everyone see all the documentation behind closed doors we see that the White House they're out there saying that the Democrats are leaving us no choice in the decision to close the southern border we have a national emergency and we might have to close it but we see that Mexico well it seems like they are shutting down the caravan and we see that Trump is praising Mexico authorities for stopping the Central American immigrants after he threatened to close the southern border

" Mexico is now being controlled by the Patriots they are on board stopping the immigrants from coming in to through Mexico up to the US the deep state they are losing control all over the place but something very interesting is that Trump is considering naming and immigration czar to manage the border of America and we'll have to see if he goes through with this but Trump did tweet out the following I haven't seen any Democrats down here at the border working with us or asking to speak to any of us they have an open invitation we are getting overrun our facilities are over capacity and what Trump is doing is each time he does this he's exposing the deep state for who they are they don't care about the American people they care more for the illegals that are trying to get into this country than protecting the American people in the country

"....remember these people have not been vetted they're just jumping over the border and they want to bring them to all these sanctuary cities and that is unsafe we don't want to let just anyone in the country we don't want human traffickers we don't want gang members we don't want drug dealers we don't want any of these individuals but once again Trump the Patriots they're exposing these individuals for who they really are now we see the nexium cult member who secretly pled guilty last week to charges of racketeering conspiracy admitted something very big that this individual kept her own personal slave locked in a room for two years and this is coming from an unsealed court document which reveals this salesman told the judge she held a woman hostage between March 2010 and April 2012 and threatened to deport Jane Doe four back to Mexico if she did not complete labor requested by myself and others

"....the 42 year old defendant also admitted during the proceeding to being a member of Nexium secret inner organization dominant / submissive which is das which prosecutors have accused of starving and branding women so here we once again which shows there is something going on where these individuals are kept as slaves and queue has been leading up to this saying watch Rachel Chandler something else is going to come out very that's very very big watch the news now something very interesting a Chinese woman was arrested at mar-a-lago while Trump was in town now she was caught holding a thumbdrive malware a computer and she kind of lied her way in the Secret Service was a little confused of who she was they thought she was someone else in the club they found out that no

".... this wasn't the person and she had two passports from China as ID and the question is who is Yu Jiang Tseng who is she why was she there with a computer a thumb drive with malware on it was she's trying to get information or was she trying to plant malware on the computer system so the intelligence organization had access into mar-a-lago and they'd be able to get records spy and do whatever they had to do or place records there so they could use them later and this is unbelievable this should be top news everywhere where someone snuck in with this well the president was there but again we don't see much of it and

"....we can see the deep state they're becoming very very desperate and they're panicking and you can see with all the investigations that are going on with all the sealed indictments that are going to be unsealed with everything that is happening they are panicking like there's no tomorrow and they're pushing for things they're being baited into it they're pushing for things they don't even know what's in it they don't even know what's in the Moller report but they want it so bad because they're they're basing everything off of old Intel I mean they thought they were safe they thought they were in control they thought nobody could touch them they were completely wrong they're all going down the clock is ticking the whole thing is being set up to take them all down all at the same time and there is no escape ...≺≺ less

4am Talking Points, Comey Coded Message, [DS] Frenzy - Episode 1830b

X22Report ** Published on Apr 1, 2019
" the deep state they are in a frenzy they're panicking they're worried they're afraid they're trying to regain the control the narrative and it's all falling apart around them they don't know what to do of course they're calling out saying we want the full molar redacted unredacted I should say report and we need to have it we're gonna subpoena the report which we'll be talking about in just a minute and they're out there screaming and yelling because they're afraid and they want to find something some place somehow somewhere that they can point the finger at Trump because you know why they have nothing right now they have nothing to use ...≺≺ more / less ≻≻

".... they had Muller he was their insurance policy he was their firewall now they have nothing that investigation that's going on in the house is ridiculous nobody cares and they're trying to figure out a way to regain the narrative and they're blocking everything that we see today I mean look look at this unplanned movie that's out despite intense media opposition in our rating from the MPAA and big tech censorship pro-life film unplanned is wildly outperforming expectations at the box office now already we can see there are problems with social media and other areas where they're trying to block this film

"....they don't want people seeing it which is unbelievable unplanned movie tweeted out the following still waiting for an explanation as to why Twitter inexplicably suspended our account I think we all know why perhaps it's because we are moving the knee making a difference and changing hearts and minds with hashtag unplanned movie now they've already made six million dollars this weekend and it's expected to be the number five movie at the box office the film was projected to bring in less than half of what it's generating thus far and they've been trying to shut this down any way they possibly can on planned movie tweeted out again hashtag update 200,000 followers and 36 hours a hundred thousand followers since midday 15,000 impressions a minute

"....account wrongly suspended and now reset a retweet from at Donald J Trump jr. and yet hashtag unplanned movies still not trending hmm very interesting now those numbers might seem like they're a lot but I believe they should be much much higher than that and why do I say this well michelle malkin she tweeted out the following hashtag stopped the bias here's the follow suppression on the video stop the games at Jack at Twitter so she put together this little video of her trying to follow on plan now every time she clicks the follow button it seems like she's following on plan but when she goes back to it it shows that she needs to click follow again so that means she's actually not following it

" think about this do you really think she is the only one no there's probably thousands upon thousands of people that are experiencing the same thing does that mean that Twitter is purposely doing this well unplanned was brought down suspended the follow button is not working all of a sudden this account has never had any other problems until now I mean do we need any more proof I mean this is just unbelievable now the white house they are working on a secret health care plan with three conservative think things we understand that Obamacare has been ruled to be unconstitutional which means they're going to get rid of Obamacare

" they're working on a new health care system right now so the white house mainly through the National Economic Council has been engaged on thinking about health care reform for a while now and they've been engaged with a group of center-right health policy groups to talk about various proposals and ideas the analyst said the administration has been having conversations on health care policy and has reached out to numerous think tanks including the Heritage Foundation the Mercatus Center and the Hoover Institute and I believe that they've been working on this for a lot longer than they're letting on actually it worked out a lot better this way where they didn't vote down Obamacare right off the bat because you know why they really didn't have a health care plan at that time and I think it would have been an absolute disaster

" they had the ability to take the time to work out a solid new plan that's going to benefit the American people it's going to benefit them in a way that we've never seen before we see that the House Judiciary Committee led by Chery Chairman Jerry Nadler they voted to authorize subpoenas for a full unredacted copy of the nearly 400 page Mullah report and Nadler is out there saying we want this we want this now now Barr sent Nadler and Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham a letter notifying them that he was working with Muller to redact sensitive information which could affect ongoing matters including grand jury material information that would infringe on someone's personal privacy or information which could compromise the Department of Justice sources and methods of investigation Nadler responded this isn't good enough we want the whole thing on redacted

" let's stop and think about this for a second so the enemy wants an unredacted report and they want the whole thing transparent they don't want any read actions they don't care if it's classified they don't care if it's something personal to an individual they don't care about that they want to see it all so if we take what they're saying and we apply it to the uranium one scandal the Clinton email server 911 and the rest should we not see the complete and unredacted investigations to all of that going back in time I mean like qoe says one these people are stupid too why interfere with an enemy while they're destroying themselves because we know the reports gonna say nothing but it opens them up to think about what Muller did during the investigation he pulled all these people in for lying

"....and the mainstream media was behind it the deep state was behind it and now it can be used against them this report can be used against them because anytime they say no it has to stay redacted no you can't see this well guess what you asked for an unredacted report now everything can be unredacted because as Q says transparency is the only way forward now it has been confirmed that Muller dragged out this investigation for more than a year after finishing it he exhausted his investigation into Trump's non-existent Russian collusion in December 2017 but kept the investigation going for more than a year even though he was warned that he was impeding Trump's inability to govern the United States of America by early December

"....he had exhausted all the evidence evidence and the witnesses Trump's former lawyer John Dowd said so now we know that the operation crossfire hurricane conspirators allowed the media narrative to continue through the 2018 midterms with no evidence would that qualify as election interfere Kew says yes and once again they did this on purpose to keep the firewall in place to win the 2018 elections by saying that he's under investigation for Russian collusion you imagine if the report came out before the elections I don't believe they would have gotten the number of seats they would have gotten

" the question is first of all does Muller have to repay all this does the mainstream media have to repay all this does the deep State have to repay all this because they went a year longer with this investigation for no reason well we know that's not gonna happen but we have other surprises for them they're going down now Judicial Watch they filed a lawsuit after Odie and I failed to procure documents responsive to a Freedom of Information Act request filed on July 13 2018 Judicial Watch filed the Freedom of Information Act request on the heels of an explosive committee hearing on Capitol Hill featuring former FBI deputy assistant director Peter struck during the hearing representative louis gomer accused truck of ignoring a major Clinton email investigation lead from the intelligence community Inspector General the Inspector General discovered an anomaly on the Hillary Clinton's emails

"....Gohmert said with nearly every single email going to an address that was not on the distribution list gormer didn't disclose the entity to which the emails were forwarded describing it as a foreign actor other than Russia where were the emails going according to Gohmert inspector general investigator Frank Rucker an attorney Jen McMillen relayed the lead during the meeting with four FBI officials including struck and Dean Chappell Judicial Watch lawsuit seeks to enforce the release of documents it's has sought since July 2018 which include all records and communications related to the meeting between the FBI and the IC IG

" they want to know where these emails were going let's see the evidence and you can see why they've been holding back they don't want to give this information out because it will show that these messages these emails were being forwarded to a foreign country that the server was not hacked into it was completely open and they were actually forwarding classified information to other individuals outside of the United States now Paul Sperry it seems like he did some digging and he might have found how the four am talking points are created and how they are disseminated among the mainstream media key Democratic operatives and private investigators who tried to derail Trump's campaign by claiming he was a tool of the Kremlin have rebooted their operation since his election with a multi-million dollar stealth campaign to persuade major media outlets and lawmakers that the president should be impeached

"....the effort has successfully placed a series of questionable stories alleging secret back channels and meeting between Trump associates and Russian spies while influencing related investigations and reports from Congress the operations nerve center is a Washington's based nonprofit called the democracy integrity project or TTIP among other activities it pumps out daily research briefings to prominent Washington journalists as well as congressional staffers to keep the Russia collusion narrative life TTIP is led by Daniel J Jones a former FBI investigator Clinton administration volunteer and top staffer to California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein

" employs the key opposite some research figures behind the salacious unverified dossier fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and ex British intelligence officer Christopher Steele it's financial backers include the actor director Rob Reiner and billionaire activists George Soros now you know why Rob Reiner is at the top of his lungs all the time the project's work has been largely shrouded in mystery but a month-long examination by real clear investigations drawn from documents and more than a dozen interviews found that the organization is running an elaborate media influenced operation that includes driving and shaping daily coverage of the Russia collusion theory as well as pushing stories about Trump in the national media that attempt to tie the President or is associates to Russia

"....the group also feeds information to FBI and congressional investigators and then tells reporters that authorities are investigating those leads five days a week TTIP emails a newsletter to influential Democrats and prominent Beltway journalists under the heading TTIP research which summarizes the latest collusion news and offers points of interest to inspire fresh stories regret regarding Trump's alleged ties to Russia recipients of the TDI report include staffers at the New York Times Washington Post and investigative reporters at BuzzFeed Pro Publica and McClatchy as well as news producers at CNN and MSNBC according to a source familiar with the projects email distribution lists Democratic aides on Capitol Hill also subscribed to the newsletter the briefings typically run several pages and include an executive summary and links to court documents and congressional testimony letters and memos as well as new articles and videos

" for example on march 13th TDI bolton for instance highlighted former trump campaign chairman paul man affords sentencing without informing readers that special counsel robert muller closed the case without any collusion accusations against Manta Ford who was punished for personal financial crimes and if we go back to post 760 and Q mentioned the four am talking points many many times throughout the post but if we go back to post 760 it says at Snowden thank you for showing the world how clowns passed the narrative to journalists at 4 a.m. reread crumbs secure drop John Perry Barlow cue so it looks like this is part of the 4 a.m. drop this is how the news gets out there this is how the narrative is created and there are certain individuals that are funding all this and this is being distributed to the mainstream media that puts out these fake stories

" they're trying to control what people hear and see and what do we call this we call this propaganda there's no investigative reporting there is nothing there just getting the feeds in there and they're going off on what they're receiving they're not checking any facts they're not doing any of that now Trump he calls the census meaningless without the citizen ship question he tweeted out the following can you believe that our radical left Democrats want to do our new and very important census report without the OEL important citizenship question report would be meaningless in a waste of the billions that it costs to put together now the president his comments comes one year head of the next census milestone April 1st 2020 the date by which the Census Bureau plans to send a letter or doorknockers to every US household

"....the massive data collection is undertaken every 10 years and has major implications including alterations to the apportioning of congressional seats the drawing of political districts allocations of local and federal funding a federal judge in New York blocked the Trump administration from adding the question in January arguing that the addition was illegal and intended to discriminate against non-citizens which is absolutely ridiculous I mean you're not discriminating against them you're asking them a question are you or are you not a citizen of the United States now since this was shot down in a New York Court this is now moving to the Supreme Court in April and a decision should come by late June

" Trump has to go through this many many times where he starts off in the ninth circuit or in the courts of New York or someplace else and then it moves into the Supreme Court and then they rule and of course it seems that the Supreme Court always rules in the complete opposite way that the other courts have ruled so I do believe that Trump is going to get this question and this is very important for the elections coming up because it's gonna show how many non-citizens are here in the United States and I think there's a lot more than we even think but don't worry the deep state they're in a frenzy

"....they're in a panic they don't know what to do so they're trying to manipulate the elections any way they possibly can remember pelosi she wants to allow 16 year-olds to vote they're very angry at Trump because they won't let the illegals in because they use those votes so now they're trying to get rid of the electoral college senator Brian Schatz who is a Democrat in Hawaii is set this week to introduce a concoction a constitutional amendment to abolish the Electoral College now is this going to happen most likely not but it is supported by Kirsten Gillibrand dick Durbin Dianne Feinstein and many others

" why is it going to be tough to pass this because first it needs to win over two-thirds of both chambers of Congress and then be ratified by three-fourths of the states and I don't believe this is going to happen now why are they so worried why are they pushing so hard because Trump is shutting down every piece of manipulation that they're trying to do they wanted the illegals to come in while a wall is being built and we have border agents stopping the illegals from coming into the country they can't use the votes from the illegals they want to have 16 year-olds vote I don't believe that's going to happen they don't want the citizenship question on the census questionnaire and I believe the Supreme Court's gonna say yeah there's no problem with that and we're gonna find out wow there's a lot of illegals in this country and what is that going to mean they're gonna take it to the next level

"....remember during the midterm they've been tracking they've been investigating they've been recording all of the voter fraud that has been going on they have the report Q has told us that voter IDs are coming think about what they're going to use they're going to use the census they're going to use the investigation they're going to use all of this to push voter ID and most likely we will see voter IDs before the 2020 election which means the deep state they're screwed now in a recent op-ed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg implored the state to get more involved in governing the internet he said every day we make decisions about what speech is harmful what constitutes political advertising and how to prevent sophisticated cyber attacks

"....these are important for keeping our community safe but if we were starting from scratch we wouldn't ask companies to make these judgments alone Zuka Burke's case for government instituted speech codes is a cynical attempt to deflect criticism aimed at his company but is also repelled by to corrosive political myths for starters there's no such thing as hate harmful speech there might be speech that offends us there might be speech we disagree with there's also speech that's in arguably ugly dishonest pornographic despicable we allow these unpleasant words to go largely unregulated because we value the broader liberty of being able to offer opinions without government censors dictating which thoughts are acceptable

" if Zuckerberg wants to rid his platform of this hate speech no one's stopping him Facebook allegedly employs a number of mechanisms to achieve this very task think about it if you don't like something that's being said on the TV you can change the channel shut it off if you don't like something being said on Facebook you can block it you don't have to be on Facebook but Zuckerberg also claims that we as a society now have a special responsibility to facilitate his efforts to keep people safe from reprehensible rhetoric we have no such obligation

".... Facebook already offers users the ability to block or ignore accounts they find distasteful think about if someone's on Facebook or Twitter and you don't like what they're saying what do you do you block them you never hear from them again and that's the beauty of free speech because remember what offends one group doesn't offend another and you have the right the ability to shut whatever they're saying down by not listening anymore but guess what those people have the right to say it but these people don't want that they want complete censorship they'll tell you what's okay to block and what's okay to listen to that's government censorship

" Zuckerberg wants to institute these plans in a common global framework well Putin recently signed a bill that makes it a crime to disrespect the state and spread fake news France who Zuckerberg says he's already working with has passed hate speech laws that allow the banning of political content as do many other nations including Canada and what about China I mean Google is building a censorship engine for them I mean these are the countries that Zuckerberg would like to follow

"....remember this is America we have rights we have the Constitution free speech means all speech doesn't mean you have to like it but the people have the right to speak if you don't want to listen don't listen but the government or any other individual can't tell you what you can listen to and what you can't listen to the bottom line is that Facebook is now actively asking for a global government involvement in regulating the Internet the last thing America needs is for our speech to be regulated under a common global framework the founders gave the First Amendment protections for a reason they saw how their current common global framework was functioning and wanted no part of it for their grand experiment

" out in California it looks like things are not going well for the gun control groups and all those individuals in government who want to get rid of our weapons on Friday San diego-based US District Judge ruled California's law against high-capacity gun magazines was unconstitutional California law has prohibited buying or selling a magazine with over ten rounds since 2000 but those who had them before then were allowed to keep them in 2016 the legislature and voters approved a law removing that permission the California arm of the National Rifle Association then sued and the judge signed it with the group's argument in defense of the right to bear arms

"....he cited stories of three woman confronted by armed intruders in their homes one woman who had a high-capacity magazine was able to kill one of the three armed intruders scared the others off and call for help at the same time the other two women ran out of bullets during the home attack a federal judge declared California's ban on high-capacity gun magazines over ten rounds as unconstitutional on Friday following a lawsuit by the National Rifle Association san diego's based US district judge ruled the law against high-capacity gun magazines it was unconstitutional blocking the state from enforcing the voter approved ban outlined California's Proposition 63

"....and what's very interesting about all of this is that these gun grabbers who want to get rid of our weapons they keep creating laws that say well you're not allowed to have this well you know how to have this and if we just go back to the Second Amendment we just go back to the First Amendment just go back to all the amendments that the founding fathers created they're very simple they're easy to follow and we don't need all these other laws if you read the Second Amendment it's very straightforward a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State comma the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

" the founding fathers didn't say the right of the people to keep a musket the right of the people to keep a single-shot pistol the right of the American people to keep a knife they specifically said the right of the people to keep and bear arms any arms we have the right to have them that's why they put it in there just like that because they knew that weapons would advance as time went on and they needed a word in there to say all weapons that were equal to the military that's right because they knew that this Second Amendment it protected everything else because a people that have the power of a weapon they are in control the people that are stripped of this weapon they are controlled

"....and this is so simple but the deep state wants to make it very complement complicated and make it seem like we don't have these rights and they can take them away at any time which they cannot we see out in Ukraine poroshenko is running an election and it looks like poroshenko is losing ground with 70% of a balance counted and Vladimir Zielinski leads the race now this is very interesting because if you go back to the time where we had the coup d'etat for regime change in Ukraine poroshenko was actually placed in this position and he's destroyed the country actually the deep state destroyed the entire country

"....and it looks like the people are fed up right now and it looks like poroshenko is going to be pushed out unless he does something to stay in power and this might tell you something things might be changing because you have to remember queue has been telling us and Trump has been telling us that instead of Russian collusion it might be Ukrainian collusion so we might see a lot of things change once this is all said and done

" very interestingly Comey has tweeted out another strange coded message he says I'm in we need someone in the middle hashtag 2020 it's a picture of him on a road looking down the street and his back is toward us now we know the middlemen Comey Brennan Schiff is he saying that they're planning something for 2020 but we need someone else maybe and he's confirming that he's in it's starting to seem that way it seems like there's another plan forming right now and I do believe with the 2020 elections that we haven't seen the candidate for the 2020 elections

"....yes we have Biden we have Beto we have all these other individuals that are saying they're running but I believe the deep state they're keeping one candidate behind the scenes and they'll bring this individual out and this individual has been groomed for this position this is what they did with Obama everything about him was shaped perfectly came out of nowhere and I believe this next candidate will be brought to the attention of the American people

"....but this time I don't think it's going to fly because we understand how the deep state works and I want to leave everyone with the following tweet by Wyeth this is a say when LA he tweeted out the following it's been it's been 60 plus years obviously way more that government has been hiding dirty dirty secrets and President Trump is first one not part of their inner circle so they tried to make an example of him and are winding up exposing themselves don't you love it and this is exactly what they tried to do they tried to expose him get rid of him make him an example never go against us and it's all backfiring on them ...≺≺ less